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1992 - 1993
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club! This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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Bob Gasper - Died 1992? ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with The Nomads and The MC5.

Al Grebnick - Died in 1992 - Born 3-19-1919 in Nebraska, U.S. - Played clarinet and saxophone - Led The Al Grebnick Band - Worked with The Kucera Brothers, The Jerry Havel Band and The Joe Lukish Band - International Polka Music Hall of Fame inductee.

Robert Hayes - Died 1992 in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. - Car accident ( Rock - Blues ) Bassist - Was a member of The Jody Grind (They did, "The Governor of Hong Kong" and "Mood Indigo").

Walter Brewer - Died 1992 in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. - Car accident ( Rock - Blues ) Percussionist - Was a member of The Jody Grind (They did, "Eight Ball" and "Just Because You Wear Big Shoes").

Deacon Lunchbox (Timothy Tyson Ruttenber) - Died 1992 in Montgomery, Alabama, U.S. - Born 1950 - Car accident - Performance artist and poet - (He did, "Omni Beer") - He was sampled by The Jody Grind on their song, "One Man's Trash (Is Another Man's Treasure)" - Collaborated with Slim Chance and The Opal Foxx Quartet.

Scotty Plummer - Prince of Banjo - Died 1992 in the Bermudas - Motorbike accident - Born circa 1961 - PLayed banjo - National Four-String Banjo Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hal Russell (Harold Luttenbacher) - Died in 1992 ( Jazz ) Born 8-28-1926 - Played drums, saxophone, trumpet and vibraphone - Led The NRG Ensemble - Worked with The Flying Luttenbachers, Ken Vandermark, Mars Williams, Kent Kessler, Brian Sandstrom and Steve Hunt.

Cadillac Baby (Narvelle Eatmon) - Died 1992 - Born 7-3-1914 in Cayuga, MS, U.S. - Owned the Bea & Baby record label which released recordings by Hound Dog Taylor, James Cotton, Eddie Boyd, Sunnyland Slim and Homesick James.

Alfian Harahap (aka Nasution) - Died 1992 ( Pop ) Singer - (He did, "Semalam di Cianjur" and "Bimbang").

Gerald Oshita - Died 1992 ( Jazz ) Born 1942 - Played saxophone, contrabass sarrusophone and conn-o-sax - Worked with Roscoe Mitchell and Thomas Buckner.

Ulises Hermosa - Died 1992 - Cancer ( Pop - Folk ) Born 11-13-1960 - Was a member of Los Kjarkas (They did, "Llorando se Fue").

Terry Barrios (Jose Mariano Barrios) - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Born 1953 - Drummer - Worked with Topo and Asfalto.

Mark Kjeldsen (Mark Christian Moesgaard Kjeldsen) - Died 1992 - Aids ( New Wave - R&B ) Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Sinceros (They did, "Take Me To Your Leader" and "Sleight Of Hand") and  The Strutters - Worked with The Danny Adler Band.

Jean Aberbach - Died 1992 - Music Publisher - Worked for Max Dreyfus and then with his brother, Julian Aberbach.

Harry Wooster (Harry W. Wooster Sr.) - Died 1992 ( Big Band ) He was 97 years old - Played violin - Led The Orpheus Orchestra.

Chuck Gerra (aka Upchuck) (Charles Gerra) - Died 1992 - Aids ( Punk ) Born 1-12-1958 - Singer - (He did, "Jacuzzi Floozi").

Barry Back - Died 1992 ( Folk - Jazz - Jugband ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Alligator Jug Thumpers and The Pigsty Hill Light Orchestra (PHLO) (They did, "Funny Side Of The Street" and "T'aint No Sin").

Nason Gieg - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Keyboardist - Was a member of Norm Nardini And The Tigers (They did, "No Other Girl" and "If You Don't Want Me").

Connor Hall (Connor Brandon Hall) - Died 1992 ( Gospel ) Born 1916 in Greenville, SC, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Homeland Harmony Quartet - Worked with The Church Of God Quartet  and The LeFevres - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Timofei Schpade - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Bassist - Worked with Scary B.O.O.M.

Pumpuang Duangchan (Ramphung Chithan) - The Luuk Thung Queen - Died 1992 ( World ) Born 8-4-1961 - Singer - (She did, "kao ma eng" and " "Krachut Krachot").

Winston Wright - Died 1992 or 1993 - Natural causes ( Reggae - Ska ) Played organ - Born 1944 in Jamaica - (He did a remake of , "Heads Or Tails") - Worked with Duke Reid, Tommy McCook's Supersonics, Clancy Eccles' Dynamites and The Harry J All Stars ("The Liquidator").

Paul Hammond - Died 1992 - Overdose ( Rock ) Born 1952 in Marlow, Buckinghamshire -  Drummer - Was a member of Atomic Rooster (They did, "Death Walks Behind You" and "Sleeping For Years".

Ad Doomen - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of The Dynamic Rockers (They recorded,"Once" and "Do You Wanna Dance").

Ron Gardner - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Born 1945 - Singer and saxophonist - Was a member of The Wailers and Sweet Rolle.

Ted Lucas - Died 1992 ( Rock ) Guitarist (He did, "It's So Easy (When You Know What You're Doing)" and "Head In California") - Member of The Spike Drivers, The Horny Toads, Ted Lucas & The Phasers, Boogie Disease, The Misty Wizards and The Androids  - As a studio musician he worked with Stevie Wonder, The Temptations and The Supremes.

Tony Harris - Died 1992 - Shot by the police ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Knaves.

Billy Kell - Died 1992 - Cancer ( Rock ) Was a member of The Cream-Cheeze Goodtime Band (They did, "Uncle Jed" and "Living Without You").

Henri Bowane - Died 1992 in Zaire ( Congo Rumba ) Born 1929 - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Kotiya Zolo Te (Don't Stick Your Nose In Our Business)" and "Sam Ba No") - He managed Sam Mangwana's African All Stars and produced Zaiko Langa Langa.

Drachen Theaker - Died 1992 - Brain tumor ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with Love, The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (They did, "Fire" and "Spontaneous Apple Creation"), Elli Meyer and Kim Fowley.

Larry Riley - Died 1992 ( Actor ) Wrote and performed most of the songs in, "A Soldiers Story".

Glynis Johnson - Died 1992 - AIDS ( Blues - Rock ) Born 1961 - She was a bass player and singer for  Red Red Meat (They did, "Flossy" and "Snowball") and a member of Friends Of Betty.

Ken Carson - Died 1992 - Pancreatic cancer ( Psychedelic ) Born 1952 - Was bassist for Blessed End (They did," One Stop Woman" and "Nighttime Rider"), Free Beer and Argus.

Sylvia Syms -  The world's greatest saloon singer - Died 1992 in New York, U.S. ( Jazz - Pop - Cabaret ) Born 12-2-1917 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - (She did remakes of, "Cuando Te Fuiste De Mi" and "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me").

Paul Ciani - Died 1992 - Produced "Top Of The Pops" for five years.

Alice Jones - Died 1992 ( Singer ) Born 1905 - Mother of Dinah Washington.

Brian Hudson - Died 1992 - Heart attack while driving ( Rock ) Born 1959 - Was the drummer for The Pagans .

Howard Roberts - Died 1992 ( Jazz ) Born 10-2-1929 in Phoenix - Guitarist (He released, "Mr. Roberts Plays Guitar").

Ken Hillary - Died 1992 - Suicide ( Rock ) Was a member of Quiet Riot .

Randy Laire - Died 1-?-1992 - Car accident ( Rock ) Was a member of Heathen .

Johnny Rydh (aka J.R.) - Died 1-3-1992 - Car crash ( Punk Rock ) Born 1965 - Drummer - He was a member of Strebers.

Teddy Grace - Died 1-4-1992 in La Mirada, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 6-26-1905 in Arcadia, LA, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Red Wagon" and "Turn On That Red Hot Heat") - She worked with Bobby Hackett, Jack Teagarden, Pee Wee Russell and Bob Crosby.

Babette DeCastro - Died 1-10-1992 - Born 5-24-1925 - Singer - She was one of The DeCastro Sisters (They did, "Teach Me Tonight").

Hal Harris (Harold F. Harris) (aka Fuzzy Hal) - Died 1-11-1992 in Jackson, MS, U.S. ( String Band - Rockabilly - Gospel ) Born 9-27-1920 near Pike, AL. U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Poor Boy Rag" and "Jitterbop Baby") - Was a member of The Southern Playboys - Worked with "Pappy" Neal McCormick and Curley Williams' Georgia Peach Pickers.

Jerry Nolan - Died 1-14-1992 in New York, New York, U.S. - Stroke while being treated for meningitis ( Punk ) Born 5-7-1951 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with The New York Dolls (They did, "Personality Crisis" and "Trash") and The Heartbreakers (They did, "Chinese Rocks" and "Let Go").

Left Hand Frank (Frank Craig) - Died 1-14-1992 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 10-5-1935 in Greenville, MS, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Hound Dog Taylor, Willie Cobbs, James Scott Jr., Good Rockin' Charles, Junior Wells, Jimmy Rogers and Jimmy Dawkins.

Dee Murray (David Murray Oates) - Died 1-15-1992 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Stroke brought on from chemotherapy treatments for malignant melanoma ( Rock ) Born 4-3-1946 in Southgate, London, England - Played bass - Was a member of Mirage and The Spencer Davis Group - Worked with Elton John, Kiki Dee, Procol Harum, Barbi Benton, Alice Cooper and Rick Springfield.

Monte Livingston (Monte E. Livingston) - Died 1-16-1992 - Hit by a car ( Composer ) Born 3-11-1976 -  His songs were published by Amy Grant and David Meece.

Charlie Ventura (Charles Venturo) - Died 1-17-1992 ( Jazz ) Born 12-2-1916 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Tenor saxophonist - Worked with Gene Krupa, Conte Candoli, Roy Kral and Benny Green.

Champion Jack Dupree ( William Thomas Dupree ) (aka  Meat Head Johnson,  Lightnin' Jr. and  Brother Blues) - Died 1-21-1992 in Hanover, Germany - Complications of cancer ( Blues ) Born 7-4-1910 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S. - Singer and pianist - (He recorded, "Hurry Down Sunshine" and "Walking The Blues") - Worked with Teddy McRae,  King Curtis and  Brownie McGhee - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee and Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

James "Thunderbird" Davis (James Houston) - Died 1-23-1992 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 11-10-1938 in Prichard or Mobile, AL, U.S. (He did, "What Else Is There to Do") - Worked with Guitar Slim, Joe Tex, O.V. Wright and Lloyd Lambert.

Ken Darby (Kenneth Lorin Darby) - Died 1-24-1992 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. - Heart problems ( Choral ) Born 5-13-1909 in Hebron, NE, U.S. - Composer and singer - (He wrote, "How The West Was Won" and Elvis Presley's, "Love Me Tender") - Led The Ken Darby Singers - Worked with Bing Crosby.

Clarence Dixon - Died 1-25-1992 ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 6-1 or 4-1923 - Was a member of  The Four Knights (They did, "Just In Case You Change Your Mind" and "Walkin' With My Shadow").

Willie Dixon (William James Dixon) - Died 1-29-1992 in Burbank, CA, U.S. - Heart failure ( R&B ) Born 7-1-1915 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer, bassist and songwriter - (He did, "Back Door Man" and "You Shook Me") - Worked with The Jubilee Singers, Four Jumps Of Jive, The Five Breezes, The Big Three Trio and Chuck Berry - He also was a boxer, winnig the Illinois State Golden Gloves Heavyweight Championship (Novice Division) in 1937 - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee and Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Laurel Lea (Lorraine Lianos) - Died 1-31-1992 - Cancer - Singer - Was a member of Chockarock - Appeared on Brian Henderson's, "Bandstand" and Johnny O'Keefe's, "Six O'clock Rock" - She was the wife of singer, Kevin Todd.

Jim Pepper - Died 2-10-1992 - Lymphoma ( Jazz ) Born 1941 in Oregon, U.S. (He recorded, "Witchi-Tai-To") Was a member of Free Spirits and The Everything Is Everything Band - Worked with Dewey Redman, Charlie Haden's Liberation Music Orchestra, Paul Motian and Bob Moses.

Gerry Groom - Died 2-11-1992 - Scuba diving accident ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with Duanne Allman, Junior Wells, James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Mick Taylor and Willie Dixon.

Jane Pickens Langley Hoving - Died 2-21-1992 - Heart failure ( Pop ) She was the lead vocalist for The Pickens Sisters.

Sudirman Haji Arshad - the Singing Lawyer and the People Singer - Died 2-22-1992 in Lucky Garden, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia - Cerebrovascular - Born 5-25-1954 in Temerloh, Pahang, Malaysia - Singer - (He did, "Merisik Khabar" and "Sampaikan Salam") - Worked with Mac Chiew and Jenny Chin.

Sylvia Embry (aka Blues Queen Sylvia) - Died 2-28-1992 ( Blues ) Born 6-14-1941 in Wabbaseka, AR, U.S. - (She did, "You Treat Me So Mean " and "Midnight Baby") Worked with Jimmy Dawkins.

Mary Osborne - Died 3-4-1992 in Bakersfield, CA, U.S. - Liver cancer  ( Jazz ) Born 7-17-1921 in Minot, ND, U.S. - Guitarist - Led The Mary Osborne Trio - Worked with Coleman Hawkins, Mercer Ellington, Mary Lou Williams, Stuff Smith, Tyree Glenn, Meryl Booker Dizzy Gillespie, Marian McPartland and Art Tatum.

Al Silver (Abraham S. Silver) - Died 3-4-1992 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, U.S. - Born 1-9-1914 - Owner of  Herald Records which released recordings by Faye Scruggs, The Nutmegs, The Turbans, The Five Satins, Maurice Williams And The Zodiacs and The Mello Kings.

Nick De Caro (Nicholas De Caro) - Died 3-4-1992 - Born 6-23-1938 - Guitarist, accordionist, arranger, producer and songwriter - (He did, "Happy Heart" and "If I Only Had Time") - Worked with James Taylor, Arlo Guthrie, Fleetwood Mac, Randy Newman, Mel Carter, The O'Jays, Claudine Longet, Chris Montez, The Sandpipers, Andy Williams, Neil Diamond, Dolly Parton, Barbra Streisand, Gordon Lightfoot, The Rolling Stones, Rickie Lee Jones, Maria Muldaur, Denise De Caro ("Nevertheless") and many others.

Red Callender (George Sylvester Callender) - Died 3-8-1992 ( Jazz ) Born 3-8-1916 in Haynesville, VA, U.S. (He composed,"Primrose Lane") Worked with Nat King Cole, Erroll Garner, Art Tatum, Charlie Parker, Charles Mingus, Wardell Gray, The Cheatham's Sweet Baby Blues Band and Dexter Gordon.

Monty Budwig (Monty Rex Budwig) - Died 3-9-1992 ( Jazz ) Born 12-26-1929 in Pender, NE, U.S - Bassist - Worked with Vido Musso, The Lighthouse All Stars, Woody Herman's Orchestra, Zoot Sims, Ellyn Rucker and his wife Arlette McCoy.

Richard Brooks (Ruben Sax) - Died 3-11-1992 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. -  Congestive heart failure -  Born 5-18-1912 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Director - Directed "Black Board Jungle", a film that helped usher in the Rock and Roll era - Bill Haley And The Comet's, "Rock Around The Clock" was a featured song - Was at one time married to actress, Jean Simmons.

Champ Butler - Died 3-12-1992 ( Pop ) Born 12-21-1926 in St. Louis - Singer (He had hits with,"Down Yonder" and "Someone On Your Mind").

Vi Petty (Violet Brady) - Died 3-22-1992 ( Pop ) Pianist and singer - She was a member of her husband's band, The Norman Petty Trio (They did, "Mood Indigo" and "Almost Paradise") - Worked with Buddy Holly.

Nancy Walker (Anna Myrtle Swoyer) - Died 3-25-1992 in Studio City, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer - Born 5-10-1922 or 1921 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Actress and singer - (She did, "I Hate Men" and "You Irritate Me So") - She played Ida Morgenstern on TV's, The Mary Tyler Moore Show and Rhoda and Mildred on TV's, McMillan And Wife - She also played Rosie for Bounty paper towels commercials.

Sol Bright (Solomon Kekipi Bright Sr.) - Died 4-?-1992 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. ( Hawaiian ) Born 11-9-1909 in Honolulu, Hawaii - Played ukulele and guitar - (He did, "Hawaiian Cowboy", and "Sophisticated Hula") - Worked with his sister Hannah Bright's orchestra and with Sol Hoopii's orchestra - Hawaiian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Phillip Wilson (aka Phil Wilson) (Phillip Sanford Wilson) - Died 4-1-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. - Murdered during a home invasion ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 9-8-1941 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Art Ensemble Of Chicago - Worked with Sam Lazar, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band (They did, "In My Own Dream" and "Love March"), Julius Hemphill, Full Moon, Anthony Braxton, David Murray, Bill Laswell, Lester Bowie, Joseph Jarman and Roscoe Mitchell.

Paula Kelly Sr. (Pauline Kennedy Kelly) - Died 4-2-1992 in Costa Mesa, CA, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 4-6-1919 in Grove City, PA, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Modernaires (They did, "April In Paris"), Dick Stabile, Artie Shaw and The Glenn Miller Orchestra - She was married to singer, Hal Dickinson - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Lloyd Andrews (aka Slim Andrews and Arkansas Slim) - Died 4-3-1992 in Gravette, AR, U.S. ( Country ) Born 12-8-1906 in Gravette, AR, U.S. - (Co-wrote, "Wastin' Time") - Played fiddle, handsaw, harmonica, accordion and banjo and was an actor - Worked with Bob Wills - Appeared in many cowboy movies including, The Cyclone Kid and Riding The Sunset Trail.

Arthur Russell (Charles Arthur Russell Jr.) - Died 4-4-1992 - Aids ( Pop - Avant-Garde - Disco ) Born 1951 in Oskaloosa, Iowa, U.S. - Cellist - (He did, "Go Bang") - Worked with Bob Dylan, David Byrne and The Flying Hearts - Founded The Sleeping Bag label.

Sam Kinison - Died 4-10-1992 - Car accident - Born 12-8-1953 - Comedian - If you heard his version of, "Wild Thing" you know why he's listed here.

Joe Medwick - Died 4-12-1992 - During a coughing fit ( Blues ) Born 6-22-1930 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Worked with Grady Gaines & The Texas Upsetter.

Eddie Fontaine (Eddie Reardon) - Died 4-13-1992 - Throat cancer ( Rock N Roll ) Born 3-6-1934 in Rockaway Beach, NY, U.S. - ( He did, "Cool It Baby" and "Nothin' Shakin'") - He was also an actor appearing in the movie, "The Girl Can't Help It" and many TV shows.

Sammy Price (Samuel Blythe Price)  - Died 4-14-1992 ( Jazz ) Born 10-6-1908 in Honey Grove, TX, U.S. - Pianist - Was the leader of Sammy Price And His Four Quarters - Worked with Mezz Mezzrow, Lester Young, Alphonso Trent, Trixie Smith and Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

Andy Russell (Andres Rabago Perez) - Died 4-16-1992 in Sun City, AZ, U.S. - Complications from a stroke ( Pop - Swing - Latin ) Born 9-16-1919 in Boyle Heights, CA, U.S. - Singer and drummer - (He did, "Besame Mucho" and "Amor") - Worked with Don Ramon Cruz, Johnny Richards, Gus Arnheim, Sonny Dunham and Alvino Rey.

Hank Penny (Herbert Clayton Penny) - Died 4-17-1992 ( Country ) Born 8-18-1918 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Was the leader of Hank Penny & His Radio Cowboys (They did, "When I Take My Sugar To Tea" and "Flamin' Mamie") - Worked with The Penny Serenaders, Julian Akins, Sammy Forsmark, Louis Damont, Carl Stewar and Bodleaux Bryant.

Frankie Howerd (Francis Alick Howerd) - Died 4-19-1992 - Born 3-6-1917 - Comedian - (He did, "Three Little Fishes") - He was Mean Mr Mustard in the film, Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band - He also appeared in or contributed to the films, Night Of The Laughing Dead, Up The Chastity Belt and Great St. Trinian's Train Robbery.

Rob Clayton - Died 4-19-1992 in Florida, U.S. - Car accident ( Metal ) Drummer - Was a member of Hallows Eve.

Benny Hill (Alfred Hawthorn Hill) - Died 4-19-1992 in Teddington, South West London, England - Heart failure ( Novelty - Pop ) Born 1-25-1925 in Southampton, Hampshire, England - Comedian and singer - (He recorded,"Ernie (The Fastest Milkman In The West)" and "Transistor Radio") - He was the star of TV's, The Benny Hill Show.

Johnny Shines (John Ned Shines) - Died 4-20-1992 in Tuscaloosa, AL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 4-26-1915 in Frayser, TN, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Goin' Down In The Bottom" and "Moanin' The Blues") - Worked with Robert Johnson and Johnson's stepson, Robert Lockwood, Jr. - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Brian "Too Loud" McLeod -  Died 4-25-1992 - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) Was a member of  Chilliwack (They did, "My Girl (Gone, Gone, Gone)), Edward Bear, The Headpins and Steele, MacLeod & Prisoner.

Yutaka Ozaki - Died 4-25-1992 - Edema of the lungs ( Rock ) Born 11-29-1965 in Tokyo, Japan (Did,"Oh My Little Girl" and "Trapped By Filth").

Marlene Dietrich (Marie Magdalene Dietrich) - Died 5-6-1992 in Paris, France - Renal failure ( Cabaret ) Born 12-27-1901 in Berlin, Germany - Actress and singer - Worked with Burt Bacharach.

Nigel Preston - Died 5-7-1992 ( Rock ) Born 1959 - Was a drummer for The Cult (They did,"Bad Medicine Waltz" and "Horse Nation"), Theatre of Hate (They did,"Flying Scotsman" and "Man Who Tunes the Drums") and The Sex Gang Children (They did,"Draconian Dream" and " People With Dirty Faces").

Sharon Redd - Died 5-1-1992 - Pneumonia ( Disco ) Born 10-19-1945 in Norfolk, VA, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "All The Way To Love") - Worked with Bette Midler.

Dudu Mntowaziwayo Ndlovu (Dudu Zulu) Died 5-4-1992 - Shot - Born 12-25-1957 - Was the percussionist and vocalist for Johnny Clegg And Savuka.

Marion Lush (Marion Luszcz) - Golden Voice of Polkas - Died 5-4-1993 in Hollywood, FL, U.S. ( Polka ) Born 8-10-1931 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Sang and played accordion, drums and trumpet - (He did, "Hey Cavalier Polka" and "Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain") - Was the owner of Dyno Records and Lu-Mar Publishing Company - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jean-Claude Pascal (Jean-Claude Villeminot) - Died 5-5-1992 in Paris, France - Born 10-24-1927 in Paris, France - Singer and actor - (He did, "Nous les amoureux" and "C'est peut-etre pas l'Amerique") - Appeared in the fims, Quattro rose rosse and La Belle et l'empereur.

Floyd Arceneaux  - Died 5-13-1992 ( R&B - Blues ) Born 1934 - Trumpet player - Worked with Ray Charles, Bobby Blue Bland, Chuck Willis, Grady Gaines And The Texas Upsetters and Little Junior Parker.

Dante Pergreffi - Died 5-14-1992 - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 12-31-1961 in Fabbrico, Italy - Bassist - Was a member of Nomadi.

Barbara Lee (Barbara Lee Jones) - Died 5-15-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Soul - Pop ) Born 5-16-1947 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. - Singer - Was member of The Chiffons (They did, "He's So Fine" and "One Fine Day").

Chalino Sanchez (Rosalino Sanchez) (aka El Compa) - Died 5-16-1992 - Shot by a gang posing as federal police ( Mexican Corrido ) He was 31 years old - Born in Sinaloa - Writer and singer - (He did, "Nieves de enero").

Lawrence Welk - Died 5-17-1992 - Pneumonia ( Pop - Polka - Dixieland - Champagne Music ) Born 3-11-1903 in Strasburg, ND, U.S. - Bandleader (His band did remakes of everything from "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" to "Beer Barrel Polka (Roll Out The Barrel)) - Worked with Pete Fountain and The Lennon Sisters.

Khalil Rountree - Died 5-25-1992 - Shot - Tour manager for Boyz II Men .

Ollie Halsall (Peter John Halsall)- Died 5-29-1992 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 3-14-1949 - Guitarist and keyboardist - Was a member of Timebox, Patto (They did, "Singing The Blues On Reds") and Boxer (They did, "Dinah Low") - Worked with Kevin Ayers, Brian Eno, John Cale, Viv Stanshall, Neil Innes and others.

Iosu Esposito - Died 5-31-1992 - Overdose ( Punk ) Born 1960 in Santurce, Spain - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Eskorbuto.

Charlie Ondras - Died 6-?-1992 - Heroin overdose ( Rock ) Born 1965 - Drummer forUnsane.

Wilmer Broadnax  (aka Little Axe) - The ringing tenor - Died 6-1-1992 ( Gospel ) Born 12-28-1916 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Southern Gospel Singers, The Golden Echoes, and The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet.

Geezil Minerve (Harold Minerve) - Died 6-4-1992 in New York City, NY, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 1-3-1922 in Havana, Cuba - Played saxophone and piccolo and sang - Worked with Ida Cox, The Buddy Johnson Orchestra ("Talking About Another Man's Wife"), Clarence Love, Ray Charles, Mercer Ellington, Ernie Fields, Buddy Johnson and Duke Ellington's Orchestra.

Big Miller (Clarence Horatius Miller) - Died 6-9-1992 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Heart attack ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 12-18-1922 in Sioux City, IA, U.S. - Sang and played trombone and bass - Worked with The Lionel Hampton Orchestra, The Jay McShann Orchestra, The Fletcher Henderson Reunion Orchestra, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Oscar Peterson, Dizzie Gillespie and Miles Davis.

Nat Pierce (Nathaniel Pierce) - Died 6-10-1992 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 7-16-1925 in Somerville, MA, U.S. - Played piano - Worked with Woody Herman, Count Basie and The

Brenda Payton (Brenda Payton Hill) - Died 6-14-1992 ( R&B ) Born 1946 - She was the singer for Brenda & The Tabulations (They did,"Right On The Tip Of My Tongue" and "Dry Your Eyes").

Dewey Balfa - Died 6-17-1992 - Cancer ( Cajun ) Born 3-20-1927 in Big Mamou, LA, U.S. - Fiddler - Was one of The Musical Brothers (They did,"La Valse de Bon Baurche") and The Balfa Brothers - Worked with Nathan Abshire.

George Prayer - Died 6-17-1992 - Born 6-14-1938 in East St. Louis, IL, U.S.

Earl Weatherford (Earl Henderson Weatherford) - Died 6-17-1992 in Long Beach, CA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Singer - Born 10-10-1922 in Paoli, OK, U.S. - Was a member of The Weatherfords and The Gospel Harmony Boys - Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Peter Allen (Peter Woolnough) - Died 6-18-1992 - AIDS related ailment ( Pop - Cabaret ) Born 2-10-1944 in Tenterfield, New South Wales, Australia - Vocalist, pianist (He did,"Fly Away" and co-composed,"Arthur's Theme") He was one of the Allen Brothers - Was married to Lisa Minnelli.

Stefanie Sargent (Stefanie Ann Sargent) - Died 6-27-1992 in Seattle, Washington, U.S. - Alcohol and heroin  overdose ( Punk ) Born 6-8-1968 - Was a guitarist for 7 Year Bitch (They did,"In Lust You Trust" and "Dead Men Don't Rape").

Luke McDaniel (aka Earl Lee and Jeff Daniels) - Died 6-27-1992 in Mobile, Alabama, U.S. ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 2-3-1927 Ellisville, Mississippi, U.S. - Sang, played mandolin and was a songwriter - (He did, "Daddy -O Rock" and "My Baby Don't Rock") - His songs have been recorded by George Jones, Jim Reeves, Buddy Holly and The Byrds.

Rob Graves (Rob Ritter) - Died 6-28-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heroin overdose ( Goth Rock - Punk ) Born 1955 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Guitarist, bassist and singer - Was a member of Thelonious Monster, 45 Grave (They did, "Insurance From God" and "Evil"), The Bags, and Silver Chalice (They released an EP entitled, "Evil Birds") and Gun Club - Worked with Dinah Cancer,  Don Bolles, Castration Squad and Paul B. Cutler .

Jim Alaimo - Died 6-30-1992 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1934 - Producer, singer and bassist - Worked with The Mojo Men and Lou Gramm.

Camaron de la Isla (Jose Monge Cruz) - Died 7-2-1992 - Lung cancer ( Flamenco ) Born 1950 in Cadiz, San Fernando - Singer - Worked with Paco de Lucia.

Boogie Woogie Red (Vernon Harrison) - Died 7-2-1992 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 10-18-1925 in Rayville, LA. U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Sonny Boy Williamson, Washboard Willie, Baby Boy Warren, Lonnie Johnson, Tampa Red, John Lee Hooker and Memphis Slim.

Joe Newman (Joseph Dwight Newman) - Died 7-4-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-7-1922 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Trumpet player - Worked with The New York Jazz Repertory Company, Count Basie, Lionel Hampton, Illinois Jacquet and J.C. Heard.

Alfonso Toncho Guerrero - Died 7-4-1992 ( Rock ) He was 42 years old - Sang and played harmonica, flute, violin and guitar - Was a member of Toncho Pilatos (They did, "Tommy Luz" and "Drunk Again") - Worked with Los Gatos, La Noche and Renacimiento.

Paul Hackman - Died 7-5-1992 - Tour bus accident ( Rock ) Born 1953 - Was a guitarist and singer for  Helix (They did,"Never Gonna Top The Rock" and "Wild In The Streets").

Herb Kenny (Herbert Cornelius Kenny) - Died 7-11-1992 in Columbia, MD, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 6-12-1914 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - (He did, "Key To My Heart") - Was a member of The Melodeers and The Ink Spots - Worked with Danny Owens and The Cabineers.

Steve Rye - Died 7-19-1992 in London, England - Alcohol related ( Blues ) Born 3-8-1946 in London, England - Harmonica player and singer - Was a member of The Groundhogs (They did, "No More Doggin" and "Early In The Morning") - Worked with The John Dummer Blues Band and Jo Ann Kelly.

Jud Phillips - Died 7-20-1992 ( Engineer - Promoter ) Born 1921 - Worked at Sun Records and started Judd Records - Worked with The Montgomery Brothers, Con Funk Shun and Redeye - Brother of Sam Phillips.

Gary Windo - Died 7-25-1992 ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 11-7-1941 in Brighton, England - Saxophonist - Was a member of his wife's band Pam Windo & The Shades and the leader of The Gary Windo Quartet - Worked with The Running Man, Brotherhood Of Breath, Centipede, Symbiosis, The Carla Bley Band, Robert Wyatt, Jack Bruce, Mitch Mitchell, Brian Auger and Graham Bond.

Clemente Vargas Jr. - Died 7-25-1992 in Caracas, Venezuela - Born 8-30-1935 in Caracas, Venezuela - Disc Jockey  - Worked for radio's, "El Tragadiez de los Exitos" with Eduardo Morell and for El Hit Parade de Venezuela (The Hit Parade of Venezuela).

Alfred Drake (Alfred Capurro) - Died 7-25-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Musicals ) Born 10-7-1914 in New York, NY, U.S. - Actor and singer - Appeared in the  Broadway musicals, Oklahoma!, Kiss Me, Kate and the original production of Babes In Arms.

Mary Wells (Mary Esther Wells) - Died 7-26-1992 - Throat cancer ( Motown Soul ) Born 5-13-1943 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - (She sang, "My Guy" and "You Beat Me To The Punch").

Michel Berger (Michel-Jean Hamburger) - Died 8-2-1992 in Ramatuelle, France - Heart attack - Born 11-28-1947 in Neuilly-sur-Seine, France - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Salut les copains") - Son of doctor, Jean Hamburger and pianist Annette Haas - Was married to singer, France Gall.

Jeff Porcaro ( Jeffrey Thomas Porcaro ) - Died 8-5-1992 - Heart attack (Rock) Born 4-1-1954 in Hartford, CT, U.S. - Was the drummer for Toto and Steely Dan - Worked with Elton John, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen and many others.

Bill Russell - Died 8-9-1992 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 2-26-1905 in Canton, MO, U.S. - Played violin - Worked with The Red Gate Shadow Players and The New Orleans Ragtime Orchestra - He also was a jazz journalist and a curator of the jazz archive at Tulane University.

Ernestine Allen (aka Annisteen Allen) Died 8-10-1992 - Heart attack ( R&B - Blues ) Born 11-11-1920 - Vocalist - (She did, "Miss Allen's Blues" and "Love For Sale").

Tony Williams - Died 8-14-1992 - Diabetes and emphysema ( Rock ) Born 4-5-1928 - Was the lead singer for The Platters - Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

Julio Messutti - Died 8-14-1992 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Pop ) Born 11-25-1927 in Caracas, Venezuela - Singer and reporter - (He did, "Suplica") - Appeared on TV's,  El Show de Victor Saume - Worked for 18 years at the newspaper, El Universal.

Anda Calugareanu - Died 8-15-1992 ( Folk ) Born 10-24-1936 in Bucharest - Singer and guitarist - Worked with Sincron.

Jackie Edwards (Wilfred Gerald Edwards) - Died 8-15-1992 ( Reggae ) Born 1938 - Singer.

Mark Heard - Died 8-16-1992 - Heart attack ( Contemporary Christian ) Born 1951 - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Look Over Your Shoulder" and "She's Not Afraid").

Larrie Londin - Died 8-24-1992 - Heart failure ( Country - Blues - Soul ) Born 10-15-1943 in Norfolk, VA, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Al Green, Chet Atkins, Hank Williams Jr., Dan Seals, Adrian Belew and B.B. King.

Sammy Timberg - Died 8-26-1992 - Born 1903 - Pianist and composer - (He wrote, "Donít Take My Boop-Oop-A-Doop Away" and co-wrote, "Boy, Oh Boy!") - Wrote music for the cartoons, Popeye, Betty Boop and Superman - Collaborated with Buddy Kaye, Frank Loesser and Sammy Cahn.

Professor Eddie Lusk - Died 8-26-1992 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-21-1948 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Keyboardist - Worked with Koko Taylor, Jimmy Johnson, Jimmy Dawkins, Phil Guy, Sunnyland Slim, Otis Clay and Mighty Joe Young.

Fleming Williams - Died 9-?-1992 or 2-15-1998 ( R&B - Disco ) Born 1953 - Singer - He was a member of The Hues Corporation (They did, "Rock The Boat" and "Freedom For The Stallion").

Emile Benoit (Emile Joseph Benoit) - Died 9-2-1992 in Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada ( French & Scotish Folk ) Born in Black Duck Brook, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada - Played fiddle and was a composer - Worked with Pistroli en Atlantique, Kelly Russell, Noel Dinn, Pamela Morgan and Jim Payne.

Carl Butler (Carl Roberts Butler) - Died -9-4-1992 in Franklin, TN, U.S. ( Country ) Born 6-2-1927 in Knoxville, TN, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did,"Honky Tonkitis") (Carl and his wife Pearl Dee Jones did, "Too Late To Try Again" and "I'm Hanging Up The Phone") - Was a singer for The Bailey Brothers, The Webster Brothers and The Sauceman Brothers - .

London Parris - Died 9-7-1992 ( Gospel ) Born 5-25-1931 - Singer worked with The Rebels Quartet and The Blackwood Brothers - Led London Parris And The Apostles.

Tony Perkins (Anthony Perkins) - Died 9-12-1992 in Hollywood, CA, U.S. - Aids - Born 4-4-1932 in New York City, NY, U.S. - Actor - (He had a hit with, "Moonlight Swim") - He played Norman Bates in the film, Psycho - He had been married to photographer, Berry Berenson.

Jimmie Nabbie - Died 9-15-1992 - After double bypass heart surgery ( R&B ) Born 1920 in Tampa, Florida, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Ink Spots and The Four Tunes.

Earl Van Dyke (aka Chunk of Funk) - Died 9-18-1992 - Prostate cancer ( Funk ) Born 7-8-1930 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Was a piano player for The Funk Brothers - Worked with Emmett Sleigh And The Sleighriders.

Ivica Vdovic Vd - Died 9-23-1992 ( New Wave ) Drummer - Was a member of Sarlo Akrobata (They did,"Rano izjutra (Early In The Morning)" and "Ljubavna prica (Love Story)").

Ivan Vdovic (aka VD) - Died 9-25-1992 - Aids ( Rock - Folk ) Born 2-23-1960 - Drummer - Worked with Katarina II, Sarlo Akrobata, Ekatarina Velika and Suncokret.

Bud Cowsill - Died 9-29-1992 - Leukemia ( Manager ) Manager for The Cowsills - Husband of the late Barbara Cowsill.

Paul Jabara - Died 9-30-1992 - A.I.D.S. ( Songwriter ) Born 1-31-1948 (He wrote Donna Summer's, "Last Dance" and The Weather Girls, "It's Raining Men") He was in the original Broadway production of Hair.

Don Guess - Died 10-?-1992 - Cancer ( Bluegrass - Rock ) Born 5-14-1937 in Aspermont, Texas, U.S. (He wrote,"Modern Don Juan" and "You Are My One Desire") Worked with Charlie Phillips, Buddy Holly, Terry Noland, Faron Young, Marty Robbins, Buddy Knox, Roy Orbison and Trini Lopez.

Harry Ray (Harry Milton Ray) - Died 10-1-1992 - Stroke ( Soul ) Born 12-15-1946 in Longbranch, New Jersey, U.S. - Was member of The Moments, who later recorded as Ray, Goodman, & Brown ("Special Lady" and "My Prayer") Was a producer for Sounds Of Soul and Establishment.

Eddie Kendricks (Edward James Kendricks) - Died 10-5-1992 in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Soul ) Born 12-17-1939 in Union Springs, Alabama, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Temptations (They did,"My Girl'' and "`I Can't Get Next to You'') - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Augusto Daolio - Died 10-7-1992 - Stomach cancer - Born 2-18-1947 - Singer, musician, poet and painter - Was a member of  Nomadi (The Nomads) (They did, "Donna, la Prima Donna" and "Giorni Tristi").

Jualma Suarez - Died 10-8-1992 ( Punk ) Bassist and singer - Was a member of Eskorbuto.

Joseph August (Joseph Augustus) (aka Google Eyes) - Died 10-9-1992 - Heart attack ( Blues - R&B ) Born 9-13-1931 - (He did, "Poppa Stopa's Be Bob Blues").

Doc Guidry (Oran Guidry) - Died 11-10-1992 ( Cajun ) Born 4-28-1918 in Lafayette, LA, U.S. - Played fiddle and mandolin - Was a member of The Sons Of The Acadians - Worked with Happy Fats And The Boys (They did, "Chere Cherie"), Happy Fats And The Rayne-Bo Ramblers and Vin Bruce - Cajun French Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Laura Dukes (aka Little Laura and Little Bit) - Died 10-14-1992 in Memphis, TN, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 6-10-1907 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Played banjo and ukulele and was a singer - Worked with Robert Nighthawk and The Memphis Jug Band.

Theresa Needham (Theresa McLaurin) - Died 10-16-1992 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. ( Blues ) Born 5-30-1912 in Meridian, Miss., U.S. - Owner of of Theresa's Lounge also known as T's Basement which hosted acts such as Buddy Guy,  Junior Wells, Muddy Waters, Little Walter, Otis Rush and Earl Hooker -  Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Andreas Reissdorf - Died 10-17-1992 - Car crash ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of  Torchure (They did, "Invisible Truth" and " No Rest In Peace").

Thorsten Reissdorf - Died 10-17-1992 - Car crash ( Metal ) Bassist - Was a member of Torchure (They did, "Cry Of Madness" and "Lost Souls").

Roger Miller - Died 10-25-1992 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Country ) Born 1-2-1936 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He recorded, "King Of The Road" and "England Swings") - Husband of musician, Mary Arnold and father of singer and songwriter, Dean Miller - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

James Walker - Died 10-30-1992 ( Gospel ) Born 4-13-28 - Singer for The Dixie Hummingbirds (They did, "Love's Me Like A Rock").

Duke Groner (Edward Groner) - Died 11-7-1992 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 3-24-1908 in Ardmore, Oklahoma, U.S. - Played bass, piano and sang - Worked with Nat Towles, Jimmie Lunceford and Horace Henderson.

Larry Levan - Died 11-8-1992 - AIDS complications ( Dance ) Born 7-18-1954 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Influential house DJ - Produced and remixed songs for Skyy, Peech Boys, The Jimmy Castor Bunch, Loleatta Holloway and First Choice.

Red Mitchell (Keith Moore Mitchell) - Died 11-8-1992 ( Jazz ) Born 9-20-1927 in New York, NY, U.S. - Bassist and pianist - Worked with Charlie Ventura, Dizzy Gillespie, Woody Herman, Chubby Jackson and Gerry Mulligan.

Sean Rowley - Died 11-12-1992 - A severe asthma  attack resulted in heart failure ( Dance ) Born 1969 - Was a member of Cause And Effect (They did,"What Do You See" and "You Think You Know Her") - Worked with Oasis.

Bobby McClure - Died 11-13-1992 - Brain aneurysm ( Rock - Soul ) Born 4-21-1942 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - (He did,"Younger Man Blues " and "When The Flavor's Gone") Worked with Willie Clayton (They did,"To Get What You Got" and "Say Yes To Love").

Ronnie Bond (Ronald James Bullis) - Died 11-13-1992 in Winchester, Hampshire, England - Undisclosed illness ( Rock ) Born 5-4-1943 in Andover, Hampshire, England - Drummer and singer - Was a member of The Troglodytes later renamed The Troggs (They did, "Wild Thing" and "I Can't Control Myself").

John Cascella - Died 11-14-1992 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 4-29-1947 - Played keyboards and sax -  Woked with The Chosen Few, John Mellencamp ("Rain On The Scarecrow" and "R.O.C.K. In The U.S.A."), Bob Dylan, The Faith Band, Ronna Reeves, James McMurtry and Kim Carnes .

George Adams (George Rufus Adams) - Died 11-14-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz - Funk ) Born 4-29-1940 in Covington, GA, U.S. - Played saxophone, flute and clarinet - Was a member of Phalanx and The Mingus Dynasty - Worked with Johnny Copeland, Miles Davis, Quincy Jone, Charles Mingus, Gil Evans and Art Blakey.

Teddy Riley - Died 11-14-1992 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 1924 - Trumpet player - Worked with Fats Domino, Champion Jack Dupree, The Dookie Chase Orchestra, Roy Brown's Band, The Olympia Brass Band, The George Williams Brass Band and The Royal Brass Band.

Bobby Russell (Robert L. Russell) - Died 11-19-1992 in Nicholasville, KY, U.S. - Coronary disease ( Pop - Country ) Born 4-19-1941 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - (He did, "Saturday Morning Confusion" and "Mid American Manufacturing Tycoon") - (He wrote, "The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia" and "Honey") - Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee.

Ricky Williams (Richard Williams) - Died 11-21-1992 - Respiratory problems ( Punk ) Born 1955 in Palo Alto, CA, U.S. - Singer, guitarist, songwriter and drummer - Was a member of Flipper, The Sleepers, The Toiling Midgets and Crime.

Roy Claxton Acuff  - The King of Country Music - Died 11-23-1992 - Congestive heart failure (Honky Tonk - Country) Born 9-15-1903 in Maynardsville, TN, U.S. (He did,"The Great Speckled Bird" and  "Steamboat Whistle Blues"). Was one of  The Bang Boys and The Smoky Mountain Boys - First living performer to be inducted to the Country Music Hall of Fame.

June Tyson - Died 11-24-1992 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 5-2-1936 - Sang with Sun Ra and Don Cherry.

Steve Gilpin - Died 11-25-1992 - Died in a coma several weeks after a car crash ( Rock ) Born 4-28-1950 - Was a member of Mi-Sex (They did,"Camera Kazi" and "Not Such A Bad Boy").

Wayne Bennett (Wayne T. Bennett) - Died 11-28-1992 in New Orleans Louisiana, U.S. - Heart failure a week before a scheduled replacement ( Blues ) Born 12-13-1931 in Sulpher, OK, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Jimmy Rogers, Elmore James, Bobby Blue Bland ("Stormy Monday" and "I Pity The Fool"), Otis Rush, Boxcar Willie, Buddy Guy, Cannonball Adderley, Sonny Stitt, Dexter Gordon, Willy DeVille, The Chi-Lites, The Lost Generation, Fats Domino, The Hues Corporation and John Lee Hooker.

Paul Ryan - Died 11-29-1992 - Lung cancer ( Pop ) Born 10-24-1948 in Liverpool, England (He did,"Born On A Beautiful Day" and "Man In The Crowd") Was a member of Paul & Barry Ryan (They recorded,"I Love How You Love Me" and "Have Pity On The Boy") Son of Marion Ryan.

Savina Hartwell - Died 12-1-1992 ( Jazz ) Born in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "How Come You Do Me Like You Do?" and "Deed I Do!") - Worked with Dick Hyman, Jimmy Dorsey, Stan Kenton, Peanuts Hucko, Cozy Cole and her husband Alan Hartwell.

Elbert Wilkins - Died 12-13-1992 - Massive heart attack ( Soul ) Singer - Was a member of The Dramatics (They did, "Watcha See Is Watcha Get" and "In The Rain").

Sylvester Boines (aka Piggy Back)  - Died 12-16-1992 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 1-23-1931 in Port Gibson, MS, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Willie Dixon, Otis Rush, Mighty Joe Young, Eddy Clearwater and Jimmy Dawkins.

Albert King ( Albert Nelson ) - The Velvet Bulldozer - Died 12-21-1992 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Heart attack ( R&B ) Born 4-25-1923 in Indianola, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He recorded, "Don't Throw Your Love On Me So Strong" and "I'm A Lonely Man") - Worked with The Groove Boys and Jimmy Reed - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Eddie Hazel (Edward Earl Hazel) - Died 12-23-1992 in Plainfield, NJ, U.S. - Internal bleeding and liver failure ( Funk ) Born 4-10-1950 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Was a guitarist for The Boyce Brothers, Parliament and Funkadelic - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hank Mizell (William M. Mizell) - Died 12-23-1992 in Murfreesboro, TN, U.S. ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 11-9-1923 in Dayton Beach, FL, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Jungle Rock" and "When I'm In Your Arms").

Bobby LaKind - Died 12-24-1992 - Colon cancer ( Rock ) Born 1945 - Percussionist - Worked with Nicolette Larson, The Doobie Brothers, The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, Linda Ronstadt and others.

Jimmy Arnold - Died 12-26-1992 ( Country ) Born 1952 in Fries, VA, U.S.


Wilbur Paul (aka Yonkie) - Died 1993 ( Doo-Wop ) Tenor singer - Was a member of The Harmonaires who later became The Five Crowns (They did, "A Star" and  "You're My Inspiration") - Worked with The Willows.

Jim Doherty - Died 1993 ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of $27 Snap On Face (They did, "Sleeping In A Technical Bed" and "Let's Have An Affair").

Tommie Connor (Thomas P. Connor) - Died 1993 - Born 11-16-1904 in Bloomsbury, London, England - Songwriter - (He wrote, "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" and the English lyrics for, "Lili Marleen").

Reid Miles - Died 1993 - Born 1927 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Designer - Worked for Blue Note Records designing over 500 album covers - Collaborated with photographer, Francis Wolff.

Pakito Rodrigo - Died 1993 - Aids ( Punk ) Bassist - Was a member of Cicatriz.

Jose "Zeca" Alage - Died 1993 - Murdered ( Marrabenta ) Born 1959 - Composer and saxophonist - Was a member of Ghorwane.

Michael Wulf (aka Destructor) - Died 1993 ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Sodom and Kreator.

Tony Del Monaco (Antonio Del Monaco) - Died 1993 in Ancona, Italy - Born 12-27-1936 in Sulmona, L'Aquila, Italy - Singer and songwriter - (He wrote, "Vita mia" and "L'ultima occasione") -
His songs have been recorded by Mina and Tom Jones.

Karen Dalton - Died 1993 in New York, U.S. - Throat cance ( Folk ) Born 1938 - Singer, guitarist and banjo player - (She did, "Katie Cruel") - Worked with The Holy Modal Rounders - She had been married to guitarist, Richard Tucker.

Belton Ian - Died 1993 ( Rock ) Worked with The Malcolm McCallum Band, QED, The Renee Geyer Band, Dave Dobbyn And The Stone People, The Dave Dobbyn Band, The Ian Moss Band, The Robynne Dunn Band, The Daryl Braithwaite Band and Gyan.

Buddy Kirk - Died 1993 ( Swing ) Musician - Worked with Don Yenko and Warren Sheppick.

Louis Potgeier (Louis Hendrik Potgieter) (aka Patrick Bailey) - Died 1993 in Cape Town - Complications from AIDS ( Novelty ) Born 4-4-1951 in Pretoria - Bassist - Worked with Dschinghis Khan.

Ken Sweet - Died 1993 ( Jazz ) Pianist and arranger - He was married to singer, Roberta Sweet (Roberta Evans).

Phil Hardy (aka Foghorn) - Died 1993 - Cancer ( Rockabilly ) Drummer - Was a member of Whirlwind (They did,"Boppin' Highschool Baby" and "Who's Knocking?").

DJ Subroc (Raheem Dumile) - Died 1993 - Hit by a car while crossing the street ( Rap ) Member of KMD (They did, "Peach Fuzz") - Brother of MF Doom (aka Zev Love X).

Thomas Ellis Johnson III - Died 1993 ( Gospel ) Singer - Was a member of The Harmonizing Four - Son of singer Thomas "Goat" Johnson Jr.

Bennie Starks Sr. - Died 1993 - Big Band Leader.

Jackie Jacobs - Died 1993 ( Pop ) Was a singer for The Four-Evers (They did,"Everybody South Street").

Oleg Tsarev - Died 1993 ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Legion.

Peter Topp - Died 1993 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Classic Affair (They recorded,"Little Red Book" and "Love Machine").

Sergey Kudishin - Died 1993 - Jumped off a balcony ( Heavy Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Chiorny Kofe (Black Coffee).

Pat Vandross - Died 1993 - Diabetic complications ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Was a member of The Crests

Chaz Ramirez - Died 1993 - While searching for a speaker wire upstairs in a warehouse, he fell through  the floor onto his head ( Producer -  Engineer ) Founder of the Casbah recording studio - Produced Social Distortion and The Pontiac Brothers - Played keyboards for The Leaving Trains (They did,"She's Got Bugs") and Decry (They did,"Alone Against the World").

Nige - Died 1993 ( Punk - Ska ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Culture Shock.

Valerie Wellington (Valerie Eileen Hall) - Died 1-2-1993 - Brain aneurysm ( Blues ) Born 11-14-1959 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - She worked with Lee "Shot" Williams.

Dizzy Gillespie (John Birks Gillespie) - Died 1-6-1993 in Englewood, NJ, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Jazz ) Born 10-21-1917 in Cheraw, SC, U.S. - Trumpet player - (He did, "A Night in Tunisia") - Worked Frankie Fairfax, Teddy Hill, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Lucky Millinder and many others.

Sammy Cahn (Samuel Cohen) - Died 1-15-1993 - Congestive heart failure ( Pop Songwriter ) Born 6-18-1913 in New York, NY, U.S. - (He wrote, "All The Way" and "Call Me Irresponsible") - Worked with Saul Chaplin and Jule Styne - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Helno (Noel Rota) - Died 1-22-1993 in Paris, France - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 6-25-1963 in Paris, France - Singer - Was a member of les Beruriers Noirs and Les Negresses Vertes (They did, "Zobi la mouche" and "Voila l'ete") .

Thomas A. Dorsey (Rev., Dr. Thomas Andrew Dorsey) (aka Georgia Tom) - Father Of Gospel Music - Died 1-23-1993 in Chicago, IL - Alzehimer's disease ( Gospel -  Ragtime - Blues ) Born 7-1-1899 in Villa Rica, Ga., U.S. - Pianist - (He did, "Someday, Somewhere" and "Peace In The Valley") - Worked with Ma Rainey and Tampa Red ("Tight Like That") - Founder of The National Convention Of Gospel Choirs and Choruses, Inc. - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Wayne Raney - Died 1-23-1993 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 8-17-1921 in Wolf Bayou, AR. U.S. - DJ, singer and harmonica player - (He did, "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me" and "Jack And Jill Boogie") - Worked with Lonnie Glosson and The Delmore Brothers - Founded the Rimrock record label - Country Music Disc Jockey Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Frank Jalovec (Frank M. Jalovec) - Died 1-25-1993 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - An elevator maintenance accident ( Power Pop ) Born 1-15-1951 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Kind (They did, "Loved By You" and "I Got You").

John Christian - Died 1-27-1993 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 8-19-1936 in Cleveland, MS, U.S. - Was a member of The Turbans.

Kay Swift - Died 1-28-1993 in Southington, CT, U.S. - Born 4-19-1897 in New York, NY, U.S. - Composer - (She wrote the score for the musical, Fine And Dandy which included the songs, "Fine And Dandy" and "Can This Be Love?") - Worked with The Edith Rubel Trio.

Willie Banks - Died 2-1-1993 ( Gospel ) Born 5-11-1929 in Raymond, MS, U.S. - Singer - Led Willie Banks & The Messengers (They did, "Look At The Blessings") - Worked with The Trumpets Of Joy, The Flying Clouds, The Jackson Southernaires and The S.C. Violionaires.

Geoff Mann - Died 2-5-1993 - Cancer ( Rock ) Was a singer for Twelfth Night.

Tommy Adderley - Mr Rock 'n' Roll - Died 2-5-1993 ( Rock - Jazz ) He was 53 years old - Sang and played harmonica - (He did, "Knee Deep In The Blues") - Was a member of The Hound Dogs - Worked with Max Merritt ("Just Don't Understand"), The Mike Perjanik Group, Headband("I Get High (On Music)" and"Hey Little Schoolgirl"), Sea Of Tranquility ("Epitaph" and "It's Got To Be Mellow") and The Adderley Walker Movement.

Cary Gilbert (Cary Grant Gilbert) (aka Hippy) - Died 2-15-1993 in Camden, NJ, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 3-20-1942 -  Songwriter - ( He co-wrote, "Me & Mrs. Jones" and "Don't Leave Me This Way") - Worked with Kenny Gamble and Leon Huff - His songs have been recorded by Lou Rawls, Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes, The Intruders and many others.

Al Rivers - Died 2-17-1993 in Portland, OR, U.S. - Cancer ( R&B ) Born 3-25-1927 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Ink Spots (They did, "To Each His Own" and "Don't Get Around Much Anymore").

Patrick Waite - Died 2-18-1993 - Accident - Born 1969 - Was a member of Musical Youth (They recorded, "Pass The Dutchie").

Steve Fairnie (Stephen Angus Fairnie) - Died 2-22-1993 ( Rock ) Born 2-21-1951 in Fraserburgh - Singer -  He fronted Fish Co, Writz, Famous Names, and The Technos.

Jethroe Bledsoe - Died  2-24-1993 ( Gospel ) Born 5-5-1917 in Arlington, TN, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Spirit Of Memphis Quartet (They did, "Jesus Traveled (Story Of Jesus)" and "Singing Won't Be In Vain").

Toy Caldwell (Toy Talmadge Caldwell, Jr.)- Died 2-25-1993 - Acute respiratory failure( Southern Rock ) Born 1948 - Was the lead guitarist and a songwriter for  The Marshall Tucker Band and was the leader of The Toy Caldwell Band - He is the brother of the late Tommy Caldwell.

Marlena Davis (Marlena Easley) - Died 2-27-1993 - Lung cancer ( R&B ) Born 10-4-1944 - Singer - Was a member of Audrey And The Teenettes and The Orlons (They did, "The Wah-Watusi" and "Don't Hang Up") - Worked with Dee Dee Sharp ("Mashed Potato Time").

Lynn Phillips - Died 3-?-1993 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Was a guitarist for Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids (They did remakes of, "She's So Fine" and "Endless Sleep").

Oscar Carboni - Died 3-?-1993 in Ferrara, Italy - Born 9-9-1914 in Ferrara, Italy - Singer - (He did "Tango del mare" and "Serenata celeste").

Art Hodes (Arthur W. Hodes) - Died 3-4-1993 in Harvey, IL, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 11-14-1904 in Nikoliev, Russia - Pianist - Worked with Wingy Manone, Mezz Mezzrow, Milt Hinton and Joe Marsala - He hosted TV's, Jazz Alley and was an editor for Jazz Record magazine.

Carlos Montoya (Carlos Garcia Montoya) - Died 3-5-1993 - Heart failure ( Flamenco - Jazz ) Born 12-13-1903 in Madrid, Spain - Guitarist - (He co-composed, "Flamenca") - Husband of dancer, Sally MacLean.

Billy Eckstine (William Clarence Eckstine) - Died 3-8-1993 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Stroke ( Jazz - Bop - Pop ) Born 7-8-1914 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - (He did, "My Foolish Heart'' and "`I Apologize") - Was a member of The Earl Hines Orchestra (They did, "Jelly, Jelly." and "Blowin' The Blues Away") - Worked with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gillespie, Fats Navarro, Miles Davis and Art Blakey.

Don Barksdale (Don Angelo Barksdale) (aka Big Don) - Died 3-8-1993 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Throat cancer  - Born 3-31-1923 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Basketball star, olympic gold metalist, DJ and label owner - Founded Rhythm Records which released recordings by The Mondellos, The Tempos, The Marcels and The Spinners.

Armand Zone (aka Mandy Zone) - Died 3-9-1993 - AIDS ( Rock - Disco ) Singer and keyboardist -  Was a member of The Fast (They did, "Boys Will Be Boys" and "Kids Just Wanna Dance"), Ozone and The Zone Bros. (They did, "Do Ya Wanna Funk").

Camille Howard (aka The Boogie Rhythm Girl) - Died 3-10-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 3-29-1914 in Galveston, TX, U.S. - Pianist and singer - (She did, "X-Temporaneous Boogie" and "Baccarolle Boogie") - Was a member of The Cotton Tavern Trio, The Roy Milton Trio ("They did, "The R.M. Blues"), Roy Milton & His Solid Senders ("Camille's Boogie" and "When I Grow Too Old To Dream") and The Camille Howard Trio.

June Valli - Died 3-12-1993 ( Pop ) Born 6-30-1930 - Singer ( She did,"Apple Green" and the orginal "Crying In The Chapel").

Alex Taylor - Died 3-12-1993 in Florida, U.S. - Heart attack ( Folk - Blues - Rock ) Born 2-28-1947 - Singer - (He did, "Change Your Sexy Ways" and a remake of, "Who's Been Talkin") - Brother of singers, James Taylor, Livingston Taylor and Kate Taylor.

Johnny Cymbal (aka Derek and Brother John) (John Hendry Blair) - Died 3-16-1993 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 2-3-1945 in Ochiltree, Scotland - Singer, songwriter and producer - (He recorded, " Mr. Bass Man" and "Little Miss Lonely") - His songs have been recorded by Elvis Presley, Ed Ames, The Spencer Davis Group, Glen Campbell, Al Martino, The Partridge Family, Frankie Ford, Gene Pitney, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Eddy Arnold.

Stan E. Saleski (Stanley E. Saleski) - Died 3-16-1993 - Born 9-13-1909 in South Meriden, CT, U.S. - DJ and writer - Hosted radio's, Silver City Polka Party - Wrote for Polka Guide, Michigan Polka News, Polka Scene and Music & Dance News -  International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Luis D'Ubaldo - Died 3-18-1993 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Pop ) Born 5-9-1936 in San Sebastian de Los Reyes, Venezuela - Singer - He appeared on TV's,  El Show de Victor Saume and at several National and International Musical Festivals.

Jeff Ward - Died 3-19-1993 - Suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning ( Rock ) Born 11-28-1962 - Drummer for  Ministry, Lard ("Bozo Skeleton" and "Mate Spawn And Die"), Revolting Cocks, Low Pop Suicide ("Imagine My Love" and "Gimme Gimme") and Nine Inch Nails.

Gerard Sekoto - Died 3-20-1993 in Paris, France ( Jazz ) Born 12-9-1913 in Botshabelo, Middelburg, Transvaal - Pianist, songwriter, singer and artist.

Frank Williams (Franklin Delano Williams) - Died 3-22-1993 in Savannah, GA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 6-25-1947 in Smithdale, MS, U.S. - Singer and producer - Was a member of The Southern Gospel Singers, The Williams Brothers and The Jackson Southernaires - Formed The Mississippi Mass Choir.

Tony Harvey (Anthony Harvey) - Died 3-23-1993 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1940 - Guitarist - Worked with Vince Taylor And The Playboys, Nero And The Gladiators and Screaming Lord Sutch.

Alexander Churikov - Died 3-24-1993 - Car crash  ( Rock )

Buddy Red Bow - Died 3-28-1993 ( Country And Western ) Born 1949 (He did, "Indian Love Song" and "Run Indian, Run").

Jim Krueger - Died 3-29-1993 - Born 1950 - (Wrote,"We Just Disagree").

Mitchell Parish (Michael Hyman Pashelinsky) - Died 3-31-1993 in Manhattan, New York, NY, U.S. - Born 7-10-1900 in Lithuania or Shreveport, LA, U.S. - Composer - (He wrote the lyrics for, "Blue Tango" and "Sleigh Ride" and added the English lyrics to,"Volare") - Worked with Peter De Rose, Ben Oakland, Duke Ellington, Will Hudson, Sammy Fain and Frank Perkins - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jeff Wilkerson (Jeffrey Wilkinson) - Died 4-?-1993 - A.I.D.S ( Rock ) Born 1950 - Was the drummer for Nervous Eaters .

Red Allen (Harley Allen) - Died 4-3-1993 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 2-12-1930 in Perry County, KY, U.S. - Singer and Guitarist - Was a member of The Osborne Brothers ("Ruby" and "Wild Mountain Honey"), The Kentuckians, The Kentucky Mountain Boys and Red Allen And The Allen Brothers

Nigel Dixon - Died 4-3-1993 - Cancer ( Rockabilly - Rock ) Singer - (He did, "Thunderbird") - Was a member of Whirlwind (They did, "Full Time Thing" and "Midnight Blue") and Havana 3 A.M. (They did, "Reach The Rock" and "Blue Motorcycle Eyes").

Billy Gayles (Willie James Gayles)- Died 4-8-1993 - Inoperable cancer ( Blues ) Born 10-19-1931 in Silkeston, MO, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Larry Davis.

Eduardo Morell - Died 4-8-1993 in Caracas, Venezuela - Born 9-3-1929 in Merida, Venezuela - Disc Jockey - He was one of the first Rock & Roll DJ's in Venezuela with his radio program, El Tragadiez de los Exitos.

Eugene Church - Died 4-16-1993 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-23-1938 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. (He co-wrote,"Pretty Girls Everywhere").

Steve Douglas(Steven Douglas Kreisman)- Died 4-19-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Rock ) Born 9-24-1938 - Saxophonist - (Did a solo on Duane Eddy And The Rebel's, "Peter Gunn" and can be heard on, "Da Doo Ron Ron" and "Be My Baby") - Worked with Bob Dylan, Mink Deville, Mickey Hart, Ry Cooder, The Ramones, The Beach Boys, Jan & Dean and Ritchie Valens - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Clifford Scott - Died 4-19-1993 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Born 6-21-1928 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Saxophonist - (He co-wrote, "Honky Tonk") - Worked with Lionel Hampton, Roy Milton, Bill Doggett, Ray Charles, Wild Bill Davis and Jay McShann.

Jimmy Bee - Died 4-22-1993 - Heart attack ( R&B )  Born 1934 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Singer (Had a hit with "Breakin' Up Is Hard To Do") Worked with Ernie Fields Jr.

Big Ed Thompson (Edison R. Thompson) - Died 4-22-1993 in Cincinnati, OH, U.S. ( Gospel - R&B ) Born 1-22-1935 in Bethlehem, GA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Worked with H-Bomb Ferguson, Etta James, Albert Washington, Big Maybelle, Smokey Robinson, B.B. King, James Pigmeat Jarrett, Charles Brown, Gladys Knight, Jerry Butler and Jimmie Reed.

Henri Rene - Died 4-25-1993 ( Pop - Classical ) Born 12-29-1906 in Germany - Producer, arranger and band leader - He was a director of the international branch at RCA records for many years - Worked with Perry Como, Dina Shore, Eartha Kitt, Mindy Carson and Harry Belafonte.

Mick Ronson - Died 4-29-1993 - Liver cancer ( Rock ) Born 5-26-1946 (He did,"Billy Porter" and "Hazy Days") Was a member of The Rats (They did,"Guitar Boogie" and "Colour Me") Played guitar for David Bowie Ian Hunter and others.

Ronnie Kelly - Died 5-?-1993 ( Pop ) Born 1944 - Was a member of the Ron-Dels (They did,"If You Really Want Me To, I'll Go") Worked with Delbert McClinton.

Val Stecklein - Died 5-?-1993 ( Blues - Folk Rock ) Singer and guitarist (He did,"All The Way Home" and "Sounds Of Yesterday") He was a member of The Impromptwos and The Blue Boys later renamed The Blue Things (They did,"Mary Lou" and "Pretty Thing".

Pat Zondervan (P.J.  Zondervan) - Died 5-6-1993 ( Gospel ) Born 4-2-1909 in Patterson, NJ, U.S. - Co-founder and Chairman of the Board for the gospel publishers, Zondervan Corporation - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ronald Koal (Robert Gooslin Jr.) - Died 5-8-1993 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 1959 - Was a singer for Kid Koal, Ronald Koal And The Trillionaires and The Messiah Factory.

Albert Macon - Died 5-12-1993 - Accidently shot himself while cleaning his gun ( Blues ).

Randy Delay - Died 5-12-1993 ( Rock ) Born 11-30-1952 - Drummer - Was member of The Georgia Satellites (They did,"Keep your Hands To Yourself") and Drivin-n-Cryin (They did,"Honey Suckle Blue") Worked with Tony Sarno And The Atlanta Underground Hellhounds.

Jiri Bulis - Died 5-12-1993 - Car crash ( Cabaret - Pop - Chanson ) Born 10-3-1964 in Chomutov, Czechoslovakia - Composed music for theatrical performances for Divadlo V Podloubi, Divadlo Na Provazku, Cinoherni Klub (They did, "Boure" and "Rodina Tothu"), Ha-Divadlo (They did, "Guma") and TV ads.

Marv Johnson - Died 5-16-1993 - Stroke ( R&B - Soul ) Born 10-15-1938 in Detroit, MI, U.S. (He did,"You Got What It Takes" and "I Love the Way You Love").

Robert Carr - Died 5-18-1993 ( Doo-Wop ) He was half of the duo Robert & Johnny (They did,"We Belong Together" and "I Believe In You").

Clarence Edwards - Died 5-20-1993 ( Swamp Blues ) Singer and guitarist (He did,"Lonesome Bedroom Blues" and "I Want Somebody").

Lee Roy Abernathy - Died 5-25-1993 ( Gospel ) Born 8-13-1913 in Canton, GA, U.S. - Singer, pianist and composer - (He wrote, "A Newborn Feeling" and "Wonderful Time Up There (Gospel Boogie)") - Was half of the duo, The Happy Two - Worked with The Rangers and The Homeland Harmony Quartet - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dr. Ross (Isaiah Ross) - Died 5-28-1993 ( Blues - Boogie ) Born 10-21-1925 in Tunica, Mississippi, U.S. - (He recorded, "Dr. Ross' Boogie" and "Boogie Disease")  Was the leader of The Jump And Jive Boys and  Dr. Ross And The Interns.

Duncan Browne - Died 5-28-1993 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 3-25-1947 (He did,''Journey", "Streets Of Fire" and "The Wild Places") Was a member of Metro.

Sun Ra (Herman Sonny Blount) - Died 5-30-1993 - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 5-22-1914 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. (He did,"Journey Through The Outer Darkness" and "Outer Space Where I Came From").

Julia Doyle Bess - Died 6-4-1993 - Heart failure ( Gospel ) She was 70 years old - Born in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Gayle Jubilee Singers.

Conway Twitty (Harold Lloyd Jenkins) - Died 6-5-1993 in Springfield, MO, U.S. - Abdominal aneurysm and heart attack ( Rock - Rockabilly - Country ) Born 9-1-1933 in Friars Point, Miss., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "It's Only Make Believe" and "You've Never Been This Far Before'') - Was a member of The Phillips Country Ramblers and The Cimarrons -  Worked with Loretta Lynn - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Milwaukee Slim (Angelo Chambers) - Died 6-7-1993 in St. Paul, MN, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 7-2-1924 in Denton, TX, U.S. - Singer, songwriter, booking agent, DJ, music promoter and talent scout - Led The Bluebirds - Worked with Lamont Cranston and Sonny Boy Williamson II.

Root Boy Slim (Foster MacKenzie III) - Died 6-8-1993 - Natural causes ( Rock ) Born 7-9-1945 in Asheville, NC, U.S. - Was a member of Midnight Creepers and was the leader of Root Boy Slim & The Sex Change Band (They did,"Boogie 'Til You Puke" and "Christmas At K-Mart").

Arthur Alexander (Arthur Bernard Alexander, Jr.) - Died 6-9-1993 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Heart and kidney failure ( Soul - Country - R&B ) Born 5-10-1940 in Florence, AL, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Anna" and " You Better Move On", later covered by The Beatles & The Rolling Stones respectively) - Alabama Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jimmy Weston - Died 6-10-1993 ( Doo Wop - R&B ) Born 1940 - Was a singer for The The Danleers (They did, "One Summer Night" and "I Can't Sleep").

Bernard Bresslaw - Died 6-11-93 - Heart attack ( Actor - Entertainer ) Born 2-25-1934 in Stepney, East London - (He had a hit with ,"Mad Passionate Love") - He starred in many of the British "Carry On" films.

John Campbell - Died 6-13-1993 - Heart attack in his sleep ( Electric Blues ) Born 1-20-1952 in Shreveport, LA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Written In Stone" and "Ain't Afraid Of Midnight").

Lorayne Brox (Eunice Brock) - Died 6-14-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 11-11-1900 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Was a member of The Brox Sisters (They did, "Monkey Doodle Doo" in the Marx Brothers film, "The Cocoanuts" and also did, "Everybody Step").

Red Mack (McClure Morris) - Died 6-14-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 1-18-1912 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Played trumpet, drums, piano and organ and was a singer - (He did, "Just Like Two Drops Of Water") - Worked with Les Hite, Lionel Hampton, T-Bone Walker, Lowell Fulson, Lester Young, Luke Jones, Kid Ory's Creole Jazz Band, Buck Clayton and Barney Bigar.

Lebert Lombardo - Died 6-16-1993 ( Swing ) Born 2-11-1905 - Sang and played trumpet - Member of The Royal Canadians who were noted for playing, "Auld Lang Syne" on New Years Eve.

Luther Tucker - Died 6-18-1993 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 1-20-1936 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Little Walter Jacobs, Otis Rush, Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker, The James Cotton Blues Band and Elvin Bishop.

Louise Beatty - Died 6-25-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 6-28-1929 - She sang with her husband, Jack McVea's band, The Door Openers.

James "Son" Thomas - Died 6-26-1993 - Emphysema and a stroke ( Delta Blues ) Born 10-14-1926 in Eden, MS, U.S. (He did,"Mama Don't 'Low No Guitar Playin'" and "Beefsteak Blues").

Noel Dinn - Died 6-26-1993 - Cancer ( Celtic - Folk - Rock ) Born 1948 - Was a member of The Philadelphia Cream Cheese Band - Founder of Lukey's Boat and Figgy Duff.

Allan Jones (Theodore Allen Jones) - Died 6-27-1992 in New York, NY, U.S. - Lung cancer - Born 10-14-1907 in Old Forge, PA, U.S. - Singer and actor - Appeared in the musicals, Show Boat and The Firefly - He also appeared in The Marx Brothers', A Night At The Opera and A Day At The Races - He had been married to actress, Irene Hervey - Father of singer, Jack Jones.

G.G. Allin (born Jesus Christ Allin and later changed to Kevin Michael Allin) - Died 6-28-1993 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heroin overdose ( Shock Rock ) Born 8-29-1956 in Lancaster, NH, U.S. - Was a member of Little Sister's Date and Malpractice - Has been backed by Scumfucs, Cedar Street Sluts, Drug Whores, Sewer Scum, Afterbirth, Psycho, Disappointments, AIDS Brigade, Bulge, Toilet Rockers and The Murder Junkies.

Hector Lavoe (Hector Perez Lavoe) (aka El Cantante and Salsa's Bad Boy) - Died 6-29-1993 ( Salsa ) Born 9-301946 in Ponce, Puerto Rico - Singer - Worked with Kako And His All-Stars, Willie Colón and The Fania All-Stars.

Wong Ka Kui (aka Koma Wong) - Died 6-30-1993 in Tokyo, Japan - Fell from an eight foot set at a TV studio ( Rock ) Born 6-10-1962 in Hong Kong - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Beyond (They did, "Longway Without A Friend" and "Myth").

Dave Insurgent (David Rubinstein) - Died 7-?-1993 - Suicide after his girlfriend was murdered by
New York serial killer Joel Rifkin ( Rock ) Born 1964 -  Founder of Reagan Youth (They did,"I Hate Hate" and "Degenerated").

Ray Elliott (Raymond Elliott) - Died 7-1-1993 in Toronto, Canada - Brain cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-23-1944 in Belfast, Ireland - Played keyboards, flute, vibes and saxophone - Worked with The Broadways, Them ("Call My Name" and "Mystic Eyes"), Gumm, Brown & O'Brien, Truth ("Ride The Wind" and "Castles In The Sand") and Trader Horne ("The Mutant" and "Better Than Today").

Joe DeRita (aka Curly Joe) - Died 7-3-1993 ( Pop - Novelty ) Born 7-12-1909 - We was one of The Three Stooges (They did,"The Alphabet Song" and "We're Coming To Your House").

Carl Campbell - Died 7-4-1993 in Houston, TX, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 3-20-1933 in Texas, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "Between Midnight and Dawn" and "Ooh Wee Baby") - Worked with Goree Carter, Joe Houston, LaLa Wilson and Henry Hayes' Four Kings ("Traveling On" and "Early Morning Blues").

Mia Zapata (Mia Katherine Zapata) - Died 7-7-1993 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Raped and strangled - Her killer was found guilty 3-24-2004 based on a DNA link ( Punk ) Born 8-25-1965 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. - She was the lead singer for The Gits (They did, "Another Shot Of Whiskey" and "Social Love").

Peter Kun - Died 7-10-1993 - Motorcycle accident ( Rock ) Born 10-29-1967 - Bassist - Was a member of Edda.

Mario Bauza - Died 7-11-1993 - Cancer ( Band leader )  Born 1911 - Created the fusion of Afro-Cuban and jazz and helped launch the careers of Ella Fitzgerald and Dizzy Gillespie.

Boston Blackie (Bennie Joe Houston) (aka Dog Man) - Died 7-11-1993 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Shot ( Blues ) Born 11-6-1943 in Panola, AL, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Sweetman And The Sugar Boys - Worked with Little Milton, Johnny B. Moore and Lee Shot Williams.

Red Prysock (Wilbert Prysock) - Died 7-19-1993 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Heart attack ( R&B - Blues ) Born 2-2-1926 in Greensboro, NC, U.S. -  Saxophonist - (He did, "Wiggles" and "Jump Red Jump") - Worked with his brother, saxophonist, Arthur Prysock and with Tiny Bradshaw and Lonnie Johnson.

Choker Campbell (Walter Campbell) - Died 7-20-1993 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 3-21-1916 in Shelby, MS, U.S. - (He did, "Come See About Me" and "Pride And Joy") - Was a member of The Bachelors Of Rhythm - Worked with Honey Brown, Leah Dawson ("My Mechanical Man"), Carla Whitney ("Wisdom Song"), The Clovers, Joe Turner and Ruth Brown - Appeared in the film, Shake, Rattle & Rock!.

Richard Tee (Richard Edward Tee) - Died 7-21-1993 in New York, NY, U.S. - Prostate cancer ( Rock - Soul - R&B ) Born 11-24-1943 in New York, NY, U.S. - Keyboardist - (He did, "Every Day" and "Virginia Sunday") - Was a member of Stuff (They did,"Love Having You Around" and "Since You've Been Gone") - Worked with Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Aretha Franklin, Roberta Flack, Joe Cocker, James Brown, Peter Gabriel and many others.

Fabio Cappanera - Died 7-23-1993 - Car accident ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Strana Officina.

Roberto Cappanera - Died 7-23-1993 - Car accident ( Metal ) Drummer - Was a member of Strana Officina.

Ed Guzman - Died 7-29-1993 ( Rock ) Born 3-10-1944 - Percussionist - Worked with Rare Earth (They did,"Rock And Roll Man" and "Mota Molata").

Big Smokey Smothers (Otis Smothers) - Died 7-23-1993 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 3-14-1929 in Lexington, MS, U.S - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "I Got My Eyes On You" and "Come On Rock Little Girl") - Worked with Howlin' Wolf ("Who's Been Talking" and "I Asked For Water") and Freddy King - Brother of singer and guitarist, Little Smokey Smothers.

Don Myrick (Donald Myrick) - Died 7-30-1993 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. - Shot by the LAPD when his home was raided by mistake (A police officer mistook a lighter Donald was holding for a gun) ( Soul ) Born 1940 - Played sax for The Pharoahs, Earth, Wind And Fire, Phil Collins ("One More Night"), Bobby "Blue" Bland, The Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Heaven 17, Carlos Santana, Grover Washington Jr. and The Dells .

Rob "Bass Thing" Jones - Died 7-30-1993 - Heart attack - Was a member of The Wonder Stuff .

Bob Tate (Robert Tate Jr.) - Died 8-3-1993 - Diabetes related kidney failure ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 7-2-1932 in Oklahoma, U.S. - (He wrote, "The Ways Of A Man") - Recorded with Sam Cooke, Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Lou Rawls and others.

Randy Jo Hobbs (Randall Joseph Hobbs)- Died 8-5-1993 - Drugs ( Rock - R&B ) Born 3-22-1948 in Union City, IN, U.S. - Was a bass player for The McCoys (They did, "Hang On Sloopy"), Montrose (They did, "What Are You Waitin' For?" and "Jump On It"), Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Winter and Edgar Winter.

Duke Burrell - Died 8-5-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 7-9-1920 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Pianist and band leader - Worked with Barney Bigard, Johnny Otis and Louis Jordan.

Bob Cooper - Died 8-5-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 12-6-1925 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Was a member of The Lighthouse All-Stars and Stan Kenton's Orchestra - Worked with Frank Capp, Nat Pierce, Bob Florence,  Shorty Rogers and Pete Rugolo - Was married to  June Christy.

Wade Curtiss - Died 8-7-1993 ( Rockabilly ) Was the leader of Wade Curtiss And The Rhythm Rockers (They did, "Puddy Cat (Mama-Meow-Mow)" and "Shang-A-Hang").

Roy Budd (Roy Frederick Budd ) - Died 8-7-1993 in London, England - Brain hemorrhage ( Jazz - Symphonic ) Born 3-14-1947 in South Norwood, South East London, England - Pianist - Led The Roy Budd Trio (They did, "Birth Of The Budd") - Was a member of The Blue Devils - He wrote the theme song for  TV's, Mr. Rose and the score for the film, Soldier Blue.

Euronymous (Oystein Aarseth) - Died 8-10-1993 - Stabbed to death by a former member of his band ( Black Metal ) Born 4-15-1968 - Was the guitarist for Checker Patrol, L.E.G.O. and Mayhem - He ran a record company called, "Deathlike Silence Productions".

Eva Olmerova - Died 8-10-1993 ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 1-21-1934 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Singer - (She did, "Blues Samotarky", "Oh Happy Day" and "Oh Daddy") - Considered to be one of the best Czechoslovak jazz and blues singers.

David Rogers - Died 8-10-1993 - Illness ( Country ) He was 57 years old - Born in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. - Singer songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "Need You" and "Loving You Has Changed My Life").

Tom Rubian - Died 8-13-1993 in South Korea while serving with the 2nd Infantry Division - Suicide ( Metal ) Born 5-12-1966 - Bassist - Was a member of Mournblade.

Ed Roberts (Edward L. Roberts) - Died 8-15-1993 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 4-24-1936 - Was a member of Ruby & The Romantics (They sang "Our Day Will Come").

Ivan Vaughan - Died 8-16-1993 - Parkinson's disease ( Skiffle ) Born 6-18-1942 in Woolton, Liverpool, Lancashire , England - Bassist - Worked with The Quarry Men - He introduced John Lennon to Paul McCartney.

Phil Seymour - Died 8-17-1993 - Lymphoma ( Rock ) Born 5-15-1952 in Tulsa, OK, U.S. (He, did,"Precious To Me") Was a member of The Dwight Twilley Band (They did,"I'm On Fire") Worked with Tom Petty, Moon Martin, The Chainsaw Kittens, Buzz Clic and The Textones.

W.L. Richardson - Died 8-17-1993 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 8-13-1913 in Orville, AL, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Fairfield Four.

Janna Allen - Died 8-25-1993 - Leukaemia ( Rock ) Born 5-12-1957 - She was a singer for Hall And Oates (They did,"Rockability" and "Downtown Life").

Johnny Sayles - Died 8-17-1993 in Hazel Crest, IL, U.S. - Heart attack ( Soul - Rock ) Born 2-9-1937 in Winnsboro, TX, U.S. - Singer and producer - (He did, "Don't Turn Your Back On Me" and "The Concentration") - Worked with Eugene Neal & The Rocking Kings, Ike Turner's Kings Of Rhythm, Roy Buchanan, James Talley and Mason Daring.

Rocking Dopsie (Anton Jay Rubin Sr.)  - Died 8-26-1993  - Heart attack while driving ( Zydeco ) Born 2-10-1932 in Carencro, LA, U.S. - Was the leader of Rocking Dopsie And The Twisters (They did, "T'Ant Na Na" and "Zydeco Two-Step") - Recorded with Paul Simon ("That Was Your Mother"), Cyndi Lauper and Bob Dylan .

Carlo Menotti - Died 8-27-1993 in the Poconos - Heart failure ( Singer - Voice Coach ) Born 1909 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - As a voice coach his students included Connie Francis, Tony Bennett, Annette Funicello, Judy Garland, Nancy Sinatra, Laura Branigan, Pat Boone, Diana Ross, Paul Anka and Frankie Avalon.

Bernie Baum (Bernard Kastenaum) - Died 8-28-1993 in Yonkers, NY, U.S. - Born 10-13-1929 in the Bronx, NY, U.S.- Songwriter - (He co-wrote, "(You're The) Devil In Disguise" and "Music, Music, Music!") - He wrote music for many of Elvis Presley's films.

Al Trace (Albert J. Trace) (aka Clem Watts and Bob Hart) - Died 8-31-1993 in Sun City West, Arizona, U.S. - After a stroke ( Big Band ) Born 12-25-1900 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer, drummer and bandleader - (He did a version of, "Mairzy Doats") - Led The Al Trace Orchestra - Was a member of Shuffle Rhythm - (He wrote or co-wrote, "You Call Everybody Darling" and "If I Knew You Were Coming I'd've Baked A Cake") - His songs have been recorded by Frank Sinatra and The Andrews Sisters.

Bernie Lowe (Bernard Lowenthal) - Died 9-1-1993 in Wyncote, PA, U.S. - Born 11-22-1917 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Pianist, songwriter and arranger - (Co-wrote Elvis Presley's, "Teddy Bear", Charlie Gracie's, "Ninety-nine Ways" and Bobby Rydell's, "Kissin' Time") -  Co-founded Cameo and Parkway Records which released recordings by Chubby Checker, The Orlons, Dee Dee Sharp and The Dovells.

Frantisek Horacek - Died 9-2-1993 in Prague, Czech Republic ( Rock Critic ) Born 12-24-1946 in Kolin, Czechoslovakia - Publicist for music magazines Melodie and Rock & Pop.

Lefty Dizz (Walter Williams) - Died 9-7-1993 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Cancer of the esophagus ( Blues ) Born 4-29-1937 in Osceola, AR, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Shock Treatment - Worked with Junior Wells, J.B. Lenoir and Hound Dog Taylor.

Art Mooney - Died 9-9-1993 in North Miami, FL, U.S. - Lung disease ( Jazz ) Born 1-26-1913 - Played sax and was a bandleader - (He did remakes of, "Four Leaf Clover" and "Baby Face") - He worked in Guy Lombardo's band after Guy died.

Helen O'Connell - Died 9-9-1993 in San Diego, CA, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Swing ) Born 5-23-1920 in Lima, OH, U.S. - Singer, actress and dancer - Worked with Jimmy Dorsey ("Green Eyes" and "Tangerine") - She was married to arranger and composer, Frank De Vol.

James Petze - Died 9-12-1993 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 12-30-1944 - Was a member of The Rondels (They did,"Back Beat No. 1").

Thomas Jefferson Kaye - Died 9-14-1993 - Blood infection ( Pop - Rock )  (Produced ? And The Mysterians', "96 Tears", The Shirelles', "Soldier Boy", and Loudon Wainwright III's, "Dead Skunk) (He did,"Say That You Love Me" and "Northern California") Worked with Rick Derringer, Dusty Springfield, Gene Clark, White Cloud, Charles Lyonhart and Dr. John.

Frankie Kennedy - Died 9-24-1993 - Cancer ( Celtic - Rock ) Born 9-30-1955 - Was a member of Altan.

Varetta Dillard - Died 10-4-1993 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 2-3-1933 in Harlem, NY, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Easy, Easy Baby" and "Mercy, Mr. Percy,") - Was a member of The Tri-Odds.

Memphis Willie B. (Willie Borum) - Died 10-5-1993 ( Jug Band - Blues ) Born 11-4-1911 or 1912 in Shelby County, TN, U.S. - Sang and played guitar and harmonica - (He did, "The Stuff Is Here" and "Stop Cryin' Blues") - Worked with Jack Kelly's Jug Busters, The Memphis Jug Band.

Greely Walton - Died 10-9-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 10-4-1904 in Mobile, AL, U.S. - Played saxophone - Worked with Henry "Red" Allen, Bessie Smith, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson and Louis Armstrong.

Andy Stewart (Andrew Stewart) - Died 10-11-1993 in Arbroath, Angus, Scotland - Born 12-30-1933 in , Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland - Singer and comedian - (He did, "A Scottish Soldier" and "Donald Where's Yer Troosers?") - Father of actor, Ewan Stewart.

Wade Flemons - Died 10-13-1993 in Battle Creek, MI, U.S. - Cancer ( R&B ) Born 9-25-1940 in Coffeyville, KS, U.S. - Singer, played vibes and electric piano - (He did, "Here I Stand" and "Easy Lovin'") - Led Wade Flemons & The Newcomers - Worked with The Salty Peppers (They did, "La, La, La").

Criss Oliva (Christopher Michael Oliva)  - Died 10-17-1993 in Thonotosassa, FL, U.S. - A drunk driver hit his car head on ( Rock ) Born 4-3-1963 in Pompton Plains, NJ, U.S. - Was a guitarist and singer for Savatage (They did, "I Believe" and "Twisted Little Sister").

Luis Felipe Ramon y Rivera - Died 10-21-1993 in Caracas, Venezuela - Cancer ( Folk ) Born 8-23-1913 in San Cristóbal, Venezuela - Ethnomusicologist, folklorist, composer and poet - Worked with his wife Isabel Aretz on investigations of ethno music and folklore in Venezuela - Advisor and director for The Foundation Of Ethnomusicologist and Folklore (FUNDEF).

James Baker (James Shelby Baker) - Died 10-24-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 10-22-1948 in Louisville, Kentucky, U.S. - Played drums, keyboards and trombone - Worked with New Birth (They did, "Comin' From All Ends" and "Keep On Doin' It")

Vincent Price - Died 10-25-1993 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer - Born 5-27-1911 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Actor - Recorded  with Alice Cooper on his "Wecome To My Nightmare" album and with Michael Jackson on his "Thriller" album.

Howie Blauvelt (Howard Arthur Blauvelt)- Died 10-25-1993 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1949 - Bassist - Worked with The Hassles (They covered Sam And Dave's "You've Got Me Hummin'") and Ram Jam (They did,"All For The Love of Rock N' Roll" and "Too Bad On Your Birthday").

Harold Rome (Harold Jacob Rome) - Died 10-26-1993 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Musicals )- Born 5-27-1908 in Hartford, CT, U.S. - Pianist, lyricist and songwriter - (He wrote, "Sunday In The Park") - Composed songs for the musicals, Pins And Needles and Wish You Were Here -  Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Doris Duke - Died 10-28-1993 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. - Cardiac arrest ( Gospel ) Born 11-22-1912 in New York, NY, U.S. - Tobacco heiress, philanthropist and singer - Was a member of Rev. Lawrence C. Roberts' Angelic Choir.

River Phoenix - Died 10-31-1993 - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 1970 - Was a guitarist for Aleka's Attic .

Bob Atcher - Died 10-31-1993 ( Country ) Born 5-11-1914 in Hardin County, KY, U.S.

Torsten Fenslau - Died 11-6-1993 - Car accident ( DJ - Producer ) Born 1964  - Founded and produced Culture Beat (They did,"Mr. Vain" and "I Like You").

Adelaide Hall - Died 11-7-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 1901 - Vocalist.

Erskine Hawkins (Erskine Ramsey Hawkins) - The 20th Century Gabriel - Died 11-11-1993 in Willingboro, NJ, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 7-26-1914 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Trumpeter - (He did, "Tuxedo Junction" and  "After Hours") - Led Erskine Hawkins And His Orchestra - Worked with Ida James, Delores Brown and Della Reese - Alabama Jazz Hall Of Fame Inductee and Alabama Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Boyd Rivers - Died 11-22-1993 in Jackson, MS, U.S. ( Blues - Gospel ) Born 12-25-1934 in Pickens, MS, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "You Gonna Take Sick And Die" and "You Got To Move").

Albert Collins (aka The Ice Man, The Master of the Telecaster and The Razor Blade) - Died 11-24-1993 in Las Vegas, NV, U.S. - Liver or lung cancer ( Blues ) Born 10-1-1932 in Leona, TX, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Frosty" and "Iceman") - Worked with Robert Cray, John Zorn and Johnny Copeland - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jerry Edmonton (Jerry McCrohan) - Died 11-28-1993 - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 10-24- 1946 in Canada - Was a drummer for Steppenwolf .

David Houston - Died 11-30-1993 - Brain aneurysm ( Country ) Born 12-9-1938 in Bossier City, LA, U.S. (He did,"Mountain Of Love" and "Almost Persuaded") Woked with Tammy Wynette and Barbara Mandrell.

Peter Wood (Peter John Wood) - Died 12-?-1993 in New York, NY, U.S. - Head trauma from a fall at his home ( Rock ) Born 4-9-1950 in Middlesex, England - Keyboardist - (Co-wrote, "Year Of The Cat") - Was a member of  Natural Gas - Worked with Al Stewart, Roger Waters, Cyndi Lauper, Bob Dylan, Quiver, Jonathan Kelly, Carly Simon ("Menemsha" and "Hello Big Man"), Curved Air, Joan Armatrading, Graham Parker, Lou Reed, The Bleeding Hearts Band and Tommy Shaw.

Vince Ebo - Died 12-?-1993 - Suicide ( Contemporary Christian ) Singer for The Charlie Peacock Trio.

Ray Williams - Died 12-?-1993 - After a long illness ( Rock - Psychedlic ) Born 1943 - Singer and bassist - Was a member of The Bystanders and Man (They did,"Spunk Box" and "It Is As It Must Be").

Ray Gillen (Raymond A. Gillen)- Died 12-3-1993 in New Jersey, U.S. - AIDS related complications ( Metal ) Born 5-12-1961 in Cliffside Park, New Jersey, U.S. - Vocalist and played Jew's-Harp - Was a member of Harlett, Rondinelli, Tariff, Badlands (They did, "Dreams in the Dark" and "Winter's Call"), Phenomena (They did, "No Retreat, No Surrender" and "Did It All for Love"), Black Sabbath and Sun Red Sun (They did, "Final Curtain" and "Responsible").

Frank Zappa (Francis Vincent Zappa Jr.) - Died 12-4-1993 in Laurel Canyon, California, U.S.- Prostate cancer ( Rock - Jazz - Experimental ) Born 12-21-1940 in in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. -  Singer, composer and guitarist - (He did, "Don't Eat The Yellow Snow" and "Dancin' Fool") - Was a member of The Blackouts and The Soul Giants who became The Mothers and then The Mothers Of Invention (They did, "Help, I'm A Rock" and "Who Are The Brain Police?") - Worked with Adrian Belew, Terry Bozzio, Aynsley Dunbar, John Lennon, Yoko Ono, Lowell George, Jean-Luc Ponty, Captain Beefheart, Ruth Underwood, George Duke, Vinnie Colaiuta, Mike Keneally and Steve Vai - Father of Moon Unit Zappa (They did, "Valley Girl"), Ahmet Emuukha Rodan and Dweezil Zappa  - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Shakie Kangwena - Died 12-5-1993 ( Jit ) Born 8-16-1956 in Salisbury, Rhodesia - He was a keyboardist for The Bhundu Boys (They did, "Kuroja Chete" and "Mukoma").

Doug Hopkins (Douglas Hopkins) - Died 12-5-1993 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 4-11-1961 - Was a guitarist for The Gin Blossoms (They did, "Hey Jealousy" and "Found Out About You").

Texas Ray (Eugene  Ray) - Died 12-9-1993 in Electra, TX, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-28-1937 in Omaha, TX, U.S. - Played harmonica and sang - (He did, "Hackensack" and "Hey Mr Landlord").

Vern Winslow (aka Poppa Stoppa and Dr. Daddy-O) (Vernon Winslow) - Died 12-13-1993 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Born 4-1-1911 in Canton, OH, U.S. - DJ - Hosted, Jivin' With Jax.

Al Rose (Etienne Alfonse de la Rose Lascaux) - Died 12-16-1993 ( Jazz ) Born 2-3-1916 (He co-wrote Paul Barbarin's, "Bourbon Street Parade" and Paul Crawford's, "The Day After Mardi Gras") - He was a  co-founder the Arkay record label and a producer - He was also an author ("I Remember Jazz" and "New Orleans Jazz, A Family Album") and an artist - He also helped create the Charlie The Tuna character.

Herman Harper (Herman Clay Harper) - Died 12-17-1993 ( Country - Gospel ) Born 1938 in Fountain Head, TN, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and producer - Worked with The Oak Ridge Quartet and The Homeland Quartet - Was a booking agent for The Oak Ridge Boys, The Florida Boys, Rambos and Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters -  Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Cooper Terry -  Died 12-17-1993 in Antioch, CA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 1-22-1949 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Played harmonica and guitar and sang - (He did, "And I Cry" and "Raggedy And Dirty") - Worked with Big Joe Williams.

Robson Jorge - Died 12-19-1993 - Died in jail ( Pop ) Born 4-23-1954 - Guitarist, keyboardist and composer - Worked with Marcio Montarroyos, Gilberto Gil, Maria Bethania and Caetano Veloso.

Michael Clarke (Michael James Dick)- Died 12-19-1993 in Treasure Island, FL, U.S. - Liver failure ( Rock ) Born 6-3-1944 in Spokane, WA or New York, NY, U.S. - Was a member of The Desert Rose Band and The Byrds - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Charizma (Charles Hicks) - Died 12-19-1993 - Shot durring a robbery ( Rap ) Born 7-6-1973 - Was a member of Charizma And Peanut Butter Wolf (They did, "Red Light Green Light").

Don Jacoby - Died 12-25-1992 ( Jazz ) He was 72 years old - Born in York, PA, U.S. - Trumpeter - Worked with Benny Goodman and Les Brown - Tutored Dan Miller, Bobby Shew, Marvin Stamm and Craig Johnson.

Roger Tripp - Died 12-31-1993 - Car accident ( Punk ) Drummer - Was a member of La Peste (They did, "Better Off Dead" and "Don't Wanna Die In My Sleep Tonite") and Unnatural Axe.

Eric Lamont (aka Bingy Bunny) - Died 12- 31-1993 - Prostate cancer ( Reggae ) Was a member of The Morwells Group (They did, "Bit By Bit") and Roots Radics (They did, "Shuffle The Deck" and "Come Out Of We Land") - Worked with Maurice Wellington.

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