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2002 January to June
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club! This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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2002 January to June

John Dawson - Died 2002 ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of The Poets (They did, "Now We're Thru’" and "That's The Way It's Got To Be").

John Bird - Died 2002 or 2003 ( Rock ) He was about 49 years old - Singer and guitarist - Worked with Quicksilver Messenger Service, The Wyld Ones, Lee Michaels and Dan Hicks.

J.T. IV (John Henry Timmis IV) - Died 2002 - Complications from alcoholism ( Rock ) (He did, "Destructo Rock" and "Out Of The Can") - He directed the world's longest movie, "The Cure For Insomnia" which ran for 87 hours.

William Mabry - Died 2002 - He and his wife Esther owned and ran the club, Esther's Orbit Room which hosted artist such as B.B. King, Charles Brown, Lou Rawls, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Ike And Tina Turner, Lowell Fulson, Al Green and Etta James.

Eduardo Munguia - Died 2002 ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Los Loud Jets.

Gordon Edwards (Gordon John Edwards) - Died 2002 - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 12-29-1946 in Southport, Lancashire - Keyboardist, guitarist and singer - Worked with Sunshine, The Kinks and The Pretty Things.

Jan Brzac - Died 2002 ( Folk ) Born 1952 - Played guitar - Was a member of Lojzo.

Lee Grayson - Died 2002 - Myeloma ( Musician ) Born 1945 - Guitarist - Was a member of Sea Cliff.

Brad Bateman - Died 2002 - Born 1955 - Sound and light tech for The Stretch Wabash Band.

Dave Munemu - Died 2002 ( Jazz ) Drummer - Was a member of Abraxas.

Eduardo "Lalo" Munguía - Died in 2002 in Mexico ( Rock ) Was a member of Los Loud Jets.

Einar Frederiksen - Died 2002 or possibly 1-?-2003 ( Metal ) Bassist and singer - Was a member of Funeral and The Flesh.

Jim Meyers (James King Meyers) - Died 2000 ( Standards ) Musician - Worked with his wife, singer Ruby Lee Meyers.

Big Zek - Died 2002 - Leukemia - He was a road manager for The Bar-Kays.

Patrick Tembo - Died 2002 ( Jazz - Rhumba - Kiwazenza ) Musician - Worked with Pamela Gaorekwe.

Keith Ball - Died 2002 ( Musician ) Was a member of The Isle aux Morts Boys.

William Colvig - Died 2000 ( Musician ) He and Lou Harrison started one of the first gamelans, an Indonesian percussion ensemble in The United States using tin cans and different lengths of steel pipes, played with baseball bats as instruments.

Lisa Bertoletti - Died 1-?-2002 in Carlisle - Hit by a train ( Classical - Jazz - Rock ) She was 30 years old - Played keyboards, recorder and cello - Worked with The Carlisle Big Band and The Eden Orchestra.

Jimmy Warzee - Died 1-?-2002 - Car accident ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with Les Serpents Noirs.

Robert "Catman" Caffrey - Died 1-2-2002 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 2-4-1925 - Saxophonist - Worked with Roy Brown, Earl King, Guitar Slim, Smiley Lewis, Joe Turner and Huey "Piano" Smith.

Zac Foley (Zachary Sebastian Rex James Foley) - Died 1-3-2002 - Drug overdose ( Rock - Dance ) Born 12-9-1970 in Gloucester - Was the bassist for (Empsom Mad Funkers) EMF (They did,"Unbelievable" and "Lies") and Carrie.

Esquivel (Juan Garcia Esquivel) - Died 1-3-2002 - Stroke ( Space Age Pop ) Born 1-20-1918 in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico - (He did,"Whatchamacallit" and "Universal Emblem" a three-second sound bit that has been used with the Universal Studios logo at the end of many TV shows) He has done music for the movies, Four Rooms, The Big Lebowski and Beavis And Butt-Head Do America.

Bob Vaughn (Robert Franklin Vaughn) - Died 1-4-2002 ( Cinema Organist ) Born 8-14-1911 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Played the violin, piano and Wurlitzer organ - He accompanied The Phantom Of The Opera and the premiere of Flesh And The Devil.

Little Bo Savich (William R. Savich) - Died 1-4-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-2-1939 in MI, U.S. - He was a drummer for Johnny And The Hurricanes (They did,"Down Yonder" and "Rocking Goose").

Ramiro Puerta - Died 1-4-2002 - Cancer ( Salsa ) Born 1954 in Bogota, Colombia - Was the leader of Ramiro's Latin Orchestra and hosted a world music series on CBC Radio.

Rob Lumbre (Robert Charles Lumbre) (aka So Vile) - Died 1-5-2002 - Car crash ( Metal ) Born 4-27-1977 - Bassist - Was a member of Severed Savior, Osmium (They did,"Internal Torment" and "Lack of Respect ") and Psypheria.

Nicky Doublet  - Died 1-5-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 10-9-1968 - Percussionist - Was a member of The Zugrumbun Combo - Worked with Claudette Pace and The Voices - He was the resident percussionist on TV's, "Xarabank".

Zachary Zazueta (aka Noncents) - Died 1-6-2002 - Shot while driving ( Rap ) Born 5-23-1983 - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of III Grand (formerly called Point Blank) - Worked with Valentin "Junior" Martinez.

Bobby Austin (Robert Allen Austin Sr.) - Died 1-6-2002 ( Country ) Born 5-4-1933 in Wenatchee,Wa., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and bassist (He co-wrote,"Apartment No.9" and "Try A Little Kindness") Worked with Wynn Stewart and Johnny Paycheck.

Tim "Buck" Buckley (Timothy P. Buckley) - Died 1-6-2002 - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 8-22-1955 in St. Louis - Was the lead guitarist for Doug Supernaw And The Possum Eatin' Cowboys (They did, "Reno" and "What In The World") - Worked with The Tearjerkers.

Arlene L. Dayton (aka Arlene Allison) - Died 1-6-2002 ( Singer - Manager ) Born 2-28-1933 - She was one of The Allison Sisters - As a manager, she worked with The Hines Brothers and The Four Tops.

Johnnie Mae Matthews - Godmother of Detroit Soul - Died 1-6-2002 - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 12-31-1922 in Bessemer, AL, U.S. - Singer and pianist - (She did, "I Have No Choice" and "Baby What's Wrong") - Was a member of The Five Dapps (They did, "You're So Unfaithful" and "Do Wop A Do") - Founded The Northern Recording Company.

Jon Lee - Died 1-7-2002 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Hanged himself ( Rock ) Born 3-28-1968 in Newport, Gwent - Drummer - Was a member of Temper Temper and Reel  who changed their name to Feeder (They did,"Buck Rogers" and "Just A Day").

Don Keranen (Donald P. Keranen) (aka DK) - Died 1-7-2002 - Following a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 4-12-1942 - He founded The Tech's Jazz Lab Band and The Symphonic Band - He was also the music coordinator for a hotel chain in Jamaica.

J.P. Doyle (James Patrick Doyle) - Died 1-8-2002 ( Composer ) Born 8-9-1956 in Fairmont, W.Va, U.S. - He set the original book of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz to music - He composed music by using computers since 1980 - He collaborated with David Maxine.

Nauman Scott (Nauman Steele Scott III) - Died 1-8-2002 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Heart disease ( Record Exec ) Born 5-10-1945 - Was the co-owner of Black Top Records which released blues, r&b and zydeco recordings featuring such artists as Earl King, Snooks Eaglin and The Neville Brothers.

Tyrone "Crusher" Green - Died 1-8-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( R&B ) Born 10-30-1944 - Drummer - Was a member of Wilson Pickett's band, The Midnight Movers - Worked with The Shirelles, Maxine Brown, The Uptown Horns Revue, and Lucky Peterson - He was also a musical director and conductor.

Frank Hardwick - Died 1-8-2002 ( Psychedelic ) Bassist - Was a member of The Bow Street Runners (They did,"Eating From A Plastic Hand" and "Leaving Grit America").

David McWilliams - Died 1-8-2002 ( Folk Rock ) Born 7-4-1945 in Cregagh in Belfast, Northern Ireland - Singer, songwriter and guitarist (He did,"The Day's Of Pearly Spencer" and "Oh Mama Are You My Friend?") He was a member of The Coral Showband.

Eddie Zack (Edward Zackarian) - Died 1-9-2002 ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 3-5-1922 in Providence, RI, U.S. - Was the leader of Eddie Zack And The Dude Ranchers (They did,"Gonna Rock & Roll" and "Rocky Road Blues")  and The Hayloft Jamboree - Founder of The Rhode Island Country Music Hall Of Fame of which he is an inductee and The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Neil Kelly (Neil J. Kelly) - Died 1-10-2002 - Heart attack ( Bluegrass ) Born 1-13-1939 - Played banjo - Was a member of The Hand Hewn String Band.

Richard Brown (Herbert Richard Brown) - Died 1-11-2002 - Natural causes ( Ballad Singer ) Born 10-28-1919 - He was a television (Be My Guest) and radio (Stop The Music) singer who later became a rabbi.

Rudy Bullacher (Rudolph Alfred Bullacher III) - Died 1-11-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 7-8-1942 in Galveston, TX, U.S. - Played bass fiddle and violin - Was a member of The Manny Green Orchestra and The Galveston Beach Band.

Keith Clark (Keith C. Clark) - Died 1-11-2002 - Aortic aneurysm ( Musician ) Born 11-21-1927 - Bugler - Was a member of The United States Army Band - He played Taps for U.S. President John F. Kennedy's funeral, which is considered to be the most famous rendition of the song, accidentally fluttering on the 6th note - After retiring from the Army, Clark taught music and played in musical groups in Florida.

Joe Jackson (Joseph Murrail Jackson) - Died 1-11-2002 - Heart attack in his studio ( Jazz ) Born 8-11-1966 - Percussionist - He was a member of The JMJ World Project jazz trio.

George Jinda - Died 1-11-2002 - Illness after a massive stroke ( Jazz ) Born 6-4-1941 in Hungary - Percussionist (He did,"Between Dreams" and "Unpainted Picture") Was half the duo, Special EFX with Chieli Minucci (They did,"Udu Voodoo" and "Dancing With A Ghost") and the leader of World News -  Worked with Mark Egan, Dave Grusin, Dave Weckl, McCoy Tyner, Omar Hakim and The Fantasy Band.

Amparo Montes (Amparo Meza Cruz) - Died 1-12-2002 or 1-13-2002 in Mexico City, Mexico - Pneumonia ( Bolero ) Born 4-24-1920 or 4-22-1925 in Tapachula or Tuxtla Chico, Chiapas, Mexico - Singer - (She did, "Azul" and "Perfidia").

Phil Givant (Philip J. Givant) - Died 1-12-2002 - Complications of heart disease ( Blues Promoter ) Born 12-5-1935 in Mannheim, Germany - Founder of the Sacramento Blues Festival and hosted a blues show on a many radio stations for over 30 years.

Stanley Unwin - Died 1-12-2002 ( Comedian ) Born 1911 in Pretoria, South Africa - He built his comedy career by using "Gobbledygook" (mangling the English language) - He narrated The Small Faces album, "Ogden's Nut Gone Flake" and appeared on Wubble-U's song, "Petal" - He recorded a version Goldilocks and the Three Bears under the title "Goldyloppers and the 3 Bearloaders".

Hoagy Lands (Victor I. Hoagland) - Died 1-12-2002 ( Soul - Gospel ) Born 5-4-1936 in New Brunswick, NJ, U.S. (He did,"Baby Come On Home" and "It Keeps Rainin'") Worked with Lily Fields.

Mike Marmer (Merrill D. Marmer) - Died 1-12-2002 ( Writer - Lyricist - Producer ) Born 9-25-1925 in Lowell, MA, U.S. - Worked with Stan Burns to create, produce and write for TV's, Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp and also writing the rock music for the show's band, The Evolution Revolution (They did,"Sha-La Love You") They also wrote for Get Smart, The Carol Burnett Show, Three's Company, Gilligan's Island and F Troop.

Ted Demme (Edward Demme) - Died 1-13-2002 - Heart attack after playing basketball ( Director - Producer ) Born 10-26-1964 in New York, NY, U.S. - He produced, "Yo! MTV Raps" and directed the video for Bruce Springsteen's, "Streets Of Philadelphia" - He also directed the films, "Who's The Man?," "Beautiful Girls" and "Blow".

Nacio Herb Brown Jr. - Died 1-13-2002 - Cancer ( Music Exec ) Born 2-27-1921 (He co-wrote,"Who Put That Dream In Your Eyes" and "I Laugh To Keep From Crying") Was a music publisher and the manager of the songs for Hoagy Carmichael, Sammy Fain and many others.

Eddie Jackson - Died 1-14-2002 - Respiratory failure ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 1926 in Tennessee, U.S. -  Guitarist and singer - He was the leader of Eddie Jackson & The Swingsters (They did,"Rock And Roll Baby" and "Why Not Be Partners?") Worked with Marv Weyer ("Lonely Nights").

Red River Dave (David  McEnery) - Died 1-15-2002 ( Folk - Country ) Born 12-15-1914 in San Antonio, Texas, U.S. (He did,"Shame Is The Middle Name Of Exxon" and "Amelia Earhart's Last Flight") He was the leader of The Swift Cowboys - He wrote thousands of songs about headlines and current events.

Little Bobby Neely (Robert  Neely) - Died 1-15-2002 ( Blues ) Born 11-20-1931 - Saxophonist - Worked with Otis Rush and Buddy Guy.

Leon McTee Fulton - Died 1-16-2002 - Heart failure ( R&B ) Born 2-2-1948 - Saxophonist - Was a member of The Imperials, a group that later became The Bar-Kays and Skypeace.

Ron Taylor - Died 1-16-2002 - Heart attack ( Actor - Singer ) Born in Galveston, Texas, U.S. - He was a member of The Nervis Bros. - He sang, "Blues Man" and "Let The Good Times Roll" in, It Ain't Nothin' But The Blues, a show he co-authored and co-starred in - He also appeared in "Lost Highway: The Music And Legend Of Hank Williams" - He was the voice of Bleeding Gums Murphy on The Simpsons - Worked with Billy Joel, Sheila E., Bruce Springsteen, Slash and Etta James.

Eddie Meduza (Errol Norstedt) - Died 1-16-2002 ( Shock Rock ) Born 6-17-1948 (He did,"Punkjävlar") He worked with John Norum.

Van der Ploeg (aka Tortoise) - Died 1-16-2002 - Heart attack ( Musician - Painter ) Was a a session guitarist and a member of Soundsuite - He was a painter of Namib desert landscapes.

Lawrence K. Harris - Died 1-17-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( Record Exec ) Born 6-10-1935 - Worked at Elektra Records, Ampex Records and CBS's Portrait Records later becoming a senior VP of telecommunications for Twentieth Century Fox.

Queenie Leonard (Pearl Walker) - Died 1-17-2002 - Natural causes ( Singer - Actress ) Born 1906 in Manchester, England - She worked in stage musicals (Nymph Errant), films (Mary Poppins and The Sound of Music) and appeared regularly in nightclubs.

Dave Gray (David B. Gray) - Died 1-18-2002 - Grand mal seizure ( DJ - Comedian ) Born 4-29-1968 - Popular DJ and host of  TV's The Gray Area and Hot Tonight - Toured with The Temptations, Weird Al Yankovich and other rock artists - Was a member of Chicago's ImproOlympics.

Bertha J. Lyles (Bertha Caroline Jones) - Song Bird of Sandtown - Died 1-18-2002 - Heart failure ( Jazz - Gospel ) Born 1-12-1916 - Singer - She was married to musician  William Henry Lyles.

Dennis Pavao - Died 1-18-2002 - Brain aneurysm ( Hawaiian ) Born 7-11-1951 on the Big Island at Kalapana, Hawaii, U.S. - Singer (He did,"All, Hawaii Stand Together" and "Ua Mau Ke Ea O Ka 'Aina I Ka Pono") Was a member of Hui 'Ohana.

Darrell Reynolds (Darrell J. Reynolds) - Died 1-19-2002 ( Rock ) Born 1-10-1930 - Bass singer - Was a member of Leon Hughes' Coasters - Worked with Monroe Powell.

George Henry "Scotty" Mansfield - Died 1-19-2002 - Lung cancer ( Doo-Wop ) Born 2-14-1936 in Virginia? - Singer - Was a member of The Clefs.

Loonis McGlohon (Loonis Reeves McGlohon) - Died 1-19-2002 - Lymphoma ( Jazz ) Born 9-29-1921 in Ayden, NC, U.S. - Pianist and songwriter (He co-wrote,"Blackberry Winter" and "Be A Child") Hosted radio's, "America's Popular Song" - Worked with Marlene VerPlanck, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett, Eileen Farrell, Judy Garland and Alec Wilder.

Jeff Astle - Died 1-19-2002 ( Footballer - Singer - Comedian ) Born 5-13-1942 in Eastwood in Nottinghamshire, England (He was a singer with The England World Cup Squad doing,"Back Home") Besides being a footballer, he appeared on TV's "Fantasy Football League" singing the theme tune and also starred in The Jeff Astle Roadshow in which he sang and told jokes partly dressed as Tina Turner.

Carrie Hamilton - Died 1-20-2002 - Cancer ( Actress - Musician ) Born 12-5-1963 in New York, NY, U.S. (She wrote and sang,"Never Forget") She acted in the rock movie, Tokyo Pop and TV's, Fame - Daughter of Carol Burnett.

John Jackson - Died 1-20-2002 - Kidney failure ( Blues ) Born 2-25-1924 in Woodville, Rappahannock, WV, U.S. - Singer and guitarist (He did,"Fairfax Station Rag" and "Graveyard Blues") Worked with B.B. King, Eric Clapton, Bob Dylan, Arlo Guthrie, Bonnie Raitt and Pete Seeger.

Peggy Lee (Norma Deloris Egstrom) - Died 1-21-2002 in Bel-Air, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz - Pop - Blues ) Born 5-26-1920 in Jamestown, ND, U.S. - (She did, "Fever" and "Is That All There Is?") - She worked with Benny Goodman ("Why Don't You Do Right"), Ella Fitzgerald and Sonny Burke - She acted in "Pete Kelly's Blues" and a remake of "The Jazz Singer" - She recorded more than 600 songs and wrote many others - She had been married to guitarist Dave Barbour, actor Brad Dexter, actor Dewey Martin and percussionist Jack Del Rio - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Sheldon Allman - Died 1-22-2002 - Heart failure ( Actor - Singer - Songwriter ) Born 6-8-1924 in Chicago, Il, U.S. (He co-wrote the cartoon songs "George Of The Jungle" and "Super Chicken", he also wrote,"A Quiet Kind Of Love" and "Christmas In The Air") Was the singing voice of Mr. Ed - He appeared in the TV shows, I Dream Of Jeannie, The Twilight Zone, Batman and more.

Lord Pretender (aka Preddie) (Aldric Farrell) - Died 1-22-2002 ( Calypso ) Born 9-8-1917 in Tobago - (He did, "Never Ever Worry'' and "God Made Us All").

Pete Bardens (Peter Bardens) - Died 1-22-2002 - Lung cancer ( Progressive Rock ) Born 6-19-1945 in Westminster, London, England - Keyboardist and singer - (He did, "Many Happy Returns" and "Seen One Earth") - Was a member of The Cheynes (They did, "Respectable" and "It's Gonna Happen To You"), The Blues Messengers, The Shotgun Express, Village (They did, "Man In The Moon" and "Long Time Coming") and Camel (They did, "Highways Of The Sun" and "Rain Dances") - Worked with Brian Eno, Mick Fleetwood, Bill Wyman, Ray Davies, Rod Stewart, Them and Peter Green.

Hank Cosby (Henry Cosby) - Died 1-22-2002 in Royal Oak, MI, U.S. - Complications from cardiac bypass surgery ( Soul ) Born 5-12-1928 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Songwriter and saxophone player - (He co-wrote Stevie Wonder's, "Fingertips Part 2" and "My Cherie Amour" with Sylvia Moy) - Was a member of The Joe Hunter Band - Worked with The Funk Brothers - Worked as a writer and/or producer for Smokey Robinson, The Supremes and The Jackson 5 - Played sax for Marvin Gaye, John Lee Hooker, The Temptations and Mary Wells - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bob Marrone (Robert Lawrence Marrone) - Died 1-25-2002 - Pulmonary fibrosis - Born 1942 in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. - Psychologist and professor - (He wrote, "Paralyzed" recorded by Dave Mason and, "Keep This Heart In Mind" recorded by Bonnie Raitt) - He taught a popular class on death and dying.

Bill Barber (William C. Barber) - Died 1-25-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 12-6-1924 - Pianist - Worked with Percy Hughes' Echoes Of Ellington - Was a co-founder of The Twin Cities Jazz Society.

Earl K. Humphreys - Died 1-25-2002 - Medical problems ( Pop ) Born 8-22-1925 - Singer - He appeared many times on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson and in Dallas nightclubs.

Mick Finn - Died 1-25-2002 ( Country ) Born 1916 - Guitarist (He did,"Room Full Of Old Gold Records" and "An Old Hillbilly From Way Back") Worked with Buddy Williams and Bernie Burnett - He also made guitars - The Country Music Hands of Fame Inductee.

Joyce Carr (Joyce Siperly) (Joyce E. Mooney) - Died 1-26-2002 - Lung Disease ( Pop ) Born 12-7-1931 in Great Falls, Mont., U.S. - Singer - Worked with Dick Sleigh, John Eaton, Charlie Shavers, Joe Benjamin, The Bob Vigoda Trio and Ellis Larkins.

Red MacCormack - Died 1-26-2002 - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 1963 - Drummer - Worked with Second Sister, Overdue, Medicine Hat,  Bob Cushing and Kenny Cowden.

Thomas Bird "Fang" Hoskins - Died 1-27-2002 - Liver ailment - Born 1-3-1941 - Musicologist and DJ )  - He searched for and found blues great John Hurt who had left the music business years earlier, becoming his manager and bringing him back to the media's attention.

Ed Watt (Edwin Watt) - Died 1-28-2002 - Born 4-26-1919 - Booking agent - He worked for the Big "D" Jamboree where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Carl Perkins, Gene Vincent and many others played.

Steve Caldwell - Died 1-28-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( Rock ) Born 11-22-1947 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer and saxophonist - Was a member of The Swingin' Medallions (They did,"Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)" and "She Drives Me Out of My Mind") and The Pieces Of Eight.

Andy Kulberg - Died 1-28-2002 - Lymphoma ( Rock - Blues ) Born 4-30-1944 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. - Bass player, singer and flautist - Was a member of The Blues Project (They did, "Flute Thing" and "Gentle Dreams") and Sea Train (They did, "Marblehead Messenger" and "Losing All The Years").

Scot "Squatty" White (Scot A. White) - Died 1-29-2002 ( Manager ) Born 1-21-1964 - He was a member of The Attix and managed Typhoid Mary (He wrote their, "How's It Gonna Feel" and "Eight Ball").

Steve Salem - Died 1-29-2002 - Cancer ( Manager ) Born 1960 - Managed Full Force, UTFO and Lisa Lisa And Cult Jam - Worked with Cheryl Pepsii Riley and Code 5.

Tony Waite - Died 1-29-2002 in London, England ( New Wave ) Born 3-31-1953 - Bassist and singer - Was a member of Doll By Doll (They did,"Teenage Lightning" and "Binary Fiction").

Carlo Karges - Died 1-30-2002 - Liver failure ( Rock ) Born 7-31-1951 - Guitarist - (He co-wrote, "99 Luftballons" (99 Red Balloons)) - Worked with Nena,Tomorrow's Gift, Novalis and Extrabreit.

Henry Kloss - Died 1-31-2002 - Subdural hematoma - Born 2-21-1929 -  Inventor - He designed audio equipment that delivered a broad, smooth, clean sound that came to be known as the "Boston Sound" - Co-founded KLH, Cambridge Soundworks and Advent - Worked for Acoustic Research and Tivoli Audio - He invented the AR-1 bookshelf speakers and the Model 8 FM radio.

Papa Joe Bernard - Died 1-31-2002 - Complications of pneumonia - Born 1932 -  DJ and music director who spent almost 20 years spinning Top 40 hits - He is best remembered as being the man who turned away Elvis Presley from an audition for a 15-minute segment on new talent because Elvis didn't have an appointment.

Oleg Zhukov (aka Tolsty) - Died 2-?-2002 - Cancer ( Rap ) Was a member of Diskoteka Avaria.

Torben Larsen - Died 2-?-2002 ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Clidows.

Hildegard Knef (aka Hildegarde Neff) (Hildegard Frieda Albertine Knef)  - Died 2-1-2002 - Lung infection - Born 12-28-1925 in the southern city of Ulm -  Actress and singer - She sang in the Cole Porter musical, "Silk Stockings" - She acted in, "Film Without A Title" and The Sinner".

John Richard "Streamline" Ewing - Died 2-1-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1-19-1917 in Topeka, KS, U.S. - Trombonist.

Hitman (Ricky Herd) - Died 2-2-2002 - Shot ( Rap ) He was 24 years old - Worked with The R.B.L. Posse.

Paul Baloff - Died 2-2-2002 - Stroke ( Metal ) Born 4-25-1960 - Singer - Was a member of Exodus (They did, "And Then There Were None" and "A Lesson In Violence") and Piranha.

Harold Hoyt Stilson Sr. - Died 2-2-2002 - Complications from a viral infection ( Swing ) Born 4-10-1900 - Played saxophone and clarinet - Worked with Detroit big bands - He set the record in 2001 to became the oldest golfer (101 years old) to hit a hole-in-one.

Rich Soul - Died 2-2-2002 - DJ - He specialized in hard house remixes and his own originals - Founder of Handy Records.

James Blackwood - Died 2-3-2002 - Complications of a stroke ( Gospel ) Born 10-23-1921 in Ackerman, MS, U.S. - Singer - Founding member of The Blackwood Brothers - Leader of Masters Five and The James Blackwood Quartet - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Remo Palmier (Remo Palmieri) - Died 2-3-2002 - He had leukemia and lymphoma ( Jazz ) Born 3-29-1923 in the Bronx, New York, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Dolphin Dance" and "Is That What You Wanted Alfred?") - Worked with Billie Holiday, Charlie Parker, Nat Jaffe's Trio, Dizzy Gillespie, Herb Ellis and Arthur Godfrey.

Abie "Boogaloo'' Ames - Died 2-4-2002 - After a prolonged illness ( Blues - Jazz ) Born 5-23-1918 in Cruger, Miss., U.S. - Pianist - (He wrote, "Darkness In The Delta") - Worked with Louis Armstrong - He worked at Motown Studio.

Bob Clayton (Robert H. Clayton) - Died 2-4-2002 - Born 6-12-1914 - Well known DJ and radio personality - Hosted Boston Ballroom and Juke Box Saturday Night - He testified in the 50's congressional hearings on the payola scandal.

David Stetler (David H. Stetler) - Died 2-4-2002 - Pneumonia ( Swing ) Born 10-15-1923 - Drummer - Worked with Jimmie Lunceford, Darryl Harpa, Benny Goodman, Spike Jones and The Ham Carson Quartet.

Cliff Roquemore - Died 2-5-2002 - Cancer - Born 9-28-1948 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Writer, producer and director - He worked with songwriter Mickey Stevenson on, "Color Me Dorothy - The Dorothy Dandridge Story", "Showgirls" and "Swann" - He wrote for the musical, "The Gospel Truth", produced, "Disco Godfather" and directed Eartha Kitt in her one woman show.

Dennis Dale Soffar - Died 2-6-2002 - Bone cancer ( Night Club Proprietor ) Born 1-25-1944 - Was a co-owner of The Old Quarter which help launch the careers of ZZ Top, Townes Van Zandt, Steve Earle, The Allman Brothers, Lucinda Williams, Rodney Crowell, Guy Clark, and Vince Bell - The Old Quarter was one of the first white night spots in Houston to book black artists with Mance Lipscomb and Lightnin' Hopkins becoming regulars.

Wendell Marshall (Wendell Lewis Marshall) - Died 2-6-2002 - Colon cancer ( Jazz ) Born 10-24-1920 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Lionel Hampton, Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington, Stuff Smith, Milt Jackson and Mary Lou Williams - Cousin of bassist Jimmie Blanton.

Walter Bolden - Died 2-7-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 12-17-1925 in Hartford, Connecticut, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Stan Getz, Coleman Hawkins, Jackie McLean, Junior Mance and Gerry Mulligan.

Bob Wooler (Frederick James Wooler) - Died 2-8-2002 - After a long illness ( DJ ) Born 1-19-1926 (though most reference books say 1932) in Liverpool, England (Co-wrote Billy J.Kramer's, "I Know" with George Martin) - He is credited with helping to launch The Beatles after their return from Germany by organizing their first major British gig - He managed and wrote for The Kingstrums.

Nick Brignola (Nicholas Thomas Brignola) - Died 2-8-2002 in Albany, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 6-17-1936 in Troy, NY, U.S. - Saxophone player - (He did, "Groovin' On Uranus" and "Quicksilver") - Was a founding member of Endangered Species - Worked with Miles Davis, Thelonious Monk, The Reese Markewich Quintet and Buddy Rich.

Willis Draffen Jr. (Willis Lewis Draffen Jr.) - Died 2-8-2002 ( R&B ) Born 3-18-1945 in Kansas City, MO, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Sinceres (They did, "Don't Waste My Time") who later changed their name to Bloodstone (They did, "Natural High" and "Never Let You Go").

Walter E. Broderick - Died 2-8-2002 ( Club Owner ) Born 2-9-1923 in Queens, N.Y., U.S. - He owned and operated Bethesda's Red Fox Inn a showcase and focal point for bluegrass music and an early venue for Emmylou Harris and The Seldom Scene.

Bill McElhiney (William Krohmer McElhiney) - Died 2-9-2002 in Bay St. Louis, Miss, U.S. - Alzheimer's disease ( Country ) Born 5-20-1915 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Trumpeter - Worked with Ray Charles, Connie Francis, Brenda Lee, Hank Snow, Patsy Cline, Floyd Cramer and Johnny Cash.

Art Franklin (Arthur Franklin) - Died 2-9-2002 - Natural causes  ( PR Man ) Born 7-21-1917 - Represented The Ink Spots, Kate Smith, Ella Fitzgerald, Jack Benny, The Chick Webb Orchestra and Johnny Ray.

Dave Van Ronk (David R. Van Ronk) - The Mayor of Greenwich Village- Died 2-10-2002 - Colon cancer ( Folk ) Born 6-30-1936 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Guitarist and singer (He did,"Another Time And Place" and "Tantric Mantra") Was a member of The Hudson Dusters.

George Housey Jr. - Died 2-10-2002 ( Blues ) Born 1956 - Drummer - Worked with Mem Shannon & The Membership and Syncopation.

Walter Heebner - Died 2-10-2002 - Cancer ( Producer ) Born 1917 in Wissinoming, Pa., U.S. - Played saxophone (He wrote,"Purple Islands" and "Eternally") Produced Spike Jones, Frank Sinatra, Shirley Temple, Tommy Dorsey, Roy Rogers, The Count Basie Orchestra, Mario Lanza, Desi Arnaz and also produced Spade Cooley's TV show - He transfered to stereo analog, the master tapes of about 500 vintage classical music piano rolls including Debussy and Ravel.

Bobby Walters (Robert Preston Walters) - Died 2-11-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 9-19-1941 - Played trombone, string bass and guitar - Worked with The Bluefield State Jazz Ensemble, The State Farm Band, The Wytheville Brass Quartet and The Greenbriars.

Mildred Buller - Died 2-11-2002 ( Jazz - Country ) Born 1-23-1899 - She played banjo, ukelele and guitar - She was a member of Jennings Novelty Girls and The Country Cousins.

Percy Dickins - Died 2-11-2002 - Heart failure ( Publisher - Musician ) Born 12-2-1921 in London's East Ham, England - Played saxophone - Worked with Benny Green - He co-founded The NME (New Musical Express) weekly after working for Melody Maker and came up with the idea for The Top 20 list.

Jenna Coy Huddleston-Hodge (aka Mimi) - Died 2-12-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( Jazz ) Born 9-7-1935 - Singer - Worked with Chuck Cabot, Ike Mills, Bill Gannon Trio, The Bobby Holland Trio and The E.C. Holland Orchestra.

Waylon Jennings (Waylon Arnold Jennings) - Died 2-13-2002 Died in Chandler, AZ, U.S. - Complications of diabetes ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 6-15-1937 in Littlefield, TX, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "I'm A Ramblin' Man" and "This Time") - He was the leader of The Waylors - Was a member of The Highwaymen (They did, "Desperados Waiting For A Train" and "Silver Stallion") - Worked with Willie Nelson ("Mammas Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up to Be Cowboys"), Kris Kristofferson, Buddy Holly, Emmylou Harris, Chet Atkins, George Jones and Johnny Cash - He narrated and sang the theme song for TV's, Dukes of Hazzard - He gave up his seat on the plane that crashed and killed Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and The Big Bopper - Husband of singer Jessi Colter - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Mama Grace (Grace Senne) Died 2-13?-2002 ( Jazz ) She was a co-founder of The African Maroon Women's Jazz Band - She helped found the country's first female jazz band - She was also a writer and producer of plays.

Dick Kleiner (Richard Kleiner) - Died 2-13-2002 - Natural causes ( Author - Columnist ) Born 3-9-1921 in New York, U.S. (He wrote the lyrics for,"Say Hey -- The Willie Mays Song" and Pearl Bailey's "It'll Get Worse") Author of 20 books including "The Ghost Who Danced With Kim Novak" and "The Two Of Us".

Louis Ouzer - Died 2-14-2002 - Heart attack ( Photographer ) Born 3-11-1913 - He released a book, "Contemporary Musicians in Photographs" - His photographs include, Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Dave Brubeck, Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald.

Mick Tucker (Michael Thomas Tucker) - Died 2-14-2002 - Leukemia ( Glam Rock ) Born 7-17-1949 in Harlesden, London, England - Drummer - Was a member of Wainwright's Gentlemen and The Sweetshop later renamed, Sweet (They did,"Little Willy" and "Ballroom Blitz").

Lou Sidwell (Elouise Sidwell) - Died 2-14-2002 ( Swing ) Singer - Worked with The Ray Noble Orchestra - She was married to trombonist and composer, Earle Hagen.

Mattie D. Baker (Mattie Shaw) - Died 2-15-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 11-11-1933 - Singer - Was a member of The Prince Roger Trio - Mother of Prince.

Ivan Colon (Ivan Edward Colon) - Died 2-15-2002 - Cardiac complications ( Metal ) Born 1-3-1970 - Was a member of Confessor.

Kevin Smith - Died 2-16-2002 - After a fall ( Actor ) Born 1963 in Auckland, New Zealand - Played in a number of alternative rock bands and was a member of Say Yes To Apes and The Wide Lapels (They did campy versions of songs like, "Take a Letter, Maria" and "Tell Laura I Love Her") He portrayed Ares in Xena: Warrior Princess and Hercules.

Charles E. "Buster" Puffenbarger - Died 2-16-2002 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 6-17-1929 - Played accordion - He was one of the The Puffenbarger Kids who appeared on The Old Dominion Barn Dance variety show and a member of A Touch Of Class - Played alongside Chet Atkins, Mother Maybelle Carter and Grandpa Jones.

James "Lucky" Ward (James C. Ward) - Died 2-16-2002 ( Country - Rock ) Born 7-1-1936 - Guitarist - Leader of Lucky Ward And The Mints who backed up Barbi Benton - Worked with Chet Atkins, Buck Owens, Ernest Tubb, Merle Haggard, Hank Williams Jr., Janis Joplin, The Jefferson Airplane and Moby Grape.

Peggy Taylor (Peggy M. Taylor) - Died 2-16-2002 ( Singer - Actress ) Born 10-12-1927 in Inglewood, CA, U.S. - Sang on Don McNeil's Breakfast Club program, was an opening act for Red Skelton's show in Las Vegas and sang in nightclubs - She recorded for Decca.

Billy Ward (Robert L. Williams) - Died 2-16-2002 in Inglewood, CA, U.S. ( Gospel - R&B ) Born 9-15-1921 in Savannah, GA, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and pianist - Was a member of Billy Ward And The Dominoes (They did, "Sixty Minute Man" and "Have Mercy Baby") - Worked with Clyde McPhatter and Jackie Wilson - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Rudy Robinson (Rudolph Victor Robinson)- Died 2-18-2002 - Heart attack ( R&B -  Pop - Jazz - Soul  ) Born 12-21-1940 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Keyboardist, producer and music arranger -  Was the leader of Rudy Robinson And The Hungry Five - Owned New Moon Records, Nadia Records and co-founded D-Town Records - Worked with Marilyn McCoo, Billy Davis, George Clinton, The Dells, The Dramatics, Martha Reeves, The Temptations and Leslie Uggams.

Emory Cook ( Emory G. Cook) - Died 2-19-2002 in  Norwalk, CT, U.S. - Born 1-27-1913 in Albany, NY, U.S. - Audio Innovator - He designed the feedback disk cutting head, which improved the quality of transfer from tape to vinyl - He founded Sounds Of Our Times which released recordings of sounds, the most famous being, "Rail Dynamics" - Was a founding member Of The Audio Engineering Society

Amarin Jo Luangboribun - Died 2-20-2002 - Shot himself in an elevator ( Pop ) Born 1972 - Was the lead singer for Pause.

Stephen Longstreet - Died 2-20-2002 - Pneumonia and congestive heart failure ( Author - Artist ) Born 1907 in New York City, NY, U.S. - He wrote the books, "Storyville to Harlem: Fifty Years in the Jazz Scene" and "Jazz From A to Z: A Graphic Dictionary" - He drew and painted Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, Count Basie, Duke Ellington and others.

Daniel Pearl - Reported dead 2-21-2002 - Kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan, probably between between Jan. 29 and Jan. 31 ( Journalist ) Born 10-10-1963 in Princeton, N.J., U.S. - He was a reporter for The Wall Street Journal - He also played fiddle, bass and keyboards - He played for The Ottoman Empire (They did,"Drop In The Bucket" and "This Is It") and Bob Perilla's Big Hillbilly Bluegrass Band.

Charlie Dee (Charles DePasquale) - Died 2-21-2002 - Coronary artery disease ( Swing ) Born 12-8-1911 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played saxophone, clarinet, string bass, violin and was a big band leader.

Hamlet Lima Quintana - Died 2-21-2002 ( Poet - Songwriter  ) Born 9-15-1923 in Morón, Argentina (He wrote, "El arbol de la vida (TheTree of Life)" and "La amanecida" (The Dawning)").

Donnie Bowser (Donald Bowshier) - Died 2-22-2002 - Heart attack ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 4-14-1937 in Madison Mills, Ohio, U.S. - Singer (He did,"Falling For You" and "I Love You Baby") Worked with The Radio Ranch Boys ("Rock and Roll Joys").

Ronnie Verrell (Ronald Thomas Verrell) - Died 2-22-2002 - Complications from injuries due to a fall ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 2-21-1926 in Rochester, Kent - Drummer - Was a member of The Skinnerettes for Frank Skinner - Worked with Ted Heath, Tom Jones, Dave Shepherd, The Dave Clark Five, Cyril Stapleton, Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Jack Parnell, The Pizza Express All Stars, Dusty Springfield, Peggy Lee and Shirley Bassey - He was in the house band for the Muppet TV Series for which he provided the soundtrack for Animal, the muppet who played drums.

Patty Jump (Patricia C. Jump) - Died 2-22-2002 - Illness related to lung cancer ( Pop ) Born 1-25-1948 - Singer - She was a member of The Sho-lettes, originally named Salt And Pepper - They played USO tours and were billed as the first racially mixed all female singing group to tour the war zones - They appeared on TV's China Beach.

Tom Bert (Thomas E. Bert) - Died 2-22-2002 - Pulmonary embolism ( Photographer ) Born 10-3-1944 - He won a Grammy for his artwork for a Bob Seger album cover - He also photographed music and film stars including Neil Diamond, Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ringo Starr, Sammy Davis Jr., Drew Barrymore and George Strait and did album covers for George Benson, Duane Eddy, Gordon Lightfoot and War.

C.K. Web (aka Duck Man) - Died 2-23-2002 ( DJ ) Born 1965 - He was a popular country disc jockey.

Brendan O'Dowda - Died 2-23-2002 ( Celtic ) Born 1926 - Singer (He recorded,"That's Why We're Burying Him" and "Wait For A While Now Mary").

Tex Stephens (George E. Stephens II) (aka Mr. Cool) - Died 2-23-2002 - Cancer ( DJ - Journalist ) Born 6-10-1921 in Gretna, LA, U.S. - He was a pioneering black disc jockey in New Orleans - He played jazz records on his show, "Tipping With Tex" - He was a MC for The New Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival and a chauffeur and escort for Louis Armstrong.

Huey Davis (Huey Marvin Davis) - Died 2-23-2002 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 8-17-1938 in Columbus, Miss., U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Contours (They did,"Do You Love Me (Now That I Can Dance)").

Doug Ferguson (Douglas W. Ferguson) (aka Frankie Teardrop) - Died 2-23-2002 - After slipping into a diabetic coma ( Electronic - Experimental ) Born 9-25-1970 - Keyboardist - He was a member of Frankie Teardrop, Vas Deferens Organization (VDO), Yeti and Ohm .

Arthur Lyman (Arthur H. Lyman) - Died 2-24-2002 in Honolulu, HI, U.S. - Throat cancer ( Exotica ) Born 2-2-1932 in Kauai, HI - Played vibraphone - (He did, "Yellow Bird" and "Love For Sale") - Worked with Martin Denny.

Karl Chambers (Karl L. Chambers) - Died 2-24-2002 - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 9-9-1946 in Philadelphia, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of Yellow Sunshine and The Romeo's - He worked with The Delphonics ("La La Means I Love You"), The Intruders ("Together"), The Soul Survivors ("Expressway To Your Heart"), The Formations, The Tymes, Three Degrees, Gladys Knight And The Pips, The O'Jays and Teddy Pendergrass - Brother of guitarist Roland Chambers.

Mel Stewart (Milton C. Stewart) - Died 2-24-2002 - Alzheimer's disease ( Saxophonist - Actor ) Born 9-19-1929 - Worked with John Coltrane and Charlie Parker - He portrayed Henry Jefferson in TV's All In The Family and acted in the movies Steelyard Blues and Made in America.

Mai Cramer (Marcia J. Cramer) - Died 2-25-2002 - Breast cancer ( DJ - Bluesologist ) Born 7-18-1947 in New York, NY, U.S. - She hosted the radio show, "Blues After Hours" for 24 years - She also started one of the first blues related web sites,

Maurice Gardner - Died 2-26-2002 - Undisclosed illness ( Composer ) Born 2-16-1909 - Was a violist - He composed music for Victor Borge and Danny Kaye and also for films, radio and television - He founded the Staff Music Publishing Company and was a music director for The Great Neck Symphony.

Oskar Sala - Died 2-26-2002 ( Composer - Physicist ) Born 1911 in Greiz, Germany - He developed and mastered the trautonium, a precursor to the synthesizer and the world's first electronic musical instrument - It was used in Alfred Hitchcock's, "The Birds" as the bird calls - He performed using the trautonium with the Berlin Philharmonic.

William "Smokey" Humbird - Died 2-26-2002 ( Country ) Born 8-19-1920 in Ellensburg, Wash, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Was a memer of The Damascus Frontiers along with his wife Alma Humbird - He also acted in western movies The Way West, Paint Your Wagon and others.

Spike Milligan (Terence Alan Milligan) - Died 2-27-2002 - Kidney or liver failure ( Comedian ) Born 4-16-1918 in Ahmadnagar, India - Cornet and trumpet player (He did,"The Wormwood Scrubs Tango" and "You Gotta Go Oww!") He was a member of The Goon Show with Michael Bentine, Peter Sellers and Harry Secombe.

Keith Pendlebury - Died 2-?-2002 - Heart attack while performing, "Please Don't Talk About Me When I've Gone" ( Jazz ) Pianist - Worked with his wife, singer Marcia Pendlebury, Harry Beckett, Derek Wadsworth and John Gibbon - He appeared at the Brecon Jazz festival many times.

Helmut Zacharias (aka magic violinist) - Germany's Mr. Violin - Died 2-28-2002 ( Jazz - Classical - Pop ) Born 1920 (He did,"When The White Lilac Blooms Again" and "Ask The Wind") Worked with Yehudi Menuhin and Louis Armstrong - Son of violinist and composer, Karl Zacharias.

Mary Stuart (Mary Houchins) - Died 2-28-2002 - Complications following a stroke ( Actress - Singer - Composer ) Born 7-4-1926 in Miami, Fla., U.S. (She did,"Crossroads" and "Mary, Why Don't You Ever Play The Guitar Well?" and she sang, "Little Girl Blue" with Count Basie's orchestra) She recorded with Percy Faith and Michel Legrand - She sang with local bands, a hotel band and with the USO - She acted in soap operas as Joanne Gardner Barron Tate Vincente Tourneur on Search for Tomorrow and as Meta Bauer on The Guiding Light.

Harold Hugh Ehrmann - Died 3-?-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1911 - Played saxophone, flute, piccolo
and clarinet - Worked with Spade Cooley.

Dr. Bones (Arnold Langley) - Kalamazoo's Godfather of Rhythm and Blues -  Died 3-?-2002 ( Blues ) Born 3-1-1950 in Greenville, North Carolina, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Led Dr. Bones And The Skeletones - Worked with James Brown, Junior Walker And The All Stars, Stevie Wonder and Ike Turner.

Do'Reen ( Doreen Waddell ) - Died 3-1-2002 - Hit by 3 cars as she crossed a highway ( Dance - R&B ) Born 1966 - Singer - Worked with Soul II Soul (They did,"Feel Free" and "Happiness") and KLF (They did,"Last Train To Trancentral" and "Justified And Ancient").

Jason McCullough - Died 3-1-2002 - Suicide by asphyxia ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of SP Unlimited.

Dave Mann (David Mann) - Died 3-1-2002 ( Pop ) Born 10-3-1916 in Philadelphia - Composer and pianist (He co-wrote,"In The Wee Small Hours Of The Morning" and "There, I've Said It Again") He was U.S. President Harry S. Truman's official White House pianist for eight months.

Ivan Khunt - Died 3-1-2002 - Lung cancer ( Rock ) - Born 12-5-1947 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Was a Hammond-organ player and occassional singer for Flamengo (They did, "Stale Dal" and "Kure V Hodinkach") He emigrated in 1974 and lived in Great Britain and the Netherlands working as a barman and club musician - Worked with Jaco Pastorius.

Harlan Howard (Harlan Perry Howard) (aka Mr. Songwriter) - The Dean of Nashville Songwriters - Died 3-3-2002 ( Country ) Born 9-8-1927, in Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Composer and singer - (He did, "Sunday Morning Christian") - He wrote over 4000 songs - His songs were recorded by Johnny Cash ("Busted"), Ray Price ("Heartaches By The Number"), Buck Owens ("Excuse Me (I Think I've Got A Heartache)"), George Jones ("You Comb Her Hair) and Patsy Cline ("I Fall To Pieces" which he co-wrote with Hank Cochran) -  Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Wolfgang Butze Fischer - Died 3-2-2002 in India ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with Embryo and Guru Guru.

Big Bo McGee (Cleo McGee) - Died 3-3-2002 - Stabbed by his stepson ( Blues ) Born 10-9-1928 in Emelle, AL, U.S. - Singer and  harmonica player - Worked with Jolly "Little Whitt" Wells (They did,"Overseas Blues" and "The Burning").

Calvin Carriere - Died 3-3-2002 - Lung cancer ( Zydeco ) Born 9-10-1921 in Lawtell - He played the fiddle (He recorded,"Les miseres dans le coeur" (The Misery Direct From The Heart) with Goldman Thibodeaux) He was a member of The Lawtell Playboys with his father Eraste "Dolon" and uncle Joseph "Bebe" Carriere.

Guenter Hensler - Died 3-3-2002 - Heart disease ( Record Exec ) Born 1939 in Lindau - Worked with classical and popular music at Bertelsmann, Vox, Metronome and Polygram signing Def Leppard, John Mellencamp and Yoko Ono.

Mark Vann - Died 3-4-2002 - Melanoma ( Bluegrass ) Born 12-28-1962 in Rockville, Maryland, U.S. - Banjo player - He was a member of The Farmers Trust Company and The Left Hand String Band who combined with The Salmonheads to become Leftover Salmon (They did,"Head Bag" and "Funky Mountain Fogdown") Worked with John Popper, Sam Bush, Earl Scruggs and Waylon Jennings.

Mack Pitt (Mack Pierce Pitt) - Died 3-4-2002 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Complications of Alzheimer's disease ( Jazz ) Born 9-1-1920 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Artie Shaw and Harry Connick Jr., Tex Beneke, The Glenn Miller Orchestra, Benny Goodman, Meyer Davis, Buddy Morrow and Will Bradley - He also worked at the Motown studios.

Eric Flynn (aka Paddy) - Died 3-4-2002  ( Actor - Singer ) Born 12-13-1939 on Hainan Island in China - He sang and acted in musicals including Love On The Dole, Company and Side By Side - Worked with Julia McKenzie, Suzi Quatro and Barbara Windsor.

Charles R. McKenzie - Gentle giant' of rock n' roll - Died 3-5-2002 - His car veered into a tree ( Manager - Promoter ) Born 11-18-1947 - He discovered and co-managed the band Boston (They did,"More Than A Feeling") - Managed Willie ''Loco'' Alexander And The Boom Boom Band, The Unattached, Dick Wagner and The Blackjacks - Worked for Capitol, WEA and ABC Records.

Mati Klarwein - Died 3-6-2002 ( Surrealist Painter ) Born 1932 in Hamburg, Germany - He designed album covers for Santana, Miles Davis and Earth, Wind And Fire and did illustrations for Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia.

Art Roberts (Arthur Roberts)- Died 3-6-2002 - Complications of a stroke ( DJ ) Born 9-23-1931 in New York City, NY, U.S. - A popular AM and FM Dee Jay who also worked as a record promoter and radio market analyst - He interviewed The Beatles a couple of times.

Kaye Waldo (Louwanna K. Waldo) - Died 3-6-2002 - Respiratory failure ( Pop ) Born 6-9-1938 - Night club singer.

Oliver Johnson - Died 3-6-2002 - Found dead on a bench ( Jazz ) Drummer - Worked with Steve Lacy, Anthony Braxton, Sam Rivers, Archie Shepp, George Duke, Takashi Kako and Johnny Griffin.

Malcolm Pinson (Malcolm Graham Pinson) - Died 3-7-2002 - Complications from kidney disease ( Jazz ) Born 12-28-1941 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Drummer - He lead Malcolm Pinson And The Jazz Warriors - Worked with Billy Harper, Arnett Cobb, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Harry "Sweets" Edison, Charles Davis and Kenny Burrell.

Gene Wisniewski (Eugene A. Wisniewski) - Died 3-7-2002 ( Polka ) Born 12-4-1921 in Manchester - Played the accordion and was a composer - (He did, "The Open The Door Polka" and "Monday Morning") Led Gene Wisniewski And The Harmony Bells - He created the Dala record label - Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hamish Henderson - Died 3-8-2002 ( Folk ) Born 11-11-1919 in Blairgowrie, Perthshire - Folklorist, poet and songwriter (He did,"Ballad Of The Speaking Heart" and "Freedom Come All Ye").

Stephen Cummings - Died 3-9-2002 - Leukemia ( Composer ) Born 9-30-1945 in Port Chester, N.Y., U.S. - Singer and keyboardist - Was a member of The Medicine Band - He started a school music program called, Opporknockity Tunes, which helped children compose music, even releasing a CD of some of their compositions - He also composed scores for theater companies and museums - Worked with Meredith Monk.

Bob Arlow (Robert Arlow) - Died 3-9-2002 - Cancer ( Rock - Tamburitza ) Born 11-5-1939 - Played saxophone and stand-up bass for The Savoys and played the bugarija for The Continental Strings and The Plavi Jadran Orchestra - He also played bass on the Mike Douglas Show.

Leonard Gershe - Died 3-9-2002 ( Lyricist - Playwright ) Born 6-10-1922 in  Manhattan, New York, U.S. (He co-wrote, "Think Pink!" and "Born In A Trunk") He wrote the play Butterflies Are Free and wrote for the play Funny Face.

Roy Hollingworth - Died 3-9-2002 ( Musician - Journalist ) Born 4-12-1949 in Derby - Singer, guitarist and composer - He was the leader of Roy And The Rams - Worked with Lenny Kaye and Martin Turner - He worked for Melody Maker as a critic and journalist.

Shirley Scott - Queen of the Organ - Died 3-10-2002 - Heart disease ( Jazz ) Born 3-14-1934 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played organ and piano (She did,"The Blues Ain't Nothing But Some Pain" and "Hips Knees An' Legs") Worked with Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Mickey Roker, Dexter Gordon, Al Grey and her husband, saxophonist Stanley Turrentine.

Abe Mulkey (Abe W. Mulkey) - Died 3-10-2002 ( Country ) Born 8-28-1926 - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Worked with Lefty Frizzell (They did,"She's Gone Gone Gone" and" Hello To Her, Good-bye To Him"), Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Bob Wills and Buck Owens.

Dick Hiorns - Died 3-10-2002 - Natural causes ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 1921 - Singer (He did,"They're Burning Down The House I Was Brung Up In") He was the leader of The Radiants (They did a version of Hank Snow's,"I'm Movin' On") Worked with Jimmy Sun, Speed Coley, Bob Martin and Larry Lee Phillipson.

Armando Romeu - Died 3-11-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 7-17-1911 - Saxophonist (He did,"Bob City Mambo" and "Mambo à la Kenton") Was the director of The Tropicana Orchestra and The Orquesta Cubana de Música Moderna.

Billy Krechmer (Wilhelm Frederick Krechmer) - Died 3-11-2002 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 8-25-1909 in Millville, Cumberland County, N.J., U.S. - Played clarinet - Worked with Herb Gordon, Red Nichols and The Ted Lewis Orchestra - He led his own band at his night club, "Billy Krechmer's" for 30 years.

Jim Clark - Died 3-11-2002 - Shot by his wife who then shot herself ( Country ) Singer.

MIchael Perelstein - Died 3-12-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 8-17-1951 - Singer - He was the frontman for The Ambassadors Of Swing.

Jay Schroeder (Jay F. Schroeder) - Died 3-12-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 7-17-1959 in Denver, Colo., U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Necessary Tension.

Abe Areno (Abraham Areno) - Died 3-12-2002 ( Gospel - Bluegrass ) Born 1925 - Was a member of The Areno Boys.

Cranford Nix Jr. - Died 3-12-2002 - Drug overdose ( Punk ) Born 1969 in Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "I'm In Love With Joan Jett" and "Too Many Problems") - Was a member of The Malakas. (They did, "Wendy" and The Boardroom").

Marc Moreland - Died 3-13-2002 in paris, France - Liver transplant complications ( Rock ) Born 1-8-1958 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Skulls and Wall Of Voodoo (They did, "Mexican Radio" and "Far Side Of Crazy") and Marc Moreland's Mess (They did, "Commotion" and "All Jacked Up") - Worked withThe Skulls, Pretty And Twisted and Department Of Crooks.

Ralph A. Catullo - Died 3-13-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 2-29-1908 in South Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played Trumpet - Worked with Frank Sinatra, Woody Herman and Tommy Dorsey - He also taught music.

John Beyer III - Died 3-13-2002 - Heart attack - Born 1940 - Documentary Maker - He produced programs for Woody Herman, Sarah Vaughan, Pete Fountain, Nancy Wilson, Jelly Roll Morton, Louis Prima and The Marsalis family - He also filmed documentaries about world renowned chefs.

Doug Willson - Died 3-14-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 8-19-1935 in Welland, Ontario - Bass player - Worked with Pat Riccio ("Just One of Those Things" and "I'm Confessin' That I Love You"), The Metro Stompers, Cisco Normand, Stan Perry, Ron Laurie, Ed Bickert, Rob McConnell and Eugene Amaro.

Mad Marc Rude - Died 3-14-2002 ( Artist ) He did album covers for The Misfits, Battalion Of Saints, Tex And The Horseheads, The Offspring, Social Spit, and others.

Marshall Leib (Marshall Philip Leibovitz) - Died 3-15-2002 in Northridge, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1-26-1939 in Los Angeles County, CA., U.S. - Played guitar - He was a member of The Moondogs, The Teddy Bears with Phil Spector (They did,"To Know Him Is To Love Him" and "Don't You Worry My Little Pet") and was a touring member of The Hollywood Argyle - Worked with Duane Eddy.

Luis Mariano Rivera - Died 3-15-2002 in Carúpano, Venezuela ( Folk ) Born 8-19-1906 in Carúpano, Venezuela - Composer, cuatrista and poet - (He did "Canchunchu Florido", "La Cerecita" and "Juana Francisca") - His compositions have been recorded by Gualberto Ibarreto, Simon Diaz, Rafael Montaño, Victor Morillo, el Quinteto Contrapunto, Jesús Sevillano, Lilia Vera, Ali Primera and Oswaldo Larez.

Edmonia Jarrett (Edmonia C. Jarrett) - Died 3-16-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 3-11-1933 - Singer - Worked with Floyd Standifer Jr.

Paul Buskirk - Died 3-16-2002 ( Country ) Born 4-8-1923 in West Virginia, U.S. - Played mandolin, banjo and guitar (Co-wrote,"Night Life" and "Family Bible" with Willie Nelson) Worked with Lefty Frizzell, Tex Ritter, Roy Acuff, Ray Price, Rex Allen and Eddie Arnold - Credited with teaching Willie Nelson to play the guitar.

Big Willie Higgins ( William O. Higgins Jr. ) - Died 3-16-2002 - Cancer of  the stomach, lungs and thyroid ( Blues - R&B - Rock ) Born 9-29-1948 in Milwaukee, WS, U.S. - Singer, guitarist, pianist and violinist - Was a member of The Galaxies - Worked with Luther Allison, Little Milton, B.B. King, Billy Joel, Albert King, Buddy Miles, Al Jarreau and Freddy King.

Ray Doggett (Elmer Ray Doggett) (aka Elmer Ray) - Died 3-16-2002 - Massive heart attack ( Rockabilly ) Born 8-6-1935 in Big Spring, Texas, U.S. - Singer, writer and producer (He did,"Go Go Heart" and "Can I Be The One") Worked with Royce Porter ("A Woman Can Make You Blue"), Dean Beard and Slim Willet.

Rosetta LeNoire (Rosetta Burton) - Died 3-17-2002 ( Actress - Producer - Singer ) Born 8-8-1911 in New York City, NY, U.S. -  She founded The Amas Musical Theatre, a nonprofit organization that developed musicals and new talent which produced Bojangles and Bubbling Brown Sugar - She took music lessons from composer Eubie Blake and was a chorus girl for her godfather, Bill "Bojangles" Robinson - She portrayed Grandma Winslow on TV's Family Matters.

Gosta Winbergh - Died 3-17-2002 - Heart attack ( Rock - Opera ) Born 12-30-1943 in Stockholm - Singer - He was a member of the rock band The Hep Stars but went on to sing opera at The Royal Opera House and The Metropolitan Opera House.

Jerry Purcell (Gerard W. Purcell) - Died 3-17-2002 - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 10-17-1915 in New York City, NY, U.S. - He managed Eddy Arnold, The Clancy Brothers, Gale Garnett, Al Hirt and Toni Arden - He was married to entertainer Monique van Vooren.

Harry Hayes (Henry Richard Hayes) - Died 3-18-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 3-23-1909 in London, England - Played saxophone and clarinet - Worked with Fred Elizalde,  Chelsea Quealey, Spike Hughes, Adrian Rollini, Bobby Davis, Benny Carter, Louis Armstrong and Kenny Baker's Dozen.

Charles P. Heavens - Died 3-19-2002 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 2-14-1912 in Philadelphia - Played violin and drums - Was a member of big bands and later became a leader of his own big band.

Bruce Dunnet (John Bryce McGregor Dunnet) - Died 3-19-2002 ( Manager - Proprietor ) Born 9-23-1923 in Edinburgh - He started folk clubs all over London - He managed The Young Tradition and Pentangle - He once refused Paul Simon a singing engagement at his club and chastised The Rolling Stones for singing the blues.

Big John Patton - Died 3-19-2002 - Complications from diabetes and kidney malfunction ( Jazz ) Born 7-12-1935 in Kansas City, MO, U.S. - Organist and pianist (He did,"Along Came John" and "Let 'Em Roll") Worked with Lloyd Price, Galen Abdur-Razzaq, Lou Donaldson, Eddie "Lockjaw" Davis, Calvin Keys, Arthur Prysock, Sonny Stitt, Johnny Griffin and Grant Green.

Bob Boone - Died 3-20-2002 ( Singer - Director ) Born 1927 - He sang for and directed The Texas A&M University's Singing Cadets for 35 years - They sang songs ranging from The Beatles, The Beach Boys and Frank Sinatra to patiotic and gospel songs - They have appeared on the Mike Douglas Show and the Ed Sullivan Show.

 Tommy Hill - Died 3-21-2002 ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 4-27-1929 near Coy City, Texas, U.S. - Writer, producer, singer, drummer, guitarist and fiddler (He wrote,"Don't Let the Stars Get In Your Eyes" and "I Ain't Settin' Where I Was") Was a member of The Texas Hillbillies - Worked with Red River Dave McEnery, George Jones, Charlie Musselwhite, Ernest Tubb, Smiley Burnette and Webb Pierce ("Slowly") - Produced Red Sovine, Johnny Bond, David Frizzell and Kitty Wells - He founded Gusto Records - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Marco Fiume - Died 3-21-2002 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. ( Blues - R&B ) Born 3-22-1972 in Rossano Calabro, Italy - Guitarist - Was a member of The Lo-Fi's - Worked with Candye Kane and Rick Holmstrom.

Speedy Keen (John Keen) - Died 3-21-2002 - Heart failure ( Rock ) Born 3-29-1945 in Ealing, London, England - Songwriter, singer and drummer - (He did, "I Promise You" and "Crazy Love") - He was a member of The Tomcats and Thunderclap Newman (They did,"Something In The Air" and "Wild Country") - He wrote The Who's, "Armenia City In The Sky" - He worked with Pete Townshend, Johnny Thunders And The Heartbreakers and The Muggers.

Marvin T. Bunton - Died 3-22-2002 - Prostate cancer ( Gospel ) Born 9-28-1943 in Mullin, S.C., U.S. - He was a member of The Gospel Warriors - Worked with Edwin Hawkins, Brian Pugh, Steve Middleton and Rapture - Started The Gospel News Journal which promoted gospel artists, records and churches - He founded The Paradise Record Co.

King Sweets Dogan (James Dogan) - Died 3-22-2002 ( Reggae ) Born 10-29-1947 - Keyboardist and songwriter - Was a member of The Revealers.

Frank Edwards (aka Mr Frank, Black Frank and Mr Cleanhead) - Died 3-22-2002 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 3-20-1909 in Washington, Wilkes County, Georgia, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and harmonica player (He did,"Three Women Blues, and Terraplane Blues").

Eileen Farrell - Died 3-23-2002 ( Opera - Pop - Jazz ) Born 2-13-1920 in Willimantic, Conn., U.S., the daughter of vaudeville singers (She recorded,"I've Got A Right To Sing The Blues" and "I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)") She sang opera at The Met and The San Francisco Opera - She once filled in for an ailing Louis Armstrong, singing with Armstrong's musicians - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra.

Kofi Bentsi-Enchill - Died 3-23-2002 ( Funk - Jazz ) Born 1958 - Bassist and singer - Worked with Shine (They did, "I  Want You All By Myself" and "So Into You") and Modern Soul.

Bob Talmage - Died 3-25-2002 - Cancer ( Producer - Director - Choreographer ) Born 1943 - Created and staged concerts and videos for Don Henley, Steve Winwood, Chicago and The Commodores and ceremonies featuring 'N Sync and Jennifer Lopez.

John B. Spencer (John Barry Spencer) - Died 3-25-2002 - Endocarditis ( Musician - Novelist ) Born 6-5-1944 in Hammersmith, West London, England - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "Spider On A Log" and "Drive-in Movies") - Worked with The Louts and led The John Spencer Alternative - He wrote the books, Electronic Lullaby Meat Market and Charley Gets The Picture.

Lori Schmidt - Died 3-26-2002 - Heart attack ( Gospel ) Born 1956 - She was a founding member of the Broadway Gospel Choir (composed of Broadway performers) and ran the production company Very Busy.

Randy Castillo - 3-26-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock - Metal ) Born 12-18-1950 in Albuquerque, New Mexico, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Ozzy Osbourne (They did,"No More Tears" and "I Don't Want to Change The World"), Motley Crue (They did,"Punched In The Teeth By Love" and "She Needs Rock N Roll"), Lita Ford ("Dancin On The Edge" and "Lady Killer"), Bret Michaels, The Wumbles and The Motels.

Joe Schermie (Joseph Schermie Jr.) - Died 3-26-2002 - Heart Attack ( Rock ) Born 2-12-1948 in Madison, WI, U.S. - Bassist - Was a member of Three Dog Night (They did,"Celebrate" and "Mama Told Me (Not To Come)") Worked with Kim Fowley, S S Fools ("Tearbanks" and "I Just Love the Feelin'") and  KATT (Katt and The Time Trippers).

Jose Noel "Okie" Feliciano - Died 3-26-2002 - Heart disease ( Rock ) Born 1-11-1980 - Bass guitarist and singer - Worked with The BJ Experience (They did,"Her Names Jim" and "Deer Kick '95").

Geneva Frances Perry (aka Teacher) - Died 3-27-2002 - Cardiovascular disease ( Dance ) Born 1926 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Saxophonist - She was a member of The International Sweethearts Of Rhythm an all-female multiracial group.

Dudley Moore (Dudley Stuart John Moore) - Died 3-27-2002 - Pneumonia, a complication of progressive supranuclear palsy ( Actor - Comedian - Musician ) Born 4-19-1935 in Dagenham, England - Pianist (He did,"Lillian Lust, The Babe With The Bust" and "Moontime") Worked with Peter Cook (as Derek and Clive), Johnny Dankworth and Vic Lewis - He compose music for the movies Cynthia and Bedazzled and released several jazz albums - He acted in the movies 10 (with Bo Derek) and Arthur with (Liza Minnelli) - He had been married four times, to actresses Suzy Kendall, Tuesday Weld, Brogan Lane and Nicole Rothschild.

Milton Berle (aka Uncle Miltie) (Milton Berlinger) - Mister Television - Died 3-27-2002 ( Comedian ) Born 7-12-1908 in New York City, NY, U.S. - ( He co-wrote, "If I Knew You Were There" and Spike Jones', "Leave The Dishes In The Sink, Ma") - He also appeared in a music video for Ratt's, "Round And Round".

Robert Baum (aka Bouncing Bob Baum) ( Robert M. Baum) - Died 3-27-2002 - Stroke ( Irish Folk Rock - R&B ) Born 1951 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Played bass guitar - Was a member of The PrimeMovers, A New Day and O'Malley's March.

Randy Carr - Died 3-27-2002 in Irvine, CA, U.S. - From the effects of Cushing's syndrome ( Rock ) Born 8-13-1956 - Drummer and guitarist - Worked with  7th Grade, Silicone Silos, Social Distortion, The Vectors and 16 Tons - Wrote the book, Advanced Grooves For The Advanced Drummer.

Norman Thue - Died 3-28-2002 ( Musician ) Born 1904 - Pianist and organist - He was half of the duo Dutch And Norm with Dutch Groshoff - Worked with Phil Crosby - He also was a ballpark organist.

Rodg Fraser (Rodger Fraser Hanrahan) - Died 3-29-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( Jazz ) Born 4-29-1921 - Pianist - Worked with Tal Farlow, Billy Krechmer and Muggsy Spanier.

Anand Bakshi - Died 3-30-2002 ( Lyricist ) (He wrote,"Jab Jab Phool Khile" and "Milan") He wrote over 4000 songs.

Martynas Meskauskas (aka Lord Ominous) - Died 3-30-2002 ( Metal ) Born 1974 - Singer - Was a member of Anubi and Anapilis.

Lukas Crouse (aka Lukas Luislang) - Died 4-?-2002 ( Afro Rock ) Keyboardist and composer - Was a member of Via Afrika (They did, "Hey Boy" and "Vice In Bombay").

Rico Reyes (Jose Rico Reyes) - Died 4-?-2002 - Born 1945 - Singer and percussionist - Worked with Santana ("Guajira"), Azteca, Melanie Safka and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Debra Walker (Debra Fillingim Hayes Walker) - Died 4-1-2002 ( Gospel - Country ) Born 1956 - She was a member of The Fillingims and Country Express - She was a band director for The Mobile County Music Association and co-founder of The Gulf Coast Opry.

Levi Celerio - Died 4-2-2002 in Quezon City, Philippines - Emphysema ( Filipino Folk ) Born 4-30-1910 in Tondo, Philippines - Songwriter and leaf player - (He wrote, "Sa Ugoy ng Duyan" and "Waray-Waray") - He composed over 4000 songs - At one time he was listed in the Guinness Book Of Records as the only leaf player in the world.

Dr. John Robinson Pierce - Father of the Transistor - Died 4-2-2002 ( Engineer - Inventor ) Born 1910 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. - Electrical engineer and acoustics expert that headed a team that invented the transistor - Author of the book "The Science of Musical Sound" and co-editor of "Current Directions in Computer Music Research" - He also wrote science fiction under the name J. J. Coupling and taught music at Stanford University.

Edward Levy - Died 4-2-2002 - Pancreatic cancer ( New Music - Jazz ) Born 1929 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Composer (He composed,"West Of Nepal" and "Vox Be-Bopuli").

B.J. Baker (Betty Jane Phillips) - Died 4-2-2002 - Complications from a stroke ( Pop ) Born 5-6-1927 in Birmingham, Ala, U.S. - Singer - She worked with Elvis Presley ("I Can't Help Falling In Love With You"), Frank Sinatra ("That's Life"), Jackie Wilson ("Baby Workout"), The Righteous Brothers ("You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling"), Sam Cooke ("You Send Me"), Lloyd Price ("Stagger Lee") and Bobby Darin ("Dream Lover") - She was married to Mickey Rooney, composer Buddy Baker and guitarist Barney Kessel.

John Watermann - Died 4-2-2002 -  Infection associated with myeloma ( Electronic - Experimental ) Born 1935 in Berlin, Germany - Composer and visual artist - Worked with Merzbow.

Fad Gadget (Frank Tovey) - Died 4-3-2002 - Heart failure ( Rock - Electronic - Dance ) Born 1956 in London, England - Singer and synth player (He did,"Collapsing New People" and "Back To Nature") Worked with Boyd Rice, Alison Moyet and Robert Gotobed.

Michael Clark - Died 4-3-2002 - Apparent heart attack on a plane ( Blues ) Born 1958 - Singer - He also was a nuclear chemist.

Big Bad Smitty (John H. Smith) - Died 4-3-2002 in Jackson, MS, U.S. - Diabetes ( Blues ) Born 2-11-1940 in Vicksburg, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - He led Big Bad Smitty And The Upsetters - Worked with Roosevelt "Booba" Barnes, John Littlejohn, Hubert Sumlin, Sam Myers, King Edward, Elmore James Jr. and King Mose.

Fredy Reyna - Died 4-3-2002 in Caracas, Venezuela - Natural cause ( Folk ) Born 4-3-1917 in Caracas, Venezuela - Componer, guitarist, cuatrist, designer, photographer, writer, puppeteer and artist - With his wife Lolita ran the first cultural program for children on TV (RCTV).

Alan Reid Schuessler - Died 4-4-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1935 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. - Clarinetist - He headed The Alan Reid Combo - Worked with Norm Novak, Harry Hershey and Billy Kay.

Jan Siegel (Jan Winston) - Died 4-4-2002 - Cancer ( Big Band ) Born 1933 - She was a singer.

Dave Karcich - Died 4-5-2002 - Brain aneurysm ( Rock ) Born 3-8-1974 - Drummer - Was a member of Spring Heeled Jack, The Piltfers, Cenzo and Avoid One Thing.

Layne Staley (Layne Thomas Staley) - Found dead 4-19-2002, died 4-5-2002 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Fatal mix of heroin and cocaine ( Rock ) Born 8-22-1967 in Kirkland, WA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Alice In Chains (They did, "Heaven Beside You" and "Rooster") and Mad Season (They did, "Wake Up" and "River of Deceit").

Philip Seibel - Died 4-5-2002 - Stroke ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Grave Digger.

Kevin Kelley (Kevin Daniel Kelley) - Died 4-6-2002 - Natural causes ( Folk - Rock ) Born 3-25-1943 in Los Angeles County, California, U.S. - Drummer and songwriter - Was a member of The Byrds (They did, "Hickory Wind" and "One Hundred Years from Now") and The Rising Sons (They did, "11th Street Overcrossing" and " Girl With Green Eyes") -  Worked with Fever Tree, John Fahey and Phil Ochs - Cousin of Chris Hillman.

David I. Kenner (aka Ken Davidson) - Died 4-7-2002 - Complications of Parkinson's disease ( Jazz ) Born 1923 in Waldorf, Germany - Pianist and trombonist - Was a member of The Cheltenham Township Band and The Red Garter Dixieland Band.

Ron Burns - Died 4-7-2002 - Born 8-23-1942 in Hattiesburg, Miss., U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of Terra-Ferma - He also worked for Warner Bros. and Columbia Studios.

Helen Noga - Died 4-8-2002 - Heart failure ( Manager ) Born 4-12-1913 in Fresno, California, U.S. - She discovered and managed Johnny Mathis - She owned the jazz clubs, The Black Hawk and The Downbeat - She also worked with Phil Spector to found and fund Philly Records - She was credited with breaking the Las Vegas color barrier which denied black entertainers the same privileges as whites.

Dorothy Love Coates (Dorothy McGriff) - Died 4-9-2002 - Heart disease ( Gospel ) Born 1-30-1928 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - (She did, "Get Away Jordan" and "That's Enough") - Was a member of The Royal Gospel Singers and The Original Gospel Harmonettes (They did, "I'm Sealed") - Artists such as Johnny Cash, Andrae Crouch, The Blackwood Brothers and Ray Charles have recorded her songs of which she wrote and recorded over 300.

Weldon Irvine Jr. (Weldon Johnathan Irvine Jr.) - Died 4-9-2002 in Uniondale, NY, U.S. - Shot himself ( Jazz - Funk ) Born 10-27-1943 in Hampton, Virginia, U.S. - Keyboardist and producer - (He did, "Cosmic Vortex" and "Let Yourself Be Free") - He worked with Nina Simone (They co-wrote, "To Be Young, Gifted And Black"), Mos Def, Freddie Hubbard and Don Blackman.

Juno Lewis (Julian Bernard Lewis) - Died 4-9-2002 - Complications from a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 7-6-1931 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Drummer - (He composed, "Kulu Se Mama" which he recorded with John Coltrane) - He also was an instrument creator, making an array of odd-looking and odd-sounding instruments.

Thomas Dinger - Died 4-9-2002 in Dusseldorf, Germany ( Rock ) Born 10-28-1952 in Dusseldorf, Germany - Singer and drummer - Was a member of Neu! (They did, "E-Musick" and "After Eight") and La Dusseldorf (They did, "Cha, Cha 2000").

Graciela Naranjo - The Mrs. Bolero - Died 4-11-2002 in Caracas, Venezuela - Natural cause ( Boleros ) Born 12-25-1916 in Maiquetía, Venezuela - Singer and actress - Worked in Broadcasting Caracas  - She had her own TV show, "Contraste Musical" - Worked with with the Cuban Orchestra Anacaona - Mother of  jazz-latino musician Alberto Naranjo.

Bubba Brooks (David Kenneth Brooks) - Died 4-11-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 5-29-1922 in Fayetteville, N.C., U.S. - Played saxophone (He did,"Blues For Tina" and "Pocket Corner") - Worked with Sonny Thompson, The Harlem Blues And Jazz Band, Bill Doggett, Ruth Brown and Bross Townsend.

Chris Burleigh (aka Chris Cross) - Died 4-11-2002 - Epileptic seizure ( Punk ) Born 1983 - Drummer - Was a member of DSS and Assert.

Keith Edwards - Died 4-12-2002 - Shot himself ( Prog ) Drummer - Was a member of Sensations' Fix (They did, "Leave My Chemistry Alone" and "Fullglast ") and Sheriff.

Alex Baroni - Died 4-13-2002 - Accident ( Pop ) Born 1966 in Milano, Italy - Singer.

Baggy Latiolais (James Warren Latiolais) - Died 4-13-2002 - Car crash ( Cajun ) Born 1933 - Guitarist - Worked with Morris Ardoin and Dexter Ardoin.

Larry Blackshere - Found dead 4-13-2002 in San Leandro, CA, U.S. - Murdered ( Jazz ) Born 1949 - Vibraphone player and percussionist - He led ZenSnap - Worked with Pharoah Sanders, George Shearing, a reformed version of It's A Beautiful Day and members of The Grateful Dead.

Katherine Peterson (Katherine M. Peterson) (aka Kay Foster) - Died 4-14-2002 - Heart attack ( Swing ) Born 11-9-1917 - Singer - Worked with Artie Shaw, Tony Pastor, The Les Brown Band, George Auld and Benny Goodman - She was married to trumpet player Chuck Peterson.

Wilbert Wellington (Wilbert T. Wellington) (aka Kokomo) - Died 4-14-2002 - Complications from diabetes ( Jazz ) Born 8-1-1913 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. - Singer and pianist (He recorded, "Caravan" and "Dark Eyes") Was a member of The Blue Jacket Choir.

Dave King - Died 4-15-2002 ( Singer - Actor - Comedian ) Born 6-23-1929 in Twickenham, England - (He had hits with,"The Story Of My Life" and "With All My Heart") He was a member of Morton Fraser And His Harmonica Gang - He hosted The Kraft Music Hall Show - Woked with  Bing Crosby.

Moe Keale (Wilfred Nalani Keale) - Died 4-15-2002 ( Entertainer ) Born 1940 in Ni'ihau, Hawaii, U.S. - Played ukulele - (He did,"Aloha Is … A Part of Me, A Part Of You") Was a member of The Four K's, Anuenue and The Sons of Hawaii - He acted in Hawaii Five-O, Sanford And Son and Charlie's Angels.

Delbert DeVore (Delbert W. DeVore) - Died 4-16-2002 - Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 9-25-1931 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - He played clarinet.

Claudio Slon - Died 4-16-2002 - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 11-12-1943 in Sao Paulo, Brazil - Drummer - Worked with Sergio Mendes, Joao Donato, Walter Wanderley ("Summer Samba" and "Rain Forest"), Antonio Carlos Jobim, Frank Sinatra and Billy Eckstine.

Bill Czerniak (William G. Czerniak) (aka Mr. Polka Soul ) - Died 4-18-2002 ( Polka ) Born 1947 - Played the concertina - Was the leader of the Bill Czerniak Concertina Band and Polka Soul - Worked with The Joe Tomaszewski's Orchestra, The Mrozinski Brothers and The Duluth Polka Dots - IPA Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Cy Laurie - Died 4-18-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 4-20-1926 in London, England - Clarinettist - He was the leader of The Cy Laurie Four. Unknown to them, pirate recordings were released of the group as The Hot Rod Six Plus Two, The Space Cadets and The Memphis All Star Sextet - He worked with Mike Daniels, Charlie Galbraith, Owen Bryce, Eggy Ley, Helen Gould and Max Collie.

Ridley Watts - Died 4-18-2002 - Born 1929 in  in New York City, NY, U.S. -  Founder of The Fairmount Jazz Festival which he originally held at his home - Count Basie, Teddy Wilson, Duke Ellington, Eddy Condon and Earl "Fatha" Hines were some of the Jazz greats that appeared at the festival.

Francis Lemarque (Nathan Korb) - Died 4-20-2002 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 11-25-1917 in Paris, France - Singer and composer (He did,"A Paris" and "Mathilda").

Alan Dale (Aldo Sigismondi) - Died 4-20-2002 - After a long illness ( Pop ) Born 7-9-1925 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. - Singer (He did,"Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White" and "Heart Of My Heart") He also had a TV show, "The Alan Dale Show" and stared in the film, Don't Knock The Rock.

Terry Bailey - Died 4-20-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-25-1947 - Bassist, guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Intruders, The Regents, The Galaxies, Christian, Ric Martino & Company, Rock-Ola, LocoMax, Panama Orange Tree, Jack Sanders Band, andMissouri Freeze.

Pierre Rapsat (Pierre Raepsaet) (aka Pierrot) - Died 4-20-2002 in Verviers - Cancer ( Rock - Chanson ) Born 5-28-1948 in Ixelles, a commune of Brussels - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "L'Enfant du 92ème" and "Passager de la nuit") - Was a member of Laurélie - Worked with The Tenderfood Kids and Jenghiz Khan.

Art Amadon (aka The Serenader) - Died 4-22-2002 ( Announcer - Singer ) Born 1913 in Kansas, MO, U.S. - He was a big band singer for radio.

Floyd Hall - Died 4-22-2002 - Heart attack ( R&B ) Born 1948 in Greenville, Miss., U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of Five The Hard Way.

Tony D'Aquila Sr. - Died 4-23-2002 - Bladder cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1908 - Pianist - Worked with Billy Krechmer and The Charlie Gresh Orchestra.

Lori T. Wilson (Lorraine Pikulski Wilson) - Died 4-24-2002 - Leukemia ( Singer ) Born 2-23-1929 - Although she turned down an offer to work with Richard Rodgers, she did work with Bobby Kroll - She later did commercials and sang at supper clubs.

Emil Friedman - Died 4-24-2002 in Caracas, Venezuela - Born 05-24-1908 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Violinist, concertmaster and music professor - Worked with The Conservatory of Music of Prague -  Director of the Academy of Music of Maracaibo - Founder of the Zulian Society of Concerts - First violin for The Maracaibo Quartet -  Founded the Primary School And Academy of Music EF.

David Grillier (David L. Grillier) - Died 4-24-2002 in Pennsylvania, U.S. - After a heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 10-1-1934 - Clarinetist - Was a member of The Air Force Band and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Worked with Smiley Lewis, Bobby Mitchell, The Olympia Brass Band, and The Tuxedo Brass Band.

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (Lisa Nicole Lopes) - Died 4-25-2002 - Car crash ( R&B - Hip Hop ) Born 5-27-1971 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. - Singer (She did,"The Block Party") Was a member of TLC (They did,"Baby-Baby-Baby", "Waterfall" and "No Scrubs") Worked with Pebbles, Dallas Austin and Babyface - She helped launched the career of Blaque.

Mrs. Gibson-Smith - Gospel Queen (aka Miss Mundee) - Died 4-25-2002 - After a long illness ( Gospel ) Born 5-25-1927 - Singer - She was a member of The Golden Voices Of Harmony Gospel Group.

Dick Campbell (Richard S.  Campbell) - Died 4-26-2002 in Madison - Complications from a lung transplant ( Folk ) Born 1-25-1944 in Boston, MA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did,"Debbie Darling" and "She's My Girl") - Mike Bloomfield and Paul Butterfield both appear on, "Dick Campbell Sings Where Its At" album - He wrote almost 400 songs -  He also worked for RCA Records.

Del Sharbutt - Died 4-26-2002 in Palm Desert, CA, U.S. - Natural causes - Born 2-12-1912 in Cleburne, TX, U.S. - Composer, saxophonist, clarinetist, pianist and organist - (He did, "A Romantic Guy, I") - He wrote the theme for The Bob Cummings TV show and originated the Campbell's soup commercial, "Mmm-mm-good" - He was married to singer Meri Bell Sharbutt (Mary C. Balsley).

Cesar Diaz (Cesar Carrillo-Diaz) (aka The Amp Doctor) - Died 4-26-2002 ( Blues - Rock ) Born 7-13-1951 in Puerto Rico - Was a member of The Hungry Men - Worked with Frijid Pink, Bob Dylan and Patti Smith - He restored countless vintage tube amplifiers and was a designer of prototype amps - He was a guitar tech for Stevie Ray Vaughan and technical advisor for Eric Clapton.

Dale Solly - Died 4-27-2002 - Heart attack ( News Anchor - Producer ) Born 1949 - Guitarist - He was a member of The Enthusiastic But Well-Behaved Young People.

Edward Cohen - Died 4-27-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 6-9-1940 - Composer, teacher, pianist and trumpeter (He wrote,''Bezhin Meadow'' and ''The Bridal Night").

Jack Cullen (John Francis Cullen) - Died 4-27-2002 - Heart failure ( DJ ) Born 2-16-1922 in Vancouver, BC, Canada - He  taped concerts by Harry Belafonte, Louis Armstrong, The Beatles and Frank Sinatra to play on his radio show for which he was blackballed but Louis Armstrong authorized the release of his bootleg recording made by Cullen.

Hillous Butrum - Died 4-27-2002 ( Country ) Born 4-21-1928 in Lafayette, Tenn., U.S. - Bass player - Was a member of Hank Williams', The Drifting Cowboys, Hank Snow's band and The Rainbow Ranch Boys - Worked with Marty Robbins.

Frank Davis Henry Floyd - Died 4-27-2002 - Lung cancer ( Pop ) Born 9-25-1943 - Singer - Worked with Dionne Warwick, Steely Dan, Michael Jackson, and Kenny Loggins - He also was a jingle writer having co-wrote, Have You Driven A Ford Lately?.

Jose C. Alba - Died 4-28-2002 - Colon cancer ( Mariachi ) Born 1919 in Allende, Mexico - Trumpet player - Was the leader of Mariachi Potosino (They did,"Lloraras, Lloraras" (You Will Cry, You Will Cry)) The band played for Richard Nixon's 1972 inaugural gala and for several of Mayor Richard J. Daley's birthday parties.

Al Lobre (Alfred Felix Lobre) - Died 4-28-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 8-2-1914 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played guitar, banjo and string bass and was a singer - Worked with The Last Straws Orchestra, The New Orleans International City Dixielands, The Johnny Repass Orchestra, The Vincent Varisco Quartet, Louis Prima, Ervin "Fats" Dennis, Charley Bourgeois, The Dutch Andrus Dixieland Band and The Bobbie Douglas Orchestra - He hosted radio's Al Lobre And His Music Of The Southland Show.

Robert C. Skaf - Died 4-28-2002 - Fell down a staircase ( Rock ) Born 4-28-1982 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Jersey Pleasure Machines and The Obvious (They did, "Basements To Bars" and "Blurring The Line").

Marshall Sosson - Died 4-28-2002 ( Jazz - Chamber Music ) Born 8-18-1910 - Violinist - He led Marshall Sosson And The Chicagoans - Worked with Frank Sinatra, Nat King Cole, Ella Fitzgerald, Benny Goodman and Artie Shaw - He was a concertmaster for several Hollywood studios playing music for the movies Fantasia, From Here To Eternity, On The Waterfront and All The King's Men.

Gene Moles (Denver Eugene Moles Sr.) - Doctor of guitars - Died 4-28-2002 - Pulmonary fibrosis ( Country ) Born 6-16-1928 in Wetumka, Okla., U.S. - Guitarist - (He co-wrote, "Sunny River" and "Night Run" which The Ventures recorded) - He was one of The Marksmen (Their did, "Scratch") - Worked with Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Red Simpson and Tex Ritter - He worked for guitar manufacturer Mosrite and ran his own guitar repair shop.

 Lenny Stabile (Leonard P. Stabile) - Died 4-28-2002 - Abdominal aneurysm ( Pop ) Born 12-5-1939 - Singer who's voice had an uncanny semblance to Frank Sinatra's - He performed in clubs and even released a CD of Frank Sinatra Songs - He was half of the duo, Two Of A Kind with singer and pianist Nathan Hefner.

Pete Jacobsen (Peter Paul George Jacobsen) - Died 4-29-2002 ( Jazz - Funk ) Born 5-16-1950 in Newcastle upon Tyne, England - Pianist - Worked with Tim Whitehead, Carmina, Barbara Thompson, Bobby Wellins, Don Weller, Dick Morrissey, Jim Mullen, Gary Boyle and Chris Biscoe.

Norman Racusin - Died 4-29-2002 ( Record Exec ) Born 4-27-1920 in  Johnsonburg, Pa., U.S. - Was a president for RCA records and a vice president of NBC - Worked with Elvis Presley and other singers - Help develop the  8-Track Tape.

Tim Vega - Died 4-29-2002 ( Artist ) Born 1965 - He did artwork for Blues Traveler, Gov't Mule, The Spin Doctors, Wasabi, The Jono Manson Band and his sister Suzanne Vega (He also worked with her on her music video, "Last Year's Troubles") He worked at the concert promotion company Delsner/Slater - Tim was working as a production assistant for the summer dance festival series "On Stage! At the Twin Towers" and had called in sick the day of the terrorist attacks.

Noel Da Costa - Died 4-29-2002 ( Composer ) Born 1920 in Nigeria - Composer, violinist and conductor (He wrote,"Primal Rites" and "Preludes For Trombone and Piano") His music drew from African folk music - Worked with Max Roach.

Harold Arnold (Harold Dixon Arnold Sr.) - Died 5-2-2002 ( Jazz ) Saxophonist - Was a member of The Townsmen - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Lucky Millinder and Fats Waller.

Thom Foley - Died 5-3-2002 - Brain aneurysm ( Recording Engineer ) Born 1948 in Fitchburg - Worked with George Thorogood, Bobby Short, Eartha Kitt, and Branford Marsalis - Was one of the partners of Dimension Sounds.

Salvatore Fransosi - Died 5-3-2002 ( Jazz - Pop - Classical ) Born 1912 - Pianist and composer - His songs have been performed by Frankie Carle, Kate Smith and Fred Waring - He worked at many radio stations.

Snooks Riley (Adolphus Riley) - Died 5-3-2002 ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 1925 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Played trombone - Was a member of the Howard Theatre House Band and The D.C. Band & Choral Group Of Lorton Reformatory - Worked with Ruth Brown, Sonny Til and Nap Turner.

Ron Kaiser - Died 5-4-2002 ( Big Band ) Born 1931 - Singer - Was a member of The Establishment - He also was a DJ, a weatherman and the host for a TV sports show, Pit Stop.

Professor John Hasted (John Barrett Hasted) - Died 5-4-2002 ( Physicist - Folk Musician ) Born 2-17-1921 in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England - Played guitar, banjo and sang - Was a member of The Ramblers, one of England's first folk groups - Worked with Dominic Behan, The WMA Singers, The Topic Singers and The London Youth Choir.

Mark Bereitschaft (aka Bere Bereitschaft)- Died 5-4-2000 - Cancer ( Country Rock ) Born 1959 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Well Hungarians.

George Sidney - Died 5-5-2002 - Lymphoma ( Director ) Born 10-4-1916 in Long Island City, N.Y., U.S. - He directed dozens of musicals including Annie Get Your Gun, Kiss Me Kate, The Ziegfeld Follies and Show Boat - He directed movies including Bye Bye Birdie and Viva Las Vegas' with Elvis Presley - He also paired Gene Kelly with Jerry the Mouse in Anchors Aweigh.

Kinmen King (aka Wang Ying-tan) Died 5-5-2002 - Heart attack ( Folk ) Born 1953 (He did,"Wandering To Tamsui").

Otis Blackwell (aka John Davenport) - Died 5-6-2002 - Heart attack ( Composer ) Born 2-16-1931 in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. - Pianist and singer (He did,"Daddy Rollin' Stone" and "On That Power Line" and composed,"Don't Be Cruel" and "Great Balls of Fire") His songs were recorded by Elvis Presley, Ray Charles, Billy Joel, The Who, James Taylor, Otis Redding, Peggy Lee and Jerry Lee Lewis - He wrote more than 1,000 songs - Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame Inductee.

Bjørn Johansen - Died 5-6-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 5-23-1940 in Fredrikstad, Norway - Played saxophone and flute - Worked with Karin Krog, Kjell Karlsens, Per Husby and Bernt Rosengren.

Nathan Barfield - Died 5-7-2002 - Bone cancer ( Rock ) Born 1949 - Guitarist (He composed,"Looking for Things") He was a member of Plymouth Rock (originally named The Playboys and The Fifth Dimension).

Edward Goehringer - 5-7-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1923 - Played guitar - Led The Ed Goehringer Trio - Worked with Billy Krechmer, Mel Torme, Rosemary Clooney and The Aqua and Hegeman String Bands - He was a civil rights activist.

John R. Zeidler - Died 5-7-2002 - Leukemia ( Craftsman ) Born 1958 - He was a master guitar maker, believing they should be every bit as beautiful as they sounded. He used a variety of woods for each guitar, saying he needed to hear the sound in the woods he selected - He also made dulcimers, banjos, mandolins, violins and even built tube amplifiers.

Xavier Montsalvatge - Died 5-7-2002 - Emphysema ( Composer ) Born 1912 in Girona, Italy (He wrote,"Cinco Canciones Negras") He wrote more than 100 songs ranging from opera to folk.

Robert "Honeymoon" Garner - Died 5-7-2002 - Heart failure ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 1931 - Singer, organist and pianist - Worked with Roy Milton, Fred Ford, Bill Tyus and Phineas Newborn Sr. - Father of saxophonist Robert Garner Jr.

Roland Chambers (Roland L. Chambers III) - Died 5-8-2002 - Heart failure ( Soul - Pop - R&B ) Born 3-9-1944 in Phildelphia, PA, U.S. - Guitarist, composer, arranger and producer - Was a member of The Realtos, The Romeos and MFSB (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother) Worked with Teddy Pendergrass, Phyllis Hyman, The Dells, Dusty Springfield, Lou Rawls, The Temptations, B.B. King, The Orlons and The O'Jays -  Brother of drummer Karl L. Chambers - At one time married to singer Sandra Person.

Big Al Johnson (Alvin Joseph Johnson) - Died 5-9-2002 ( Gospel ) Born 1948 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Soulful Heavenly Stars.

Clare Hounsell - Died 5-10-2002 ( Director - Composer ) Born 1922 - He directed and wrote for The Green Bay City Band (They did,"March To The Principal's Office"), wrote for the  dance group The Wayne Shepardson Orchestra and organized the Jazz band The Directors.

George Cates - Died 5-10-2002 - Heart failure ( Composer - Arranger - Conductor - Producer ) Born 10-19-1911 in NY, U.S. - Played saxophone (He had hits with,"Moonglow" and "Theme From Picnic") Was the musical director for The Lawrence Welk Show for thirty years (He composed the  theme song,"Champagne Time") Worked with Steve Allen, Bing Crosby, Danny Kaye, The Andrews Sisters, Alvino Rey, Teresa Brewer, Henry Busse, Dick Stabile and Russ Morgan - He was a producer for Coral and Dot Records.

Rudy Calzado - Died 5-11-2002 - Cardiovascular disease (  Afro Cuban Jazz )- Born 1929 in Santiago de Cuba - Singer and composer  - Worked with Enrique Jorrín, Johnny Pacheco, Mario Bauzá and Mongo Santamaria - Considered to be one of the inventors of the chacha.

Patrick Fyffe (aka Dame Hilda Bracket) - Died 5-11-2002 ( Comedian - Singer ) Born 1-23-1942 in Stafford - He was half of the female impersonator duo, Hinge and Bracket - Brother of actress, Jane Fyffe.

 Marc Bonel - Died 5-12-2002 - After a long illness ( Cabaret - Pop - Torch ) Born 12-10-1911 in Paris, France - Played accordion - Worked with Edith Piaf.

Michael Antonelli (Michael R. Antonelli) - Died 5-12-2002 in Block Island, RI, U.S. - Hit by a car ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 1947 - Was a member of Hip Logic - He had performed with Frank Sinatra, Suzanne Somers and Englebert Humperdink.

Debbie Austin (Deborah Ann Austin) - Died 5-13-2002 - Heart failure ( Gospel ) Born 1952 in Cleveland, OH, U.S. - Singer - She led Unity - Worked with Shirley Caesar, Kirk Franklin and James Cleveland - As an actress, she performed in, Is There A Man In The House.

Verlon Bourn (aka Jah Buddha) - Died 5-13-2002 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Shot by his room mate ( Reggae ) Born 1967 in Mississippi, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Della Grant & The Pacesetters, Rankin Scroo & Ginger, Ras Kidus, King Caleb, Obeyjah, Pan Exstacy, Live Wire, Born In The Hills, The Reggae Angels, Creation, Lick Shot, Junglz Apart, and Tropical Vibrations.

Wayne Brooks (Wayne A. Brooks) - Died 5-14-2002 - Prostate cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1921 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Played trombone and piano - Was the leader of The Wayne Brooks Orchestra - He also was an automotive designer.

Pete Pedersen - Died 5-15-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 9-4-1925 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Played the chromatic harp and was a writer, arranger and producer - Was a member of Borrah Minevitch's Harmonica Rascals and The Don Henry Trio (They did, "Sabre Dance") - He wrote and arranged for The Harmonicats ("Peg O' My Heart") and The THP Orchestra ("Too Hot For Love") - Worked with Billy Gibson and Roger Whittaker and on television soundtracks and jingles.

Nellie Shabalala - Died 5-15-2002 - Shot ( African Choral ) Born 9-23-1952 in the KwaZulu/Natal region - Singer - She was a member of The Women Of Mambazo - Wife of Jospeh Shabalala of Ladysmith Black Mambazo.

Ray Park (Raymond G. Parks) - Died 5-15-2002 in Placerville, CA, U.S. ( Bluegrass ) Born 10-6-1932 in Treat, Arkansas, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "You're Gon'a Have to Bawl, That's All") -  Was half of the duo Vern And Ray - Worked with The Happy Hayseeds.

Joseph A. Kopco - Died 5-16-2002 ( Polka ) Born 1925 - Accordionist and band leader - Was a member of The Melody Masters.

James Dewar - Died 5-16-2002 ( Rock ) Born 1941 in Glasgow - Singer and bassist  - Was a member of The Gleneagles who changed their name to Lulu And The Luvvers (They did,"Shout") - Worked with Sock 'Em JB,  Matthew Fisher, Power who changed their name to Stone The Crows (with Maggie Bell) and Robin Trower (They did,"In This Place" and "Too Rolling Stoned"), .

Sharon Sheeley - Died 5-17-2002 - Complications following a cerebral hemorrhage ( Composer ) Born 4-4-1940 in Orange County, CA, U.S. (She wrote Rick Nelson's,"Poor Little Fool" and co-wrote, "Somethin' Else" with her boyfriend Eddie Cochran's brother Bob) She collaborated with Jackie DeShannon - She was at one time married to Shindig host, Jimmy O'Neill.

Norman Vaughan - Died 5-17-2002 in east London, England - After being hit by a car ( Comedian ) Born 4-10-1927 in Liverpool, England (He had a hit with,"Swinging In The Rain") He hosted TV's, Sunday Night At The London Palladium which featured such stars as Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra - Acted in the movie, Hear My Song.

Little Johnny Taylor (Johnny B. Taylor) (Born Johnny Lamont Merrett) - Died 5-17-2002 in Conway, AR, U.S. ( R&B - Gospel - Blues ) Born 2-11-1943 in Gregory, AR, U.S. - Singer - (He did,"Part Time Love" and "Everybody Knows About My Good Thing") - Worked with The Mighty Clouds Of Joy and Ted Taylor .

Fred Whiteface (Frederick Whiteface) - Died 5-19-2002 - Cancer? ( American Indian Jazz ) Born 1922 - Guitarist and saxophonist (He did a remake of, "Me and Bobby McGee" with his daughter Dalaine) He led Fred Whiteface And The Swing Fantabulous, and Fred Whiteface And The New Flamingoes - Worked with The Tommy Matthews Band and  Rudy Hunter And The Tones - Dakota Musical Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bernie Milton (Bernard Lawrence Milton) - Died 5-19-2002 - After a heart attack ( Soul - R&B - Oldies ) Born 1-30-1942 in Ithaca, NY, U.S. - Singer (He recorded versions of, "Take Me To The River" and "60/40") Was the leader of The Soul Train, The Cavaliers and The Soul Patrol - He also hosted a radio show, Looking Back.

Clarence Samuels Sr. (Clarence Wilhelm Samuels Sr.) - Died 5-19-2002 ( Blues ) Born 10-20-1923 in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S. - Blues shouter (He did,"Chicken-Hearted Woman" and "Lolly Pop Momma") Worked with The Roseland Six, Joe Turner, Dave Bartholomew ("I Ain't Gonna Do It"), Ornette Coleman and Johnny Adams.

David Lazar - Died 5-19-2002 - Lung cancer ( Lyricist ) Born 1929 (He co-wrote,"Gotta Travel On" which has recorded by Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and The Kingston Trio and "Doctor Freud") - Was and adviser for the National Security Council and helped negotiate the Panama Canal Treaty of 1977.

Selma Doyle Enkler (Selma Fenslau) - Died 5-20-2002 ( Organist ) Born 1904 - Played piano and organ for silent movies - She was at one time married to drummer and orchestra leader, Red Doyle.

Anthony E. Caselli - Died 5-20-2002 - Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ( Pop ) Born 1-12-1941 - Percussionist and singer - He led the Tony Caselli Orchestra - Worked with Bob Hope, Tony Orlando and Engelbert Humperdinck - He was also the substitute drummer for the Bozo TV show.

Lionel Delmore (Lionel Alton Delmore) - Died 5-20-2002 ( Country ) Born 3-19-1940 - Composer (Co-wrote,"Low Dog Blues" and "Honky Tonk Crowd") Worked with John Anderson and Larry Cordle - Son of Alton Delmore and nephew of Rabon Alton of The Delmore Brothers.

Danny O'Neil - Died 5-20-2002 - Heart failure ( Singer ) Born 1921 - Besides singing he was also a record producer and had his own TV variety series, "The Danny O'Neil Show".

Bill Johnson (William Lee Johnson Sr.) - Died 5-20-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 2-22-1915 in Dothan, Ala., U.S. - Guitarist and banjo player - Worked with The Jubalaires, Count Basie and Sarah Vaughn - United In Group Harmony Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Sidney Fine - Died 5-20-2002 - Pneumonia ( Composer ) Born 1905 in Waterbury, Conn., U.S. - He wrote scores for TV shows ("Thriller" and "Tammy") and movies ("Lady And The Tramp" and "Melody Time") - Worked on Michael Jackson's unreleased, "Seeing Voices" - He played piano in silent movie theaters in the 1920s.

Juliette Williamson (aka Juliette Valentine) - Died 5-?-2002, her body was found 5-22-2002 - Killed by her boyfriend who was a fellow band member ( R&B - Blues ) Singer and bassist - She was a member of The Chicago Brother And Sister Blues Band.

Umberto Bindi - Died 5-23-2002 - Heart problem ( Singer - Songwriter ) Born 5-12-1933 in Genoa, Italy (He co-wrote,"You're My World" and "I Will Always Want You") His songs have been recorded by Dionne Warwick, Dalida, Glen Campbell, Dusty Springfield and Tom Jones.

Randy Garibay - Died 5-23-2002 - Cancer ( Blues - R&B - Doo Wop ) Born 1940 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Velvets, The Pharaohs and The Dell-Kings later renamed Los Blues - He led Randy Garibay & Cats Don't Sleep (They did,"Barbacoa Blues" and "Too Close To The Border") - Worked with Jackie Wilson, Judy Garland, Doug Sahm, Sonny Ace, Flaco Jimenez and Curtis Mayfield.

William H. Connelly III - Heart attack - Died 5-24-2002 ( Composer ) Born 10-17-1926 - Was a singer, pianist and violinist and also was a writer and arranger - Directed The Pegasus Club Male Chorus And Quartet and Woodbury American Legion Band, also called The Bonsall Blues - He co-wrote a musical spoofing the pharmaceutical industry.

Jimmy Rancho (James Rancher) - Died 5-24-2002 - Complications of respiratory problems ( Proprietor ) Born 1925 - Owner of the influential jazz club, Club Rancho.

Tony Bono - Died 5-24-2002 - Heart attack ( Metal ) He was 38 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Whiplash, Into Another (They did, "Without A Medium" and "Laughing At Oblivion") and FR8 (They did,"Mama Ravioli" and "I Can't Remember").

Geraldine Marrin (aka Jerry Lang) Died 5-24-2002 ( Jazz ) Singer and pianist - She was a member of The Sophisticates - Worked with Bernie Cummins.

Charlie Lennon (Charles Lennon) (aka Uncle Charlie) - Died 5-26-2002 - Developed an infection after a fall ( Singer ) Born 11-21-1918 in Liverpool, England (He composed, "Ships Of The Mersey") He sings a song on "In Their Own Words: The Lost Beatles Interviews" - He wrote the  introduction for The book "The Illustrated John Lennon" - Worked with The Scott Wheeler Band - Uncle of John Lennon.

Oscar Tellez (Oscar Florentino Tellez) (aka Frito Bandito) - Died 5-26-2002 - Car crash ( Tex Mex ) Born 1946 - Played play bass, drums, accordion, keyboard and the bajo sexto - Was a member of The Texas Tornados (They did," Who Were You Thinkin' Of?" and "Soy De San Luis") Worked with Flaco Jimenez and Mingo Saldivar.

Catherine Carlson (Catherine E. Carlson) (aka Cathy) - Died 5-26-2002 in Escondido, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Lounge ) Born 1948 - Singer - She appeared on The Tonight Show and sang in night clubs in Las Vegas and Reno.

Eunice Levy (Eunice Levy Frost) - Died 5-26-2002 in Las Vegas ( R&B ) Born 5-10-1931 in Texarkana, Texas, U.S. - She was half of the duo Gene & Eunice (They did,"Ko Ko Mo" and "This Is My Story").

Orville Couch (Orville G. Couch Jr.) - Died 5-26-2002 in Dallas County, TX, U.S. ( Country - Rockabilly - Gospel ) Born 2-21-1935 in Grapevine, Texas, U.S. - Singer and songwriter (He did,"Sweet Louella" and "Downtown") Led Orville Couch & The Troublemakers (They did,"Wild Girl").

George Hanson - Died 5-27-2002 - Heart attack ( Producer ) Born 1947- He produced Leo Kottke, Art Resnick and Robin & Linda Williams.

Rose Gold (aka Lee Randall) - Died 5-27-2002 - Complications from leukemia ( Pop ) Born 1926 - Singer.

David H. Rankin - Died 5-27-2002 in Portland ( Rock ) Born 10-27-1970 in Camden - Drummer, guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of 6gig.

Billy J. Babineaux Sr. - Died 5-27-2002 ( Musician ) Born 1947 in New Iberia, LA, U.S. - Songwriter - The Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ray Mattson (Raymond Worth Mattson) - Died 5-28-2002 - Heart attack ( Rock - Soul ) Born 1950 - Saxophonist - Was a member of Dynaflow and Soul Purpose.

Walter Engel - Died 5-28-2002 - Complications of Alzheimer's disease ( Jazz ) Played saxophone, clarinet, violin and ukulele - Was a member of The Moslem Temple Shrine Brass Band - Led Wally Engel And His Orchestra.

John Robert Blay - Died 5-29-2002 - Born 10-26-1963 in Montebello, Calif., U.S. ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of Chiva Knievel.

Francois Ovide - Died 5-29-2002 - Illness ( Pop - Rock - Folk ) Born 10-?-1952 in Rouen - Guitarist - Worked with So & Co, Plat Du Jour, The Albert Marcoeur Band,  Patricia Kaas, Johnny Hallyday, Maxime Le Forestier, Weidorje, Gwendal and The John Greaves Group - He had been married to percussionist, Mireille Bauer.

Gwen Sales - Died 5-?-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Car crash ( Folk ) Born 1971 - Played violin - She appeared in the Michael Flatley show, Lord Of The Dance - She did the artwork for Niamh Parsons' album, Heart's Desire - Was the wife of guitarist Dennis Cahill.

Ricky Espinosa (Ricardo Manuel Espinosa) - Died 5-30-2002 in Gerli - Jumped off the 5th floor of a building ( Punk ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Flema (They did, "borrachos en la esquina (Drunken On The Corner)").

Mario Lago - Died 5-30-2002 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Lung failure ( Composer ) Born 11-26-1911 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - (He wrote," Ai Que Saudades da Amélia" and "Número Um") - He wrote over 200 songs - He also was an actor.

Kenny Craddock (Kenneth Craddock) - Died 5-30-2002 near Monchique, Portugal - Car crash ( Rock ) Born 4-18-1950 in Wrekenton, Gateshead - Played organ, piano, guitar and was a singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Elcorts, Happy Magazine and Griffin - Worked with Ringo Star ("It Don't Come Easy"), Van Morrison, Ginger Baker's Airforce, Alan Hull, Gerry Rafferty, Mary Black and Billy Bragg.

Joe Duncan - Died 5-31-2002 - Illness ( R&B ) Singer - Was a member of The Vocaleers (They did,"Is It A Dream" and "Be True").

MIke Stone - Died 5-?-2002 ( Producer - Engineer ) Born 1951 - Worked with Whitesnake, Queen, Gene Simmons, Journey, Asia and Ratt.

Boo Creepy - Died 6-?-2002 - Drummer - Was a member of Gideon Smith & The Dixie Damned.

Boyd Bennett (Boyd Byron Bennett) - Died 6-2-2002 - Lung ailment ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 12-7-1924 in Muscle Shoals, Ala., U.S. - Singer, drummer and bassist - Worked with Francis Craig and Moon Mullican - Was the leader of The Southlanders (They did,"Time") and Boyd Bennett And His Rockets (They did,"Seventeen" and "My Boy Flat-Top") He also had a TV show, Boyd Bennett And His Space Buddies.

Anna Mae Lewis (Anna Mae Lundy Lewis) (aka Madame) - Died 6-2-2002 - Strokes and a heart attack ( Gospel ) Born 7-25-1916 in Jacksonville, Fla., US. - Played piano and organ - She composed a song for the movie, "Cold Turkey" - Worked with Bing Crosby, Aretha Franklin and Sarah Vaughn.

Hurricane Bob (Robert Paul Dudek) - Died 6-2-2002 in Middletown, CN, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 12-3-1944 in Stamford, CN, U.S. - Drummer and bass guitarist - Was a member of The Wild Weeds (They did,"No Good To Cry" and "My Baby Left Me") Worked with Al Anderson.

Randy Hardison (Randy Ray Hardison) - Died 6-4-2002 - Murdered, struck in the head ( Country ) Born 3-11-1961 - Songwriter, singer and drummer (He co-wrote,"(It Pays) Big Money" and "In Our Old Age") Worked with Darryl Worley ("Back Where I Belong"), Garth Brooks, Jim Lauderdale, Deryl Dodd and Bobby Osborne.

Carlos Berlanga - Died 6-5-2002 in Madrid - Liver disease, he had been waiting for a transplant ( Pop ) Born 1960 in Madrid - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of Kaka de Luxe, Alaska y los Pegamoides (They did,"Bailando") and Dinarama.

Joe Stanco - Died 6-5-2002 - Melanoma ( Poet - Musician ) Was a member of Stanco And Co. and of Victor Dada, a comedy, poetry and music troupe - Father of Natalie, Gabrielle and Hilary, members of the all girl group, Ideal Females.

Dee Dee Ramone (Douglas Glenn Colvin) (aka Dee Dee King) - Died 6-5-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Accidental heroin overdose ( Punk - Rap ) Born 9-18-1952 in Fort Lee, VA, U.S. - Bassist, singer and songwriter - (He did, "I Hate Freaks Like You" and "Life Is Like A Little Smart Alleck") - Was a member of The Ramones (They did, "Psycho Therapy" and "53rd and 3rd"), The Chinese Dragons (They did, "What About Me" and "Chatterbox") and The Remains who later changed their name to The Ramainz - Worked with G.G. Allin, Chris Spedding, The Dead Boys and Joan Jett - He wrote the books, Chelsea Horror Hotel and Lobotomy: Surviving The Ramones - Long Island Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Boo Duckworth (David Brent Duckworth) - Died 6-5-2002 in Charlotte, NC, U.S. - Natural causes ( Rock ) Born 1967 in Charlotte, NC, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of Animal Bag (They did, "Everybody" and "Hello Cosmo").

Truck Parham (Charles Valdez Parham) - Died 6-5-2002 - Respiratory illness and complications of kidney disease ( Jazz ) Born 1-25-1911 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Bass player - Worked with Roy Eldridge, Zutty Singleton, Art Tatum, Muggsy Spanier, Louis Bellson and Earl Hines.

Curtis Amy (Curtis Edward Amy) - Died 6-5-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Soul Jazz - R&B ) Born 10-11-1927 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Ray Charles, Dupree Bolton, Melba Liston, Carmell Jones, Roy Ayers, Victor Feldman, Kenny Barron, Amos Milburn, Carole King ("It's Too Late"), Les McCann and The Doors - Was married to singer Merry Clayton.

Betty Barlia (Betty P. Barlia) - Died 6-5-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Stomach cancer ( Singer - Actress - Producer ) Born 3-8-1929 - Besides being in off-Broadway theater, she was also a night club singer in New York, Atlantic City and San Francisco.

Robbin Crosby (Robbinson Lantz Crosby) (aka King) - Died 6-6-2002 in Hollywood, CA, U.S. - Heroin overdose ( Rock ) Born 8-4-1959 in La Jolla, CA, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Ratt (They did,"Round And Round" and "Back For More") - Produced Lillian Axe.

Tony Rose - Died 6-6-2002 - Colon cancer ( Folk ) Born 5-1-1941 in Exeter - Played mouth organ, guitar and sang (He did,"Golden Vanitee" and "Just As The Tide Was Flowing") Was a member of The Bandoggs - Worked with The Journeymen.

Bill Heard (William Augustin Heard Jr.) - Died 6-7-2002 in Indianapolis - Emphysema and pneumonia ( Proprietor ) Born 1932 - Played guitar - He owned and ran The Childe Harold Saloon where acts like Emmylou Harris, Son Seals, Bruce Springsteen, Al Jarreau and The Ramones appeared.

Mark Richardson - Died 6-7-2002 - Cancer ( Recording Engineering ) Born 1953 - He was a meber of The Fabulous Soulsations - Worked with Smashing Pumpkins, Drivin N Cryin, Kool & The Gang, Courtney Love, Hole, Deborah Reece, Plat Eye Blue and Emmylou Harris.

Sara Weaver - Died 6-7-2002 - Myelogenous leukemia ( Pop - Rock ) Born 11-7-1969 - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - She was the founder of Swisher (They did,"Girly Drink Drunk" and "Sitting In My Car Outside Your Heart").

Gwen Cleveland - Died 6-7-2002 - Illness ( Jazz ) Born 1-10-1929 - Singer - She was a member of Jazzberry Jam (They did,"Luna Negra") Worked with Bross Townsend, Paul Dooley and Bubba Brooks and Paula Hampton.

Ray Alexander - Died 6-8-2002 in New Hyde Park, NY, U.S. - Complications related to surgery ( Jazz ) Born 2-7-1925 in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY, U.S. - Played drums and vibraphone - Worked with George Shearing, Mel Torme, Martin Denny, Mel Lewis and The Dorsey Brothers.

Elena Burke (Romana Burgues) - La Senora Sentimiento - Died 6-9-2002 - AIDS ( Bossanova - Bolero ) Born 1928 - Singer (She sang,"Mis 22 Años") Was a member of The Cuarteto d'Aida.

Rick Montgomery - Died 6-9-2002 ( Rock ) Born in Munich, Germany - Musician - He was a member of Flash Back.

Walter Lewis Jr. - Died 6-10-2002 ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 1915 in Prairieville, LA, U.S. - Pianist and singer - Worked with Danny Barker's Jazz Hounds, The Henry Horton Band, Sidney Desvigne, Paul Barbarin, Oscar "Papa" Celestin, Ray Charles, Dinah Washington, Big Joe Turner, Guitar Slim and Earl King.

Margaret E. Lynn - Died 6-11-2002 - Cancer ( Director ) For 20 years she directed the Army's music and theater program to entertain troops - She founded Creative Consultants which worked with Disney and other studios - She had been a Radio City Music Hall Rockette and a Broadway performer.

Eric Torain (William Eric Torain) - Died 6-12-2002 - AIDS ( Gospel - Jazz ) Born 1-25-1963 in Greensboro, N.C., U.S. - He was the Washington Performing Arts Society's director of jazz, gospel and vocal programming and founded it's Men, Women and Children Of The Gospel Mass Choirs.

Phil Cordle (Philip Alan Cordle) - Died 6-13-2002 - Cancer ( Country - Rock - Blues ) Born 7-6-1954 in Akron, Ohio, U.S. - Played guitar - He was a DJ and a former owner of The Brunswick Music Center.

Jordan Wodehouse (aka Judge) - Died 6-13-2002 in Heflin, Alabama, U.S. - The band's tour van was hit by a drunk driver ( Punk Rock ) Born 8-19-1982 in Edmonton , Alberta, Canada - Guitarist - Was a member of Compromise (They released the CD, "Yesterday Was Everything") and also played for Starswept.

Laurie Allen - Died 6-13-2002 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Heart attack ( Pop - R&B - Country ) Born 3-9-1942 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - He was half of the duo, Bobby And Laurie (They had hits with, "I Belong With You" and "Hitch Hiker") - The duo had a TV show "It's A Gas", later renamed "Dig We Must" - Laurie was a guitarist with Malcolm Arthur And The Knights, a singer for The Blue Jayes and the leader of The Laurie Allen Revue - Worked with The Silver Wings Band and Dice.

Marvin Paymer - Died 6-14-2002 in San Diego, CA, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 5-23-1921 in New York, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Louis Armstrong - He wrote two books on popular song, Facts Behind The Songs and Sentimental Journey which came with a CD of his own performances.

George Walton (George Everett Walton) - Died 6-15-2002 - Complications of a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 12-17-1907 - Played trumpet - Founder of The Philadelphia Post Office Band - Worked with Clark Terry.

E. Merrill Dunlop - Died 6-15-2002 - Heart failure ( Composer ) Born 5-9-1905 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Played piano and was a writer of hymns and choral music, writing almost a thousand songs (He wrote,"My Sins Are Blotted Out, I Know" and "Only One Life To Offer") Worked with Homer Rodeheaver.

Big Mello (Curtis Davis) - Died 6-15-2002 - Car crash ( Rap ) Born 8-7-1968 in Houston, TX, U.S. (He did,"Conversation Rules The Nation " and "Bone Hard Thanks ") Worked with Crazy C, 2-Fancy, Fat Pat and Mo Dangerous.

Pat White (Patty M. White) - Died 6-16-2002 - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 5-2-1934 - She was a member of The Down Home Folks and The Whites - Recorded with her husband Buck White and her daughters Cheryl White and Sharon White Skaggs.

Paul Furey - Died 6-16-2002 in Dublin, Ireland - During a cancer operation ( Irish - Folk ) Born 5-6-1948 in Dublin, Eire - Played accordion, melodeon, concertina, whistles, bones, spoons and sang - Was a member of The Fureys (They did,"(When You Were) Sweet Sixteen" and "I Will Love You (Every Time When We Are Gone)" and The Buskers - Worked with Phil Coulter, The Dubliners and Davey Arthur.

Dick Merley (Richard H. Merley) (aka Squirrelly Merley) - Died 9-22-2002 ( Jazz - Dance ) Born 11-3-1921 - Was a member of The State Capital Band and The Merley Combo- Worked with The Helena Symphony, The Don Williams Big Band and The Hungry Five German Band - Married to pianist June Cummins.

Jeff Naideau - Died 6-17-2002 ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 1954 - Pianist and singer (He did,"Might As Well Be Guilty" and "Louisiana Spice") Worked with Zak Daniels, Leigh "Little Queenie" Harris, Freddy Staehle, Robert Morreira, Cranston Clements, Quiet Riot, Wang Chung, Eric Burdon and Robby Krieger.

Raymond Lubow - Died 6-18-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Prostate cancer ( Inventor ) Born 1920 - An inventor and manufacturer of Morley foot pedals for guitars - His firm made over thirty devices that alter musical sounds - Although he didn't invent the Wah-Wah pedal, he did make improvements on it.

Joe Birchfield - Died 6-19-2002 ( Country - Folk ) Born 4-?-1912 in Carter County, Tennessee, U.S. - Played fiddle - Was a member of The Roan Mountain Hilltoppers (They did,"Chicken Reel" and "Walking In The Parlor").

Frank "Skip" Candelori - Died 6-19-2002 in New Jersey - Overdose ( Punk Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Turning Point (They did,"Insecurity" and "To Lose ").

Fred Drake (Frederick Charles Drake II) - Died 6-20-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-28-1958 in Taft, CA, U.S. - (He did, "I Used To Dream About This" and "House Of The Moon") - Was a member of Telekin, The Shy Part, Ministry Of Fools (They did, "Zero Tolerance" and "Us Against Them"), Dig Your Own Cactus (They did, "Ends Of The Earth" and "Indian Nuclear Summer"), Resurrection, Shy Party, House Of Love and earthlings? (They did, "Nothing" and Ground Control") - He founded The Rancho de la Luna recording studio.

Carlo Savina - Died 6-20-2002 in Rome, Italy ( Composer ) Born 8-2-1919 in Turin, Italy - Composer, conductor and arranger - He composed for the films, Johnny Oro (Ringo With The Golden Pistols) and d'amore e d'anarchia (Love And Anarchy).

James Wayne Boyer - Died 6-21-2002 - Complications of cancer ( Rockabilly ) Born 9-17-1941 in St. Genevieve, MO, U.S. - Singer and drummer - Was a member of The Red Kohn Band, Marshall, Newell And Boyer and Jimmy Boyer And The Newports - Worked with Billy Swan - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inducee.

Matt Dennis (Matthew Loveland Dennis) - Died 6-21-2002 in Riverside, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 2-11-1914 in Seattle - Singer, songwriter and pianist (He wrote,"Angel Eyes" and co-wrote,"Let's Get Away From It All") Worked with The Glenn Miller Air Force Band and as a staff arranger and composer for Tommy Dorsey - He had his own TV show, "The Matt Dennis Show" - Married to singer Ginny Maxey Dennis.

Daniel K. Greenfield - Died 6-22-2002 in Sarasota, Fl, U.S. - Complications of Parkinson's disease ( Audiophile ) Born 11-5-1909 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - He gave up a career in law to found The Danby Radio Corp where he built and modified amplifiers, pre amps, tuners and speakers for entertainers including Stevie Wonder - He did work for The Valley Forge Music Fair and The Philadelphia Folk Festival and even supplied technical equipment for the Watergate tapes to Congress.

Johnny Morrow - Died 6-22-2002 - Had been waiting for a kidney transplant ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Iron Monkey (They did, "Bad Year" and "House Anxiety"), Armour Of God, My War and Murder One.

Slick Lawson (Wilbur E. Lawson) - Died 6-22-2002 ( Country ) Born 1937 - Bass player - Worked with Boots Randolph - He was also a photographer, doing album covers for Freddie King, George Jones, Dr. Hook, Willie Nelson, Asleep At The Wheel, Tammy Wynette, The Average White Band, Ray Stevens, George Strait and others.

Duane West (Ernest Duane West) - Died 6-23-2002 in Shelbyville, TN, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 4-28-1941 in Salisbury, MD, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of Sonny James' Southern Gentlemen and The Jordanaires - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Mary Frances Polk (Bennie Frances Young) - Died 6-23-2002 - Congestive heart failure  ( Gospel ) Born 12-251926 in Durham, NC, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Was a member of Mary Frances Polk And The Gospel Allstars and The Vashti Gospel Singers Of Baltimore.

Randy Jones (Randall Jones) - Died 6-24-2002 ( R&B ) Born 5-20-1926 - Singer (He did,"Pass The Gin" and "LSMFT Blues") Worked with The Penguins, The Jacks, The Coasters, The Platters, The Meadowlarks, Don Julian And The Larks, The Robins, The Coasters, Vernon Green And The Medallions and The Flares - The UGHA Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hans "Fipps" Fleischer - Professor of music - Died 6-25-2002 in Chemnitz ( Jazz ) Born 5-2-1923 near Chemnitz in Hohenfichte - Drummer (He wrote,"The Penguin Mambo") Played for The Leipzig Radio's dance orchestra.

Dolores Gray - Died 6-26-2002 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Singer - Actress  ) Born 6-7-1924 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - She sang in musicals including Annie Get Your Gun and was a nightclub singer - Worked with Rudy Vallee -  Recorded for Capitol Records.

Johnny Physical (Jonathan Neuman) - Died 6-26-2002 in Manhatten, NY, U.S. - Leukemia ( Punk ) Born 2-19-1980 - Singer, guitarist, bassist and drummer - Was a member of The Physicals (They did, "Miami" and "Being Alone").

Jim McGovern (James E. McGovern) - Died 6-27-2002 in Roseville, Minnesota, U.S. - Pneumonia ( Journalist - Jazz Musician ) Born 5-17-1924 St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. - Played trumpet - Was the leader of The Jim McGovern Swing Band - He received a National Headliners Award for his reporting.

Timothy White - Died 6-27-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Journalist - Writer ) Born 1-25-1952 in Paterson, N.J., U.S. - He had been a drummer for The Dry Heaves - Was Editor in Chief for Billboard Magazine - He had been a music journalist for Rolling Stone, The Associated Press and Crawdaddy - He wrote the Books, Catch A Fire: The Life of Bob Marley, The Nearest Faraway Place: Brian Wilson, The Beach Boys And The Southern California Experience and Long Ago And Far Away: James Taylor, His Life And Music.

Ellis Comfort - Died 6-27-2002 in Seattle WA, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 4-1-1916 in Ketchikan, Alaska, U.S. - Drummer - He was a member of The Liebowitz Trio

John Entwistle (John Alec Entwistle) (aka Ox) - Died 6-27-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. - Heart attack brought on by cocaine ( Rock ) Born 10-9-1944 in Chiswick, London, England - Bassist and singer - (He did, "Pick Me Up (Big Chicken)" and "What Kind Of People Are They?") - Was a member of The Confederates, The Detours who changed their name to The High Numbers and then to The Who (They did, "Boris The Spider" and "Whiskey Man") and The John Entwistle Band - Worked with Ringo Starr, Gov't Mule, The Faces and Mike Heron - Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame Inducee.

Russ Freeman (Russell Donald Freeman) - Died 6-27-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-28-1926 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Shelly Manne, Chet Baker, Charlie Parker, Benny Goodman, Dexter Gordon and Roy Porter - He was a musical director for Tony Orlando And Dawn and directed the music for Rowan And Martin's Laugh-In.

Rusty' Rutherford (Arthur O. Rutherford) - Died 6-27-2002 ( Country ) Born 5-19-1923 in Ipswich - Guitarist - He has appeared on The Lawrence Welk Show.

 William Dufty ( William F. Dufty) - Died 6-28-2002 in Birningham, MI, U.S. - Complications from cancer ( Writer - Musician ) Born 2-2-1916 in Merrill, MI, U.S. - He co-wrote the book, "Lady Sings The Blues" with Billie Holiday - He was a ghostwriter of about 40 books - Husband of Gloria Swanson.

Terry Graves - Died 6-28-2002 in London, England ( Jazz - Blues - Classical ) Guitarist - Founding member of The Falla Guitar Trio.

Patrick Brogan - Died 6-29-2002 in Lanham - Kidney ailments ( Musician ) Born 7-29-1902 Loche, Scotland - Played french horn, cello, banjo and guitar - He played in dance bands and helped organize and played in  Army bands.

Rosemary Clooney - Died - 6-29-2002 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer  ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 5-23-1928 Maysville, KY, U.S. - Singer ( She did, "Come on-a My House" and "This Ole House") - She was one of The Clooney Sisters with Tony Pastor - She worked with Guy Mitchell, Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman, Bing Crosby and Marlene Dietrich - She stared in musicals including, White Christmas and Red Garters - Aunt of actor, George Clooney, sister of newscaster, Nick Clooney, mother-in-law of singer, Debby Boone and had been married to actor, Jose Ferrer and dancer, Dante Di Paolo - Kentucky Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Edmund Anderson - Died 6-29-2002 in  in Quogue, NY, U.S. ( Producer ) Born 9-19-1912 - (He co-wrote Duke Ellington's, "Flamingo") - He produced jazz broadcasts for radio and wrote music for radio and TV.

Greg Futch (Gregory K. Futch) - Died 6-29-2002 in Lafayette, LA, U.S. - Illness ( Folk ) Born 7-24-1963 - Singer and songwriter - Brother of country star Eddy Raven.

Pistol Allen (Howard Richard Allen) - Died 6-30-2002 in Royal Oak, MI, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz - Motown ) Born 8-12-1932 in Memphis, Tenn., U.S. -  Drummer - He was one of The Funk Brothers - Worked with The Supremes ("Baby Love"), Martha And The Vandellas ("Heat Wave"), Marvin Gaye ("How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)") and many others.

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