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2002 July to December
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club. This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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2002 July to December

Oliver Bell - Died 2002 ( Bluegrass - Gospel ) Played fiddle - Was a member of a band that became The Lonesome Boys.

Fred Buckley - Died 7-?-2002 ( R&B ) Singer - Was a member of The Pastels (They did, "Put Your Arms Around Me" and "Boom De De Boom").

Tim Logan - Died 7-?-2002 ( Sound Tech ) Worked for LeRoux.

Mark Scott (Peter Cutchey) - Died 7-?-2002 in Austin, Texas, U.S. ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of The Belfast Gypsies.

Michail Krug ( Mikhail Vladimirovich Krug) - Died 7-1-2002 - Murdered in his home by intruders - Born 4-7-1962 - Singer - Worked with Katja Ogonjok.

Ray Brown (Raymond Matthews Brown) - Died 7-2-2002 in Indianapolis, IN, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 10-13-1926 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Bassist (He did,"Bric A Brac" and "Cool Walk") Worked with Dizzy Gillespie ("Night In Tunisia"), Charlie Parker, Milt Jackson, Frank Sinatra, Oscar Peterson, The L.A. Four and his one time wife Ella Fitzgerald.

Earle Brown (Earle Appleton Brown) - Died 7-2-2002 in Rye, New York, U.S. - Cancer? ( Jazz - Avant-Garde ) Born 12-26-1926 in Lunenburg, MA, U.S. - Pianist, trumpeter and composer (He did,"Tracking Pierrot" and "Perspectives") Worked with John Cage.

Soondry Dwarika - Died 7-3-2002 in San Fernando - After a stroke ( Indian Folk ) Born 1925 - She played the harmonium and the dholak and was a composer and singer - (She did, "Mai To Aya Chinidat").

Baterz (Barnaby Ward) - Died 7-3-2002 - He was a haemophiliac and contracted HIV which he got from a blood transfusion ( Rock ) Born 7-3-1969 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Bedridden.

Jean-Pierre Arnoux - Died 7-4-2002 ( Rock ) Percussionist (He did, "Three Tunas and "Sema Force") - Was a member of Malicorne (They did, "Les sept yours de mai " and "La chasse gallery").

Duke Dejan (Harold Dejan) - Died 7-5-2002 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - After a series of strokes ( Jazz ) Born 2-4-1909 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Singer and saxophone player - Was a member of The Holy Ghost Brass Band, The Eureka Brass Band, The Moonlight Serenaders, The Dixie Rhythm Band and The Olympia Brass Band.

Barbara Randolph (Barbara A. Randolph) - Died 7-5-2002 in South Africa - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 5-5-1942 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Singer (She did,"I Got A Feeling" and "Breaking Into My Heart") Worked with The Platters and Marvin Gaye - Daughter of actress Lillian Randolph and was married to songwriter and producer Eddie Singleton.

Jimmie Lee Robinson (aka J.L. Latif Aliomar) - The Lonely Traveller -  Died 7-6-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Shot himself, he had been diagnosed with bone cancer ( Blues ) Born 4-30-1931 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist (He did, "Maxwell St. Teardown Blues" and "All My Life") - Worked with The Every Hour Blues Boys, The Broomdusters, Johnny Young, Johnny Shines, Floyd Jones, Homesick James, Snooky Pryor, Freddie King, Little Walter, Eddie "Playboy" Taylor, Magic Sam, Jimmy Reed, Memphis Minnie, Big Bill Broonzy and Robert Nighthawk.

Al Greenberg (Alvin H. Greenberg) - Died 7-6-2002 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Jazz ) Born 6-13-1926 - Played clarinet - Worked with The Glenn Miller Orchestra.

George White - Died 7-6-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1920 in Shardlow - Played the banjo - Was a member of The Foresters Band and a founding member of The Ford Jones Dixieland Band.

Ray Foxley (aka Professor) (Raymond Geoffrey Foxley) - Died 7-6-2002 - Bell's palsy ( Jazz ) Born 12-28-1929 in Birmingham, Ala, U.S. - Founded The Gutbucket Six and helped form The Ken Colyer Trust Band - Worked with Colyer's Crane River Jazz Band, Chris Barber, Mike Daniels, Mick Mulligan, The Paragon Jazz Band, Ken Ingram, Rod Mason, Henry Gardiner's Southsiders and Eddie Matthews's Jump Band.

Cheikh El Hasnaoui (Mohamed Khelouati) - Died 7-6-2002 in France - Born 7-23-1910 - Singer, guitarist and poet - (He did, "A Fadhma (Oh Fatima)").

Jim Cherry - Died 7-7-2002 ( Punk Rock ) Born 8-2-1971 - Singer and bassist - Was a member of Strung Out and Zero Down (They did,"It Ain't Over Yet" and "Empty Promised Land") Worked with Pulley.

Victor English (Victor A. English) - Died 7-7-2002 in Upper Marlboro - Lung cancer ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 12-6-1941 - Bass singer - Was a member of The Carousels and The Rainbows (They did,"It Wouldn't Be Right" and "Family Monkey").

Grant Cunningham (Grant E. Cunningham) - Died 7-7-2002 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Head injury while playing soccer ( Contemporary Christian ) Born 6-12-1965 - Producer and songwriter (He co-wrote Avalon's, "Always Have And Always Will" and "Picture Perfect World") He sang ads for Frito Lay, Coke, and Post Cereals - His songs have been recorded by Russ Lee, Cindy Morgan, Kathy Troccoli and Amy Grant - Vice President of Sparrow Records.

Louise Elian (Louise Klos Steiner Elian) - Died 7-7-2002 in West Palm Beach, Fla., U.S. ( Movie Scores ) Born 6-3-1906 in St. Joseph, Mo., U.S. - Harpist - She can be heard on the films King Kong, Casablanca, Gone With The Wind and the musicals of Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers.

Phyllis Litoff - Died 7-7-2002 in Highmount - Brain cancer ( Director ) Born 12-3-1938 in New York, U.S. - Singer - For nine years she was an artistic director of The Belleayre Music Festival which attracts jazz, Broadway, classical and pop musicians - She sang at theaters and clubs.

Bobby Peterson (Robert D. Peterson) (aka Knuckles) - Died 7-8-2002 in St. Louis Park, MN, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 2-16-1950 - Pianist who also played flute, trumpet and saxophone - Worked with The Buddy Rich Big Band and Natural Life.

Ward Kimball - Died 7-8-2002 in Arcadia, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Jazz ) Born 3-4-1914 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - Trombonist - Was a founding member of The Firehouse Five Plus Two (They recorded songs like, "A Hot Time In The Old Town" and "Oh Sister, Ain't That Hot!") They appeared on both the Milton Berle and Ed Sullivan TV shows - Ward was an animator for the Disney organization, working there for 38 years - He also directed short films and movies.

Bob McKinney (Charles R. McKinney) - Died 7-9-2002 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Complications of a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 10-25-1924 in the Roxborough section of Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played trombone, bass and piano - Was a member of The Philadelphians and The Philadelphia Elders Of Jazz - Worked with Charlie Byrd, Billy Krechmer and Ray Bryant  - He was a highly decorated war veteran.

Arthur Olsen - Died 7-9-2002 ( Singer ) Born 9-13-1910 - He was a founding member of The Lions Club Quartet, which at one time sang backup for Peggy Lee - He directed The Lake Harriet Summer Pops Chorus, The Bell Chimes and church choirs.

Carlton Reese - Died 7-9-2002 in Birmingham, Ala, U.S. - Aneurysm ( Songwriter ) Born 2-7-1942 in Westfield, Ala, U.S. - He was an arranger, writer, organist and music director for The Alabama Christian Movement For Human Rights Choir (They did,"Can't You See Your Freedom Is Comin'" and "I've Got A Job") He was a civil rights activist.

Alan Shulman - Died 7-10-2002 in Hudson, NY, U.S. ( Symphony - Jazz ) Born 6-4-1915 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Composer and cellist - He was a member of The New Friends Of Rhythm, The Philharmonia Trio and The Haydn Quartet - His compositions have been recorded by Jascha Heifetz and Artie Shaw - Worked with George Benson and Shirley Bassey.

Rosco Gordon - Died 7-11-2002 in Queens, New York, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Blues - R&B ) Born 4-10-1928 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Composer, singer and pianist (He did,"Booted", "No More Doggin'" and a dance song,"The Chicken") He was a member of The Beale Streeters - Worked with Johnny Ace, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Earl Forest and Duke Robillard - He is referred to by some as The father of Ska.

Paula De Vita (aka Paula Dee)- Died 7-12-2002 in Fort Lauderdale, Fla., U.S. ( Singer - Actress ) Born 1949 in Newark - Worked with The Al Mayer Band, The David Aarron Orchestra and her father, guitarist Johnny Dee.

Milton Adams (Milton J. Adams) - Died 7-12-2002 ( Cajin ) Born 1918 in Kaplan, LA, U.S. - Played accordion - Leader of Milton Adams' Midnight Playboys.

Claude Rodrigues de Mattos - Died 7-13-2002 - Car crash ( Funk ) Born 1976 - Singer - He was half of the duo Claudinho & Buchecha (They did,"Conquista" and "Quero Te Encontrar").

Carey Blyton - Died 7-13-2002 - Cancer ( Composer ) Born 3-14-1932 in Beckenham, Kent - Pianist (He wrote,"Bananas In Pyjamas") Was a founding member of The Beckenham Salon - He wrote music for films and TV including Doctor Who - Worked with Donald Mitchell and Jørgen Jersild.

Jerry Fuller - Died 7-13-2002 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada ( Jazz ) Born 4-5-1939 in Calgary, Alberta, Canada - Drummer - Worked with Paul Perry, Duke Ellington, Greg Clayton, Ron Collier and Rick Wilkins.

Russell Page - Died 7-14-2002 - Suicide ( Choreographer - Dancer ) Born 1968 in Queensland, Australia - He played for Jump Back Jack, Jackie Orszaczky and Drum Nutz - He also was an actor.

Orestes Santos (Orestes Raquel Santos) - Died 7-16-2002 in Hialeah - Heart disease ( Composer - Arranger ) Born in Vereda Nueva, Havana province, Cuba - Played guitar and trombone (He wrote,"Señora" and " Amor de medianoche") Was a member of Los Pepes.

Bobby Worth - Died 7-17-2002 in Mission Hills ( Composer ) Born 9-25-1912 in Cleveland, OH, U.S. - Pianist (He wrote,"Tonight We Love" and "Don't You Know?") His songs have been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Bing Crosby - He also wrote songs for Disney and other studios.

Arthur Lee Maye (aka Lee Maye) - Died 7-17-2002 in Riverside County, CA, U.S. - Complications of liver cancer ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 12-11-1934 in Tuscaloosa, Ala., U.S. - Singer - Was the leader of Arthur Lee Maye And The Crowns (They did,"Gloria" and "Love Me Always") He was an Outfielder for The Milwaukee Braves.

Otis Leavill (Otis Leavill Cobb) - Died 7-17-2002 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Heart attack ( R&B - Soul ) Born 2-8-1937 in Dewey Rose, GA, U.S. - Singer and producer - (He did, "Let Her Love Me" and "Love Uprising") - Was a member of The Cobb Quartet and The Floats - Worked with The Chi-Lites, The Dells and Walter Jackson - He and Carl Davis formed the Dakar record label.

Larry Willey - Found dead 7-17-2002 in the desert - Shot ( Rock - Country ) Bassist and singer - Was a member of Merrell And The Exiles (They did,"Tomorrow's Girl" and "When I Get Home"), Fapardokly (They did,"Sorry For Yourself" and "Super Market") and MU (They did,"Nobody Wants To Shine" and "Too Naked For Demetrius").

Jonathan McMurray - Died 7-18-2002 - Stabbed in a brawl ( Rap )

Howard Rose - Died 7-18-2002 - After a routine operation for gall stones ( Editor ) Born 1953 - He was the founder and editor of The Radio Magazine - He had worked as a pirate radio presenter at Radio North Sea International.

Royden "Chuch" Magee (Royden W. Magee) - Died 7-18-2002 - Heart attack - Born 11-16-1946 - Guitar technician - He worked for The Rolling Stones for thirty years.

Seymour Solomon - Died 7-18-2002 in Lenox, MA, U.S. ( Record Exec - Producer ) Born 2-21-1922 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Violinist - He played for The Air Corps Orchestra - He was a co-founder and the president of Vanguard Records which releasd LP's by Joan Baez, Odetta, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Ian & Sylvia, Mississippi John Hurt, Big Mama Thornton, Buddy Guy, The Weavers and Paul Robeson.

Godoy Colbert - Died 7-18-2002 in Sacramento, CA, U.S. - He had  cancer of the colon, liver, and prostate ( R&B ) Born 3-18-1940 in Crosset, Ark., U.S. - Singer - He was a member of Richard Berry & The Pharaohs (They did the original, "Louie Louie").

Mark Matthews (Mark S. Matthews) - Died 7-18-2002 in Grayson - Heart disease ( Folkabilly ) Born 8-14-1954 - Guitarist and singer - Was half the duo Too Lewd Dudes (They did,"Marlboro Man") who later changed their name to The Canary Brothers.

Alan Lomax (Alan James Lomax) - Died 7-19-2002 in Safety Harbor, Fla., U.S. ( Folklorist ) Born 1-31-1915 in Austin, TX, U.S. - He recorded folk and traditional music for The Library Of Congress - He recorded  Woody Guthrie, Leadbelly, Jelly Roll Morton, Muddy Waters, Son House and Mississippi Fred McDowell - Son of  folklorist John A. Lomax - Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Santiago "Jimmy" Garcia - Died 7-19-2002 in Texas, U.S. - Car crash ( Tejano ) Born 1975 - Singer and accordionist - Was a member of Los Garcia (They did,"El Cometa" and "Imposible Olvidarte") Los Garcia has also been known as Hermanos Garcia and Los Cuatro Locos.

Dave Carter - Died 7-19-2002 in Greenfield or Northampton, MA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Folk ) Born 8-13-1952 in Oxnard, CA, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Worked with Tracy Grammer (They did,"Crocodile Man" and "Hey Conductor").

Jimmy Maxwell (James Kendrick Maxwell) - Died 7-20-2002 in Great Neck, New York, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 1-9-1917 in Stockton, California, U.S. - Played trumpet and bagpipes - Worked with Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, Gil Evans, Quincy Jones, Jimmy Dorsey, Maxine Sullivan, Gerry Mulligan, Perry Como, Woody Herman, The CBS Staff Orchestra, The Tonight Show Band, Count Basie, Oliver Nelson, Lionel Hampton, and Skinnay Ennis - He played on The Godfather soundtrack.

Evelyn Simms (Evelyn Simms Shaw) - Died 7-20-2002 in South Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Complications from asthma ( Jazz ) Born in 4-18-1931 Georgia, U.S. - Singer - Worked with Benny Field, John Coltrane, Bill Doggett, The Philadelphia Legends Of Jazz Orchestra and Benny Golson - She was married to saxophonist Lonnie Shaw.

Little Jimmy King (Manuel Lynn Gales) - Died 7-21-2002 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 12-4-1964 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Singer and guitarist (He did,"Win, Lose Or Draw" and "Upside Down & Backwards") Was the leader of Little Jimmy King & The Memphis Soul Survivors - Worked with Albert King and his brothers Eric and Eugene Gales of The Eric Gales Band.

Eduardo Cabrera - Died 7-21-2002 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Tropical - Jazz ) Born 2-22-1936 in La Habana, Cuba - Pianist, arranger and director -  Managed The orchestra Caracas Swing's Boys - Worked with  El Trabuco Venezolano.

Marion Montgomery (Maud Runnells) - Died 7-22-2002 in Bray, Berkshire, England - Cancer ( Jazz - Cabaret ) Born 11-17-1934 in Natchez, Miss., U.S. - Singer - Worked with  John Dankworth, Richard Rodney Bennett, Bob Hope and Bing Crosby - Wife of composer and pianist Laurie Holloway.

Gus Dudgeon  - Died 7-22-2002 in Berkshire, England - Car crash which also killed his wife Sheila ( Producer - Engineer ) Born 9-30-1942 in Surrey, England - Produced Elton John ("Rocket Man," and "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"), Ten Years After, XTC, David Bowie ("Space Oddity"), The Bonzo Dog Band, Joan Armatrading, Chris Rea and Lindisfarne - Was an engineer for The Zombies, The Moody Blues and John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers - A loop of African drums he used on John Kongos's, "He's Going To Step On You Again", is considered to be the first sample used in a song.

Laurence Smigel - Died 7-22-2002 in Marblehead ( Composer ) Born 11-11-1917 in Harrisburg, PA, U.S. - Played trumpet, violin and drums - He directed and produced many musicals including a parody called "Small, Small World".

Howard Bowie - Died 7-22-2002 - Congestive heart failure ( Gospel ) Born 8-14-1938 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Zion Harmonizers.

Lelan Rogers (Lelan Edward Rogers) - Died 7-22-2002  in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Respiratory complications ( Rock ) Born 6-9-1928 in Cherokee County, TX, U.S. - He signed and produced The 13th Floor Elevators - He is the older brother of Kenny Rogers.

Leonard Smith - Died 7-23-2002 in Scottsdale, Ariz., U.S. - Heart attack ( Bandmaster ) Born 1916 in Poughkeepsie, N.Y., U.S. - Played cornet - He wrote and conducted the sound track for the documentary The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt - Was the director of The Belle Isle Concert Band which became The Detroit Concert Band and worked with The Philadelphia Orchestra, The NBC Orchestra, The Detroit Symphony Orchestra and The Goldman Band - He played the trumpet call used in The Lone Ranger radio program.

Bob Pine (Robert J. Pine) - The piano man - Died 7-23-2002 - Cardiac arrest after surgery  ( Pianist ) Born 12-23-1941 - He also was a singer with a folk group and played the Hammond organ.

Clark Gesner - Died 7-23-2002 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Composer ) Born 1938 in Augusta, Maine, U.S. - He created the musical, You're A Good Man Charlie Brown - The revue, The
                       Jello Is Always Red used many of his songs.

Joe Derise (Joseph P. Derise) - Died 7-24-2002 in Shelton, Conn., U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz - Cabaret ) Born 12-2-1925 -  Singer, pianist and guitarist - He was a member of Four Jacks And A Jill - Worked with Tommy Dorsey, Marcia Hillman, Milt Hinton, The Australian Jazz Quartet and Claude Thornhill.

Idrees Sulieman (Leonard Graham) - Died 7-25-2002 in St. Petersburg, FL, U.S. - Bladder cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-27-1923 in St. Petersburg, FL, U.S. - Trumpeter - He was one of the first trumpeters to master circular breathing - Worked with The Carolina Cotton Pickers, Mercer Ellington, Coleman Hawkins ("Juicy Fruit"), Earl Hines, Sabby Lewis, Mary Lou Williams, Benny Carter, Cab Calloway, Eric Dolphy, Dizzy Gillespie, Erskine Hawkins and Max Roach.

Dick Kress (Richard M. Kreiss) - Died 7-25-2002 in Quincy, Ill., U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-11-1928 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - He played saxophone and woodwind intruments - He led The Dick Kress Big Band - Worked with Tommy Dorsey - He also played in orchestras for TV's Bozo's Circus and Artists Showcase.

Lucia Pamela (Lucia P. Angelo) - Died 7-25-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Bebop ) Born 5-1-1904 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Played piano, accordion, drums, clarinet and sang (She recorded the album,"Into Outer Space With Lucia Pamela") She was the leader of Lucia Pamela And The Musical Pirates and half the duo The Pamela Sisters with her daughter Georgia Frontiere.

Luiz Moreno - Died 7-25-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of O Terco - He was married to guitarist, Irinea Maria.

Buddy Baker (Norman Baker) - Died 7-26-2002 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Composer - Director ) Born 1-4-1918 - He was a musical director for about  200 Disney TV shows and movies - He wrote music for the movies Toby Tyler, The Apple Dumpling Gang and The Shaggy D.A. - He wrote arrangements for radio shows for Eddie Cantor, Bob Hope and Jack Benny - Arranged Stan Kenton's, ''And Her Tears Flowed Like Wine".

Kenny Gardner (Kenneth A. Gardner) - Died 7-26-2002 in Manhasset, NY, U.S. - Heart attack after an appendectomy ( Dance ) Born 3-20-1913 in Lakeview, Iowa, U.S. - Singer - Worked with Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians (They did,"Enjoy Yourself, It's Later Than You Think" and "'Frankie And Johnny") He was married to Guy's sister Elaine Lombardo.

Pico Payne (Simon Alfred Payne) - Died 7-26-2002 ( R&B ) Born 7-28-1925 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Ink Spots, The Platters, The Drifters and The Melody Masters.

Bobby Calderon (Roberto Calderon) - Died 7-26-2002 in Corpus Christi, TX, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 11-15-1957 - Bass player - Was a member of Purple Mushroom which was also known as PM - Worked with Rudy Rodriguez.

Roscoe Shelton - Died 7-27-2002 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 8-22-1931 Lynchburg, TN, U.S. - Singer (He did,"Think It Over" and "Baby Look What You're Doin' To Me").

Eddy Marouani - Died 7-28-2002 ( Manager ) Born 1921 - He managed the careers of Edith Piaf and Jacques Brel and helped with the careers of Michel Sardou and Serge Lama - He headed the agency The Office Parisien du Spectacle.

Tommy Floyd (Thomas Calvin Floyd) - Died 7-28-2002 - He had been suffering from Alzheimer's disease ( Bluegrass ) Born 10-17-1912 - Singer - Was a member of The Blue Grass Buddy's - The band was sponsored by Luck's and they would do a Luck's pinto bean jingle at their shows.

Barry Thornton - Died 7-28-2002 in Launceston, Tasmania, Australia ( Country ) Born 6-14-1934 - Guitarist and singer (He did,"Brian's Tune") He played the on-stage character Mulga Dan with The Slim Dusty show - The Country Music Hands Of Fame Inductee and The Country Music Roll Of Renown Inductee.

Bobby Rodríguez - Died 7-28-2002 ( Jazz ) Bassist - Worked with Machito, Tito Puente, Charlie Palmieri, Tito Rodríguez, Kako and The Alegre All Stars.

Virginia Jensen Schweitzer (aka Prunella Cornpone) - Died 7-29-2002 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Respiratory failure ( Country ) Born 5-30-1924 -  Played banjo, fiddle, mandolin and sang - She was a co-founder of Corn Country, originally named The Stone Age Music Society.

Fred Rice (Frederick H. Rice) - Died 7-29-2002 in Thousand Oaks ( Animator - Musician - Songwriter - Producer - Inventor ) Born 1917 in Highland Park, PA, U.S. - He produced Wayne Newton - He designed album covers for Frank Sinatra, Stan Kenton and The  Wedding Album for John Lennon and Yoko Ono - He was a merchandising director for The Beatles and The Beach Boys and was an animator for Walt Disney Studios working on the movies Fantasia, Pinocchio and Dumbo.

Allen Haberman (Allen A. Haberman) - Died 7-29-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1-13-1916 - Played banjo and guitar - Was a member of The Perseverance Jazz Band, The Keystone String Band, Earl Keller Melody Rangers Of New Tripoli and The Ben Salem Boys & Girls Church Band.

Phillip Osterman (Phillip G. Osterman Jr. ) - Died 7-30-2002 in Fort Myers, Fl, U.S. - Heart failure ( Director ) Born 1-19-1938 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - He worked on The Will Rogers Follies and Easter Parade - His co-wrote The Urban Cowboy libretto with Aaron Latham - Worked with Tommy Tune - He directed Bus Stop starring Jerry Hall and staged Yoko Ono's rock musical, New York Rock.

Leonard Litman (Norman L. Litman) - Died 7-30-2002 - Alzheimer's disease ( Proprietor ) Born 5-15-1914 - He owned Mercur's Music Bar and Lenny Litman's Copa which attracted artists like Bill Haley's Comets, Ella Fitzgerald and Miles Davis - He was a concert promoter and a correspondent for Variety and Billboard Magazine.

Mark Hurwitz (aka Lips Lackowitz) - Died 7-30-2002 in Rockville - Complications from diabetes ( R&B ) Born 6-29-1955 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Harmonica player - Was the leader of Tough Luck (They did,"Body Odah Toothache" and "Mannequin Love") Worked with Carey Bell and Steve Jacob.

Fred Jordan - Died 7-30-2002 in Ditton Priors, Shropshire ( Folk ) Born 1-5-1922 in Ludlow, Shropshire - Singer (He sang,"The Farmer's Boy" and "The Banks Of The Sweet Primroses") He had performed at The Keele Festival and festivals all over England.

Dennis J. Greene - Died 7-30-2002 ( Funk ) Born 8-23-1964 in Islip - Bassist (He recorded,"Free Me") Was a member of Reporter.

Kenny Leighton (Kenneth A. Tesmer) - Died 8-1-2002 in Estero, FL, U.S. - After a series of strokes ( Jazz ) Born 8-22-1916 - Saxophonist - Worked with The Cal Pigeon Band, The Andy Powell Band, The Gay Claridge Band and The Jan Garber Orchestra - He was a musical director of the Guy Lombardo Band.

Joe Allison (Joe Marion Allison) (aka Jamboree Joe and Uncle Joe) - Died 8-2-2002 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Respiratory failure ( Country ) Born 10-3-1924 in McKinney, TX, U.S. - Producer, DJ and songwriter - (He wrote, "He'll Have To Go and "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young") - Worked with Tex Ritter, Bob Wills, Willie Nelson and Hank Thompson - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee  and Country Disc Jockey Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Nathan Maddox - Died 8-2-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Hit by a lightning bolt while watching a storm from a roof top ( Experimental Rock ) Born 1977 in Japan - Played Saxophone - Was a member of Gang Gang Dance.

Roy Kral (Roy Joseph Kral) - Died 8-2-2002 in Montclair, NJ, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 10-10-1921 in Cicero, Ill., U.S. - Singer and pianist - He was half of the duo Jackie And Roy with his wife, Jackie Cain (They did, "Spring Can Really Hang You Up The Most" and "Full Moon") - Worked with The George Davis Quartet and Charlie Ventura.

Jack Holley (George R. Holley) - Died 8-2-2002 in Euclid, Cleveland, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-12-1915 in Windsor, N.C., U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, The Clarence James Quintet and Fletcher Henderson.

Joe Bendzsa - Died 8-2-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Drummer - He performed with Canadian and
international recording artists.

Jerry Underwood - Died 8-3-2002 in Chambery, France - Brain tumour ( Jazz ) Born 8-14-1956 in Bristol, England - Played saxophone - Worked with Tao, Pentangle, Klaunstance, Big Co-Motion, John Martyn, Bullet and Spirit Level.

Mauricio Smith (Maurice J.  Smith) - Died 8-3-2002 ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 7-11-1931 - Flautist, reeds player, musical director, composer and guitarist - Worked with Tito Puente, Vincentico Valdes, Charlie Mingus, Dizzy Gillespie, Chubby Checker, Eartha Kitt, The La Plata Sextet, Clark Terry, Joe Valle, Harry Belafonte and The Joe Cuba Sextet - He was an original member of the NBC Saturday Night Live band - He performed in Broadway show orchestras for Doctor Jazz, The Natalie Cole Show and Purlie - He also worked with The Puerto Rican Symphony.

Daphne Hellman (Daphne Van Beuren Bayne) - Died 8-4-2002 in Manhattan, New York, NY, U.S. - While recuperating after a fall ( Jazz ) Born 1916 in New York, NY, U.S. - Harpist - She played songs from Roger Miller to Debussy and The Beatles to Bach - She was the leader of Hellman's Angels - Although she played at numerous clubs (including CBGB's) she had a fondness for playing on subway platforms - Mother of the late guitarist Sandy Bull.

Mary Jefferson - Died 8-4-2002 in Washington, D.C., U.S. ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 1927 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Singer - The D.C. Commission of the Arts and HumanitiesIn awarded her, The Ambassador Of The Blues in 1988 .

Ronald McCroby - Died 8-5-2002 in Aurora, Ohio, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 10-19-1933 in Ohio, U.S. - He played clarinet and saxophone but is best known for whistling or as he called it, playing the puccolo (i.e. piccolo and pucker, because he sounded like a flute or piccolo) He appeared with The Tonight Show orchestra, on The Merv Griffin Show and at The Monterey Jazz Festival - He did the voice over for a whistling penguin on the Scooby Doo cartoon.

Dan Kelly (Daniel Jerome Kelly) Died - 8-5-2002 - After a long illness ( Musician ) Born 1931 - He was the patriarch of folk and pop group The Kelly Family.

Joe Delaney (Joseph P. Delaney) - Died 8-7-2002 in Las Vegas - Complications of a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 1-9-1922 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Trumpeter - He produced the first stereo album released commercially (For The Dukes Of Dixieland who he managed) and also produced Lionel Hampton, Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Woody Herman, Duke Ellington, Al Hirt and Dinah Washington - He created the X label for RCA and the Coral label for Decca Records - Worked for Bethlehem, Audio Fidelity and The Elektra labels - He wrote entertainment columns at The Las Vegas Sun for 35 years.

Myrtle Jones (Myrtle V. Jones)- Died 8-7-2002 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 9-3-1930- Singer and pianist - Worked with her husband Al Harrell, Sammy Davis Jr., Grachan Moncor and Chico Hernandez - Daughter of singer Avery Jones and mandolin player Birdie.

Vernon L. Welsh - Died 8-8-2002 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. - Dementia ( Jazz ) Born 2-10-1919 in Irvington, Maryland, U.S. - Guitarist - He co-founded The Left Bank Jazz Society with the late Benny Kearse - The society showcased legendary jazz artists like Dave Brubeck, Stan Getz, Maynard Ferguson, Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Julian "Cannonball" Adderly and Duke Ellington as well as local jazz musicians, recording about 800 performances.

Wilber Morris - Died 8-8-2002 in New York City, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 11-27-1937 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Band leader and bassist - Member of Blue Ark and the leader of Wilber Force - Worked with Sonny Simmons, Arthur Blythe, Amiri Baraka, Charles Gayle, Charles Tyler, Dennis Charles, Roy Campbell, Ehran Elisha, Pharoah Sanders and Horace Tapscott - Brother of composer and cornet player Lawrence "Butch" Morris.

Ronnie Stephenson - Died 8-8-2002 in Dundee, Angus ( Jazz ) Born 1-26-1937 in Sunderland in County Durham - Drummer - Worked with Ray Chester's Sextet, Lita Roza, Danny La Rue, Ronnie
Corbett, Don Smith, The Royal Signals Band, The Stan Tracey Trio, Benny Goodman, Paul Kuhn and The EmCee Five.

Lee Ivory Jr. (Cornelius Leon Ivory Jr.) - Died 8-8-2002 in West Palm Beach - Diabetes ( Jazz ) Born 5-4-1932 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Jack Teagarden, Erroll Garner, Lou Rawls, Clifford Brown, Richie Powell and Sonny Stitt - He was also a journalist.

Randy Palmer - Died 8-8-2002 - Car accident ( Metal ) Guitarist - Worked with Pentagram and Bedemon.

Peter Matz - Died 8-9-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Composer - Director - Arranger ) Born 1929 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with his wife singer Marilynn Lovell, Barbra Streisand, Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, Sarah Vaughan, Carol Burnett, Bernadette Peters, Dionne Warwick, Maureen McGovern, Liza Minnelli, Melissa Manchester, Tony Bennett, Burt Bacharach and Peggy Lee.

Anthony DiPasquale - Died 8-9-2002 ( Rock ) Born 8-10-1926 in Belleville - He had been a road manager for The Four Seasons.

Paul Samson - Died 8-9-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1953 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Samson (They did,"Take Me To Your Leader" and "Hard Times").

Kenneth Wayne Carlson Jr. - Died 8-9-2002 ( Rock ) Born 5-26-1971 in Huntington, N.Y., U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Was a founding member of Fishs Eddy - Was a partner in Zoo Productions.

Myrtle A. Forcey-Southall (aka Myrtle Wilson and Joyce Jackson) - Died 8-9-2002 in Washington, U.S. - Stroke ( Singer - Dancer ) Born 9-12-1919 in Washington, U.S. - Worked with Duke Ellington - Toured with Earl Bostic, Paul Williams and Leo Parker and shared billings with Ella Fitzgerald and The Ink Spots - She recorded R&B for Mercury Records.

Jerre Peterson - Died 8-9-2002 ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Worked with an early line-up of Blue Cheer - Brother of singer and bassist, Dickie Peterson.

Mikey Houser (Michael Houser) - Died 8-10-2002 in Athens, GA, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-6-1962 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Widespread Panic (They did,"Pigeons" and "Airplane").

Aline B. Shader (Aline Brown) - Died 8-10-2002 in Cambridge, MA, U.S. - Brain cancer ( Composer ) Born 5-29-1936 in Cleveland, OH, U.S. (She wrote,"Here In My House" and "Will I Be A Hit On Olympus?") She wrote over 200 children's songs.

Roger Adams (Roger Rex Adams) - Died 8-10-2002 in Santa Fe, N.M., U.S. - Cancer ( Agent ) Born 1933 - He was a long time agent for Glen Campbell and he also represented Henry Mancini, Bob Hope and Johnny Mathis.

Robert Pope (Robert C. Pope) - Died 8-12-2002 in Bloomington - Heart failure brought on by diabetes ( Jazz ) Born 8-2-1928 - Drummer - Worked with The Herb Pilhofer Trio (They appeared on The Steve Allen TV show), Percy Hughes and The Bill West Band.

Louis Bibbs (aka Bebop Bibbs) - Died 8-12-2002 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 1956 - Saxophonist and singer - Was a member of The Rudy T Band and The Seven Grand Band - Worked with Fats Domino.

Bob Bell (Robert H. Bell) - Died 8-12-2002 in Cincinnati, OH, U.S. - Possibly From West Nile virus ( Country ) Born 6-26-1923 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Sons Of The Pioneers and The Trailhands (The house band for The Ed Sullivan Show) - Worked with Roy Rogers, Hank Williams and Patsy Cline - Appeared with Roy Rogers in 60 movies.

Ruth Allyn Anderson - Died 8-13-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. ( Lounge Singer ) Born 1937 - Singer and pianist.

James Alexander Norris - Died 8-13-2002 in Glenview, Ill., U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-17-1926 - Pianist - He founded Random 4+.

Phillip Tyrone Griffin (aka Priceless Game and P.G.) - Died 8-13-2002 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Shot in the chest ( Rap ) Born 10-20-1978 in Seattle, WA, U.S (He did,"Once a Playaz Gone..." and "How Much Pain").

Larry Rivers (Yitzroch Loiza Grossberg) - Died 8-14-2002 in Southampton, N.Y., U.S. - Cancer of the liver ( Musician - Filmmaker ) Played saxophone - Born 8-17-1923 - Was a member of The East 13th Street Band - Worked with David Levy, Jack Kerouac and Allen Ginsberg - He also was an actor, cartoonist, sculptor, painter and a teacher.

Anneline Malebo - Died 8-14-2002 in Cape Town - Aids, contracted from a rape ( Singer ) Born 1953 - She was the lead singer for the trio Joy, the first black group to top the South African charts (They did,"Paradise Road") and formed Shadii  - Worked with  Hugh Masekela, Johnny Clegg and Rebecca Malope and Simply Red.

Dave Williams (David W. Williams) (aka Stage) - Died 8-15-2002 - Found dead on the band's tour bus in Manassas, VA, U.S. - Cardiomyopathy ( Rock ) Born 2-29-1972 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Drowning Pool (They did,"Bodies" and "All Over Me") - Worked with Cheri Lane, Mister Lovedog and Fugly.

Vince Maloy - Died 8-15-2002 - Leukemia ( Rockabilly ) (He did,"Hubba Hubba Ding Ding" and "Flying Love") - Worked with Link Wray And The Wraymen and The FleaBops - The Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Joan Duprey (Joan M. Duprey) (Joan Dye) - Died 8-15-2002 in Lakewood ( Dance - Blues ) Born 8-24-1914 in Tishomingo, Okla., U.S. - Singer - Worked with Pinky Hunter and The Maurice Spitalny Orchestra - She was married to trombone player Don Duprey.

J.T. Wise (James T. Wise) - Died 8-15-2002 in Gary, ILL., U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 8-21-1918 - Played bass and clarinet - Worked with Duke Ellington.

Ola Belle Reed (Ola Wave Campbell) - Died 8-16-2002 ( Country ) Born 8-18-1916 in Lansing, North Carolina, U.S. - Played banjo and sang - (She wrote, "High On A Mountain" and "Over Yonder In The Graveyard") - She wrote over 200 songs - Blue Ridge Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jesse Martinez - Died 8-17-2002 - Brain aneurysm ( Tejano - Conjunto ) Born 2-1-1968 - Drummer - Was a member of The Hometown Boys - West Texas Walk Of Fame Inductee.

Don Winters (Donald L. Winters)- The Yodeling King - Died 8-17-2002 in Nolensville, TN, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Country ) Born 4-17-1929 in Tampa, Fl, U.S. (He did,"Too Many Times" and "Shake Hands With A Loser") Was a member of Pop Winters And The Southern Strollers - Worked with Marty Robbins and Bobby Sykes.

Syble Prince (Syble J. Prince) - Died 8-17-2002 - Respiratory failure ( Gospel ) Born 5-5-1938 - Singer (She wrote,"'I'll Go" and "A Brand New Home") She sang lead for The Prince Family Gospel Group.

Michael Robinson (Michael Evans Robinson Sr.) - Died 8-17-2002 - Stroke ( Gospel ) Born 3-8-1972 - Singer, songwriter, producer, played piano, synthesizer and drums - Worked with The Christianaires, Ruby Terry, Destiny's Child, Kirk Franklin, Donald Ramsey (They did,"Fight The Fight") and Shirley Caesar.

Robert Margulis (Robert Wolfe Margulis) (aka Uncle Neddy Nordic) - Died 8-18-2002 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Pop - Jazz - Classical ) Born 9-20-1944 in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. -  Played clarinet, banjo, harmonica, mandolin, violin, drums and guitar - Was a member of The The Margo Brothers - He was once a guard for a Beatles performance.

Jonnie Barnett (Jonathan Barnett Kaye) - Died 8-18-2002 - Stroke ( Songwriter ) Born 1946 in Sumter, S.C., U.S. - Guitarist - He wrote songs for Clay Walker ("The Chain Of Love"), Hank Williams Jr., Etta James, Eric Burdon and The Stray Cats - He was an opening act for Frank Zappa and Cheech And Chong.

Alberta Bell Willis - Died 8-19-2002 ( Musician ) Born 1922 - Pianist and singer - She managed and occasionally performed with her son's group, The Ivys - She had entertained troops during World War II, served in the WACs as an entertainment specialist and performed on Uncle WIP's Children's Hour radio show as a child.

Jackie Raven (Jacqueline J. Raven)- Died 8-19-2002 - Breast cancer ( Composer - Tap Dancer - Poet ) Born 5-2-1951- She worked with Albert Gibson as one of The Gibson Girls - She was the wife of trombonist Ray Anderson.

Melvin Omancia "Steve" Stevens - Died 8-20-2002 ( Blues ) Born 2-5-1937 - Singer - Was a member of The Marked Men and Blues Museum.

Christopher Columbus (aka Chris Columbus and Joe Morris) Died 8-20-2002 in New Jersy, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 6-17-1902 in Greenville, NC, U.S. - Bandleader and drummer - Worked with Louis Jordan, Wild Bill Davis, Duke Ellington and Floyd Smith.

Denny Purcell (Dennis N. Purcell) - Died 8-21-2002 ( Mastering Engineer ) Born 11-2-1950 - He mastered albums for Vince Gill and many other country artists, working on more than 8,000 LP's - He remastered albums by Neil Young and Van Morrison for high definition digital formats - He worked at Woodland Studios and later founded Georgetown.

Bob Dixon (Robert Dixon) - Died 8-22-2002 in Nashville, Tenn., U.S. ( Country? ) Born 10-2-1933 - Was a member of The Neptunes - He also was a professional boxer and a sparring partner for world champion featherweight Sandy Sadler.

Frederick Selch (Frederick R. Selch)- Died 8-22-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Editor ) Born 3-24-1930 in South Royalton, VT, U.S. - Owner, editor and publisher of Ovation magazine - He produced the Broadway musical, Play Me A Country Song - He founded The Federal Music Society who's member would play from Fredrick's collection of over 300 musical instruments.

Alfred Schweitzman (Alfred P. Schweitzman) - Died 8-22-2002 in Accord, N.Y., U.S. - Heart failure ( Agent ) Born 7-20-1945 - He represented Stevie Wonder, The Miracles, Melanie, The Band, Paul Butterfield, Maria Muldaur, Foghat and Todd Rundgren.

Mark Bucci - Died 8-22-2002 - Natural causes ( Composer ) Born 2-26-1924 - He wrote for TV and movies - His music credits include, "Cheaper By The Dozen" "Ask Any Girl", "Our Miss Brooks", "The Wondrous Kingdom", "The Thirteen Clocks", "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" and more.

Deborah Levi (Deborah L. Levi) - Died 8-23-2002 in Somerville, MA, U.S. - Breast cancer ( Musician ) Born 11-10-1967 - Violinist, guitarist, singer and songwriter - She was also a lawyer.

Phil Thomas (Phillip Palmer Thomas) - Died 8-23-2002 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 4-1-1926 Chicago, IL, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Buddy Guy, Preston Lov, Red Saunders, The  Johnny Young Trio, Memphis Slim, Little Brother Montgomery, Muddy Waters, Zoot Sims and Chuck Berry.

Kurt W. Geisler - Died 8-23-2002 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Emphysema ( R&B ) Born 1-1-1925 in northern Germany - Pianist - Worked with The Ink Spots on their East Coast tours.

Raymond Schelonka - Died 8-24-2002 - Heart attack ( Country - Polka ) Born 4-3-1935 - Played sax, keyboard and clarinet - He led The Richard Raymond Combo - Worked with Don Fleury, The Jolly Slovenians, George Buse, Jiggs & Co., Hank Magayne, Bryan O'Donnell and Barbara And The Karousels - He also was a polka disc jockey known as Ray Robbins.

William Warfield (Emeritus William Warfield) (aka Uncle Bill) - Died 8-25-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Complications from breaking his neck in a fall ( Singer - Pianist ) Born 1-22-1920 in West Helena, Arkansas - Best know for his rendition of Ol' Man River in the musical Show Boat - He performed in Porgy And Bess - Worked with The Jim Cullum Jazz Band - At one time he was married to opera star Leontyne Price.

John Seng (John B. Seng) - Died 8-25-2002 in Rogers Park, Chicago, U.S.  - Heart disease ( Composer - Arranger ) Born 7-26-1939 in Evanston, Chicago, U.S. -  Played organ - Worked with Bobby Hackett (They did, "Dream Awhile", which was the theme music for NBC's Today Show) He wrote jingles for McDonald's and United Airlines, music for TV's Kojak and Magnum, P.I. and for the movies Superman, Alien and The Empire Strikes Back.

Vanessa Campbell (Vanessa C. Harris) - Died 8-25-2002 in NY, U.S - After a brief illness ( Cabaret - Blues - Jazz - Rock ) Born 6-24-1953 - Singer and actress - She appeared in a national tour of ''Jacques Brel Is Alive And Well And Living In Paris" and on TV's, "Law and Order".

Wesley Naylor - Died 8-26-2002  in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 10-17-1957 in Mississippi, U.S. - Composer and pianist (He co-wrote the musical, "Mama, I Want To Sing" and two sequels to the show) He also played and arranged music for Aretha Franklin and Cee Cee Winans.

Frankie Brent (Adolph F. Gambino Jr.) - Died 8-26-2002 - Heart attack ( Pop - Rock ) Born 3-9-1934 in South Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer and comedian - He was a singer and bassist for Freddie Bell And The Bellboys and Frankie Brent And The Counts - He performed at his own night club for many years.

George Mitchell - Died 8-27-2002 in Albrighton, Shropshire ( Composer - Arranger - Conductor ) Born 2-27-1917 in Falkirk, Scotland - He wrote for The Swing Group and arranged for radio's, Cabin In The Cotton with The George Mitchell Glee Club - He devised and conducted The Black And White Minstrel Show which was later criticized for being offensive to black people because of white performers wearing black face. The show was done without black face after that - He also worked on the programs The Goon Show and Round The World In Song.

John Wilson (John Steuart Wilson ) - Died 8-27-2002 in Princeton, N.J., U.S. ( Jazz Critic ) Born 1-6-1913 in Elizabeth, NJ, U.S. -  He was an editor of Down Beat, a writer for High Fidelity magazine and the first critic to write regularly about jazz and popular music in The New York Times - He also wrote about Latin music, early rock 'n' roll and the folk music revival - He wrote books including The Collector's Jazz: Traditional And Swing and The Collector's Jazz: Modern - He was a radio commentator on The World Of Jazz and hosted Jazz Today and The Manhattan Jazz Hour.

Cool James (James Dandu) (aka Mtoto wa Dandu and CJ Massive) - Died 8-27-2002 - Car accident (Dance - Rap ) - Born 1970 in Mwanza, Tanzania - Was a member of The Kenyan Andrew Muturi and Swahili Nation (They did, "Mpenzi") - He created Cool James And Black Teacher (They did, "Godfather" and "The Rhythm Of The Tribe").

Tommy Yetta (Thomas Alfred Yetta) - Died 8-28-2002 in Metairie, Louisiana, U.S. - Complications from vasculitis ( Jazz ) Born 8-28-1930 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - He was a memeber of The Delgado Jazz Band and The Jefferson Parish Community Band - He had been a jazz entertainer in New Orleans for 50 years.

Bill G. Chambers - Died 8-29-2002 - Cancer ( Gospel ) Born 4-16-1941 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Gloryland Singers (They did,"Travel With God") At one time he had been in a rock band with David Gates of Bread and Leon Russell.

Henry Knowles - Died 8-29-2002 - He had leukemia and was undergoing a radical chemotherapy treatment ( Punk Rock ) Born 5-31-1958 - Guitarist - Was a member of Agression (They did,"Rat Race" and "Brain Bondage").

Paul Tripp (aka Mr. I. Magination) - Died 8-29-2002 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Natural causes - Born 2-20-1911 in New York, NY, U.S. - Actor and composer - He wrote and published about 600 songs - The Manhattan Transfer released a recording of his stories for Tubby The Tuba put to music.

John C. Hammell - Died 8-30-2002 in Glendale, CA, U.S. - Natural causes  ( Music Editor ) Born 8-14-1915 - Worked on the films, "Chinatown", It Started In Naples," "How To Murder Your Wife," "Is Paris Burning?," "S.O.B." and "10 - Worked at Paramount for many years.

Lionel Hampton - King of Vibes - Died 8-31-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 4-12-1909 in Louisville, KY, U.S. - Played vibraphone, drums and piano (He did,"Flying Home" and "Hey Ba-Ba-Re-Bop") Was a member of The Chicago Defender Newsboys' Band, The Curtis Mosby's Blue Blowers and led his own band - Worked with Benny Goodman, Gene Krupa, Teddy Wilson, Illinois Jacquet, Dinah Washington, Earl Bostic, Charles Mingus, Quincy Jones, Buddy Rich, Stan Getz and many others.

Tony DiTullio (Anthony A. DiTullio) (Aka B.R. Anthony) - Died 8-31-2002 in Olmsted Falls - Heart attack ( D.J. ) Born 2-18-1945 - He was an oldies DJ, playing lesser heard Rockabilly, R&B and Doo-Wop songs - He did many "on the air" interviews with Bobby Rydell, Bobby Vee, Fabian, Johnny Tillotson, Charlie Gracie, Diane Renay, Kathy Young and others.

Gordie Fleming - Died 8-31-2002 in Toronto, Canada ( Jazz - Folk - Classical - Standards ) Born 8-3-1931 in Winnipeg, Manitoba - Accordionist, pianist, composer and arranger - He wrote the scores for the films Where Eagles Fly and 60 Cycles - Worked with Hank Snow, The Canadian All Stars, Charlie Parker, Edith Piaf, Tino Rossi, Cat Stephens, Alan Mills, Buddy deFranco, Ginette Reno, Pauline Julien and Willie Lamothe - He was married to singer Joanne Lalonde.

Lenell Glass - Died 9-1-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Complications from diabetes ( Pop - R&B - Soul ) Born 4-14-1933 in Chattanooga, Tenn., U.S. - Played bass - Worked with The Platters, Sammy Davis Jr., Buddy Guy, The Temptations and the house band at the Chicago Playboy Club.

Turk Van Lake (Vanig Hovsepian) - Died 9-1-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 6-15-1918 in Boston, MA, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Sarah Vaughan, Lionel Hampton and Buddy Rich.

Bob Helm (Robert Marshall Helm) - Died 9-1-2002 in San Rafael, CA, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 7-18-1914 in Fairmead, CA, U.S. - Played clarinet and saxophone - Was a member of Lu Watters's Yerba Buena Jazz Band and led The Riverboat Roustabouts - Worked with Marlene Dietrich, Carol Leigh and Monte Ballou.

Christopher M. Danchisko - Died 9-2-2002 in Hackensack, NJ, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 3-24-1981 in Edison, NJ, U.S. - Played tenor saxophone - Was a member of The New Jersey All State Jazz Band.

Ted Ross - Died 9-3-2002 ( Actor - Singer ) Born 1934 - He sang in Raisin and as the Cowardly Lion in The Wiz, both the movie and the play - He appeared in the movies, Arthur, Ragtime, Amityville II and Police Academy and protrayed Dean Harris on TV's, The Cosby Show and A Different World.

James Stinson (James Marcel Stinson) - Died 9-3-2002 - Heart complication ( Electronic - Techno ) Born 1970 - He was a member of Drexciya (They did,"Danger Bay" and "Positron Island").

Ivan Kalhe - Died 9-3-2002 ( Dance ) Was the leader of The Old Tyme Band - Minnesota Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Nicolae Neacsu - Died 9-3-2002 - In his sleep ( Gypsy Fiddler ) Born 1924 in the village of Clejani, in the Wallachian region south of Bucharest, Romania - Violinist and songwriter -  Was the leader of Taraf de Haidouks (Band Of Outlaws) (They did,"Ballad Of The Dictator") Worked with The Kronos Quartet and Yehudi Menuhin.

Fernando Murua Quintana (aka Fernandito) - Died 9-3-2002 in Vitoria, Gasteiz, Spain - Heart attack or a cerebral hemorrhage ( Punk Rock ) Born 6- ?-1962  - Drummer - Was a member of La Polla Records.

Pee Wee Parham  (Alvin Maurice Parham) - Died 9-4-2002 in San Jose, CA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 9-20-1932 - Guitarist, singer and bandleader (He did,"People Are Wonderin'") - Worked with Jimmy McCracklin, Johnny Parker and his one time wife, singer, Sugar Pie DeSanto (They did,"One Two Let's Rock" and "Just A Few Little Words").

Austin Lowe - Died 9-4-2002 in Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Heart attack while performing at The Limestone City Blues Festival ( Blues ) Singer - Was a member of The Commotionaires.

Hasse Carlsson - Died 9-4-2002 ( Rock ) Singer - Born 2-19-1965 - Was a member of Noice (They did, " Television " and " Du Lever Bara En Gang ").

Miss Inez (Inez Lackey Teddlie) - Died 9-5-2002 in Dallas, TX, U.S. ( Organist ) Born 6-10-1911 in Cave Springs, Ark., U.S. - Singer, pianist and organist - A pioneer for organ music at professional baseball games.

Frank Hewitt - Died 9-5-2002 in N.Y., N.Y., U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 10-23-1935 in Queens, NY, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Howard McGhee, Billie Holiday, John Coltrane, Clarence "C" Sharpe, Cecil Payne, Dinah Washington and Ari Roland .

Peter Tetteroo - Died 9-5-2002 in Delft the Netherlands - Liver cancer ( Pop - R&B ) Born 8-7-1947 - Singer (He did,"When I Needed You So" and "The Magic Lantern") Was a member of The Defenders,  Peter & Polle (They did,"I  Can't Live Without You") and The Shats who changed their name to Tee Set (They did,"Ma Belle Amie" and "If You Do Believe In Love").

Charles McGhee (Charles E. McGhee) - Died 9-5-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 10-10-1942 in Laurel, Mississippi, U.S. - He composed and played trumpet - Worked with Charles Mingus, Pearl Bailey, Lionel Hampton, Lou Rawls, Dee Dee Bridgewater, Max Roach, Frank Foster, Dona Carter, Roland Kirk and Eubie Blake.

Alan Brandt - Died 9-6-2002 - Cancer ( Lyricist - Playwright - Actor ) Born 10-20-1923 in Brooklyn (He wrote,"That's All") His songs have been recorded by Frank Sinatra, Judy Garland, Peggy Lee, Mel Torme and Tony Bennett - He also wrote the Off-Broadway play, "2 1/2 Jews".

Chris Rice (Harold Christopher Rice) - Died 9-6-2002 in Orlando, FL, U.S. - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 2-9-1973 in Alabama - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Denizens (They did, "Backdrop" and "Who And What We Are") and 3AE (They did,"Beyond The Sun" and "I Will Find You").

Butch Hamilton (aka Kenny Hamilton) (Kenneth Hamilton) - Died 9-6-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) He was 65 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Sonics, The Five Wings, The Five Sins and  The Bop-Chords (They did, "Castle In The Sky" and "When I Woke Up This Morning").

Erma Franklin (Erma Vernice Franklin) - Died 9-7-2002 in northwest Detroit, MI, U.S. - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 3-13-1938 in Shelby, Miss., U.S. - Singer (She did,"Gotta Find Me A Lover (24 Hours A Day)" and was nominated for a Grammy for, "Piece Of My Heart")  She was a member of The Cleo-Patretts - Worked with Lloyd Price and her sister Aretha Franklin ("Respect" and "One Lord, One Faith, One Baptism").

Ike Burke - Died 9-7-2002 in Tennessee, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 11-25-1912 - Singer - He was a founding member of The Olive Branch Singers.

Bob Price - Died 9-8-2002 - Cancer that spread from a kidney problem ( Jazz ) Born 1938 - Played double bass - Worked with The Canadian Jazz Quartet, The Spitfire Band and pianist Norm Amadio.

Murray Lauder - Died 9-8-2002 - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 1919 - Played double bass - Studio musician- Worked with Nimmons'N'Nine, The Canadian Opera Company Orchestra and Paul Grosney - Appeared regularly on radio and TV.

Pearlee Toliver (Pearlee H. Toliver) - Jewel of the dial - Died 9-9-2002 in Monroe, LA, U.S.- Heart attack ( Radio Announcer - Manager ) Born 5-2-1918 in Drew, Miss., U.S. - She was known for her quirky sing-song banter of doing radio ads - She co-managed, with with H.P. Gipson, the gospel group The Jordan Singers - She appeared in the Robert Mugge documentary, Rhythm 'n Bayous.

Cyrinda Foxe-Tyler (Kathleen Hetzekian) - Died 9-9-2002 - Brain cancer (Actress - Writer ) Born 1951 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. - She wrote the book, "Dream On" about her life with former husband Steve Tyler - She was the inspiration for David Bowie's, "The Jean Genie" - She appeared in Andy Warhol's movie, "Bad" - She was married to musician and artist Keith Waa and had been married to singer David Johansen (aka Buster Poindexter).

Ken Rosene - Died 9-10-2002 - Shot himself ( Concert Promoter - Writer ) He was one of Hawaii's three top concert promoters - He was a freelance writer for periodicals, including Rolling Stone.

Tanjore Viswanathan - Died 9-10-2002 in Connecticut, U.S. - Heart attack ( Indian Music ) Born 8-15-1926 in India - Flutist, singer and an authority on Indian music - He founded the Navaratri Festival, one of the nation's oldest festivals of Indian dance and music and lead the music department of Madras University.

Eddie Bush (Edward G. Bush) - Died 9-10-2002 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 9-6-1935 - Played the Ukulele (He released the album, "A Man And His Ukulele") Appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson - Worked with Winston Tan.

Kevin Glenn Schafer - Died 9-10-2002 - Motorcycle crash ( Jazz ) Born 12-15-1963 - Played saxophone, flute, and clarinet - Was the leader of Schafer's Baja Blues Band.

Marilyn Doty-Sorci - Died 9-11-2002 ( Country - Classical ) Born 5-1-1922 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Harpist and fiddler - Worked with Michael Simms, Kelly Fleming, Loren Miller, Brad Evans and The Fruit Jar Pickers Of Rough & Ready.

Homer Callahan (Homer C. Callahan) (aka Bill Callahan) - Died 9-12-2002 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Country ) Born 3-12-1912 in  Laurel, NC, U.S. - Singer and yodeller who played  bass, guitar and mandolin (He did,"My Good Gal Has Thrown Me Down) He was half the duo of The Callahan Brothers (They did,"She's My Curly Headed Baby") They started the Big D Jamboree which featured Roy Acuff, Ernest Tubb, Elvis Presley and others.

Juvenal Gomez - Died 9-12-2002 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rock - Jazz ) Drummer - Worked with Gene Vincent And His Blue Caps ("Git It") and Eddie Cochran.

L.J. Foret (Lawrence Joseph Foret) - Died 9-12-2002 - Cancer ( Cajun ) Born 6-30-1930 - Singer and songwriter, played drums, guitar and fiddle (He did,"Little Red Dress" and "The Little Girl From Houma") Was a member of The Town Serenaders and led L.J. Foret And His Country Boys - Father of musician Ronnie Foret - The Cajun Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Raymond Thompson (Raymond John Thompson) - Died 9-12-2002 in Ventura, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Sound Engineer ) Born 1942 - He worked on the albums, "Frampton Comes Alive" and "The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl", TV specials featuring Al Hirt and Neil Diamond and recorded Jimi Hendrix and Groucho Marx - He also was an audio mixer and a chief remote engineer-mixer.

Martin Jones - Died 9-12-2002 ( Rock ) Born 1939 in Folkestone, Kent, England - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Five Stars Skiffle Band and The Travellers who changed their name to Satan And The Zombies and then to The Sundowners (They did, "Baby Baby" and "House Of The Rising Sun").

Thermon Ruth - Died 9-13-2002 in Far Rockaway, NY, U.S. ( Gospel - R&B ) Born 3-6-1914 in Pomaria, SC, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Selah Jubilee Singers (aka The Sons of Heaven) (They did, "Take My Hand Precious Lord" and "Wasn't That An Awful Time At Pearl Harbor"), The Larks (They did, "My Reverie" and "When I Leave These Prison Walls") and The Harmonizing Five ("That Awful Day In Dallas") - United In Group Harmony Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Lolita Torres (Beatriz Mariana Torres) - Died 9-14-2002 - Complications from a lung infection ( Spanish Folk ) Born 1930 - (She sang, "Te lo juro yo" (I Swear It To You) and "Gitano Jesus" (Gypsy Jesus)) - She also was one of Argentina's top actresses - Mother of pop singer, Diego Torres.

Charlie Gibney (Charles A. Gibney Jr.) (aka Mr. Budweiser) - Died 9-14-2002 in Lutherville - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 4-22-1918 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Played trombone - He led The Charlie Gibney Orchestra.

Paul "Hucklebuck" Williams - Died 9-14-2002 in New York City, NY, U.S. ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 7-13-1915 in Lewisburg, TN, U.S. - Saxophonist and bandleader (He did,"35-30" and "The Hucklebuck") Worked with Lucky Millinder, Danny Cobb and Wild Bill Moore.

Loranzy Leger - Died 9-15-2002 ( Musician ) Born 1917 - Was the leader of Loranzy Leger And The Friendly Playboys.

Doug Clark - Died 9-16-2002 in Chapel Hill, NC, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 6-18-1936 in Chapel Hill, NC, U.S. - Drummer - He was a member of The Tops, The Doug Clark Combo and The Hot Nuts (They did,"Baby Let Me Bang Your Box" and "Roly Poly").

Tony Martinez - Died 9-16-2002 in Las Vegas - Natural causes ( Bandleader - Actor ) Born 1-27-1920 in San Juan, Puerto Rico - He led Tony Martinez And His Mambo-USA - His band appeared in the movie, "Rock Around The Clock" - He wrote music for the movies María Cristina and La Niña Popoff  - He portrayed Pepino Garcia on TV's, "The Real McCoys" and Sancho Panza in the musical Man of La Mancha.

Dodo Marmarosa (Michael Marmarosa) - Died 9-17-2002 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 12-6-1925 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Johnny "Scat" Davis, Gene Krupa, Buddy DeFranco, Sidney Block, Charlie Barnet ("The Moose" and "Strollin"), Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Buddy Rich.

Philip Mruk - Died 9-17-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 9-17-1928 - Played trombone, violin, piano and was an arranger and director - Was a member of The Top-Hatters - He co-founded The Tommy Phillips Band - Worked with The Swing Quartet and Bobby Vinton.

Victor L. Soward - Died 9-17-2002 in Milwaukee, WI, U.S. - Complications of a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 6-25-1947 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S. - Percussionist - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Adekola Adedapo, Berkeley Fudge, Stanley Turrentine, Grover Washington, Anita Baker, Al Jarreau, Richard Davis, Mel Rhyne and Manty Ellis.

Dave Holladay (David Blanchette) - Died 9-17-2002 in Charleston, SC, U.S. - Jumped from a hotel window ( Country ) Born 1958 - Singer and guitarist.

Magi Stefanovic (Margita Stefanovic) - Died 9-18-2002 in Belgrade, Serbia ( Rock ) Born 4-1-1959 in Belgrade, Serbia - Keyboardist - Was a member of Ekatarina Velika and EQV - Worked with Kurajberi, Glisers, Zion Banda, Elektricni Orgazam and Direktori.

Gao Feng - Died 9-19-2002 in Beijing, China - Pneumoncystis carinii pneumonia ( Pop ) Born 1967 - Singer and songwriter (He did,"Big China") He wrote songs for Andy Lau and Tian Zhen.

Nils Stevenson - Died 9-20-2002 in London, England ( Manager ) Born 2-23-1953 in London, England - Worked for The Sex Pistols, Siouxie And The Banshees, The World's Famous Supreme Team, Neneh Cherry and Malcolm McLaren - He co-wrote the book, "Vacant" with his brother photographer Ray Stevenson.

Peter Kowald - Died 9-21-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 1944 in Thüringen - Played double-bass and tuba - Worked with Evan Parker, Irène Schweizer, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Leo Smith, Günter Baby Sommer, Pierre Favre and many others - Member of The London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Slim Slaughter (Percy Slaughter) - Died 9-21-2002 - Lou Gehrig's disease - Born 9-30-1916 outside of Hattiesburg, Miss., U.S. - Pianist and political activist -  Father in-law of Huey P. Newton

Betty Lane Harris (aka Maggie A. Brooks) - Died 9-21-2002 in Las Vegas - Natural causes ( Singer ) Born 7-18-1920 - She was a member of Larry Funk Band and The Harris Trio - She was a regular on Your Hit Parade and The Kate Smith Show and had her own radio show, "The Song Bird Of The South - Was a longtime receptionist for Daily Variety.

Idris Mazali - Died 9-21-2002 in Singapore - Motorcycle accident ( Rock ) Born 1964 - Bassist - Was a member of Gingerbread and Energy.

Jimmy Stoneman (Oscar James Stoneman) - Died 9-22-2002 in Smyrna, TN, U.S. - Complications of Lou Gehrig's disease ( Country ) Born 3-8-1937 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Played upright bass, fiddle and guitar and sang - Was a member of The Stoneman Family (They did,"Tupelo Country Jail," and "The Five Little Johnson Girls") Son of Pop and Hattie Stoneman.

Harriet Joslyn (Harriet Burnstine Joslyn) - Died 9-22-2002 ( Manager ) Born 9-16-1914 - She managed trumpeter Harry "Sweets" Edison and pianist Errol Garner.

Donald Nielsen - Died 9-22-2002 - Leukemia ( Music Innovator ) Born 4-27-1928 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Designer of audio systems - He provided concert audio for Bill Graham Productions, Santana and Jimi Hendrix and was the sound man for The Smothers Brothers national tour - He later installed sound systems in houses of worship - He was a was a lifetime member of The Audio Engineering Society.

Rosa Lee Smooth - Died 9-22-2002 ( Gospel ) Born 1937 - She was the matriarch of The The Dynamic Smooth Family.

Gene Beecher - Died 9-23-2002 in Lakeland, Fla., U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 7-31-1909 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Played banjo, guitar and was a bandleader - Worked with Artie Shaw - Was married to singer Lois Dustin.

Sid Hoff - Died 9-23-2002 in Alameda ( Jazz - Classsical ) Born 8-25-1913 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Violinist, bassist and band leader - Led the Sid Hoff orchestra and worked with The San Francisco Symphony.

Tim Rose - Died 9-24-2002 in London, England - After surgery for bowel cancer ( Folk - Rock ) Born 9-23-1940 in Washington DC , U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Hey Joe" and "Morning Dew") Was a member of The Smoothies (with John Phillips and Scott McKenzie), half of the duo Michael And Timothy and also was a member of The Big Three (with James Hendricks and Cass Elliot) (They did, "Winken, Blinken And Nod" and "Dark As A Dungeon") - Worked with Russ Kunkle, John Bonham, Aynsley Dunbar, Pete Seers, Alex Damovsky, Eric Weissberg, John McVie and Andy Summers.

Bud Shaffer (Lionel B. Shaffer) - Died 9-24-2002 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 8-1-1918 - Played saxophone, clarinet and flute - He was a founding member of The Main Street Sound - He also was a doctor, earning his medical degree in 1943.

Ricky Jago - Died 9-?-2002 ( Jazz - Latin ) Born 1919 in Dartmouth - Pianist - Worked with singer Pat Osborn.

J.A. "Bobe Wes" Balthrop - Died 9-26-2002 in Dallas, TX, U.S. ( Song Writer ) Born 2-29-1928 - Guitarist - He wrote songs for Elvis Presley ("It Won't Seem Like Christmas (Without You)"), Dean Martin ("Blue Memories") and Jim Reeves ("You're Slipping Away From Me") - Worked with Lefty Frizzell ("It Costs Too Much To Die") and Willie Nelson.

Gabriel Julian (Gabriel J. Julian) - Died 9-28-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 10-3-1912 in Newark, NJ, U.S. - Play piano - He arranged music for Glenn Miller and the CBS and the NBC television networks - Worked with The 100th Infantry Division Band and Bobby Byrne - Founded The University of Alabama Cavaliers Jazz Ensemble.

Ronald Buckley (Lil' Bout It) (Ronald L. Buckley) - Died 9-28-2002 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S. - Rabies encephalitis which officials believe to be from a bat ( Rap ) Born 3-13-1982 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, U.S. - (He releleased a CD, "To Live And To Die For").

Morne Van Biljon - Died 9-28-2002 in Windhoek, Namibia - After experiencing breathing problems ( Jazz ) He was 29 years old - Saxophonist - Was a member of Minus Five Plus Seven - Son of choir conductor Ernst Van Biljon.

Ray Flerlage (John Raeburn Flerlage) - Died 9-28-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Complications from an infection ( Photographer ) Born in 7-13-1915 Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. - He took pictures of Willie Dixon, Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters and others - His photos can be seen in the book, "Blues Legends" and in his own book, "Chicago Blues As Seen From The Inside".

Norma Dugas Minyard - Died 9-28-2002 ( Ragtime ) Born 1905 - Pianist - She worked with her son Dr. Frank Minyard.

Ellis Larkins (Ellis Lane Larkins) - Died 9-29-2002 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Pneumonia after a long illness ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 5-15-1923 in West Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Pianist - He backed Mildred Bailey, Anita Ellis, Ruby Braff, Sylvia Syms, Joe Williams, Helen Humes, Harry Belafonte and Ella Fitzgerald.

Daniel Lenzini (Daniel A. Lenzini) - Died 9-29-2002 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Kidney and heart failure ( DJ - Producer ) Born 5-23-1963 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Singer and songwriter -  He was a member of the rock-blues band The Wild Bunch.

Kerry Murray (Kerry Baugh) - Died 9-29-2002 - Cancer of the sinus ( Pop - Rock ) Born 1976 - Singer and keyboardist - She was a member of Ironic and Abba Kadabbara - She also was a music teacher -  Wife of musician Hayden Murray.

Mickey Newbury (Milton Sim Newbury, Jr.) - Died 9-29-2002 in in Springfield, OR, U.S. - After a long illness ( Country - Folk ) Born 5-19-1940 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Songwriter and singer - (He did, "An American Trilogy" and "Nights When I Am Sane") - (He wrote Kenny Rogers & The First Edition's, "Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In)" and Jerry Lee Lewis', "She Even Woke Me Up To Say Goodbye") - He wrote over 500 songs which have been recorded by Don Gibson, Tom Jones, Waylon Jennings, Eddy Arnold, Andy Williams, Joan Baez, B.B. King, Elvis Presley, Ray Charles and others - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ronnie Giles (aka Gibbs) - Died 9-30-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1952 - Bassist - Was a member of Southside, Focus and The Echoes.

Miles Miles - Died 10-?-2002  ( Experimental - Industrial ) Guitarist - Was a member of Bourbonese Qualk.

Thomas Phale - Died 10-?-2002 in Daveyton on the East Rand - After a short illness ( Soul ) Born 11-18-1945 - He was a member of The Soul Brothers.

Gennadiy Migunov - Died 10-?-2002 - Was a member of  Altair and Kolokola.

Steve Darling - Died 10-?-2002 ( Psychedelic ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Bow Street Runners (They did,"Spunky Monkey" and "Steve's Jam").

Laura Ani Gavoor - Died 10-2-2002 in Royal Oak, MI, U.S. - Brain aneurysm ( Promoter ) Born 5-19-1958 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - She owned and ran Yin-Sight Management which marketed artists and their music - Credited with spreading the electronic sound called Detroit techno, characterized by its  beats per minute (130 to a frenetic 200) She was also a dancer with The Writhm Dance Company.

Tex Grimsley (Ennis Marcel Grimsley) - Died 10-2-2002 ( Country ) Born 1-17-1917 - Fiddler - (He co-wrote,"I'm Walking The Dog") Worked with Webb Pierce (I'll Forgive And Forget"), The Bailes Brothers, The Tennessee Mountain Boys, Kitty Wells, The Mercer Brothers, Hank Williams, Uncle Tex And The Texas Showboys and The New Red River Ramblers.

Kaare Evensen Jr. (aka Whitewind) - Died 10-2-2002 in Ignacio, Colorado, U.S. ( Native American Music ) Born 5-7-1959 in Durango, Colorado, U.S. - Flute player (He did,"White Squirrel Dancer" and "Voice Of The Mountain").

Dalvanius Prime - Died 10-3-2002 - Cancer ( Maori ) Singer, producer and entertainer - He was a member of The Patea Maori Club (They did,"E Poi E" and "Hei Konei Ra") He also fought for the return of the preserved tattooed Maori heads (known as toi moko) to New Zealand, which were held by overseas museums.

Ruth M. Schubel Boysen - Died 10-3-2002 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Complications from colon surgery ( Country - Choral ) Born 3-26-1918 - She was a singer on The Old American Barn Dance show and with The PTA Mothers Chorus.

Leon Sekur - Died 10-?-2002 in Freeport, NY, U.S.  - Cancer ( Promoter ) Born 9-25-1930 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - He and his wife Sandra created Time for Music Inc. which sponsored jazz concerts with artists including Marlene Verplank, Wynton Marsalis, The Louis Armstrong Legacy Group and many others.

Darryl DeLoach (Darryl James DeLoach) - Died 10-3-2002 in San Diego, CA, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-12-1947 in Santa Barbara County, CA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - He was the original singer for Iron Butterfly (They did,"You Can't Win" and "Gentle As It May Seem").

Money Ray (Eric Reynard Hoskins) - Died 10-3-2002 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Rap ) Born 9-30-1964 in Charlotte, N.C., U.S. - Worked with The Cold Crush Brothers.

Mauro Bruno (Mauro A. Bruno) - Died 10-3-2002 in Burbank, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Composer ) Born 11-25-1923 in Boston, MA, U.S. - Played trumpet and piano - He did the scores for TV's "Barnaby Jones", "The Streets Of San Francisco" and "Police Story" - Worked with The National Symphony Orchestra and arranged the music for the inaugural balls of U.S. Presidents Truman and Eisenhower and also arranged for The Platters and Tina Turner.

Marilyn J. Miller Gerold - Died 10-3-2002 near New Hope, PA, U.S. ( Singer - Actress ) Born 5-5-1926 - She sang with The Guy Lombardo Orchestra and Johnny Lang's Big Band - She appeared in the musical, "If The Shoe Fits" and founded The Make Believe Players, a children's theater group.

Bernard Scerri - Died 10-3-2002 ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 7-19-1966 in Floriana - Played guitar and bass - Worked with Sphynx, Man & White, The Diane Nalini Quartett, Charles City Gatt, Antoine Bonnici Soler, and Walter Vella.

Hap Mendelson (Stanley Mendelson) - Died 10-4-2002 - After a long illness ( Jazz ) Born 6-23-1923 - Pianist - Worked with The Dukes Of Dixieland, Ken Colyer, Raymond Burke, Sharkey Bonano, Jack Delaney, Johnny Wiggs and Louis Armstrong.

Julius Victor Tupa - Died 10-5-2002 - Cancer ( Polka - Western Swing ) Born 7-22-1931 - Guitarist and bass player - Was a member of The Sunnyland Sounds and The Sound Connection - He was the editor of The Texas Polka News.

Danny Vannelli (Daniel Vannelli) - Died 10-5-2002 in Arizona ( Jazz ) Born 8-14-1912 - Trumpeter - Worked with Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey, Frank Sinatra, Charlie Spivak, Peggy Lee and Buddy Rich.

Tops Cardone (Anthony S. Cardoni) - Died 10-6-2002 in Cleveland, OH, U.S.- Complications from abdominal cancer ( Polka - Pop ) Born 5-23-1921 - Played accordion (He recorded the album, "Me, Myself And I") Worked with Frankie Yankovic, Nancy Seibert and Doris Day.

Giuseppe Codeluppi - Died 10-6-2002 ( Punk Rock ) Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Raw Power (They did,"Burning Factory" and "You Are The Victim").

Pierangelo Bertoli (Pierangelo A. Bertoli) - Died 10-7-2002 ( Singer - Songwriter ) Born 11-5-1942 in Sassuolo, Italy (He did,"Vola Veliero" and "Maria Teresa").

Don Varner (Don Wilson Varner) - Died 10-7-2002 in Moreno Valley, CA, U.S. ( Soul - R&B - Gospel ) Born 6-25-1943 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He recorded, "You Left The Water Running" and co-wrote Sam & Dave's, "I Keep Holdin' On") - Worked with Quinn Ivy - Toured as the lead singer of The Johnny Otis Show and was a publisher with Ceevee Music Publishing - Husband of Francine Varner, publisher for Gospel Truth Music Publishing and was at one time married to singer Brenda Varner.

Randy Atcher - Died 10-9-2002 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 12-7-1918 in Tip Top, Hardin County, Kentucky, U.S. - Singer and guitarist (He did, "Happy, Happy Birthday" and "Get Yourself A Savings Bank") - He was the singing cowboy on TV's T-Bar-V  and also hosted The Hayloft Hoedown - Worked with The Ben Bern Orchestra.

Louis Topper - Died 10-9-2002 in New Brunswick, NJ, U.S. ( Musician ) Born 3-27-1933 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S.- Saxophonist - Performed in Broadway show bands and was a member of The Goldman Concert Band - He founded Topper Food Products.

Dominique Laboubee - Died 10-9-2002 - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 1957 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Dogs (They did, "The End Of The Gang" and "Hurricane Judith").

Teresa Graves - Died 10-10-2002 in Hyde Park, Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Fire in her home ( Actress - Singer ) Born 1-10-1949 in Houston, TX, U.S. - She was a member of The Doodletown Pipers - She acted on the TV series "Get Christie Love!" and appeared on "Rowan & Martin's Laugh-In".

Ralph Carlson - Died 10-10-2002 in Ottawa, Canada - Leukemia ( Country - Rock ) Born 1941 in Montreal, Canada - Singer, songwriter, producer and guitarist - Leader of Ralph Carlson & Country Mile (They did, "Thanks For The Dance" and "Lights Of Denver") and Bytown Bluegrass - Was a member of The Jive Rockets and Ron McMunn & His Country Cousins - Ottawa Valley Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Guadalupe DeLeon Sr. - Died 10-10-2002 in San Bernardino, CA, U.S. ( Nortea ) Born 6-28-1939 in Rock Spring, TX, U.S. - Singer and accordionist - Was a member of Los Imperiales.

Herbert N. Johnston Sr. - Died 10-10-2002 in Lower Gwynedd - Cancer ( Musician ) Born 1911 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played the trumpet and cornet and was a composer and arranger - He was the founder of The Philco Concert Band.

Larry Capone (Lawrence Theodore Capone) - Died 10-10-2002 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Complications from heart surgery ( Jazz ) Born 6-20-1927 in Washington - Saxophonist - Worked with Tiny Meeker - He played at U.S. President Eisenhower's, Kennedy's and Johnson's inaugural balls - Owner of Capone Music Company, giving music lessons and repairing instruments.

Abe Most - Died 10-10-2002 in Panorama City, Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 2-27-1920 in New York, NY, U.S. - Played clarinet, saxophone and sang - Worked with Les Brown, Nelson Riddle, Billy May, Henry Mancini and Tommy Dorsey - Brother of saxophonist Sam Most.

Eric Behling - Died 10-11-2002 - Car crash involved in a 45 vehicle pileup ( Rock ) Born 1964 - Drummer - He owned and ran Studio Underground - He can be heard on the theme music for radio's, Todd Behling's, Let's Talk NASCAR.

Ray Conniff (John R. Conniff) - Died 10-12-2002 in Escondido, CA, U.S. - After falling and hitting his head ( Orchestral Pop - Jazz ) Born 11-6-1916 in Attleboro, Mass., U.S. - Composer, trombone player and bandleader - Leader of The Ray Conniff Orchestra (They did, "'S Wonderful" and "Somewhere, My Love") - Worked with Dan Murphy's Musical Skippers, Bunny Berigan, Bob Crosby and Artie Shaw.

Joseph Ricardel - Died 10-12-2002 in Palm Beach ( Composer ) Born 10-18-1911 in New York, NY, U.S. - Played violin, piano, saxophone, trumpet and clarinet (He had a hit with, "The Wise Old Owl" and wrote, "Frim Fram Sauce" and "The Brooklyn Dodgers Jump").

Steven Webster (aka Webby) - Died 10-12-2002 in Bali, Indonesia - Terrorist blast in a Bali nightclub ( Manager ) Born 10-4-1961- Worked with punk band El Centro.

Chuck Swan (Charles E. Swan)- Died 10-12-2002 in Phoenix, Arizona, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 5-11-1935 in Rochester, NY, U.S. - He was an executive director of The American Federation Of Jazz Societies.

Nozomi Momoi - Died 10-12-2002 in Japan - She was stabbed in a murder suicide ( Pop ) Born 9-23-1981 - Singer and actress - She was a member of Minx - She also was a porn star.

Horace Logan (Horace Lee Logan Jr.) - Died 10-13-2002 in Victoria, Texas, U.S. - He had pancreatitis and acute respiratory distress syndrome ( Country ) Born 8-3-1916 in Mer Rouge, LA, U.S. - He produced the country music show "Louisiana Hayride" where Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash and Hank Williams got their first big break - He started the catch phrase, "Elvis has left the building".

Eileen Southern (Eileen Jackson Southern) - Died 10-13-2002 in Port Charlotte, Fla., U.S. - Complications of Alzheimer's disease ( Professor - Musicologist - Author ) Born 2-19-1920 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - Pianist - She wrote the books, "The Music Of Black Americans, A History" and "Biographical Dictionary Of Afro-American And African Musicians" - She was the first tenured black female professor at Harvard University.

Louis Williams Jr. - Died 10-13-2002 in Memphis, TN, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 2-24-1941 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer - He was a member of The Ovations (They did, "It's Wonderful To Be In Love" and "Touching Me").

Norbert Schultze (Norbert Arnold Wilhelm Richard Schultze) (aka Bomben-Schultze) - Died 10-14-2002 in Bad Tolz, Germany ( Composer ) Born 1-26-1911 in Braunschweig, Germany - Composer of music for films and television and wrote the music for Marlene Dietrich's trademark song, "Lili Marleen", a favorite anthem of both Allied and German soldiers in World War II - Father of keyboardist, Kristian Schultze.

Seymour Rexite (Seymour Rechtzeit) - Died 10-14-2002 in Greenwich Village, NY, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 1-18-1911 in Poland - Singer (He did, "Bring Me My Mother From The Other Side" and "Miami Beach Rhumba") - He would sing English pop songs in Yiddish - Acted in the Yiddish Theater - He was married to singer, actress Miriam Kressyn.

Ken Aitken - Died 10-14-2002 in Scarborough, England - Found floating in a hotel swimming pool ( Jazz ) Born 1924 - Played clarinet and saxophone - Member of The New Riverside Jazzmen.

Steve Hopgood - Died 10-14-2002 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Masters Apprentices (They did,"Living In A Child's Dream" and "Elevator Driver").

Derek Bell (George Derek Fleetwood Bell) (aka Ding Dong Bell) - Died 10-15-2002 in Phoenix, Ariz, U.S. - Hypertensive cardiomyopathy ( Irish Folk - Classical ) Born 10-21-1935 in Belfast, Ireland - Played Irish harp, dulcimer, oboe, harpsichord and keyboards (He did, "She Moved Through The Fair" and "Hillsborough Castle") - Was a member of The Chieftains (They did, "Dochas" and "John O'Connor And The Ode To Whiskey") - Worked with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and Elvis Costello.

Ramon Loper (Ramon Navarro Loper) - Died 10-16-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Gospel - R&B ) Born 11-25-1935 in Pennsylvania, U.S. - Baritone singer - Was a member of The  5 Keys - Worked with Nat King Cole and The Ink Spots.

Jack Dorner - Died 10-17-2002 - Lung disease ( Jazz ) Born 8-9-1923 - Was a member of The Retreads.

Tommy Loy (Lewis Thomas Loy) - Died 10-17-2002 in Plano, TX, U.S. - Pancreatic and liver cancer ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 5-10-1930 in Denison, TX, U.S. - Played trumpet and French horn and was a recording engineer - Was a member of Cell Block 7 and Ed Bernet And The Dixieland 7 - He opened The Dallas Cowboys home games with a solo trumpet rendition of the U.S. national anthem for 22 years.

Beecher Ray Kirby (aka Bashful Brother Oswald) - Died 10-17-2002 in Madison, TN, U.S. - Cancer? ( Country ) Born 12-26-1911 in Sevierville, Tenn., U.S. - Played dobro, guitar, banjo and sang - Was a member of Roy Acuff's Smoky Mountain Boys (They did, "The Precious Jewel" and "Oswald Dobro Chimes").

Sonny Seals (Steele L. Seals) - Died 10-17-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 7-24-1941 in Grand Rapids, MI, U.S. - Played tenor sax - Was a member of Yoko Noge And The Jazz Me Blues Band - Worked with B.B. King, Aretha Franklin, Natalie Cole and Louis Armstrong.

Henri Renaud - Died 10-17-2002 in Paris, France ( Jazz ) Born 4-20-1925 in Villedieu-sur-Indre, France - Pianist, composer and producer - Worked with Jean-Claude Fohrenbach, Dexter Gordon, Lester Young, Sarah Vaughan, Clifford Brown, Philly Joe Jones, Art Farmer, Gigi Gryce, Milt Jackson, Jimmy Cleveland and Quincy Jones.

Paul Owens - Died 10-17-2002 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Cancer ( Gospel - Soul ) Born 7-27-1924 in Greensboro, NC, U.S. - Singer -  Member of The Sensational Nightengales, The Dixie Hummingbirds (They did, "What Are They Doing In Heaven Today") and The Swan Silvertones - Worked with The Israelite Gospel Singers, The Evangelist Singers and The Baystate Gospel Singers- Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Carolee "Cappy" Caposella - Died 10-17-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Brain tumor ( Composer - Author - Ad Exec ) Born 1943 (She composed Laura Branigan's, "When The Heat Hits The Street" and co-wrote the theme song, "A Million Children" for movie A Place At The Table) - She wrote the musical "Grail".

Charles L. Domanico - Died 10-17-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1-20-1944 - Bassist and studio musician - Worked with Celine Dion, Henry Mancini, Frank Sinatra, Rod Stewart, Barbra Streisand and Bobby Darin - He played on the TV themes for Frazier, Cheers and MASH.

Roman Tam (Tam Pak Sin) - Died 10-18-2002 in Hong Kong - Liver cancer ( Cantopop ) Born 1950 in Guangxi, China - Singer and actor (He did, "Under The Lion Rock") - Was the leader of Roman And The Four Steps - Worked with Sam Din Ha - He recorded music for several popular television series.

Steve MacDonald - Died 10-18-2002 - Hung himself ( Death Metal ) Drummer - Was a member of Gorguts (They did,"The Quest For Equilibrium" and "The Erosion Of Sanity").

Donn Hecht (Donald Hecht) - Died 10-18-2002 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 4-18-1930 - Singer and songwriter (He co-wrote Patsy Cline's, "Walkin' After Midnight").

Alec Ramsdell (aka California Fingers) - Died 10-18-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Heroin overdose ( Jazz ) Born 12-3-1971 - Pianist and poet.

Pasquale Rocco (Pasquale B. Rocco) - Died 10-19-2002 in North Plainfield, NJ, U.S. ( Musician ) Born 12-15-1909 in New Britain, Conn., U.S. -  Member of The Buddy Rocco Trio - Worked with Louie Armstrong, Helen OConnell and Rob and Ray Eberle.

Hank Smith (Heinz Theodor Schmitz) - Died 10-?-2002 - Pneumonia ( Country ) Born 1934 in Germany (He recorded the album, "Country My Way").

Ron Wills - Died 10-?-2002 ( Record Exec - Producer ) Artist & Repertoire Manager for EMI - He produced Rick & Thel Carey, Slim Dusty, The Hawking Bros, Frank Ifield and Les Partell.

Joseph Sombers (Joseph G. Sombers) - Died 10-19-2002 in Morristown, NJ, U.S. ( Polka ) Born 2-5-1927 in Pringle, Pa., U.S. - Played accordion - Was the leader of Joe Sombers & His New Bavarian Band.

Teddy Layton - Died 10-19-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 4-19-1928 in London, England - Clarinettist and saxophonist - Worked with Al Casey, Sonny Morris, Andy Dickens, The Stane Street Jazz Band, Mike Daniels, The Mission Hall Jazz Band, Eric Silk, Wild Bill Davison and Nat Gonella.

Ragtime Bob (Robert Russel Darch) - Died 10-20-2002 in Springfield, MO, U.S. - Liver failure related to cancer ( Ragtime ) Born 3-31-1920 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Pianist - His repertoire included, "The Blues My Naughty Sweetie Gave To Me" and "Red Pepper Rag" - Credited with revival of ragtime - He was a founder of the Scott Joplin Ragtime Festival.

Gina Lee - Died 10-21-2002 in London, England - After a stroke ( Jazz ) Born 2-10-1943 Ilford, Essex - Double bassist - Worked with Bernie Bloom, Dick Laurie's Elastic Band, Diz Dizley, The Dirty Rats, The Mike Peters Band, Alan Swainston-Cooper, Geoff Foster's Little Easy Band, One More Time, Ian Howarth and Bill Parslow.

D. Antoinette Handy-Miller - Died 10-21-2002 in Jackson, MI, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Author ) Born 1931 - Played the flute - She wrote the books, "Black Women In American Bands And Orchestras" and "Jazz Man's Journey: A Biography Of Ellis Louis Marsalis, Jr." - She had been a director of the music program for The National Endowment for The Arts.

Anna King (Anna Dolores Williams) - Died 10-21-2002 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 12-9-1937 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer (She did, "Baby Baby Baby" with Bobby Byrd and "Make Up Your Mind" of which both songs appeared on the "James Brown's Original Funky Divas" album).

Ronnie Foret (Ronald Francis Foret) - Died 10-21-2002 - Esophagel cancer ( Country ) Born 11-27-1955 in Houma, LA, U.S. - Singer, drummer, keyboardist and guitarist - He was a member of  Southern Pride and Dakota - He also played for his father's band, Cajun Music Hall Of Famer, L.J. Foret who passed away only six weeks earlier.

Marian Bergeron (aka Marian Leeds) - Died 10-22-2002 ( Blues - Swing ) Born 1918 - She sang blues and sang with big bands including The Guy Lombardo Orchestra - She was crowned Miss America in 1933 at 15 years old and is considered the youngest woman to ever win the title.

Murphy Mahar (George Murphy Mahar) - Died 10-22-2002 in Sarasota, FL, U.S. - Run over by a tow truck while sleeping outside ( Rock - Reggae - Blues ) Born 1958 in Sarasota, U.S. - Guitarist and singer (He did, "Grandma's Tears" and "Siesta Key Beach").

Adolph Green - Died 10-23-2002 in Manhattan, New York, U.S. ( Songwriter ) Born 12-2-1914 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. (He co-wrote, "New York, New York" and "Make Someone Happy" with Betty Comden) - He also wrote screenplays for many musicals - Worked with Leonard Bernstein, Judy Holliday, Jule Styne and Cy Coleman - He was married to actress Phyllis Newman - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Richard Harris (Richard St. John Harris ) - Died 10-25-2002 in London, England - Hodgkin's disease ( Actor - Singer ) Born 10-1-1930 in Limerick, Ireland (He did,"MacArthur Park" and"If You Must Leave My Life") He sang the part of the Doctor in the orchestrated version of Tommy - Appeared in the movies "Camelot", "Harry Potter", "This Sporting Life" and "A Man Called Horse".

Cheryl Smith (aka Rainbeaux Smith) - Died 10-25-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications of hepatitis ( Rock ) Born 6-6-1955 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S.-  Drummer - Worked with Joan Jett - She also was an artist and an actress working in the films, Revenge Of The Cheerleaders, Drum, Caged Heat and many others.

Ade Bashorun (Anjorin 'Anjos' Adetola Bashorun) - Died 10-26-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 8-1-1916 - Percussionist and guitarist - Was a member of The West African Rhythm Brothers - Worked with Ayinde Bakare.

Tom Dowd (Thomas J. Dowd) - Died 10-27-2002 in Aventura, Florida, U.S. - After a respiratory disease ( Producer - Engineer ) Born 10-20-1925 in New York, NY , U.S. -  Played piano, tuba, violin and bass - Worked with The Allman Brothers, Ray Charles, Derek And The Dominos ("Layla") Aretha Franklin ("Respect"), Otis Redding, Neil Young, Charles Mingus, James Brown, Eric Clapton, John Coltrane ("Giant Steps"), Rod Stewart, Wilson Pickett, Cream, Lynyrd Skynyrd and many others - Credited with introducing the first eight track recorder into a major studio - He also was a physicist who worked on the Manhattan Project - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Aaron Christiano (Aaron G. Christiano) - Died 10-27-2002 in Avon, Livingston County, NY, U.S. - Single car crash ( Funk - Rock - Reggae ) Born 7-10-1981 - Singer, percussionist and guitarist - Was a member of Manaia.

Donald H. Janicek - Died 10-27-2002 - Heart attack ( Proprietor ) Born 7-26-1933 - Owner of Don's Record Shop for 42 years - He also ran a record label which included fight songs for The Houston Oilers football team.

Melea Danae McNair Walker (aka Beebo) - Died 10-28-2002 in Ohio - After surgery for a tubal pregnancy ( Blues ) Born 1978 -  Played bass - Was a member of Relatively Jammin' Blues - Great niece of Muddy Waters.

Calvin L. Wills - Died 10-29-2002 in Texas - Heart attack ( Gospel ) Born 2-27-1927 - Was a member of The Singing Wills Family - He was a co-founder of Sword And Shield Records.

Merritt Mortensen (Merritt Ernest Mortensen) - Died 10-29-2002 in Duluth, MN, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 10-19-1965 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Despots Of Despair, Road Kill Cafe, Les Cherry And The Mexican Prison Boys, Groundskeeper Willy, Ballyhoo and The Oscar Goldmann Overthrow Initiative (They did,"There's Gotta Be Earwigs" and "Plastic Chatty Cathy Doll").

Jim Roberts (James Talmadge Roberts) - Died 10-29-2002 in York, PA, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-29-1944 - Played guitar and mandolin -  He was a lyricist and a sometimes singer for Seatrain (They did,"13 Questions" and "Song of Job") - Worked with Bob Dylan and George Martin.

DJ Jam Master Jay (Jason Mizell) - Died 10-30-2002 in a studio in Queens, NY, U.S. - Shot ( Rap ) Born 1-21-1965 in New York, NY, U.S. - Producer, keyboardist and percussionist -  Was a member of Run-DMC (They did,"Rock Box" and "It's Tricky") - Worked with Aerosmith ("Walk This Way") - Produced The Real Roxanne and Onyx - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bill Robbins (William G. Robbins) - Died 10-30-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 2-15-1927 - Played trombone - Was a member of Ervin Hinkle's Band and The Straight Ahead Jazz Club - Worked with Loonis McGlohon and Billy Knauff.

Don Gooch (Donald R. Gooch) - Died 10-30-2002 ( Engineer ) Born 2-1-1939 - Worked with David Blue, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Jefferson Airplane, Fatt Cat Freddie and Terry Reid - He had been a recording engineer for Motown.

Claude "Juan" Johnson - Died 10-31-2002 ( Doo-Wop ) Born 11-24-1934 - Singer - Was a member of The Genies (They did, "Who's That Knocking") and was one half of the duo Don & Juan (They did,"What's Your Name").

Billy Burke (William T. Burke Jr.) - Died 11-1-2002 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Cancer ( Proprietor ) Born 12-30-1925 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Owner of the Jazz club, Mr. B's - He and Tony Davis started The Cool Jazz Sessions.

Edward L. Kensik Sr. - Died 11-1-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 8-11-1929 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Played trombone and sang - Was a member of The Johnny Long Orchestra, The Wright College Jazz Ensemble and The Chicago Park District's Horner Park Jazz Band - Played for U.S. President Harry S. Truman's inauguration.

Terry Hill (Terrance A. Hill) - Died 11-1-2002 in Knoxville, TN, U.S. - After a long illness ( Rock ) Born 12-31-1953 in Maryville, TN, U.S. - Guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer -  Was a member of Courageous Dong, Balboa, Wh-Wh, Godspeed, Plynth, Internal Herd, Jacqui And The Tumble Kings and Terry Hill And The Semi-Conductors.

Keneth Walker - Died 11-2-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. - Shot - Promoter - Worked with Hip Hop artist 50 Cent.

Lonnie Donegan (Anthony James Donegan) - Skiffle King - Died 11-3-2002 in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire, England - Heart attack ( Skiffle - Pop - Jazz ) Born 4-29-1931 in Bridgetown, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland - Guitarist, banjo player and singer - (He did, "Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavor (On The Bedpost Overnight)" and "Rock Island Line") - Led The Lonnie Donegan Skiffle Group - Worked with Van Morrison, Ken Colyer's Jazzmen and Chris Barber's Jazz Band.

Matt Betton - Died 11-3-2002 in Loveland, Colorado, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-14-1913 in Kansas - He was the leader of The Matt Betton Orchestra - International Association For Jazz Education Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Christian Boulé - Died 11-3-2002 ( Rock ) Born 1951 - Guitarist - Worked with Steve Hillage and Cyrille Verdeaux.

Vanessa Cavanagh - Died 11-3-2002 - Car crash ( Actress - Singer ) Born 1983 - She sang at The London Palladium and in the musicals, Annie, Bugsy and Grease and also sang a duet with Mark from the band A1 - She acted on TV's, The Biz' - A posthumous record by her will be released by her family.

Georgie Cook (George J. Cook) - Died 11-4-2002 ( Polka - Jazz ) Born 12-2-1909 - Played banjo and was a composer - (He did, "Where Did Robinson Crusoe Go With Friday On Saturday Night?" and "Keystone Polka") - Worked with Matt Hoyer, Shorty Kalister, Valentine Turk, Kenny Bass, Eddie Habat, Joe Kusar, Dennis Tatimor, Walter Ostanek and Frankie Yankovic ("Just Because" and "Blue Skirt Waltz") - National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Surya Booty (Surya Booty Jacobs) - Died 11-5-2002 - Illness after an operation ( Musician ) Born 1954 (He composed Sheila Majid's, "Pengemis Muda") Also wrote songs for Azlina Aziz, Raja Ema, M. Rizal and Febians - Son of actress Kasma Booty.

Buddy Walker (Weldon Walker) - Died 11-5-2002 - Gastric cancer ( Country ) Born 1-1-1925 - Singer, guitarist and songwriter (He did,"Bordertown Fiesta") - He was a regular on The Big D Jamboree.

Vinnette Carroll (Vinnette J. Carroll) - Died 11-5-2002 in Lauderhill, FL, U.S. - Complications from diabetes and heart disease ( Director - Actress - Playwright ) Born 3-11-1922 - She conceived and directed the musicals "Your Arms Too Short To Box With God" and "When Hell Freezes Over, I'll Skate" - She was the first black woman to direct on Broadway.

Billy Mitchell (William Joseph Mitchell Jr.) - Died 11-5-2002 in Washington, DC, U.S. - After strokes, he had colon cancer ( R&B ) Born 1-30-1931 in  Washington, DC, U.S. - Tenor singer - Was a member of The Clovers (They did,"Love Potion No. 9" and "Cash Ain't Nothin' But Trash") Worked with trumpeter Joe Morris - The Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Billy Guy (Frank William Phillips) - Died 11-5-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. - Heart attack ( R&B ) Born 6-20-1936 in Itasca, Hill County, Texas, U.S. - Baritone singer - Was an original member of The Coasters (They did,"Searchin" and "Young Blood") and was half of the duo Bip And Bop (They did,"Ding Dong Ding") Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jerry Goodis - Died 11-8-2002 in Chilliwack, BC - Cancer ( Folk ) Born 6-25-1929 in Toronto, Canada - He was a  founding member of The Travellers - He co-authored the Canadian version of "This Land Is Your Land" in 1955.

Roland Fretz - Died 11-8-2002 in Sellersville - Complications from cancer ( Musician ) Born 8-3-1925 - Played accordion and piano and was a singer - Led The 4 Plus One Quartet and was a member of Fiddlin' Bob And His Musical Pals - He also performed in a one man band - Owner of Fretz Music Center for over 33 years.

Tracy Coley - Died 11-9-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications after surgery ( Singer - Actor ) Born 1964 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. - He sang as an opening act for Whitney Houston and Natalie Cole - He acted on TV's, "The Wayan Brothers", "Martin" and "The Jamie Foxx Show".

Judy Trejo (Judy Sam Trejo) - Died 11-9-2002 - Natural causes ( Native American Music ) Born 1940 in Alturas, CA, U.S. - She released the albums, "Circle Dance Songs Of The Paiute And Shoshone" and "Stick Game Songs Of The Paiute."

Merlin Santana - Died 11-9-2002 in South Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Shot while sitting in a parked car ( Actor ) Born 3-14-1976 in New York, NY, U.S. - Acted on The Steve Harvey Show, Major Dad, Moesha and The Cosby Show - He recorded three rap albums which have yet to be released.

Chris Fuller - Died 11-9-2002 in Umberleigh, England - Heart attack while performing ( Musician - Journalist ) Born 1960 - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of Viking Blond - He was a public relations consultant for Warner Bros. Records and a writer for Music And Media and Variety.

Johnny Griffith (John Ellis Griffith Jr.) - Died 11-10-2002 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 7-10-1936 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Keyboardist - (He can be heard on, "Wonderful One" and The Supremes', "Stop In The Name Of Love") He was one of The Funk Brothers - Worked with Aretha Franklin, Sarah Vaughn and Dinah Washington.

Dean Jensen (Dean M. Jensen) - Died 11-10-2002 near West Liberty, Iowa, U.S. - His car hit a pole ( Rock ) Born 7-17-1956 - Singer and keyboardist - Worked with The Ashram Band, Lock Speed, Headwinz, The Daily Planet and The Spoonbills (They did,"Party 'Til The Cows Come Home" and "Next Time You See Me").

George Rios (George N. Rios) - Died 11-10-2002 in Reno, Nevada, U.S. - Car crash ( Rock ) Born 10-28-1951 - Guitarist, drummer and singer.

Gordon Cruickshank (James Gordon Cruickshank) - Died 11-10-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 9-12-1949 - Saxophonist - Was a member of The Memphis Road Show, Head, The Kyle-Keddie Sextet and had been a musical director for Tam White And The Dexters - He hosted BBC Radio Scotland's, Take The Jazz Train.

John Sidney - Died 11-?-2002 in Hobart ( Pianist ) Born 1927 (He did,"Van Diemen Rag") He appeared on TV's, "Teatime Tunes" - Worked with Peter Richman.

Gordon Cruickshank (James Gordon Cruickshank) - Died 11-11-2002 in York, England ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 9-12-1949 in Edinburgh, Scotland - Played saxophone and flute - Was a member of Head - Worked with Carol Kidd.

Johannes Kerkorrel (Ralph John Rabie) - Died 11-12-2002 at Kleinmond near Hermanus - Hung himself ( Alternative ) Born in Johannesburg - Singer (He did,"halala afrika" and "ballade van 'n mynwerker") Was a member of The Gereformeerde Blues Band - Worked with Nataniel, Koos Kombuis and Gerrit Schoonhoven.

Bill Berry (William Richard Berry) - Died 11-13-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 9-14-1930 in Benton Harbour, Mich., U.S. - Cornettist and bandleader - Worked with Don Strickland, Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Woody Herman, The Louie Bellson Big Band, Stan Kenton, The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Orchestra and The Merv Griffin Show band.

Roland Hanna (Roland Pembroke Hanna) (aka Sir Roland Hanna) - Died 11-13-2002 in Hackensack, NJ, U.S. - Viral infection of the heart  ( Jazz ) Born 2-10-1932 in Detroit, MI, U.S. -  Played piano and cello (He composed,"Oasis") - Worked with Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus, Coleman Hawkins, The Thad Jones-Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra, The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra and The Smithsonian Jazz Masterworks Orchestra.

Michael Stewart (Michael Gassen Stewart)- Died 11-13-2002 in Sacramento, CA, U.S. - After a long illness ( Folk - Rock ) Born 4-19-1945 in Riverside, CA, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist -  Was a member of The Ridgerunners who changed their name to We Five (They did, "You Were On My Mind" and "Let's Get Together") and West (They did,"Donald Duck") - He produced Tom Jones, Kenny Rankin, Amad Jama and Billy Joel's, "Piano Man" album - He later worked in the world of computer music creating the Session8 Digital Audio Workstation, the Human Clock and the Impulse Drum Trigger for PCs - Brother of musician John Stewart.

Cecil Fletcher (Cecil L. Fletcher) - Died 11-13-2002 in Davenport, Iowa, U.S. ( Folk ) Born 7-8-1918 in LeClaire, Iowa, U.S. - Played trumpet, accordion and bass fiddle - He also was a songwriter, historian and author.

Nancie Banks (Nancy Manzuk) - Died 11-13-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 7-29-1951 in Morgantown, West Virginia, U.S. - Singer, composer and producer - Led The Nancie Banks Orchestra (They did, "Chelsea Bridge" and "Tempus Fugit") - Worked with Lionel Hampton, Dexter Gordon, Woody Shaw, Sadik Hakim, Duke Jordan, Jon Hendricks and others - Wife of trombonist, Clarence Banks.

Alexander Djomin - Died 11-14-2002 - Illness ( Bard - Blues ) Born 1962.

Pete Charles (Peter Charles Picatagi) - Died 11-14-2002 in Ft Lauderdale Florida ( Rock )  Born 11-24-1952 - Drummer - Was a member of Ram Jam (They did, "Black Betty" and "Pretty Poison").

George Barrie - Died 11-16-2002 in Aventura, FL, U.S. - Pneumonia ( Songwriter ) Born 2-9-1912 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - (He co-wrote, "All That Love Went To Waste" with Sammy Cahn) One time CEO of Faberge Inc. - He produced the movies, "A Touch Of Class" and "Nasty Habits".

Ray Avery - Died 11-17-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Photographer ) Born 1920 in Canada - Well know for his jazz photography, his photos also appeared on album covers - Worked as a photographer for TV's,"The Stars Of Jazz" - He also was a record store owner.

Pete Yonko (Peter Yonko) - Died 11-17-2002 ( Rock ) Born 7-5-1942 - Guitarist - Worked with The Bossmen.

Bill Brunskill  - Died 11-18-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 2-2-1920 - Played guitar and trumpet - Was a member of Bob Dawbarn's Barnstormers and led his own band.

Philip Socci - Died 11-19-2002 Long Island, NY, U.S. - After a long illness following spinal surgery ( Writer ) Born 9-26-1953 - As a singer-songwriter he performed as as Little Melvin - Best know for his National Lampoon satire, a Volkswagen ad parody involving Ted Kennedy.

Mark Pluchinsky (Mark A. Pluchinsky) - Died 11-19-2002 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Colon cancer ( Rock - Country ) Born 2-8-1965 - Guitarist - Was a member of Catballou, Dharma Sons and The Fabulous Gunslingers - He also was a photojournalist working for Whirl magazine.

Aaron Epstein - Died 11-19-2002 ( Swing ) Played saxophone - Was a member of The Five Moods - Father of Kathie Lee Gifford.

   Kelly Minnick (aka Kellogg) - Died 10-19-2002 ( Rock ) Guitarist and singer - Worked with The Frut (They did, "Prison Of Love" and "Send Me Down").

Margaret Williams Flournoy - Died 11-20-2002 in Woodbridge ( Jazz ) Born 1920 - Singer - She also was a radio personality and dancer.

Webster Lewis (Webster Samuel Lewis Jr.)- Died 11-20-2002 in Barryville, NY, U.S. - Complications of diabetes ( Jazz ) Born 9-1-1943 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Pianist, clarinetist, conductor and arranger - Worked with Tony Williams' Lifetime, Michael Jackson, Barry White, Tom Jones, Thelma Houston The Love Unlimited Orchestra and Herbie Hancock - He conducted large jazz orchestras performing music by Marvin Gaye, Curtis Mayfield, Stevie Wonder and other African Americans.

Buddy Kaye (Jules Leonard Kaye) - Died 11-21-2002 in Rancho Mirage, CA, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 1-3-1918 in New York, NY, U.S. - Songwriter (He wrote,"Full Moon And Empty Arms" adapting it from a Rachmaninoff theme and "A' - You're Adorable (The Alphabet Song)") His songs were recorded by Perry Como, Frank Sinatra, Dusty Springfield, Les Brown, Doris Day, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington and Ella Fitzgerland - He co-wrote the theme to TV's, "I Dream Of Jeannie".

Hadda Brooks (Hattie L. Hopgood) - Queen of the Boogie  - Died 11-21-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - After open heart surgery ( R&B ) Born 10-29-1916 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Singer and pianist (She did,"That's My Desire" and "Swingin' The Boogie") She was the first black entertainer to host a television variety show - Rhythm & Blues Foundation Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Eldridge Fox (Eldridge L. Fox) (aka Foxy) - Died 11-21-2002 in Asheville, NC, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 7-10-1936 - Baritone singer, songwriter and pianist - Was a member of The Silvertones and The Kingsmen Quartet - Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ernie Hatfield (Ernest John Hatfield) - Died 11-21-2002 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 7-5-1914 in Chester, PA, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Worked with The Four Keys and Ella Fitzgerald.

Gary Snow (Gary E. Snow) - Died 11-22-2002 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - Complications from lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 6-26-1956 - Bassist - Worked with The Crash Street Kids, The Flamin' Ohs, Curtiss A's, The Jack Buzzards, Planet Melvin, The Pretty Uglies and Willie Murphy.

Taswell Baird Jr. (Taswell Joe Baird Jr.) (aka Little Joe)- Died 11-22-2002 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Died from injuries recieved while being robbed ( Jazz ) Born 6-24-1922 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Played Trombone - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Lena Horne, Ella Fitzgerald, Charlie Parker and Louis Armstrong.

Wally Kinnan (Henry W. Kinnan) - Died 11-22-2002 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Aortic aneurysm ( Jazz ) Born 3-7-1919 in Crooksville, Ohio, U.S. - Played trumpet - Worked with Jimmy Dorsey and Charlie Barnett - As a POW in Stalag Luft 3 at Sagan, Germany, he organized and led a prison band that played while the men dug an escape tunnel. The escape was immortalized in the book and movie, "The Great Escape".

Jane Thompson Hyde - Died 11-23-2002 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Stroke ( Classical - Blues - Jazz ) Born 12-19-1918 - Pianist, organist, composer and arranger.

Lillian Dunn Perry - Died 11-23-2002 in New Orlean, LA, U.S. ( Musician - Teacher ) Born 1914 - Pianist, organist and singer - Director and accompanist for The Robert Perry Singers - President of The B-Sharp Music Club for 25 years - She had been a director for The National Association Of Negro Musicians.

Mose Vinson Jr. - Died 11-23-2002 in Memphis, Tenn., U.S. - Diabetes ( Blues - Jazz - Gospel ) Born 6-2-1917 in Holly Springs, Miss., U.S. - Pianist - Worked with James Cotton, B. B. King and Booker T. Laury (They did, 'Blues With A Feeling" and "Sweet Root Man").

Bobby Forrester (Robert D. Forrester) - Died 11-23-2002 in New York, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 11-27-1947 in The Bronx, NY, U.S -  Organist - Worked with Ruth Brown, and Irene Reid.

Jackie Gayle - Died 11-23-2002 in Miami, FL, U.S. ( Comedian - Actor ) Born 3-1-1926 - He was a drummer for Sally Marr - As a comedian he was an opening act for Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones and Tina Turner and was a regular on Dean Martin's celebrity roasts.

Noel Regney (Leon Schlienger) - Died 11-24-2002 in Danbury, Conn. or Brewster, NY, U.S. - After a long battle with Pick's disease - Born 1922 in Strasbourg, France - Composer - (He wrote, "Dominique" and co-wrote, "Do You Hear What I Hear" with his wife Gloria Shayne) - His songs have been recorded by Jo Stafford, Eddie Fisher, James Darren, Bobbie Vinton, Danny Kaye, Doris Day and Marlene Dietrich - Worked with Lucienne Boyer.

Peter Whitaker - Died 11-24-2002 ( Actor - Singer ) Born 2-12-1921 - He toured with The George Mitchell Singers - Sang in musicals including South Pacific and was one of the singers in The Monty Python sketch, "I'm A Lumberjack" - He appeared in TV's Upstairs, Downstairs, Doctor Who and The Two Ronnies.

Steve Takenaga (Steve Masami Takenaga) - Died 11-25-2002 - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 10-31-1948 - Drummer.

Polo Montañez (Fernando Borrego Linares) - Died 11-26-2002 in Havana, Cuba - Head injuries due to a traffic accident ( Country ) Born 6-5-1955 in Sierra del Rosario, in western Pinar del Rio - Singer - (He did, "Un Monton de Estrellas (A Mountain Of Stars)" and "Guajiro Natural (An Ordinary Country Bloke)").

Stanley Black - Died 11-26-2002 in London, England ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 6-14-1913 in London, England - Pianist, composer and conductor - Worked with Coleman Hawkins ("Honeysuckle Rose"), Howard Jacobs, Joe Orlando, Lew Stone, Harry Roy, Maurice Winnick, Teddy Joyce, Maurice Burman and Benny Carter - He conducted the BBC Dance Orchestra - He scored over 200 movie's including, "Rhythm Racketeers" and Cliff Richard's, "The Young Ones".

Dave Ray (aka Snake) (James David Ray)- Died 11-28-2002 in St. Paul, MN, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Folk - Blues ) Born 8-17-1943 in St. Paul, MN, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - He was one third of the trio Koerner, Ray And Glover (They did,"Freeeze To Me, Mama" and "Slappin' On My Black Cat Bone").

Sue Okabe (Frances S. Okabe) - Died 11-28-2002 in Gardena - Lung cancer ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 9-5-1928 in Seattle - Singer - (She sang such songs as, "Begin The Beguine" and "Say A Prayer For The Boys Over There") She began her singing carreer while in a Japanese internment camp during World War II.

Dan Pawson - Died 11-29-2002 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-29-1936 - Trumpeter and bandleader - He led The Artesian Hall Stompers and The Tulane Brass Band - Worked with Danny Barker and Chester Zardis.

John Van Horn Sr. - Died 11-29-2002 ( Rock ) Born 4-25-1942 - Singer and guitarist - Led John Van Horn And The Fenderbenders (They did,"These Times" and "XKE") and was a member of Link Wray And The Raymen (They did,"The Sweeper" and "There's Good Rockin' Tonight").

Denny Correll (Dennis P. Correll) - Died 11-30-2002 at Newport Beach, CA, U.S. - Possible heart failure ( Rock - Contemporary Christian ) Born 2-19-1946 - Singer (He did,"Too Many Lonely People" and "Keepin' My Eyes On You") Was a member of Blues Image and Manna - Worked with Love Song (They did,"Changes" and "Feel The Love") .

Happy Goodman (Howard Goodman) - Died 11-30-2002 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 11-7-1921 - He led The Happy Goodman Family (They did,"Give Up" and "I Don't Regret A Mile") - The Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Marie Reynolds (Marie Creighton Reynolds) - Died 11-30-2002 in Marlton - Brain tumor ( Gospel ) Born 2-6-1958 - Singer and songwriter (She wrote,"Speechless") - Her songs have been recored by Sandi Patti and Jim Nabors.

Hans Hartz - Died 11-30-2002 in Frankfurt, Germany - Lung cancer ( Pop ) Born 10-22-1943 in Husum - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Die weissen Tauben sind muede (The White Doves Are Tired)" and "Sail Away" which is used in a Beck beer commercial) - Worked with Lake.

Philip Powell (Philip Marlon Powell) - Died 11-30-2002 in Union County, GA, U.S. - Single car crash ( Rock - Jazz - Bluegrass ) Born 10-8-1980 in Seneca, SC, U.S. - Bassist and pianist - Was a member of SAP.

John Marcoccio - Died 12-?-2002 ( Rock ) Worked with Freddy Frogs (They did, "Bada Bing" and L Girls From Outer Space").

Ben Eberbaugh - Died 12-1-2002 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. - Car accident ( Punk ) Born 1980 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Black Lips (They did, "Ain't Comin' Back" and "I've Got A Knife") and The Reruns.

Michael Oliver (Michael Edgar Oliver) - Died 12-1-2002 in London, England ( Music Critic - Radio Host ) Born 7-20-1937 in London, England - He hosted the BBC radio shows, "Music Weekly" and "Kaleidoscope" - Wrote for Gramophone magazine - He reviewed musicians from Zemlinsky to Zappa.

Phil Lind - Died 12-1-2002 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. ( Singer - Entertainer ) Born 1918 - Was a singer for The Lind Brothers - He worked in theater, television and radio - As a radio host he interviewed Clark Gable, Milton Berle, Malcolm X and the Gabors sisters.

Bob Hoss Ostrunic (Robert T. Ostrunic) - Died 12-1-2002 - Complications from beriatric surgery ( Blues - Rock ) Born 2-16-1952 - Bassist and singer - Worked with The Maxx Band, and The Mr. Stress Blues Band,  Don Kriss And The Vettes, The Cruisemasters, Cruisin, Secret and Blue Lunch.

Ray Palmer - Died 12-2-2002 ( Photographer ) Born 11-9-1955 in Greenwich, South East London, England - He was a rock photographer for Kerrang! magazine.

Mal Waldron (Malcolm Earl Waldron) - Died 12-2-2002 in Brussels, Belgium - Complications caused by cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-16-1925 in New York, NY, U.S. - Pianist - (He did,"Soul Eyes" and "Dee's Dilemma") Worked with Ike Quebec, Big Nick Nicholas, Billie Holiday, Charles Mingus, John Coltrane and his wife, singer, Elaine Waldron.

H. Michael Sarkissian - Died 12-2-2002 in Methuen, MA, U.S. ( Las Vegas Style Middle Eastern Music - Cabaret - Armenian Folk ) Born 1921 in Lowell, MA, U.S. - He sang and played the doumbek - (He did,"The Road To The Catskills" and "Turkish Delight") Was a member The Cafe Bagdad Ensemble.

Rich Dangel (Richard Dangel) - Died 12-3-2002 in  Seattle, WA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Rock - Blues - Funk - Jazz ) Born 12-1-1942 in Texas, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of The Fabulous Wailers (They did,"Tall Cool One" and "Soul-Long"), Rich Dangel & The Reputations and Butterbean - Worked with Sledgehammer and Floating Bridge - Inventer of the Northwest sound.

Glenn Quinn (Glenn Martin Christopher Francis Quinn) - Died 12-3-2002 ( Actor ) Born 5-28-1970 in Dublin, Ireland - Guitarist and drummer - Performed with rock bands in Ireland and Los Angeles - Acted in the movie musical "Shout" and appeared on TV's "Roseanne" and "Angel".

Arnold Platt (Arnold R. Platt) - Died 12-4-2002 in New Brunswick, NJ, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 1931 in Elizabeth, NJ, U.S. - Played saxophone and harmonica and was a bandleader.

Al Tedesco - Died 12-4-2002 - Heart attack ( Executive ) Born 1925 - Founded numerous radio stations, most with a Country & Western format.

Billy Knight (David Leon Knight) - Died 12-4-2002 in Las Vegas, Nevada, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 8-22-1947 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. - Percussionist - Worked with his sister, Gladys Knight.

George Gaffney - Died 12-4-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications from a stroke he had in September ( Pop - Jazz ) Pianist and trombonist - Born 1940 in New York, NY, U.S. - Worked with Carmen McRae, Peggy Lee, Engelbert Humperdink, Rita Moreno and Sarah Vaughan - He had been a musical director for The Playboy Club in Lake Geneva - Worked for TV shows including "Moonlighting".

Arnold Platt (Arnold R. Platt) - Died 12-4-2002 in East Brunswick, NJ, U.S. - His car struck a tree ( Jazz ) Born 1931 - Played saxophone, harmonica and was a bandleader - Worked with Sergio Frankie.

Bernie Dwyer - Died 12-4-2002 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-11-1940 - Drummer - Was a member of Freddie & The Dreamers (They did, "I'm Telling You Now" and "Do The Freddie").

Brian Davidson - Died 12-4-2002 - Possible murder ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Freedoms Children (They did, "The Homecoming" and "Tribal Fence") - Worked with with Dickie Loader and The Live Wire Blues Band.

Bob Berg (Robert Berg) - Died 12-5-2002 in Long Island, NY, U.S. - Car accident while driving in the snow ( Jazz ) Born 4-7-1951 in New York, NY, U.S. - (He did,"Blues For Béla" and "Second Sight") - Saxophonist - Worked with Horace Silver, Miles Davis, Jack McDuff and Chick Corea.

Arvell Shaw (Arvell J. Shaw) - Died 12-5-2002 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 9-15-1923 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Sidney Bechet, Coleman Hawkins, Teddy Buckner, Vic Dickenson and Claude Hopkins.

Mike Fincher - Died 12-5-2002 in Lillian, Ala., U.S. - Shot himself ( Country ) Born 1950 - Singer and musician - He was half the duo of Rusty McHugh And Mike Fincher (They did,"How Long Is Forever In Dog Years" and "I Always Get Battered When She Gets Fried").

Alan Rosenfeld (aka Blind Al) - Died 12-5-2002 in Brookfield - Suicide ( Reporter - Photographer ) Born 1946 - Played harmonica - He briefly was a member of the band Moving Violations - He covered the trial of the Chicago 7.

John Maxwell Cooke - Died 12-6-2002 Newburyport ( Musicals ) Born 1919 in Hamburg, N.J., U.S. - He was a pianist for Broadway shows starring Jack Cassidy, Carol Channing and Shirley Jones and for the productions of ''Godspell'' and ''Jesus Christ Superstar" - He also was a musical director for a few ''The Voice Of Firestone'' and ''The Bell Telephone Hour'' TV shows.

Clare Deniz (Clare Ethel Deniz) - Died 12-7-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 9-30-1911 in Cardiff - Singer, guitarist and pianist - Worked with Eric Winstone, The West Indian Swing Stars, The Spirits Of Rhythm, Dizzy Reece, her brother in-law Joe Deniz and her husband Frank Deniz .

Chris Hayes (Christopher Daniel Hayes) - Died 12-7-2002 in Maidstone, Kent - ( Journalist ) - Born 1916 in Brixton, London, England - He worked for Melody Maker for 47 years covering artists from Louis Armstrong to Jimi Hendrix and interviewing artists such as Eric Clapton, Keith Emerson, Pete Townshend and others.

Wilburn Hielscher (Wilburn E. Hielscher) - Died 12-8-2002 in Clinton Township - Pneumonia ( Ballroom - Jazz - Dance ) Born 1913 - Drummer - Was a member of The Bill Finzel Orchestra - Worked with The Shriners Jazz Combo.

William Holaday (William Howard Holaday) - Died 12-8-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 2-2-1922 in Highland Park - Played bass fiddle - He took care of the bookings at The Cornerstone Jazz Club where he also played - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Bill Evans, Kai Winding, Lennie Tristano, Stan Getz, Billy Eckstine and Claude Thornhill.

Lee Walker - Died 12-9-2002 - Heart attack ( R&B ) Born 1951 - Singer, actor and pianist - He appeared in "Tony 'n' Tina's Wedding" and "Smokey Joe's Cafe" (He played Smokey Joe).

Mary Hansen - Died 12-9-2002 in London, England - Sruck by a car while riding her bicycle ( Rock ) Born 11-1-1966 in Maryborough, Queensland, Australia - Singer, keyboardist and guitarist - Was a member of Stereolab (They did,"The Noise Of Carpet" and "Tomorrow Is Already Here") Worked with Moonshake, The Wolfhounds,  Mouse On Mars, Brokeback, and The High Llamas.

Bill Miller (William Miller) - Died 12-9-2002 in Palm Springs, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Entertainment Director ) Born 1904 in Pinsk, Russia - Owned and ran Bill Miller's Riviera night club and was an entertainment director for The Sahara, The Dunes, The Flamingo and International hotels - He booked entertainers for nightclub acts including Mae West, Tony Martin, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Sammy Davis Jr., Sonny And Cher and Barbra Streisand.

Peter Tanner (Peter Ralph Eyre Tanner) - Died 12-10-2002 - Near London, England ( Jazz ) Born 1914 - Drummer - He wrote jazz reviews for music magazines and was a film editor working on such films as Something To Believe In and Kind Hearts And Coronets and for TV's The Avengers.

Al Tinney (Allen Tinney) (aka Doctor T) - Died 12-11-2002 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz - R&B ) Pianist - Born 5-28-1921 in Ansonia, CT, U.S. - Pianist - Was a member of The Jive Bombers (They did,"Bad Boy") - Worked with Charlie Parker, Dizzy Gellespie, Art Tatum, Billie Holliday, Peggy Farrell and George Gershwin - The Colored Musicians Wall Of Fame Inductee.

Dolly Dawn (Theresa Maria Stabile) (aka Billie Starr) - Died 12-11-2002 in Englewood, NJ, U.S. - Kidney failure ( Jazz ) Born 2-3-1916 in Newark, NJ, U.S. - Singer - (She sang, "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie" and "Every Minute Of The Hour") - She led Dolly Dawn And Her Dawn Patrol - Worked with George Hall And His Orchestra - Cousin of bandleader Dick Stabile - Big Band Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Marvin Herzog (Marvin O. Herzog) - Died 12-12-2002 in Frankenmuth, MI, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Polka - Country ) Born 8-9-1932 in Frankenmuth, Mich., U.S. - He played the Cordovox, a combination of an organ and accordion - Co-sponsor of Frankenmuth's Summer Music Festival - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Stella Brooks - Died 12-13-2002 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Colon cancer ( Jazz ) Born 11-24-1910 - Singer (She did,"A Little Piece Of Leather" and "As Long As I Live").

Kurt Vavra (Kurt Michael Vavra) - Died 12-13-2002 in San Luis Obispo, CA, U.S. - Car crash ( Folk Rock ) Born 1961 - Played guitar, ukulele and was a songwriter - Was a member of The Mobile Hombres - He also was a graphic artist and excelled at athletics.

Zal Yanovsky (Zalman Yanovsky) (aka Zally) - Died 12-14-2002 near Kingston, Ontario, Canada - Heart attack ( Folk Rock ) Born 12-19-1943 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Guitarist and singer - (He did,"As Long as You're Here") - Was a member of The Colonials which became The Halifax Three, D And Z (They did,"The Slurp"), The Big Three which became The Mugwumps (They did,"Here It Is Another Day") and The Lovin' Spoonful (They did,"Do You Believe In Magic?" and "Summer In The City") - Worked with Kris Kristofferson - The Canadian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee - The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Charles Smiley Jr. - Died 12-15-2002 - Heart attack ( Manager ) Born 1943 - He managed The Commodores, The Dells, Brick, Majick, Jerry Bell, Mirage, Abbie Rubinand and Natalie Cole - He was a lawyer and had served as a vice president of ABC Sports.

Hazel Collier (Hazel Garrett Collier) (aka Angel Collier) - The human theremin - Died 12-15-2002 in Chestnut Hill, PA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Pop ) Born 1913 - She was a singer who used a technique called a throat whistle - Worked with The Jan Savitt Orchestra and later sang in nightclubs.

Gerry Parish (Anthony Parish) - Died 12-?-2002 ( Folk ) Born 1931 in Norwich - Sang and played harmonica - Was a member of The Jacquard Folk Group - He had started The Queensway furniture and carpet warehouse company.

Dennis Moorman (Dennis Lee Moorman) - Died 12-15-2002 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 3-27-1940 in New York, NY, U.S. - Pianist, composer and arranger - Was a member of The Rocky Mountain Air Force Band - Worked with Bette Midler, Sammy Davis, Jr., Melba Moore and Thelma Carpenter - Worked on the Broadway shows The Wiz and Ain't MisBehavin'.

Carroll Skinner (Carroll X. Skurzynski) - Died 12-16-2002 in Towson, Maryland ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1934 - Pianist, accordionist and music arranger - Worked with Hank Levy, Frank Sinatra Jr., Bob Hope, Red Skelton, The Zim Zemarel Orchestra and Peter Duchin's Orchestra.

Novella Sweet Briar - Died 12-18-2002 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1949 - Singer - (She recorded the CD, "Hot Lovin") - She worked with Bobby Womack and Michael Bolton - She and her husband founded The Big Press record company.

Master Henry Gibson - Died 12-18-2002 in Stockholm, Sweden - Heart attack ( Soul ) Born 8-9-1942 - Percussionist - Worked with Curtis Mayfield, Simon Murley, Aretha Franklin, Minnie Riperton, Natalie Cole, Eddie Harris, The Rotary Connection and more.

Roger Webb - Died 12-18-2002 in the U.K. ( Jazz ) Arranger, musical director and songwriter - (He co-wrote, "Make Your Own Rainbow" and "Stay Awhile') - He led The Roger Webb Trio - Worked with Shirley Bassey and Johnny Mathis.

James O. Bradley (James O. Bradley Sr.) - Died 12-13-2002 in Portland, OR, U.S. ( Doo-Wop ) Born 6-15-1923 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The  Ebonaires and worked with The Ink Spots, Hadda Brooks and Ernie Andrews.

James Adwera Okello (aka Ng'ama iye ng'ongo) - Died 12-?-2002 ( Benga ) Played bass guitar - (He did,"Bwana Wandera" and "Odida") - Worked with The Central Siaya Jazz Band, Bingwa Machacha, The Ranen Jazz Band, Ouma Jasuba, The Luo International, Super Pamba and Okatch Biggy's Orchestra Super Heka Heka.

Marcellino Masi - Died 12-20-2002 ( Metal ) Born 1958 - Guitarist and keyboardist - Worked with Bud Tribe and Strana Officina.

Alex Watkins (Alexander H. Watkins) - Died 12-21-2002 in Bethlehem, PA, U.S. ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 1935 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Was the leader of The Alex Watkins Bayou Band - Worked with The Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra and The Queens Symphony Orchestra.

Dr. Edward Louis Rainbow - Died 12-21-2002 - Alzheimer's disease ( Music Professor ) Born 1929 - Bassist - Worked with The Al Donahue Orchestra, The Honey Brothers and The Fort Worth Symphony Orchestra - He wrote the book, Research In Music Education.

Richard Sannito - Died 12-21-2002 in Dover ( Jazz ) Born 1925 in Newark - Played saxophone, clarinet and piano - Worked with The Tommy Tucker Orchestra, The Jimmy Dorsey Band, Lee Castle, Keely Smith and Louis Prima - He owned The Caldwell Studio Of Music.

Chuck Levin - Died 12-22-2002 in Bethesda, MD, U.S. - Cancer ( Proprietor ) Born 1926 - He was the owner and president of the legendary Washington Music Center of Wheaton called the world's largest music store (It's a city block big) that  leases, sells and repaires musical instruments - Customers of the store include The Talking Heads, Stevie Wonder, The Rolling Stones and The Moody Blues.

Joe Strummer (John Graham Mellor) (aka Woody) - Died 12-22-2002 in Broomfield, Somerset, England - Heart attack ( Punk Rock ) Born 8-21-1952 in Ankara, Turkey - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "King Of The Bayou" and "X-Ray Style") - Was a member of The 101'ers (They did, "Keys To Your Heart"), The Clash (They did, "London Calling" and "Should I Stay Or Should I Go?") and The Mescaleros (They did, "Bhindi Bhagee" and "Global a Go-Go") - He produced Big Audio Dynamite and The Pogues - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Uncle Paul (Paul Montgomery) - Died 12-24-2002 ( TV Show Host ) Born 1924 - He hosted TV's, "The Uncle Paul Show" - He also was a jazz pianist and composer - He worked with The Jazz Journeymen, The North Carolina Jazz Repertory Orchestra and Gregg Gelb's Swing Band.

Gloria Van (Lucille Allison Fanolla) - Died 12-24-2002 in Elk Grove Village, Ill., U.S. - Kidney failure ( Jazz ) Born 1920 in Ohio, U.S. - Singer - She led Gloria Van And The Vanguards - She toured with Johnny "Scat" Davis, Hal McIntyre and Gene Krupa - Worked with The Dick Kress Band and Rick Falotta - She was a singer for TV's, The Wayne King Show and a regular on Jack Paar's Tonight Show - She was married to singer, Lynn Allison.

Big Lucky Carter (Levester Carter) - Died 12-24-2002 in Memphis, TN, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 2-10-1917 in Weir, MS, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and songwriter - (He did, "We Should Be More Cohesive" and "Let Me Die In Love With You") - He was a member of The Rhythmaires/Millionaires.

Tita Merello (Laura Ana Merello) (aka La Negra and The Tough Doll) - Died 12-24-2002 in Buenos Aires ( Tango ) Born 10-11-1904 in San Telmo, Buenos Aires - Singer and actress (She did, "Yira, Yira" and "Cambalache") - She acted in the movies, Idolos de Radio and La Fuga.

Billy Brooks - Died 12-24-2002 in Amsterdam, Holland ( Jazz ) Born 1926 - Played trumpet and was a band leader - Worked with Lionel Hampton.

Carl Peachman (Carl J. Peachman) - Died 12-24-2002 - Lung cancer ( Folk - Rock ) Born 7-15-1947 in born in Yonkers, New York, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Housemen and The Kaleidoscope who changed their name to The Rayne and then to Watertower West - Was an agent for Big Brother And The Holding Company and Moby Grape.

John McMahon - Died 12-25-2002 near Stafford - Single car crash ( Manager ) Born 1959 - He was the tour manager for Girls Aloud .

Mark Wilkinson (aka Wilkie Wilkinson) - Died 12-25-2002 ( Jazz ) Born 1921 - Drummer - Worked with Oscar Peterson, Willy Girard, Butch Watanab, Freddie Nichols, Bob Rudd and Steep Wade.

Herb Ritts - Died 12-26-2002 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications of pneumonia ( Photographer ) Born 1952 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - He was a leading fashion and celebrity photographer shooting celebrities from  Madonna to Dizzy Gillespie and taking pictures for album covers - He also directed music videos for Janet Jackson and Chris Isaak.

Jake Thackray - Died 12-26-2002 in Monmouth, England ( Folk ) Born 1938 in Leeds, Yorkshire, England - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did,"La Di Dah" and "Sister Josephine") - He was a regular on BBC's, That's Life with Esther Rantzen and appeared on The Frost Report and Frost Over America.

Armand Zildjian - Died 12-26-2002 in Scottsdale, Ariz., U.S. - Cancer - Born 1921 in Quincy, Mass., U.S. - He was president and chairman of the Zildjian Company, the world's largest cymbal manufacturer and one of the oldest companies in America - They producing customized cymbals for Gene Krupa, Buddy Rich, Max Roach, Jo Jones and others - The Percussive Arts Society Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Klyde Kock (Clyde Stafford) - Died 12-26-2002 - Heart attack ( Punk ) Bassist - Was a member of The Skuds (They did,"Pull Down Your Pants And Dance" and "I'd Rather Throw Up Than Grow Up").

Vic Angelillo - Died 1-27-2002 ( Jazz ) Bassist, composer and arranger - Worked with Pepper Adams and Denny Christianson.

Jacob Nemerow (Jacob T. Nemerow) - Died 12-27-2002 - Cancer ( Musician ) Born 7-26-1918 - He played the balalaika, string bass and bass guitar - Was a member of The Takoma Mandoliers and The International Music Makers - He had been an electronics engineer for the Naval Air Systems Command.

Brian Sinclair (aka Ol' Sinc) - Died 12-28-2002 - Leukemia ( DJ - Radio Host ) Born 11-4-1940 in Sabattus, Maine, U.S. - He co-hosted "The Hillbilly At Harvard" radio show with guest like Patty Loveless, Iris DeMent, Ralph Stanley, Jim & Jesse, and D.L. Menard - Played hillbilly music to generations of Harvard students and New Englanders.

Meri Wilson Edgemon (Mary Edna Wilson) - Died 12-28-2002 in  Americus, Georgia, U.S. - Single car accident ( Pop - Jazz - Novelty ) Born 6-15-1949 in Nagoya, Japan - Singer, guitarist, pianist and songwriter - (She did, "Telephone Man" and "Peter The Meter Reader").

Valerie Parks Brown - Died 12-29-2002 - Cardiac arrest ( Teacher - Writer ) Born 1912 - (She wrote, Joe Williams and Shirley Horn's, "Love Without Money") - She also wrote a poetry book, "Seven Shades".

Joe Royal Sr. - Died 12-29-2002 - Illness ( Jazz ) He was 82 years old - Born in Salford - Pianist - Led The Joe Royle Showband, which became The Saturated Seven - Was a member of The Royal Engineers Band.

Dave Baroh (David Arthur Baroh) - Died 12-30-2002 in Kirkland, WA, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 1-25-1949 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Played guitar - Was a member of Bluebird (They did, "Modessa" and "What Ever Happened To Rock & Roll"), Chicago Express, The Punch, The Tyhmes, Unicycle, Starfire and The Backbeats.

Jim McReynolds (James Monroe McReynolds) - Died 12-31-2002 in Gallatin, TN, U.S. - Cancer ( Bluegrass ) Born 2-13-1927 in Carfax, VA, U.S. - Played guitar, mandolin and was a singer - He was half of the brother duo, Jim & Jesse (They did, "Cotton Mill Man" and " Are You Missing Me?") - International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee.

Kevin Macmichael (Kevin Scott Macmichael) - Died 12-31-2002 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 11-7-1951 in Nova Scotia, Canada - Guitarist and songwriter - He was a member of Chalice, Spice and Cutting Crew (They did, "I Just Died In Your Arms Tonight" and "Any Colour") - Worked with Fast Forward, Pete Best and Robert Plant.

Betty Boyd (Betty Williams Boyd) - Died 12-31-2002 - Cancer ( Dixieland - Classical ) Born 1925 -  Pianist and singer - She was a member of The Knippwood Rebels and Tooters For Tower.

Robert Valerio - Died 12-31-2002 in Caracas, Venezuela - Shot while walking by a Bakery ( Pop - Rock - Jazz ) Born 10-3-1952 in Port of Spain, Trinidad - Songwriter, guitarist and actor - Worked with Syma, Clich, Tinajas, Almendra, San Lucas and The Rolling Band.

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