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 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club! This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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Chuck Edwards (Charles Edward Edwins) - Died in 2001 ( Soul - R&B ) Born 11-29-1927 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Downtown Soulville" and "Bullfight") - Was a member of The Edwards Generation (They did, "School Is In" and "Someone Like You") - Worked with The Sonny Thompson Band (They did, "Harlem Rug Cutter") and The Five Crowns (They did, "Lucy and Jimmy Got Married") - Founded Rene Records.

Gaylord Wood - Died 2001 - Cancer ( Country ) Sang and played guitar and fiddle - Was a member of  Back Seat Driver (They did, "Party Man" and "Don't You Worry About Me") and The Lone Star Cattle Company.

Bengt Fischer - Died 2001 - Cancer ( Heavy Metal ) Born 1952 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of EF Band (They did, "Cold Heart Of The City" and "Out Of The Dark").

Simon Knuckey (aka Simon Insect-o-cutor) - Died 2001 ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with The Severed Heads,The Wet Taxis (They did, "C'mon") and Carbunkle Shack (They did, "Do That Little Thang" and "Pliedes").

Willie L. Nelson - Died 2001 ( Gospel ) Played steel guitar - Worked with Willie Eason.

Alexander Magoo - Died 2001 in England - Possible drug overdose ( Metal ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Mutilatorand Chemako.

Greg Nelson - Died 2001 ( Blues - Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with The Mr. Stress Blues Band.

Denny King - Died 2001 - Stroke, heart attack ( Blues - Psychedelic ) Led Denny King And The B.O Boogie Band - Was a member of The Watchmen - Worked with Alex St. Claire and Doug Moon.

Bobby Carlin - Died 2001 ( Rock ) Born 1951 - Drummer - Worked with Harry Chapin.

Sue Grgich (aka Sioux City Sue) - Died 2001 - Cancer ( Country ) Singer - Wife of one of the original 49ers football player, Visco Grgich.

Dave Purple (aka Grape) - Died 2001 ( Rock ) Born 2-27-1945 in Clearwater, Florida, U.S. - Played keyboards and bass - Was a member of The Prowlers, The Travellers and The Cryan' Shames (They did,"The Sailing Ship" and "The Town I'd Like To Go Back To").

Rene Devereaux - Died 2001 - Cancer ( Singer ) Wife of actor Ed Devereaux.

Joseph Ogola Jakombato - Died 2001 ( Benga ) He led The Original Victoria Chomeka Band.

Abando - Died 2001 ( Benga ) Was a member of The Original Victoria Chomeka Band.

Orlando Panteira - Died 2001 - He was 33 years old - Musician and composer - (Wrote "Vazulina").

Lynne Nixon (Lynne Nixon Denicker) - Died 1-?-2001 ( Rock ) Singer - She sang with The Aquatones (They did,"You").

Billy Paul Dennis - Died 1-1-2001 in Bellevue, Nebraska, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 11-2-1923 in Albany, Missouri, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Bill Dennis And The Little Big Band, Charlie Genovise, Shorty Vest and Carl Erka - Was a drummer for Ice Capades for 10 years.

Guy Mulford - Died 1-1-2001 ( Rock ) He played violin, keyboard and guitar - Worked with The Walrus.

Jimmy Zambo (Imre Zambo) - The king - Died 1-2-2001 - Accidentally shot himself in the head ( Pop ) Born 1958 in Hungary - Started his career in the State Radio Children's Choir - Had his own show on station RTL-Klub.

Rob Dawson - Died 1-2-2001 - Head on car collision ( Rock - Folk - Classical - Pop ) Keyboardist for Augie March.

Doye O'Dell (Allen Doye O'Dell) - Died 1-3-2001 in Northridge, CA, U.S. ( Country ) Born 11-22-1912 in Gustine, TX, U.S. - Played fiddle and guitar - (He did, " Shut Up And Drink Your Beer" and " Two Eyes Two Lips") - Worked with The Sons of the Pioneers, Texas Jim Lewis & His Lone Star Cowboys and Johnny Bond - He hosted TV's, Western Varieties.

Les Brown (Lester Raymond Brown) - Died 1-4-2001 - Lung cancer ( Swing ) Born 3-14-1912 in Reinerton, Pa, U.S. - Was the bandleader for The Duke Blue Devils and The Band Of Renown (They did,"Joltin' Joe DiMaggio" and "Sentimental Journey") Worked with Doris Day - Was the first president of the Los Angeles chapter of the Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Milan Hlavsa (Milan 'Mejla' Hlavsa) - Died 1-5-2001 - Lung cancer ( Psychedelic Rock ) Born 3-6-1951 in Prague - Was the bass player and  singer for Plastic People Of The Universe (They did,"Epitaph") and Pulnoc.

Ben Cutler - Died 1-5-2001 ( Jazz - Rock - Disco ) Born 1905 - Band leader and sax player.

Barry Rodrigue (Barry Joseph Rodrigue) - Died 1-5-2001 ( R&B ) Born 1945 - Keyboardist - Worked for Paul Varisco And The Milestones and The Esquires - Louisiana Musicians Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jacek Olter - Died 1-6-2001 - Suicide ( Jazz ) Born 1982 - Percussionist - Worked with Milosc, Loskot, Kury and The Users.

James Carr - Died 1-7-2001 - Cancer ( Soul - R&B - Gospel ) Born 6-13-1942 in Clarksdale, Miss., U.S. (He did,"(At The) Dark End Of The Street" and "You've Got My Mind Messed Up") Was a member of The Southern Wonders Juniors, The Redemption Harmonizers, and The Harmony Echoes.

Gale Noble - Died 1-7-2001 ( Rock ) Member of The Darlettes (They did,"Here She Comes").

Laura Childress (Laura Webb Childress) - Died 1-8-2001 - Colon cancer  ( R&B ) Born 11-8-1941 - Was a member of The Harlem Queens who were renamed The Bobbettes (They did," Mr. Lee" and "I Shot Mr. Lee").

Eddie LeJeune - Died 1-9-2001 - Heart attack ( Cajun ) Born 1951 in Ardoin Cove, Louisiana, U.S. - Accordionist (He did,"Grand Bosco") Was a member of The Morse Playboys - Worked with D. L. Menard, Terry Huval, Hubert Maitre and Ken Smith - Son of accordionist Iry LeJeune.

Rachela Williams - Died 1-9-2001 - Motorcycle accident ( Rock ) Born 1968 - Singer - She was a member of Rock Solid - She was also a model and an actress.

 Willie Neal "The Country Boy" Johnson (Willie Neal Johnson) - Died 1-10-2001 - Stroke ( Gospel ) Born 1935 - He was a member of the Gospel Keynotes (They did,"That's My Son") and Willie Neal Johnson And The New Keynotes - American Gospel Quartet Hall Of Fame Inductee and The Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

 Bryan Gregory - Died 1-10-2001 - Pneumonia after suffering a heart attack and had been ill for weeks ( Punkabilly - Rock ) Born 1955 - Was the original guitarist for The Cramps, and was a member of  Beast, The Dials and Shiver.

Jerry Wick (aka Cocaine Sniffing Triumph) - Died 1-10-2001 - Hit by a car while riding a bicycle ( Punk ) Born 1967 - Was a singer and guitarist for Gaunt.

Tony Zano (Anthony J. Ferrazano) - Died 1-11-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1938 in Worcester, MA, U.S. - Was a staff pianist at RCA in New York City and a music professor and composer for more than 40 years - He wrote the book,"The Mechanics of Modern Music".

Luiz Bonfá (Luiz Floriano Bonfá) - Died 1-12-2001 - Cancer ( Bossa Nova ) Born 10-17-1922 in Rio de Janeiro - Guitarist and composer, helped found Bossa Nova music - Worked with The Quitandinha Serenaders, Quincy Jones and George Benson - His songs have been recorded by Placido Domingo, Julio Iglesias, Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley.

James Kelly - Died 1-12-2001 ( Irish Folk ) Born 1937 - Played  accordion, fiddle, piano, and banjo - Was a member of The Connacht Ceili Band and Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann Irish Music Club - Irish Musicians Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Michael Cuccione (aka Jason "Q.T." McKnight) - Died 1-13-2001 - Respiratory failure ( Pop ) Born 1-4-1985 - Singer and actor (He did,"I Don't Wanna Say Goodbye" and "Never Give Up") He played in boy-band spoof "2gether" (They did,"Say It (Don't Spray It" and "The Hardest Thing About Breaking Up (Is Getting Your Stuff Back)" ) for MTV - He co-authored a book with his grandmother, "There Are Survivors" and is the founder of The Michael Cuccione Foundation For Cancer Research .

Stan Freeman - Died 1-13-2001 ( Night Club - Jazz - Pop ) Born 1921 in Waterbury, Conn, U.S. - Pianist, composer, comedian and writer - Was a member of Glenn Miller's Army Air Force Band and Tex Beneke's Orchestra - Worked with Cy Walter, Mabel Mercer, Marlene Dietrich and Lee Wiley - Played harpsichord on Rosemary Clooney's, "Come On-a My House" and Percy Faith's, "Delicado" and supplied music for Mary Tyler Moore and Carol Burnett's television shows.

Pat O'Brien (Eucario Ansley O'Brien Gulston) - Died 1-13-2001 in Caracas, Venezuela - Accident  ( Jazz ) Born 3-22-1922 in Maracaibo, Venezuela - Pianist and organist - Worked for Billo's Caracas Boys , Pedro Vargas, Carmen Delia Depini y Lucho Gatica -  Father of the musicians Brenda, Marlene, Gary, Kenny and Gregory .

Bob Braun (Robert Earl) - Died 1-15-2001 (TV & Radio Host - Singer ) Born 4-20-1929 in Ludlow, Cinn., U.S. (He did,"Til Death Do Us Part" and "Cincinnati") Cincinnati Radio Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Norris Turney (Norris William Turney) - Died 1-17-2001 - Complications of kidney disease ( Jazz ) Born 8-8-1921 in Wilmington, Ohio, U.S. - Played Saxophones, flute, clarinet (He composed,"Checkered Hat") Worked with Duke Ellington, Billy Eckstine, Frank Foster, Ray Charles, George Wein and Clark Terry.

Ray R. Clevenger - Died 1-17-2001 - Pulmonary failure ( Swing ) Drummer, producer and director - He directed the music shows Boss City, Hollywood-A-Go-Go, Groovy and 9th Street West - Worked with Roy Clark and Hank Thompson.

Emma Kelly (Emma Thompson) - Lady of 6,000 Songs - Died 1-17-2001 - Liver ailment ( Pop ) Born 12-17-1918 in Savannah, GA, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Virginia O'Brien (Virginia Lee O'Brien) The Diva of Deadpan and Miss Red Hot Frozen Face - Died 1-18-2001 ( Pop - Musicals - Nightclub ) Born 4-8-1921 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Singer (She did,"Rock-A-Bye-Baby" and "Did I Get Stinkin' At The Savoy?") She appeared in Ziegfeld Follies, Till the Clouds Roll By, The Harvey Girls and Thousands Cheer - Worked with Judy Garland, Fred Astaire and The Marx Brothers - Was at one time married to actor Kirk Alyn.

Sergio Moreno - Died 1-18-2001 - Crushed for 33 hours in an earthquake, he died two days after being rescued ( Tex Mex ) Born 1979 - Keyboardist - Was a member of Grupo Algodon.

Harry Oster - Died 1-19-2001 ( Producer - Folklorist ) Born 4-17-1923 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, U.S. - He produced Robert Pete Williams, Snooks Eaglin, Butch Cage, Willie Thomas, Billie & DeDe Pierce, Snuffy Jenkins and The Reverend Pearly Brown - He was the proprietor for Folk-Lyric Records.

Deirdre O'Donoghue - Died 1-20-2001 ( DJ ) Born 1948 - She was a longtime host and originator of the radio shows, "Breakfast With The Beatles" and "Snap"(Saturday Night Avant Pop) which showcased many new bands.

Phil Flowers (Phillip John Flowers) (aka The Black Elvis and Skip Manning) - Died 1-22-2001 in Rockville, MD, U.S. - Cancer ( Pop - Rock - Gospel ) Born 1-28-1934 in Longwood, North Carolina, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "You Stole My  Heart" and "No Kissin At The Hop") - Led Phil Flowers And The Batmen (They did, "Honey Chile" and "Lover Man") - Was a member of Jebadiah - Worked with Link Wray and Barry Darvell.

Sonny Kenner - Died 1-23-2001 - Heart problems ( Jazz ) Born 1934 - Guitarist - Worked with Sam Cooke, Quincy Jones and Jay McShann.

Jack McDuff  (Eugene McDuffy) (aka Brother Jack McDuff and Captain Jack McDuff) - Died 1-23-2001 - Heart attack ( Soul Jazz ) Born 9-17-1926 in Champaign, Illinois, U.S. - Keyboardist and band leader - Was the leader of The Heatin' System - Worked with Jimmy Witherspoon, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Sonny Stitt and many others.

Frank Parker - Died 1-23-2001 ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 1919 - Drummer - Worked with Fats Domino, Teddy Buckner, Louis Jordan, The Johnny Otis Band, Roy Brown and Ray Charles.

Lou Levy (Louis Abraham Levy) - Died 1-23-2001 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 3-5-1928 in Chicargo, ILL, U.S. - Pianist (He did,"Lunarcy" and "Pathetique") Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Peggy Lee, Benny Goodman, Frank Sinatra ("My Way"), Anita O' Day, Chubby Jackson, Stan Getz, Zoot Sims, Shorty Rogers and Sarah Vaughan.

Bill Reinhardt - Died 1-23-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 9-21-1908 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Clarinetist - Owner of the legendary Chicago club Jazz Ltd.

Dick "Whit" Whittinghill (Richard Doral Whittinghill) - Died 1-24-2001 ( DJ - Swing ) Born 3-5-1913 in Montana - Played trumpet - Was a singer for The Pied Pipers - He was a popular DJ from 1950 to 1979 and his his daily sign-off quote was, "Now if you'll excuse me . . . I'm walking out the door".

Judy Davis - Died 1-26-2001 - Heart failure ( Vocal Coach ) Born 1920 - Was a vocal coach for Frank Sinatra and Barbra Streisand - She was an expert in the physiology of voice production.

Tommy Karas (Thomas Anthony Karas) - Died 1-26-2001 in Dillon, SC, U.S. - Tour bus accident ( Polka ) Born 3-28-1946 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. - Played accordion - Was a member of The Tommy K Trio, The Tommy K Quartet, Tommy K And The Little New Yorkers, The G-Notes, The New York Sound, The Jimmy Sturr Band, Freddie Bulinski And The Brass Works, The Jan Lewan Orchestra and TKO (The Tommy Karas Orchestra) - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame inductee.

John Stabinsky (John Michael Stabinsky) - Died 1-26-2001 in Dillon, SC, U.S. - Tour bus accident ( Polka ) Born 3-30-1977 in Mar Lin, PA, U.S. - Trombonist - Worked with The Jan Lewan Orchestra.

Victor Maymudes - Died 1-27-2001 ( Club Owner ) Born 1936 - He was a sometimes tour manager and associate producer for Bob Dylan - He opened The Unicorn, a Los Angeles folk club.

Glenn A. Sessions - Died 1-28-2001 ( Gospel ) Born 1921 - Was a singer for The Smile-A-While Quartet, The Stamps Baxter Quartet, The Rangers Quartet and The Gospel Lights - Texas Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bobby Johnson - Died 1-29-2001 ( Gospel - Blues ) (He did,"Dad Nab It" and "Drowning On Dry Land") Sang with The Johnson Brothers gospel quartet and fronted The Outcasts and Bobby Johnson & The Crowns - Brother of John 'Blues Man' Johnson and Laverne 'Lady Blue' Johnson.

Vince Montgomery - Died 1-29-2001 - Natural causes in his sleep ( Rock ) Born 1946 -  He was the bass player and a singer for The Gants(They did,"Roadrunner").

David Heneker - Died 1-30-2001 ( Songwriter ) Born 3-31-1906  (He wrote,"There Goes My Dream" for Hutch Hutchinson and "Money To Burn") He wrote songs for the musicals Half A Sixpence, Charlie Girl and many others.

Lloyd "Mooseman" Roberts - Died 2-?-2001 - Drive by shooting ( Rock ) Bassist -  Worked with Iggy Pop, Ice-T and Body Count.

Sam Powell - Died 2-?-2001 - Suicide ( Rock ) Bassist - Worked with The Godfathers.

John Jarrard - Died 2-1-2001 - Respiratory failure due to diabetes ( Songwriter ) Born 1953 in Gainsville, Ga., U.S. (He wrote, "Sure Can Smell The Rain" for BlackHawk, "There's No Way" for Alabama and "Mirror, Mirror" for Diamond Rio) - He worked with Bob DiPiero, Kenny Beard and Mark D. Sanders.

Bernard Asbell - Died 2-1-2001 - Pneumonia ( Folk Singer - Author ) Born 1924 - Besides writting folk songs he wrote books on politics and government.

Hal Blair - Died 2-2-2001 in Biggs, CA, U.S. ( Pop - Country ) Born 11-26-1915 in Kansas City, MO, U.S. - (He co-wrote, "Please Help Me, I'm Falling" and "Ringo") - His songs have been recorded by Freddy Fender, Patti Page, Charley Pride, and John Fogerty - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Big Daddy Reed (Adam Batiste Jr.) - Died 2-2-2001 ( R&B ) Singer and musician - Worked with Selwyn Cooper's Hurricane Blues Band.

Jairo Rocha - Died 2-3-2001 - Hit and run accident ( Jazz - Latin ) Born 1948 in Brazil - Saxophone player.

Jesse Arreola - Died 2-4-2001 - Was thrown from a bus during an accident and then run over by it ( Tejano ) Was the drummer for Los Tremendos, which later change their name to Los Palominos (They did, "Por Eso Te Amo").

Raimo Kangro - Died 2-4-2001 - Heart attack while listening to a radio broadcast about his childhood ( Composer ) Born in Tartu, Estonia - His operas were energized by rock music (He composed, "Pohjaneitsi (The Maiden Of The North)" and "Imelugu (The Miracle)".

J. J. Johnson (James Louis Johnson) - Died 2-4-2001 - Suicide after being in ill health for several months ( Jazz ) Born 1-22-1924 in Indianapolis, IN, U.S. -  Trombonist (He wrote,"El Camino Real" and "Sketch For Trombone And Orchestra") He also wrote music for the TV shows, Mayberry R.F.D., The Danny Thomas Show, That Girl and Mod Squad - Worked with  Jimmy Heath, Benny Carter, Snookum Russell, Count Basie, Clarence Love, Miles Davis and others.

Peggy Cone - Died 2-5-2001 - Cancer ( Swing ) Singer - She was the leader of Peggy Cone And The Central Park Stompers (They did,"Flip, Flop And Fly" and "Bad Girl Shoes").

Ray Scragg (Raymond Arthur Scragg) - Died 2-7-2001 - Throat cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-4-1946 in Liverpool, England - He was a guitarist and vocalist for The Dennisons (They did,"Be My Girl" and "Nobody Like My Baby") and The Dennisons 2000 (They did a remake of,"Unchain My Heart") - They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Dale Evans (Frances Octavia Smith) - Queen of the West - Died 2-7-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Country - Jazz ) Born 10-31-1912 in Uvalde, Texas, U.S. (She wrote and sang "Happy Trails" and "Aha, San Antone") She sang with The Jay Mills' Orchestra, The Anson Weeks Orchestra and her husband Roy Rogers - She appeared in the TV shows, The Roy Rogers Show and The Roy Rogers And Dale Evans Show - National Cowgirl Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Buddy Tate (George Holmes Tate) - Died 2-10-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 2-22-1913 in Sherman, Tex, U.S. - Saxophonist (He did,"I Can't Get Started") Worked with McCloud's Night Owls, The St Louis Merrymakers, Count Basie, Lucky Millinder, Buck Clayton, The Texas Tenors and Hot Lips Page.

Fadhili William Mdawida - Died 2-11-2001 in Nairobi - Pneumonia ( Song Writter ) Born in the Ndemboi Location of Taita Taveta District, Kenya (He did,"Awasi wa Lowolwo" and "Malaika") He was a member of The Chem Chem Kids (He wrote,"Malaika", which was covered by Miriam Makeba, Harry Belafonte and Boney M) He composed over 200 songs.

Matt Snow - Died 2-11-2001 - Viral meningitis ( Blues ) Guitarist and singer.

Don Haas - Died 2-12-2001 - Liver and lung cancer ( Jazz - Pop ) Played accordion - Worked with Benny Goodman, Willie Nelson, Judy Garland, Sammy Davis Jr. and The Hi-Lo's.

George T. Simon (George Thomas Simon) (aka Buck Pincus) - Died 2-13-2001 - Pneumonia ( Critic - Author - Jazz ) Born 5-9-1912 in New York City, New York, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Glenn Miller - He wrote lyrics for Duke Ellington and Alec Wilder and he wrote the books 'The Sinatra Report'', ''The Big Bands'' and ''Glenn Miller And His Orchestra" - Was a writter for writer for Metronome magazine and The New York Post - Uncle of Carly Simon.

Sonny Morris (Leo Morris) - Died 2-13-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 11-16-1928 in Hillingdon, Middlesex, England - Trumpeter - Was a member of The Crane River Jazz Band and The Delta Jazzmen - Worked with Ken Colyer, Terry Lightfoot, Cy Laurie and The Omega Brass Band.

Moses Taiwa Molelekwa - Died 2-13-2001 - Found hanged next to the body of his wife, Florence Mtoba  ( Jazz ) Born 4-17-1973 in Tembia township outside Johannesburg, South Africa - Pianist, composer and producer - Was the founder of Brotherhood and Umbongo - Worked with Miriam Makeba, Jonas Gwangwa and Hugh Masekela - Produced Sibongie Khumalo and TKZee.

Florence Mtoba - Died 2-13-2001 - Found strangled next to her husband, Moses Taiwa Molelekwa ( Manager ) Born 1966 - She managed Moses Taiwa Molelekwa, Busi Mhlongo and others.

 Joe Frank Ferguson III - Died 2-14-2001 - Complications after surgery ( Country ) Born 1914 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. (He did,"Marie") He was a member of The Texas Playboys and The Light Crust Doughboys.

Piero Umiliani - Died 2-14-2001 in Rome, Italy - After a long illness  ( Jazz ) Born 7-17-1926 in Florence, Italy - Composer - He wrote many movie scores and did, "Mah-Na-Mah-Na" which was used in TV's, The Benny Hill show.

Adolph Mondragon - Died 2-16-2001 - Carbon monoxide poisoning, suicide? ( Rock - Punk - Rockabilly ) Born 1973 - Bassist - Was a member of Los Maricon Brothers and The Psychobillys.

Virginia Mansfield - Died 2-16-2001 - Complications from a broken hip ( Radio personality - Singer ) Born 1905 - She sang with Paul Whiteman, Eddie Cantor and Eddie Albert - She worked on Turn Back The Clock, which was one of the first music and talk programs - She was married to Andy Mansfield.

Reid Diamond (Reid Russell Diamond) - Died 2-17-2001 in Toronto, Canada - Complications related to cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 2-8-1958 in Steinbach, Manitoba - Bassist  - Was a member of Buick McKane, Good Guys, Crash Kills Five, Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet (They did, "Having An Average Weekend") and Phono-Comb - Worked with Fred Schneider and Bruce McCulloch.

Debbie Dean (aka Debbie Stevens, Penny Smith and Debra Dion) (Reba Jeanette Smith) - Died 2-17-2001 in Ojai, CA, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 2-1-1928 in Corbin, KY, U.S. - (She did, "Itty Bitty Pity Love" and "Everybody's Talking About Me") - She was the first white artist to be signed to Motown.

Brian Parker (Brian William Parker) - Died 2-17-2001 - While playing tennis ( Pop ) Born 12-7-1939 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire, England - Singer and guitarist - (He co-wrote, "Concrete and Clay") - Was a member of Unit 4 + 2 - Worked with The Roulettes.

Ed Wells - Died 2-18-2001 - After a long illness ( R&B ) Born 7-20-1937 - Founder, tenor singer and song writer for The Sweet Teens (They did, "Don't Worry About A Thing") later renamed The Six Teens (They had a hit with, "A Casual Look" and a number one hit in Hawaii with, "Send Me Flowers).

Zdenek Borovec - Died 2-18-2001 ( Lyricist - Screenplayer ) Born 1-7-1932 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Wrote lyrics for Czechoslovak swing, mainstream and pop singers, including Karel Gott (He did, "Je Jaka Je"), Marie Rottrova (She did, "Ten Vuz Uz Jel") and Hana Zagorova (She did, "On je nekdo").

Charles Trenet - the Sun King of French song, The Singing Fool - Died 2-19-2001 in Creteil, France - After a stoke ( Pop ) Born 5-18-1913 in Narbonne, southern France - (Composed, "La Mer" which Bobby Darin recorded as "Beyond The Sea" and "Que Reste-t-il de Nos Amours" ("I Wish You Love")) - He was half of the duo, Charles et Johnny (They did, "Sous le lit de Lily" and "Maman, ne vends pas la maison").

Theophilus Beckford - Died 2-19-2001 - Stabbed durring an altercation ( Ska ) Born 1935  in Trench Town, west Kingston, Jamaica - Credited by many as the originator of ska (He did,"Jack And Jill Shuffle" and "That's Me") - Worked with Clue J And The Blues Blasters ("Beckford's Easy Snapping"),Count Lasher, Justin Hinds And The Dominoes, Desmond Dekker, Toots And The Maytals and Lord Flea.

Ronnie Hilton (Adrian Hill) - Died 2-21-2001 ( Pop ) Born 1-26-1926 in Hull, England (He sang,"I Still Believe", "A Windmill In Old Amsterdam" and "No Other Love") - Worked with  Johnny Addlestone and Wally Ridley - He was the voice of BBC Radio 2's Sounds Of The Fifties series.

Malcolm Yelvington - Died 2-21-2001 - Pneumonia ( Rockabilly - Gospel ) Born 9-14-1918 in Tipton County, West Tennessee, U.S. - (He did, "Born To Be A Hillbilly Rockin' Man" and "Little Girl of Four") - Was a guitar player for The Tennesseans, Malcolm Yelvington And The Star Rhythm Boys (They did, "Rockin' With My Baby") Mack Sales And The Esquire Trio (They did, "Yakety-Yak") and The Carpenter's Crew - "Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee".

Jasper "Jabo" Phillips - Died 2-21-2001 - Kidney problems ( R&B ) Was a member of The Temprees (They did, "Dedicated To The One I Love" and "Love's Maze").

Neal Newman - Died 2-21-2001 - Stabbed while on a break from performing ( Blues ) Born 1960 - Guitarist - Leader of Big Neal And The Blue Rhythm Band.

Vi Johantgen (Violette A. Johantgen) - Died 2-21-2001 in Naperville, IL, U.S. ( Polka ) Born 9-24-1915 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Singer - She owned the clubs  Elmer's Place, Viís Hideout and Vi's Yellow Bird all of which showcased Polka music - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

 John Fahey (John Aloysius Fahey) - Godfather of New Age guitar - Died 2-22-2001 - After open heart surgery ( Folk - New Age ) Born 2-28-1939 in Takoma Park, MD, U.S. (He did, "Yellow Princess" and "When The Catfish Is In Bloom") - He established the Takoma Records label - Worked with Leo Kottke, Jo Ann Kelly, Skip James and Sonic Youth - He wrote the book, "How Bluegrass Music Destroyed My Life".

Ray Hendricks - Died 2-22-2001 ( Swing ) Born 1913 - Singer - Worked with Benny Goodman, Ray Noble and Sid Lippman.

Guy Wood - Died 2-23-2001 ( Pop - Dance ) Born in 1912 in Manchester, England - He played saxophone - (He did, "Shoo-Fly Pie" and "Rock-a-Bye Baby") - He also did music for The Radio City Music Hall and the TV show Captain Kangaroo.

Ezall "Money" Quinn Jr. - Died 2-25-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1980 - Trumpeter - Co-founded The Lil Rascals Brass Band.

Ted McMichael - Died 2-27-2001 in Camarillo, CA, U.S. - Pneumonia ( Pop ) Born 4-4-1908 in Marshalltown, Iowa, U.S. - Was a founder of The Merry Macs (They did, "Mairzy Doats" and  "Praise The Lord And Pass The Ammunition") - The group was originally know as The McMichaels, The Mystery Trio and The Personality Boys - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

John "Maw Maw" Theriot - Died 2-28-2001 ( Cajun  ) Born 1953 - Singer and accordion player (He did, "Went To The Dance") - Was the leader of Maw Maw Theriot And The Cajun Commandeaux Band.

Ed Gust - Died 3-?-2001 ( Rock ) Bassist and singer - Was a member of The Devilles (They did, "Searching For Love" and "Mary Lou").

Mike Wells (Mike T. Wells) - Died 3-?-2001 ( Country - Rock Gospel ) He was 49 years old - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Play Something Fast" and "What We Could Have") - Was a member of Amplified Version (They did, "Heal Me").

Lonnie Glosson - The talkin' harmonica man -  Died 3-2-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Country - Blues ) Born 2-14-1908 in Judsonia, Ark, U.S. - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and harmonica player (He wrote, "Why Don't You Haul Off And Love Me" and "Matthew 24") - Worked with The Delmore Brothers and Wayne Raney.

Lillian Little Soldier Klaudt (Lillian White Corn Little Soldier) - Died 3-3-2001( Gospel ) Born 6-29-1906 on the Fort Berthold Indian Reservation in Beaver Creek, ND, U.S. - Was a member of The Klaudt Indian Family - Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Paul Hepher - Found dead on 3-4-2001, probably died 2-28-2001 in Calgary - Shot during a home invasion ( Folk ) Singer and songwriter - (He wrote Pat Buckna's, "Roll Me A Dream").

Glenn Hughes (aka Leatherman)- Died 3-4-2001 - Lung cancer ( Disco ) Born 1951 - Was a member of The Village People (They did, "Macho Man" and "Y.M.C.A.") and a Village People alias, The Amazing
Veepers (They did, "Loveship 2001" and "Gunbalanya").

Richard Bobinski (Richard J. Bobinski) - Died 3-4-2001 ( Polka ) Born 1-18-1939 in Waterbury, CT, U.S. - Played trumpet - (He did, "Kiss Me I'm Polish" and "Skinny Minnie") - Was a member of Bob Bobinski and His Orchestra, Bob & Rich & The Harmony Kings Orchestra and The Rich Bobinski Orchestra - Hosted radio's, The Polka Hoe-Down Show - International Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Peggy Bernier Wilson - Died 3-5-2001 - Natural causes ( Pop - Cabaret ) Born 1908 - (She did, "The Varsity Drag" and "Good News") - Worked with Al Jolson.

Portia Nelson (Betty Mae Nelson) - Died 3-6-2001 ( Night Club Performer ) Born 5-27-1920 in Brigham City, Utah, U.S. - Cabaret singer, songwriter, actress and author - (She was the first to record, "Fly Me To The Moon", which was then called "In Other Words" and she wrote,"Make A Rainbow") - Her songs have been recorded by Tony Bennett, Michael Feinstein, Dianne Reeves and Barbara Cook.

Gene Joubert (Eugene Joubert III) - Died 3-6-2001 ( R&B ) Born 1942 - He was a horn player for The Jokers - Louisiana Entertainment Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Michael "Smitty" Smith (Michael Leroy Smith) - Died 3-6-2001 - Natural causes ( Rock ) Born 3-27-1942 in Beaverton, OR, U.S. - Was a drummer for Paul Revere And The Raiders (They did, "Him Or Me (What's It Gonna Be?) and "Kicks").

Frankie Carle (Francis Nunzio Carlone) - The Wizard Of The Keyboard - Died 3-7-2001 in Yuma, AZ, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 3-25-1903 in Providence, RI, U.S. - (He did, "Rumors Are Flying" and "A Little On The Lonely Side" with his daughter, Marjorie Hughes)(He co-wrote, "Sunrise Serenade" with Jack Lawrence and co-wrote the music for "Falling Leaves" and "Lovers' Lullaby" with Larry Wagner) - Was a member of Mal Hallett's Band, The Musical Knights and Frankie Carle And His Girl Friends - Worked with Gene Krupa and Jack Teagarden.

Maude Rutherford (Maude Russell Rutherford) - The Slim Princess - Died 3-8-2001 ( Pop - Blues ) Born 1897 (though her headstone says 1902) in Texas, U.S. - Singer and dancer (She sang, "I'm A Little Blackbird Looking For A Bluebird") - Credited with bringing the Charleston to Broadway and was a featured performer at Harlem's Cotton Club - She worked with Josephine Baker, Fats Waller and Pearl Bailey.

Robert Ealey - Died 3-8-2001 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - Undisclosed causes after a car crash in December ( Blues ) Born 12-6-1925 in Texarkana, TX, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "One Love One Kiss " and "Turn Out The Lights") - Worked with The Boogie Chillen Boys, The Juke Jumpers and The 5 Careless Lovers.

Richard Stone - Died 3-9-2001 - Pancreatic cancer ( Cartoon Music ) Born 1954 - He wrote music for such cartoons as Sylvester & Tweety Mysteries, Pinky & The Brain, Freakazoid, Animaniacs and others, often incorporating rock 'n' roll, jazz and country into the music - He also wrote the scores for the movies,  "Sundown: The Vampire In Retreat" and "Pumpkinhead".

Tonya Browne - Died 3-9-2001 - Complications from diabetes ( Blues ) She was 36 years old -  Singer - She was a member of Queen Bee And The Blue Hornet Band (They did, "Every Nite And Every Day" and "Queen For A Day").

Alan Naluai - Died 3-10-2001 - Heart disease  ( Hawaiian ) He was 62 years old - Singer and guitarist  - Was a member of The Surfers (They did, "Nani Wale Na Hula" and "Leahi") - The Surfers can be heard on Elvis Presley's, "Rock-a-Hula Baby".

Bob "Chico" Edwards - Died 3-11-2001 ( R&B ) Was a guitarist for The Diablos (They did, "Adios My Desert Love" and "The Wind").

Morton Downey Jr. (Sean Morton Downey Jr) (aka Mort the Mouth) - Died 3-12-2001 - Lung cancer and other respiratory problems ( Talk Show Host ) Born 1934 - (He composed, "Now I Lay Me Down To Cry" and "My Last Day On Earth") - He was the son of singer Morton Downey Sr. and dancer Barbara Bennett.

Lancelot Pinard (Lancelot Victor Pinard) (aka Sir Lancelot) - Died 3-12-2001 ( Calypso ) Born 1903 in Cumuto, Trinidad (He sang old-time calypso songs like,"Rum And Coca-Cola" and "Take Me, Take Me") - He worked with Van Dyke Parks, Ry Cooder and Jim Keltner.

Benny Martin (Benjamin Edward Martin) - Died 3-13-2001 ( Country ) Born 5-8-1928 in Sparta, Tenn, U.S. - Fiddler and song writer - (He wrote, "Me And My Fiddle'' and ''Ice Cold Love") - Was a member of The Foggy Mountain Boys - Worked with Big Jeff Bess And The Radio Playboys, Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs ("Dear Old Dixie"), Kitty Wells, Vince Gill, Ricky Skaggs and Col. Tom Parker.

Ann Sothern (Harriette Lake) - Queen of the Bs - Died 3-15-2001 - Heart failure ( Singer - Comedian - Actress ) Born 1-22-1909 in Valley City, N.D., U.S. - (She sang, "The Last Time I Saw Paris") - She wrote music used in her TV shows - Played "Maisie" in ten Maisie films - She was married to bandleader Roger Pryor and actor Robert Sterling.

William Cooper Glenn - Died 3-16-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1957 - Violinist and keyboardist - Was a member of Rain Parade - Worked with Mazzy Star and Opal.

John Lucas (John C.V. Lucas) - Died 3-17-2001 - Pneumonia ( Jazz ) Born 3-15-1917 in Minneapolis, Minn, U.S. - Trumpet player, artist, writer and jazz historian - He was the founder of The Blueblowers.

Chris Gotte - Died 3-17-2001 - Motorcycle crash ( Rock ) Born 12-22-1962 - Was a Drummer for Blof.

Robert "Huckleberry Hound" Wright - Died 3-18-2001 - Cardiac arrest ( Blues ) Born 3-21-37 in Greenwood, Miss., U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Magic Sam, Bo Diddley, Aaron Moore, Johnny Laws, Eddie C. Campbell and Brewer Phillips.

John Phillips (John Edmund Andrew Phillips) (aka Papa John Phillips) - Died 3-18-2001 - Heart failure ( Rock - Pop - Folk ) Born 8-30-1935 in Parris Island, SC, U.S. - Was the founder and leader of The Journeymen which became The Mamas And Papas (They did, "California Dreamin", "Monday, Monday" and "Creeque Alley") - He produced Scott McKenzie, Janis Joplin, The Electric Flag, Otis Redding and Jimi Hendrix - Worked with Elaine "Spanky" McFarlane, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards - Was married to Michelle Phillips and Genevieve Waite - Father of Mackenzie Phillips and Chynna Phillips - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee .

Rupert Nurse (Rupert Theophilus Nurse) - Died 3-18-2001 ( Calypso - Jazz ) Born 12-26-1910 in Port of Spain - Bassist, saxophonist, pianist and arranger - Was a member of The Moderneers - He was the first musician to write big band arrangements for calypso - Worked with Cab Kaye, Fitzroy Coleman, Mary Lou Williams and Danny Wesley.

Glynn C. Lockwood - Died 3-18-2001 - Drowned ( Folk ) Born 1951 - (He did, "Every Last Mile" and "Ocean Called Love") - He was also an actor.

Randall Hylton - Died 3-19-2001 - Aneurysm ( Bluegrass ) Born 1-8-1945 in southwestern Virginia, U.S. - (He composed, "Room At The Top Of The Stairs" and "Slippers With Wings") - He wrote more  than 225 songs.

Elena Del Rubio (Elena Boyd)- Died 3-19-2001 - Cancer ( Pop - Rock - Country - Hawaiian - Calypso ) Believed to be in her 70's - She was a member of The Del Rubio Triplets later called 3 Gals, 3 Guitars, 1 Birthday and 3 Gals, 3 Guitars (They did remakes of, "In-a-Gadda-da-Vida" and "Whip It") The sisters had appeared on the TV shows Ellen, The Golden Girls, Full House, Married ... With Children and Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Herbie Jones - Died 3-19-2001 - Complications of diabetes ( Jazz ) Born 1927 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Trumpeter, composer and arranger - Worked with Andy Kirk, Buddy Johnson, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington (They did, "El Busto" and "Cootie's Caravan") and Billy Strayhorn.

Barry Ginsbarg - Died 3-19-2001 in South California, U.S. -Three months after a skiing accident ( Latin - Jazz - Instrumental ) Born 4-18-1959 in Fullerton, California, U.S. - Played guitar, mandolin and harmonica - (He did, "Pass The Mate" and "No Regrets") - Was a co-founder of The StringDancer Guitar Community - Worked with Jeff Foster.

Earl Beal (Earl T. Beal) - Died 3-22-2001 ( Doo-Wop ) Born 7-18-1924 in Denora, near the Monongahela
River in Pennyslvania, U.S. - Was a singer for The Silhouettes (They did, "Get A Job" and "Bing Bong Lover").

Jesse "Paul Burnett, Jr. - Died 3-23- 2001 ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 1946 - Was a member of The Jarmels (They did, "A Little Bit Of Soap").

Francis Grasso - Died 3-23-2001 ( DJ ) Born 1949 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - He was originally a  drummer, guitarist and saxophonist but a motorcycle accident steered him to become a DJ - He is credited with being first to mix records together in the late 1960's using slip- cueing and other methods.

Mark R. Eaton - Died 3-27-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1956 in Waltham, MA, U.S. - Played bass with Hot Cottage, The Hypnotic Clambake, Grits and The Jennifer Matthews Band.

Dick Hays - (Richard Byron Hayes) - Died 3-27-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock - Country - Blues - Cow Punk ) - He was a song writer and arranger and played guitar, bass, keyboards, french horn, mandolin and banjo - Was a member of The Hickoids (They did, "Queen Of The BBQ" and "Toothpick Man"), The Blues Slingers, The Country Giants, The Next, Bang Gang, The Ideals, Sweet Savage, The San Antonio Symphony, Camelot and STB.

Moe Koffman (Morris Koffman) - Died 3-28-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 12-28-1928 in Toronto, Canada - Played the flute, clarinet and saxophone - (He did, "Swinging Shepherd Blues") - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Jimmy Dorsey and Doc Severinsen - Canadian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Mickey O'Halloran - Died 3-28-2001 - Cancer - Born 3-13-1948 - Writer, promoter, reviewer and critic - He wrote for Sweet Potato, Boston Rock, Nightlife and others - He started the Fast Track label and the BoTown label - He was a co-publisher of The Beat Magazine.

Li'l Richard Towalski - The Polka General - Died 3-28-2001 ( Polka ) Born 12-6-1942 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Musician and DJ - Led Li'l Richard And The Polka All Stars - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

 John Lewis (John Aaron Lewis) - Died 3-29-2001 -  Prostate cancer ( Jazz ) Born 5-3-1920 in La Grange, Ill - Pianist - He was the composer and musical director for Milt Jackson Quartet later renamed The Modern Jazz Quartet (They did, "Django" and "Vendome") - Worked with Dizzy Gillespie and Miles Davis.

Milton "Bat" Batiste (Milton J. Batiste Jr.) - Died 3-29-2001 - After fighting diabetes and heart problems ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 9-5-1934 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Trumpeter - Was a member of The Shuffling Hungarians and the leader of Dejan's Olympia Brass Band (They did many standards such as, "St. James Infirmary," and "When the Saints Go Marching In") - Worked with Little Richard, Big Joe Turner, Clarence "Frogman" Henry, Smiley Lewis and Champion Jack Dupree.

Jeanette Kimball (Jeanette Salvant Kimball) Died 3-29-2001 ( Jazz - Dixieland ) Born 12-18-1906 in Pass Christian near New Orleans - Pianist - She was a member of Celestin's Tuxedo Orchestra, The Buddy Charles Band, The Preservation Hall Jazz Band and Clive Wilson's Original Camellia Jazz Band - Was married to guitarist, Narvin Kimball - She recieved The Black Men Of Labor Jazz Legacy Award.

Angelo J. Davis - Died 3-30-2001 - Car crash when his truck went off the road ( Rock ) Born 1966 -  Lead guitarist for Wicked Lester.

Susan Cooper (Susan Jack Cooper) - Died 3-31-2001 - Emphysema - Born 1947 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Writer - She wrote children's lyrics for the music her  brother David Jack composed - She also wrote for Captain Kangaroo and People Magazine.

Jimmy Miller (James Angus Miller) - Died 3-?-2001 ( Dance - Jazz ) Born 12-30-1916 in Kittybrewster, near Aberdeen, Scotland - Was a member of The Ambrose's Octet and The No 1 Royal Air Force Dance Orchestra better know as The Squadronaires - Worked with Tommy McQuater, George Chisholm and Carroll Gibbons.

Fabrill Brown - Died 4-?-2001 - Tour van crash ( Blues ) Was a member of Bobby Rush's band.

David Lee Watson - Died 4-?-2001 - Born 1952 - Bassist - Worked with Professor Longhair, Wayne Cochran & The C.C. Riders, Jack Mack & The Heart Attack, Luther Kent's Big Band, Tab Benoit and John Mooney.

Trinh Cong Son - Died 4-1-2001 - Diabetes ( Pop ) Born 1939 in the central province of Daklak, Vietnam - (He did, "Ngu Di Con" (Lullaby)) - Called  the "Bob Dylan of Vietnam'' by singer Joan Baez because of his anti-war songs.

Theodore M. "Ted" McCarty - Died 4-1-2001 - Born 1910 - Was a former president of Gibson Guitar Company where he helped bring to life the Les Paul, the Explorer and the Flying V guitars - Owned the Bigsby Company, which manufactures vibratos for guitars.

Gene "By Golly" Barry - Died 4-2-2001 ( DJ ) Born 1924 - He did the radio show, Swing With WING which featurted big band songs - Worked in radio for 45 years.

Lester "Big Daddy" Kinsey - Died 4-3-2001 - Prostate cancer ( Blues ) Born 3-18-1927 in Pleasant Grove, Miss, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Constellations and the leader of Big Daddy Kinsey And His Fabulous Sons, aka The Kinsey Report - Worked with James Cotton, Buddy Guy, Sugar Blue, Pinetop Perkins and his sons, Donald, Kenneth and Ralph (Now of The Kinsey Report).

Nowell Joseph "Papa" Glass - Died 4-3-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 5-18-1927 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with The Olympia Brass Band - Son of drummer Booker T. Glass.

Paul Peek (Paul Edward Peek Jr.) - Died 4-3-2001 - Cirrhosis of the liver ( Rock - Rockabilly ) Born 6-23-1937 in High Point, NC, U.S. - (He did, "The Rock-A-Round" and "Brother-In-Law") - Worked with Gene Vincent ("Pink Thunderbird" and "B-I-Bickey Bi Bo Bo Go"), Esquerita, Joe South and Jerry Reed - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Butch Moore - Died 4-3-2001 - Cancer ( Showband ) Born 1-10-1938 in Dublin - Was the singer for Butch Moore & The Capitol Showband (They did, "Walking The Streets In The Rain" and "Too Soon To Know").

Curley J. Veronie - Died 4-3-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1916 in Maurice, Louisiana, U.S. - Played accordion, drums and violin - Worked with Happy Fats, Aldus Roger, Cliff Touchet, Ricky Dugas, Cleveland Mire, Lawrence Walker, D.L. Menard, Alex Broussard and Joe Turner.

Denny Ezba - Found dead 4-3-2001 ( Rock ) He was the leader of  Denny Ezba And The B.F.B.A. (They did,"Sunny Side Of My Life"), Denny Ezba And The Goldens (They did, "Susie Buffalo") and Denny Ezba's Gold (They did, "Santa Fe") - Worked with Keith Allison, Harvey Kagen, Mike Nesmith and Mickey Forney.

Sonya Hedenbratt - Died 4-5-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 3-4-1931 in Gothenburg, Sweden - Singer - (She did, "Lover Man") - She worked with Bengt Hallberg, Jan Johansson, Arne Domnérus and Lars Gullin.

Daniel J. "Danny" Gaither - Died 4-6-2001 - Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ( Gospel ) Born 1939 in Alexandria, Ind., U.S - Was a member of The Gaither Trio - Gospel Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Lizzie Todd Flowers - Died 4-6-2001 - Sepsis ( Gospel ) Born 1914 - (She sang, "Running For My Life" and "Pure In Sprit").

Charles Pettigrew - Died 4-6-2001 - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 5-12-1963 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Was a member of Down Avenue and he was 1/2 of the duo Charles & Eddie (They did, "Would I Lie To You" and "Shine") - He worked with Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz in The Tom Tom Club.

Dorothy Skaggs (Dorothy May Skaggs) - Died 4-6-2001 ( Bluegrass ) Born 1924 - (She wrote, "All I Ever Loved Was You") - She helped cultivate her son, Ricky Skaggs'  talents.

Thomas Tutten (Thomas Robert Tutten) - Died 4-8-2001 - Drowned ( Folk ) Born 1951 in St. Augustine, Florida, U.S. - (He did, "Florida Road Kill").

Pedro Depestre (Pedro Depestre Gonzalez) - Died 4-8-2001 in Switzerland - After collapsing on stage ( Cuban Jazz ) Born 1945 in Cuba - Was a violinist for Orquesta Aragon and  The Buena Vista Social Club (They did, "Chan Chan" and "Murmullo") - Worked with Ruben Gonzalez, Omara Portuondo and Ry Cooder.

Jean Savoie - Died 4-8-2001 - Heart attack ( Cajun ) Born 1948 - Singer and songwriter, he also played drums, accordion, guitar and steel guitar- He was the leader of The Bayou Ramblers - Worked with his wife, Dee Savoie who played bass in his band and also with Bobby Leger.

Van Stephenson (Van Wesley Stephenson) - Died 4-9-2001 - Melanoma ( Country ) Born 11-4-1953, in Hamilton, Ohio, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He recorded, "You've Got A Good Love Coming" and "Modern Day Delilah") - He was a founding member of BlackHawk (They did, "Goodbye Says It All" and "I Sure Can Smell The Rain") - He also wrote songs for Restless Heart ("Bluest Eyes In Texas" and "Big Dreams In A Small Town").

Ken Rattenbury (Kenneth Rattenbury) - Died 4-9-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 9-10-1920 in Spilsby, Lincolnshire - Trumpet player - Was the leader of The Ken Rattenbury Quintet - He wrote the book, Duke Ellington ­ Jazz Composer.

Lionel Tapo - Died 4-10-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1908 - Musician.

Harry Secombe (Harry Donald Secombe) - Died 4-11-2001 - Born 9-8-1921 in Swansea -  Singer, actor and comedian - (He did, "If I Ruled The World") - He was a cast member of the BBC's radio program, "The Goon Show".

Sandy Bull - Died 4-11-2001 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Psychedelic Folk ) Born 2-25-1941 in New York, NY, U.S. - He played the oud, electric guitar, acoustic guitar and banjo - He blended classical, African, jazz, Appalachian, folk, Brazilian, Indian and Middle Eastern influences into his music - (He did, "Blend") - Half brother of sitar player, Daisy Paradis and son of jazz harpist, Daphne Hellman.

Joe Viola - Died 4-11-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 6-25-1921 in Malden, Massachussetts, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Ben Pollack, Benny Kanter, Frank Sinatra and Lena Horne - He was a music teacher; his students included Quincy Jones, Walter Beasley and Antonio Hart - He co-founded The Berklee College Saxophone Quartet - He wrote the book, "The Technique Of The Saxophone".

Davy Steele - Died 4-11-2001 - Brain cancer ( Scottish Folk ) Born 12-10-1948 in Prestonpans, East Lothian, Scotland - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He wrote, "We're No Gonnae Leave Here" and "Dressed To Kill") - Worked with Drinkers Drouth, Gael Force, Urbn Ri, Ceolbeg, Barley Bree, Clan Alba, The Scottish Breakaway, Scotch Broth, Caledon and The Battle Field Band.

Richard Jones - Died 4-13-2001- Music producer - Uncle of Marc Bolan's son and brother of singer, Gloria Jones.

Joey Ramone (Jeffry Ross Hyman) (aka Jeff Starship) - The King Of Punk - Died 4-15-2001 in New York, NY, U.S. - Lymphoma ( Punk Rock ) Born 5-19-1951 in the New York City community of Forest Hills, N.Y., U.S. - Singer and drummer - (He did, "Mr. Punchy" and  "Don't Worry About Me") - He was a founding member of The Ramones (They did, "I Wanna Be Sedated", "Pinhead" and "Sheena Is A Punk Rocker") - Worked with Sibling Rivalry and Helen Love - He co-produced "She Talks To Rainbows" for Ronnie Spector - Long Island Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Walter Stanton (Walter O. Stanton) - Died 4-16-2001 ( Engineer ) Born 1915 in Canton, Ohio -  Inventor of an easily replaceable phonograph stylus which helped create a consumer market for audio equipment.

James Drayton  - Died 4-17-2001 ( Doo-Wop ) Was a baritone singer for The Five Dollars and The Don Juans.

Tommy Mercer - Died 4-18-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1924 - Baritone singer - (He did," When I Fall In Love and "I'm Old-Fashioned") - Worked with Tommy Dorsey , Jimmy Dorsey, Charlie Spivak and Eddie Duchin.

Billy Mitchell (William Melvin Mitchell)- Died 4-18-2001 - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 11-3-1926 in Kansas City, Missouri, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Count Basie, Dizzy Gillespie, Nat Towles, Lucky Millander, Woody Herman and Stevie Wonder - Worked over 30 years as a resident player at a jazz spot in Seaford, N.Y., called Sonny's Place.

Fred Jordan - Died 4-18-2001 ( Manager ) Born 1973 - He was a manager of music and talent for MTV and had worked there for nine years.

Kal Tanner - Died 4-18-2001 - Heart attack ( Rockabilly ) Was the singer for The Webbers (They did,"Nothin' Is My Favorite Thing To Do" and "Drinkin' Buddy").

John Stoneman (John Catron Stoneman) - Died 4-19-2001 - Heart failure ( Country ) Born 8-2-1923 in Galax, Va., U.S. - Played  autoharp and sang - Was a member of The Stoneman Family Band.

Sherman Sneed (Sherman Brooks Sneed) - Died 4-19-2001 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 1921 - Singer - Was a member of The Wings Over Jordan Choral Ensemble and The Karamu Quartette - He was a manager and producer for Lena Horne for 25 years - Worked with Harry Belafonte.

Smith Dobson - Died 4-20-2001 - Car crash ( Jazz ) Pianist - Worked with The White House Jazz Band, The Airmen Of Note, Nat Adderley, Bobby Hutcherson, Clark Terry, Joe Pass, Arthur Prysock, Woody Shaw, Joe Williams and Nancy Wilson - Father of singer, Sasha Dobson and husband of singer, Gail Dobson.

Andrew West - Died 4-20-2001 - Complications from diabetes as a result of influenza ( Pop ) Born 4-25-80 - Pianist, entertainer and magician - Worked with Bobby Peaco ("Dance Around In Your Bones") He was a keyboardist for Ringling Bros. & Barnum & Bailey Circus.

Isaac "Ike" Cole - Died 4-22-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 7-13-1927 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - Pianist and composer - Was the leader of The Ike Cole Trio - He worked on his niece Natalie's "Unforgettable With Love" album - Was the brother of Nat King Cole.

Joseph "Bebe" Carriere Sr. - Died 4-22-2001 ( Zydeco ) Born 1909 - Fiddler - Worked with The Lawtell Playboys, The Carriere Brothers and his brother Eraste "Dolon" Carriere.

Al Hibbler (Albert George Hibbler)- Died 4-24-2001 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 8-16-1915 in Tyro, Miss., U.S. - (He did, "Unchained Melody" and"After The Lights Go Down Low") - Worked with Jay McShann, Duke Ellington ("Do Nothin' Til You Hear From Me"), Harry Carney, Mercer Ellington, Billy Kyle, Billy Taylor and Rahsaan Roland Kirk.

Andrei "Dyusha" Romanov - Died 4-24-2001 - Heart attack on stage ( Rock ) Born 7-28-1956 - Flautist - Was a member of Akvarium.

Nelson Ochieng Mengo (aka Dr Nelly) - Died 4-25-2001 in Kabondo, Rachuonyo District ( Benga ) Was a member of The Victoria Kings (They did," Jack Jack 2" and "Yukabeth").

Leonard Grant - Died 4-27-2001 - Complications from lung surgery ( Agent - Manager - Nightclub Owner ) Born 1934 - Was and agent for Burt Bacharach, Ann-Margret and Liberace - He managed Bud & Travis and The Travelers Three.

Peter Crossley-Holland - Died 4-27-2001 ( Musicologist - Composer ) Born 1-28-1916 in London, England - He did extensive field recordings of music in Iran, Japan, India, Ladakh, Sikkim and in the monasteries of Tibet,  and also did field recording of Celtic and Welsh music and of music of pre-Colombian central America, western Mexico in particular - He was a Music Assistant for The BBC.

Charlie Applewhite - The little man with the big voice - Died 4-27-2001 - Complications from a stroke ( Pop ) Born 1933 (He had hits with,"I Could Have Danced All Night" and "Ebb Tide") Appeared on Milton Berle's show, The Ed Sullivan Show and The Jackie Gleason show.

Ernie Graham - Died 4-27-2001 ( Rock ) Born 6-14-1946 in Belfast, Ireland - Bassist and singer - (He did, "Romeo And The Lonley Girl" and "Only Time Will Tell") - Was a member of The People who became Eire Apparent (They did, "Someone Is Sure To (Want You)" and "Got To Get Away"), Help Yourself and Clancy - Worked with Brinsley Schwarz, Mitch Mitchell, Noel Redding and Jimi Hendrix.

Evelyn Künneke (aka Evelyn King) - Died 4-28-2001 - Lung cancer ( Swing - Pop - Cabaret ) Born 12-15-1921 in Berlin, Germany - Singer, dancer and actress (She did,"Sing Nightingale Sing" and " Winke, Winke") - She sang with the trio Drei alte Schachtel - Worked with Frank Sinatra - She was the daughter of composer Eduard Künneke and singer Katarina Krapotkin.

  Jerri Pollak (Jerri Kruger Pollak) - Died 4-28-2001 - Injuries suffered from a fall ( Singer - Songwriter ) Born 1916 (She wrote,"I Heard You Cried Last Night").

Danny Poullard - Died 4-28-2001 - Heart attack while on a waiting list for a heart transplant ( Cajun ) Accordion player and bass guitarist - Worked with The Opelousas Playboys, The Louisiana Playboys and The  California Cajun Orchestra.

Anita Moore - Died 4-28-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 1950 - Sang with Duke Ellington, Mercer Ellington, Art Baron, Lloyd Mayers and her brother Bernard Moore.

Herman "Rock" Johnston - Died 4-30-2001 - Prostate cancer ( Rock - Spiritual - Classical - Caribbean Folk ) Born 1938 in Trinidad - He was an innovator with steel drums, stretching the musical range of the instrument from 24 to 36 notes.

Kim Beacon (Kimberley Beacon) - Died 5-?-2001 ( Folk Rock ) He was 48 years old - Singer - Was a member of String Driven Thing (They did, "Black Eyed Queen" and "Let Me Down") - Worked with Tony Banks ("A Curious Feeling" and "Somebody Else's Dream").

Tonni Kalash - Died 5-?-2001 ( Pop ) Born 1937 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Played trumpet - Was a member of Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass - Worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and Perez Prado.

Mike Knight (Michael Lloyd Knight) - Died 5-?-2001 ( Rock ) He was 49 years old - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Brougham Closet (They did, "Wishing" and "To Say Goodbye").

Robert Mattulina - Died 5-2-2001 ( Jazz - Rock - Country - Folk ) Born 1971 in Weymouth, MA, U.S. - He was a drummer and guitarist.

Bob Douglas (Robert McKinley Douglas) (aka Uncle Bob) - Died 5-2-2001 - Pneumonia ( Country - Folk ) Born 3-9-1900 in Pikeville, Tennessee, U.S. - Fiddler - Worked with The Allen Brothers and Jess Young - He gave The Louvin Brothers their first  job.

William Francis "Sonny" Penn - Died 5-2-2001 ( Doo-Wop ) Born 2-9-1939 - He was a singer for Be-Op.

Billy Higgins - Died 5-3-2001 in Inglewood, CA - Pneumonia ( Jazz ) Born 10-11-1936 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Drummer - He was one of the founders of The World Stage, a storefront performance space and teaching venue and was a member of the jazz faculty at UCLA - Worked with Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Charlie Haden, Pat Metheny, Dexter Gordon, Milt Jackon, Sister Rosetta Tharpe, Charles Lloyd, Lee Morgan, Cedar Walton, Bo Diddley, Joshua Redman, Art Pepper and others.

Ike Mills (Tully Fuller Mills II) - Died 5-3-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 10-22-1933 in Beaumont, TX, U.S. - Played trombone, baritone horn and the upright bass guitar - He worked with Michael Nase, Dizzy Gillespie and Pearl Bailey.

Jerry Lee Merritt - Died 5-4-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Was the lead guitarist for Gene Vincent & The Blue Caps (He wrote,"She She Little Sheila", "Born To Be A Rolling Stone," and "Hurtin' For You Baby").

Rita Evelyn Cann (Rita Lawrence) - Died 5-4-2001 ( Pop - Dance - Latin ) Born 1-24-1911 in Purley, Surrey, England - Pianist and singer -  She lead The Havana Sextet - She worked with John Payne, Leslie Thompson, Fats Waller, Fela Sowande, Tunji Sowande, Ivy Benson and Don Marino Barreto.

Stan Monteiro - Died 5-4-2001 - Natural causes ( Jazz ) He played sax and clarinet - Worked with Jimmy Rushing, Wild Bill Davidson, Pete Fountain, Al Hirt and Dick Creedan  He also worked at RCA Records, Metromedia Records and Epic Records - Co-founded the Grunt Records label.

Boozoo Chavis (Wilson Anthony Chavis) - The Creole Cowboy - Died 5-5-2001 died in Austin, TX, U.S. - Heart attack, stroke ( Zydeco ) Born 10-23-1930 near Church Point, La, U.S. - Accordion player (He did,"Paper In My Shoe", which is considered to be Zydeco's first popular record and "Dog Hill") He was the leader of The Magic Sounds - Worked with Sonny Landreth and David Greely - He is widely acknowledged as the king of zydeco music.

Michael Hazlewood - Died 5-6-2001 - Heart attack ( Songwriter ) Born 1942 (He co-wrote "(All I Need Is) The Air That I Breathe" and "It Never Rains In Southern California" with Albert Hammond) He also wrote songs for The Pipkins ("Gimmie Dat Ding") and Rita Coolidge ("Southern Lady") - He worked with T. Bone Burnette, Van Dyke Parks and Harry Nilsson.

Eddie Finckel (Edwin Finckel) - Died 5-7-2001 in Madison, NJ, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 1918 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - He was a composer, pianist, conductor and musical educator - Wrote songs for Boyd Raeburn, Ted Heath, Gene Krupa, Sam Donahue, Les Brown and Buddy Rich.

Suzanne (Benjamin) Bennett - Died 5-8-2001 ( Pop ) Born 1928 in Indianapolis, IN, U.S. - Singer - She sang for TV shows Your Hit Parade, Kay Kyser's College of Musical Knowledge, The Stan Shaw Show, Teen Time Tunes and was one of The Ray Charles Singers.

 James E. Myers (aka Jimmy DeKnight) - Died 5-9-2001 - Leukemia ( Rock ) Born 10-26-1919 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. (He co-wrote,"Rock Around The Clock" with Max Freedman) Was the drummer for Jimmy Myers And The Truckadeers and Jimmy DeKnight And His Knights Of Rhythm - He wrote more than 300 songs.

Polo Corbella - Died 5-9-2001 in Argentina ( Rock ) Drummer - He played with Miguel Zabaleta, Los Abuelos de La Nada, Twist, Raul Porchetto, Miguel Mateos and Maria Rosa Yorio.

Jennifer Stahl - Died 5-10-2001 - Shot during a robbery ( Pop ) She realeased a CD, "Pro-Bitchin" using the moniker, Ganja Woman - She was an actress appearing in the movies, "Dirty Dancing" and "Necropolis" - She also ran a small recording studio.

Charles H. "Trey" Helliwell III - Died 5-10-2001 - Shot during a robbery ( Promoter ) He was a prominent Boston music promoter.

Deborah Walley - Died 5-10-2001 - Cancer ( Singer - Actress ) Born 8-12-1942 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S.  (She did,"Sometimes In The Darkest Hour" and "So Little Time") She acted in Gidget Goes Hawaiian, a few Disney movies and many beach party movies - She was married for a while to John Ashley.

Bob Taylor - Died 5-10-2001 - Cancer ( Rockabilly ) Drummer - Worked with Duane Eddy ("Rebel Rouser") and Larry Mangum's Cowboy Orchestra - He was the leader of The Rogues.

Stan "Doc" Penridge - Died 5-11-2001 ( Rock ) Born 1951 - He was a member of Chelsea and The Criss-Penridge Alliance - He co-wrote,"Beth" and other songs for Kiss and Peter Criss.

Marlon Brando (Marlon Bryant) - Died 5-11-2001 in The Bronx, NY, U.S.- Hit by a minivan as he exited a deli after pushing a female bystander out of the way ( Rap ) Born 1979 - Was a member of The Sporty Thievz (They did,"No Pigeons" and "Cheapskate (You Ain't Getting' Nada)").

Jacques Lowe - Died 5-12-2001 - Cancer ( Photographer - Columnist ) Born 1-24-1930 in Cologne, Germany - Although he is best know for his photographs of John Kennedy he also photographed many of the jazz greats including including Oscar Peterson and Ray Charles - He also was a columnist for JazzTimes.

Perry Como (Pierino Roland Como) - Died 5-12-2001 in Jupiter Inlet Colony, FL, U.S. - After a long illness ( Pop - Swing ) Born 5-18-1912 in Canonsburg, Pa., U.S. - (He sang, "Till The End Of Time" and "Hot Diggity") - He was a member of Ted Weems big band and Freddie Carlone's band - He received the first gold record ever awarded by the Recording Industry Association of America for, "Catch A Falling Star" - Long Island Music Hall Of Fame.

Alex Glasgow (Alexander Glasgow) - Died 5-14-2001 - After a long illness ( Folk ) Born 10-14-1935 (He did the theme music to the BBC TV series "When The Boat Comes In").

Dana LeBarron (Dana A. LeBarron) - Died 5-14-2001 - Heart attack ( Country-Western ) Born 7-21-1926 in Freedonia, N.Y., U.S. - Steel guitarist.

Steve Adamczyk - Died 5-14-2001 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Polka ) He was 83 years old - Born in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Played piano, saxophone and clarinet - Led Steve Adamczyk & His Orchestra - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Prince Ital Joe - Died 5-16-2001 - Car accident ( Reggae ) Born 1963 (He did, "Poverty Sucks") Worked with Tupac, Marky Mark, and Snoop Dogg.

Hernan Naval - Died 5-16-2001 in Ribadeo ( Jazz ) Born in Viveiro 1962 - Bandleader.

Danny Galindo - Died 5-17-2001 - Liver failure caused by hepatitis ( Rock - Psychedelic ) Born 6-29-1949 - Was a bass player for The 13th Floor Elevators (They did,"Budda Budda Budda" and "You're Gonna Miss Me").

Top Jimmy (James Paul Koncek) - Died 5-17-2001 - Liver failure ( Blues ) Born 1957 in Kentucky, U.S. - He was the leader of The Rhythm Pigs - Worked with X, Tom Waits, Steve Berlin and Stevie Ray Vaughan.

Susannah McCorkle - Died 5-19-2001 in New York, NY, U.S. - Jumped from her Manhattan apartment ( Jazz - Blues - Cabaret ) Born 1-4-1946 in Berkeley, CA, U.S. - Singer - (She did a remakes of, "There's No Business Like Show Business" and "Swing That Music") - She worked with Keith Ingham, Frank Wess, Terry Clarke and John Chilton.

Joe Graydon - Died 5-19-2001 - Cancer ( Swing - Pop ) Born 1919 - Singer (He did,"Again", with the Gordon Jenkins Band) Worked on the radio show, "Your Hit Parade" - Was a manager for Dick Haymes, Ray Eberle, The Pied Pipers, Helen Forrest, Connie Haines, The De Castro Sisters and The Mary Kaye Trio - He was a former FBI agent.

Mike Sammes - Died 5-19-2001 ( Pop ) Born 2-19-1928 in Reigate, Kent - Singer - Was the leader of The Mike Sammes Singers (They had a hit with,"Somewhere My Love") - He was a member of The Meltones and The Coronets - He worked with Cliff Richard ("Schoolboy Crush"), Tom Jones ("Delilah"), Ronnie Hilton ("No Other Love"), Engelbert Humperdinck ("The Last Waltz"), Tony Bennett, Ray Charles, Sammy Davis Jr., Marlene Dietrich, Judy Garland, Barbra Streisand, The Beatles ("The Long And Winding Road" and "I Am The Walrus") and many others.

Renato Carosone - The father of Neapolitan singing - Died 5-20-2001 - After a long respiratory illness ( Jazz - Swing - Italian ) Born 1-3-1920 in Naples, Italy (He did,"Tu vo' fa' l'americano ("You Want To Play The American)" and "Torero").

Willie Foster (Willie James Foster) - Godfather of The Blues -  Died 5-20-2001 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 9-19-1921 near Leland, Mississippi, U.S. - Harmonica player - He was the leader of The Rhytmn And Blues Upsetters - Worked with Willie Dixon, Jimmy Reed and Muddy Waters ("I'm Ready").

Tonnie Sheppard - Died 5-20-2001 - Stabbed at a recording studio where he was cutting an album during a fight with studio executives ( Rap ) Born 1962 - Cousin of rapper Haf-A-Mil.

Tommy Eyre - Died 5-21-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 6-5-1949 in Sheffield - Keyboardist, arranger and producer - Was a member of Babylon, Retaliation, Blue Whale and Joe Cocker's Grease Band - Worked with George Harrison, Daryl Hall, Mick Jagger, Tracy Chapman, Gerry Rafferty, Wham!, B.B. King, Alex Harvey, Dusty Springfield and others - He was married to violinist Scarlet Rivera.

 Lorez Alexandria (Delorez Alexandria Turner) - Died 5-22-2001 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Kidney failure ( Jazz - Gospel ) Born 8-14-1929 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer - She worked with The King Fleming Quartet and Ramsey Lewis.

David X. Young (David Benton Young) - Died 5-22-2001 - Heart attack ( Artist ) Born 2-15-1930 in Boston, MA, U.S. - His illegally rented loft became a haven for  jazz performers, including artist like Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, Thelonious Monk and Dizzy Gillespie - He released a 2 CD set, titled,"David X. Young's Jazz Loft", of impromptu sessions that he had recorded at the loft of people that played there  - He also painted many jazz albums covers.

F. Trafford "Traff'' Hubert - Died 5-24-2001 - Cancer ( Bebop ) Born 1927 - Played bass with The Cecil
Young Quartet.

Dale Thomson - Died 5-25-2001 ( Swing )  Born 11-23-1923 -  He was a drummer in The Glenn Miller Air Force Band.

Blaine Jollimore - Died 5-25-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Saxophone player - Worked with Sun Machine, Albatros and Cycle.

Brian Pendleton - Died 5-25-2001 in Maidstone, Kent, England - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-13-1944 in Heath Town, Wolverhampton, Warwickshire, England - Was a rhythm guitarist for The Pretty Things (They did,"Don't Bring Me Down" and "Honey I Need").

Larry Lee Favorite - Died 5-26-2001 - Heart failure ( Country ) Born 1939 - Co-wrote hundreds of songs including,"Fourteen Carat Mind" -  Worked with Johnny Cash.

   Helen Oakley Dance (Helen Margaret Oakley) - Died 5-27-2001 - Complications from a heart attack and broken hip ( Jazz  Writer - Producer - Publicist ) Born 2-15-1913 in Toronto, Ontario - Contributor to Down Beat, Tempo, Swing, and Jazz Hot magazines - Worked with Billie Holiday, Teddy Wilson, Red Norvo, Ella Fitzgerald, The Chick Webb Orchestra, Duke Ellington and many others.

Tony Ashton (Edward Anthony Ashton)- Died 5-28-2001 - Cancer ( Rock - Soul - Jazz - Blues ) Born 3-1-1946 in Blackburn, Lancashire, England - Organist and vocalist - He was a member of The Executives (They did, "March Of The Mods"), The College Boys, The Mastersounds, The Remo Four (They did remakes of, "Nothin's Too Good For My Baby" and "No Money Down"), Ashton,Gardner & Dyke (They did, "Reserruction Shuffle"), P.A.L. (Paice, Ashton, Lord) and Family - Worked with Chicken Shack and Wings.

Francis Bebey - Died 5-28-2001 - Heart attack ( African ) Born 7-15-1929 in Douala, Cameroon - He played the ndewhoo (the pygmy one-note flute) and the sanza (the thumb piano) (He did, "Mbira Dance" and "Condition Masculine") He blended original African rhythms with those of Asia, Latin America and  Europe.

Nikolai Korndorf (Nikolai Sergeyevich Korndorf) - Died 5-30-2001 ( Composer - Teacher - Conductor ) Born 1-23-1947 in Moscow (He composed, "Merry Music For Very Nice People") He said his music reflects medieval choral, elements of modern rock music, folk music and underground music and it contains elements of romantic music, European vanguard music and American minimalism.

Frank Biner - Died 5-30-2001 - Heart attack ( Blues - Soul ) He was 50 years old - Born in Milwaukie, Winsconsin, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "Frankie B. Is Back In Town" and "I'm A Midnight Mover") - Was a member of The Little Boy Blues (They did, "Great Train Robbery") - Worked with Tower Of Power ("You're So Wonderful, So Marvelous"), The Nightshift, Steve 'Doc' Kupka and Mike Bloomfield (Maudie").

Tim Knoll - Died 5-31-2001 in Athens, GA, U.S. - Car crash ( Jug Band ) Born 1950 - He was a member of The Don't Look Now Jug Band, The Wormwood Junction Majority Jug Band, The Tough City Kids Jug Band and Honest Dr. John's Organic Shiffle Band.

Chuck Varsel (Charles John Varsel) - Died 5-31-2001 in Spring, TX, U.S. - Illness ( Rock ) Born 9-7-1951 in PA, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of The Trojans, In The Beginning and Alias Foxx.

Vern Toulon - Died 5-31-2001 ( Industrial - Punk ) Guitarist - Worked with Missing Foundation - Produced his sons' group, Old Skull.

Edgar Pereira (aka El Puma) - Died 6-?-2001 in Miami, FL, U.S.  ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of Viento en Contra.

Grzesiek Petasz - Died 6-?-2001 ( Metal ) Singer - Worked with Exorcist.

Steve Ettleson - Died 6-1-2001 - Hit by a car ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1945 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Mel Torme, Juliet Prowse and Pearl Bailey - He was a member of the house band for the TV show, "Name That Tune".

Bobby Jackson - Died 6-3-2001 - Tour van crash after a gig ( Zydeco ) Born 1956 - Guitarist - Was a member of Dikki Du And The Zydeco Crew.

Bradley Guilbeau - Died 6-3-2001 - Tour van crash after a gig ( Zydeco ) Born 1962 - Drummer - Was a member of Dikki Du And The Zydeco Crew.

Vince Charles - Died 6-3-2001 ( Pop - Caribbean Contemporary ) Born 1946 on the island of St. Kitts - Steel Drummer - Was the leader of Vince Charles And Friends - Worked with Neil Diamond ("Reggae Strut"), Herb Alpert And The Tijuana Brass and The Beach Boys ("Kokomo") - He also played on many movie soundtracks.

Bill Parslow - Died 6-3-2001 ( Jazz ) Tenor saxophonist - Worked with the late Gina Lee.

John Hartford (John Cowan Harford) - Died 6-4-2001 - Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma ( Country - Rock - Bluegrass ) Born 12-30-1937 in New York City , NY, U.S. - Singer and songwriter (He did,"Nobody Knows What You Do", "Watching The River Go By" and wrote,"Gentle On My Mind") He was a regular on The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour and The Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour TV shows - Worked with The Byrds, Doug Dillard, James Taylor, Seals & Croft, Shel Silverstein, Hoyt Axton and The Dillards.

Joel Parsons (Joel David Parsons) - Died 6-5-2001 ( Blues ) Born 1966 - Guitarist - Worked with The Blues Allegations, The Kingpins, Aces And Eights, Doug Maynard and Willie Murphy.

Marvin ''Smokey'' Montgomery (Marvin Wetter) - Died 6-6-2001 - Heart failure, after a long battle with leukemia ( Western Swing - Folk ) Born 3-7-1913 in Rinard, Iowa, U.S. - Banjo player - Was a member of The Light Crust Doughboys (They did,"Ticket For Speeding" and "Chilli And Beans Blues") and he was also a member of Smokey And The Bearcats, The Dallas Banjo Band and The Dallas Hot Five - Banjo Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dick Denney (Richard Denney) - Died 6-6-2001 ( Inventor ) Born 2-2-1921 in Erith, Kent - He perfected the  Vox amplifier used by The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Shadows.

Adelaide Nimitz-Factor - Died 6-7-2001 - After a long illness ( Jazz ) Born 1933 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Singer and talent manager - She sang with Stan Kenton's band - Managed  Hampton Hawes, Lee Ritenour, Soupy Sales and Joe Pass - Was married to saxophonist Jack Nimitz and to actor and writer Robert Factor.

Papa Joe West (Joseph C. Weinmunson) - Died 6-9-2001 - Born 1941 - Pianio player - Was a member of The Esquires - Louisiana Entertainment Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Harold S. Grossbardt (aka Nappy) - Died 6-10-2001 ( Record Store Owner ) Born 1916 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - He founded the famed record collector's store, "Colony Records", established 1948 in New York City with his partner, Sidney Turk - His musical artists customers ranged from John Lennon and Frank Sinatra to Michael Jackson.

Elliot Brown (aka Skarekrow) - Died 6-10-2001 - Drowned ( Rock ) Born 1979 - Worked with Nightmare (They did,"Barefoot") and Steve Moore.

Amalia Mendoza (aka La Tariacuri) - Died 6-11-2001 - A disease that slowly paralyzed her lungs ( Mariachi - Ranchera ) Born 1923 in the Michoacan town of San Juan Huetamo - Singer (She did,"Echame A Mi La Culpa" (Put The Blame On Me) and "Amarga Navidad'' (Bitter Christmas)).

Ponn Yinn - Died 6-11-2001 - Stroke ( Cambodian Folk ) Born 1919 - Flutist - He survived the Khmer Rouge purge and helped preserve his country's culture. He was arrested and while detained, he was forced to play a makeshift flute nightly into loudspeakers to drown out the screams of people being slaughtered in fields nearby .

Natividad Perez Nino - Died 6-12-2001 ( Mexican - Folk ) Born 1904 in San Diego, Texas, U.S. - Pianist. - She performed live at theaters showing silent movies.

Ozzie Brown (Oswald G. Brown) - Died 6-12-2001 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 1904 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Harlem Heat-waves.

Barry Jarman (Barry Edwin Jarman) - Died 6-12-2001 ( Pop ) Born 5-3-1931 in Pietermaritzburg - Played trumpet, penny whistle, guitar and concertina -  Was a member of The Bats (They did, "Cricket Song" and "Mammy Blue").

Marcelo Fromer - Died 6-13-2001 - Hit and run by a motorcycle while he was jogging ( Rock ) Born 1963 - He was the lead guitarist and a founding member for Titas (They did,"Lugar Nenhum" and "Comida") He also wrote a cookbook titled,"What Are You Hungry For?".

      Makanda K. McIntyre (Kenneth A. McIntyre) - Died 6-13-2001 - Collapsed after exercising ( Avant-garde Jazz - Jazz educator ) Born 9-7-1931 in Boston, MA, U.S. - Played sax, flute and many reed instruments - Worked with Wilber Morris.

Wilbert Guillory - Died 6-14-2001 - Heart attack ( Promoter ) Born 1931 - He co-founded The Original Southwest Louisiana Zydeco Music Festival.

George LeGros - Died 6-14-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-20-1945 in Chicago, ILL., U.S. - He was a singer for The Buckinghams (Originally called The Pulsations) (They did,"Sweets For My Sweet"), Just Mustard, The Phabulous Flemtones, The Shakers and Four Outta Five Doctors .

Johnny Mac Cates - Died 6-14-2001 ( Country ) Guitarist (He did,"Temporary Relief" and "Rodeos And Radios").

Ron Brockmann - Died 6-14-2001 ( Rock ) Born 11-9-1946 - Bassist - Was a member of Bazarak and Roundhouse.

Ruth McCullough Dyer - Died 6-15-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 1921- She sang with The Rod Raffell Band, The Sonny Dunham Band, The Isham Jones Band, The Mitchellaires and The Tony Pastor Band (They did,"Bell Bottom Trousers" and "Walk A Little, Talk A Little") She was married to trumpet player, Richard Dyer.

Rodger Poche - Died 6-15-2001 ( R&B ) Born 1952 - Bassist and audio technician - Worked with The Neville Brothers.

Cynthia Verdun Dejan - Died 6-15-2001 ( R&B ) Born 1944 - Singer - Worked with her brother trumpeter Tracy Griffen.

E-Money Bags (Eric Smith) - Died 6-16-2001 in Queens Village - Shot ( Rap ) Worked with Nas, Nature, Kool G. Rap and Noreaga.

Joe Darion (Joseph Darion) - Died 6-16-2001 ( Lyricist ) Born 1-30-1911 in New York City, NY, U.S. (He wrote and co-wrote lyrics to many songs, including "The Impossible Dream", "Ricochet" and "Changing Partners") He and George Kleinsinger composed a musical adaptation of
 Don Marquis's, "Archy and Mehitabel" stories.

Davorin Popovic - Died 6-18-2001 - Illness ( Rock ) Born 9-23-1946 - Singer - Was a member of Indexi (They did, "Negdje na kraju u zatisju").

Bill Randolph (William Randolph) - Died 6-19-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock - R&B ) Born 3-19-1951 in Ardmore, Okla, U.S. - Songwriter and bass player for Point Blank (They did,"The Hard Way" and "Thunder And Lightning") He worked with John Lee Hooker - He was a member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences.

Malcolm Smith (aka Smudge) - Died 6-19-2001 - Abdominal hemorrhage ( Trumpet Player - Conductor ) Born 5-24-1946 in Gloucester - Worked with The BBC Concert Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Opera House and conducted The Cheltenham Young People's Orchestra - He worked with Eric Clapton and The Grateful Dead.

Coney Woodman - Died 6-20-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1918 in Jackson, Miss, U.S. - Played piano, banjo, guitar and baritone horn - He was a member of The Woodman Brothers Biggest Little Band In The World - Worked with Les Hite - Brother of  trombonist Britt Woodman and son of William Woodman.

Mario Torres - Died 6-20-2001 - Drowned ( Actor - Dancer - Musician ) Was a member of Rhythm Exchange, Yoboso, Galactic and The Slackers - He was also a cast member of the dance group Stomp.

James Simmons - Died 6-20-2001 ( Singer - Poet -  Teacher ) Born 2-14-1933 in Derry, Northern Ireland (He did,"Claudy" and "Ballad Of A Marriage").

Harold McKinney - Died 6-20-2001 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Stroke induced coma ( Jazz ) Born 7-4-1928 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Pianist - He led The Jazz Masters - Worked with John Coltrane, Kenny Burrell and Wes Montgomery - Brother of jazz bassist, Ray McKinney.

Grzegorz Petasz - Died 6-20-2001 - Car accident ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Exorcist, Pascal and Pol.

John Lee Hooker (aka John Lee Cooker, John Lee Booker, Delta John, Texas Slim, Birmingham Sam and the Boogie Man) - King of the endless boogie - Died 6-21-2001 in Los Altos, CA, U.S. - Natural causes in his sleep ( Blues ) Born 8-22-1917 in Clarksdale, MS, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "Boogie Chillen" and "Boom Boom") - He recorded over 100 albums - Sang for The Fairfield Four and The Big Six - Worked with Quinn Wilson, B.B. King, Canned Heat, Van Morrison, Carlos Santana, Keith Richards and many others - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Carroll O'Connor (aka Archie Bunker) - Died 6-21-2001 - Heart attack complicated by diabetes ( Actor ) Born 8-2-1924 in New York, NY, U.S. (He and Jean Stapleton hit the charts at number 43 with "Those Were The Days") He  was a cast member of the TV show "All In The Family" - He even put out a couple of LP's, "Sings for Old P.f.a.r.t.s." and "Remembering You".

Kenny Holaday (William Kent Holaday) - Died 6-22-2001 - Complications from a thyroid condition ( Musician - Animator ) Born 1952 - Was the leader of The Feature Animation Christmas Band - He worked on music and animation for Disney films such as, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King and The Fox And The Hound.

Oliver Powers - Died 6-23-2001 - Brain aneuryism ( Rock ) Born 1953 - Played vibraharp and guitar - Was a member of Debris.

Liza McMickle (Liza (Morrow) McMickle) - Died 6-24-2001 ( Swing ) Born 1914 in Brooklyn, New York, U.S. - Singer - Worked with Benny Goodman And His Orchestra ("My Guy's Come Back"), Bobby Hackett, Eddie Condon, Ben Pollack, Tommy King, Noni Bernardi, Ray Charle and Freddie Slac.

Leo Feathers (Richard Leo Feathers) - Died 6-24-2001 ( Rock ) Born 12-11-1941 in Stillwell, OK, U.S. - Guitarist - He was a member of The Gene Crose band and The Starlighters (They did,"Hot Licks" and "Creepin'") Worked with Russell Bridges (aka Leon Russell), Chuck Blackwell, Johnny Williams, Jack Dunham and Jimmy Markham.

Patricia Angadi - Died 6-26-2001 ( Artist - Teacher - Writer ) Born 9-23-1914 - Co-founded the Asian Music Circle, introduced The Beatles to Ravi Shankar, drew sketches of The Beatles as they finished up their "Rubber Soul" LP and painted George Harrison and his then wife Pattie Boyd.

Chico O'Farrill (Arturo O'Farrill) - Died 6-27-2001 - Blood disorder ( Afro-Cuban Jazz )  Born 10-28-1921 in Havana, Cuba - Composer, arranger and trumpeter (He wrote,"Undercurrent Blues" and "The Aztec Suite")  Worked with Dizzy Gillespie, Machito, Count Basie, Orquesta Bellemar, Ringo Starr, Armando Oréfiche's Lecuona Cuban Boys, David Bowie, Los Newyorkers, Stan Getz and others.

Al Lube (Albert P. Lube) - Died 6-27-2001 ( Musician - Teacher ) Born 1910 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Trombonist - Performed and composed Jazz and Dixieland with The South Orange Symphony Orchestra - Worked with The George Olsen Orchestra, The Percy Faith Orchestra and The NBC Radio Orchestra - He played for The Houston Symphony for 31 years.

Rene Villanueva - Died 6-28-2001 - Cancer ( Mexican Folk ) Born 1933 in Oaxaca - He was a co-founder of Los Folkloristas.

Bobby Johnson Jr. - Died 6-28-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1916 - Trumpeter, vocalist, and bandleader - Worked with Duke Ellington, Cab Calloway, Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Benny Carter, and Erskine Hawkins.

Karen Lamm - Died 6-29-2001 - Heart failure ( Rock ) Born 1952 (She co-wrote The Beach Boys',  "Baby Blue") Was a backup vocalist and songwriter for her husband Dennis Wilson - She also was an actress and producer - Former wife of keyboardist Robert Lamm.

Tyna Onwudiwe (aka African Oyinbo) (Justina Onwudiwe) - Died 6-29-2001 - Cancer - ( Avant-garde ) Born 6-12-1954 - Singer.

Chet Atkins (Chester Burton Atkins) - Died 6-30-2001 - Lung cancer ( Country ) Born 6-20-1924 in Luttrell, TN, U.S. - Producer, vocalist, guitarist, arranger and fiddler (He did,"Yakety Axe" and "Country Gentleman") Worked with The Dixie Swingers, Homer And Jethro, Red Foley, Shorty Thompson And His Rangers, Hank Snow, Eddy Arnold, The Everly Brothers ("Wake Up Little Susie''), Elvis Presley (Heartbreak Hotel), Hank Williams Sr. (Your Cheatin' Heart) and many others - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Joe Henderson (aka The Phantom) - Died 6-30-2001 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 4-24-1937 in Lima, Ohio, U.S. - Saxophonist - (He did, "Lush Life" and "Double Rainbow" and composed "Recordame" and  "Black Narcissus") - Worked with Blood, Sweat And Tears, Jack McDuff, Freddie Hubbard, Louis Hayes and The Herbie Hancock Sextet.

Reverend Reinhold Klaudt (R. H. Klaudt) - Died 7-?-2001 ( Gospel ) He was 94 years old -Was a member and business manager of The Klaudt Indian Family. - The Atlanta Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Big Ed (Edward Knight) - Died 7-?-2001 - Cancer ( Rap ) (He did,"My Entourage" and "Make Some Room") Was a member of Tru (They did,"I'm Bout' It, Bout It" and "Keep It Jumping") Worked with Mia X, Silkk and Master P.

Kit Stewart (Carson Wesley Stewart) - Died 7-2-2001 ( Pop - Rock ) Born 1940 - He was a drummer, lyricist and leader of The Kit Kats (They did,"Let's Get Lost On A Country Road" and "Won't Find Better Than Me") and New Hope (They did,"The Money Game" and a remake of The Kit Kats',"Won't Find Better Than Me").

Sayed Khalifa - Died 7-2-2001 - While undergoing treatment for a heart ailment ( Sudanese Singer ) Born 1928 in the village of Ad Dibeiba, near Khartoum (He did,"Izzayakum Keifinnakum" (How Are You?) and "Lailun Wa Khamrun Wa Hifah" (Night, Liquor and Lips).

Johnny Russell (John Bright Russell) - Died 7-3-2001 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - After a lifelong battle with diabetes ( Country ) Born 1-23-1940 in Moorhead, Miss., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and comedian - (He did, "Rednecks, White Socks And Blue Ribbon Beer" and co-wrote,"Act Naturally" ) - He wrote George Strait's, "Let's Fall To Pieces Together" and Dolly Parton's, "Making Plans" - He was a regular of The Grand Ole Opry - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Roy Nichols (Roy Ernest Nichols) - Died 7-3-2001 in Bakersfield, CA, U.S. - Heart attack while being treated for an infection ( Country ) Born 10-21-1932 in  Chandler, Ariz., U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Merle Haggard's band - Woked with Curly Roberts And The Rangers, Lefty Frizzell and Wynn Stewart - He helped create the Bakersfield Sound - Western Swing Society Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Delia Derbyshire - Died 7-3-2001 - Renal failure ( Electronic Music ) Born 5-5-1937 in Coventry, England - She was a pioneer of electronic music who produced the sound for the science fiction TV show "Dr Who" - She was a member of White Noise (They did,"Love Without Sound" and "Here Come The Fleas").

Mike Lorenz - Died 7-3-2001 - Found in his burning car, he died of smoke inhalation ( Blues ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Shadows (They did,"One Night Of Sin" and "Stop Me! Before I Love Again") Worked with Francine Reed.

Bruce Alan Solow - Died 7-4-2001 ( Director - Musician - Magician ) Leader and trombone player for
The Bruce Solow Big Band and a singer with a madrigal group - Was an assistant director on TV shows Star Trek, Miami Vice and NYPD Blue - As a magician he was known as Dr. Fako.

Kyle Evans (Kyle Edwin Fagerhaug) - Died 7-4-2001 in Wessington Springs, SD, U.S. - His motorcycle collided with a deer ( Country ) Born 7-1-1947 - Singer - He led The Company Cowboys (They did,"Lonely Tears" and "Cowboy Auctioneer") The South Dakota Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ernie K-Doe (Ernest Kador Jr.) - The Emperor of the World - Died 7-5-2001 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Various internal illnesses ( R&B ) Born 2-22-1936 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - (He did, "Mother-In-Law" and "`T'aint It The Truth") - Was a member of The Blue Diamonds - Worked with Benny Spellman - New Orleans Music Hall Of Fame Inductee - Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Sidney Clement Sutcliffe (aka Jock) - Died 7-5-2001 ( Chamber Music - Classical - Dixieland ) Born 10-6-1918 in Edinburgh - Oboist and  cellist - Was a member of The King's Royal Rifle Corps, a couple of jazz bands and London Philharmonic Orchestra.

Fred Neil - Died 7-7-2001 - Natural causes ( Folk ) Born 1-1-1937 in St. Petersburg, Fla., U.S. (He wrote,"The Dolphins" and "Everybody's Talking").

James Campbell - Died 7-8-2001 - Hit by a falling tree ( Country ) Born 1949 - Was a singer and guitarist for Smokin' Country.

Richie Matta - Died 7-8-2001 ( Rock - Pop - R&B ) Born 1944 - (He recorded,"Time Out ") Worked with The Nobles, The Spades and The Phantoms - Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Stu Blank - Died 7-9-2001 - Cancer ( Blues ) Keyboardist - Worked with Tommy Castro, Charlie Musselwhite and Little John Chrisley.

James "Chuck'' Cuminale - Died 7-10-2001 - Heart attack while swimming ( Rock ) Born 1952 in Oswego, New York, U.S. - Was a member of The Whitecaps, Colorblind James Experience (They did,"Considering A Move To Memphis" and "Why'd The Boy Throw The Clock Out The Window?") and Colorblind James & The Death Valley Boys.

Herman Brood - Died 7-11-2001 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Jumped from a hotel roof ( Rock ) Born 11-5-1946 in Zwolle, Netherlands - Singer and artist - Led Herman Brood And His Wild Romance (They did, "Saturday Night" and "Dope Sucks") - Worked with The Moans, Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers,Cuby & The Blizzards, Stud and Vitesse.

Arthur Pilyavin - Died 7-11-2001 - Car crash ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 2-9-1961 - Singer - Was a member of Kvartal.

Ustad Salamat Ali Khan - Died 7-11-2001 - Born 1934 in Hoshiarpur, Punjab at Shamchaurasi - Singer.

James Bernard - Died 7-12-2001 in London, England - Born 9-20-1925 in Nathia Gali, India  - Composed the scores to many horror films including, The Curse Of Frankenstein, The Kiss Of The Vampire, The Plague Of The Zombies and Nosferatu - He also composed a pop song, "Black Leather Rock" for the movie, The Damned - Worked with Benjamin Britten and John Hollingsworth.

Ritchie Galvin (Richard Hughes) - Died 7-13-2001 in Liverpool, England - Methicillin resistant staphylococcus aureus ( Rock - Country ) Born 12-28-1943 in Liverpool, England - Drummer - Was a member of The Tigers and  Earl Preston And The TTs (They did, "I Know Something" and "Watch Your Step") - Worked with Joe Piper, The Stringdusters and Western Union.

Bob Hyde - Died 7-13-2001 - Stroke - Born 1949 - Stereo Recording Engineer - He worked on Ricky Nelson's cds and for others  - He was employed at EMI-Capitol.

Al Golub - Died 7-13-2001 - Heart attack - Born 1942 - Was a chauffeur for many celebrities including Frank Sinatra, Tom Jones, Tony Bennett, David Bowie, Diana Ross, The Beatles, The Beach Boys, Rod Stewart, Billy Joel, The Eagles, Liberace,  Sly And The Family Stone and Led Zeppelin, who called Al and his brother Harold, "Our boys from Chicago".

Rick O'Dell - Died 7-14-2001 - Heart attack ( R&B - Rock ) Born 6-?-1946 - Saxophonist - Worked with Calvin James, Bad Influence and Lamont Cranston.

Happy Edwards (Wallace Edwards) - Died 7-14-2001 in Covington, GA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 5-26-1926 - Singer - Was a member of The Harmoneers Quartet - Worked with The Happy Four - Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Lance Krantz - Died 7-15-2001 - Heroin overdose ( Punk ) Born 1964 - Drummer - Was a member of Detox.

Too Poetic (Anthony Ian Berkeley) (aka Grym Reaper) - Died 7-15-2001 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Colon cancer ( Rap ) Born 11-15-1964 in Trinidad - Was a member of Brothers Grimm and The Gravediggaz (They did, "Burn Baby Burn" and "Diary Of A Madman").

Sylvia "Kuumba" Williams - Died 7-17-2001 - Cancer ( Blues - Jazz  ) Born 1943 in New York City, NY, U.S. - Singer and actress - She played the role of "Big Bertha" Williams in the international hit musical revue "One Mo' Time" - She appeared in "Live And Let Die", "Sounder" and "Mandingo" .

Mark Hannon - The Blues Cannon - Died 7-17-2001 ( Blues ) Born 12-3-1947 - Harmonica player and singer - He worked with The Fabulous Fish Heads and Steve Freund (They did, "Folks Like You").

Abel Carlevaro - Died 7-17-2001 in in Berlin, Germany - Heart attack - Born 1916 in Montevideo, Uruguay - Guitarist and composer - (He composed, "Preludios Americanos" and "Fantasia Concertante").

Mimi Farina (Margarita Mimi Baez) Died 7-18-2001 - Lung cancer ( Folk ) Born 4-30-1945 in Palo Alto, California, U.S. - (She did, "In The Quiet Morning") - She was 1/2 of the married duo, Richard & Mimi Farina (They did, "Pack Up Your Sorrows" and "Reflections In A Crystal Wind ") - Worked with Ton Jans - She founded Bread & Roses, a musical charity organization - She was the sister of Joan Baez.

Clayton Fillyau Sr. - Died 7-18-2001 in Bay Pines, FL, U.S. ( R&B - Blues ) Born 8-16-1934 - Drummer - Worked with Etta James, Sam & Dave, Ike & Tina Turner, Major Lance and James Brown.

Mike Beltran (Michael A. Beltran) - Died 7-18-2001 in Vallejo - Illness - He was 50 years old - Singer - Was a member of Browness.

Judy Clay (Judith Grace Gatewood) (Judy Guions) - Died 7-19-2001 - Car accident ( Soul - R&B ) Born 9-12-1938 in St Paul, North Carolina, U.S. - (She sang, "More Than You Know" and "I'd Thought I'd Gotten Over You") - She was half of the United States' first racially integrated duo, Billy Vera and Judy Clay (They did, "Storybook Children" and "Country Girl-City Man") and a singer with The Drinkard Singers - She also sang with William Bell ("Private Number"), Aretha Franklin, Van Morrison, Donny Hathaway, and Wilson Pickett.

Milt Gabler (Milton Gabler) - Died 7-20-2001 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-20-1911 in Harlem, NY, U.S. - (He wrote, "In A Mellow Tone" for Duke Ellington and "Love" for Nat King Cole) - He produced "Rock Around The Clock" by Bill Haley And The Comets and also produced Billie Holiday ("Strange Fruit"), Peggy Lee, The Weavers and The Ink Spots - He founded America's first independent jazz record label and was the first to reissue out-of-print jazz recordings - He operated New York City's most comprehensive jazz record store, The Commodore Music Shop - Uncle of comedian, Billy Crystal - Rock And Rock Hall Of Fame Inductee .

Steve Barton - Died 7-21-2001 - Heart failure ( Musicals ) Born 1954 - He appears in the musical shows The Phantom Of The Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar, Evita, Cats, The Red Shoes and Dance Of The Vampires.

Jerry Carter - Died 7-21-2001 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 7-28-1936 in Georgiana, AL, U.S. - Singer and keyboardist - Was a member of The Carter Brothers (They did, "I Don't Care" and "So Glad She's Mine").

Bob Ferguson - Died 7-22-2001 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 1928 - (He wrote,"Wings Of A Dove" and "The Carroll County Accident") - Was a producer for Dolly Parton, Porter Wagoner and Ferlin Husky - Worked with Connie Smith, Patsy Cline, Danny Davis & The Nashville Brass, Chet Atkins, Jim Ed Brown, George Hamilton IV and Archie Campbell.

Manny Fisher (Emmanuel Fisher) - Died 7-22-2001 ( Choral ) Born 9-25-1920 - Singer - Was the leader of The London Jewish Male Choir - He arranged music for Barbra Streisand's film Yentl and some of the choral music in the Beatles' film A Hard Day's Night.

Bobby Young (Robert Young) - Died 7-22-2001 - Cancer ( R&B ) Was a member of The 5 Diamonds who were renamed The Counts (They did, "Heartbreaker" and "Wailin' Little Mama").

Les Domangue - Died 7-22-2001 - Heart attack ( Cajun ) Born 1939 - Played drums and guitar - Worked with Charlie Bourg And The Jolly Troubadours, Vin Bruce, Gene Rodrigue, The Dufrene Brothers and Joe Barry - Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Napolian Strickland (aka Napoleon Strickland) - Died 7-22-2001 in Senatobia, MS, U.S. - Stroke ( Blues ) Born 10-6-1924 near Como, MS, U.S. - Fife, guitar, diddley-bow and harmonica player.

Max Varnier (aka Mad Max) - Died 7-23-2001 - Jumped off a bridge ( Metal ) Singer and drummer - Was a member of Worship, Kult and Beer Vomit.

Charlynne Wiggins Burgess - Died 7-24-2001 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 12-30-1912 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - She was a singer with the KRLD orchestra and sang on her own radio program - Besides singing pop tunes she also did Betty Boop imitations and whistled whole songs - She appeared in radio and TV commercials.

Bob Coltart (aka Bob Scott and Bobby Fabulous) - Died 7-24-2001 - Illness ( Rock ) Born 12-20-1956 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Maroondogs - Worked with Herman's Hermits, Badge, Whispering Wind, Life 'N' Soul, Arthur Kay's Originals, The Cho-Zen, Bilko, Gary And The Moondogs, The Warriors and Chuck Berry.

Richie Lee - Died 7-25-2001 - Suicide ( Rock ) Was a guitarist and vocalist for Spinout and Acetone (They did,"Chills" and "Vaccination").

Helmut Brandt - Died 7-26-2001 - Heart attack ( Jazz - Dixieland ) Born 1-1-1931 in Germany - Baritone saxophonist - He played for the RIAS Big Band Berlin and was the leader of The Helmut Brandt quintet.

Leon Wilkeson - Died 7-27-2001 - Natural causes ( Southern Rock ) Born 4-2-1952 in Jacksonville, Florida, U.S. - Was the bass guitarist for My Backyard who later changed their name to Lynyrd Skynyrd (They did,"Sweet Home Alabama" and "Freebird") - He survived the 1977 plane crash that killed Ronnie Van Zant, Steve Gaines and Cassie Gaines -  Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Harold Land (Harold de Vance Land) - Died 7-27-2001 - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 2-18-1928 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Tenor saxophonist - Was a member of The Timeless All-Stars - Worked with Clifford Brown, Max Roach, Tony Bennett and Curtis Counce - He is the father of pianist Harold Land Jr. .

Bill Wade - Died 7-27-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1948 - Drummer - Was a member of Moxy and Bongo Fury.

Don Wherry - Died 7-28-2001 - Heart attack ( Composer - Percussionist ) Was a member of Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra and co-founder of Fusion - He created musical instruments from farm machinery.

Johnny Bernero - Died 7-28-2001 in Fulton, Kentucky, U.S. - Born 9-22-1931, Memphis, Tennessee, U.S. - Drummer - (He did, "Bernero's Boogie" and "Rockin' At The Woodchoppers Ball") - Worked with Elvis Presley ("Mystery Train" and "I Forgot To Remember To Forget"), Dean Beard, Barbara Pittman, Jack Hale, Harold Jenkins, Billy Riley, Warren Smith and Smokey Joe.

Sacha van Geest - Died 7-29-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Flute and sax player - He was a member of Supersister (They did,"Judy Goes On Holiday" and "The Groupies Of The Band").

John Walters - Died 7-30-2001 ( Broadcaster - Producer - Musician ) Born 5-16-1938 in Chesterfield, Derbyshire - He played trumpet and flugelhorn for The Alan Price Set (They did,"The House That Jack Built") He produced DJ John Peel's radio show Top Gear - Worked with Eric Burdon, Keith Moon and Vivian Stanshall.

Rick McDonald - Died 7-31-2001 ( Pop ) Born 1949 - Singer and guitarist (He did,"What's Another Broken Heart") He was a member of The Rick McDonald Band and The Randy Bachelors.

Joe Perry - Died 7-31-2001 ( Country - Rock - Blues ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Bullnettle Band.

Henry  Bartlett (Michael Henry Bartlett) (aka The Jug) - Died 8-?-2001 - Heart attack ( Jazz - Jug Music ) Born 1943 - Was a member of The Famous Jug Band (They did,"O, For Summer" and "Hole In The Ground") Worked with Clive Palmer.

Joe Lynch - Died 8-1-2001 ( Irish Music ) Born 7-16-1926 in Mallow, Co Cork - Actor and singer (He sang,"The Stone Outside Dan Murphy's Door" and "The Wandering Gypsy") He acted in the soap opera, Glenroe.

K-Roy - Died 8-?-2001 - Heart disease - Born 1976 - Percussionist and producer - Worked with Besh o Drom.

Martin Bognermayr (aka Herbie) - Died 8-1-2001 at Lake Attersee, Upper Austria - Drowned while diving ( Musician ) Born 4-19-1975 - Keyboardist, composer and producer - Worked with his father, composer, musician, Hubert Bognermayr.

Dave Gilbert (David Lee Gilbert) - Died 8-1-2001 - Cirrhosis and liver cancer ( Rock ) Born 1952 in Pontiac, Mich., U.S. - Singer - Worked with New Order, The Rockets (They did, "Oh Well" and "Can't Sleep"), The Amboy Dukes and Roadhouse.

Ron Townson (Ronald Townson) - Died 8-2-2001 in Las Vegas, NV, U.S. - Renal failure after a four year battle with kidney disease ( Pop - Soul ) Born 1-20-1941 in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. - Singer - He was one of the original members of The Versatiles who changed their name to The 5th Dimension (They had hits with, "Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In" and "Up, Up and Away") - He was also the leader of Ron Townson And Wild Honey - He worked with Wings Over Jordan.

Jeanne Loriod - Died 8-3-2001 - Drowned after a stroke while swimming ( Electronic Music ) Born 7-13-1928, in Houilles, near Paris, France - Played the ondes martenot - She did music for the films, Mad Max, Mars Attacks! and Lawrence Of Arabia - Sister of pianist Yvonne Loriod - She had planned on performing with Radiohead before her death.

Lars Johan Werle - Died 8-3-2001 ( Jazz - Choral ) Born 6-23-1926 in Gävle, Sweden - Composer, teacher, radio producer and singer.

Edgar Reynolds - Died 8-3-2001 ( Rock ) Born 1959 - Guitarist for The Wild Giraffes.

Brenda Melson (aka Brenda Lee Jones) Died 8-4-2001 - Gastro-intestinal cancer ( Pop - Gospel ) Born 2-18-1938 in Dayton - She was known as Jean in the duo, Dean & Jean (They did,"Tra La La La Suzy" and "Hey Jean, Hey Dean").

Dori Shoss - Died 8-5-2001 - Lung cancer due to Hodgkin's disease treatment ( Rock ) Born 1-5-1954 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - She was the lead singer for Crosswind and The Grip - She was married to Michael Lampton, the bassist for The Grip.

Al Broussard - Died 8-5-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1906 - Pianist.

Chris Williams - Died 8-5-2001 in Malibu - The car he was driving veered off the road and plunged 600 feet ( Rock ) Born 1970 - He was a singer and guitarist for Backbone69 (They did,"Out Of My Mind" and "She's On Fire") His bandmates were bass player Berry Oakley Jr., the son of The Allman Brothers' Berry Oakley, drummer Alex Orbison, the son of Roy Orbison and guitarist Duane Betts, the son of The Allman Brothers' Dickey Betts - His father is songwriter Jerry Lynn Williams.

Ian Anderson - Died 8-5-2001 - Hit by a car while walking ( Punk ) Born 1982 - He was the singer for Five Good Reasons.

Paul N. Bergeron - Died 8-5-2001 ( Cajun ) Born 1938 - Steel guitarist - Was a member of Phil Menard And The Louisiana Travelers.

Larry Adler (Lawrence Cecil Adler) - Died 8-6-2001 ( Jazz - Classical - Pop ) Born 2-10-1914 in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Mouth organist (He did,"Hand To Mouth Boogie" and "Genevieve") Worked with George Gershwin, Paul Whiteman, Jack Benny, Django Reinhardt and Sting.

Billy Byrd (William Lewis Byrd) - Died 8-7-2001 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( Country ) Born 2-17-1920 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - He was a guitarist  for Ernest Tubb's Texas Troubadours (They did, "Jealous Loving Heart" and "Answer The Phone") - Worked with Tex Ritter, Burl Ives, Cowboy Copas, The Oak Ridge Quartet and Little Jimmy Dickens - Billy Byrd and guitarist Hank Garland designed the Byrdland guitar for Gibson Guitars.

Billy Rogers - Died 8-7-2001 in Toronto - Complications of pneumonia ( Punk ) Born 2-28-1957 - Drummer - Worked with Shadow, The Senders, The Slugs, The Hero's, The Dragons, Hanson Ned, Teenage Kicks, TDF ("Stay"), The Ramones ("Time Has Come Today"), Dee Dee Ramone, The Heartbreakers and Johnny Thunders ("Endless Party").

Pastor James E. Lenox - Died 8-8-2001 - Cancer ( Gospel ) Born 1931 (He did, "God's Been Good To Me") - He was a member of The Thompson Community Singers.

Robert Jacks (Robert Nick Jacks) - Died 8-8-2001 - Born 8-9-1959 in Monterrey, California, U.S. Writer, singer, songwriter, producer, actor, radio personality and record company executive - (He wrote and sang, "Der Einziger, Weg'' with Debbie Harry") - He produced, stared in and wrote the music and lyrics for, "Boy Trouble'' a punk rock musical - He hosted a radio show with Gibby Haynes of The Butthole Surfers - He was a record company head for Viscera Music and even protrayed Leatherface in, "Return Of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

Pat Mason (Seldon Mason) - Died 8-8-2001 ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 10-26-1907 in Boise, Idaho (He did,"Big Foot Wiggle") Worked with Roy Orbison and as a booking agent with Elvis Presley, Gene Vincent, Fats Domino, Johnny Cash, Paul Revere And The Raiders, Dorsey Burnette, Bobby Helms, Johnny Horton, Bill Haley, Willie Nelson, Little Richards and many others - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee .

Steve Runkle - Died 8-9-2001 - Stroke ( Country ) Born 1952 - Songwriter and singer (He wrote The Oak Ridge Boys' ,"Love Song") Worked with David Olney & The X-Rays, Clifford Curry, Tomi Lunsford, The Contenders (They did,"Snowing Me Under" and "Light From Carolina") and David Ball.

"Daddy" Ray Arvizu - Died 8-9-2001 - Respiratory infection, probally resulting form a freak accident five years earlier when a piece of nightclub ceiling fell on him, broke his back and led to pulmonary hypertension ( Blues ) Born 1953 - Saxophonist - Worked with Charlie Musselwhite and Elvin Bishop.

Walter Horvitz - Died 8-10-2001 - Natural causes ( Songwriter ) Born 1922 (He wrote,"Lift Up Your Eyes To The Mountains" which Mahalia Jackson sang) He wote songs in a  wide variety of music types including gospel, love songs, ballads, patriotic music, folk songs and Broadway style show tunes.

Mikhail Poleszczuk - Died 8-11-2001 - Accident ( Punk ) Bassist - Was a member of Naiv.

Paul Cunniffe - Died 8-11-2001 in Whitechapel, East London, England - Accident ( Punk - Folk ) Born 6-23-1961 in Cambridge, England - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of Blaze X (They did, "Some Hope" and "Rippy") - (Wrote The Saw Doctors', "I Useta Lover" and "Funny World").

Elier "Bye" Touche - Died 8-12-2001 ( Cajun ) Born 1914 - Played accordion - Was a member of The Touchet Brothers Band (They did, "La Belle Musique" and "Touchet Brothers Special").

J. Cecil O'Daniel - Died 8-13-2001 - Lung cancer ( Blues ) Born 1941 - Bassist - Worked with Booker T. & The MGs, Otis Redding, Leon Russell and others - Was a session man for several studios, including Stax - He was an architect by day and a musician by night.

Neil Cooper - Died 8-13-2001 - Cancer ( Record Exec ) Born 1930 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Founder of The ROIR (Reach Out International Records) record label  which released recordings by James Chance And The Contortions, Bad Brains,  The Skatalites, Glenn Branca, Television, G.G. Allin, Johnny Thunders, The New York Dolls, Lee "Scratch" Perry, The MC5, Suicide, Prince Far I and Big Youth - He was an agent for Shirley Bassey and Charles Mingus.

Maurice Oberstein (Maurice Louis Oberstein) - Died 8-13-2001 ( Record Company Exec ) Born 9-26-1928 in NY, U.S. - He worked for Rondor Records, CBS Records and Polygram Music - He helped launch The Psychedelic Furs and Adam & The Ants and he signed The Clash - He was appointed "Professor Of Pop" at the music faculty of Miami University.

Daniel Adrian Carlin - Died 8-14-2001 - Complications from lung cancer and pulmonary fibrosis ( Music editor ) Born 1928 - He edited the music for the films The Outlaw Josey Wales, Scorpio, Ghost, Gorillas In The
        Mist, Dead Poets Society, Parenthood, Fatal Attraction, Cliffhanger and others - He founded La Da Music which is now called Segue Music - Worked with Hugo Friedhofer, Lionel Newman, Lalo Schifrin, Elmer Bernstein and Ennio Morricone.

Ed  J. Swihura - Died 8-15- 2001 - Drowned while swimming in a pool - He was 30 years old - Founder of the Songwriters In The Round organization, which helps aspiring songwriters.

Don Ricardo - Died 8-15-2001 ( Big Band ) Born 1909 - He led Don Ricardo And The Californians and The NBC Orchestra - He was also an Antique Car Buff.

Flip Phillips (Joseph Edward Filipelli) - Died 8-17-2001 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 3-26-1915 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Played saxophone and clarinet (He did,"Swing Is TheThing") Worked with Benny Goodman, Wingy Manone and Red Norvo, Woody Herman, Bill Harris, Joe Lovano and James Carter.

Jerry Green - Died 8-18-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1903 - Played tuba, bass and banjo - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Lena Horne, Cab Calloway, Papa Celestine, Paul Barbarin and Al Hirt.

Jack Elliott (Irwin Elliott Zucker) - Died 8-18-2001 - Brain tumor ( Composer - Conductor ) Born 1927 in Hartford, Conn, U.S.- Jazz pianist  - He worked as musical director for The Henry Mancini Institute, Judy Garland and Andy Williams - He founded The New American Orchestra, later renamed The American Jazz Philharmonic - He wrote or co-wrote (with Allyn Ferguson) music for many TV shows, including Police Story, Barney Miller, Starsky And Hutch, Charlie's Angels and The Love Boat.

Betty Everett - Died 8-19-2001 in Beloit, WI, U.S. ( Pop - Soul - R&B ) Born 11-23-1939 in Greenwood, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "The Shoop Shoop Song (It's In His Kiss)" and the original "You're No Good") - She worked with Jerry Butler ("Let It Be Me").

K. Barnett Shaw - Died 8-20-2001 ( Actor - Playwright - Songwriter ) Born 12-10-1909 in Joplin, Mo., U.S. (He wrote,"Night Must Fall" with Xavier Cugat) He was was a member of ASCAP, the songwriters' organization - He appeared in the movies, The Trial Of Lee Harvey Oswald and  Mars Needs Women.

John "Mambo" Treanor - Died 8-20-2001 - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz - Mambo ) Born 1953 - Percussionist - He was a member of 47 Times Its Weight, Beto y Los Fairlanes and The Vanguards - He worked with Toni Price, Guy Forsyth, Marcia Ball, Abra Moore and The Resentments - While perfoming, he often would wear hats and ties he made from road kill.

Allen Koppelberger (Allan Todd Koppelberger) - Died 8-21-2001 ( Gospel - Country ) Born 7-27-1963 in Ypsilanti, Michigan, U.S. - Musician and  songwriter (He wrote, Ken Holloway & Lari White's,"I'm Not Going To Fall To Pieces" and Debra Allen's,"Is It Love Yet?").

Emmitt Clem - Died 8-21-2001 - After a brief illness ( Jazz - Dance - Maching Band ) Born 1930 - Was the leader of The Happy Jazz Society - He also He taught and led marching band programs since 1955.

 Alec Grahame (James Alexander Patchett) - Died 8-21-2001 ( Lyric Writer - Theatrical Agent ) Born 9-22-1926 in Broadstairs, Kent (He wrote,"Black Magic" which was performed by Pat Lancaster) He co-wrote many stinging satirical revue lyrics with Peter Myers.

Frank Emilio Flynn (Francisco Emilio Flynn Rodriguez) - Died 8-23-2001 - Heart attack ( Cuban Jazz ) Born 1921 in Havana, Cuba - Pianist and composer - Was a member of Loquibambia, Los Amigos, Club Cubano de Jazz and Quinteto Instrumental de Musica Moderna - Worked with Omara Portuondo.

Eric Allandale (Eric Allandale Dubuisson) - Died 8-23-2001 ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 3-4-1936 in Dominica - Trombonist, bandleader and teacher - Was a member of The Foundations (They did,"Baby, Now That I've Found You" and "Build Me Up, Buttercup"), The Jazz Knights and The St Andre Blues Band - He taught music in Zambian schools - He worked with Teddy Layton, Laurie Chescoe and Sonny Morris.

Jacky Vitet (aka Yan) - Died 8-23-2001 - Cardiac arrest ( Rock ) Born 1958 - Was a member of Yan et les Abeilles.

Raymond Wilding White - Died 8-24-2001 ( Composer - Music Professor ) Born 1923 in England - He composed about 100 songs ranging from symphonies to experimental compositions incorporating electronic and taped sounds.

Gerald Cain (Gerald R. Cain) - Died 8-24-2001 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 8-26-1947 in West Philadelphia, PA, U.S. -  Drummer - Was a member of The Delphonics - Worked with The Intruders.

Aaliyah (Aeliyatt Dani Haughton) - Died 8-25-2001 - Private plane crash after takeoff ( R&B ) Born 1-16-1979 in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. - Singer and actress (She did,"We Need A Resolution" and "Back And Forth") She appeared in the film "Romeo Must Die" - She worked with Kriss Kross, Timbaland and Missy Misdemeanor Elliott - She was the wife of singer R. Kelly and niece of Glady's Knight.

John Nelson (John L. Nelson) - Died 8-25-2001 ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1916 in Louisiana (He co-wrote,"Scandalous" and "Under The Cherry Moon" with and for his son, Prince (Prince Roger Nelson) - He was a pianist for The Prince Rogers Trio.

Philippe Léotard - Died 8-25-2001 ( Actor - Singer - Poet - Writer ) Born 8-28-1940 in Nice, France.

Cal Collins (Calvin Collins) - Died 8-26-2001 in Dillsboro, IN, U.S. - Liver failure ( Jazz - Country & Western Swing ) Born 5-5-1933 in Medora, IN, U.S. - Played mandolin and guitar - (He did, "Crack'd Rib Blues") - Worked with Benny Goodman, Rosemary Clooney, Scott Hamilton, Terry Moore, Kenny Poole and Warren Vache.

Cecil Null (Cecil Allen Null) - Died 8-26-2001 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 4-26-1927 in War, WV, U.S. (He wrote,"I Forgot More Than You'll Ever Know" and "Mother Maybelle") He played and designed autoharps.

Roger Bright - Died 8-28-2001 in Boulder, CO, U.S. - After a heart attack onstage ( Polka ) Born 2-12-1937 in New Glarus, WI, U.S, - Played the accordian - Worked with Frankie Yankovic - Wisconsin Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee, International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bobby Martin - Died 8-28-2001 - Born 1940 - He formed The Martiniques - He later became a booking agent - He was married to recording artist Sherri Martin.

Shirley Strachan (Graeme Strachan)- Died 8-29-2001 - The helicopter he was piloting crashed ( Rock ) Born 1-2-1952 in Malvern, Australia (He did,"Every Little Bit Hurts" and "It's All Rock & Roll To Me") Was a member of Frame and a singer for Skyhooks (They did,"Smut" and "EGO Is Not A Dirty Word").

Azhari Ahmad - Died 8-29-2001 - Heart attack - Was a member of Rainhen.

David Walker - Died 8-30-2001 - Heart attack - Born 5-8-1944 - He managed The Sweet, Barclay James Harvest and Status Quo.

Sam "Flash" McFadin - Died 8-31-2001 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1952 - Was the singer for Flash Cadillac & The Continental Kids (They did remakes of, "She's So Fine" and "Endless Sleep").

Pete Nardella - Died 9-22-2001 ( Jazz ) Worked with Phil Palumbo.

Elton Hayes - Died 9-?-2001 ( English Folk - Children's Music ) Born 2-16-1915 in Bletchley, Buckinghamshire  (He did,"The Ratcatcher's Daughter" and "The Owl And The Pussy Cat") He was known as "The man with the small guitar".

Altaneze Taylor - Died 9-?-2001 - Homicide ? ( Jazz ) Born 8-?-1935 in South Carolina, U.S. - She was the founder of The Bright Moments Music Lovers Club which helped connect young people with professional jazz musicians including her friends Billy Higgins, Dizzy Gillepsie, B.B. King, Pharoah Sanders, Rahsaan Kirk and John Handy.

Ian Icon - Died 9-?-2001 - Suicide ( Punk Rock ) Was a bassist for Rock Bottom & The Spys (They did,"Rich Girl" and "Death Trap").

Ted Mulry - Died 9-1-2001 - After a long battle with cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-2-1949 in Oldham England - Singer (He did,"Julia" and "Falling In Love Again") Was the leader of The Ted Mulry Gang (They did,"Jump In My Car" and "Dark Town Strutters Ball")  Worked with bandmates, Les Hall and Herman Kovacs.

Sil Austin (Sylvester Austin)- Died 9-1-2001 - Prostate cancer ( Jazz ) Born 9-17-1929 in Dunnellon, Florida, U.S. - Played the saxophone (He did,''Slow Walk'' and ''My Mother's Eyes").

Joseph Weinstein - Died 9-1-2001 - Natural causes ( Big Band ) Born 1919 - He was a big band leader.

Troy Donahue (Merle Johnson Jr.) - Died 9-2-2001 - Heart attack ( Actor ) Born 1-27-1936 in New York, NY, U.S.  (He recorded,"Live Young") He appeared  in the TV series Hawaiian Eye and Surfside Six and the movies Palm Springs Weekend, A Summer Place, Cry Baby and The Godfather Part II - Was at one time married to Suzanne Pleshette.

Jay Migliori - Died 9-2-2001 - Colon cancer ( Jazz ) Born 11-14-1930 in Erie, Pa., U.S. - Saxophonist (He recorded,"Lunatic Waltz" and "Bluesology") Was a member of the 571st  Air Force Band and Supersax (They recorded,"Scrapple From The Apple" and "Hot House") Worked with Miles Davis, The Four Seasons, Stan Kenton, Terry Gibbs, Louie Bellson, The Ronettes, The Monkees, Si Zentner, The Righteous Brothers, Maynard Ferguson, The Beach Boys, Woody Herman, Ray Charles and Frank Zappa - He played on about 4,000 recordings.

George E. Haynes Jr - Died 9-2-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1921 in Victoria, TX, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Illinois Jacquet, La Big Band, Milt Larkin and The Musicians Benevolent Society Of Houston - He also was a Houston school administrator.

George Ovalle - Died 9-2-2001 - Liver disease ( Pop ) Born 1954 - He was the lead singer for The OBG (Oldies But Goodies) Band.

Billy Mokowe Mashiane - Died 9-3-2001 - Hung himself ( Jazz ) Saxophonist - Was a member of Heavy Spirits and Medu - Worked with Gershwin Nkosi.

 Buddy Fite - Died 9-4-2001 - He was was suffering from an inoperable tumor of the neck ( Jazz ) Born 1938 - Guitarist - Worked with Dory Hylton.

Beulah Bobb - Colon cancer (aka Saga Ting Mama and Lady B) - Died 9-4-2001 ( Calypso ) Born 3-25-1957 in L'Anse Fourmi, Tobago (She sang "Ambataila Woman" and "Fight Back") She was a member of The United Sisters (They did, "Whoa Donkey") - Worked with Singing Sandra, Marvellous Marva, Tigress and Patrice Roberts - She was named Trinidad's National Calypso Queen in 1986.

Big Jim Overton - Died 9-4-2001 - Heart attack ( Swing ) Born 1954 - He was the drummer for Indigo Swing (They did, "Regular Joe" and "How Lucky Can One Guy Be?").

Bobby Laurel - Died 9-4-2001 ( Musican - Film Producer ) Born 1938 - Pianist - He wrote an instrumental theme song for the late radio personality J.P. McCarthy - He produced the film, The Rosary Murders.

Carlton "Guitar" Thomas Jr. - Died 9-4-2001 ( Cajun ) Born 1944 - Guitarist - Worked with Boozoo Chavis.

Coughnut  (Ranald Fields, Jr.) - Died 9-4-2001 - Car crash along with D-Mac ( Rap ) Born 1-11-1968 - Was a member of Ill Mannered Posse (They did,"Scandalous" and "Don't Get It Twisted").

D-Mac - Died 9-4-2001 - Car crash along with Coughnut ( Rap )

Dan Fisher - Died 9-6-2001 ( Songwriter ) Born 1920 in New York, U.S. (He co-wrote Billie Holiday's, "Good Morning, Heartache") Son of composer Fred Fisher and brother of composer Marvin Fisher and composer Doris Fisher.

David Myers - Died 9-5-2001 - Complications from diabetes ( Blues ) Born 10-30-1926 in Byhalia, Miss., U.S. - Rhythm guitarist and bassist - He was a member of The Four Aces (They did,"Richard Ain't Gonna Open The Door" and "Garbage Man") He worked with Little Walter, Otis Rush, Robert Lockwood (''Steady Rollin"), Roosevelt Syke (''Feel Like Blowin' My Horn") and J.B. Hutto (''Hawk Squat!").

Crack (Karl Bohm) - Died 9-6-2001 in Berlin - Overdose? ( Techno ) Born 1971 - Co-founder and singer for Atari Teenage Riot (They did,"Hunting For Nazis" and "Kids Are United !").

Wayne Rodriguez - Died 9-8-2001 - Suicide - (He did,"Footsteps") Born 1967 - Was a member of Xtatic and Horyzon.

Tommy Hollis - Died 9-9-2001 - Heart attack ( Actor - Gospel Singer ) Born 1954 - He acted in Ragtime, The Piano Lesson, Seven Guitars and Ghostbusters - One of his last gospel concerts was a tribute to the late producer, Lyn Austin.

Rene "Panther" Nicholas - Died 9-9-2001 - Shooting accident ( Calypso ) (He had a hit with,"Too Young To Love" ) He was a founding member of the St. Lucia Calypsonians Association.

Michael "Bear" Lemoine - Died 9-9-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1956 - Founder of The Paradise Tumblers Jazz Band.

Robert Hunter - Died 9-10-2001  ( Chorale - Pop ) Born 1929 - Pianist - Worked with The Roger Wagner Chorale, The Freddy Martin Orchestra, Carol Channing, Paul Salamunovich's choral groups and George Burns.

John Macdonald (John Frederick Macdonald) - Died 9-10-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1-14-1927 in Toronto, Canada -  Pianist (He wrote,"Twisting At The Woodchopper's Ball") Was a member of The Macdonald Gang - Worked with Jack Ryan, Lloyd Peach, Lenny Martin, Julius LaRosa, Milton Berle and Gav Morton.

Larry Kegan - Died 9-11-2001 - Cardiac arrest ( Folk ) Born 1942 - Singer and songwriter - Worked with Bob Dylan and  Jackson Brown.

David Skepner - Died 9-11-2001 - Heart attack ( Manager ) Born 1938 - He managed Loretta Lynn, Riders In The Sky and The Larkins - He also was a music business teacher and was active booking shows for the USO.

Carolyn Beug - Died 9-11-2001 - She was a passenger on the American Airlines flight that was hijacked and crashed into the World Trade Center ( Filmmaker - Video producer ) Born 1951 - She won a  MTV Video of the Year award for Van Halen's, "Right Here, Right Now" - She was a senior VP of entertainment and educational productions for Walt Disney Consumer Prods overseeing the operations for Walt Disney Records, Disney Music  Publishing and Disney Ice Shows.

Johnny Heff (John F. Heffernan) - Died 9-11-2001 in New York, NY, U.S. - Was a firefighter who died in the line of duty on the morning of the World Trade Center attack ( Punk Rock ) Born in New York City, NY, U.S. (He did, "R.I.P. Joey" and "Social Security") - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Psychotics and The Bullys (They did, "Still My Home" and "I Can't Wait ('Til It's Over)") - Worked with Marky Ramone.

Christopher Pickford - Died 9-11-2001 - Was a firefighter who died in the line of duty on the morning of the World Trade Center attack ( Rock ) Born 1969 - Songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of Ten Degree Lean (They did,"Alone No More" and "Right Is You") and Vitamin D And The Riboflavins.

James Debueneure - Died 9-11-2001 - He was a passenger on American Airlines flight 77 that was hijacked and crashed into the Pentagon ( Doo Wop ) Born 1943 - Was a member of The Appeciations (They recorded,"There's A Place In My Heart" and "It's Better To Cry").

Elizabeth Ann "Betty" Farmer - Died 9-11-2001 - She was working in one of the World Trade Center towers for Cantor Fitzgerald when terrorists crashed a plane into it ( Jazz ) Born 1939 - Singer and composer - She worked with Duke Ellington, Phyllis Pastore and her husband Fred Nesbit.

Jeffrey Hardy (Jeffrey P. Hardy) (aka Moose) - Died 9-11-2001 - He was working as an executive chef for Cantor Fitzgerald in one of the World Trade Center towers when terrorists crashed a plane into it ( Folk ) Born 1955 - Bassist - Worked with his brother Jack Hardy and many other Greenwich Village musicians.

Steve Harrell (Stephen Harrell) - Died 9-11-2001 - Was a firefighter who died in the line of duty on the morning of the World Trade Center attack ( Rock ) Singer and songwriter, played saxophone, trombone, clarinet, trumpet and piano - Was a member of The Ridgemen Alumni Drum & Bugle Corp and Woof Woof.

Scott Powell - Died 9-11-2001 - Killed in the attack on the Pentagon ( R&B - Pop - Jazz ) - Played bass, guitar and keyboards - Was a member of Shego Band.

Victor Rivera - Died 9-11-2001 - Possibly in the attack on the World Trade Center ( Metal ) Bassist - Was a member of Ceremonium and Putrifact.

Hatsuko Kikuhara (Hatsu Nunohara)- Died 9-12-2001 - Pneumonia ( Japanese Folk ) Born 1-17-1899 in Osaka, Japan - She played the three-string shamisen and the 13-string koto.

Charles Witham - Died 9-12-2001 - After a long illness ( Producer - Songwriter ) Born 1945 in Boston, MA, U.S. - He managed and wrote songs for his wife Kate Taylor (He wrote Kate Taylor and James Taylor's,"I Will Fly") Worked with Tony Garnier and Scott Petito.

Stelios Kazantzidis (aka Gardeliakis) - Died 9-14-2001 - Cancer ( Greek Folk ) Born 8-29-1931 in Nea Ionia , Athens, Greece - Singer (He did,"Society You Condemn Me" and "I Want To Die") He released more than 120 albums.

Eddie Stoneman (Eddie Lewis Stoneman) - Died 9-14-2001 - Cerebral hemorrhage ( Country ) Born 6-30-1920 in Galax, TN, U.S. - Was a member of The Stoneman Family.

Steve Fargnoli - Died 9-14-2001 - Cancer ( Manager - Producer ) Born 1949 - Worked with Prince, Sinéad O'Connor, Sly & The Family Stone, Earth, Wind & Fire and Godsmack - He was a A&R consultant for Hollywood Records.

Billy Hilfiger - Died 9-15-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1957 - Guitarist - Worked with former members of Blue Oyster Cult and his brother, Andy Hilfiger - He is also the brother of  fashion mogul Tommy Hilfiger.

Bo Boyd (Robert H. Boyd) - Died 9-15-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 11-30-1931 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Played saxophone - Was a member of The Gulf Coast Giants Of Jazz Band - Worked with Woody Herman and Maynard Ferguson.

Yvonne Griffin - Died 9-15-2001 - Complications of liver cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1916 in New Orleans, U.S. - Singer - She was a member of The Three Berries - Worked with Floyd Standifer.

John Menz - Died 9-16-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz - Chamber Music ) Born in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Was a memer of The Ben Ali Shrine Band - Worked with Dave Brubeck.

Guitar Kelley (Arthur Lee Kelley) - Died 9-17-2001 in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 11-14-1917 in Clinton, LA, U.S. - Guitarist and singer (He did,"If I Ever Get Back Home" and "I Got A Funny Feeling") Worked with Lightnin' Slim and Silas Hogan - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Richard Hite - Died 9-17-2001 - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of Canned Heat (They did,"L.A. Town" and "Harley Davidson Blues")  He worked with Clarence Gatemouth Brown, The Pretty Things and Hammie Nixon - Brother of Canned Heat vocalist Bob Hite.

Hank Levy (Henry J. Levy) - Died 9-18-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 9-27-1927 in Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. - Saxophonist - He wrote jazz compositions (in odd meters, 5/4, 7/4, 9/4 and 13/8) and band arrangements, conducted and recorded extensively - Worked with Stan Kenton - He taught jazz studies at Towson University.

Darryl Sambell (aka Sadie) - Died 9-19-2001 - Lung cancer ( Promoter ) Born 1945 in Adelaide - Worked with Bev Harrell, John Farnham, Zoot, The Masters Apprentices and Daryl Somers.

Eddie Stampfl - Died 9-20-2001 ( Polka ) Born 1924 - Accordionist - Leader of The Eddie Stampfl Orchestra - He introduced  the Flying Accordion maneuver, in which he swung his accordion overhead while continuing to play a song.

Dougie Millings (Douglas Arnold Millings) - Died 9-20-2001 ( Tailor ) Born 7-30-1913 in Manchester, England - He was a tailor for Billy Fury,  David Essex, Wee Willy Harris, Marty Wilde, Adam Faith, Sammy Davis Jr., Paul McCartney & Wings, The Four Tops, The Kinks, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cliff Richard And The Shadows and others - He tailored the distinctive round collared suits for The Beatles and appeared as a tailor in The Beatles movie, "A Hard Day's Night" - He sang for a dance band at the Astoria in Charing Cross Road.

Big Edd (Thomas Edward Cisco) (aka Eddy Starr) - Died 9-20-2001 - Heart failure ( DJ - Musician ) Born 1930 - Guitarist - Worked with Carl Perkins, Johnny Cash, Hank Snow, Ernest Tubb, Porter Wangoner and Albert Hall.

Fikret Kizilok - Died 9-21-2001 - Complications from a heart attack ( Turkish Folk ) Born 1946 - Singer,  songwriter and played the  baglama  - Was a member of The Cahit Oben 4 - He dabbled in rock inspired music.

James "Tony" Jenkins - Died 9-21-2001 - Lung cancer ( Doo-Wop - R&B - Gospel ) - He was a member of The Gospel Thunderbirds, The Silhouettes and The Turbans (They did,"I Promise You Love").

Peter Nardella - Died 9-22-2001 - Cancer ( Italian Music - Polka ) Born 1927 - Singer - Was a member of Phil Palumbo & Company.

KP Gaul - Died 9-22-2001 ( Rock ) Born 11-5-1963 - Singer and guitarist - Leader of KP & Co. - Worked with Blue's Other Brothers - Toured with Roxx, Lickity Split and Ambush - Founder, editor and publisher of Rock & Read Magazine.

Rudy Razo - Died 9-25-2001 - After a long illness complicated by heart  and diabetes problems ( Big Band ) Born 1938 in Texas, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Stan Kenton, Kenny Rogers, Vicki Carr, Buddy Ruiz, Renee Sandoval and others.

Brian Knight - Died 9-25-2001 - Cancer ( R&B )  Born 10-14-1939 - Singer and guitarist - Was the leader of Blues By Six - Worked with Brian Jones, Charlie Watts, Ronnie Wood, Peter Green and Eric Clapton.

Richard O'Mally Jones (aka Beau Locks) - Died 9-26-2001 ( Punk Rock ) Born 1959 - Was the lead singer for The Toilets.

Rock Bottom (David Clark York) (aka Woodlawn Fats) - Died 9-27-2001 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Harmonica player and vocalist (He did,"Rock's Talkin' Blues" and "Snake Dancin' Through God's Barnyard") Born 1948 in Brookville, Ind., U.S - He worked with The Silver King Band, The Cutaways, Roy Book Binder, Lucky Peterson and Ronnie Earl.

Consuelo Araujo ( Consuelo Araujo Noguera) Died 9-29-2001 - Kidnapped and shot by FARC, left wing guerrillas ( Folklorist - Politician ) Born 8-1-1940 in  Valledupar, Colombia - She was a promotor of the folk music vallenato - She was a co-founder of an annual event, the Festival de la Leyenda Vallenata which attracts folk music enthusiasts from around the world.

Kenny Shauntee - Died 9-30-2001 - Car crash ( Lounge - Jazz - Country - R&B - Funk - Dance - Rock - Soul ) Born 8-11-1953 in Louisville, KY, U.S. - He was a member of The Shauntee Brothers and Area 51.

Paul Bridge (Paul Robert Bridge) - Died 10-1-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 5-14-1940 in Bury, Lancashire, England - Bassist  - He was a member of Trio Time, London Jazz Big Band, Sweet and Sour and Triton - He worked with Humphrey Lyttelton, Buddy Tate, Al Grey, Scott Hamilton, Marty Grosz, Mike Cotton, Alan Wakeman, Nigel Morris, Brian Priestley and Don Rendell.

Kenny Greene (aka G-Love) - Died 10-1-2001 - AIDS related ( R&B ) He was a member of Intro (They did,"Ribbon in the Sky" and "Come Inside") Worked with Mary J. Blige, Will Smith, Tyress and 98 Degrees.

Manny Albam (Emmanuel Albam) - Died 10-2-2001  in Croton, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 6-24-1922 in Samana, Dominican Republic - He was a composer, arranger and played the  saxophone - He worked with Count Basie, Woody Herman, Stan Kenton Buddy Rich, Dizzy Gillespie, Stan Getz, Gerry Mulligan, Coleman Hawkins, Sarah Vaughan, Carmen McRae and Dakota Staton - He also wrote music for TV programs and commercials.

Big Roger Collins (Freddie Collins) - Died 10-2-2001 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 7-15-1935 - Singer - He was a member of The Highway Blues Band.

Mike McDaniel (Harlan Michael McDaniel) - Died 10-3-2001 - Cancer ( Big Band - Dance ) Born 1916 in Salt Lake City, Utah, U.S. - Played french horn, banjo, rhythm guitarist and stand-up bass - Was the leader of The Music Masters Orchestra - Worked with Russ Morgan, Dick Jurgens, Buddy Harpham, Anson Weeks, Bunny Crites and Freddy Martin.

Eric Roy - Died 10-3-2001 - Murdered ( Metal ) Bassist - Was a member of Gammacide and Apathy.

Tullio Pane - Died 10-3-2001 in Civitavecchia, Rome, Italy ( Opera - Neapolitan Folk ) Born 6-16-1930 in Naples, Italy - Singer - (He did, "Suonno d'ammore" and "Buongiorno tristezza") - Worked with Achille Togliani.

Aldo Jones (Albert Paul Mansis) - Died 10-4-2001 - Leukemia ( Rock ) Born 1960 - Singer, bassist and keyboard player - He was a member of The Ben Vaughn Combo (They did, "I Dig Your Wig" and "Wrong Haircut"), Go To Blazes and The Rustics - Worked with Kenn Kweder.

Irmgard Farden Aluli (Irmgard Keali'iwahinealohanohokahaopuamana Farden) (aka Aunty Irmgard) - Died 10-4-2001 - Complications from colon cancer surgery ( Hawaiian Music ) Born 10-7-1911 in Lahaina, Maui (She did,"Boy from Laupahoehoe" and "E maliu Mai") Was a member of The Annie Kerr Trio, The Farden Sisters and Puamana - She composed over 200 songs - Worked with Thelma Kaualulehuaoaiku Sproat Bugbee (aka Auntie Thelma) - Hawaiian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

John Collins (John Elbert Collins) - Died 10-4-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1918 in Montgomery, Ala., U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with his mother, pianist Georgia Gorham, Roy Eldridge, Art Tatum, Billie Holiday, Lester Young, Patti Page, Bobby Troup, Errol Garner and Billy Taylor - He worked with Nat King Cole for 14 years.

Les "Carrot Top" Anderson - Died 10-4-2001 - Complications from a stroke ( Country ) Singer and steel guitarist - Worked with Bob Wills and Spade Cooley.

Al Ham - Died 10-5-2001 ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1925 - He was a member of The Hillside Singers (They did,"I'd Like to Teach The World to Sing") He was a bass player for Artie Shaw and Henry Mancini - He created the Music Of Your Life format for radio in 1978 and was a producer for Columbia Records.

Ephat Mujuru - Died 10-5-2001 in London, England - Heart complications ( Shona ) Born 1950 in Zimbabwe - Played mbira - Was a member of Chaminuka, Mhuri YekwaChaminuka (They did, "Guruuswa" and "Can I Cross The River") and Spirit Of The People- Worked with Dumisani Maraire and Fela Kuti.

Mamie "Galore" Davis - Died 10-6-2001 - Stroke ( Blues ) Born 9-24-1940 in Erwin, Miss., U.S. (She did,"Special Agent 34-24-38" and "It Ain't Necessary") Worked with The Ike And Tina Turner Revue, Buddy Hicks, Little Johnny Burton and Little Milton.

Jimmie Logsdon (aka Jimmie Lloyd) - Died 10-7-2001 ( Country - Rockabilly - Gospel ) Born 4-1-1922 in Panther, Kentucky, U.S. - He was singer, songwriter and a  radio and TV personality (He did,"The Death Of Hank Williams" and "Hank Williams Sings The Blues No More") Toured with Hank Williams - His songs have been recorded by Johnny Horton, ("No True Love"), Carl Perkins ("Where The Rio de Rosa Flows") and NRBQ ("I've Got A Rocket In My Pocket") Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Seymour Heller - 10-8-2001 ( Manager ) Born 1914 Cleveland, Ohio, U.S. - He worked for MCA representing  Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey, Paul Whiteman and Guy Lombardo - He was a manager for The Gabbe, Lutz and Heller firm who managed  Tex Benecke, Frankie Laine, Lawrence Welk, Al Martino, Skitch Henderson and Liberace.

Charles Ables - Died 10-8-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 7-23-1943 in Mississippi, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Shirley Horn, Ray Charles, Carmen McRae and Toot Thielemans.

Rob Mitchell - Died 10-8-2001 - Cancer ( Record Exec ) Co-founder of Warp Records who released recordings by Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Autechre, 2 Lone Swordsmen, Boards Of Canada, Prefuse 73, Anti-Pop Consortium, Nightmares On Wax and Red Snapper.

Joe Lubin (Joseph Lubinsky) - Died 10-9-2001 - Heart failure ( Pop ) Born 6-7-1917 in Brick Lane, East London, England - Songwriter - (He co-wrote,"Tutti Frutti" with Little Richard and wrote, "Please Don't Eat The Daisies") He wrote songs recorded by Doris Day, Pat Boone, Denny Vaughn, Bob Hope, Lainie Kazan and Petula Clark - Composed music for the TV shows Bonanza and High Chaparral.

Harvey Reynolds - Died 10-9-2001 - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 1931 - Steel guitarist - Was a member of The Smokey Warren Band - Worked with Red Speeks and The Country Gold Band.

Smokey Dacus (William E. Dacus) - Died 10-9-2001 ( Country ) Born 7-11-1911 in Quinton, Oklahoma, U.S. -  Drummer - Worked with Bob Wills And The Texas Playboys (They did,"Steel Guitar Rag" and "Right Or Wrong") - Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dagmar (Virginia Ruth Egnor) - Died 10-9-2001 ( Actress ) Born 1921 in Logan, WV, U.S. (She and Frank Sinatra charted with, "Mama Will Bark") She was the host of "Dagmar's Canteen" a short lived variety show in which she sang, danced and interviewed servicemen.

William Stroman (aka Boogie Knight Kid Delight and  9 X Delight) - Died 10-9-2001 ( Hip Hop ) Was a member of The Boogie Boys (They did,"Fly Girl" and "You Ain't Fresh") Worked with Reggie Reg La Bruja and Afrika Bambaataa.

Rudy Scaffidi - Died 10-10-2001 ( Big Band ) Born 1927 - Trumpet player - Worked with The Four Lads, The Gay Claridge Band, The Dorsey Brothers, Bob Crosby, Ray Anthony, Buddy Rogers, Ray Bloch, Sammy Spear, The Billy May Orchestra and Skitch Henderson - He also directed the orchestras of Guy Lombardo, Jimmy Dorsey and Jan Garber.

Patricia Anne McKinnon - Died 10-10-2001 - Lymphatic cancer ( Singer - Actress ) Born 1948 in Shilo, Manitoba - She sang on TV's Singalong Jubilee and acted in the TV shows A Go Go '66 and Show Of The Week.

Dan Del Santo (aka The Blues Demon) - Died 10-12-2001 - Esophageal bleeding ( Blues - Country - Afro-Cuban ) Guitarist, singer and composer (He did,"Capitalist Mentality" and "Off Your Nyash") He was a member of The Professors Of Pleasure and Perros del Sol - Considered by many to be the originator of the phrase "world beat".

Raoul Kraushaar - Died 10-13-2001 ( Composer ) Born 8-20-1908 in Paris, France - He scored music for TV shows "Lassie", "Bonanza", "My Three Sons", "The Abbott And Costello Show" and "Dennis The Menace" and for the films "Round-Up Time In Texas", "Billy The Kid Versus Dracula", Invaders From Mars and "Back From The Dead".

Peter Doyle (Peter John Doyle) - Died 10-13-2001 in Castlemaine, Victoria - Throat cancer ( Pop ) Born 7-28-1949 in Melbourne, Australia (He did, "Speechless"and "Sailor Man") Was a member of The Virgil Brothers, The New Seekers (They did,"I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing" and "What Have They Done To My Song, Ma?"), Standing Room Only and Regis - He also wrote advertising jingles.

David Pollecutt - Died 10-13-2001 ( Pop ) Born 1942 - Musician and composer - Was a guitarist for Vinnie And The Viscounts - He wrote music for the musical "African Footprint" and the movie "Shaka Zulu".

Etta Jones - Died 10-16-2001 in Mount Vernon, NY, U.S. - Complications from cancer ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 11-25-1928 in  Aiken,S.C., U.S. - Singer - (She did,"Don't Go To Strangers" and "Save Your Love For Me") - Worked with Buddy Johnson, Oliver Nelson, Earl Hines, Barney Bigard, Kenny Burrell, Milt Jackson and Cedar Walton - She was married to saxophonist Houston Person.

 Jay Livingston (Jay Harold Livingston) - Died 10-17-2001 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Pneumonia  - Born 3-28-1915 in the Pittsburgh suburb of McDonald, Pennsylvania, U.S. - Composer, lyricist  and pianist - (He collaboration with Ray Evans to write, "Mona Lisa" and "Que Sera, Sera") - They also wrote the television theme songs for TV's, "Bonanza" and "Mr. Ed" - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Steve Crowe - Died 10-17-2001 - Heart disease ( Rock ) Born 1954 - He was the singer for Skillet - He covered sports broadcasting, boxing and auto racing for The Detroit Free Press.

Juanita Brown (Juanita Swenk)  (aka June Rae) - Died 10-17-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 1904 - Singer - Was a member of The Chicagoettes and the duo May and June - Worked with Red Nichols, Buddy Rogers and Don Bestor.

Didier Pegeron - Died 10-18-2001 - After a car accident ( Prog ) Born 2-14-1975 - Drummer - Was a member of Ersatz (They did, "La Blonde" and "DDar #1").

Alphonzo Thomas (Alphonzo Thomas Lewis) - The Prince of Gospel Songs - Died 10-18-2001 ( Gospel ) Born 1937 in Dade City, Fla., U.S. - Singer and pianist.

Eamon Smith-Carolan - Died 10-18-2001 - Leukemia ( Celtic - Folk ) Played guitar and the bhodran - Was a member of CrossBow.

Evelyn M. Lit - Died 10-19-2001 - Heart attack ( Radio & Nightclub Singer ) Born 1923 (She sang, "Everything").

Newell Franklin Barrett Oler - Died 10-21-2001 - Lou Gehrig's disease ( Pop - Classical ) Born 1924 in Tyler, Texas, U.S. - Pianist - He recorded everything form World War II pop hits to Christmas songs.

George Feyer - Died 10-21-2001 ( Cafe Performer ) Born 10-27-1908 in Budapest - Pianist ansd singer - He would mix pop lyrics to classical tunes - He entertained at Manhattan cafes for over 30 years.

Derek Moffat - Died 10-21-2001 - Cancer ( Folk ) Born 6-29-1947 in Dundee (He composed,"The Back Of The Aisler") Was a singer and a founding member of The McCalmans.

Rev. Howard Finster - Died 10-22-2001 - Congestive heart failure ( Folk Artist ) Born 1917 - An artist who created sermons in paint - He did artwork for two album covers, R.E.M.'s, Reckoning and Talking Heads', Little Creatures.

Cliff Adams - Died 10-22-2001 ( Radio Presenter ) Born 8-21-1923  in Southwark, London (He did,"Lonely Man Theme") He founded The Stargazers (They did,"Broken Wings" and "I See The Moon") and The Cliff Adams Singers - He invented and presented the BBC Radio 2 program "Sing Something Simple" the longest running non-stop music show of radio in the world - Many songs on the show were watered down version of rock tunes such as "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "We Are The Champions".

Tom Baker - Died 10-23-2001 in Breda, The Netherlands - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 9-14-1952 in Oakdale, California, U.S. - Played trumpet, trombone and saxophone - Was the leader of Tom Baker's San Francisco Jazz Band, Groove City, The Chicago Seven and The Swing Street Orchestra - Worked with Galapagos Duck and The Australian Jazz Ensemble.

Ronnie Lovejoy - Died 10-23-2001 ( Soul ) Born 10-21-1950 in Wetumpka, Alabama, U.S. - Singer and songwriter (He did, I Miss Her" and "Until You Get Enough of Me") Worked with Leon Haywood.

Rusty Kershaw (Russell Lee Kershaw) - Died 10-23-2001 - Heart attack ( Cajun ) Born 2-2-1938 in Tiel Ridge, Louisiana, U.S. - Singer, fiddler and guitarist - Was a member of The Continental Playboys and half of the duo Rusty And Doug (They did,"No, No, It's Not So" and "Louisiana Man") Worked with Chet Atkins, J.J. Cale, Charlie Daniels and Neil Young.

Kim Gardner (Christopher Gardner) - Died 10-24-2001 Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1-27-1946 in Dulwich, South East London, England - Bassist - He was a member of The Thunderbirds later changing their name to The Birds (They did,"Leaving Here'' and "No Good Without You Baby"), Creation and Ashton, Gardner & Dyke (They had a hit with,"Resurrection Shuffle") - Worked with Pacific Gas And Electric, Ron Wood, Billy Burnette, Bo Didley and Eric Clapton.

Jeffrey Maxwell (Michael Jeffrey Egbert Maxwell) (aka J. Maxx and Breezy) - Died 10-24- 2001 - Kidney cancer ( Reggae ) Born 5-18-1958 in Clarendon, Jamaica - Singer and guitarist - He was a member of Mellow Moods, The Reflections, Twinkle Brothers, Ital Roots, Road Damage, Afro Juice, Natty Nation and J. Maxx and Jah Music.

Art Graham - Died 10-24-2001 - Heart attack ( Pop - Jazz - Latin ) Born 1923 in New Jersey, U.S. - Pianist - Was the leader of The Art Graham Trio - Worked with Lester Lanin - He was a fixture at many clubs and has appeared on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

Daniel B. Priest II - Died 10-24-2001 - Cardiac arrest ( Dixieland ) Born 1923 in Flushing NY, U.S. - Cornet player - Was a member of The New Sunshine Jazz Band - He was a founder and editor of Jazz Magazine.

Young Killer (Daniel Emmanuel Jardine Gilchrist) - Died 10-26-2001 - After a long illness ( Calypso ) (He did,"Tight, Tight Pants" and "Doctor Say To Buy Local") Sunshine Awards Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Johnny George "Junior" Rogers - Died 10-26-2001 ( Blues ) Born 6-29-1931 in Oklahoma, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Roy Milton.

John P. Roberts - Died 10-27-2001 - Cancer ( Entrepreneur ) Born 1946 - He Produced and promoted The 1969 Woodstock Music Festival and Woodstock 94.

David Carrao - Died 10-27-2001 - Car crash ( Punk Rock ) Born 8-13-1973 - Drummer - Was a member of The Infected.

Tony de la Cruz (Juan Antonio Cruz) - Died 10-29-2001 - Heart attack ( Singer ) Born 7-12-1915 in Havana, Cuba - Was the leader of The Tony de la Cruz Orchestra (They did,"Rayo de Luna") He worked with Xavier Cugat.

Spike Robinson (Henry Berthold Robinson) - Died 10-29-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1-16-1930 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S. - Saxophone player and engineer - He worked with Victor Feldman, Ronnie Ball, Tony Crombie, John Williams, Bob Brookmeyer, George Masso and Louis Stewart.

Ruth Esther Hamilton - Died 10-29-2001 - Cancer ( Spiritual - Gospel ) Born 1921 - Worked with The Donnell Patterson Chorale and Arthur Fiedler.

Bill Le Sage (William A. Le Sage) - Died 10-31-2001 in London, England - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1-20-1927 in London, England - Pianist, vibraphonist and bandleader - Was a member of The John Dankworth Seven and Directions In Jazz - Worked with Tony Kinsey, Jack Parnell, Red Rodney, Ronnie Ross, Charlie Watts's Big Band and Barbara Thompson.

Pedro Langa - Died 11-?-2001 - Murdered ( Marrabenta ) Born 1959 - Guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of Ghorwane.

Skip Harrison (Leon Skip Harrison) - Died 11-?-2001 - Infection ( Rock ) He was 37 years old - Guitarist, singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Accidental Sisters - Was the husband of Karen Harrison of The Soapbox Prophets.

Julius Farmer - Died 11-2-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1950 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with The Wild Magnolias, Professor Longhair, Chick Corea, Dr. John, George Benson, Ellis Marsalis, Charles Neville and Gatemouth Brown.

Buddy Starcher (Oby Edgar Starcher) - Died 11-2-2001 ( Country ) Born 3-16-1906  near Ripley, W. Va., U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist  (He did,"ll Still Write Your Name In The Sand" and "History Repeats Itself") Worked with Lee Moore, Georgia Slim Rutland and Smiley Sutter.

Carroll DesChamps Hood (aka Champ) - Died 11-3-2001 - Lung Cancer ( Country ) Born 1952 - Fiddler and guitarist - He was a member of Uncle Walt's Band (They did,"High Hill" and "An American In Texas") and The Threadgill Troubadours -  Worked with Toni Price and Lyle Lovett.

Frank Balesteri (Frank Gerard Balesteri) (aka Vanilla Bean) - Died 11-3-2001 - Cardiac arrythmia - Born 2-2-1960 in Jersey City, NJ, U.S. - DJ and recording personnel -  He worked for Love & Hemp Records, Brooklyn Music and Blackbird Records with artists The Beatnigs, Adrian Sherwood, The Orfinz, Don Was, Tackhead, Richard Julian and R. Stevie Moore .

John Denman - Died 11-6-2001 ( Jazz - Orchestral ) Born 1933 - Clarinetist - Was a member of The Tucson Symphony Orchestra, The London Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Worked with Buddy DeFranco and was a member of several jazz bands.

Paul Schmitt - Died 11-6-2001 - Heart attack ( Pop - Jazz - Country ) Born 1923 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Willie Nelson, Marietta Marich, June Christy and Jimmy Dorsey.

Don Johnson (Donnald Lewis Johnson) - Died 11-6-2001 ( Blues ) Born 11-18-1925 in Pasadena, CA, U.S. - Trumpeter - Worked with Johnny Otis.

Gene Wooten - Died 11-7-2001 - Lung cancer ( Country - Bluegrass ) Born 1952 - Dobro player - Worked with Wilma Lee Cooper, Patty Loveless, The Osborne Brothers and others.

Babik Reinhardt - Died 11-12-2001 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 6-8-1944 in Paris, France - Guitarist (He did,"Free Way" and "Mister Swing") Worked with Malcolm McLaren, Hot Club de Norvège and The Grapelli Trio -  Son of the late jazz musician Django Reinhardt.

Miki Cottrell - Died 11-8-2001 - Pancreatic cancer - Produced Fashion.

Albert Hague (Albert Joshua Marcuse) - Died 11-12-2001 - Cancer ( Composer ) Born 10-13-1920 in Berlin - He wrote the music for the TV program "How The Grinch Stole Christmas" and composed songs for musicals ("Young And Foolish" and "One Is A Lonely Number") He also acted as a music teacher on the TV series "Fame".

Panama Francis (David Albert Francis) - Died 11-13-2001 - Stroke ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 12-21-1918 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with The Savoy Sultans, Billy Hick's Sizzling Six, The Roy Eldridge Orchestra, Lucky Millinder's Orchestra, Cab Calloway, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Elvis Presley, James Brown, The Four Seasons ("Big Girls Don't Cry"), Buddy Holly, Bobby Darin ("Splish Splash"), Neil Sedaka ("Calendar Girl"), The Platters ("The Great Pretender") and many others.

Martha Jean-Claude - Grande Dame of Haitian song - Died 11-14-2001 - Diabetes ( Folk - Romance - Patriotic ) Born 1919 in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - Singer.

Todd Eckardt (Todd Bryan Eckhardt)- Died 11-14-2001 - Viral heart infection ( Ska ) Born 1971 - He was a bassist for The Pietasters (They did,"Soul Sammich" and "Out All Night").

Dave Parnell (David C. Parnell) - Died 11-15-2001 in Vallejo, CA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 10-27-1941 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Saxophonist, flutist, drummer, guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Perfect Circle - Worked with The 3D Blues Band (They did,"Times Getting Tougher Than Tough" and "Blues In The Basemen"), Jimmy McCracklin, Sweet Betty, Donna Hopkins and Liz Melendez.

Allan Leat - Died 11-14-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 11-23-1916 - Guitarist and saxophonist - Worked with Rita Netcher, Chris Ellis, Jim Shepherd, Al Wynette and Bob Kerr.

Loyal Garner (aka Lady of Love) - Died 11-15-2001 Colon cancer ( Singer ) Born in Kalihi, Hawaii, U.S. (She sang,"Blind Man In The Bleachers" and "Shave Ice").

Isaac Scott - Died 11-16-2001 - Leg infection that spread to his heart, a complication from diabetes ( Blues - Gospel ) Born 6-11-1945 in Vancouver, Wash., U.S. - Guitarist and pianist - Worked with The Five Blind Boys Of Mississippi - Washington Blues Society's Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Tommy Flanagan - Died 11-16-2001 - Complications of an aneurysm from a decade earlier ( Jazz ) Born 3-16-1930 in Conant Gardens, Detroit, Mich., U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Tony Bennett, John Coltrane ("Giant Steps"), Yusef Lateef, Sonny Rollin, Barry Harris, Miles Davis and Donald Byrd.

Jack Rothstein - Died 11-16-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz - Classical ) Born 12-15-1925 in Warsaw - Played violin and saxophone - Worked with The Boyd Neel Orchestra, The London Mozart Players and Yehudi Menuhin's Bath Festival Orchestra - He played jazz and classical music for many films and TV programs.

Jerry Jerome - Died 11-17-2001 - Leukemia ( Jazz ) Born 6-19-1912 in Brooklyn, N.Y, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Glenn Miller, Red Norvo, Artie Shaw and Benny Goodman - He also scored and arranged ad jingels including, "Winston Tastes Good, Like A Cigarette Should".

Michael Karoli (aka Micki) - Died 11-17-2001 in Essen, Germany - Cancer ( Progressive Rock - Jazz - Experimental ) Born 4-29-1948 in Straubing, Germany - Guitarist, singer and violinist - He was a member of Can (They did,"Mother Sky", "Vitamin C" and "I Want More") - Worked with Polly Eltes, Bit/s, Holger Czukay, Czukay & Liebezeit, Belgian Associality,  Damo Suzuki, Jaki Liebezeit and Jah Wobble.

Albert Gosdect - Died 11-18-2001 ( Polka ) Born 3-9-1921 - Played accordion - Was a member of The Old Time Music Makers.

Scott Murray - Died 11-18-2001 - Hit by a car ( Punk Rock ) Born 1979 - Drummer - He was a member of 28 Days (They did, "Sucker" and "Rip It Up").

Ledel "Blackie" Forestier - Died 11-19-2001 - Heart attack ( Cajun ) Born 10-28-1928 - Played the accordion - He was the leader of Blackie Forestier And The Cajun Aces (They did,"Big Pine Waltz" and "Güten Tag Herman") Louisiana Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and The Cajun French Music Assn.'s Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ralph Burns - Died 11-21-2001 - Complications of a stroke and pneumonia ( Jazz ) Born 6-29-1922 in Newton, Mass., U.S. - Pianist, writer and arranger - Worked with Charlie Barnet, Woody Herman ("Bijou" and "Apple Honey"), Tony Bennett, Johnny Mathis, John Pizzarelli, Ray Charles, Mel Torme,  Aretha Franklin, and Natalie Cole - He worked on movies ("Urban Cowboy" and "Cabaret") and musicals ("Funny Girl" and No, No, Nanette").

Ray Spurgeon - Died 11-21-2001 - Complications from heart disease ( Jazz ) Born 1917 - Played clarinet and saxophone - Worked with Woody Hite, The Broadway Nine and the KOIN staff orchestra - In 1957 one of his bands played on the same bill as Elvis Presley.

Norman Granz - Died 11-22-2001 in Geneva, Switzerland - Complications from cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-6-1918 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Manager, producer and  promoter - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Dizzy Gillespie, Billie Holiday, Oscar Peterson, Charlie Parker and others - Founder of Verve Records - He fought against racism while promoting artists.

Phil Sena (Felice Natala) - Died 11-22-2001 - Heart attack ( Singer - Entertainer ) Born 12-25-1926 in Brooklyn, N.Y., U.S. - He was half of the duo Sena and Gyle (They composed, "The Lady And The Tiger" and "Abra Cadabra").

O. C. Smith (Ocie Lee Smith) (Rev. O.C. Smith) - Died 11-23-2001 - Heart attack ( Pop - Soul - Jazz - Country ) Born 6-21-1932 in Mansfield, Louisiana, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "Little Green Apples" and "The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp") - Worked with Jerry Leiber, Mike Stoller and Count Basie.

Juan Hinojosa - Died 11-23-2001 - Traffic accident ( Tejano ) Drummer - Was a member of Los Fabulosos Cuatro - Tejano Roots Hall of Fame Inductee.

Michael Hinojosa - Died 11-23-2001- Traffic accident ( Tejano ) Drummer - Was the son of Juan Hinojosa.

Gene Krugman (Eugene E. Krugman) - Died 11-24-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1911 - Singer and bass player - Was the leader of Gene Krugman And The Dukes - Worked with Sammy Kaye, Charlie Barnet, Tommy Dorsey, The George King Orchestra and Jimmy Dulio.

Nathaly Van Het Ende - Died 11-24-2001 near Zurich, Switzerland - Plane crash ( Pop ) Born 1974 - Was a member of Passion Fruit (They did, "Bongo Man" and "The Rigga-Ding-Dong-Song").

Maria Serrano-Serrano - Died 11-24-2001 near Zurich, Switzerland - Plane crash ( Pop ) Born 11-25-1973 - Was a member of Passion Fruit (They did, "P.A.S.S.I.O.N." and "Sun Fun Baby").

Melanie Thornton - Died 11-24-2001 near Zurich, Switzerland - Plane crash ( Pop ) Born 5-13-1967 in South Carolina, U.S. (She did, "Wonderful Dream") - She toured with Groovin' Affairs and was a member of  the duo La Bouche (They did, "Sweet Dreams" and "Be My Lover").

Nils-Aslak Valkeapaa - Died 11-26-2001 ( Composer ) Born 3-24-1943 in Enontekio in Finnish Samiland - He composed traditional Sami joik music using synthesisers and Sami instruments incorporating orchestral and jazz music - He was also an artist, writer and activist.

Albert "Don" Buday - Died 11-26-2001 - Heart attack ( Music Critic - Writer ) Born 1939 - He was a music critic for The Hollywood Reporter and a screenwriter for the rock movie, "KISS Meets the Phantom of the Amusement Park" - He was working on  a project based on the early days of rock 'n' roll at the time of his death.

Tony Howard (Anthony Howard) - Died 11-26-2001 ( Music Agent ) Born 6-12-1939 in London, England - He was an agent for The Pretty Things, Humble Pie, Jeff Beck, T-Rex, Tom Robinson and Hawkwind - He was a music reviewer for The New Musical Express.

Mastif - Died 11-27-2001 - Heart problem? ( Rap ) Born 1968 (He did,"How Bout Dat" and "Mild Mind").

King Evison Matafale - Died 11-27-2001 - Mysteriously in police custody ( Reggae ) Born 1969 - Was a member of The Black Missionaries Band.

Kal Mann (Kalman Cohen) - Died 11-28-2001 - Natural causes ( Composer ) Born 5-6-1917 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Although he started out as a comedy writer for Danny Thomas and Red Buttons he later composed many hit songs, "(Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear'', "South Street", "Wah-Watusi" and others.

Mic Christopher - Died 11-28-2001 in Groningen, the Netherlands a week and a half after a fall striking his head  - Born 11-21-1969 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "That's What Good Friends Do" and "What a Curious Notion") - Was a member of The Mary Janes.

Keith Kilmer - Died 11-29-2001 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of The Dukes (They did," I Don't Love You Anymore" and "The First Time I Saw Her").

Frank Parocua Avila - Died 11-29-2001 ( Pop - Dance ) Born 1915 in Tlazazalca, Michoacan, Mexico - Played bass fiddle and violin - Was a member of The Keynoters.

Frank Leffel - Died 11-29-2001 - Cancer ( Record Exec - Promoter - Manager ) Born 1938 - He was an executive with Mercury Records - Worked with The Statler Brothers, Kathy Mattea, Reba McEntire, Johnny Rodriguez and Kenny Rogers.

Don Mitchell (aka Melodious Mitch) - Died 11-29-2001 ( Ballards - Country ) Singer, guitarist and comedian - He was half of The Don Lou Duo along with singer Lou Thomas.

John Mitchum - Died 11-29-2001 ( Actor - Singer - Poet ) Born 9-6-1919 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, U.S. - He sang with The Roger Wagner Chorale, Hoagy Carmichael ("Sweet Genevieve"), Stanley Holloway ("Get Me To The Church On Time") and released an album with Dan Blocker - He appeared in many movies and TV programs.

George Harrison (George Harold Harrison) - Died 11-29-2001 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Metastatic non-small lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 2-24-1943 in Wavertree, Liverpool, Lancashire, England - Guitarist, sitar player and singer - (He did,"My Sweet Lord" and "All Those Years Ago") - He a member of The Rebels, The Quarrymen, Johnny And The Moondogs, The Beatals, The Silver Beetles, The Silver Beatles and The Beatles (They recorded, "While My Guitar Gently Weeps" and "Taxman") - Worked with Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty and Jeff Lynne in the group The Traveling Wilburys (They did,"Handle With Care" and "End Of The Line") and also worked with Phil Spector, Jools Holland and Eric Clapton - He was a film producer working on, "The Life Of Brian" and "Time Bandits" among others - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Noel Brazil - Died 11-29-2001 - Brain aneurysm - (He did, "Don't Send Me Any More Love" and "Farewell To The Bad Times").

Pappy Sherrill (Homer Lee Sherrill) - Died 11-30-2001 ( Bluegrass ) Born 3-23-1915 in Sherrill's Ford, N. C., U.S. -  Fiddler - Was a member of Bryan Parker's Mountaineers and he was half the duo, The Hired Hands - Worked with The East Hickory String Band, The Blue Sky Boys, Mack & Shorty and The Morris Brothers.

Pearl Edwards - Died 11-30-2001 - Kidney failure ( R&B ) Born 1934 - Singer (She did,"It Do Me Good" and "I'll Never Forget") She was a member of Huey Smith & The Clowns, The Pitter Pats, John Williams And The Tick Tocks, The Soul Shakers and The Huey's.

Kenny Martin - Died 12-?-2001 - Pancreatic cancer - Born 1956 - Played piano - Worked with Cliff Hillis.

Onyango Oregorego - Died 12-?-2001 ( Benga ) Was a member of Orch Les Chomeka.

Richard Agee "Dick" Oxtot (aka The Gray Fox) - Died 12-?-2001 ( Jazz - Folk ) Played cornet and banjo and was a singer - He was the leader of The Oakland A's Swingers - Worked with George Webb's Dixielanders, The Polecats, The Dixieland Rhythm Kings, The Bearcats (They did,"Ain't Nobody Got The Blues Like Me" and "My Lovin' Imogene") and The Goodwill Singers -  He was helpful with Janis Joplin's early career.

Irvin Graham - Died 12-1-2001 - Natural causes ( Songwriter ) Born 1909 (He wrote,"You Better Go Now" and "I Believe") His songs have been performed by Elvis Presley, Frankie Laine and Barbra Streisand.

Valerie Jones (aka Valorie Denise Jones) - Died 12-2-2001 - ( Soul - Disco ) Born 4-17-1956 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Singer - She was a member of The Jones Girls (They did,"You're Gonna Make Me Love Somebody Else" and "I Just Love The Man") Worked with Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, Le Pamplemousse ("Le Spank") and Linda Clifford ("If My Friends Could See Me Now")  She was the daughter of gospel singer Mary Francis Jones.

Bill Shipp (William K. Shipp Jr.) (aka Bubba) - Died 12-2-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1928 - He was the leader of The Buddy-K Big Band.

Grady Martin (Thomas Grady Martin) - Died 12-3-2001 - Heart attack ( Country ) Born 1-17-1929, in Chapel Hill, Tenn., U.S. - Played guitar, fiddle and bass - He worked with The Arkansas Cotton Pickers, The Slewfoot Five, The A-Team, Red Foley ("Chattanoogie Shoe Shine Boy"), Merle Haggard ("That's The Way Love Goes"), Loretta Lynn ("Coal Miner's Daughter"), Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson ("On The Road Again"), Elvis Presley, Bing Crosby , Buddy Holly, Joan Baez and others.

George T. Popkins (aka Pop the Storekeeper) - Died 12-3-2001 - Cancer ( D.J. ) He was a long time country Dee Jay and program manager - He also was an emcee for country concerts at The Mosque - Richmond Broadcasters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hubert Smith - Died 12-3-2001 ( Calypso ) Born 5-9-1920 - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "Green Ticket") - Led Hubert Smith and the Coral Islanders - Worked with Mark Williams, Kenny Iris, Al Davis and also with his sons, Hubert Jr. and George.

S.K. Oppong - Died 12-3-2001 - Musician and actor - Led The Osofo Dadzie Group.

Dee Barton (Dewells Barton Jr.) - Died 12-4-2001 in Brandon, Miss., U.S. ( Jazz - Soundtracks ) Born 9-18-1937 in Houston, MS, U.S. - Trombonist, drummer, composer and arranger - Worked with The Stan Kenton Orchestra ("Turtle Talk" and "Waltz Of The Prophets") - Wrote music for the films, Play Misty For Me and High Plains Drifter.

E. Cullen Johnson - Died 12-5-2001 ( Gospel ) Born 1913 - Singer and radio personality.

Gary MacLean - Died 12-5-2001 - Throat cancer - Musician and singer - He was half of the musical comedy duo, MacLean & MacLean.

Bill Coffman - Died 12-7-2001 - Cardiac and pulmonary disease ( Pop - Ragtime ) Born 1926 in Mena, Ark., U.S. -  Keyboardist - He was a nightclub pianist - Helped buy, restore and play  a Wurlitzer pipe organ later moving it to a vintage movie house, The Old Town Music Hall.

James Crutchfield - Died 12-7-2001 - King of barrelhouse blues - Complications from heart disease ( Blues ) Born 5-25-1912 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, U.S. - Pianist - (He did, "I Believe You Need A Shot" and "My Baby Cooks My Breakfast") - Worked with Elmore James ("Dust My Broom") and Boyd Gilmore.

Edward Kaspik - Died 12-8-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1946 - Percussionist - Worked with The Greg Hopkins Ensemble and other bands - He was a teacher of drums and improvisation at The Berklee College of Music for 27 years.

Linda Medina (Linda Joyce Medina) - Died 12-9-2001 - Colon cancer ( Jazz - Pop - Sing-alongs ) Born 1931 - Pianist - She worked in many Detroit  establishments for 40 years.

Marcos Chacon - Died 12-9-2001 - Illness ( Rock ) Guitarist and singer - Was a member of Equilibrio Vital (They did, "Guerra" and "El emigrante").

Lee Wallace Sr. - Died 12-9-2001 ( Gospel ) Born 1939 - Singer and songwriter - He worked with The Mighty Clouds Of Joy, Swanee Quartet, Slim And The Supreme Angels, Bill And Essie Moss and The Celestials.

Jack Somher - Died 12-9-2001 - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 7-24-1930 in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S. - Clarinet player - Worked with Ray Eberle, Chuck D'Amanti, Bob Rosen, Bill Blackmon and Billy Butterfield - He was a jazz critic working for Jazz Times, Down Beat and The Mississippi Rag.

José Antonio Fajardo - Died 12-11-2001 - An aneurysm, a complication from open-heart surgery in July ( Latin Jazz ) Born 10-18-1919 in Guanes or Pinar del Rio, Cuba - Flutist - Leader of The Fajardo y sus Estrellas Orchestra and La Charanga Fajardo - Worked with Ray Barretto.

Rory A. Bennett - Died 12-11-2001 ( R&B ) Born 1965 - Complications from kidney disease (He wrote,"All My Life" and "Don't Rush") Worked with the duo K-Ci And JoJo, Quincy Jones, Ce Ce Peniston, Silk, The Braxtons and Robbie Neville.

Chuck Schuldiner  - Died 12-13-2001 - Brain tumor ( Death Metal ) Born 1967 - Guitarist and singer - Founded Death (They did, "Symbolic" and "Individual Thought Patterns") and Control Denied (They did, "The Fragile Art Of Existence" and "Expect The Unexpected") - He is considered to be one of the pioneers of Death Metal.

Herbbie Spanier (Herbert Anthony Charles Spanier) - Died 12-13-2001 in Toronto, Canada ( Jazz ) Born 12-25-1928 in Cupar, Sask. - Played trumpet, bugle and harmonica - Worked with Paul Perry, Herb Ellis, Wardell Gray, Trump Davidson, Benny Louis, Hal McIntyre and Claude Thornhill.

Clifford Brown - Died 12-14-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1907 - Played guitar and banjo and sang - Was the leader of Clifford Brown's Traditional Jazz.

Conte Candoli (Secondo Candoli) - Died 12-14-2001 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 7-12-1927 in Mishawaka, Ind., U.S. - Trumpeter - Was a member of The Tonight Show Band for 20 years, quiting when Johnny Carson retired - Worked with Woody Herman, Stan Kenton, Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars, Shelly Manne, Frank Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald and Nat King Cole.

Rufus Thomas (Rufus Thomas Jr.)- The world's oldest teenager - Died 12-15-2001 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Heart failure ( R&B - Blues - Funk - Soul ) Born 3-26-1917 in Cayce, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer and comedian - (He did, "Bear Cat", "Walking The Dog" and "Do The Funky Chicken") - Worked with his daughter Carla (They did, "Cause I Love You") and The Rabbit Foot Minstrels - The longest running DJ in the history of radio (since 1948) - Father of keyboardist, Marvell Thomas - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bianca Butthole (Bianca Halstead) - Died 12-15-2001 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Car crash ( Punk Rock ) Born 5-5-1965 in the Bronx, N.Y., N.Y., U.S. - Singer and bassist - She was a member of Sin, Humble Gods and Butt Trumpet (They did, "I'm Ugly And I Don't Know Why" and "Funeral Crashing Tonight") and the lead singer and bassist for Betty Blowtorch (They did, "Love/Hate" and "I Wanna Be Your Sucker") - Worked with Vanilla Ice and Duff McKagan.

Stuart Adamson (William Stuart Adamson) - Found dead 12-16-2001 - Hung himself, he had been missing for a month ( Rock - Punk ) Born 4-11-1958 in Manchester, England - Guitarist and singer -  Was a member of Tattoo and The Skids (They did, "Into The Valley and "Masquerade") - Was the lead singer for Big Country (They did, "In A Big Country" and "Fields Of Fire") and The Raphaels - Worked with Randy Stonehill, Darryl Scott, Ray Davies and Christie Sutherland.

Jimmy Duggan - Died 12-16-2001 ( Rock ) Born 3-14-1949 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Trigger (They did, "I've Heard That Line Before" and "Beware Of The Strangers").

Robert Wagner - Died 12-17-2001 - Cancer ( Dance ) Born 1921 - Trumpet player - Was a member of The Redskins Band and the leader of The Moonlighters.

Gilbert Bécaud (François Silly) (aka Monsieur 100,000 Volts) - Died 12-18-2001 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 10-24-1927 in Toulon, France - Pianist and composer (He had a British hit with, "A Little Love And
Understanding") His song, "Je t'appartiens" became The Everly Brothers', "Let It Be Me" and his "Et maintenant", became Frank Sinatra's and Shirley Bassey's, "What Now My Love" - Worked with Neil Diamond ("Love On The Rocks"), Edith Piaf and her husband Jacques Pills - He wrote about 450 songs.

Clifford T. Ward (Clifford Thomas Ward) - Died 12-18-2001 in Worcestershire, England - Pneumonia ( Pop ) Born 2-10-1944 in Stourport, Worcestershire, England - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Gaye" and "Scullery") - Was a member of The Cruisers and The Secrets (They did, "Candy To Me").

Eddie Baker - Died 12-18-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1930 in Pleasant Hill in Cass Count, MO, U.S. - Trumpeter, pianist and bandleader - He led The New Breed Jazz Orchestra.

Forrest J. Willingham (Forrest Joseph Willingham) - Died 12-18-2001 - Cancer ( Producer - Director - Composer ) He founded The Songs Of Broadway Company - He sang and acted in musicals for over 40 years - He also wrote musical skits for, "The Carol Burnett Show".

Tony Cuffe - Died 12-18-2001 in Arlington, Boston - Cancer ( Folk - Scottish ) Born 4-6-1954 in Greenock, Renfrewshire, Scotland - Played the tin whistle, guitar, harmonica, harp and sang - Was a member of Ossian - Worked with Jock Tamson's Bairns ("Jenny Dang The Weaver" and "Miss Grace Hay's Delight"), Catherine-Ann MacPhee, Alba and The Raindogs.

Charles Nostrand - Long Island's King of Swing - Died 12-18-2001 - Brain tumors ( Jazz ) Born 1927 in Hoboken, Nostrand, N.J., U.S. - Clarinetist.

Christine Kittrell - Died 12-19-2001 in Columbus, OH, U.S. - Emphysema ( R&B ) Born 8-11-1929 in Nashville, Tenn., U.S. - Singer (She did, "Sittin' Here Drinking" and "I'm A Woman") - Worked with Little Richard, B.B. King, Louis Armstrong, Paul Williams, Louis Brooks, John Coltrane, Johnny Otis and Earl Bostic - She was wounded while entertaining U.S. troops in Vietnam.

Foster Brooks (aka The Lovable Lush) - Died 12-20-2001 - Heart ailment ( Comedian ) Born 5-11-1912 in Louisville, Ky., U.S. (He recorded a pop album with songs like, "Make Believe" and "People Will Say We're In Love") He was a cast member for rocker Boyd Bennett's, "Boyd Bennett And His Space Buddies" TV show - He has appeared on numerous TV programs.

Dee Barton - Died 12-22-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 9-18-1937 in Houston, Mississippi, U.S. - He played trombone, piano, drums and bass - He wrote the scores for the movies, Play Misty For Me, High Plains Drifter and Every Which Way But Loose - Worked with Charlie Spivak and Stan Kenton - He also was a music consultant for Frank Sinatra, The Rolling Stones, Peggy Lee and John Lennon.

Charles Chavis (Anthony Charles Chavis) - Died 12-22-2001 - Heart attack ( Zydeco ) Born 1957 - Was rubboard player and vocalist for his father's (Boozoo Chavis) band, The Magic Sounds (They did,"What You Gonna Do?").

Eddie Andres (Edward J. Andres) (aka Three-Times Eddie) - Died 12-22-2001 - Complications of congestive heart failure ( Polka ) Born 1925 - Accordionist - Was a member of The Three Notes - Worked with Ernie Benedict.

Lance Loud - Died 12-22-2001 - Hepatitis C ( Punk Rock - New Wave ) Born 1951 - He was a singer for The Mumps (They did,"Crocodile Tears" and "Brain Massage") Lance's family were the subjects of a 12-part  public television documentary series in 1973, "An American Family" - He was also a journalist  for The Advocate, Details, and Interview.

Richard A. Jackson - Died 12-22-2001 - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1917 -  Pianist.

Johnny Wakely - Died 12-22-2001 - Liver disease ( Country ) Born 1-29-1944 in Hollywood, CA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist (He recorded,"I Love You So Much It Hurts Me" and "Women Gonna Be The Death Of Me") Worked with Glen Campbell, Bobbie Gentry and his father Jimmy Wakely.

Derry Wilkie (Derek Davis) - Died 12-22-2001 ( Rock ) Born 1-10-1941 in Kent Gardens, Toxteth, Liverpool, Lancashire , England - Singer - Member of Derry And The Seniors, Derry Wilkie And The Pressmen, Derry Wilkie And The Others and Howie Casey And The Seniors.

Grzegorz Ciechowski - Died 12-22-2001 - After a heart operation ( Rock ) Born 8-29-1957 - Singer, songwriter and producer - Was a member of Republika (They did, "White Flag" and "Telephones").

Martin Ortega - Died 12-23-2001 - Brain hemorrhage ( Rock - Ranchera - Blues ) Born 1945 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of the duo The Burnt Mill Road Band with his brother Tony - Worked with Taj Mahal.

Soto Jr. - Died 12-23-2001 - Heart failure ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Vulcano.

Gareth Williams (Gareth John Williams) - Died 12-24-2001 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-23-1953 in Cardiff - Bassist, singer and keyboardist - Was a member of This Heat (They did,"Paper Hats" and "A New Kind of Water") Worked with Mind The Gap, Viv Corringham and Martin Harrison.

Billy Wells - Died 12-25-2001 ( Jazz ) Born 1931 - Banjo player and singer - He co-founded Billy And His Bachelors - He is best know for being a star of the 1954 Rose Bowl for Michigan State and being a NFL player.

Joe Olivier (aka Cappy Bianco) - Died 12-25-2001 ( Rock ) Guitarist and singer (He did, "The Cat" and "La Donna Riccia") - Worked with Bill Haley And The Comets (They did, "Mary, Mary Lou").

Barry Richardson - Died 12-25-2001 in Belgium - Cancer ( Pub Rock ) Singer, bassist and saxophonist - Was a member of Bees Make Honey (They did, "Music Every Night" and "Kentucky Chicken Fry") and The Barry Richardson Band.

Tim Wicks (Timothy Wicks) - Last seen alive 12-26-2001 in Hales Corners, Wis., U.S.  - Shot, his torso was found 1-2-2002 ( Jazz ) He was 48 years old - Drummer.

Lee "Loco" Robinson - Died 12-27-2001 - Cancer ( Punk Rock ) Was a singer for A-10, Fortunate Sons and Sin City Six (They did, "Cindirella's Gone" and "Sin City Six") - Worked with Andy Shernoff.

Otto Bezloja - Died 12-27-2001 ( Rock - R&B ) Born 7-4-1945 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Played bass for Komety, Skupina Karla Duby and The Matadors (They did, "Get Down From The Tree") - He appeared in the West German version of Hair - Worked with Emergency and Gold - He was known as a top DJ and was a member of Why Not Place.

Buck Wayne (Wayne Johnston) - Died 12-27-2001 ( Country ) Born 5-13-1923  in Marlow, OK, U.S. - Played steel guitar and was a DJ - Was a member of The Blue Bonnet Playboys, The Buckshots and Smokey Rogers' Western Caravan - Founded The Four Corner States Blue Grass Festival - The Western Swing Hall Of Fame, The Pioneers Of Western Swing Hall Of Fame and The Country Music Disc Jockey Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Hovie Lister - Died 12-28-2001 - Acute lymphoblastic leukemia ( Gospel ) Born 1916 in Greenville, South Carolina, U.S. - Founder of The Statesman Quartet - Sang with The Lister Brothers and The Lone Star Quartet - Georgia Hall Of Fame Inductee and Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Cassia Eller - Died 12-29-2001 - Cardiac arrest ( Rock ) Born 12-10-1963 in Rio De Janeiro (She did,"I Just Ask God For A Little Indecency" and "Malandragem") - She was a singer for Malas e bagagens.

Florian Fricke - Died 12-29-2001 ( Avant Garde - Rock ) Born 2-23-1944 - Keyboardist and composer - He was a member of Popol Vuh (They did, "Tears Of Concrete", "In The Gardens Of Pharao" and soundtracks to the films, Aguirre and Nosferatu).

Freddie Hansson - Died 12-29-2001 ( Rock ) Born 12-22-1963 - Was a member of Noice (They did, "En Kvall I T-Banan" and "Allting Okey").

Frankie Gaye - Died 12-30-2001 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 11-15-1941 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Singer - (He did, "My Brother" and "Extraordinary Girl") - Worked with Kim Weston, Mary Wells and his brother, Marvin Gaye.

Ralph Sutton (Ralph Earl Sutton) - Died 12-30-2001 in Evergreen, CO, U.S. - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 11-4-1922 in Hamburg, Mo., U.S. - Pianist - Was a founding member of The World's Greatest Jazz Band - Worked with Jack Teagarden, Max Kaminsky and Albert Nicholas.

Marie Hartford - Died 12-30-2001 - Inoperable lung cancer ( Businesswoman ) Born 1934 - She worked at the Glaser Brothers' Music Row operation, a site that bred the Outlaw movement in country music - Wife of singer and songwriter, John Hartford.

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