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1994 to 1995
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club! This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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Vin Medberry (aka Uncle Vinty) (Vinton W. Medbury Jr.) - Died 1994 ( Rock ) Keyboardist and singer - Was a member of The Ascots (They did versions of, "Midnight Hour" and "Monkey See- Monkey Do"), The White Wash (They did a version of, "You Haven't Seen My Love") and Deviled Ham (They did, "The Raven").

Joao Salvador Perez (aka Tonico) - Died 1994 ( Sertanejo ) Born 3-2-1917 in Sao Manuel, Sao Paulo, Brasil - Singer - He was half of the duo, Tonico And Tinoco (They did, "Tristeza de Jeca" and "O menino da porteira").

Eric Ford - Died 1994 - Guitarist - Worked with Big Jim Sullivan, The George Evans Band, Lord Rockingham's XI, Eddie Cochan, Clem Cattini, Dave Clark And Friends, Donovan and Charles Blackwell.

Jose Maria Vilaseca (aka Tapi) - Died 1994 - Cirrhosis ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with Lone Star.

Edward White (Edward George White) - Died 1994 ( Dance - Light Orchestral ) Born 1910 in London, England - Composer, arranger, violinist, saxophonist and clarinetist - (He wrote, "Runaway Rocking Horse" and "Puffin' Billy" which became the theme song for TV's, Captain Kangaroo.

Mark Charron (Mark Raymond Charron) - Died 1994 ( Pop ) Born 1942 - (He wrote, "Never Tell" and co-wrote, "Billy And Sue") - Was a member of B.J. Thomas & The Triumphs.

Sai Mu - Died 1994 ( Pop ) Musician - Was a member of Freedom's Way.

Simon Stable (Count Simon de la Bedoyere) - Died 1994 - Played bongos - Worked with Bridget St John and Ten Years After - He was married to singer, Judy Dyble.

Joe Barcelona - Died 1994 ( Doo-Wop ) Singer - Worked with The Flames (They did, "I Remember" and "No More Fooling") who became The Five Discs (They did, "The World's A Beautiful Place").

Alan R. Splet - Died 1994 - Sound designer and editor - Worked on the films, Eraserhead, The Black Stallion and Never Cry Wolf - His works appear on Sounds Of A Different Realm Sound Effects Library.

Jack Bentley ( John Alexander Bentley) - Died 1994 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Played trombone - Musician and scriptwriter - Worked with Jack Hylton.

Larry Banks - Died 1994 ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Was a member of The Four Fellows (They did,"Soldier Boy" and "I Sit In My Window").

Bob Gallaway - Died 1994 - Illness ( Rock ) Drummer and singer - Was a member of The Continentals,  The Bards and Moses Lake.

Alou Fane - Died 1994 ( World ) (He did,"Alou Fane's Fote Mocoba ") He led Alou Fane's Fote Mocoba and was a member of The Super Djata Band.

Deborahe Glasgow - Died 1994 ( Reggae ) Born 1964 - Singer (She did,"The Mind Is Willing" and "Ready For This") Worked with Shabba Ranks  and Cocoa Tea.

Ritchie Kunkle - Died 1994 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( Rock - Country ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Candelles, The Moanin' Glories (They did, "She Took The Rain Out Of My Mind" and "You Better Watch Out For That Girl"), Crank and the duo, Jezzie.

Delton Broussard - Died 1994 ( Cajun ) Singer and accordionist - Was a member of The Lawtell Playboys.

Cheb Hasni (Hasni Chekzoum) - Died 1994 in Algeria - Shot by muslim fundamentalist ( Rai ).

Bruce Jay Paskow - Died 1-?-1994 - Overdose of prescription medicine ( Folk ) Was a member of The Washington Squares (They did,"New Generation" and "Other Side Of Sin").

Bernd Gartig (aka Bernd Gaertig) - Died 1-?-1994 - Cerebral apoplexy ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with Lake, Eric Burdon, Neil Landon and Rudolf Rock und die Schocker.

R D Burman (Rahul Dev Burman) (aka Pancham da) - Died 1-4-1994 - Born 6-27-1939 in Kolkata - Played sarod and mouth organ and was a composer - He wrote music for films and TV - He had been married to singer, Asha Bhonsle - Son of singer, Sachin Dev Burman.

Billy Windsor (James Windsor) - Died 1-5-1994 - Heart attack ( Rock - Country - Jazz ) Born 1944 - Was a guitarist, singer and producer for Danny Gatton (They did,"So Good" and "Stand By My Side").

Jess Stacy (Alexandria Stacy) - Died 1-5-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 8-11-1904 in Bird's Point, MO, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Benny Goodman, Tommy Dorsey and Eddie Condon - Was at one time married to singer, Lee Wiley.

Hal Lucas (Harold Lucas) - Died 1-6-1994 - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 1932 - Was a singer for The Clovers (They did, "Love Love Love" and "Love Potion No. 9").

Jerry Penfound (aka Ish and Ish Kabibble) - Died 1-7-1994 - Cancer (Rock ) Played saxophone - Worked wth Ronnie Hawkins And The Hawks, Levon And The Hawks ("Do the Honky Tonk"), The Levon Helm Sextet and The Capers.

Silas Hogan - Died 1-9-1994 in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S. - Heart disease ( Blues ) Born 9-15-1911 in Westover, LA, U.S. - Sang and played harmonica - (He did, "Airport Blues" and "Lonesome la La") - He was the leader of  The Rhythm Ramblers - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee .

Goran Ipe Ivandic - Died 1-13-1994 - He jumped, was pushed or fell from a hotel window ( Rock ) Born 12-10-1955 - He was a drummer for Bijelo Dugme ( They did,"Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi Bosanac" and "Hop-cup").

Harry Nilsson (Henry Edward Nelson III)- Died 1-15-1994 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 6-15-1941 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - (He did, "Jump Into The Fire", "Without You" and the theme music for TV's, "The Courtship Of Eddie's Father").

Fats Jackson (Grady Jackson) - Died 1-17-1994 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 11-22-1927 in Asheville, NC, U.S. - Saxophonist - Was a member of The Tri-Saxual Soul Champs (They did, "Go Girl" and "Coffee Break") - Worked with Little Walter, Elmore James and Big Joe Turner.

Rhett Forrester - Died 1-22-1994 - Shot, his killers were never found ( Metal ) Born 9-22-1956 - Was a singer for Riot (They did, "Hard Lovin' Man" and "Violent Crimes").

Victor Lombardo - Died 1-22-1994 ( Swing ) Born 4-10-1911 - Played saxophone - Was a member of The Royal Canadians who were noted for playing, "Auld Lang Syne" on New Years Eve.

Telly Savalas (Aristotelis Savalas) - Died 1-22-1994 in Universal City, CA, U.S. - Complications of bladder cancer ( Pop ) Born 1-21-1924 in Garden City, Long Island, NY, U.S. - Actor and singer - (He did, "If" and "Some Broken Hearts Never Mend") - He protrayed Theo Kojak on TV's, Kojak and appeared in the films, The Greatest Story Ever Told and The Dirty Dozen.

Byron Gipson (aka Slick and Wild Child) - Died 1-30-1994 in Peoria, IL, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 1-10-1930 in Burlington, IA, U.S. - Singer - Led Slick Gipson & The Sliders (They did, "Etta Mae") and Wild Child Gipson & The Violators - Worked with Freddie Tieken & The Rockers and The Soul Merchants.

Albert Moore (Albert B. Moore) - Died 2-?-1994 - Lung cancer ( Rock - Psychedelic ) Played flute and sang - Was a member of Sweetwater (They did, "My Crystal Spider" and "Come Take A Walk") - Sweetwater was the first group on stage at the original Woodstock music festival.

Johnny Littlejohn (John Funchess) - Died 2-1-1994 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Renal failure ( Blues ) Born 4-16-1931 in Lake, MS, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "When I Think About My Baby" and a remake of Brook Benton's, "Kiddio").

Willie Mae Ford Smith (aka Mother Smith)  - Died 2-2-1994 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 6-23-1904 in Rolling Fork, MS, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "If You Just Keep Still") - She was a member of The Ford Sisters - Was a director of The Soloists Bureau Of The National Convention Of Gospel Choirs And Choruses.

Ernest Barrier - Died 2-3-1994 ( Country ) Born 1-23-1925 in Hardin County, TN. U.S. - Was one of The Barrier Brothers.

Buddy Scott (Kenneth Scott) - Died 2-5-1994 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Stomach cancer  ( Doo-Wop - Blues ) Born 1-9-1935 in Jackson, MS, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Welfare Blues" and "Bad Bad Feling") - Led Scotty & The Rib Tips - Was a member of The Masqueraders and The Scott Brothers.

Vadim Marker - Died 2-6-1994 - Accident ( Folk Rock) Born 1970 - Was a member of Dyadya Go.

Juanita Marengo - Died - 2-13-1994 - Cancer ( Salsa - Funk - Rock ) Singer - She led Juanita & Friends - Worked with Doctor Bogarth, Charlie Kingson and her husband, drummer Leroy Grant.

Papa John Creach (John Henry Creach) - Died 2-22-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Pneumonia ( Rock ) Born 5-28-1917 in Beaver Falls, PA, U.S. - Played violin - Worked with The Chocolate Music Bars, Nina Russell, Hot Tuna, Jefferson Airplane, Jefferson Starship, The Dinosaurs and Steve Taylor.

Dinah Shore (Frances Rose Shore) - Died 2-24-1994 in Beverly Hills, CA - Ovarian cancer ( Pop - Swing ) Born 2-29-1916 in Winchester, TN, U.S. - Singer and actress - (She did, "I'll Walk Alone" and "The Gypsy") - Worked with with Frank Sinatra, Buddy Clark, Tony Martin and The Xavier Cugat Orchestra - She was the host of TV's, The Dinah Shore Chevy Show.

Bill Hicks (William Melvin Hicks) - Died 2-26-1994 in Little Rock, AR, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Comedian - Social Commentator ) Born 12-16-1961 in Valdosta, GA, U.S. - (He did, "The Elephant Is Dead") - Has been sampled by Tool.

Big Mama Blu (Marianne Powell) (aka Marianne Blu and Marianne Teresa D'Angelo) - Died 2-27-1994 - After years of illnesses and weight problems ( Blues) Singer.

Adam Jackson - Died 2-27-1994 ( R&B ) Born 3-10-1938 in New York, NY - Was a singer for The Continentals and The Jesters (They did, "So Strange" and "Please Let Me Love You").

Pappy Allen - Died 3-?-1994 ( Country - R&B ) Recorded with Giant Sand (They did, "Always Horses Coming" and "Anti-Shadow").

Karel Kryl - Died 3-4-1994 in Munich, Germany - Heart attack ( Folk ) Born 4-12-1944 in Kromeriz, Czechoslovakia (at the time Bohemia-Moravian Protectorat) - Folk singer, guitarist and poet, symbol of the anti-Communist protest - (He did, "Bratricku, Zavirej Vratka", "Jerabiny" and "Andel") - He then collaborated with Radio Free Europe.

Leighton Noble (Faye Leighton Jepsen) - Died 3-5-1994 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
Born 12-25-1912 in Pasadena, CA, U.S. - Pianist and singer - Was a member of The Blue Blazers - Worked with Phil Harris, Hal Grayson, Everett Hoagland, Orville Knapp and Johnny McAfee.

Yvonne Fair - Died 3-6-1994 Las Vegas, Nev., U.S. ( Rock - Soul ) Born 6-3-1942 in Virginia, U.S. - (She did, "Love Ain't No Toy" and "Walk Out The Door If You Wanna") - Worked with James Brown, The Chantels and Ray Parker Jr. - She was married to Sammy Strain of The Imperials.

Moses Rascoe - Died 3-6-1994 in Lebanon, PA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 7-27-1917 in Windsor, NC, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Deep Sea Diver" and "Step It Up And Go").

Vik Venus (Jack Spector) - Died 3-8-1994 - Heart attack while on the air ( Novelty ) Born 9-15-1928 - DJ -  (Recorded, "Moonflight").

Danny Barker (Daniel Moses Barker) - Died 3-13-1994 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. (  Jazz ) Born 1-13-1909 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played guitar and banjo and was a singer and composer - Founded The Fairview Baptist Church Christian Band - Worked with Dave Nelson, Sidney Bechet, Cab Calloway, Fess Williams, Albert Nicholas, James P. Johnson and  Lucky Millinder - Nephew of drummer, Paul Barbarin - He was married to singer, Blue Lu Barker - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ephraim Lewis - Died 3-18-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Jumped or fell off an apartment balcony while being chased by the police ( Soul - R&B ) Born 1968 in Wolverhampton, Staffordshire, England - (He did, "Drowning In Your Eyes" and "It Can't Be Forever") - Worked with Pete Brown And Phil Ryan.

Lewis Grizzard Jr. - Died 3-20-1994 - Following surgery to correct a heart condition ( Country - Humor ) Born 10-20-1946 in Ft. Benning, GA, U.S. - Was the leader of The Lewis Grizzard Trio - Was a nationally syndicated humor columnist - (He did the album, "Alimony - The Bill You Get For The Thrill You Got").

Dan Hartman - Died 3-22-1994 in Westport, CT, U.S. - Brain tumor ( Rock - R&B ) Born 12-8-1950 in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and producer - (He did, "I Can Dream About You" and "Instant Replay") - Was a member of The Legends - Worked with Edgar Winter ("Free Ride"), Loleatta Holloway ("Relight My Fire") and Stevie Wonder -  He produced Foghat .

Albert Goldman (Albert Harry Goldman) - Died 3-28-1994 - Heart attack on a plane - Born 4-15-1927 in Dormont, PA, U.S. - Writer - Trashed Elvis Presley and John Lennon.

Zoran Miscevic - Died 4-?-1995 ( Rock - Punk - R&B ) Singer and bassist - (He did, "Placem" and "Ponocni Voz") - Was a member of Siluete.

Pippo Barzizza (Giuseppe Barzizza) - Died 4-2-1994 in Sanremo, Imperia, Italy ( Swing ) Born 5-15-1902 in Genoa, Italy - Was a composer, arranger and director and played piano, accordion and drums - He worked with Natalino Otto and Alberto Rabagliati - Father of actress, Isa Barzizza.

Ginny Simms (Virginia Simms) - Died 4-4-1994 in Palm Springs, CA, U.S. ( Big Band ) Born 5-25-1915 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Singer and actress - Worked with The Tom Gerun Band and The Kay Kyser Orchestra - Appeared in the films, Broadway Rhythm and Night And Day.

Kurt Cobain (Kurt Donald Cobain) - Died 4-5-1994 in Seattle, Washington, U.S. - Shot himself ( Grunge ) Born 2-20-1967 in Hoquiam, WA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Fecal Matter (They did, "Spank Thru" and "Bambi Slaughter") and Nirvana (They did, "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Heart Shaped Box") - Worked with William S. Burroughs, Mark Lanegan, Apoptygma Berzerk and The Melvins.

Darryl Kutz - Died 4-5-1994 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 4-8-1947 - Singer and guitarist - Worked with Starbuck (They did, "Little Bird" and "Don't You Know How To Love A Lady").

Lee Brilleaux (Lee Green) - Died 4-7-1994 in Leigh on Sea, Essex, England - Throatcancer ( Rock ) Born 5-10-1952 in Durban, South Africa - Singer, guitarist and harmonica player - Was a member of Dr. Feelgood (They did, "Don't Let Your Daddy Know" and "Back In The Night") - Worked with Whitesnake (They did, "Bloody Mary" and "Steal Away") and Ducks Deluxe.

Didier Mertens - Died 4-10-1994 - Car accident ( Metal ) Drummer - Was a member of Exoto.

Larry Davis - Died 4-19-1994 - Cancer ( Blues ) Born 12-4-1936 in Kansas City, MO, U.S. - (He did, "Texas Flood" and "Angels In Houston") Worked with Fenton Robinson and Albert King.

Tara Lynne Touesnard - Died 4-25-1994 - Car accident - She was 21 years old - Fiddler - (She did, "Ashokan Farewell" and "My Mom").

James Raitt - Died 4-25-1994 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - He was 41 years old - Musical director - Worked on the musicals, Damn Yankees, Pageant and Forever Plaid - Worked with Ethel Merman, Gwen Verdon, Chita Rivera and Donna McKechnie - Cousin of singer, Bonnie Raitt.

Kevin Toby - Died 5-?-1994 - Suicide ( Rock ) Played keyboards for The Sturgeon Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Cool Papa (Haskell Robert Sadler) - Died 5-6-1994 in Berkeley, CA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 4-16-1935 in Denver, CO, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He wrote Joe Louis Walker's, "747").

Enrique Santana - Died 5-9-1994 in Caracas, Venezuela - ( Jazz - Pop - Rock ) Born 8-23-1958 in Caracas, Venezuela - Drummer - Worked with Almendra, La Propia Banda, Clarox, Adrenalina Caribe, Guillermo Davila, Franco De Vita, Ricardo Montaner, Banda Casablanca and Melissa.

Danny Overbea - Died 5-11-1994 - Lung cancer and heart problems ( Rock ) Born 1-3-1926 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Guitarist and Vocalist - Worked with The Flamingos, Ella Mae Morse and Bill Haley.

Jimmy Fernandez - Died 5-23-1994 in London, England - Brain tumor ( Metal ) Born 9-30-1965 in San Diego, CA, U.S. - Was the bassist for Society Line (They did, "Nouveau Riche" and "Departure") and The God Machine (They did, "The Tremelo Song" and "In Bad Dreams").

Joe Pass (Joseph Anthony Passalaqua) - Died 5-23-1994 - Cancer ( Bop - Jazz ) Born 1-13-1929 in New Brunswick, NJ, U.S. - Worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Count Basie and  Duke Ellington,

Eric Gale (Eric J. Gale) - Died 5-25-1994 in Baja, California, Mexico - Lung cancer ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 9-20-1939 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Wait Until the City Sleeps" and "Clock-A-Pa") - Worked with Stuff (They did, "Love Having You Around" and "Since You've Been Gone"), Maxine Brown, Paul Simon, Billy Joel, Lena Horne, The Drifters, Aretha Franklin, Bob James, Quincy Jones, Bob Marley, Nina Simone, Herbie Mann, Esther Phillips, Joe Cocker, Carly Simon, Van Morrison, Peter Tosh, Grover Washington Jr., Al Jarreau and Jesse Belvin.

Sonny Sharrock (Warren Harding Sharrock) - Died 5-25-1994 in Ossining, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 8-27-1940 in Ossining, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Promises Kept" and "Many Mansions") - Was a guitarist for Last Exit and recorded with Machine Gun, Herbie Handcock, Brute Force, Miles Davis and Herbie Mann - At one time married to singer, Linda Sharrock.

Red Rodney (Robert Chudnick) - Died 5-27-1994 in Boynton Beach, FL, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-27-1927 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Played flugelhorn and trumpet - Worked with Charlie Parker, Jimmy Dorsey, Gene Krupa, Ira Sullivan, Woody Herman, Jerry Wald and others.

Oliver Jackson - Died 5-29-1994 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 4-28-1933 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Benny Goodman, Lionel Hampton, Thad Jones and Charlie Shavers.

Charlie Brown - Died 5-31-1994 ( Rock ) Born in Uniondale, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Portrait of a Glad Man" and "Swimmin' Hole").

Dave Mulchin - Died 6-?-1994 - Suicide ( Rock ) Bassist for The Sturgeon Riverbottom Nightmare Band.

Lek Leckenby (Derek Leckenby) - Died 6-4-1994  in Manchester, England - Cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 5-14-1946 in  Leeds, England - Guitarist - Worked with The Heartbeats who became Herman's Hermits ( They did, "Mrs Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" and "I'm Henry VIII, I Am").

Earle Warren (Earl Ronalde Warren) (aka Smiley) - Died 6-4-1994 in Springfield, OH, U.S. - Natural causes ( R&B - Swing ) Born 7-1-1914 in Springfield, OH, U.S. - Was the leader of Earle Warren And The Count's Men and was a member of Count Basie's band and The Platters.

Zeke Clements (Marlon R. Clements) - the Dixie Yodeler, the Man from Music Mountain and the Alabama Cowboy - Died 6-4-1994 in Nashville, TN, U.S. ( Country ) Born 9-6-1911 in Empire, AL, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "Honest I'm Honest" and "Smoke On The Water") - Was a member of The Bronco Busters - Worked with Otto Gray And The Oklahoma Cowboys - He was the voice of Bashful in the Disney film, "Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs" - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Willie Humphrey (Willie Humphrey Jr.) - Died 6-7-1994 ( Jazz ) Born 12-29-1900 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played Clarinet - Worked with King Oliver, Fate Marable, Dewey Jackson, Freddie Keppard and Lucky Millinder - Brother of trumpeter Percy Humphey and trombonist Earl Humphrey.

Kalle Weber - Died 6-12-1994 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Kin Ping Meh.

Johnnie Strickland - Died 6-13-1994, Halifax, NC, U.S. ( Rockabilly ) Born 6-23-1935 in North Carolina, U.S. - (He did, "She's Mine" and "Sweet Talkin' Baby").

Henry Mancini (Enrico Nicola Mancini) - Died 6-14-1994 - Pancreatic and liver cancer ( Pop ) Born 1924 - (He did, "Theme from Peter Gunn" and "Theme From The Pink Panther").

Little Caesar (Harry Caesar) - Died 6-14-1994 ( Blues ) Born 2-18-1926 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - (He did, "Goodbye Baby").

Kristen Pfaff - Died 6-16-1994 - Heroin overdose ( Punk ) Born 5-26-1967 - Was the bass player for Janitor Joe (They did, "Big Metal Birds" and "Slur") and Hole (They did, "Miss World " and "Doll Parts").

Bjorn Uglebjerg - Died 6-21-1994 ( Rock ) Born 3-21-1948 - Drummer - Worked with The Foottappers, Les Rivals, Gasolin, Skousen & Ingemanns, Lone Kellermann And Rockbandets, Frede Fup and All Stars.

Dennis Berry (Dennis Alfred Berry) (aka Frank Sterling, Jack Sharp, Peter Dennis) - Died 6-21-1994 in Welwyn Garden City, England ( Jazz - Light Classical ) Born 8-21-1921 in London, England  - Played bass, guitar and saxophone and was a composer and producer - (He wrote, "You Couldn't Be Sweeter" and "Apple Honey") - He was an arranger for Ted Heath, Carroll Gibbons, The Skymasters Dance Orchestra and The Squadronaires.

Marek Brezovsky - Died 6-22-1994 in Bratislava, Slovakia - Heroin overdose ( Art Rock - Classical ) Born 4-15-1974 in Bratislava - Pianist and composer of classical music for TV and theater performances - Was a member of Art M Trio (They did, "Let", "More a ty" and "Lano Estacado").

Kin Vassy (Charles Kindred Vassy) - Died 6-23-1994 - Lung cancer ( Folk ) Born 8-16-1943 - Guitarist and singer - (He wrote Bonnie Raitt's, "My First Night Alone Without You") - Was a member of The Back Porch Majority (They did,"Second-Hand Man") - Worked with Elvis Presley, Lionel Ritchie, The First Edition and Frank Zappa .

Mick Wayne - Died 6-24-1994 - House fire ( Rock ) Born 1945 - Worked with Junior's Eyes (They did,"Sink Or Swim" and "Woman Love"), The Hullaballoos, The Bunch Of Fives, The Sutherland Brothers & Quiver and The Tickle - Played guitar for David Bowie ("Space Oddity" and "Memory Of A Free Festival").

DJ Train (aka Clarence Lars) - Died 6-25-1994 - House fire ( Rap ) Worked with J.J.Fad and MC Ren .

Bob Sanderson (David Robert Sanderson) - Died 6-25-1994 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 11-18-1935 - Guitarist Was member of The Royaltones (They did, "Poor Boy" and "I Give You My Word").

Deah Dame (Debra Jean Hurd) - Died 6-27-1994 - Car accident ( R&B - Hip Hop) Born 9-20-1958 in Houston Texas, U.S. - (She sang, "Faithfull" with Babyface) and was 1/2 of Damian Dame (They did, "Exclusivity" and "Right Down To It").

Obadiah Carter (Obadiah H. Carter) - Died 6-30-1994 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 12-12-1925 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Five Royales (They did, "Give Me One More Chance" and "Too Much Of A Little Bit").

Archie Legget  - Died 7-?-1994 - Throat cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) Bassist - (He did, "Jamaican Jockey") - Worked with The Big Six, Brenda Lee, Stan Getz, Eddie Lewis, Jerry Lee Lewis, John Cale, Carol Grimes, Wilson Pickett, Tony Sheridan, Lee Dorsey, Wonderwheel, Smokey Robinson And The Miracles, Johnny Halliday, Kevin Coyne, Gary Wright and Kevin Ayers.

Marion Williams (aka Miss Personality) - Died 7-2-1994 - Vascular disease( Gospel ) Born 8-29-1927 in Miami, FL, U.S. - (She did, "Standing Here Wondering Which Way To Go") - She sang with Clara Ward And The Ward Singers (They did, "How Far Am I from Canaan" and "Surely God Is Able") and The Stars Of Faith (They did, "Said He Would").

Ralph Rinzler - Died 7-2-1994 in Washington, D.C., U.S. ( Folk - Bluegrass ) Born 7-20-1934 in New York, NY, U.S. - Played mandolin and was a folklorist and producer - Was a member of The Greenbriar Boys  - Worked with Joan Baez and Clarence Ashley - Co-founder of the Folk Life Festival - The Smithsonian Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage is home to the Ralph Rinzler Folklife Archives and Collections.

Tony Vincent (Tony Collick) - Died 7-5-1994 ( Rockabilly ) Born 7-7-1946 - Guitarist and singer - (He did, "I Can't Deny" and "Living A Lie") - Was a member of The Manxmen, Tony And The Pontiacs, The Orbits (They did, "Lonesome Me"), Rock Mobile and C.S.A. (They did, "Till I Waltz Again With You" and "Don't").

Dominic Lucero - Died 7-8-1994 - Lymphic cancer ( Pop ) Was a singer for the TV show Roundhouse and the movie musical Newsies.

Eddie Campbell (William Edgar Campbell) - Died 7-10-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 12-23-1940 in Lodi, Marion County - Singer - Was half of the duo Eddie & Ernie (They did, "Bullets Don't Have Eyes" and "I'm Going For Myself").

Eddie Boyd (Edward Riley Boyd) - Died 7-13-1994 in Finland - Natural causes ( Blues ) Born 11-25-1914 in Stovall, MS, U.S. (He did, "Five Long Years") Was the leader of Eddie Boyd And His Blues Band (They did, "Steakhouse Rock" and "Dust My Broom") Backed Sonny Boy Williamson on "Elevator Woman".

Frank Libeert (Frank Liberty) - Died 7-15-1994 - Car accident ( Metal ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of  Anesthesy.

Chuck Valle (Charles G. Valle) - Died 7-17-1994 - Stabbed after an argument ( Punk Rock ) Born 7-10-1965 - Was a bassist for Murphy's Law, Ludichrist (They did,"Fire At The Firehouse" and "You Can't Have Fun") and Dripping Goss.

Dorothy Collins (Marjorie Chandler) - Died 7-21-1994 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 11-18-1926 in Windsor, Canada (She had hits with,"My Boy - Flat Top" and "Seven Days").

Jay Epae (Nicholas Epae) - Died 7-29-1994 ( Pop ) Born 1932 in New Zealand - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "The Creep" and "Putti Putti") - He wrote and arranged Maria Dallas', "Tumblin' Down".

Gary Farr (Gary Anthony Farr) - Died 7-29-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Arteriosclerotic cardiovascular disease ( Rock - Folk ) Born 10-19-1944 in Worthing, Sussex, England - Singer and guitarist - Led Gary Farr & The T-Bones (They did, "Together Forever" and "Give All She's Got") - Worked with Richard Thompson and Keith Emerson - Son of heavyweight boxing champion, Tommy Farr.

Evgenij Klyachkin - Died 7-30-1994 - Heart attack while swimming ( Folk ) Born 3-23-1934 - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Dve devochki" and "Pesnya o pravakh").

Ipce Ahmedovski (aka Mali Rambo and Bogota) - Died 7-30-1994 in Sopici, Serbia - Car accident ( Turbo Folk ) Born 1-6-1966 in Lazani , Yugoslavia (Now Republic of Macedonia) - Singer - Worked with Rade Vuckovic, Novica Urosevic and Tomica Miljic - Brother of singer, Jasar Ahmedovski.

George Dixon - Died 8-1-1994 ( Jazz ) Born 4-8-1909 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played Trumpet - Worked with Sammy Stewart and Earl Hines.

Anne Shelton (aka Forces' Favorite) - Died 8-2-1994 - (She did, "Lay Down Your Arms", "Silver Wings In The  Moonlight" and "Teach Me Tonight").

Lucille Jenkins Spann - Died 8-2-1994 ( Blues ) Born 6-23-1938 in Bolton, MS, U.S. - Singer - (She wrote, "My Man") - Worked with her husband, Otis Spann.

Domenico Modugno - Died 8-6-1994 in Lampedusa, Agrigento, Italy - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 1-9-1928 in Polignano a Mare, Bari, Italy - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Volare"("Nel Blu Dipinto Di Blu") and "Dio, come ti amo") - His songs have been recorded by Elvis Presley and Jack Jones.

Clarence Ford - Died 8-9-1994 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Blues - Rock ) Born 12-16-1929 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Little Richard, Fats Domino, Pee Wee Crayton, Professor Longhair, Eureka Brass Band, Art Neville, Frankie Ford, Wallace Davenport's Be-Bop Jockeys and Guitar Slim.

Bill Baker - Died 8-10-1994 New Haven, Connecticut, U.S. - Stroke while being treated for lung cancer ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 6-5-1936 in Auburn, Alabama, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Five Satins (They did, "To The Aisle"), filling in for Fred Parris while Fred was in the service.

Kjell-Vidar Olafsson - Died 8-14-1994 in Norway ( Metal ) Born 1-7-1975 - Worked with Kharon.

Paul Murphy - Died 8-17-1994 in Brazil - While on tour with The Duke Robillard Band ( Blues - R&B ) He was 40 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of The Groovemasters - Worked with The James Montgomery Band, Greg Abate and Channel One.

Jesse Bolian - Died 8-24-1994 ( Soul - R&B - Pop ) Born 6-8-1941 (He co-wrote,"Is There A Chance For Me ?") Was a member The Artistics (They did,"I'm Gonna Miss You" and "Girl I Need You").

Frank Wojnarowski - Died 8-24-1994 in Bridgeport, CT, U.S. ( Polka ) Born 10-4-1911 in Sanok, Poland - Played violin and sang - Led The Frank Wojnarowski Orchestra (They did, "Matka" and "Jedzie Boat") - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Don Les - Died 8-25-1994 ( Pop ) Born 1915 - Harmonica player - Was a member of Jerry Murad's Harmonicats (They did remakes of, "Peg O My Heart" and Yesterday").

Creadel Jones (aka Red) - Died 8-25-1994 ( Soul ) Born 9-26-1940 - Singer - Was a member of The Desideros, The Hi-lites and The Chi-Lites (They did, "A Letter To Myself" and "Give It Away") - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Cousin Fuzzy (Earl J. McNellis) - Died 8-31-1994 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. ( Polka - Country ) Born in Millville, MN, U.S. - Sang and played trumpet, saxophone, drums, piano and vibraphone - Led Cousin Fuzzy And His Cousins (They did, "Why Do Gals Wear Britches?" and "Hillbilly Leprechaun") - Was a member of Uncle Louie And The Town Hall Players - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Wisconsin Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Michael Hasse - Died 9-?-1994 - Possible overdose ( Metal ) Drummer and singer - Was a member of Death Attack and Protector (They did,"Agoraphobia" and "The Mercenary").

Roy Castle - Died 9-2-1994 - Lung cancer ( Singer - Comedian - Dancer - Musician - Actor ) Born in Scholes, near Holmfirth, Yorkshire (He did,"Little White Berry" and "Maybe That's Your Problem") He holds the World Record for the fastest tap dance ever recorded.

Major Lance - Died 9-3-1994 in Decatur, Georgia, U.S. - Heart failure ( Soul ) Born 4-4-1941 in Winterville, MI, U.S. - (He recorded, "Monkey Time" and "Um, Um, Um, Um, Um, Um") - Was a member of The Floats - Worked with The Five Gospel Harmonaires.

Louis Myers - Died 9-4-1994 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-18-1929 in Byhalia, MS, U.S. - Played harmonica, guitar and sang - (He did, "Just Whaling" and "Bluesy") - Was a member of The Little Boys, The Three Deuces and  The Aces who backed Little Walter - Worked with Otis Rush and Earl Hooker.

Nicky Hopkins (Nicholas Christian Hopkins) - Died 9-6-1994 in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. - Complications from intestinal surgery( Rock ) Born 2-24-1944 in Harlesden, North London, England - Keyboardist - Worked with Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages, The Rolling Stones, The Cyril Davies All Stars, John Lennon, The Jerry Garcia Band, The Who, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Jefferson Airplane, Donovan, The Kinks, Jeff Beck and The Hollies.

Max Kaminsky - Died 9-6-1994 ( Dixieland ) Born 9-7-1908 in Brockton, MA, U.S. - Played Trumpet - Worked with Eddie Condon, Bud Freeman, Frank Teschemacher, Tommy Dorsey, Artie Shaw and Jack Teagarden - He wrote the book, "Jazz Band: My Life in Jazz".

Major Bill Smith - Died 9-12-1994 ( Producer ) Born 1922 - He produced Bruce Channel (He did, "Hey! Baby"), Paul And Paula (They did, "Hey Paula") and J. Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers (They did, "Last Kiss").

John Stevens (John William Stevens) - Died 9-13-1994 in London, England ( Jazz ) Born 6-10-1940 in Brentford, England - Drummer and trumpeter - Was a member of The Spontaneous Music Ensemble (SME), Freebop and Fast Colour - Worked with Amalgam, Trevor Watts and Paul Rutherford.

Haywood Henry - Died 9-15-1994 ( Blues - Swing - Rock N' Roll ) Born 1-10-1913 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Baritone saxophonists and clarinetist  - Worked with The Bama Street Collegians, The Erskine Hawkins Orchestra,  Tiny Grimes, Mickey Baker, Julian Dash, Max Kaminsky, Snub Mosley, Louis Metcalf, Earl Hines and The Duke Ellington's Orchestra.

Bernie Leighton (Bernard Lazaroff) - Died 9-16-1994 ( Jazz ) Born 1-30-1921 in West Haven, CT, U.S. - Pianist -  Worked with Neal Hefti, Billie Holiday, Tony Bennett, Bud Freeman, Leo Reisman, Raymond Scott and Benny Goodman.

John Delafose - Died 9-17-1994 in Lawtell, LA, U.S. ( Cajun ) Born 4-16-1939 in Duralde, LA, U.S. - Played accordion, harmonica and sang - Was a member of The Eunice Playboys (They did,"Joe Pete Got Two Women").

Footz (Quentin Davidson) - Died 9-17-1994 - Shot ( Go-Go - Funk ) Drummer - Was a member of The Young Dynamos and a founding member of Rare Essence (They did, "One On One" and "Comeback").

Jule Styne (Julius K. Stein) - Died 9-20-1994 ( Pop Songwritter ) Born 12-31-1905 in London, England - Worked with Sammy Cahn ("Saturday Night (Is the Loneliest Night of the Week)"), Frederick Loewe ("I Don't Want To Walk Without You"), Leo Robin ("Gentlemen Prefer Blondes"), Betty Comden,  Adolph Green and Stephen Sondheim ("Let Me Entertain You").

Jimmy Hamilton (James Hamilton) - Died 9-20-1994 in St. Croix, Virgin Islands ( Jazz ) Born 5-25-1917 in Dillon, SC, U.S.- Played clarinet and sax - Worked with Duke Ellington, Lucky Millinder, Teddy Wilson, Jimmy Mundy, Billie Holiday and Eddie Heywood.

Leonard Feather (Leonard Geoffrey Feather) - Died 9-22-1994 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-13-1914 in London, England - Pianist (He composed,"Evil Gal Blues" and "Signing Off") Was the leader of The Night Blooming Jazzmen - He was a  jazz critic and writer - He wrote The Encyclopedia Of Jazz series.

Maria Carta - Died 9-22-1994 in Rome, Italy - Cancer ( Sardinian Folk ) Born 6-24-1934 in Siligo, Italy - Singer and songwriter.

Dr. Mattie Moss Clark - Died 9-22-1994 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 3-26-1925 in Selma, AL, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Led Mattie Moss Clark And The  Clessiastic Sounds - Founded The Southwest Michigan State Choir of The Church Of God - Directed The Charles H. Mason Memorial Choir - Mother of The Clark Sisters - International Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dalton Reed - Died 9-24-1994 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. ( Soul - Gospel - R&B ) Born 8-23-1952 in Cade, LA, U.S. - Singer (He did,"Givin' On In To Love") Was the leader of Dalton Reed And The Musical Journey Band - He founded Sweet Daddy Records and co-founded Reed Brothers Records with his brother Johnny Reed.

Bob Lange - Died 9-26-1994 ( Pop ) Born 1943 - Was the lead singer for The Monarchs (They did,"Look Homeward Angel").

Dimwit (Ken Montgomery) - Died 9-27-1994 in Vancouver, British Columbia - Heroin Overdose ( Punk ) Born 1958 - Drummer - Worked with D.O.A., The Pointed Sticks, The Subhumans and The Moderaires and The Four Horsemen.

Urmas Alender - Died 9-28-1994 - Drowned when the ferry Estonia sank ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Ruja (They did, "Teisel pool vett" (On the Other Side of the Water) and "Tulekell" (Fireclock)).

Jay York - Died 10-?-1995 - Liver disease ( Rock ) He was 57 years old - Drummer - Was a member of SOD (They did, "House Rules" and "(Hey You) Quit Having So Much Fun") - Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall Of Fame inductee.

Harriet Nelson (Peggy Lou Snyder) (aka Harriet Hilliard) - Died 10-2-1994 in Laguna Beach, California, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 7-18-1909 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. - Singer and actress - Worked with her husband, bandleader Ozzie Nelson - Mother of actor,David Nelson and singer, Ricky Nelson - Acted on TV's, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet.

Bert Dodson - Died 10-3-1994 in Clearwater, FL, U.S. ( Country Western ) Born circa 1916 - Played bass - Was a member of The Cass County Boys - Worked with The Light Crust Doughboys, Gene Autry, Bing Crosby and Dick Haymes - Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bill Challis - Died 10-4-1994 ( Jazz Arranger ) Born 7-8-1904 in Wilkes Barre, PA, U.S. - Worked with Paul Whiteman, Bix Beiderbecke and Vince Giordano's Nighthawks.

Scoville Brown - Died 10-4-1994 ( Be-Bop ) Born 10-13-1909 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Played Clarinet - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Dizzy Gillespie and Lionel Hampton.

Nini Rosso (Raffaele Celeste Rosso) - Died 10-24-1994 - Tumor ( Jazz ) Born 9-19-1926 in Turin, Italy - Ttrumpeter - (He did, "Concerto Disperato" and "Il Silenzio").

Matti Bergstrom - Died 10-8-1994 ( Funk - Jazz - Rock ) Born 2-17-1938 - Bassist - Worked with Matti Oiling.

Iola Pugh (Iola L. Pugh) - Died 10-11-1994 in Miami, FL, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 7-22-1926 - Singer - She was half of the duo, The Consolers (They did, "All Of God's Children Are One" and "Faith").

Lee Allen - Died 10-18-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Lung cancer ( R&B  ) Born 7-2-1926 in Pittsburgh, Kansas, U.S. - Played sax - (He recorded, "Walkin' With Mr. Lee" and "Boppin' At The Hop") - Was the leader of Lee Allen And His Band - Worked with The Blasters, Huey Smith, Fats Domino, Shirley & Lee, Professor Longhair, Dr. John and Little Richard ("Tutti Frutti").

Martha Raye (Margaret Teresa Yvonne O'Reed) (aka Colonel Maggie) - 10-19-1994 ( Pop - Show Tunes ) Born in Butte, Montana, U.S. - (She recorded remakes of, "It Ain't Necessarily So" and "Ol' Man River") - Performed for U.S. servicemen during World War II, the Korean War and the Vietnam War.

Danny Gatton - Died 10-20-1994 - Shot himself ( Rockabilly - Country - R&B - Rock - Jazz ) Born 9-4-1945 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Guitar player - (He did, "Muthaship" and "Blues Newburg") - Was a member of The Lancers and The Offbeats - Worked with Robert Gordon, Commander Cody and New Potato Caboose.

Jimmy Miller - Died 10-22-1994 - Cancer or Liver failure ( Producer ) Born 1942 - Produced The Rolling Stones.

Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach (aka Reb Shlomo) - Died 10-22-1994 ( Folk - Spiritual ) Born 1925 in Berlin - Singer and composer - (He did, "Am Yisrael Chai" and "Barchi Nafshi").

Wilbert Harrison - Died 10-26-1994 - Stroke ( R&B ) Born 1-6-1929 (Recorded,"Kansas City" and "Let's Work Together").

Donnie Owens - Died 10-27-1994 - Shot to death accidently by his girlfriend as she tried to stop a man threatening Donnie ( Rock ) Born 10-30-1932 - Guitarist - Worked with Nancy Sinatra, Lee Hazlewood and Billy Strange.

Robert White (Robert Willie White) - Died 10-27-1994 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications from open heart surgery ( Soul ) Born 11-19-1936 in Harrisburg, PA, U.S. - Guitar session man - He was one of The Funk Brothers.

Jon Thomas - Died 10-28-1994 - Prostate cancer ( Blues ) Born 2-21-1918 (He did,"Heartbreak (It's Hurtin' Me)") Was a singer and staff musician at King Records.

Lester Sill - Died 10-31-1994 - After a  long term illness ( Producer ) Born 1-13-1918 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. -  He produced Duane Eddy, The Monkees, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson and The Temptations.

Patrick Napoli-Esposito - Died 11-?-1994 - Aids ( Pop - Rock ) Born 1964 - Was the harmonica player for Les Colocs.

Fred "Sonic" Smith (Frederick Dewey Smith) - Died 11-4-1994 - Heart Attack ( Rock ) Born 9-13-1949 - Guitarist - Was a member of MC5 (Motor City Five) (They did," Kick Out The Jams" and "Motor City Is Burning ") and Sonic's Rendezvous Band - He was married to Patti Smith.

Milan Mladenovic - Died 11-5-1994 in Belgrade, Yugoslavia - Pancreatic cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-21-1958 in Zagreb, Croatia - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Limunovo Drvo, Sarlo Akrobata (They did,"Rano izjutra (Early In The Morning)" and "Ljubavna prica (Love Story)"), Katarina II and Ekatarina Velika (aka EKV and Katarina) (They did, "Oci boje meda" (Honey Colored Eyes) and "Tattoo") - Worked with Mitar Subotic.

Shorty Rogers (Milton M. Rajonsky) - Died 11-7-1994 - Liver failure ( Jazz ) Born 4-14-24 in Lee, MA, U.S. - Trumpeter (Hit hit the top 40 with,"Cerveza") He led The Lighthouse All-Stars and Giants - He composed the scores for The Wild One and The Man with the Golden Arm - Worked with Stan Kenton and Woody Herman.

Julian Tharpe (Earl Julian Tharpe) - Died 11-7-1994 - Born 3-281937 in Barbour, AL, U.S. - Guitrist, producer and songwriter - Worked with Ray Price and Barbara Mandrell - Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Carmen McRae (Carmen Mercedes McRae) - Died 11-10-1994 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. - Stroke following complications from a respiratory illness ( Jazz ) Born 4-8-1920 in Harlem, New York, U.S. - Singer, pianist and songwriter - Worked with Count Basie, Benny Carter, Dave Brubeck, Earl Hines, Joe Pass and Mercer Ellington.

Gerry Ouellette - Died 11-12-1994 ( Metal ) Born 8-21-1964 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Guitarist - Was a member of DBC (Dead Brain Cells) - Worked with Beggar's Banquet, Stonehengeand, My Dog Popper and Front End Loader.

Dino Valenti (Chester William Powers Jr.) (aka Chet Powers and Jesse Orris Farrow) - Died 11-16-1994 in Santa Rosa, California, U.S. - Rumored to have died because of brain surgery ( Rock - Folk Rock - Psychedelic ) Born 11-7-1943 in Danburry, Conn., U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He wrote, "Get Together" and "Dino's Song") - Was a member of Quicksilver Messenger Service (They did, "What About Me" and "Fresh Air") - His songs have been recorded by The Kingston Trio, The Youngbloods, We Five, H. P. Lovecraft, The Dave Clark Five and Jefferson Airplane.

Tommy McManus - Died 11-16-1994 - Leukemia ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Mama's Boys (They did, "In The Heat Of The Night " and "I've Had Enough") - Worked with Pat McManus  and John McManus.

Rev. Dan Smith Jr. - Died 11-16-1994 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. ( Blues - Gospel - Folk ) Born 1-23-1911 in Per-Due Hill, AL, U.S. - Sang and played harmonica - (He did, "Lining The Track" and "Babylon Is Falling Down") - Worked with Rev. Gary Davis and Pete Seeger.

Cab Calloway (Cabell Calloway III) - Died 11-18-1994 in Cokebury Village, DE, U.S. - Never recovered from a stroke he suffered six months earlier ( Swing - Scat ) Born 12-25-1907 in Rochester, NY, U.S. - (He did, "Minnie The Moocher" and "Reefer Man") - Was a member of The Alabamians, The Missourians and Cab Jivers - Brother of singer, Blanche Calloway.

L.V. Johnson - Died 11-22-1994 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 12-25-1946 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He did, "Don't Cha Mess With My Money, My Honey Or My Woman" and "Recipe") - Worked with The Soul Children, The Bar-Kays and Johnnie Taylor -  His songs have been recorded by Tyrone Davis, Bobby "Blue" Bland and The Dells - Nephew of Elmore James.

Tommy Boyce (Sidney Thomas Boyce)- Died 11-23-1994 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 9-29-1944 in  Charlottesville, Virginia, U.S. (Co-Wrote with Bobby Hart, Jay And The Americans's, "Come A Little Bit Closer" and The Monkees's "Last Train To Clarksville") Was a member of Boyce And Hart (They recorded, "I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight") and Dolenz, Jones, Boyce And Hart .

Jack Starr - Died 11-28-1994 ( Rockabilly ) Born 1942 (He did,"Chicken" and "Godzilla We Love You")

Connie Kay - Died 11-30-1994 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 4-27-1927 in Tuckahoe, NY, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Modern Jazz Quartet - Worked with Ray Charles, Tommy Flanagan, Sonny Rollins, Clark Terry, Red Norvo, Herbie Hancock, Benny Goodman, Miles Davis, Charlie Parker, Cannonball Adderley, John Coltrane and Gerry Mulligan.

Eric Tallman - Died 12-4-1994  in Miami, Fl, U.S. - Heart attack ( Dance - Club - Rock ) Born 12-31-1959 in Middleboro, MA, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of EXIT, Perfect Strangers, Erotic Exotic (They did, "Change" and "The Happy Song") and Liquid Sun.

Antonio Carlos Jobim (Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim) - Died 12-8-1994 - Heart failure ( Jazz - Latin - Bossa Nova ) Born 1-25-1927 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (He did,"Wave" and "Captain Bacardi").

Ron Edgeworth - Died 12-10-1994 - Motor neurone disease ( Boogie - Pop - Blues - Jazz ) Born 1-29-1938 - Pianist - Was a member of The Trebletones - Worked with his wife, singer Judith Durham and with Ronnie Aldrich, The John Barry Seven and Alexis Korner's All Stars.

Garnett Silk (Garnett Smith) (aka Little Bimbo) - Died 12-10-1994 ( Reggae ) Born 1966 in Manchester, Jamaica - Singer - (He did, "I Am Vex" and "Splashing Dashing") - Worked with Yasus Afari.

Harry Tobias - Died 12-25-1994 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Born 9-11-1895 in New York, NY, U.S. - Songwriter - He wrote music for the musicals, Dizzy Dames and Two Girls And A Sailor - Collaborated with his brother, Charles Tobias - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Noel Pointer - Died 12-19-1994 - Stroke ( Jazz  Fusion ) Born 12-26-1954 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Violinist (Had hits with,"All The Reasons Why" and "Classy Lady") Worked with Patti Austin, The Jones Girls and Patrice Rushen.

Cheo García - The Guarachero - Died 12-20-1994 in Los Teques, Venezuela ( Tropical ) Singer - Born 5-1-1926 in Maracaibo, Venezuela - Worked with  the orchestras, Garrido y sus Solistas, Chucho Sanoja, Orq. of Juanito Arteta, Los Peniques, Billo's Caracas Boys, Los Melodicos, La Gran Orquesta of Venezuela and the Orchestra of Cheo And Memo.

Dan Hamilton (Daniel Robert Hamilton) - Died 12-23-1994 - Undergoing abdominal surgery ( Rock - Pop ) Born 6-1-1946 in Spokane, WA, U.S. - Was a member of Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds (They did,"Don't Pull Your Love Out" and "Hallway Symphony") and Hamilton, Joe Frank & Dennison.

Gene Tanner (Eugene Tanner) - Died 12-24-1994 ( R&B - Soul ) Born 1936 - Was a member of The Five Royales (They did,"Think" and "Just As I Am").

Eugene "Bird" Daughtry - Died 12-25-1994 - Cancer ( Soul ) Born 10-29-1939 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Was a member of The Intruders (They did,"Cowboys To Girls" and  "Love Is Like A Baseball Game").

Buddy Ace (Jimmy Lee Land) - Died 12-26-1994  - Heart attack while performing ( Blues ) Born 11-11-1936 in Jasper, TX, U.S. (He did,"Root Doctor" and "Pouring Water On A Drowning Man") Worked with Bill Dashiell, Leon Haywood, Mike McGlory, and Eddie Saxman Synigal.

Nathan I. Daniel - Died 12-30-1994 - Heart attack ( Inventor - Designer ) Born 1912 - Creator of the Silvertone and Danelectro guitars.

Maureen Tigrett (Maureen Starkey) (Born Mary Cox) - Died 12-30-1994 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Mylodysplasia, a form of leukemia ( Rock ) Born 8-4-1946 in Liverpool, England - (She sang backup vocals on The Beatles, "The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill") - She had been married to Ringo Starr and was married to Isaac Tigrett who owned the Hard Rock Cafe chain and House of Blues.


David Gould - Died 1995 ( Folk ) Played Double bass - Was a member of The Jerusalem Taverners.

Tony Harris - Died 1995 in Tel Aviv, Israel - Possible heart problem ( Rock ) Played viola - Was a member of The Esperanto Rock Orchestra (They did, "Black Widow" and "Publicity").

Gabriel Dragan - Died 1995 ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Mondial.

Kazumi Yasui - Died 1995 - She was 55 years old - Lyricist and singer - (She did, "Tuioku No Spain" and "Sugiyuku Hibi") - Worked with her husband, Kazuhiko Kato.

Sylvester Ahola (aka Hooley) - Died 1995 ( Jazz ) Born 5-24-1902 in in Gloucester, MA, U.S. - Trumpeter and cornetist - Worked with with Frank Ward And His Orchestra, Paul Specht And His Orchestra, The Savoy Orpheans, Bert Firman, Bert Ambrose, The California Ramblers and Adrian Rollini.

Norman Chapman - Died 1995 - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) He was 58 years old - Drummer - Worked with The Saturated Seven and The Silver Beatles, a group that later became The Beatles.

Roland Wolf - Died 1995 ( Rock ) Keyboardist - Worked with Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds (They did, "Slowly Goes The Night" and "The Mercy Seat") and Einsturzende Neubauten.

Frank Heise - Died 1995 ( Pop ) Guitarist - Was a member of Bobo In White Wooden Houses (They did, "Troublesome Desire" and "Fooling Around").

Paul LaRose - Died 1995 ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with The Buoys.

Sugar Shaft (Anthony Hardin) - Died 1995 - AIDS related causes ( Rap ) Was a member of X-Clan (They did, "F.T.P." and "Cosmic Ark").

George Brightly (aka Sir George) - Died 1995 in Jamaica - Shot ( Reggae ) Keyboardist - Was a member of Black Slate (They did, "Amigo" and "Mind Your Motion") - Worked with Dennis Brown.

Kib Browning (Charles Kibler Browning Jr.) - Died 1995 - Scoliosis complications - He was 26 years old - Musician - Was a member of Wishing Wall - Collective Soul's song, "Maybe" is dedicated to him.

Jeff Brown - Died 1995 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Punk ) Singer - Was a member of S.I.K. (Stuck In Kansas).

Amos Polk - Died 1995 ( Gospel ) Musician - Led Amos Polk's Voices of Hope Spiritual Singers.

Benyamin Suaeb - Died 1995 - Born 1939 - Actor and singer - (He did, "Kompor Mleduk") - He composed over 300 songs.

Ilya Kulikov - Died 1995 - Overdose ( Rock ) Born 4-17-1960 - Was a bassist - Worked with Zoopark.

Jim Kelly - Died 1995 - After a long illness ( Pop ) He was 49 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Honeybus (They did, "I Can't Let Maggie Go").

Papa Jake Stock - Died 1995 ( Jazz ) Played saxophone and clarinet and was a singer - Worked with The Abalone Stompers - He opened for the first Monterey Jazz Festival.

Eddie Parry - Died 1995 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Was a vocalist for theThe Dennisons (They did, "Be My Girl" and "Nobody Like My Baby") - They appeared several times on the same bill with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Rafael Rabelo - Died 1995 - Drugs - Guitarist.

Darko Adams (aka Potato) - Died 1995 ( Afro Pop ) Worked with Osibisa.

Yoshitomo Suzuki (aka Tottsuan) - Died 1995 - Suicide ( Punk - Grind Core ) Singer - Was a member of  S.O.B. (aka SxOxBx).

Alain Ballaud - Died - 1995 - Cancer ( Prog Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of Shub-Niggurath.

David Jones - Died 1995 ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Was a member of The Four Fellows (They did, "Soldier Boy" and "I Sit In My Window") and Hal Miller And The Rays.

Art Kane - Died 1995 ( Photographer ) Born 4-9-1925 - He took the famous ,"A great day in Harlem" picture - He was a photographer of many stars including Janis Joplin, The Mothers Of Invention, The Who, Jim Morrison, Johnny Winter, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan.

Sammy "B.O." Barnes - Died 1995 - Shot ( Rap ) Born 1963 - Was the road manager for Show & A.G.

Kurt Neimand - Died 1995 - Heroin over dose - Born 1971 - Was a bassist for Six Finger Satellite

Sulieman El-Hadi - Died 1995 - Heart attack ( Rap Poetry ) Born 1936 - Was a member of The Last Poets.

Les Bennetts - Died 1-1-1995 - Lung cancer ( Skiffle ) Born 1940 in Redcar, Yorks - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Les Hobeaux Skiffle Group - Worked with Chas McDevitt and Lonnie Donegan.

Ted Hawkins - Died 1-1-1995 - Stroke ( Blues ) Born 10-28-1936 - Singer-songwriter.

Eudell Graham - Died 1-1-1995 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. ( Doo-Wop - R&B ) Born 5-24-1933 - Was a member of The Five Royales.

Al Duncan - Died 1-3-1995 ( Blues ) Born 10-8-1927 in McKinney, TX, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Willie Dixon, Muddy Waters, Lefty Bates, Little Walter, Etta James and Koko Taylor .

Byron MacGregor (Gary Mack) - Died 1-3-1995 ( Broadcaster ) Born 3-3-1948 in Calgary Alberta (He was the 2nd to have a hit with,"The Americans").

Louis Gaste (aka Lou Lou) - Died 1-6-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 3-18-1908 - Guitarist and songwriter ( He co-wrote, "Pour Toi" with his wife, Line Renaud - "Pour Toi" was later adapted for the song, "Feelings") - Worked with Stephan Grappelli and Django Reinhardt.

Peter Cook (Peter Edward Cook) - Died 1-9-1995 ( Comedian - Entertainer ) Born 11-17-1937 in Torquay, Devon, England (He had a hit with, "Goodbye-ee" that he recorded with Dudley Moore).

Heiner Pudelko - Died 1-11-1995 - Cancer ( Rock - R&B ) Born 8-18-1948 - Singer and harmonica player - Was a member of Interzone and Curly Curve.

Johnny Carroll (John Lewis Carrell) - Died 1-13-1995 - Complications from a liver transplant ( Rockabilly ) Born 10-23-1937 - (He did, "Her Throbbin' Lips" and "You Said You Wouldn't Get Drunk, Patricia") - Worked with Mike Buck, Ray Campi, Cheryl Wheeler, Danny Gatton,  The Starland Vocal Band and Gene Vincent.

Ruby Starr (Constance Henrietta Mierzwiak) (aka Connie Little) - Died 1-14-1995 in Sylvania, OH, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 11-30-1949 in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Go Jim Dandy" with Black Oak Arkansas) - Was a member of Connie and The Blu-Beats, The Blue Grange Ramblers (They did, "Bad Girl" and "Don't Mess With Cupid"), Ruby Jones (They did, "46th Street"), Ruby Starr & Grey Ghost, Grey Star, Ruby Star Band and Henrietta Kahn.

Sollie McElroy - Died 1-15-1995 - Cancer ( Doo-Wop ) Born 7-16-1933 in Gulfport, MS, U.S. - Was a singer for The Flamingos (They did, "I'll Be Home" and "Nobody Loves Me Like You Do") and a member of The Moroccos - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Vic Willis - Died 1-15-1995 ( Country ) Was a member of The Willis Brothers (They did, "Give Me 40 Acres (To Turn This Rig Around)" and "A Six Foot Two By Four") - Worked with Hank Williams.

Louis Simon - Died 1-17-1995 ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1916 - Played bass - Worked in the orchestras of Arthur Godfrey, Garry Moore and Jackie Gleason - Father of Paul Simon.

Sean McDonnel - Died 1-18-1995 - Asthma attack ( Rock ) Born 1966 - Was the leader for Surgery .

Charles Baskerville (Charles William Baskerville Jr.) - Died  1-18-1995 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Doo Wop ) Born 7-6-1936 in Virginia. U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Videos and Shep & The Limelites (They  did, "Daddy's Home" and "What Did Daddy Do") - Worked with The Drifters.

Gene MacLellan - Died 1-19-1995 in Canada ( Songwriter ) Born 1938 in Val D'Or, Quebec, Canada (He wrote Anne Murray's, "Snowbird" and Ocean's "Put Your Hand In The Hand").

David Cole - Died 1-24-1995 - Complications from spinal meningitis - Born 6-3-1962 - Singer, keyboardist and producer - Was a member of The C&C Music Factory (They did, "Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now)" and "Bang That Beat") - He produced Mariah Carey, Whitney Houston and Aretha Franklin.

Ken Jensen - Died 1-29-1995 - House fire ( Punk ) Born 1962 - Was a drummer and singer for D.O.A. (They did, "You're Paying For Your Body Now" and "Cocktail Time In Hell").

Rick Curtis - Died 1-31-1995 in Ventura, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Rock ) Born in Goshen, IN, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He co-wrote, "Southern Cross" for Crosby, Stills & Nash and "Blue Letter" for Fleetwood Mac)  - Was a member of These Vizitors (They did, "For Mary's Sake" and "Happy Man") - Worked with Crazy Horse and Iain Matthews.

Richey James Edwards (Richard James Edwards) - Missing since 2-1-1995 and officially declared dead 11-23-2008, it's believed he killed himself by jumping off the Severn Bridge - His body was never found ( Rock ) Born 12-22-1967 in Blackwood, South Wales, UK - Guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of The Manic Street Preachers (They did, "Faster" and "Small Black Flowers That Grow In The Sky").

Turner Foddrell - Died 2-3-1995 in Blacksburg, VA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 6-22-1928 in Stuart, VA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Slow Drag") - Worked with his son, Lynn Foddrell ("Blues Baby").

Art Taylor (Arthur S. Taylor, Jr.) - Died 2-6-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 4-6-1929 in New York, NY, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Coleman Hawkins, Bud Powell, Dexter Gordon, Johnny Griffin, Howard McGhee, Buddy DeFranco, George Wallington, Miles Davis and Thelonious Monk.

Billy Jones (William Harry Jones) - Died 2-7-1995 in Spring Hill, FL, U.S. - Suicide ( Rock ) Born 11-20-1949 in Ann Arbor, MI, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and keyboardist - Worked with The Outlaws.

Carrie B. Harrison - Died 2-7-1995 in Memphis, TN, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 2-8-1928 in Tennessee, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Roberta Martin Singers (They did, "Only A Look" and "Come In The Room").

Philip Taylor Kramer - Missing since and probably died 2-12-1995, his body was found 5-31-1999 in his van at the bottom of a raveen in Malibu, CA. - Car accident ? ( Rock ) Born 7-12-1952 - Was a member of The Concepts and the bassist for the reformed Iron Butterfly.

Tony Secunda (Anthony Michael Secunda)- Died 2-12-1995 - Heart attack - Born 8-24-1940 - Managed The Move and T Rex.

"Earring" George Mayweather - Died 2-12-1995 in Boston, MA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-27-1927 in Montgomery, AL, U.S. - Played harmonica - (He did, "Forty Four" and "Cheatin' on Me") - Worked with J.B. Hutto, Eddie Taylor and Chickenhouse Shorty.

Manuel Peraza El MeEno - Died 2-16-1995 in Mexico ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member de Tj's de Javier Batiz.

Denny Cordell (Dennis Cordell-Laverack) - Died 2-18-1995 - Lymphoma - Born 8-1-1943 in Buenos Aires - Producer and record executive - Worked with The Moody Blues, The Move, Joe Cocker, Leon Russell, Bob Marley, Procol Harum and The Cranberries.

Bob Stinson (Robert Neil Stinson) - Died 2-18-1995 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. ( Rock - Punk ) Born 12-17-1959 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of The Replacement, Model Prisoner, Static Taxi and The Bleeding Hearts (They did a remake of, "Lil 'Ol Wine Drinker Me").

Yank Lawson (John Rhea Lawson) - Died 2-18-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 5-3-1911 in Trenton, MO, U.S. - Trumpet player - Worked with Ben Pollack,  Bob Crosby's Bobcats and Tommy Dorsey.

Joe Ruiz - Died 2-18-1995 Caracas, Venezuela ( Latin ) Born 7-19-1948 in Pariaguan, Venezuela - Singer - Worked with Los Juniors, Genaro y sus All Stars, Federico y su Combo, Las Estrellas Latinas, Porfi Jiménez y su Orq, Grupo Tres, Grupo Mango, El Trabuco Venezolano, La Banda y su Salsa Joven and Los Penikes.

Eddie Williams - Died 2-18-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 6-12-1912, San Augustine, TX, U.S. - Bass player - Led Eddie Williams And His Brown Buddies (They did, "I Saw Stars" and "Worries") - Was a member of Johnny Moore's Three Blazers (They did, "Merry Christmas Baby" and "Driftin Blues") - Worked with Floyd Dixon ("Call Operator 210" and "Wine Wine Wine").

Melvin Franklin (David English) - Died 2-23-1995 - Brain seizure ( Soul ) Born 10-12-1942 in Montgomery, AL, U.S. - Was a member of The Temptations (They did,"My Girl") - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Willie Johnson - Died 2-26-1995 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 3-4-1923 in Senatobia, MS, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Feel So Worried") - Worked with Howlin' Wolf.

Frank O'Keefe - Died 2-26-1995 - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 1950 - Was a bass player for The Outlaws (They did, "Keep Prayin'" and "There Goes Another Love Song").

Arlus (Arleen Gainer) - Died 2-27-1995 in Columbus Ohio -  Accidental heroin overdose - Born 2-28-1960 - Singer and performance artist - She was one of the three singers of The Blunt Stitches.

Kuzik (Ilja Kuznetchikov) - Died 3-?-1995 - Stabbed in a case of mistaken identity ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of Messer fur Frau Muller (They did, "This Funny Planet" and " Veronika's Morning").

Steven David Harle - Died 3-?-1995 in India - ( Goth - Punk ) Born 1961 - Played drums - Was a member of UK Decay .

Aaron Butler - Died 3-?-1995 - Fell off a car while car surfing ( Alternative Dance ) Born 1972 or 1973 - Was a guitarist for Spice (They did,"Tobey's Song" and "The Bug House").

Mercury Nelson (Charles Richard Nelson) - Died 3-3-1995 - Heart attack ( Hip Hop - R&B ) Born 1965 - Was a member of Dr. Rock & The M.C.s which became Force M.D.'s (They did, "Tender Love" and "Love Is A House").

Vivian Stanshall (Victor Anthony Stanshall) (Viv Stanshall )(aka Ginger Geezer) - Died 3-3-1995 in Muswell Hill, North London, England - Died in a fire ( Rock ) Born 3-1-1943 in Shillingford, Oxon, England - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band (They did, "I'm The Urban Spaceman") which became The Bonzo Dog Band and The Bonzos, The Sean Head Showband, Bonzo Dog Freaks and BiG GrunT.

Eden Ahbez (Alexander Aberle) - Died 3-4-1995 - Hit by a car ( Exotica - Pop - Rock ) Born 4-15-1908 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. (He wrote Nat king Cole's, "Nature Boy" and "Land of Love (Come My Love and Live with Me)").

Delroy Wilson - Died 3-6-1995 ( Reggae ) Born 10-5-1948 in Kingston - (He did, "This Life Makes Me Wonder" and "Once Upon A Time").

David Loucks - Died 3-7-1995 - Murdered, strangled in his studio ( Orchestral - Electronic - Soundtracks - Rock ) Born 12-8-1960 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - He was a bassist and singer for Racer and a member of Tin Ear (They did,"Chemical Imbalance" and "Running Out Of Time").

Ingo Schwichtenberg - Died 3-8-1995 - Suicide ( Rock ) Born 1966 - Was a member of Helloween .

Michal Tucny - The Last Cowboy - Died 3-9-1995 - After a long illness ( Country ) Born 1-11-1947 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Singer - Was a member of Greenhorns, Fesaci and Tucnaci (He did, "Bajecna Zenska", "Kosmickej Vandr" and "Posledni Kovboj") - Also worked with Rattlesnake Annie.

Sunnyland Slim (Albert Luandrew) (aka Doctor Clayton's Buddy) - Died 3-17-1995 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Complications from kidney failure ( Blues ) Born 9-5-1907 in Vance, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and pianist - (He did, "Johnson Machine Gun" and "Highway 51") - Worked with Muddy Waters, Robert Lockwood Jr. and Little Walter - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Roger Kennedy - Died 3-17-1995 ( Rock ) Born 1949 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Peter Wheat And The Breadmen (They did, "All The Time" and "Baby What's New").

Charles Minor (aka Jaws) - Died 3-19-1995 - Shot by a jealous girlfriend - Born 6-14-1948 in Marietta, Georgia, U.S. - Record promoter - He was a senior VP of promotions at A&M Records - He was involved in the careers of Janet Jackson and Sting .

Ripley Ingram - Died 3-23-1995 ( Doo-Wop ) Born 1-21-1930 - Singer - Was a member of The Five Keys who were originlly called The Sentimental Four (They did, "Oh! Babe!" and "With a Broken Heart").

Alan Barton (Alan Lesley Barton) - Died 3-23-1995 - Minibus plunged into a ravine ( Rock ) Born 9-16-1953 - Was a member of Black Lace (They did, "Agadoo") and Smokie (They did, "Living Next Door To Alice" and "It's Your Life").

Jimmy Richards - Died 3-26-1995 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1963 -  Guitarist - Was a member of  The Funnels.

Eazy E ( Eric Wright ) - Died 3-27-1995 - Aids ( Rap ) Born 9-7-1963 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Was a member of NWA (They recorded, "Express Yourself").

Otis McCoy (Otis Leon McCoy ) - Died 3-27-1995 ( Gospel ) Born 2-17-1897 - Singer, songwriter and music publisher - (He wrote, "Keep On The Firing Line" and "Heaven Bound Train") - Was a member of The Vaughan Radio and Homeland Harmony Quartets - Was a manager and music editor for The Tennessee Music And Printing Company - Southern Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Baltimora (Jimmy McShane) - Died 3-29-1995 in Gransha, Northern Ireland - A.I.D.S. ( Pop ) Born 5-23-1957 in Londonderry, Northern Ireland - (He did, "Tarzan Boy" and "Key Key Karimba").

Luca Flores - Died 3-29-1995 in Montevarchi, Arezzo, Italy ( Jazz ) Born 1956 in Palermo, Italy - Pianist and composer - Worked with Streams, The Matt Jazz Quintet, Chet Baker, Massimo Urbani, Fulvio Sisti and Bruno Marini.

Paul Rothchild (Paul A. Rothchild) - Died 3-30-1995 - Lung cancer - Born 4-18-1935 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Producer - He produced Janis Joplin, Love, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, The Doors, Tim Buckley and many others.

Carl Story - Died 3-31-1995 ( Bluegrass Gospel ) Born 5-29-1916 in Lenoir, NC, U.S. - Played Fiddle and sang - Was a member of  The Lonesome Mountaineers, The Rambling Mountaineers (They did, "You Don't Love God (If You Don't Love Your Neighbour)" and "A Picture From Life's Other Side") and Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys.

Selena(Selena Quintanilla-Perez)  - Died 3-31-1995 in Corpus Christi, TX, U.S. - Shot by her fan club president ( Pop - Tejano ) Born 4-16-1971 in Lake Jackson, TX, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Amor Prohibido" and "No Me Queda Mas").

Oleg Nechahev - Died 4-?-1995 ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Regressus Ad Infinitum (They did, "Your Last Desire").

Gary Jones - Died 4-?-1995 ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Dukes (They did, "I Don't Love You Anymore" and "Do It Now").

Kenny Everett - Died 4-4-1995 - A.I.D.S. ( Comedian - Novelty ) Born 12-25-1944 - Was a D.J. for pirate, independent and BBC radio stations - (He recorded, "It's Been So Long" and "Snot Rap").

Eddie Freche - Died 4-6-1995 ( Jazz - Funk - Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Nobles, The Boogie Kings and The Neville Brothers Band.

Burl Ives (Burl Icle Ivanhoe Ives) - Died 4-14-1995 in Anacortes, WA, U.S. - Cancer ( Folk - Country ) Born 6-14-1909 in Huntington Township, Jaspar County, IL, U.S. - Played banjo and sang - (He did, "Little Bitty Tear" and "Lavender Blue (Dilly Dilly)") - He was the voice of Sam the Snowman in the animated movie, Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer.

Danny Turner (James Daniel Turner) - Died 4-14-1995 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Blues - R&B ) Born 3-8-1920 in Farrell, PA, U.S. - Played saxophone - (He did, "Danny’s Jump" and "Midnight Moan") - Worked with Four Kings And A Queen, Chris Powell & His Blue Flames, Salby Lewis, Jimmy Witherspoon, Brother Jack McDuff, Jimmy McGriff, Jimmy Preston ("Rock The Joint") and Ray Charles.

Cleo Brown (Cleopatra Brown) (aka C. Patra Brown) - Died 4-15-1995 in Denver, CO, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 12-8-1909 or possibly 1903 in Meridian, MS, U.S. - Singer and pianist - (She did, "Breakin' In A New Pair Of Shoes" and "The Stuff Is Here And It's Mellow").

Little Sonny Brown (Samuel Brown) - Died 4-21-1995 near Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Suicide ( Soul ) He was 54 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Intruders (They did, "(Love Is Like A) Baseball Game" and "Cowboys To Girls").

Roberto Parra Sandoval (aka el tio Roberto) - Died 4-21-1995 in Santiago, Chile ( Folk ) Born 6-29-1921 in Santiago, Chile - Singer and guitarist - Was one of The Parra family - Was a member of the duo, Los Hermanos Parra.

Veronika Havlova - Died 4-22-1995 - Car crash ( Alternative Rock ) Keyboardist for Draci Ulicka (They did, "Vpred!").

Carl Albert (aka Ace and The Voice)- Died 4-22-1995 - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 5-13-1962 - Singer - Was a member of Vicious Rumors (They did, " Can You Hear It" and "On The Edge").

Lonesome Sundown (Cornelius Green)- Died 4-23-1995 in Gonzales, LA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 12-12-1928 in Donaldsville, LA, U.S. - Played harmonica, guitar and sang - (He did, "My Home Is A Prison" and "I'm A Mojo Man") - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame inductee.

Cleanhead Gimura - Died 4-23-1995 - Brain cancer ( Ska - Jazz - Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra.

Thomas Lohr - Died 5-?-1995 in Germany ( Punk ) Born 1960 in Germany - Bassist - Was a member of Chaos Z and Fliehende Sturme.

Sean Mayes (Charles Thomas Sean Mayes) - Died 5-?-1995 - AIDS ( Rock ) Born 3-17-1946 - Singer, percussionist and keyboardist - Was a member of Wildie Beasties, The Baloons and Fumble - Worked with Tom Robinson and David Bowie.

Dezo Ursiny (Dezider Ursiny) - Died 5-2-1995 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 10-4-1947 in Bratislava, Czechoslovakia - Guitarist, singer and composer - In the 60's he played in Beatles-influenced The Beatmen (They did, "Let's Make A Summer" and a Slovak version of, "She Loves You") and The Soulmen (They did, "Baby Do Not Cry" and "I Wish I Were") - In the 70s he founded Burciak, Provisorium and later recorded very moody albums - An important and dominant person of Slovak music.

Pete Barin (Pete Falciglia) - Died 5-3-1995 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. - Shot while walking into a robbery ( Doo-Wop ) Born 1943 - Singer and bassist - (He did, "So Wrong" and "Lookout For Cindy" backed by The Belmonts).

Van Zula Carter Hunt - Died on 5-4-1995 in Memphis, TN, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-1-1901 in Sommerville, TN, U.S. - Worked with The Noah Lewis Jug Band (They did, "Selling The Jelly"), Hammie Nixon, The Rabbit Foot Minstrels, Joe Bailley's Minstrels, Furry Lewis, Booker T. Laury and Mose Vinson.

Doug Phillips (James Phillips) - Died 5-5-1995 ( Rock ) Born 3-22-1944 - Was the lead singer for The Dartells (They did, "Hot Pastrami" and  "Dance, Everybody, Dance").

Clarence Paul (Clarence Pauling) - Died 5-6-1995 - Complications of heart disease and diabetes ( R&B - Gospel - Soul ) Born 3-19-1928 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - (He did, "I'm In Love Again" and "Operation Breadbasket") - Was a singer for The Royal Sons, The Coleman Brothers and Wings Over Jordan - Produced and worked with Stevie Wonder.

Ray McKinley (Raymond Frederick McKinley) - Died 5-7-1995 ( Swing ) Born 6-18-1910 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Will Bradley Orchestra (They did, "Celery Stalks At Midnight" and "I Boogied When I Should Have Woogied") - Worked with Glenn Miller, The Dorsey Brothers and Peanuts Hucko.

Frankie Ross - Died 5-9-1995 - Born 4-24-1925 - Was one-third of The Mary Kaye Trio (with Mary Kaye and Norman Kaye) (They had hits with, "You Can't Be True Dear" and "Do You Believe In Dreams").

Teresa Teng (Deng Lijun) - Died 5-8-1995 in Chiang Mai, Thailand - Asthma attack ( Folk - Pop - Ballads ) Born 1-29-1953 in Tienyang, Yunlin County, Taiwan - Singer - (She did, "When Will You Return?" and "Airport").

Marshall Royal (Marshall Walton Royal) - Died 5-9-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-12-1912 in Sapulpa, OK, U.S. - Played sax and clarinet - Worked with Count Basie, Les Hite, Lionel Hampton, Bill Berry, Ella Fitzgerald and Art Tatum - Brother of trumpeter Ernie Royal.

Petr Hejduk - Died 5-10-1995 in Prague, Czech Republic - Cancer ( Rock - Pop ) Born 8-24-1949 in Prague - Was a drummer for Olympic (They did, "Jasna Zprava", "Okno Me Lasky" and "Ulice") and founder of synth-pop group Balet (They did, "Hej Pane Diskzokej").

Zhang Ju - Died 5-11-1995 in western Beiing, China - His motorcycle hit a truck ( Prog - Metal ) Bassist - Was a member of Tang Dynasty.

Mia Martini (Domenica Berte)- Died 5-12-1995 in Cardano al Campo, Varese, Italy ( Pop ) Born 9-20-1947 in Bagnara Calabra, Reggio Calabria, Italy - Singer and song writer - (She did, "Che vuoi che t'ho aspettato tanto" and "E non finisce mica il cielo").

Perry Lederman - Died 5-15-1995 in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, U.S. - Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma ( Folk ) He was 52 years old - Born in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Played guitar - (He did, "Impressions Of John Henry" and "Eventually") - Worked with Michael Bloomfield and Al Young.

Steve Connolly - Died 5-16-1995 - Complications after an operation ( Rock ) Born 1-2-1959 - Was a guitarist for Paul Kelly And The Messengers (They did, "Don't Stand So Close To The Window" and "Last Train To Heaven).

Mike Pyne - Died 5-24-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 9-2-1940 in Thornton-le-Dale, Yorkshire, England - Played piano and trumpet - Worked with Tony Kinsey, Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, Tubby Hayes, Philly Joe Jones, Stan Getz, Roland Kirk, Dexter Gordon, Terry Lightfoot, Ronnie Scott and Humphrey Lyttelton - Brother of jazz trombonist, Chris Pyne.

Dick Curless - Died 5-25-1995 in Augusta, Maine, U.S. - Cancer ( Country ) He was 63 years old - Singer - (He did, "A Tombstone Every Mile").

R. Alex Anderson (Robert Alexander Anderson) (aka Andy) - Died 5-29-1995 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. - Born 6-?-1894 in Honolulu, Hawaii - Composer and singer - (He wrote, "Haole Hula" and "Mele Kalikimaka") - He wrote over two hundred songs - Hawaiian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Frank Vadnal - Died 5-29-1995 in Seven Springs, PA, U.S. while appearing in The Seven Springs Polka Festival ( Polka ) Born 7-24-192 - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and banjoist - (Wrote, "String-A-Ling" and "Little Theme") - Was a member of Anna Vadnal's Vadnal Quartet and The Vadnal Reveliers - Worked with Pete Sokach, Chuck Smith, Eddie Habat, Kenny Bass, Johnny Pecon, Al Tercek, Ray Champa, Milan Rakonovic, Joe Luzar, and Joey Miskulin, Edward Kovach, Frank Barbic and Ed Barbic - National Cleveland-Style Polka Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Carlos Tabaco Quintana - Died 5-30-1995 in Los Teques, Venezuela ( Latin ) Born 9-15-1943 in Caracas, Venezuela - Singer and kettledrummer of The Sexteto Juventud and founder of Orquesta Tabaco y sus Metales.

Gerd Hoch - Died 6-?-1995 in Switzerland - Threw himself in front of a train ( Rock ) Born 2-16-1952 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Bullfrog (They did, "A Housepainter's Song" and "Roll'n Again") - Worked with Soundedge and Tuff Enuff.

Charles Burbank - Died 6-4-1995 ( R&B ) Born 1938 - Played saxophone - Worked with Professor Longhair and Guitar Slim.

Frank Chacksfield - Died 6-9-95 ( Orchestral Pop ) Born 5-9-1914 in Battle, Sussex, England - Played Piano and Organ (He had a hit with,"Little Red Monkey", "On The Beach" and "Ebb Tide") He was the leader of The Tunesmiths.

Bruno Lawrence (David Lawrence) - Died 6-10-1995 - Lung cancer ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 2-12-1941 in Brighton England - Drummer, singer and actor - (He did, "Bruno Do That Thing") - Was a member of The Blockbusters, The Measles, Max Merritt And The Meteors (They did, "Fanny Mae"), Electric Heap, Fresh Air, Littlejohn, Spats,  Blerta (They did, "Dance All Around The World"), Crocodiles (They did, "Tears") and Quincy Conserve (They did, "Ride The Rain").

Barbie Goodrich - Died 6-10-1995 - Cancer - Born 1952 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Skafish (They did, "Joan Fan Club" and "Obsessions Of You").

Jarmo Kuurola - Died 6-12-1995 - Murdered? ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Eternal Darkness.

Rory Gallagher (William Rory Gallagher) (aka Liam Rory Gallagher) - Died 6-14-1995 in London, England - Chest infection following a liver transplant ( Rock - Blues - Skiffle ) Born 3-2-1949 in Ballyshannon, Ireland - Singer, guitarist and saxophonist - (He recorded, "I Ain't No Saint" and "Calling Card") - Was the leader of Taste (They recorded, "Blister On The Moon" and "Eat My Words") - Worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, Lonnie Donegan, Muddy Waters, Box Of Frogs and Fontana who became The Impact.

Sammy Gardener - Died 6-23-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 6-4-1926 in St. Louis, MO, U.S.

Tony Romeo - Died 6-23-1995 in Pleasant Valley, NY, U.S. - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 1939 (He wrote The Partridge Family's, "I Think I Love You", The Cowsills', "Indian Lake" and Lou Christie's, "I'm Gonna Make You Mine") - He wrote over 159 songs - He produced the duo Good & Plenty (They did, "Children Dreamin'").

Louise Beatty (Eleanor McVea) - Died 6-25-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 6-28-1929 in Oklahoma City, OK, U.S. - Singer - Worked with her husband, Jack McVea (They did, "Trying To Tell Ya" and "Don't Bruise The Feeling").

Pete Walli (Petri Walli) - Died 6-28-95 - Jumped from the tower of Toolo's church in Helsinki, Finland ( Rock ) Born 2-25-1969 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Kingston Wall (They did, "With My Mind" and "Waste of Time") - Worked with Backline and Sekunda.

Phyllis Hyman (Phyllis Linda Hyman) - Died 6-30-1995 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Suicide, overdose of pills ( Jazz - R&B - Disco ) Born 7-6-1949 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer and model - (She did, "Can't We Fall In Love Again" and "You Know How To Love Me") - Was a member of New Direction, All The People, The Hondo Beat, Phyllis Hyman And The P/H Factor, Pharaoh Sanders And The Fatback Band.

Ian Parkin - Died 7-?-1995 ( Rock ) Born 1950 - Rhythm guitarist for Be Bop Deluxe (They did, "Axe Victim" and "No Trains to Heaven").

Wolfman Jack ( Robert Weston Smith ) (aka Daddy Jules) - Died 7-1-1995 in Belvidere, North Carolina, U.S. - Heart attack - Born 1-21-1938 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - DJ - Hosted the music TV show,  "Midnight Special".

Brad Lee Sexton - Died 7-3-1995 in New Paltz, NY, U.S. ( Blues - Jazz ) Born 11-11-1947 in South Carolina, U.S. - Bassist - Was a member of Little Charlie And The Nightcats.

Eva Gabor - Died 7-4-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Respiratory failure and pneumonia - Born 2-11-1919 in Budapest, Hungary - Actress - (She sang the theme song for TV's, "Green Acres"  with her co-star, Eddie Albert - Sister of actress, Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Louise Dean - Died 7-8-1995 - Hit by a car while walking - Born 1971 - Was a member of Shiva (They did, "Freedom").

Bill Woodruff - Died 7-15-1995 ( Gospel ) Born 1-15-1929 in Spartanburg, SC, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Sensational Nightingales (They did, "A Sinner's Plea" and "Morning Train").

Morella Munoz - Died 7-16-1995 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Pop ) Born 7-28-1935 in Caracas, Venezuela - Mezzosoprano singer - She began her career at 12 years old - One of the singers for The Quinteto Contrapunto.

Jimmy Keyes - Died 7-22-1995 in New York, NY, U.S. - An aneurysm during surgery ( Doo Wop - R&B ) Born 5-22-1930 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. - Was a member of The Four Notes and The Keynotes which became The Chords (They did, "Sh-Boom") and then The Chordcats (They did, "Zippity Zum").

Percy Humphrey - Died 7-22-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 1-13-1905 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Trumpet player - Worked with The Eureka Brass Band, George Lewis and The Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Brother of clarinetist Willie Humphrey and trombonist Earl Humphrey.

Dave Clark - Died 7-22-1995 in Jackson, TN, U.S. - Born on 3-6-1909 in Jackson, TN, U.S. - Music promoter, songwriter and musician - (Wrote B.B. King's, "Why I Sing The Blues") - Worked for Decca, Duke, Peacock, Apollo, United Chess, Alladin, Malaco and Stax Records - Wrote for Downbeat magazine - Chicago Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Floyd McDaniel - Died 7-23-1995 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 7-21-1915 in Athens, AL, U.S. (He did,"Let Your Hair Down" and "West Side Baby ") Was a member of The Rhythm Rascals, The Four Blazes (Then The Five Blazes) and The Blues Swingers.

Charlie Rich (aka The Silver Fox) - Died 7-24-1995 - Blood clot in his lung ( Country - Pop - Rockabilly ) Born 12-14-1932 in Colt, AR, U.S. (He did,"The Most Beautiful Girl In The World" and "Behind Closed Doors") - He was a member of the Velvetones - Worked with Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash.

Osvaldo Pugliese (Osvaldo Pedro Pugliese) - Died 7-25-1995 ( Tango ) Born 12-2-1905 - Musician.

Les Elgart - Died 7-26-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 8-3-1918 in New Haven, CT, U.S. - Trumpeter and bandleader (He did,"Bandstand Boogie" which became the theme for American Bandstand) - Brother of saxman Larry Elgart.

Doris Akers (Doris Mae Akers) (aka Doe) - Died 7-26-2009 - Spinal cancer ( Gospel ) Born 5-21-1923 in Brookfield, Missouri, U.S. - Singer, pianist and songwriter - (She did, "I Found Something" and "God Is So Good To Me") - Led The Doris Akers Singers - Was a member of Dot And The Swingsters and The Simmons-Akers Trio and The Sky Pilot Choir - Worked with The Sallie Martin Singers - Her songs have been recorded by Elvis Presley, Conway Twitty, Mahalia Jackson and Willie Mae Ford Smith - Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Miklos Rozsa - Died 7-27-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Born 4-18-1907 in in Budapest, Hungary - Played violin, viola and piano and was a composer - He wrote music for the films, The Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, Jungle Book and Ben-Hur.

Eddie Hinton (Edward Craig Hinton) - Died 7-28-1995 in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. - Heart attack ( Soul ) Born 6-15-1944 in Jacksonville, FL, U.S. - Played guitar, piano and harmonica - (He did, "I Want It All" and "Shoot The Moon") - Was one of The Coleman-Hinton Project (They did, "Where You Come From" and "Got Down Last Saturday Night") - Worked with Boz Scaggs, Larry Santos, Laura Nyro, Toots & the Maytals, Peter Yarrow, Leslie Uggams and many others .

Canray Fontenot - Died 7-29-1995 in Welsh, LA, U.S. - Cancer ( Cajun ) Born 10-16-1922 in L'anse Aux Vachesla - Fiddler and singer - (He did,"Les Barres de la Prison" and "Bonsou Moreau") - Worked with Alphonse "Bois-Sec" Ardoin.

Ryszard Riedel (Ryszard Henryk Riedel) - Died 7-30-1994 - Illness ( Blues - Rock ) Born 9-7-1956 - Singer - Was a member of Dzem.

James Phillips - Died 7-31-1995 - Complications from an undetected fractured skull after a car accident ( Rock ) Born 1-22-1959 -  Singer, songwriter, pianist and guitarist - He was a member of Corporal Punishment, The Cherry-Faced Lurchers and Illegal Gathering.

Lou Miami (Timmy Dougherty?) - Died 8-?-1995 - Heart failure ( New Wave - Punk ) Born 1956 - Was the singer for Lou Miami And The Kozmetix (They recorded, "Fight Fire With Fire" and "Dance With Death").

Russell Evans (William Russell Evans) - Died 8-?-1995 ( Soul ) Guitarist - Worked with The O'Jays, The Dells, Dionne Warwick, The Temptations, Lou Rawls, Stevie Wonder and Edwin Star.

Lee Newman - Died 8-4-1995 - Cancer ( Pop - Techno ) She was one half of the duos with her husband Michael Wells in Greater Than One, GTO ("Listen To The Rhythm Flow" and "Elevation"), Church Of Extacy, John & Julie, TD5, The Salami Brothers, 1000 Blinky Lights, Signs Of Chaos, Tommy Yamaha, Tricky Disco and Technohead ("I Wanna Be A Hippy" and "Gabba Hop").

Jerry Garcia (Jerome John Garcia) - Died 8-9-1995 in Forest Knolls, California, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 8-1-1942 in San Francisco, California, U.S. - Played guitar, banjo and piano - Was a member of Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions, The Warlocks and The Grateful Dead (They did, "Good Morning Little School Girl" and "Truckin') - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Phil Harris (Wonga Phillip Harris) - Died 8-11-1995 - Heart failure ( Jazz - Novelty ) Born 1-16-1904 in Linton, IN, U.S. - Band leader, singer and drummer (He did,"The Thing" and "Smoke! Smoke! Smoke! That Cigarette") Worked with Jack Benny and Francis Craig - He was married to actress Alice Faye.

Allan McCarthy - Died 8-11-1995 ( New Wave ) Born 7-11-1957 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Drummer and pianist - He was a member of Men Without Hats (They did, "The Safety Dance").

Marty Paich (Martin Louis Paich) - Died 8-12-1995 - Colon cancer ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 1-23-1925 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Arranger, composer, producer and pianist - Worked with Peggy Lee, Shelly Manne, Art Pepper, Stan Kenton, The Dave Pell Octet, Mel Tormé, Pearl Bailey, George Benson, Barbra Streisand, Lena Horne, Kenny Loggins,  Stephen Bishop, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond, Shorty Rogers and others - He also was a music director for The Smothers Brothers Show and The Sonny And Cher Show.

Achille Togliani - Died 8-12-1995 in Rome, Italy ( Pop ) Born 1-16-1924 in Pomponesco, Mantua, Italy - Singer and actor - (Come pioveva" and "Signorinella").

Biggie Tembo (Rodwell Marasha) - Died 8-13-1995 - Hung himself ( Jit ) Born 9-30-1958 in Chinhoye, Mashonaland - Was a guitarist and singer for The Bhundu Boys (They did, "Chemedzevana" and "My Foolish Heart").

Jesse "Babyface" Thomas - Died 8-13-1995 in Shreveport, LA, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 2-3-1911 in Logansport, LA, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Double Do Love You") - Brother of bluesman Willard "Ramblin'" Thomas.

Erbie Bowser - Died 8-15-1995 in Austin, TX, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 5-5-1918 in Davila, TX, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Worked with T.D. Bell (They did, "Erbie's Bounce" and "Bobby Sox Baby") - Austin Music Awards Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bobby Debarge - Died 8-16-1995 - Aids ( R&B) Born 3-5-1956 - Was a member of Switch (They did, "They'll Never Be" and "I Wanna Be with You") and Smash (They did, "Where's the Party" and "Please Don't Let Me Go").

Wild Bill Davis (William Strethen Davis) - Died 8-17-1995 in Moorestown, NJ, U.S. - Stroke ( Jazz ) Born 11-24-1918 in Glasgow, MO, U.S. - Keyboardist and guitarist - Worked with The Tympany Five, Duke Ellington, Earl Hines, Johnny Hodges, Lionel Hampton, Louis Jordan and Count Basie.

John Gilmore - Died 8-19-1995 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S. - Emphysema ( Jazz ) Born 9-28-1931 in Summit, Missouri, U.S. - Saxophonist and clarinetist - Worked with Earl "Fatha" Hines, Sun Ra, Andrew Hill, Chick Corea, Freddie Hubbard and Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers.

Paul Foster - Died 8-20-1995 in Vallejo, CA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 7-12-1920 in Shreveport, LA, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Soul Stirrers - Worked with The Golden Echoes.

Red Rhodes (Orville J. Rhodes) - Died 8-20-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Interstitial lung fibrosis ( Country - Pop - Rock ) Born 12-30-1930 in East Alton, IL, U.S. - Played steel guitar - Bandleader and session player - Worked with The Byrds, James Taylor, Harry Nilsson, Chilli Willi And The Red Hot Peppers, John Phillips, Joan Baez, Carole King, Buffy Sainte-Marie, The Carpenters, Spanky & Our Gang, Seals & Crofts and Michael Nesmith's First National Band - Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Tatiana Snezhina - Died 8-21-1995 - Car accident ( Pop ) She was 23 years old - Born in Ukraine - Singer and songwriter.

Dwayne Goettel (Dwayne Rudolph Goettel) - Died 8-23-1995 - Heroin overdose ( Industrial - Punk ) Born 2-1-1964 - Was the keyboardist for  Skinny Puppy (They did,"Killing Game" and "Download").

Arnie Treffers - Died 8-25-1995 - Cancer - Born 1947 - Was a member of Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers.

Doug Stegmeyer (Douglas Alan Stegmeyer) - Died 8-25-1995 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 1952 - Was a bassist for Billy Joel - Worked with The Carpenters and Hall & Oates.

Ronnie White - Died 8-26-1995 - Leukemia ( Motown - R&B ) Born 4-5-1939 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Was a baritone singer for The Miracles who had changed their name from The Matadors (They did,"Bad Girl" and "Shop Around").

Big Dee Irwin (DiFosco T. Ervin)- Died 8-27-1995 - Heart failure ( Soul - R&B ) Born 7-8-1939 in New York, NY, U.S. -  (He did,"Swinging On A Star" and "Another Night With The Boys") - Was a member of The Pastels and worked with Little Eva.

DJ Cee (Cecil Allison) - Died 8-29-1995 - Shot ( Hip Hop ) Born 6-26-1961- Worked with Mac Dre, Mac Mall, Young Lay, Ray Luv and The Young 'D' Boyz.

Sterling Morrison (Holmes Sterling Morrison, Jr.) - Died 8-30-1995 in Poughkeepsie, New York, U.S. - Cancer of the lymph glands ( Rock - Punk ) Born 8-29-1942 in Long Island, New York, U.S. - Was a guitarist for The Velvet Underground (They did, "Here She Comes Now" and "Foggy Notion") - Worked with Luna, The Modern Lovers and Nico - .Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Damon Edge - Died 9-?-1995 - Heart condition ( Rock - Industrial ) Born 1950 - Was a member of Chrome.

Chuck Greenberg - Died 9-4-1995 on Santa Cruz Island, CA, U.S. - Heart attack - Born 3-25-1950 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - Played the lyricon and was a composer and producer - Was a member of Shadowfax.

Pigmeat Jarrett (James Jarrett)- Died 9-5-1995 in Cincinnati, OH. U.S. ( Blues - Jazz ) Born 12-8-1899 in Cordele, GA, U.S. - Singer and pianist - (He did, "Freddie" and "Thanks For My Flowers") - Worked with Bessie Smith.

Petr Kalandra - Died 9-7-1995 in Prague, Czech Republic - After a long illness ( Folk - Rock - R&B ) Born 3-10-1950 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Guitarist, singer, harmonica player and songwriter - His first single was released in 1964 - He worked with folk guitarist and singer Jaroslav Hutka, Marsyas, Cundrgrund, ASPM and Blues Session (They did, "Detsky Saty" and "Brime") He adapted Czech lyrics for Dylan's "Like A Rolling Stone" and "I Shall Be Released".

Jack Vigliatura IV (John F. Vigliatura IV)  - Died 9-8-1995 - The van carrying the band flipped after a tire blew ( Rock ) Born 12-20-1973 - Vocalist for the band For Squirrels (They did, "Mighty K.C." and "8:02 PM").

Bill White (William R. White) - Died 9-8-1995 - The van carrying the band flipped after a tire blew ( Rock ) Born 1-11-1972 - Bassist  for the band For Squirrels (They did, "Orangeworker" and "Under Smithville").

Tim Bender - Died 9-8-1995 - The van carrying the band flipped after a tire blew ( Rock ) Manager  for the band For Squirrels.

Doug Palompo - Died 9-16-1995 - Head injuries from a tour bus crash ( Rock ) Was a member of The Flying Medallions.

Vernell Perry Townsend - Died 9-21-1995 ( Blues ) Born 4-5-1930 in Brinkley, AR, U.S. - Singer - Worked with her husband, Henry Townsend ("Tears Come Rollin' Down" and "Why Do We Love Each Other?").

Jay Roberts (Jeffrey Farthing) - Died 9-21-1995 ( Rock ) Born 2-4-1946 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Rising Sons which was renamed The Cornflakes who became The Primitives (They did, "Help Me" and "You Said").

Lawrence "Booker T.'' Laury - Died 9-23-1995 ( Boogie Woogie - Barrelhouse Blues ) Born 1914 - Pianist.

Bohdan Furch - Died 9-23-1995 in Tlumacov, Czech Republic - Electrocuted on stage ( Agro Metal ) -  Guitarist for Argema (They did, "Jarosovsky Pivovar").

Gustav Brom (Gustav Frkal) - Died 9-24-1995 ( Jazz - Swing ) Born 5-22-1921 in Velke Levare, Czechoslovakia - Conductor, violist and clarinetist - Leader and founder of Orchestr Gustava Broma (They did, "Egyptska Suita" and "Cinsky Chlapec").

Alison Steele - The Nightbird - Died 9-27-1995 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Lung cancer ( DJ ) Born 1-26-1937 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Pioneering New York DJ of the 60's and 70's.

Allen Johnson - Died 9-28-1995 - Cancer ( Gospel - Doo-Wop ) Born 1940 (Co-wrote,"You Saved Me" and "No Secret ") Worked with Lamar Campbell, Kenny Phelps, Keith Phelps, Mrs. Fun and Reggie Ma Gee - Was a member of The Marcels (They did,"Heartaches").

Joseph "Fish" Turner - Died 9-28-1995 - Cancer ( Punk Rock ) Born 8-20-1954 - Drummer - He was a member of The Organ Donors.

Paul Young - Died 10-?-1995 - Complications resulting from a foot injury ( Punk Rock ) Was a member of UPS (Useless Piece Of Sh*t) and Blood Spasm.

Marcel King (Marcel Neville King) - Died 10-5-1995 - Brain hemorrhage ( Soul ) Born 1-4-1958 in Manchester, England - Singer - Was a member of The Sweet Sensation (They did, "Purely By Coincidence" and "Sad Sweet Dreamer").

Crash Morgan (Walter Morgan) - Died 10-6-1995 - Aneurism on stage ( Rock - R&B ) Born 1960 - Was the drummer for Big Sugar.

Gene Foster (Eugene Foster) - Died 10-7-1995 in Washington, DC, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 1-20-1934 in Williamson, West Virginia, U.S. - Tenor saxophone player - Worked with The Joe Morris Band, Faye Adams ("Shake A Hand"), Gene Allison ("You Can Make It If You Try"), The Clovers ("Devil Or Angel"), Larry Birdsong, Lewis Madison, Phil Flowers, Ketter Betts, Shirley Horn, Lady Byron, The Orioles, The Moonlighters, The Bill Clark Ensemble, Roy Clark and numerous other musicians.

Jay York (aka The Alaskan and The Masked Terror) (Jay S. York) - Died 10-7-1995 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Blues Rock ) Born 8-4-1938 - Percussionist and a professional wrestler - Was a member of SOD (They did, "(Hey You) Quit Having So Much Fun" and " La Brea Tar Pit Blues").

Victor Sogliano - Died 10-8-1995 near Albany, Milan - Heart attck ( Rock ) He was 52 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Equipe 84 (They did, "Bang Bang" and "Papa e Mama").

Jim Nash - Died 10-9-1995 - A.I.D.S. - Born 1948 - The founder of The Wax Trax store and record label.

Alfonso Suarez Orozco (aka Al Suarez) - Died 10-17-1995 ( Rock ) Born 4-19-1938 in Parras, Coahuila, Mexico.

Don Cherry (Donald Eugene Cherry) - Died 10-19-1995 in Spain - Liver failure from hepatitis ( Jazz ) Born 11-18-1936 in Oklahoma City, OK, U.S. - Recorded with Ornette Coleman and John Coltrane - Was a member of  The New York Contemporary Five, Codona and The Jazz Composer's Orchestra - Father of Neneh Cherry and Eagle-Eye Cherry.

Marco Sin (Marcus Robert Weissmann) - Died 10-19-1995 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Heart failure ( Rock ) Born 5-25-1953 in Queens, NY, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Bread And Butter, Space Between Your Ears, Dirty Looks, The Waterboys and Lone Cowboys.

Shannon Hoon(Richard Shannon Hoon)- Died 10-21-1995 - Cocaine overdose ( Rock ) Born 9-26-1967 - Was the singer for Blind Melon and worked with Guns N Roses.

Maxene Andrews (Maxene Anglyn Andrews) - Died 10-21-1995 in Hyannis, Massachusetts, U.S. - Heart attack ( Boogie Woogie ) Born 1-3-1916 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S. - Was one of The Andrews Sisters - Singer - (They sang, "Bei Mir Bist Du Schon" and "Hold Tight, Hold Tight") - Worked with Bing Crosby - Was married to her manager, the late Lou Levy - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Foundation Inductee.

Juan Antonio Jimenez - Died 10-22-1995 - Jumped out a window ( Rumba - Flamenco ) Born 1951 - Composer, guitarist and singer - Was a member of Los Chichos.

David "Boots" Bowers (David C. Bowers) (aka Bootsie) - Died 10-23-1995 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 1-23-1928 in South Carolina, U.S. - Bass singer - Was a member of The Southern Trumpeters, The Skylight  Singers, The King Odom Four, The Lloyds Larks and The Ravens (on Argo  Records).

Gorni Kramer (Kramer Gorni) - Died 10-26-1995 in Milan, Italy ( Jazz ) Born 7-22-1913 in Rivarolo Mantovano, Mantova, Italy - Played accordion and double bass and was a songwriter - (Co-wrote, "Crapa pelada" and wrote, "Pippo non lo sa")

Lou Levy - Died 10-31-1995 ( Manager - Music Publisher ) Born 12-3-1910 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Managed The Andrews Sisters - Was married to the late Maxene Andrews .

Lloyd Lambert - Died 10-31-1995 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 6-4-1928 in Thibodeaux, LA, U.S. - Bassist and bandleader - Worked with Guitar Slim, Ray Charles, Little Richard and Lillian Boutte - Brother of pianist Phamous Lambert.

Dr. Hepcat (Lavada Durst) - Died 10-31-1995 in Austin, TX, U.S. ( Blues ) Born  1-9-1913 in Austin, TX, U.S. - Singer, pianist and DJ - (He did, "I Need My Baby" and "Looking Back") - Managed The Chariottes - Worked with Johnny Simmons.

Florence Greenberg - Died 11-3-1995 - Complications from stroke ( Record Exec )  Born 9-16-1913 - Owner of the Scepter and Wand labels - (She wrote, "Soldier Boy") - She helped The Shirelles record,  "I Met Him On A Sunday" and "Dedicated To The One I  Love".

Edward Pola - Died 11-3-1995 in Medford, Oregon, U.S. ( Writer ) Born 1907 in New York, NY, U.S. (He co-wrote Andy Williams', "It's The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year") - He was a writer for  films and numerous TV shows.

Flip Nunez (Joseph Nunez) - Died 11-5-1995 ( Jazz ) Born 8-27-1931 - Pianist, composer and singer - Worked with Azteca, Jon Hendricks, Beverly Kelly and John Handy.

Jerry Daniels (Jerry Franklin Daniels) - Died 11-7-1995 in Indianapolis, IN, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 12-14-1915 - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Ink Spots - Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductee.

Country Dick Montana ( Daniel McLain ) - Died 11-8-1995 - Heart attack on stage ( Rock ) Born 1955 in Carmel, California, U.S. (He did,"Party Dolls And Wine" and "Listen To Her Heart") Was a lead singer for The Beat Farmers (They did,"King Of Sleaze" and "Baby's Liquor'd Up") Worked with The Pleasure Barons, Mojo Nixon, The Rugburns and The Snuggle Bunnies.

Alessandro Cicognini - Died 11-9-1995 in Rome, Italy - Born 1-15-1906 in Pescara, Italy - Composer - Wrote music for the films, The Pigeon That Took Rome, It Started in Naples and The Bicycle Thief.

Curly Fox (Arnim LeRoy Fox) - Died 11-10-1995 ( Country ) Born 11-9-1910 in Graysville, Tennessee, U.S. - Fiddler - (He did, "Black Mountain Rag" and "Come Here Son") - Was a member of The Tennessee Firecrackers - Worked with The Roane County Ramblers, The Shelton Brothers and Claude Davis And The Carolina Tar Heels - Husband of singer, Texas Ruby.

Kenny Goldstein (Kenneth S. Goldstein) - Died 11-11-1995 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Cancer - Born 3-17-1927 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Folklorist, author, record producer and festival organizer - Helped release recordings by Ewan MacColl, A.L. Lloyd, Jean Ritchie, The Rev. Gary Davis, Sara Cleveland and The Clancy Brothers and Tommy Makem - Was a folk music director for Stinson and Riverside records and a folk and blues director for Prestige records.

Ralph Blane (Ralph Uriah Hunsecker) - Died 11-13-1995 in Broken Arrow, OK, U.S. - Born 7-26-1914 in Broken Arrow, OK, U.S. - Songwriter - (Co-wrote, "'The Trolley Song" and "Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas") - Collaborated with Hugh Martin, Roger Edens, Harry Warren, Harold Arlen and Kay Thompson -  Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Eddie Ballantine (Edward Dickenson Ballantine) -  Died 11-14-1995 in Skokie, IL, U.S. - Born 1-26-1907 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Bandleader, composer and arranger - Led the band for radio and TV's, Don McNeill's Breakfast Club.

Ambrose Thibodeaux - Died 11-15-1995 in Lafayette, LA, U.S. ( Cajun ) Born 10-18-1903 in Eunice, LA, U.S. - Played accordion (He did,"Donnez Moi Mon Chapeau" and "La Cousin de Belisaire").

Pete Welding (Peter J. Welding)  - Died 11-17-1995 in Altaloma, CA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 11-15-1935 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Producer - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Cannonball Adderley, Big Joe Williams, Robert Nighthawk, Peg Leg Howell and Nat King Cole - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Alan Hull (James Alan Hull) - Died 11-19-1995 - Heart attack ( Folk - Rock ) Born 2-20-1945 (He did, "United States of Mind" and "Fog on the Tyne") - Was a member of Lindisfarne (They did, "Dance Yur Life Away" and "Song For A Stranger").

Shirley Bergeron (Shirley Ray Bergeron) - Died 11-19-1995 in Church Point, LA, U.S. - After a lengthy illness ( Cajun ) Born 11-16-1933 in Point Noir, Church Point, LA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He wrote, "The Old Home Waltz" and "Quelle etoile") - He was a member of The Veteran Playboys - Son of musician Alphé Bergeron - Louisiana Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Peter Grant - Died 11-21-1995 - Heart attack ( Manager ) Born 4-5-1935 - Managed Led Zeppelin, The Yardbirds,Jeff Beck, The Animals and Chuck Berry .

Matthew Ashman - Died 11-21-1995 - Diabetes related complications ( New Wave ) Born 11-3 1960 in Mill Hill, London, England - Guitarist, keyboardist and singer - Worked with Staffix, The Kameras, Bow Wow Wow (They, "Do You Wanna Hold Me?" and "Chihuahua"), Adam And The Ants (They did, "Whip In My Valise" and "Nine Plan Failed"), Chiefs Of Relief (They did, "School Leaver" and "Lookin' For The Beach") and Agent Provocateur.

Jim Eanes (Homer Robert Eanes Jr.) - Died 11-21-1995 in Martinsville, VA, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Bluegrass - Country ) Born  12-6-1923 in Mountain Valley, VA, U.S. - Played guitar - (Co-wrote Hank Williams', "Wedding Bells") - Led The Shenandoah Valley Boys - Worked with The Blue Ridge Entertainers, Red Smiley, Flatt & Scruggs and Bill Monroe.

Ambrose Sam - Died 11-22-1995 in Lawtell, LA, U.S. ( Zydeco ) Born 10-2-1919 in St. Landry, LA, U.S. - Played accordion - Was a member of The Sam Brothers 5 (They did, "Lafayette Special") and led Ambrose Sam's Old Time Zydeco (They did, "Old Time Zydeco") - Brother of accordionist, Herbert Good Rockin' Sam.

June Abbit (Royal Joe Abbit Sr.) - Died 11-22-1995 ( R&B ) Born 6-3-1932 - Keyboardist - Worked with The 5 Royals ("Catch That Teardrop" and "Goof Ball").

Stuart Henry - Died 11-24-1995 in Luxembourg - Multiple sclerosis ( DJ ) Born 2-24-1942 in Edinburgh, Scotland - Worked with the pirate station Radio Scotland and later went on to BBC's Radio One.

Billy Horton (William Horton) - Died 12-23-1995 in Germantown, PA, U.S. ( Doo-Wop - Gospel ) Born 12-25-1929 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Balladeers, The Gospel Tornadoes, The Thunderbirds and The Silhouettes (They did, "Get A job" and "Headin' For The Poorhouse").

Junior Walker ( Autry DeWalt Walker Jr. ) - Died 11-24-1995 - Cancer ( Soul - Motown ) Born 1942 in Blytheville, AR, U.S. - Was a member of Jr. Walker And The All Stars (They did, "Shotgun").

Don Goldie (Donald Elliott Goldfield) - Died 11-25-1995 in Florida, U.S. - Suicide ( Jazz ) Born 2-5-1930 in Newark, NJ, U.S. - Played trumpet and sang - Worked with Lester Lanin, Jack Teagarden, Neal Hefti, Bobby Hackett and Jackie Gleason - Led Don Goldie's Dangerous Jazz Band - Son of trumpet player Harry Goldfield and concert pianist Claire St. Claire.

Wildchild (Roger McKenzie) - Died 11-25-1995 - Undiagnosed heart problem ( Electronica - Dance ) Born 1971 in Southampton, England - (He did, "Renegade Master" and "Bring It on Down").

David Briggs - Died 11-26-1995 - Lung cancer ( Rock Producer - Engineer ) Born 2-29-1944 in Douglas, WY, U.S. - Worked with Neil Young, Roy Orbison, Spirit, Jerry Maguire and Nils Lofgren.

Casey Siewierski - Died 12-?-1995 ( Polka ) Born 2-25-1921 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Played concertina - (He did, "Carousel Polka" and "Dimples Polka") - Was a member of The Siewierski Brothers and Li'l Wally and The Harmony Boys - International Polka Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Busta Cherry Jones (Michael Jones) - Died 12-6-1995 in Memphis, TN, U.S.- Heart failure due to renal problems (Rock) Born 1951 - Session man, bassist - (Co-wrote The Ramones, "Too Tough To Die") - Was a member of The Escalators, Moloch, The Agitators and Black Rock - Worked with Brian Eno, Talking Heads, Robert Fripp, Chris Spedding, The Sharks and Gang Of Four.

Zorena Valdivieso - Died 12-6-1995 in Caracas, Venezuela - Cancer ( Folk ) Was 42 years old - Singer - One of the founders of Un Solo Pueblo.

Ricky Owens (Richard Edgar Owens) - Died 12-6-1995 in Los Angeles County, CA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 4-24-1939 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Was a member of The Jayhawks (They did the original version of, "Stranded In The Jungle") who became The Vibrations (They did, "Oh Cindy" and "Sloop Dance") - Worked with The Temptations.

Buffy The Human Beat Box ( Darren Robinson ) - Died 12-10-1995 - Heart attack ( Rap ) Born 6-10-1967 - Was a singer for The Fat Boys (They did, "Jail House Rap", "Wipe Out" with The Beach Boys and "The Twist (Yo, Twist!)" with Chubby Checker).

Arthur Mullard - Died 12-11-1995 - Born 11-10-1913 - Comicand actor - (He had a hit with Hylda Baker on, "You're The One That I Want").

Nancy LaMott - Died 12-13-1995 in New York, U.S. - Uterine and liver cancer ( Cabaret - Pop ) Born 12-30-1951 - Singer - (She did, "Listen To My Heart" and "I'll Be Here With You").

Johnny Lytle (John Dillard Lytle) - Died 12-15-1995 - Kidney failure ( Jazz ) Born 10-13-1932 in Springfield OH, U.S. - Vibraphonist - (He did, "The Loop" and "The Village Caller") - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis and Lionel Hampton - He also was a successful Golden Gloves champion.

Steve Madrick (Stephen A. Madrick) - Died 12-17-1995 in Sanford, ME, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 8-3-1910 in Northhampton, MA, U.S. - Played saxophone, clarinet and flute - Worked with The Les Brown Band, Doris Day, The Glenn Miller Army Airforce Band, Frank Sinatra and Margaret Whiting - He also was a chief audio engineer for TV's Today Show.

Charlie Tumahai (Charles Turu Tumahai) - Died 12-21-1995 in Orakei, Auckland, New Zealand - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 1949 in Auckland, New Zealand - Bassit and singer - Worked with Be-Bop Deluxe (They did, "Lost In The Neon World" and "Down On Terminal Street"), Tandoori Cassette (They did, "Angel Talk"), The Dukes, Herbs, Chain, Healing Force, Friends and Mississippi.

Sammy Creason - Died 12-21-1995 - Aneurism ( Rock ) Born 11-27-1944 - Drummer - Worked with Ray Coble And The Jazz Katz, The Spyders, The Tarantulas (They did, "Tarantula"), Tony Joe White, The Dixie Flyers, Sonny Burgess, Sam The Sham, Dr. John, Sam & Dave, Bob Dylan and many others.

Dean Martin (Dino Paul Crocetti) - Died 12-25-1995 - Acute respiratory failure ( Pop ) Born 6-7-1917 in Steubenville, Ohio, U.S. - Singer and actor - (He sang, "That's Amore" and "Everybody Loves Somebody") - Father of the late Dean Martin Junior.

Maxwell Street Jimmy Davis (Charles W. Thompson) (aka Jewtown Jimmy) - Died 12-28-1995 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 11-30-1925 in Tippo, Mississippi, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Cold Hands" and "4th And Broad").

David Molina - Died 12-28-1995 ( Ska ) Born 8-15-1969 - Guitarist - Was a member of Let's Go Bowling.

Michael Bany - Died 12-29-1995 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. - Shot during an attempted robbery after a gig ( R&B ) Born 1-29-1954 in Cincinnati, OH, U.S. - Bassist and singer - Was a member of The Blue Birds (They did, "Rollin' With The Feeling" and "Your Pleasure") - Worked with The Goshorn Brothers - Brother of musicians Dave Baney and John Baney.

Satch Satchell (Clarence Satchell) - Died 12-30-1995 - Brain aneurism ( Soul - Funk ) Born 4-15-1940 - Was a member of The Ohio Players  (They recorded, "Love Roller Coaster" and "Sweet Sticky Thing").

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