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2007 January to June
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club. This site is a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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2007 January to June

"La La" Larry Lagniappe - Died 2007 (  Blues - Rock - Country ) Born 1956 - Percussionist - Was half of the duo, Room For Magic (They did, "I Ain't Gonna Write This Song About You" and "Castillo") - Worked with Durable Goods and Black Leather Zydeco.

Davey Bauer (Dave Bauer) - Died 2007 ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 1950 - Drummer - Worked with The Rahgoos, Gandalf (They did, "I Watch The Moon" and "Can You Travel In The Dark Alone") and Albert King.

Fred Mudd - Died 2007 in Spain ( Pop ) Born 1937 in Luton - Singer - Was a member of The Mudlarks (They did covers of, "Lollipop" and "Book Of Love") - He was married to television presenter, Leila Williams.

Mick Mulloy (Michael Mulloy) - Died 2007 - Cancer ( Irish Folk ) He was 56 years old - Play the whistle and harmonica - Was a member of The Mulloy Brothers and The Mulranny-Tiernaur Pipe Band.

Geoff Paget - Died 2007 - Was half of the duo, The Yokels (They did, "There's Nothing Like Country Smells" and "The Cows All Do The Line Dance") - Worked with Reg Presley ("Marry Me").

Giuditta Lescano (Judith Leschan) - Died in 2007 - Born 1913 in The Hague, The Netherlands - Singer - Was a member of Trio Lescano (They did, "Signorine Grandi Firme" and "Maramao perche sei morto").

Mansur Bulegeya - Died 2007 - Saxophonist - Was a member of The Afrigo Band.

Earl Benson - Died 2007 ( Rock - Folk ) Born 1939 - Singer and kazoo player - Was a member of The Sleezy Pieces - Worked with Sterling Stem & The Bum Counts, Hoopla and Bucky & Earl.

Chas Duncan - Died 2007 - Heart failure - Keyboardist - Died 2007 - Worked with Cold Flame.

Rick Marquis - Died 1-?-2007 - Guitarist and technician.

Robert ''Pee Wee'' Carter - Died 1-?-2008 ( Jazz ) Saxophonist.

Gordon Tetley - Died 1-?-2007 ( Big Band - Dance - Dixieland ) He was 80 years old - Born in Low Moor - Drummer - Led The Gordon Tetley Big Band.

Norman Higgins - Died 1-1-2007 ( Jazz ) He was 68 years old - Drummer - Worked with P.J. Short, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Billy Preston, Sonny Stitt, and Les McCann.

Del Reeves (Franklin Delano Reeves) (aka The Doodle-Oo-Doo-Doo Kid) - Died 1-1-2007 in Centerville - After battles with emphysema and other ailments ( Country ) Born 7-14-1932  in Sparta, North Carolina, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "The Girl On The Billboard" and "Looking At The World Through A Windshield") - Worked with Jim Lauderdale ("Diesel, Diesel, Diesel"), Bobby Goldsboro and Penny DeHaven - His songs have been done by Little Jimmy Dickens, Rose Maddox, Carl Smith, Roy Drusky and Wanda Jackson - Hosted TV's, Del Reeves' Country Carnival.

Hollis Baker - Died 1-1-2007 - He was 79 years old - Played ukulele - Led The Nakea Hawaiians - Was a member of The Baker Quartet - Co-founder of The Ukulele Festival Of Northern California.

John E. Johnson - Died 1-1-2007 - Leukemia ( R&B - Jazz ) Born  8-11-1936 - Singer - Led John E. Johnson And Friends - Worked with The  Starlings (They did, "Music, Maestro, Please" and "I'm Just A Crying  Fool"), The Twilighters (They did, "Little Did I Dream" and "Lovely  Lady") and The Pearls.

Tad Jones (Thaddeus Bunol Jones) - Died 1-1-2007 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. -  After a fall in his home - Born 9-19-1952 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. -  Music historian, researcher, writer and DJ - He co-wrote the book, Up From The  Cradle Of Jazz: New Orleans Music Since World War II - He specialized  in the early life of Louis Armstrong.

Andrew Farrugia - Died 1-1-2007 in Griffith, NSW, Australia - Beaten ( Rock ) He was 17 years old - Drummer, singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Mourning After.

Hank Haberle Jr. (Bernhard Soppa) - Died 1-1-2007 in Stebbach, Germany - Stomach perforation ( Country ) Born 1-7-1957 in Stuttgart, Germany - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Led Hank Haberle Jr. Ond Sei Dagdiab (Hank Haberle Jr. And His Dawdlers) (They did, "Saudomm Gloffa" and "Mir Miased Schbara").

Brien Hopkins - Died 1-2-2007 ( Pub Rock ) Sang and played guitar, bass and piano - Was a member of Eggs Over Easy (They did, "Party Party" and "Henry Morgan") - Worked with Link Wray.

Monte Roy Hensley - Died 1-3-2007 ( Country ) He was 45 years old - Guitarist and singer - Worked with Morris Taylor and The John Cody Carter Band.

Garner Wayne - Died 1-3-2007 in Ashburton, in the Canterbury region on New Zealand's South Island ( Country ) - He was 86 years old - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Love In A Fowlhouse" and " Birthday Wishes") - Led Garner Wayne And His Saddle Pals -  Wrote over 100 songs and made 300 recordings.

BLuv (Benjamin Love) - Died 1-4-2007 in Milwaukee, WI, U.S. - Illness ( Gospel - R&B - Country - Jazz ) He was 38 years old - Played keyboards, violin, cello and drums and was a singer, arranger and producer - (He wrote Bebe Winans', "Abundant Life") - Led The Love Co - Worked with The Winans Family, Mary J. Blige, Kenny Rogers, Boyz II Men, Monica, Eric Benet and The Temptations.

Joel Neville (Joel Roux) - Died 1-5-2007 in Neville, TN, U.S. - Lung  cancer - Singer - Born 5-28-1940 in Louisiana, U.S. - Was a member of The  Debettes - Wife of singer Aaron Neville.

Paula Wolfe - Found dead 1-5-2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. - Shot ( Blues ) She was 47 years old - Played harmonica.

Rick Frye - Died 1-5-2007 - Possible heart attack - He was 53 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Phil Dirt And The Dozers.

Lady T (Thelma O'Bannon) - Died 1-5-2007 - After suffering a heart attack on New Year's Day ( Blues ) Born 4-18-1941 in Crystal Springs, Miss., U.S. - Singer  - She was a member of Dr. Bones And The Skeletones.

 Gerry Sherwood (Gerald Hart Sherwood) - Died 1-5-2007 ( Blues Rock ) Born 2-?-1955 - Guitarist and songwriter - Worked with The Twilight City Blues Band, The TailGators (They did, "Snake Charmer" and "Thingamajig"), Lori McCarthy ("Fool") and The Shakes.

 Jimmy Cadena ( Jaime Enrique Cadena) - Died 1-6-2007 in Nashua - Hit by two cars while crossing a street - He was 42 years old - Born in Colombia - Percussionist and singer - Was a member of Rocking Horse and The Assassins.

Sneaky Pete Kleinow - Died 1-6-2007 in Petaluma, California, U.S. - Alzheimer's disease ( Country Rock ) Born 8-20-1934 in South Bend, Indiana, U.S. - Played steel guitar and was an animator and special effects artist - Was a member of The Flying Burrito Brothers - Worked with John Lennon, Jackson Browne, The Byrds, Linda Ronstadt, Stevie Wonder, Pat Boone, The Knack, Yoko Ono, Joni Mitchell, The Rolling Stones, The Bee Gees, Gladys Knight, Barbie Benton, Sly And The Family Stone and many others - As an animator he worked on TV's, Gumby and Outer Limits and the films, The Empire Strikes Back and Gremlins.

Grant Hossack - Died 1-6-2007 - Cancer - Born 11-28-1938 - Composer, arranger, pianist and organist - Worked with Alan Chapman - Worked on London's West End shows which included, They're Playing Our Song and A Little Night Music, did arrangements for the musical Mr Men and composed music for TV's, Nanny.

Jurgen Zintz - Died 1-6-2007 - Illness ( Metal ) Guitarist - Worked with Obscura.

Samuel Gray - Died 1-7-2007 - Shot ( Rap ) He was 19 years old - Was a member of Aoub Game.

Joe Stanley (Melvin Joseph Stanley) - Died 1-7-2007 in Glenn Dale, MD, U.S. - He had lung cancer and brain tumors ( Rock - Country - Blues ) Born 12-1-1935 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Saxophonist and singer - Was a  member of Big Joe & The Dynaflows and The Saxons - Worked with Link Wray, Roy Clark, Charlie Daniels, The Bill Black Combo, The Rainbows, Danny  And The Fat Boys, Roy Buchanan, Heroes & Friends, The Big Four Combo,  Billy Hancock and Big Joe Turner - Washington Area Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Richard Byrne - Died 1-7-2007 ( Folk ) Songwriter and musician - Was a member of The Colonials who changed their name to The Halifax Three (They did, "The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch") - Worked with The Langley Beach Crowd, The Universal Power and Pegasus.

Yvonne De Carlo - Died 1-8-2007 in Woodland Hills, California, U.S. - Natural causes - Born 9-1-1922 in Canada - Actress and singer - She released an LP of standards called, "Yvonne De Carlo Sings" which included the songs, "One For My Baby" and "But Not For Me" - Appeared in the films, "The Ten Commandments" and "Slave Girl" - Best know for her protrayal of Lilly Munster on TV's,  The Munsters.

Mercedes Murciano (Mercedes Navarro Murciano) (aka Merci) - Died 1-8-2007 - Pneumonia ( Latin - Pop - Disco ) Born 12-20-1957 in Havana, Cuba - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of The Miami Sound Machine.

Brian Alsford - Died 1-9-2007 - Esophagus cancer ( Rock ) He was 60 years old - Born in London, England - Singer, keyboardist and guitarist - Was a member of Amalgamation.

Billy Van Riper - Found dead 1-9-2007 in Melbourne, FL, U.S. ( Jazz ) He was 51 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of A Million Tiny Fingers - Worked with Billy Chapman.

Chris Aylmer - Died 1-9-2007 near Chelmsford - Throat cancer ( Rock ) He was 49 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Samson - Worked with Head Over Heels, Doctor Ice and Stonewood.

Jack Sutherlin - Died 1-9-2007 ( R&B ) He was 50 years old - Guitarist and songwriter - Led Rhino Horne and The Sutherlin Blues Band.

Bruce McKinnon - Died 1-9-2007 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1974 in Calgary - Pianist - (He did, "Squash Recipe" with Tom Arthurs and Joe Sorbara) - Worked with Alvin Batiste, Marc Mommaas, Don Braden, Don Byron, Django Bates, Conrad Herwig, J.J. Johnson and Doug Beavers.

Ruby Rowe (aka Big Ruby) - Died 1-?-2007 - Heart disease - She was 75 years old - Born in Brinklow - Singer.

 Michael Hawkins - Died 1-?-2007 in Michigan - Heart attack - He was 56 years old - Percussionist - Was a drummer for The Muntu Dance Theater - Co-founder of The Roots Festival.

 Kim Hyung-eun - Died 1-10-2007 in Seoul, Korea - Heart attack after surgery following a car accident ( Pop ) Born 1981 - Comedian and singer - She worked with Jang Kyung-hee and Shim Jin-wha.

Harry Horse (Richard Horne) - Found dead with his wife Mandyin in their home in Burra Isle in an apparent suicide pact 1-10-2007 ( Bluegrass - Cajun - Comedy - Rockabilly ) - Born 5-9-1960 in Coventry - Played banjo and sang - Was a member of Swamptrash - He also was a an author, illustrator and political cartoonist.

Geraldine Coyne (Geraldine Rankin) - Died 1-10-2007 in Calgary - Brain aneurysm ( Folk ) She was 49 years old - Played piano - She was one of The Rankin Family.

Rudy Wissler (Rudy Brickler Wissler Jr.) - Died 1-11-2007 in San  Diego, CA, U.S. - Born 6-21-1928 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Singer - He was the  singer for the young Al Jolson in the film, The Jolson Story - Led  Rudy And The Pacificaires - Worked with The Ray Noble Orchestra,  Alvino Ray, Red Nichols and Ralph Flannagan.

Tubbs Williams (Paul Williams) - Died 1-11-2007 ( Funk - Fusion ) Bassist, percussionist and singer - Was a member of Light Of The World - Worked with Incognito.

Rodrigo Yoma - Died 1-11-2007 - Diabetes ( Metal ) Guitarist - Was a member of Resistencia (They did, "Muerto En Vida" and "Pared De Concreto") and Gillman.

Atareta Maxwell - Died 1-12-2007 - After a heart operation - Singer - She was a member of Ngati Rangiwewehi (They did, "Hine E Hine" and "Wairua").

Alice Coltrane (Alice Lucille McLeod) (aka Turiyasangitananda) - Died  1-12-2007 in West Hills, Los Angeles Co., CA, U.S.  - Respiratory failure  ( Jazz ) Born 8-27-1937 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Pianist, organist,  harpist and composer - Worked with Kenny Burrell, Yusef Lateef, Terry  Gibbs, Lucky Thompson and with her husband, John Coltrane.

Woody Atterson Jr. - Died 1-12-2007 - After suffering a heart attack ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with The Attic Band and The Stiffy Green Band - The Wabash Valley Musicians Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jimmy Cheatham (James R. Cheatham) - Died 1-12-2007 in San Diego, CA, U.S. -  After heart surgery ( Jazz - Blues ) Born 6-18-1924 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. - Trombonist - Led The Sweet Baby Blues Band with his wife  singer and pianist, Jeannie Cheatham - Worked with Duke Ellington, Count Basie, Ornette Coleman, Thad Jones and Chico Hamilton.

  Bruce Stovel (Joseph Bruce Stovel) - Died 1-12-2007 in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada - Heart attack - Born 2-21-1941 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada - Blues musician and promoter - English Professor, radio DJ - Booked acts at The Yardbird Suite such as Joe Hughes, Harmonica Shah, Eddie Taylor Jr. and Gary Clark.

Steve Logan - Died 1-12-2007 in Krakow, Poland - Complications from diabetes ( Jazz - Pop - Fusion ) Born 1958 - Bassist and singer - Led The Steve Logan Band - Worked with Wildfire, David Sanborn, Jarek Smietana, Funk de Nite, John Scofield and Aretha Franklin.

Michael Brecker (Michael Leonard Brecker) - Died 1-13-2007 in New York, NY, U.S. - Leukemia ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 3-29-1949 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S.  - Saxophonist - Was a member of Dreams, Steps Ahead and with his brother Randy, The Brecker Brothers - Worked with Herbie Hancock,  Horace Silver, James Taylor, Dire Straits, Steely Dan, Frank Zappa, Luther Allison, Paul Simon, Elton John, Billy Joel and Joni Mitchell.

 Doyle Holly (Doyle Floyd Hendricks) - Died 1-13-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Prostate cancer ( Country ) Born 6-30-1933 or 1936 in Perkins, Okla., U.S. - Bassist - (He did, "Lila" and "Queen Of The Silver Dollar") - Was a member of Buck Owens And His Buckaroos (They did, "I've Got A Tiger By The Tail" and "Act Naturally") - Worked with Joe and Rose Lee Maphis.

George Roberts (Dale Roberts) - Died 1-?-2007 ( Merseybeat - Pop ) He was 68 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Jaywalkers, The Four Originals and The Merseycats - He sang once with The Beatles ("Feel So Bad") and his group The Jaywalkers supported The Beatles first appearance at The Cavern Club.

Sadiki Young (Sadiki Ayize Young) - Died 1-14-2007 - Car accident ( Rock - Reggae ) He was 18 years old - Played guitar - Worked with Jamrock.

Harvey Cohen - Died 1-14-2007 - Heart attack - He was 55 years old - Composer and orchestrator - Created music for TV's, "Dallas" and "Sex And The City" - Arranged music for Kenny G and The Irish Tenors.

Colin Thurston - Died 1-15-2007 - Producer and engineer - Worked with Duran Duran, David Bowie, Iggy Pop, Human League, Magazine and Howard Jones.

 Pookie Hudson (Thornton James Hudson) - Died 1-16-2007 in Capitol Heights, MD, U.S. - Metastatic lung cancer ( Doo-Wop ) Born 6-11-1934  in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. - Singer and composer - (He did, "I Know, I Know" backed by The Imperials) - Was a member of The Three Bees, Pookie Hudson And The Hudsonaires and The Spaniels (They did, "Goodnight Sweetheart, Goodnight" and "Baby, It's You") - The United In Group Harmony Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ann Howard - Died 1-16-2007 - She was 82 years old - Illness - She gave Little Richard one of his
earliest breaks by having him perform in her establishment, Ann's Tick-Tock Club.

Jiri Micka - Died 1-16-2007 in Kyjov, Czech Republic - Throat cancer ( Moravian Folk ) Born 10-10-1945 in Velka nad Velickou, Czechoslovakia - Singer and dancer - Was a member of Velicka and Hornacka Cimbalova Muzika (They did, "Za Nasima Humny").

Zeyn Ali - Died 1-16-2007 - Born 1-29-1981 - Fell from a highrise apartment - Singer and actor - (Wrote, "Better Side Of Me") - Founding member of Sound Sensation and a member of Spirit Of A Nation.

Virtue Hampton Whitted - Died 1-17-2007 - Stroke ( Jazz ) She was 84 years old - Born in Middletown, Ohio, U.S. - Played bass and sang - Was a member of The Hampton Sisters.

Edwin W. Sabin Jr. II - Died 1-17-2007 in Syracuse - Illness ( Country ) He was 69 years old - Born in Pennsylvania - Singer.

Roger Coles (Roger Coles Sr.) (aka Bones) - Died 1-17-2007 in Lynchburg, VA, U.S. ( Jazz - R&B ) He was 57 years old - Drummer - Was a member of The Rockin' Rhythms - Worked with The Soul Express and George Benson.

Uwe Nettelbeck - Died 1-17-2007 in France - Founder and producer of Faust ( "Why Don't You Eat Carrots?" and "Meadow Meal") - Produced Slapp Happy.

Jon Erik Johnson - Died 1-17-2007  in Wollaston, MA, U.S. - Complications from a seizure ( Country - Gospel ) Born 1-15-1964 in Sacramento, CA, U.S. - Sang and played guitar, bass and stand up bass - Worked with Lenny And The Piss Poor Boys, The Bourbonaires, The Hellbillies, Rex Trailer, Nate Gibson And The Gashouse Gang, The Johnson Boys and Brenda Vee - Wrote for the magazine, The Country Standard Time.

Gary Phillips (Gary Edmund Philippet) - Died 1-17-2007 ( Rock ) Born 2- 7-1947 - Keyboardist and guitarist - Was a member of The Front Line (They did, "Got Love" and "Saigon Girl") - Worked with Electric Train, The Mystics, The Pullice, The Greg Kihn Band ("The Breakup Song" and "Jeopardy"), Copperhead ("Roller Derby Star") Larry Lynch, John Cipollina, Sudden Fun, Freedom Highway and Earthquake ("Tin Soldier").

Brent Liles - Died 1-18-2007 in Placentia, CA, U.S. - Hit by a truck while riding his bike ( Rock ) Born 9-7-1963 - Bassist - Worked with Social Distortion and Agent Orange.

George M. Carey - Died 1-18-2007 in Media, PA, U.S. - Complications from diabetes - He was 57 years old - Producer and manager - Worked with Myx - He collaborated with singer Stevie Wonder to produce the "Don't Drive Drunk" ad for The National Ad Council.

Al Jones (Alfred Norton Jones) - Died 1-19-2007 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( Jazz - Soul ) Born 2-22-1946 in Camden, NJ, U.S. - Saxophonist, arranger and producer - Worked with Billy Paul, O.C. Smith, Evelyn King, Dennis Edwards and The Temptations Review, David Ruffin, Eddie Kendricks, Rudy Robinson and Martha Reeves - Worked for Tone Jones Productions and Lady Bad Music Co.

Denny Doherty (Dennis Gerrard Stephen Doherty) - Died 1-19-2007 in Mississauga, Ont., Canada - Aneurysm in his abdomen ( Folk Rock ) Born 11-29-1941 in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada - Singer - Was a member of The Colonials later renamed  The Halifax Three (They did, "The Man Who Wouldn't Sing Along With Mitch") and The Mamas And The Papas (They did, "California Dreamin'" and "Monday, Monday") - Canadian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Murat Nasyrov - Died 1-19-2007 in northern Moscow, Russia - Jumped from his fifth floor apartment balcony ( Pop ) Born 12-13-1969 in Almaty, Kazakhstan - Singer - (He did, "Malchik Khochet v Tambov").

Gerhard Bronner - Died 1-19-2007 in Vienna, Austria - Stroke ( Cabaret ) Born 10-23-1922 in Vienna, Austria - Pianist, singer and and songwriter - Wrote songs for Helmut Qualtinger - Worked with Georg Kreissler, Louise Martini and Marianne Mendt.

Frederick G. "Shep" Sheppard - Died 1-19-2007 in Phoenix, AR, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 4-26-1945 in Louisiana, U.S. - Saxophonist and bassist - Worked with  Fats Domino since about 1970, first on electric bass and then moving  to saxophone.

 Dave Newcombe - Died 1-20-2007 - Lung and secondary cancers ( Rock ) Born 1945 - Played bass guitar - Was a member of Vague.

Dominic Felicetta - Died 1-20-2007 in Rialto ( Big Band ) Born 2-23-1935 in Minneapolis, Minn., U.S. - Played bass guitar - Worked with The Swinging Safari, Fritz And The Sharps and The Perez Prado Big Band.

Esmond Edwards (Esmond Herbert Edwards) - Died 1-20-2007 in Santa Barbara, CA, U.S. - Born 10-29-1927 in Nassau, Bahamas - Album cover designer, producer, composer, arranger and recording executive - Worked for Verve and Chess Records - Worked with George Benson, Miles Davis, Coleman Hawkins, John Coltrane, Keith Jarrett, Bo Diddley, Art Blakey, Kenny Burrell, Etta James, Chuck Berry, Ramsey Lewis, B.B. King and Coco Taylor.

Armand Anelli - Died 1-20-2007 ( Jazz ) He was 85 years old - Born in Manhattan, NY., U.S. - Played trumpet, string bass and bass guitar - Worked with Gene Krupa, Eddy Duchin, Carol Channing and The Osmonds - Worked on radio's, "The Sunday Big Band Brunch".

Jamie Beasley - Died 1-21-2007 in West Barongarook - Single car accident - He was 36 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Rock Hard Members.

Yuni (Lee Hye-ryun) - Died 1-21-2007 in Inchon City, South Korea - Hanged herself ( Pop ) She was 26 years old - Singer and actress.

Jerry Hayes (Jerry A. Hayes) - Died 1-21-2007 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - He was 61 years old - Guitarist, drummer, singer and songwriter - Led Jerry Hayes And The Wabash Cannon Band - (He wrote, "Who's Cheatin' Who" and "Rollin' With The Flow") - Memphis Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Peer Raben (Wilhelm Rabenbauer) - Died 1-21-2007 in Mitterfels, Germany - Born 7-3-1940 in Viechtafell, Germany - Composer - (Wrote, "Each Man Kills The Thing He Loves" with lyrics by Oscar Wilde) - His music has been done by Ingrid Caven and Jeanne Moreau - He wrote music for films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder.

Gerry "Phareaux" Felton (Gerald Martin Felton) - Died 1-21-2007 in Albuquerque, NM, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rock - Blues) Born 12-26-1948 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Guitarist, bassist and singer - (Co-wrote, "Morning Train" and "Hwy 90") - Was a member of Omar And The Howlers and The Commandos.

Natalie Fowler McPhail (aka Kit Fowler) - Died 1-22-2007 in Farmington Hills ( Jazz ) Born in Cambridge, MA, U.S. - She was 81 years old - Singer - Married to musician and big band leader, Robson McPhail.

Floyd Standifer (Floyd L. Standifer) - Died 1-22-2007 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1-3-1929 in Wilmington, NC, U.S. - Trumpeter, saxophonist and singer -  Led The Floyd Standifer Group - Worked with Quincy Jones and Ray Charles.

Art Schill (Arthur Bonaventure Schill) - Died 1-22-2007 in Jacksonville, FL, U.S. ( Folk ) Born 7-14-1934 in Jacksonville, FL, U.S. - Musician, artist and stone cutter - Was a member of The Folksters.

 Ray Biedron (Raymond Biedron) - Died 1-22-2007 in Ocala, FL, U.S. - Car accident which also took the life of his wife, Delphine - He was 80 years old - Born in South Milwaukee, Wisc., U.S. - Sang and played banjo and tuba - Worked with The Mendelssohn Club, The Tri-County Banjo Band, The Yankee Doodle Band and The Windjammers.

Al Baculis Sr. - Died 1-22-2007 in Seminole, Florida, U.S. ( Jazz ) He was 76 years old - Played clarinet and saxophone and was a composer and arranger - Wrote music for radio and TV - Composed the theme for the closing ceremonies for the 1976 Olympics.

Carter Harman - Died 1-23-2007 in Stowe, VT, U.S. - Born 6-14-1918 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Composer, music critic, author and producer - Wrote the book, "A Popular History Of Music - From Gregorian Chant To Jazz" and profiles for Duke Ellington and Rosemary Clooney - Wrote childrens music for Mary Martin - Composed a ballet, an opera and electronic music.

Wally Ridley (Walter John Ridley) - Died 1-23-2007 in Datchet, Berkshire - Born 2-28-1913 in London, England - Producer and pianist - (He co-wrote Gracie Fields', "The One Little Hair On His Head") -  Worked with Alma Cogan ("Dreamboat"), Malcolm Vaughan ("My Special Angel"), Ronnie Hilton ("No Other Love"), Johnny Kidd And The Pirates ("Shakin' All Over"), The Swinging Blue Jeans ("Hippy Hippy Shake"), The Deep River Boys, Andy Stewart, Iris Williams and The Mike Sammes Singers.

Roger Dunbar (Roger K. Dunbar) - Died 1-23-2007 in Weihai, China - Born 1-23-1958 in Findlay - Singer, guitarist and pianist - Worked with The Praise Band.

Dave Shayman (aka Disco D) - Died 1-24-2007 in New York, U.S. - Suspected suicide - He was 26 years old - Born in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Producer - Worked with 50 Cent, Fiddy and Kevin Federline.

Charlotte Reid (Charlotte Thompson) (aka Annette King) - Died 1-24-2007 ( Pop ) Born 9-27-1913 in Kankakee - Singer - Sang on radio's, Don McNeil's Breakfast Club and NBC's, Club Matinee and Sunday Dinner At Aunt Fannie's - She was a former Illinois congresswoman.

Marguerite Bradshaw (Laverne Marguerite Bradshaw) - Died 1-24-2007 - Illness ( Dance ) Played piano, saxophone and trombone - Was a member of The Prairie View Co-Eds who played at The Apollo Theater - Worked with Walter Duncan and Conrad Johnson.

Ph.D. Denes Agay - Died 1-24-2007 in Los Altos, CA, U.S. - Multiple organ failure - He was 95 years old - Born outside Budapest, Hungary - Composer, music editor and pianist - He wrote music for movies - Author of the anthology, Best Loved Songs Of The American People.

Jonathan Lemke - Died 1-25-2007 in Danville - Stabbed - He was 26 years old - Played bass - Was a member of Watersigns.

Jerry Reid (Jerry L. Reid) - Died 1-25-2007 ( Country ) Born 7-1-1949 in Davidson County, TN, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Mel Tillis, George Jones and Brenda Lee.

Big Danny Gallagher - Died 1-25-2007 in Nederland, Colo., U.S. - He had been hospitalized with pneumonia ( Blues - Rock ) Born 1-3-1948 - Singer and songwriter - (He wrote, "Love Gravy") - Led Big Danny Gallagher And The Lost Leader Band - Worked with The Renegade Blues Band, Vini Lopez, Kirk Budleman and Vinnie Roslyn.

Army Spc. Darrell Shipp - Died 1-25-2007 in Iraq when an explosive devise went off near the Humvee he was driving ( Punk ) He was 25 years old - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Celebrate Tuesday (They did, "The World Doesn't Care").

Josh Kelly - Died 1-?-2007 - Car accident ( Rock ) He was 16 years old - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Accident On Purpose.

Tommy Dee (Thomas M. Donaldson) - Died 1-26-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Born 7-15-1933 in Hampton Roads, VA, U.S. - DJ and country music producer and  promoter - (He did, "Three Stars" with Carol Kay And The Teen-Aires).

Gino D'Auri - Died 1-26-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Cancer ( Flamenco ) Born in Rome, Italy - He was 69 years old - Guitarist - (He did, "Flamenco Mystico" and "Los Moros").

George Colovas (aka Jamie Coe) - Died 1-27-2007 in Livonia, MI, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 11-19-1935 in Highland Park, MI, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "The Fool" and "Black & Blue") - Led Jamie Coe And The Gigolos - Recorded for ABC-Paramount, Addison, Big Top, Enterprise, Quality and Reprise Records.

Elmer Wright - Died 1-27-2007 - Illness ( Gospel ) He was 92 years old - Born in Sadieville, KY, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "When The Roll Is Called Up Yonder").

Virginia Castaldo - Died 1-27-2007 - Illness - She was 86 years old - Singer, actress, model and songwriter - Was one of The Velero Sisters - Sister of singer, Violetta Velero Hall - She was the wife of bandleader, Lee Castle.

O P Nayyar (Omkar Prasad Nayyar) - Died 1-28-2007 in Thane - Heart attack - Born 1-16-1926 in Lahore - Director and composer - (He wrote, "Jaayiye Aap Kahan Jaayenge" and "Pukarata chala hoon main") - Wrote music for the films, Mr And Mrs 55 and CID.

Chico Chism (Napoleon Chism) - Died 1-28-2007 ( Blues ) Born 5-23-1927 on a riverboat near Shreveport, LA, U.S. - Drummer and singer - (He did, "Hot Tamales And Bar-B-Que") - Led Chico Chism And The Chiztones and The Flamekeepers - Worked with T.V. Slim, Sonny Boy Williamson II, Big Joe Turner, Bo Diddley, R.L. Burnside, Jimmy Rogers, Henry Gray, Louisiana Red, Pinetop Perkins, Eddie Shaw, Little Junior Parker, Chester "Howlin' Wolf" Burnett, Sunnyland Slim, Willie Kent and Clifton Chenier - Founded The Cher-Kee Records label - Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Karel Svoboda - Died 1-28-2007 in Jevany, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 12-19-1938 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Composer - (He wrote, "Lady Carneval" and "Stin Katedral") - Was a member of Mefisto - Wrote music for Karel Gott, Marta Kubisova and Hana Zagorova and for the film, Tri orisky pro Popelku (Three Nuts For Cinderella).

Beatrice Hsu (Hsu Wei-lun) - Died 1-28-2007 - Car accident - Actress and singer - She was 28 years old.

Tom Morrell - Died 1-29-2007 - Emphysema ( Western Swing - Jazz - Country ) Born 10-31-1938 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Played steel guitar - Worked with The Texas Playboys - Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Abe Weinstein - Died 1-29-2007 in Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 8-31-1948, in Miami, FL, U.S. - Clarinetist, saxophonist, bandleader and producer - Founded The Hawai'i International Jazz Festival - Worked with Betty Loo Taylor and The Honolulu Symphony Orchestra.

Bill Wasel - Died 1-29-2007 - Cancer ( Folk ) He was 68 years old - Guitarist - He was one of the organizers of the St. Petersburg International Folk Fair Society.

Lajos Illes - Died 1-29-2007 ( Rock ) Born 3-18-1942 - Singer, songwriter and keyboardist - Was a member of Illes. (They did, "Meg faj minden csok (Every Kiss Hurts)" and "Ne sirjatok lanyok (Don't Cry, Girls)").

Kirka (Kirill Babitzin) - Died 1-30-2007 in Helsinki ( Schlager - Pop - Rock ) - Born 9-22-1950 in Helsinki - Singer - (He did, "Hetki iyo" and "Surun pyyhit silmistani").

 Jeanne Kane - Died 1-30-2007 in Staten Island, NY, U.S. - Shot while sitting in her car - She was 58 years old - Singer - She was one of The Kane Triplets who appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, Johnny Carson's Tonight Show and The Jack Benny Show.

John Teachout - Died 1-30-2007 - Illness ( Jazz ) He was 84 years old - Played piano, banjo, trombone, guitar and tuba - Was a member of The Rhythm Rogues, The Mother's Boys, The Gaslighters and The Boll Weevils Jazz Band.

Vera Jones (aka Sally) - Died 1-30-2007 - Illness - She was 79 years old - Born in Burnley - Club singer.

Edwin Chestnut Sr. - Died 1-31-2007 in Louisville, KY, U.S. ( Jazz ) He was 83 years old - Musician - Worked with The ReUnity Club Jazz Ensemble.

Rusty West - Died 1-31-2007 ( Rock ) Drummer and singer - Was a member of The Woody James Band.

Jim Ragland (James E. Ragland Jr.) - Died 1-31-2007 - Complications from a rare infection ( Rock ) Born 6-23-1950 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Musician and DJ - Was a member of The Blokes.

Ronald Muldrow (Ronald Stephen Muldrow) - Died 1-31-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz - Funk - Gospel ) Born 2-2-1949 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with The Staple Singers, Mulgrew Miller,  Yoron Israel, Steve Nelson, Lou Rawls, Ronnie Laws, Booker T. Jones,  Maceo Parker, Peter Washington and Eddie Harris.

Dossie C. "Chop" Knight Jr. - Died 1-31-2007 in Virginia Beach, VA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 1-11-1941
in Virginia Beach, VA, U.S. - As second tenor, he sang on The Showmen's R&B hit, "It Will Stand" (Imperial, '64) - Their lead singer, General Johnson later formed The Chairmen Of The Board.

Billy Kelly - Died 2-?-2007 - Cancer - He was 58 years old - Music promoter and pianist - Founder of Soundsfine Ltd - Helped reunite the original members of The Incredible String Band.

Lynn Raben - Died 2-?-2007 ( Rock ) Drummer and singer - Was a member of Big Muff.

Jamie Smith (James A. Smith)- Died 2-?-2007 - Fell off a roof while at work ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of Blind Ambition.

Apple Elliott (Edwin Elliott) - Died 2-1-2007 ( Jazz ) He was 71 years old - Pianist - Led The Edwin "Apple" Elliott Quintet - Worked with Shelly Carey.

PeeWee Story (Michael Story) - Died 2-1-2007 - Cancer ( Gospel ) He was 44 years old - Singer - Was a member of Promised.

Whitney Balliett (Whitney Lyon Balliett) - Died 2-1-2007 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Liver cancer - Born 4-17-1926 in Manhattan, NY,  U.S. - Drummer - Jazz reviewer for The New Yorker magazine for over  40 years and a musical consultant for TV's, "The Sound Of Jazz".

Charles "Crown Prince" Waterford (Solomon Charles Waterford) - Died  2-1-2007 in Jacksonville, FL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born  10-26-1916 in Jonesboro, AR, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Recorded for Philo, Aladdin,  Capitol, Mercury, King, and Excello Records - (He recorded the album,  "All Over But The Shoutin'" with Jim McKaba & The After Hours Band) - Worked with Charlie Christian, Mary Lou Williams, Jay McShann and  Pete Johnson - He also recorded gospel for Envy Records.

Mike Clark (Charles M. Clark) - Died 2-1-2007 in Cumming, GA, U.S. ( Rock - R&B ) Cancer - Born 12-13-1943 - Drummer and studio manager - Worked with Sam Cooke, Classics IV ("Traces"), Smokey Robinson, Billy Joe Royal ("Cherry Hill Park"), The Drifters and Starbuck ("Moonlight Feels Right") - Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Joe Hunter (Joseph Edward Hunter) - Died 2-2-2007 in Detroit, MI,  U.S. - Possibly related to longtime diabetes ( R&B - Jazz - Soul )  Born 11-19-1927 in Jackson, TN, U.S. - Pianist - He was one of The Funk Brothers - Worked with Jackie Wilson, Smokey Robinson And The  Miracles, Marvin Gaye ("Pride And Joy"), Martha And The Vandellas  ("Heat Wave"), The Supremes and Hank Ballard And The Midnighters.

Eric von Schmidt - Died 2-2-2007 in Fairfield, CN, U.S. ( Folk ) Born 5-28-1931 in Westport, CN, U.S. - Singer, guitarist, composer, painter and illustrator - (He did, "Living On The Corner") - Worked with Geoff Muldaur, Davis Coen and Joan Baez.

Billy Henderson - Died 2-2-2007 in Daytona Beach, Florida, U.S. - Complications from diabetes ( Soul ) Born 8-9-1939 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Domingoes who became The Spinners (also known as The Detroit Spinners)(They did, "I'll Be Around" and "Could It Be I'm Falling In Love") - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Terry McMillan (Terry Lee McMillan) - Died 2-2-2007 in Pigeon Forge, TN, U.S. - Illness ( Country - Christian ) Born 10-12-1953 in Lexington, NC, U.S. - Harmonica player and percussionist - (He did, "Love Is A Full Time Thing") - Worked with Eddy Raven, Mickey Newbury, Steve Young, Elvis Presley, Marshall Chapman, Ray Charles, Larry Carlton, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Michael McDonald, J J. Cale, Jeannie C. Riley, Neil Young, Garth Brooks, Randy Travis, Chet Atkins and Jerry Reed.

Lillian Mattis-Russin - Died 2-2-2007 - Born 12-6-1922 in New York, U.S. - Lyricist - She wrote lyrics for songs of Louis Yule Brown's films, including, "We've Got A World That Swings" and co-wrote the lyrics for the films, "Sex And The Single Girl" and "How To Murder Your Wife" with Neal Hefti - Her songs have been done by Sammy Davis, Jr., Peggy Lee, Jack Jones and Frank Sinatra - She was married to saxophonist, Babe Russin.

Pedro Knight (Pedro Knight Caraballo) - Died 2-3-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Salsa ) Born 9-30-1921 - Played trumpet - Worked with his wife, singer Celia Cruz.

Mark Delgrosso - Died 2-3-2007 in New Hampshire, U.S. - Snowmobiling accident ( Rock ) He was 49 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Random Access.

Eddie Gould (aka the Candy Kid) - Died 2-3-2007 in Glencoe - Alzheimer's disease - He was 85 years old - Singer and drummer - Worked for Jay Gould's Million Dollar Circus.

Victor Griffin - Died 2-3-2007 in Syosset, NY, U.S. - He was 88 years old - Born in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Singer, actor and dancer - Appeared in the Broadway musicial, Annie.

Paddy Milligan (Patricia Milligan) - Died 2-?-2007 in London, England - Illness - Singer and actress - She was the 2nd wife of comedian Spike Milligan - Mother of actress, Jane Milligan.

Sonia Spence - Died 2-?-2007 - She was 54 years old - Singer and guitarist - (She did, "Pure Love" and "Look Through The Window").

Daniel Vasquez - Died 2-?-2007 - Hit by a car while riding a bicycle ( Reggae ) He was 48 years old - Was a member of Jonah And The Whalewatchers (They did, "Plantation") - Worked with Michael Lojkovic.

Michael Isaac - Died 2-?-2007 - Lung cancer - He was 50 years old - Singer.

Ilja Kormiltsev (aka Ilja Kormilcev and Ilya Kormiltsev) - Died 2-4-2007 in London, England - Spine cancer - Born 9-25-1959 in Sverdlovsk, Soviet Union (now Yekaterinburg, Russia) - Poet and lyricist -  Wrote lyrics for Nautilus Pompiliusspine ("Skovanniye Odnoi Tsepyu (Chained Together)" and "Nezhnyy vampir") - Founder of Ultra-Kultura Publishing.

Barbara McNair - Died 2-4-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Throat cancer ( Jazz - Pop ) Born 3-4-1934 in Racine, Wisconsin, U.S. - Singer and actress - (She did, "You Could Never Love Him" and "Bobby") - Hosted TV's, The Barbara McNair Show.

Bill Jorgenson (William Jorgenson) - The Father of Wisconsin Bluegrass - Died 2-5-2007 in Green Bay, Wisconsin, U.S. - After suffering a stroke ( Bluegrass ) Born 12-22-1930 in Algoma, Wisconsin, U.S. - Played guitar, fiddle, banjo, mandolin, ukulele and bass - Worked with Bill Monroe - America's Old Time Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Eugene Haynes - Died 2-5-2007  ( Classical - Jazz - Gospel ) He was 80 years old - Pianist and composer - Worked with Miles Davis.

Gardner Benedict - Died 2-5-2007 in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S. - Born in 1912 in Bridgeport, Conn., U.S. - Played piano, saxophone and clarinet - Worked with his brother singer and musician, Richard Benedict and with The Four Beauties, Dorothy Wefler, Tony Bennett, Jimmy Durante and Mel Torme.

Joe H. Watson - Died 2-5-2007 in New Haven, CT, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 11-28-1941 - Tenor
singer - Recorded with Sandy Foster & The Blind Boys Of Mississippi (Musa Records).

Frankie Laine (Francesco Paolo LoVecchio) (aka America's Number One Song Stylist, Mr. Rhythm, Old Leather Lungs and Old Man Jazz) - Died 2-6-2007 in San Diego, CA, U.S. - Heart failure after hip replacement surgery ( R&B - Jazz - Gospel - Folk - Rock ) - Born 3-30-1913 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Singer and sonwriter - (He did, "That's My Desire", "Mule Train" and the theme for TV's, Rawhide) - Was a member of The Merry Garden - Worked with The Freddy Carlone Band.

Cayce Lindner - Died 2-6-2007 - Suicide ( Folk - Psychedelic - Rock ) Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of The Golden Hotel, The Goodwill Tapes and Flying Canyon (They did, "The Bull Who Knew The Ring" and "Down To Summer").

Jim  McCormick (aka Chef Eddy and Smoot) (James Harvey McCormick) - Died 2-6-2007 - He was 54 years old - Disc jockey, emcee and promoter - Hosted radio's, "Chef Eddy's Blues Revue" which provided celebrity interviews, music, reviews and trivia - He was active with The Fort Smith Riverfront Blues Festival and The Eureka Springs Blues Festival.

 Jeremy Hill (aka DJ Spydrr) - Died 2-6-2007 - Near Gainesville, FL, U.S. - His motorcycle hit a car - Born 11-8-1979 in Evanston - Composer and DJ - (He did, "Encounter").

Lungile Dlamini - Died 2-7-2007 ( Gospel ) Singer - She was a member of Words Of Comfort.

Philip Nyarko (aka Brother Philip) - Died 2-7-2007 - Illness ( Gospel ) He was 32 years old - Singer - (He did, "Yesu Ye Dawasi") - Worked with Nana Yaw Asare, Grace Ashy and Francis Agyei.

 Robert Rich - Died 2-7-2007 - Chest infection - He was 87 years old - Played pipes and sang - Worked with The Aerophones and Sir David Willcocks's Really Big Chorus.

Earnestine A. Rundless - Died 2-7-2007 in Detroit, MI, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born  5-4-1914 in Mound Bayou, MS, U.S. - Singer - Founding member of The  Meditation Singers - Recorded for DeLuxe, Specialty,
HOB, Sar, Gospel, D-Town and Checker Records - Della Reese, Cassietta George, James Cleveland
and Laura Lee (her daughter) were members of this group.

Anna Nicole Smith (Vickie Lynn Hogan) (Vickie Lynn Marshall) - Died 2-8-2007 in Hollywood, FL, U.S. - Acciental overdose - Born 11-28-1967 in  Houston, TX, U.S. - Actress and model - (She did a remake of, "My Heart Belongs To Daddy") - Appeared in the music videos for Bryan Ferry, Supertramp and Kanye West - She was the star of TV's, The Anna Nicole Show.

Nicholas J. Novicky (aka Slim) - Died 2-8-2007 - Mesothelioma ( Polka - Country ) He was 79 years old - Played accordion and clarinet - (Wrote, "Big Beat Oberek" and "Friendly City") - Was a member of The Verstyles - Owner of Novicky's Music Studio.

Louis W. Ballard - Died 2-9-2007 in Santa Fe, NM, U.S. - Cancer - Born 1931 - Pianist, composer, author and music educator - Known for melding native American rhythms, melodies and instruments with classic western orchestral music.

Julius Barlow (Julius Francis Barlow) - Died 2-9-2007 in Jackson ( Big Band ) Born 11-16-1917 - Musician - Worked with Gene Pringle, Herbert Holmes and Phil Harris.

Nidge Miller (Alan Paul Nigel Miller) - Died 2-9-2007 in Austin, Texas, U.S. - Hit by a car while walking on a freeway ( Punk ) Born 1958 - Guitarist - Was a member of XS Rhythm later renamed Blitz (They did, "Someone's Gonna Die" and "Warriors").

John Herdman - Died 2-10-2007 in Liverpool, England - He was 51 years old - Drummer, caricaturist and illustrator - Worked with The Usual Suspects, Full Crack, The Mollag Band, Little Iffy Band, Belladonna and The Suspects.

Doc Doom (aka Dante Cunningham) - Died 2-11-2007 - Shot ( Hip Hop ) Was a member of The Almighty Black Knights - Worked with Bobby Digital.

Jeremy Deighton - Died 2-11-2007 n Vancouver ( Rock ) He was 42 years old - Played bass - Worked with The Howling Breakdance Grapefruit Society - Was a roadie for Blue Rodeo.

Charlie Bailey (Charles Bailey) - Died 2-11-2007 - Cancer - He was 81 years old - Singer - Worked with The Holborn Hill Royal Brass Band and The Kirkby Singers.

 Michael Tyzack (Michael Rodney Tyzack) - Died 2-11-2007 in John's Island, South Carolina , U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-3-1933 in Sheffield, Yorkshire - Abstract painter and trumpeter - Was a member of Authenticity - Worked with The Oriole Jazz Band - Father of guitarist Ben Tyzackof The Spikedrivers.

Ellen Hanley - Died 2-12-2007 in Norwalk CN, U.S. - Stroke - She was 80 years old - Born in Lorain, Ohio, U.S. - Actress and singer - She appeared in the musicals, Two's Company (in which she sang, "Haunted Hot Spot" and "Roundabout"), Annie Get Your Gun and Fiorello!.

 Jimmy Campbell (James Campbell) - Died 2-12-2007 in Liverpool, England ( Mersey Beat - Psychedelic ) - Born 1-4-1944 in Liverpool, England - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "When I Cross Your Path") - Was a member of The Panthers, The Kirkbys (They did, "It's a Crime" and "Don't You Want Me No More"), 23rd Turnoff (They did, "Michaelangelo") and Rockin' Horse - His songs have been recorded by Billy Fury ("That's Right That's Me"), The Swinging Blue Jeans ("Keep Me Warm Til The Sun Shines") and The Merseys ("Penny In My Pocket").

Eldee Young (Eldee Devon Young) - Died 2-12-2007 in Singapore, Thailand - Heart attack ( Jazz - Pop - Soul - R&B ) Born 1-7-1936 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Bassist - Founding member of The Young-Holt Trio and  Young-Holt Unlimited (They did, "Soulful Strut" and "Wack Wack") -  Worked with The Ramsey Lewis Trio (They did versions of, "The In  Crowd" and "Hang On Sloopy"), Joe Turner and Joe Williams.

Peggy Gilbert (Margaret Knechtges) - Died 2-12-2007 - Complications of hip surgery ( Jazz ) Born 1-17-1905 in Sioux City - Played saxophone and piano - Led The Melody Girls, The Early Girls, Peggy Gilbert And Her Orchestra and Peggy Gilbert And The Dixie Belles - Was a member of The Jacks And Jills.

Valucha deCastro - Died 2-12-2007 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Liver disease ( Brazilian Folk ) - Born 10-10-1930 in Minas Gerais, Brazil - Singer, composer and artist - Worked with Frank Hamilton.

John Wolrige-Gordon (John MacLeod) - Died 2-12-2007 in London, England ( Scottish Folk ) Born 8-10-1935 in Ellon, Aberdeenshire - Singer and actor.

Ruben Romero - Died 2-13-2007 ( Flamenco ) Born 10-10-1946 in Santa Fe, NM, U.S. - Guitarist, composer and arranger - Worked with Antonio Mendoza, Edgar Cruz and Wayne Johnson.

Hilton Felton Jr. (Hilton Clay Felton Jr.) - Died 2-13-2007 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) He was 60 years old - Born in Norfolk - Pianist - (He did, "Be-Bop Boogie") - Led Eternal Equinox - Worked with Chuck Brown's Soul Searchers, George Benson and Eva Cassidy - Was a  musical director for TV's, "Spread A Little Sunshine".

John O'Banion - Died 2-14-2007 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Accident - Singer and actor - (He did, "You're In My Life Again" and "I Don't Want To Lose Your Love") - Appeared on TV's, The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson 27 times.

Alfred Desio - Died 2-14-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications of bladder cancer - He was 74 years old - Born in Geneva, N.Y, U.S. - Actor, singer and dancer - Was an original cast member for the  Broadway musical, "West Side Story" and appeared in other musicals - Invented Tap-Tronics which allows tap dancers to make their own music with microphones in their shoes making tap sounds that are relayed to transmitters, receivers and synthesizers.

Peter Manu Kaina Jr. - Died 2-14-2007 Maui - He was 61 years old - Guitarist - Worked with Danny Kaleikini, Iva Kinimaka, The Pahinui Brothers and Zulu -

Ray Evans (Raymond Bernard Evans) - Died 2-15-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Born 2-4-1915 in Salamanca, New York, U.S. - Songwriter - (Co-wrote, "Que Sera Sera", "Mona Lisa" and the themes for TV's, Bonanza and Mr. Ed) - Collaborated with Jay Livingston - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Anthony G. Rongo - Died 2-15-2007 - He was 53 years old - Musician and composer - Was a member of The Saginaw Eddy Band and Nova Jazz.

Daniel McDonald - Died 2-15-2007 in New York, NY, U.S. - Brain cancer ( Musicals ) He was 46 years old - Born in Scranton, PA, U.S. - Singer and actor - Appeared in the Broadway productions, Steel Pier and Mamma Mia!.

Ashok Roy - Died 2-?-2007 in Australia - Played sarod - Founded Sangam, an eclectic music ensemble fusing North Indian classical music with Western genres and music of other cultures.

Bill Carson (Bill R. Carson) - Died 2-16-2007 in Franklin, TN, U.S. - Complications from cancer ( Country & Western ) - Born 7-8-1926 in Meridian, Oklahoma, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with Hank Thompson, Spade Cooley and Billy Gray - Leo Fender designed the Stratocaster for him.

Janice Chaffee (Janice Marie Wilson) - Multiple myeloma - Died 2-16-2007 in Tennessee, U.S. ( Christian ) Born 7-27-1952 in Glendale, Ariz., U.S. - Singer, pianist and author - Worked with The Continental Singers and Sisters.

Harry Gaston - Died 2-16-2007 - After an operation ( Rock - Blues ) He was 49 years old - Singer and bassist - Was a member of The Housecats.

Dermot O'Reilly - Died 2-17-2007 ( Folk ) He was in his mid 60's - Played guitar and mandolin and was a singer and songwriter - Was a member of Ryan's Fancy.

Mary Kaye (Mary Kaaihue) - Died 2-17-2007 - Respiratory and heart failure ( Hawaiian ) She was 83 years old - Guitarist and singer - Led The Mary Kaye Trio - Daughter of guitarist, Johnny "Ukulele" Kaaihue.

Kenny Hunt - Died 2-17-2007 - Heart attack ( R&B - Soul - Dance ) He was 55 years old - Percussionist - Was a member of Slapwater.

Phil Mayben - Died 2-?-2007 - Overdose - Drummer - Worked with Boat, 76 Charger, The Treasures, and Par Corlis.

Bruce Willis - Found dead 2-18-2007 in Independence ( Rock ) He was 44 years old - Drummer - Was a member of  Camel Toe which became Saving Stimpy (They did, "Stupid People").

Carlos Alberto Hurtado - Died 2-18-2007 in Puruaran, Turicato, Mexico - Shot - He was 26 years old - Musician - Was a member of Banda Fugaz.

Daniel Gomez Pimentel  Died 2-18-2007 in Tacambaro, Mexico - Shot - He was 24 years old - Musician - Was a member of Banda Fugaz.

Noah Camargo Mendoza - Died 2-18-2007 in Puruaran, Turicato, Mexico -Shot - He was 22 years old - Musician - Was a member of Banda Fugaz.

Cristobal Jimenez Serrano - Died 2-18-2007 in Puruaran, Turicato, Mexico - Shot - He was 20 years old - Musician - Was a member of Banda Fugaz.

Ethan Willoughby - Died 2-18-2007 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. - Car accident - Born 12-12-1976 in Evansville, Wisconsin, U.S. - Audio and mix engineer - Worked with The Black Eyed Peas, Justin Timberlake, Pink, Christina Aguilera, Brian McKnight, Jessica Simpson, Mya, Lionel Richie, The Rolling Stones, Sergio Mendes, Destiny's Child, , Macy Gray, John Legend and Busta Rhymes.

Dorothy Davis (aka Dot) - Died 2-18-2007 in Texas, U.S. ( Gospel ) She was 62 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Royal Angelettes.

John "Bam Bam" Lane - Died 2-18-2007 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Bill Haley & The Comets.

Stan Bridge (Stanley E. Bridge) - Died 2-18-2007 - Congestive heart failure ( Standards ) He was 85 years old - Singer - Led The Stan Bridge Orchestra.

Guy Rachau - Died 2-19-2007 in Pleasant Gap while performing - He was 72 years old - Sang and played the ophicleide and eb horn - Worked with The Coburn Brass, (They did renditions of, "Tenting On The Old Campground" and "Orleans Cadet Quickstep") The Brush Valley Choir and The Penns Valley Mens Chorus - Was a director of The Little German Band.

Janet Blair (Martha Janet Lafferty) - Died 2-19-2007 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. - Complications of pneumonia - Born 1921 in Altoona, PA, U.S. - Singer and actress - Worked with Hal Kemp's band - She appeared in the touring productions of "South Pacific" and "Mame".

Charles Gocher - Died 2-19-2007 in Seattle - Cancer - Born 1953 - Drummer - (He did, "Flying On Scissored Wings" and "Wanting Things") - Was a member of The Sun City Girls (They did, "Radar 1941" and "The Shining Path").

Josie Wilson (Josie Linnea Berquist Wilson) - Died 2-19-2007 in Spanaway, WA, U.S. - Born 4-29-1915 in Tacoma, WA, U.S. - She produced The  Versatones's, "Walk, Don't Run" a group that later became The Ventures who she co-produced - Mother of Don Wilson - Owner of Blue Horizon Records.

 Dennis Gordon ( Dennis N. Gordon) - Died 2-20-2007 - Heart attack - He was 58 years old - Born in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Played piano, guitar and mandolin - Worked with Dean Milano and also wrote ad jingles.

Frank Mendenhall (Frank Edward Mendenhall ) - Died 2-20-2007 in Mobile, Alabama, U.S. - Cancer ( Blues - Reggae ) Born 3-14-1948 in Camden, AL, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Rumble In The Jungle" and "Shont Dont Dont") - Worked with The Invitations ("They Say The Girl's Crazy"), Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Blue Magic, Wilson Pickett, The Isley Brothers and Chubby Checker.

Bert Aalbers - Died 2-20-2007 ( Folk ) Born 1943 - Played accordion and piano - Was a member of Blubberhooks and Crackerhash.

Eddie Garza (Edward S. Garza) - Died 2-21-2007 - Heart problems - He was 71 years old - Played clarinet and saxophone - Member of The Corpus Christi Veterans Band.

Al Viola (Alfred F. Viola) - Died 2-21-2007 in Studio City - Cancer -  Born 6-16-1919 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Played guitar and mandolin - Worked with The Page Cavanaugh Trio, Frank Sinatra ("My Way" and  "New  York, New York"), Neil Diamond and Marvin Gaye - He can be  heard on  the soundtracks for the films, The Godfather and Blazing  Saddles.

Sam Williams - Died 2-21-2007 - Illness - Actor, singer and composer - Was a member of The Boston Brothers - Acted on TV's, Oh! George and in the films, Game For Vultures and Whispering Death.

Krysia Kocjan - Died 2-21-2007 - Lung cancer ( Folk ) Born 8-10-1953 - Singer - She was a member of The National Acoustic Band - Worked with Al Stewart and The Kinks.

Beulah Kershaw (Disco Beulah) - Died 2-22-2007 - Born 1-14-1914 in Florida, MO, U.S. - Singer, songwriter, pianist and poet - (She did, "It Hurts To Be Hurt" and "My Reward For Loving You").

Bob Webster - Died 2-22-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - He was 77 years old - Co-produced Gene Watson's, "Love In The Hot Afternoon - Co-founder of Jack Music with Cowboy Jack Clement.

Kirk Rundstrom - Died 2-22-2007 in Wichita, KS, U.S. - Esophageal cancer ( Country - Rock ) He was 38 years old - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Worked with Split Lip Rayfield (They did, "Hundred Dollar Bill" and "Old #6"), Grain And Demise and Scroat Belly.

Ian Wallace - Died 2-22-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Esophageal cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-29-1946 in Bury, England - Drummer - Worked with King Crimson, Alexis Korner's Blues Incorporated, Bob Dylan, Don Henley, David Lindley, Bonnie Raitt, Ry Cooder, Warren Zevon, Brian Eno, Keith Emerson, Roy Orbison, Jackson Browne, Jon Anderson, Stevie Nicks, Steve Marriott, Lonnie Mack, Peter Frampton, Robben Ford, Joe Walsh, Alvin Lee, Procol Harum, The Traveling Wilburys, The 21st Century Schizoid Band and many others.

Dylon Stotter - Died 2-22-2007 near Vanderbijlpark - Single car accident - He was 23 years old - Musician.

Dickie Thompson (James Edward Thompson) - Died 2-22-2007 in Tucson,  Ariz., U.S. - Stroke ( Jazz - Rhythm & Blues ) Born 12-13-1917 in Jersey City,  NJ, U.S. - Guitarist and songwriter - His song, "Thirteen Women And One Man" was  covered by Bill Haley And The Comets - He recorded for  Signature, Regal, Herald and Decca Records - Worked  for Jackie Wilson and Don Ho.

Richard Walne - Died 2-?-2007 - After a drowning accident ( Rock - Jazz ) Guitarist, pianist, singer and songwriter - (He did, "Troubled Child" and "Conditions Of Unconditional Love") - Was a member of The Burlesque Supergroup, Tjorb and The Jazz Jukebox.

Ma Chao-chun - Died 2-23-2007 - Heart attack ( Folk ) He was 48 years old - Singer - Produced Theresa Teng.

Leroy Jenkins (Leroy L. Jenkins) - Died 2-23-2007 in New York, U.S. - Complications of lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 3-11-1932 in Chicago,  IL, U.S. - Violinist and composer - Was a member of Sting.

Donnie Brooks (Born John Dee Abohosh) (Adopted name John Faircloth) (aka Johnny Jordan, Dick Bush and Johnny Faire) - Died 2-23-2007 in Burbank CA, U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Rockabilly ) Born 2-6-1936 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "Lil' Sweetheart" and "Mission Bell") - Rockabilly Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Danny Pendleton (Daniel Mark Pendleton) - Died 2-23-2007 - Illness - Born 8-9-1937 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Played piano, synthesizer, guitar and steel guitar - Worked with The Angel Band, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Carly Simon, Vernon Taylor, Ralph Case, Little Feat, John Denver, John Jennings, Mary Chapin Carpenter and The Starland Vocal Band.

Mickey Dawes (Myron Michael Dawes) - Died 2-24-2007 - Born 11-13-1956 in Newburgh, NY, U.S. - Percussionist and poet - Was a CEO of Wildcatter Records and a president of The Country Music Association.

Slim Hunt (The Rev. Howard Hunt Jr.) - Died 2-25-2007 in Goldsboro, NC, U.S. ( Gospel ) -  Born 12-13-1934 in Walnut Grove, MS, U.S. - Singer  and guitarist - Led Slim  And The Supreme Angels (They did, "Stay  Under The Blood" and "Shame  On You") - Worked with The Soul Seekers.

Mark Spoelstra (Mark Warren Spoelstra) - Died 2-25-2007 in Pioneer, CA, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Folk - Blues ) Born 6-30-1940 in Kansas City, MO, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Worked with Bob Dylan and Phil Ochs - Recorded for Folkways, Elektra, Columbia, Aslan, Inwood and Origin Jazz Library Records.

Yuri Oblong - Died 2-25-2007 ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of That Handsome Devil.

Chris Vadham - Died 2-26-2007 in Watford, England - Liver cancer ( Pop ) He was 56 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of 4 Lbs Nett, High Ground, Roses Of Sausalito and The Western Union Band.

Jim Aiken (aka Gentleman Jim) - Died 2-27-2007 Belfast, Northern Ireland - Cancer - He was 74 years old -  Concert promoter - Brought acts such as Neil Diamond, Bruce Springsteen, The Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, Rod Stewart, Pavarotti, Simon & Garfunkel and Paul McCartney to perform concerts in Ireland.

Bobby Rosengarden (Robert Marshall Rosengarden) - Died 2-27-2007 in Sarasota, FL, U.S. - Kidney failure ( Jazz ) Born 4-23-1924, in Elgin, Ill., U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Duke Ellington, Quincy Jones, Skitch Henderson, Gil Evans, Jay And The Americans, Gerry Mulligan, Benny Goodman, The Columbia Jazz Band, Billie Holliday, Dick Hyman, Arlo Guthrie, Carmen McRae, Ben E. King, Harry Belafonte, Barbra Streisand, Jimi Hendrix and Tony Bennett - Played on TV's, The Steve Allen Show, The Ernie Kovacs Show, Sing Along With Mitch and Johnny Carson's, The Tonight Show.

Saka Acquaye - Died 2-27-2007 - Illness - Born 11-2-1923 in Accra - Painter, sculptor and musician - Founded The Black Beats Band and The African Ensemble.

Sergei Danilov - Died 2-27-2007 - Illness ( Rock ) Born 11-30-1951 - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of Mify.

Tommy Welch (Thomas H. Welch) - Died 2-27-2007 in Los Angeles , CA, U.S. - Illness ( Punk ) He was 29 years old - Guitarist and artist - Was a member of Raised Under Reagan - Worked with Shrevepunx and The Peter Pan Players.

Verl Prather Jr. (Verl R. Prather Jr.) - Found dead  2-27-2007 near Kickapoo Creek west of Lawndale, U.S. - Drowned ( Country ) Born 8-2-1944 in Effingham - Guitarist and singer - Led Verl Prather And Renegade Country.

 Arlene Biela - Died 2-28-2007 - Complications from a brain aneurysm - She was 65 years old - Born in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Western Light Chorus.

Wayne Hooper - Died 2-28-2007 in Thousand Oaks, CA, U.S. ( Hymns ) He was 86 years old - Composer and singer - (He wrote, "We Have This Hope") - Was a member of The King's Heralds Quartet - Was a music director for The Voice Of Prophecy.

Billy Thorpe - Died 2-28-2007 in Sydney,  Australia - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 3-29-1946 in Manchester, England - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Aztecs (They did, "Most People I Know (Think That I'm Crazy)" and "Poison Ivy") - Hosted TV's, It's All Happening - Australian Record Industry Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dr. Greg Bever - Died 3-?-2007 - Neurological disorder ( Rock ) Was a member of The Sinclairs Band.

Tom Green - Died 3-1-2007 - Cancer ( Rock ) He was 50 years old - Singer - Worked with The Bel Canto Chorus, The Best Of Everything, The Jordanaires and Luciano Pavarotti and was an Elvis impersonator.

Joel Brodsky - Died 3-1-2007 in Stamford, CN, U.S. - Heart attack - Born 10-7-1939 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Photographer - He photographed hundreds of album covers including those for Isaac Hayes, Van Morrison and The Doors - He also took pictures for Iggy Pop And The Stooges, Eric Andersen, Joan Baez, James Brown, Tom Waits, Harry Chapin, Judy Collins, Aretha Franklin, Buddy Guy, John Lee Hooker and Kiss.

Otto Brandenburg - Died 3-1-2007 ( Rock - Pop ) He was 72 years old - Singer and actor - Sang the theme song for the film, "Journey To The Seventh Planet".

Wild Willi Beckett (aka The Doctor) - Died 3-2-2007 - Throat cancer ( Rock ) Born 11-3-1947 - (He did, "Straw Hats" backed by The New Model Army) - Was a member of The Inmates and The Psycho Surgeons (They did, "Kingdom Come: Bring It On!" and "Give A Man A Badge").

John Macisacc (also listed as John MacIsaac) - Died 3-3-2007 in Rockstone Place, Southampton, UK - Loss of blood after cutting himself on a rail - He was 24 years old - Singer - Was a member of Machs Chau.

Bud Petersen  (Frederick Petersen) - Died 3-3-2007 in Rochester - Chronic lung disease - Born 9-9-1935 in Aitkin, Minn., U.S. - Musician - Was a member of The Coldwater Canyon Band.

Saul Swimmer - Died 3-3-2007 in Miami Beach, FL, U.S. - Heart failure - Born 4-25-1936 in Uniontown, PA, U.S. - Director, producer and screenwriter - Worked on the films, "Let It Be", "Bob Marley & Friends", "The Concert For Bangladesh",  Queen's, "We Will Rock You", Herman's Hermits', "Mrs. Brown You've Got A Lovely Daughter" and with Ringo Starr co-produced, "Come Together".

Gene Oliver - Died 3-3-2007 in Rock Island, IL, U.S. - Complications from lung surgery - Born 3-22-1935 in Moline, IL, U.S. - He was a baseball player who along with Willie Smith and Nate "Pee Wee" Oliver participated in the LP, Cub Power singing, "Hey-Hey! Holy Mackerel!" and "Baseball! Baseball!"

Johnny Widebars (John Taylor) - Died 3-4-2007 in Florida, U.S. - Motorcycle accident that also took the life of his wife, Laura Ann  ( Blues ) He was 46 years old - Singer and guitarist - Led Johnny Widebars And The Shovelheads.

Robert Prince - Died 3-4-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Illness -  Born 5-10-1929 in New York City, NY., U.S. - Producer, composer and  arranger - Collaborated with Aram Avakian - Worked with Johnny Mathis  and Paul Desmond - Composed music for the features, "Claws" and  "Squirm" and for TV's, "Night Gallery", "Mission Impossible" and  "Wonder Woman".

Tadeusz Nalepa - Died 3-4-2007 in Warsaw - Illness of his digestive system ( Rock - R&B ) Born 8-26-1943 in Zglobienie, Poland - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Blackout and Breakout - He was married to singer, Mira Kubasinska.

Jay Byrnes (Jason Michael Byrnes) - Died 3-4-2007 in Bud Lake - Possible heroin overdose ( Rock ) He was 28 years old - Singer, pianist, guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of Suits Jones.

Jim O'Brien  - Died 3-4-2007 ( Rock ) Played guitar - Was a member of High Tide and D.T. And The Vandals.

Bill Fetsch (aka Dr. Jazz) - Died 3-5-2007 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Drummer - Led Dr. Jazz And The Interns.

 Alan Black - Died 3-5-2007 in London, England - Born 1-15-1943 in Rosyth, Fife - Disc jockey and cartoonist - Worked at Radio 1 and worked for Polydor Records - He was one of the animators for the film, Yellow Submarine.

Fred Held (Frederick Eugene Thomas Held) - Died 3-6-2007 - Music consultant specialist and promotor of dance music - Helped the careers of France Joli, DJ Magic Mike, Expose and Company B - Worked with the labels West End, Prelude and Sam.

Jorge Mochales (Jorge Mochales Lopez) - Died 3-6-2007 - Heart attack ( Spanish Celtic - Folk ) He was 29 years old - Born in San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid - Sang and played played tin whistles, low whistles and mandolin - Was a member of Dagda, Keol and Brenga Astur.

Bill Chinnock - Died 3-7-2007 in Yarmouth - Suicide, he had Lyme disease ( Rock - R&B ) He was 59 years old - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and keyboardist - (He did, "Somewhere In The Night") - Worked with Vini "Mad Dag" Lopez, David Sancious, Garry Tallent, Danny Federici and Roberta Flack.

Paul deLay (Paul Joseph deLay) - Died 3-7-2007 in Portland, Oregon, U.S. - Leukemia ( Blues ) Born 1-31-1952 in Portland, Oregon, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and harmonica player - Led The Paul deLay Band - Was a former member of Brown Sugar - Recorded with Kid Ramos, Alice Stuart, David Vest and Kathy Kavada - Recorded for Criminal and Evidence Records.

Ronnie Wells-Elliston (Veronica Burke) - Died 3-7-2007 - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) She was 64 years old - Singer - Recorded with her husband pianist, Ron Elliston - Worked with Billy Eckstine, Dr. Lonnie Liston Smith and Oscar Brown, Jr. - Was a co-founder of The East Coast Jazz Festival and co-owner of Jazz Karma Records.

Murray Grand - Died 3-7-2007 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. - Emphysema ( Cabaret ) Born 8-27-1919 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer, composer and pianist - (He co-wrote, "Guess Who I Saw Today" and "Not A Moment Too Soon").

Eduardo Darnauchans - Died 3-7-2007 - Heart failure ( Pop ) Born 11-15-1953 in Montevideo - Singer, poet and composer.

Norrie Cox (Norman S. Cox) - Arthrosclerotic heart disease - Died 3-7-2007 in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 9-26-1931 in Worthing, England - Played clarinet - Was a member of The San Jacinto Jazz Band, The Riverboat Ramblers and Chicago Hot Six - Led Norrie Cox Good Time Jazz, The Norrie Cox Good Time Jazz Trio and Norrie Cox And His New Orleans Stompers.

Tony Lee Ziesemer - Died 3-8-2007 - Colon cancer ( Blues - Rock ) Born 7-19-1951 in Houston,TX, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Monica Marie And The Blues Cruizers with his wife and also was a member of Wynrock.

Carson Gray Cooper - Died 3-8-2007 - Liver cancer ( Bluegrass ) Born 1-6-1943 in  Rugby, VA, U.S. - Played banjo - Was a member of The Mountain Ramblers, The Rugby Gully Jumpers, Lonesome Drive and Appalachian Trail.

Roger Nelson (Roger W. Nelson) - Died 3-8-2007 in La Crosse, WI, U.S. - Illness ( Polka ) Born 8-15-1935 in Chaseburg, WI, U.S. - Played accordion and sang - Was a member of The Coon Valley Gentlemen - Worked with Marv Dennis and Al Souchek And The Five Yanks.

Brad Delp - Died 3-9-2007 in Atkinson, New Hampshire, U.S. - Carbon monoxide poisoning, suicide ( Rock ) Born 6-12-1951 in Danvers, MA, U.S. - Sang and played guitar, keyboards and harmonica - Was a member of Return To Zero, Beatlejuice and Boston (They did, "More Than a Feeling" and "Rock And Roll Band").

Calvin Runion - Died 3-9-2007 - Cancer ( Gospel ) Born 12-27-1935 in Walnut Creek, Madison County, NC, U.S. - Singer and autoharpist - Worked with The Kingsmen Quartet, The Ambassadors Quartet, The Dixie Echoes, The Diplomats Quartet, The Land of The Sky Boys and Coy Cook & The Senators Quartet.

Jerry Smith - Godfather of Country Music - Died 3-9-2007 - Cardiac arrest ( Country ) He was 68 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of The Country Rhythm Masters and Solid Country.

Ulpio Minucci - Died 3-9-2007 in Brentwood, CA, U.S. - Born 6-29-1917 in Italy - Composer and musician - (He wrote, "Domani" and "Make Me") - Scored music for TV's, Saga Of Western Man and the animated Robotech - Father of jazz guitarist Chieli Minucci.

Paschall Parsons (Walter Paschall Parsons) - Died 3-9-2007 in Norfolk, VA, U.S. ( Rock ) He was 68 years old - Drummer - Was a member of The Strikes (They did, "Baby, I'm Sorry" and "If You Can't Rock Me").

Charles Duncan (aka Charlie Duncan and Chaz Duncan) - Died 3-?-2007 ( Rock - Blues - Soul ) He was 51 years old - Pianist - (Co-wrote, "Dreaming" and "Ghost") - Was a member of Long In The Tooth, Life And Soul and Blues Train.

Manny Bowen (Jack  Bowen) - Died 3-10-2007 ( Big Band - Dance ) Played saxophone - Was a member of The Singing Saxes and The American Legion Big Band - Worked with The Sweet Georgia Sound.

Emanuel Miguel Herrera (aka MannyFresh) - Died 3-10-2007 - Accident on an all terrain vehicle ( Rock - Jazz - Hip Hop ) He was 34 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Bagworm.

Betty Hutton (Elizabeth June Thornburg) - Died 3-11-2007 in Palm Springs, CA, U.S. ( Musicals ) Born 2-26-1921 in Battle Creek, Michigan, U.S. - Singer and actress - (She did, "Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief") - Worked with Vincent Lopez - She appeared in the musicals, Annie Get Your Gun and Satin 'n Spurs.

Anil Suchit - Died 3-11-2007 in San Fernando - Lung disorder ( Chutney ) He was 39 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Sapphire Indian Orchestra.

George Green (aka Stardust) - Died 3-11-2007 in Henderson, Nev., U.S. - Congestive heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 9-3-1923 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer, drummer and composer - Led The Amazzing Jazz Trio - Worked with The King Fleming Band, The Morris Ellis Orchestra and The Ramsey Lewis Trio.

Tyrone Hill (aka Pound of Plenty) - Died 3-11-2007 in East Mount Airy - Heart failure ( Jazz - R&B - Pop ) He was 58 years old - Born in North Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Trombonist - Worked with Sun Ra, The Uptown Theater Orchestra and Billy Paul.

Leroy Brown (Leroy Joyce) - Died 3-11-2007 - Cancer ( R&B - Blues ) Born 2-19-1941 - Singer - Was a member of The Five Du-Tones (They did, "Shake A Tail Feather" and "Monkey See Monkey Do") - Worked with Eddy Clearwater.

Paul ''Dennis'' Perren - Died 3-?-2007 - He was 75 years old - Singer - Worked with Lena Horne on Broadway, sang in Broadway's, "A Musical Jubilee" and in the pit choir for Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater's, "Revelations".

Vilma Ebsen - Died 3-12-2007 - Born 2-21-1911 in Belleville, Ill., U.S. - Singer and dancer - Sang in Broadway's, Whoopee - Was half of the song and dance duo of Vilma And Buddy Ebsen with her brother appearing in Flying Colors ("A Shine On Your Shoes") and The Ziegfeld Follies ("I Like The Likes Of You").

Carol MacDonald - Died 3-12-2007 ( Rock ) Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of Goldie And The Gingerbreads (They did, "Can't You Hear My Heart Beat"), Isis (They did, "Ain't No Backin' Up Now" and "Eat The Root") and Deuce.

Hiromitsu Suzuki - Died 3-14-2007 in Tokyo, Japan - Liver cancer ( Psychedelic - R&B ) Born 6-21-1945 in Tokyo, Japan - Singer and actor - Was a member of The Mops (They did, "I Am Just A Mops" and "Blind Bird").

The Mighty Terror (Fitzgerald Henry) (aka The Golden Voice) - Died 3-14-2007 in Curepe - Cancer of the throat ( Calypso ) Born 1-13-1922 in Anguilla Village, Arouca - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Women Police In England" and "Patricia Gone With Millicent").

Walter T. Wells (aka Screamin' Ray Walter) - Died 3-14-2007 in Florence, KY, U.S. - After suffering a stroke and heart attack ( Blues - Jazz - Bluegrass ) He was 54 years old - Guitarist and blues historian.

Wayne Shackelford (Wayne Kendall Shackelford) - Died 3-14-2007 - Born 5-17-1957 in Richmond, VA, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Worked with We Band and Reach.

Shirlee E. Winter (aka  Carol Scott) (Shirlee Shapiro) - The Vest Pocket Venus of Song - Died 3-14-2007 - Heart attack after surgery - Born 1918 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Singer - She worked with with The Morin Sisters.

Linda Dela Cruz (Lillian Leialoha Keaweehu Dela Cruz) - Hawai'i's Canary - Died 3-15-2007 in Pana'ewa, Hilo - Born 11-20-1929 in Honolulu - Singer - Was a member of The Halekulani Girls.

Blanquita Amaro - Died 3-15-2007 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Heart attack ( Rumba ) Born 6-30-1923 in San Antonio de los Banos, Cuba - Singer and dancer - (She did, "La Comelona" backed by Conjunto Universal) - Appeared in the movies, The Seducer and Scandal Of Stars.

Herman Stein - Died 3-15-2007 - Congestive heart failure - Born 8-19-1915 in in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Composer and pianist - Wrote music for almost 200 films including "Creature From The Black Lagoon", "It Came From Outer Space" and "The Mole People" and for TV's, "Lost In Space", "Daniel Boone" and "Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea" - Worked for Fred Waring, Bob Crosby, Red Norvo and Count Basie.

Marti Sharron (Martha Vanessa Sharron) - Died 3-15-2007 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. - She was 56 years old - Born in Ohio, U.S. - Songwriter and producer - (She co-wrote The Pointer Sisters', "Jump For My Love" and Chaka Khan's, "Own The Night") - Produced Natalie Cole and Anita Baker - Her songs have been recorded by Celine Dion, Ray Charles and Barbra Streisand.

Zbigniew Kitlinski - Died 3-15-2007 ( Jazz ) Born 1947 - Drummer - Worked with Jazz Carriers and The Alber & Strobel Quintet.

Joni Foraker - Died 3-16-2007 - Illness - She was 48 years old - She was a Vice President for Borman Entertainment - Helped guide the careers of Faith Hill, Trace Adkins, Keith Urban and Mary Chapin Carpenter - Worked with Patty Smyth, 38 Special and Joan Baez.

Carol Richards (Carol Swiedler) (Carol June Vosburgh) - Died 3-16-2007 in Vero Beach, FL, U.S. - Heart disease - Born 6-6-1922 in Harvard, Ill., U.S. - Singer and TV performer -  (She did, "Silver Bells" with Bing Crosby) - Was the singing voice for Vera Ellen in Call Me Madam - Worked with Russ Morgan and Desi Arnez.

Tupper Saussy (Frederick Tupper Saussy III) - Died 3-16-2007 - Heart attack ( Pop - Jazz ) Born 1936 - Pianist - Was a member of The Neon Philharmonic (They did, "Morning Girl" and "Flowers For Your Pillow").

Bill Sabo - Died 3-16-2007 - Heart failure ( Metal ) He was 46 years old - Drummer and songwriter - Was a member of Quasimodo and Shok Paris (They did, "Go Down Fighting" and "Go For The Throat").

Carole Joan Frohman - Died 3-16-2007 in North Miami, FL, U.S. - Complications of cancer - Born 7-22-1930 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Singer and performer - She starred in Broadway's, "Oklahoma!" at 16 years old.

Morgan Guice - Died 3-16-2007 in Panama City, FL, U.S. - A truck hit the parked car she was sitting in  ( Gospel - Spirituals ) Born 6-7-1984 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Singer and actress - Was a member of PMO's Heart And Soul and Black Voices Of Inspiration.

Steven Benderoth (Steven C. Benderoth) - Died 3-16-2007 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Kidney failure - He was 60 years old - Born in Baltimore, MD, U.S. - Singer, bassist and keyboardist - Was a member of The Collection and Graffiti - Worked with Lenny And The Squigtones - Wrote jingles for Folgers, Eastern Airlines, Clairol and 7-Up.

Ron Chesterman - Died 3-16-2007 ( Folk - Rock - Jazz ) Bassist - Was a member of The Strawberry Hill Boys who became The Strawbs and Draught Porridge.

Emil Trifonov (aka Kembala) - Died 3-17-2007 in Sofia - Car accident - Born 6-19-1964 in Byala Slatina - Musician, lyricist and anchorman.

Roger Bennett - Died 3-17-2007 - Complications from leukemia ( Gospel ) Born 3-10-1959 - Singer, songwriter and pianist - Was a member of  Legacy Five - Worked with The Cathedral Quartet - Was a president of Journey Records.

Buck Jones - Died 3-17-2007 near Greenville, TX, U.S. - Hit by a car ( Country ) He was 33 years old - Singer - Worked with Jim Lauderdale, Billy Block, Allison Moorer and Jon Byrd.

Timothy Gray - Died 3-17-2007 in Sarasota, FL, U.S. - Born 9-5-1927 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Lyricist, singer, playwright and director - (Co-wrote, "Forever And A Day" and "Home Sweet Heaven") - Worked for the Broadway musicals, "As The Girls Go" and "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" - Wrote material for Tallulah Bankhead, Patrice Munsel, Edie Adams, Lana Turner and Kaye Ballard - Collaborated with Hugh Martin.

Harold B. Lipsius - Died 3-17-2007 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Born 10-12-1913 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Founder of Jamie Records which released records by Duane Eddy ("Rebel Rouser" and "Forty Miles Of Bad Road"), Barbara Lynn ("You'll Lose A Good Thing") and others - Owned Guyden,
Arctic, Phil-L.A. Soul and Dionn Records - He, Floyd Soileau and Huey Meaux founded the short lived MSL Records.

Paul Crumbaugh (Paul G. Crumbaugh) - Died 3-17-2007 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Born 1915 - Played trombone - Worked with Mr. Bob Trendler And The Big Top Band on "Bozo's Circus", Johnny Mathis, Perry Como and Frank Sinatra - He composed and arranged music for The Dick Jurgens Orchestra.

Heinz Pruefer - Died 3-18-2007 - Car accident - Born 11-8-1948 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Klaus Renft Combo.

Beto Quintanilla (aka El Leon del Corrido) (Norberto Quintanilla Iracheta) - Died 3-18-2007 in Reynosa - Heart failure ( Corridos ) He was 58 years old - Born in Gen. Teran, Nuevo Leon, Mexico - Singer - (He did, "Le Compre la Muerte a Mi Hijo").

Dr. Alec Wyton ( Alexander Francis Wyton) - Died 3-18-2007 in Danbury, CN, U.S. - Illness - Born 8-3-1921 in London, England - Organist, composer and teacher - Brought the music of Duke Ellington, Ned Rorem and Leopold Stokowski to the church - Was a president of The American Guild of Organists.

Arthur C. Kellar - Died 3-18-2007 in Fairfax - Cancer - He was 84 years old - Founded EZ
Communications Inc which helped popularize the easy listening music format.

Irene E. Wentzel Pride - Died 3-18-2007 in Albuquerque, NM, U.S. ( Dance ) She was 93 years old - Pianist - Was a member of The Sunshine Singers.

Luther Ingram (Luther Thomas Ingram) - Died 3-19-2007 in Belleville, Ill., U.S. - A result of diabetes and kidney disease ( R&B ) Born 11-30-1937 in Jackson, TN, U.S. - Singer and  songwriter - (He did, "(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be  Right" and co-wrote The Staples Singers', "Respect Yourself") - Was a  member of The Gardenias - Worked with Ike Turner.

Sebastien Gressez (Sebastien Emmanuel Jerome Gressez) - Died 3-19-2007 near Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Shot during a highway robbery - He was 28 years old - Musician - Was a member of The South Side Crew.

Frantisek Kotva - Died 3-19-2007 in Prague, Czech Republic - Cancer ( Rock  - Blues Rock ) Born 5-15-1952 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Guitarist - Worked with Heval, Tango, Zluty pes (They did, "Naruziva" and "Sametova") and L. L. Jetel.

John Martyn Booker - Died 3-19-2007 in Vancouver, British Columbia ( Skiffle ) Born 7-16-1934 in London, England - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Vipers Skiffle Group later known as The Vipers (They did, "Ain't You Glad" and "Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O").

Robert Dickson - Died 3-19-2007 - Brain cancer - Born 7-23-1944 - Writer - He wrote songs for the rock group CANO.

Hy Weiss (Hyman Y. Weiss) - Died 3-20-2007 in Englewood, NJ, U.S. -  Born  2-12-1923 in Romania - Co-founder of Parody Records and Old  Town Records which released recordings by The Capris ("There's A Moon  Out  Tonight"), The Fiestas ("So Fine"), Billy Bland ("Let The Little  Girl  Dance") and The Earls ("Remember Then").

Curtis Grant - Died 3-20-2007 - Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma ( Rock - Punk - Glam - Metal ) He was 39 years old - Guitarist - Worked with Black Cherry, American Heartbreak (They did, "Idiots On Parade" and "Seven Time Loser") and Touch Me Hooker.

Joe "Keke" Daku - Died 3-20-2007 - He was 66 years old - Singer and actor - Worked with The Question Marks, The Sounds and The Coronets.

Lawrence Whyte Kulumani - Died 3-?-2007 - Illness ( Jazz ) He was 67 years old - Born in Port Elizabeth - Musician - Was a founding member of The Soul Jazzmen Band - Worked with Abdullah Ibrahim and The King Cole Basies.

Max Weiss (Max Lewis Weiss) - Died 3-21-2007 in Oakland, CA, U.S. -  Born 4-29-1925 in NY, U.S. - Record label owner - He and his brother Sol Stanley Weiss (1916-2000) founded Fantasy Records in Berkeley, CA - In 1964 they established Galaxy Records, issuing R&B sides - In 1967, Saul Zaentz became president and purchased the label from the Weiss brothers.

Nisar Bazmi (Syed Nisar Ahmed) - Died 3-22-2007 - Kidney failure - Born 1925 in Mumbai, India - Musician and composer - Wrote songs for over 40 films including "Extra Girl" and "Jaib katra" - He songs have been done by Noor Jehan ("Abhi dhoond hi rahi thi"), Runa Laila ("Kaatay na katay") and Ahmed Rushdi ("Aise bhi hain meherban").

Jean McConnachie - Died 3-22-2007 - After performing on stage ( Celtic ) Played accordion and piano - Led The Jean McConnachie Band -  Wife of lowland pipes player, Jim McConnachie.

Anne Wehrer (Anne Opie Counselman) - Died 3-22-2007 - She was 77 years old - Born in Norfolk, VA, U.S. - Writer and actress -  Toured with Iggy Pop and co-authored his book, "I Need More" - Appeared in Andy Warhol's film, "Bike Boy".

Nicholas Terrigno - Died 3-22-2007 ( Big Band ) He was 82 years old - Played trumpet and upright bass - Worked with Frank Sinatra and Liza Minelli.

Ros Jeffrey - Died 3-22-2007 - Breast cancer ( Folk ) She was 66 years old - Born in Cape Town, South Africa - Sang and played guitar, mandolin, piano and organ.

Alexander Aksyonov (aka Ricochet) - Died 3-22-2007 ( Punk ) He was 42 years old - Singer - Was a member of Obyekt Nasmeshek.

Jenyk Pacak (aka Sorry) (Jan Antonin Pacak) - Died 3-23-2007 in Mechenice u Prahy, Czech Republic - Leukemia ( Rock - Folk - Jazz ) Born 4-26-1941 in Prague, Protektorat Bohmen und Mahren - Drummer and flutist - Worked with Blue Five and Olympic (They did, "Zelva" and "Ptak Rosomak") - Worked at Traditional Jazz Studio and Classic Jazz Collegium.

Walter Turnbull (Walter J. Turnbull) - Died 3-23-2007 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Born 7-19-1944 in Greenville, Miss., U.S. - Singer - Founded The Boys Choir Of Harlem who can be heard in the films,  "Jungle Fever", "Malcolm X" and "Glory".

Terry Dalton - Died 3-23-2007 - He had MS ( Country ) He was 59 years old - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Was a member of The Dalton Gang.

George E. Browne (Edric Browne) (aka Young Tiger) - Died 3-23-2007 ( Calypso ) Born 5-4-1920 in The Port of Spain - Singer, guitarist and actor - Was a member of The Three Just Men and The Humming Birds.

Henson Cargill - Died 3-24-2007 - Complications after surgery ( Country ) He was 66 years old - Born in Oklahoma, U.S. - (He did, "Skip A Rope" and "Row Row Row") - Owned the music club, "Henson's" which featured artists such as Merle Haggard, Ray Charles, Roy Orbison, Johnny Cash, Glenn Campbell and Waylon Jennings.

Marlon Greaves - Died 3-24-2007 - Car accident - He was 40 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Catfish.

Fred Jablonski - Died 03-24-2007 in Sedona, AZ, U.S. - Complications of cancer of the jaw ( Rock ) Born 7-22-1948 - Drummer and singer - Was a member of The Mods (They did, "I Give You An Inch (And You Take A Mile)" and "You've Got Another Think Coming") - Worked with Gypsy Blue And The Echoes, Tony And The T-Birds, The Root Doctors, SRO, Grateful Fred and Big Newton.

Bogdan Borkowski - Died 3-24-2007 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 7-30-1943 - Musician - Worked with Trubadurzy.

Rev. James T. McCarter - Died 3-25-2007 in Tennessee, U.S. - Cancer ( Gospel ) He was 55 years old - Singer - Founder of The Harvesters Country Gospel Singing Group.

Jacek Lech (Leszek Zerhau) - Died 3-25-2007 - Esophageal cancer ( Rock - R&B ) Born 4-15-1964 - Singer - Was a member of Czerwono-Czarni.

Jesse James Johnson (aka Jesse Brown) (Jesse James Hinton)- Died 3-25-2007 in Washington, DC, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 3-27-1937 - Bassist - recorded in 1960-1962 with Bo Diddley on the albums,
 "Bo Diddley Is A Gunslinger", "Bo Diddley Is A Lover" and "Bo  Diddley & Company" -  As Jesse James & The Raiders, he sang and  performed soul & blues in the DC area.

Jason Ray  - Died 3-26-2007 in Hackensack, New Jersey, U.S. - Hit by a car ( Rock ) He was 21 years old - Singer - Was a member of 9PM Traffic.

Cha Burns (Charles Burns) - Died 3-26-2007 in Prestatyn, Wales - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 3-20-1957 - Was a member of Fingerprintz and The Silencers (They did, "Scottish Rain" and "The Real McCoy") - Worked with Adam & The Ants.

Joe Sentieri (Rino Luigi Sentieri) - Died 3-26-2007 in Pescara, Italy - Cerebral hemorrhage - Born 3-3-1925 in Genoa, Italy - Singer and actor - (He did, "Ritroviamoci" and "Uno Dei Tanti").

El Guayabero (Faustino Oramas) - Died 3-27-2007 in Holguin, Cuba - Liver cancer - Born 1911 or earlier - Guitarist - (He wrote, "Candela") - Worked with The Buena Vista Social Club.

Herbie Sulkin - Died 3-27-2007 in Lake Worth, FL, U.S. - Respiratory infection ( Big Band ) He was 99 years old - Born in Waltham - Pianist - Led  The Herbie Sulkin Orchestras - Worked with Ruby Newman.

Gus Pleines - Died 3-27-2007 ( Rock ) Born 9-27-1948 - Singer - Was a member of The Bintangs.

Tony Scott (Anthony Joseph Sciacca) - Died 3-28-2007 in Rome, Italy - Complications of prostate cancer ( Jazz ) Born 6-17-1921in Morristown, NJ, U.S. - Played clarinet and saxophone and was a composer and arranger - (He wrote, "Blues For Charlie Parker") - Worked with Duke Ellington, Ben Webster, Sarah Vaughan and Billie Holiday.

Tadeusz Kocyba - Died 3-28-2007 - Born 7-13-1933 - Composer - Wrote music for films including the animated, "Bolka i Lolka".

Johnny Castaneda Jr. (aka Johnny Ca$h and Tha Fast Gunna) - Died 3-29-2007 in Walnut Creek - Shot ( Rap ).

Walter Kibby (Walter Joseph Kibbey) (Born Walter Frederick Hooghwinkel) - Died 3-29-2007 ( Rock ) Born 9-28-1953 in Santa Monica, CA, U.S. - Guitarist, keyboardist, drummer and singer - Worked with Flyer, Imani, Buster Brown, Burn, Mammoth, The Jimmy Robbin's Trio, The Dunnmore Band, The Country Gentlemen, Welcome, Stronghold and Magic.

Chrisye (Haji Chrismansyah Rahadi) - Died 3-30-2007 in Cipete, south Jakarta - Lung cancer - Born 9-16-1949 - Singer - He released 28 albums.

Stanley Beckford - Died 3-30-2007 in Riversdale, St. Catherine - Throat cancer ( Reggae - Mento ) Born 2-17-1942 in Portland - Singer - (He did, "Dip Them Jah Jah Dip Them" and "Soldering") - Was a member of The Turbines also called The Turbynes (They did, "Broom Weed" and "Dada Beg Your Pardon") - Worked with The Starlites.

Dodi Kallick (Dolores Bea Caplow Kallick) - Died 3-30-2007 - Liver failure ( Folk ) She was 77 years old - Played the mountain dulcimer and guitar and was a singer.

Carol Batten (aka Busy) - Died 3-31-2007 - She was 80 years old - Pianist - Led The Carol Batten Combo.

Jim Wayner (James Wayner) (aka Mr. Blues) - Died 3-31-2007 - Illness ( Blues ) Born 1947 - Singer, songwriter, drummer and harmonica player  - Was a member of The Bearcats, Georgia Strait, The Sharks, Sounder and The Tombstones.

Bernie Clark (Bernard H. Clark) - Died 3-31-2007 - He was 87 years old -Trumpet player, conductor and music teacher - Was a member of The Musical Clarks and The Encore Jazz Band - Conducted The RCAF Band, The Toronto Argonauts Band and The Bernard H. Clark Concert Band.

Lee Magid - Died 3-31-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Born 4-6-1926 in Bronx, NY, U.S. - Producer, promoter, songwriter, manager and  trumpeter - Worked for Harms Music, National Records and The Savoy  label - Worked with Louis Prima, Joe Turner, Charlie Ventura, The  Ward Singers, Al Hibbler, Della Reese, Lou Rawls, Earl Grant and Sam Fletcher.

Keith Webb (aka The Baron) - Died 3-?-2007 in Turre ( Rock ) He was 73 years old - Drummer - Was a member of The Baron Band, The Flying Vultures and Los Tres Hombres - Worked with Donovan, Terry Reid and Paladin.

David Wilson (David J. Wilson) - Died 4-1-2007 in Upland - Lung cancer - Born 4-2-1939 in Victorville - Bassist - Worked with Ike And Tina Turner and Martha & The Vandellas.

Brian Kipping - Died 4-1-2007 - Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma - He was 53 years old - Bassist and artist - Was a member of The Paul James Band who worked with Bob Dylan, John Hammond Jr., Chuck Berry, Lightnin Hopkins and Bo Diddley.

Danny Barcelona - Died 4-1-2007 in San Gabriel, CA, U.S. - Complications from cancer ( Jazz ) Born 8-23-1929 in Honolulu, Hawaii - Drummer - Was a member of The Hawaiian Dixieland All-Stars - Worked with Louis Armstrong's All-Stars ("Hello Dolly" and "It's A Wonderful World") - Husband of singer, Dee (Morgan) Barcelona.

Char Fontane (Kerry Charae Fontane) (aka Kaci) - Died 4-1-2007 in Marietta, Georgia, U.S. - Born 1-12-1952 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. - Breast cancer  - Singer, actress and comedian - Appeared in Broadway's, "Grease" and TV's, "Pearl" and "Joe And Valerie" - Wife of drummer, Roy Yeager - Daughter of recording artist, Tony Fontane and starlet, Kerry Fontane.

Terry Emmanuel (Terrence Lloyd Emmanuel) - Died 4-2-2007 - Complications of diabetes - He was 56 years old - Born in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Singer, dancer and actor - Worked with The Philadelphia Boys Choir and was in the touring production of Hello Dolly.

Annette Brodovsky - Died 4-2-2007 in Sacramento County, CA, U.S. - Hit by a car ( Jewish Folk ) She was 33 years old - Born in Switzerland - Violinist - Worked with The Freilachmakers Klezmer String Band and Bessamim.

Rowan Clarke - Died 4-3-2007 in New York, U.S. - Shot during a robbery - He was 40 years old - Born in Jamaica - He was a road manager for reggae singer, Gregory Issacs.

Eric Barden (aka Hands of Concrete) - Died 4-3-2007 in Knox - Car accident ( Rock ) He was 32 years old - Guitarist and songwriter - WAs a member of Orange Hour.

Ariel Clark (Ariel Hanrath-Clark) - Died 4-4-2007 in Pacific Palisades, Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Car accident ( Jazz ) Musician, actor and composer - He was 22 years old - Son of director Bob Clark who also died in the accident.

Brian Fahey - Died 4-4-2004 in Worthing, West Sussex ( Big Band ) Born 4-25-1919 in Margate, Kent - Arranger, composer and musical director, played piano and cello - (He wrote, "At The Sign Of The Swingin' Cymbal" and "The Creep") - Was a member of The Rudy Starita Band and a onductor of The BBC Scottish Radio Orchestra - Worked with Shirley Bassey - Husband of singer, Audrey Watkins.

Mark St. John (Mark Leslie Norton) - Died 4-5-2007 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cerebral hemorrhage ( Rock ) Born 2-7-1956 in Hollywood, CA, U.S. - Guitarist - Led The Mark St. John Project - Was a member of White Tiger - Worked with Kiss.

Pat Barberot (Ladner J. Barberot) - Died 4-5-2007 ( Big Band ) He was 81 years old - Saxophonist - Led The Pat Barberot Orchestra who backed up Liberace, Bing Crosby, Frankie Avalon and Otis Redding.

Johnny Barton - Died 4-5-2007 ( Show Band ) Drummer - Worked with The Flying Carlton, Dermot O'Brien's Clubmen and The Tigermen.

Paul Erhahon (MC Hellrazor) - Died 4-6-2007 in Leytonstone, London, England - Stabed ( Hip Hop ) He was 14 years old - Was a member of Funeral Soldiers.

Lefty Bates (William H. Bates) - Died 4-7-2007 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Arteriosclerotic disease ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 3-9-1920 in Leighton, Ala., U.S. - Guitarist - Led The Lefty Bates Combo - Worked with The  El Dorados, The Flamingos, Jimmy Reed, Etta James, The Aristo-Kats,  The Hi-De-Ho Boys, The Moroccos, The Impressions and a latter day  version of The Ink Spots - He was the husband of dancer, Mary Cole Bates.

Joey Semz (Joseph McCarthy Jr.) - Died 4-7-2007 in Staten Island, NY, U.S. ( Folk ) He was 31 years old - Born in Staten Island, NY, U.S.  - Guitarist - (He released the CD's, "Cowboys In IRAK" and "A Great Believer").

Joe Crawford - Died 4-8-2007 near Baker Lake - Fell from a 200-foot cliff while hiking ( Rock ) He was 28 years old - Played guitar - Was a member of The New Mexicans.

 Lalo Silva (Eduardo Silva)- Died 4-8-2007 ( Big Band ) He was 88 years old - Saxophonist, singer and composer - Member of Los Silvas.

Gene Lamarr (Eugene Lamarr Syrios) - Died 4-8-2007 - Congestive heart failure ( Rock - Blues - Country ) Born 2-7-1942 in Georgia, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and songwriter - (He did, "Crazy Little House On The Hill") - Was a member of The Blue Flames - Worked with Johnny "Guitar" Watson, Joel Hill And The Strangers and B.B. King.

Jeanne E. Shaffer - Died 4-9-2007 - Singer, composer and teacher - Worked with Glenn Miller and The Paul Whiteman Orchestra - Hosted radio's, Eine Kleine Frauen Musik - Composed the opera, "The Ghost of Susan B. Anthony".

Egon Bondy (Zbynek Fiser) - Died 4-9-2007 in Bratislava - Born 1-20-1930 in Prague, Czech Republic - Poet and philosopher - Wrote lyrics for The Plastic People Of The Universe.

Ken Elliott - Died 4-10-2007 - After a hit and run - He was 92 years old - Was a member of The Charlie Parkin Band.

Joseph Norfleet - Died 4-10-2007 ( Gospel ) Was a member of The Norfleet Brothers (They did, "Live The life").

 Keith Moore (aka Deacon Johnson) - King of Ambient Noise -  Died 4-10-2007 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Shot - He was 43 years old - Guitarist - Conceived Noize Fest - Son of guitarist and singer, Deacon John Moore.

Jimmy Kimble (James William Kimble) - Died 4-?-2007 ( Rock ) Born 9-10-1952 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Iggy Pop and was a roadie for CSN&Y.

Dakota Staton (Aliyah Rabia) - Died 4-10-2007 in New York, U.S. - Illness ( Jazz ) Born 6-3-1932 in Pittsburg, PA, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "The Late, Late Show" and "Anything Goes") - Was a member of The Kadets - Worked with The Joe Westry Orchestra, Jonah Jones, The George Shearing Quintet, The Sid Feller Orchestra and Harry Sweets Edison.

Sergio Bardotti - Died 4-11-2007 in Rome, Italy - Cardiac arrest - Born 2-14-1939 in Pavia, Italy - Lyricist - (He co-wrote, "Occhi di ragazza" and "Piazza Grande") - Worked with Mina, Lucio Dalla and Sergio Endrigo.

Bob Dyer (Robert L. Dyer) - The Bard of Boonville - Died 4-11-2007 in Boonville, Missouri, U.S. ( Folk ) Born 5-22-1939 in Boonslick, Missouri, U.S. -  Musician, poet and historian - Was a member of The Discovery String Band.

Angela Pittman - Died 4-11-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Cancer - She was 38 years old - Music marketing executive - Worked for Hidden Beach Recordings where she was involved with Jill Scott, Kindred and Mike Phillips and for Epic Records, Loud Records and Blue Flame Marketing/Bad Boy Entertainment.

Dick Allen (Richard Binion Allen) - Died 4-12-2007 in Dublin, GA, U.S. - Heart failure - Born 1-29-1927 near Milledgeville, GA , U.S. - Jazz  historian and trombonist - He was one of the founders of The New  Orleans Jazz And Heritage Festival - He and Bill Russell recorded  interviews with jazz musicians that grew into The William Hansom  Hogan Jazz Archive.

Little Sonny Warner (Haywood S. Warner) - Died 4-12-2007 in Falls Church, VA, U.S. ( Blues - R&B ) Born 10-30-1930 in Falls Chruch, VA, U.S. -  Singer - Was a member of The Rockets who backed Harry Van Walls  ("After Midnight" and "Open The Door") and The Four Sons - Worked  with Big Jay McNeely ("There's Something On Your Mind") (Swingin' Records, 1959), James Brown, Etta James, B.B. King, The Orioles, The Pastels and The Blues Crew - He also recorded for Concertone, Bee-Bee and Checker Records.

Ed Krochman - Died 4-12-2007 - Illness - He was 85 years old - Played accordion - Was a member of The Showmen - Worked with Lenny Dee and Merv Stone.

Bill Guffey (William Guffey III) - Died 4-12-2007 ( Rock ) Born 7-28-1952 in Inglewood, CA, U.S. - Keyboardist - Was a member of The Shooting Stars later renamed Shooting Star (They did, "Last Chance" and "You Got What I Need").

Henry Dufresne (Henry Edward Dufresne) (aka Joey Noel) - Died 4-12-2007 - Complications from leukemia - Born 3-23-1942 in Lowell, MA, U.S. - Singer - Appeared on stage and TV.

Michael Billington - Died 4-12-2007 - Alveolar rhabdomyosarcoma ( Rock ) He was 22 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Talent Show Rejects.

Shane Gooding - Died 4-12-2007 - Cancer ( Folk - Blues - Jazz ) He was 25 years old - Singer, songwriter, drummer, saxophonist and guitarist - (He did, "Heavy Levee Blues") - Worked with Jack Nebraska and No Jenny No.

Mark Greenwood - Died 4-13-2007 - He was 56 years old - Played trombone, bass guitar, piano and percussion instruments - Worked with Sammy Davis Jr., Rosemary Clooney, The Temptations, The Drifters, Helen O. Connell, The Guy Lombardo Band, Cozy Cole, Frank Sinatra and The Hoo Doo Soul Band.

Andrzej Kurylewicz - Died 4-13-2007 ( Jazz ) Born ?-24-1932 - Composer, pianist and trumpeter.

Peter Beil - Died 4-13-2007 in Hamburg, Germany - Illness ( Pop ) Born 7-9-1937 in Hamburg, Germany - Singer, trumpeter, composer and bandleader - Was a member of The Crazy Combo.

Max Blizzard - Died 4-13-2007 - Heart attack - He was 49 years old - Led The Max Blizzard Singers (They did, "Dream Song").

Bebop Lane (Joe Lane) - Died 4-13-2007 in Sydney, Australia ( Jazz ) He was 80 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Dee Jays - Worked witn Wally Ledwidge, Ian Gunter and Jack Craber.

Suzie Cappetta - Died 4-13-2007 - She was 58 years old - Singer - (She wrote, "Dave Hull The Hullabalooer") - Was a member of The Scuzzies and The Cappetta Company - Worked with The Harrison & Tyler Show.

Don Ho (Donald Tai Loy Ho) - Died 4-14-2007 in Hawaii - Heart failure - Born 8-13-1930 in Kakaako, Honolulu, Hawaii - Singer and organist - (He did, "Tiny Bubbles" and "Pearly Shells") - Hosted TV's, "The Don Ho Show - Father of singer, Hoku.

Bulldog (Dwilila  Mothusi) - Died 4-14-2007 in Zeerust, South Africa - Illness ( Rap ) He was 33 years old - Born in Sebina - Musician.

Gary Rosen - Died 4-14-2007 - Lou Gehrig's disease ( Folk - Rock - Children's Music ) - He was 60 years old - Born in New Haven - Singer and guitarist - He was half of the duo Rosenshontz and was a member of The Ant Trip Ceremony.

Herman Riley - Died 4-14-2007 in Culver City - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 8-31-1933 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played saxophone, flute and clarinet - Worked with Count Basie, Lavay Smith, Etta James, Kenny Burrell and Jimmy Smith.

Bert Sheldon - Died 4-15-2007 - Complications from cancer ( Standards ) He was 83 years old - Born in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Singer and comedian - Worked alongside Sammy Davis Jr. and Frank Sinatra.

Bernie Brausewetter (Bernard Brausewetter) - Died 4-15-2007 in Newark - Complications from diabetes and congestive heart failure ( Rock - Blues ) He was 52 years old - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Led B.B. & The Stingers - Worked with The Slaves Of New Brunswick, Supreme Court, Steel Mill Retro, Attaboy and Silverhoof.

Ulhas Buyao - Died 4-16-2007 - Illness - Born 1944 - Singer - (He did, "Chandneachea Rati").

Charlie Spiteri - Died 4-16-2007 in Zurich, Switzerland ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 10-14-1948 in Caracas, Venezuela - Was a member of Los Memphis, Manana and Spiteri - Worked with Bob Marley, Chris Word, Tyrone Downey and Chris De Burg.

  Dan O'Neil (Daniel Patrick O'Neil) - Died 4-16-2007 in Blacksburg, Virginia, U.S. - Shot at Virginia Tech during a shooting rampage ( Folk ) He was 22 years old - Played guitar and keyboards - (He did, "Missing You" and "Over That Now").

Glenn Sutton (Royce Glenn Sutton) - Died 4-17-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Heart attack ( Countrypolitan ) Born 9-28-1937 in Hodge, LA, U.S. - Songwriter and producer - (He co-wrote, "Almost Persuaded" and "I Don't Wanna Play House") - Worked with Billy Sherrill - Former husband of singer, Lynn Anderson - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Tommy DeWolf (Thomas Johnson) - Found dead 4-17-2007 in Cape Girardeau, MO, U.S. - Natural causes ( Rock ) He was 40 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Drivin' Rain (They did "Hellwater" and "Cracks In The Armor") - Worked with Stage Crew and The Mary Ramsey Band.

James B. Davis (James Bodie Davis) - Died 4-17-2007 in Philadelphia,  PA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 6-6-1916 in Greenville, SC, U.S. - Singer -  Led The Dixie Hummingbirds - Worked with Paul Simon ("Loves Me (Like  A Rock)") - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee and International  Gospel Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

 Dick Vosburgh (Richard Kennedy Vosburgh) - Died 4-18-2007 in London, England - Born 8-27-1929 in Elizabeth, New Jersey, U.S. -  Lyricist and comedy writer - Wrote lyrics for the musical comedies, A Day In Hollywood, A Night In The Ukraine, The Un-American Song Book and Windy City - Worked with Denis King and Frank Lazarus.

Ken Albers (John Kenneth Albers) - Died 4-19-2007 in Simi Valley - Illness - Born 12-10-1924 in Woodbury, NJ, U.S. - He sang and played trumpet, mellophone and fluegelhorn - Worked with The Stuarts Quartet and The Four Freshmen.

Jean-Pierre Cassel - Died 4-19-2007 in Paris, France - Illness - Born 10-27-1932 in Paris, France - Actor and singer - Appeared in the films, Those Magnificent Men In Their Flying Machines and Murder On The Orient Express.

Dave Pozolinski (David Pozolinski) (aka Puzzle) - Died 4-19-2007 - He was 66 years old - Drummer - Worked with Bob Timmers.

Petr Rada - Died 4-19-2007 in Prague, Czech Republic ( Pop - Chanson ) Born 4-7-1932 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Songwriter - (Wrote the lyrics for, "Modlitba pro Martu" and "Kazani v kapli Betlemske") - Worked with Petr Hapka - Wrote songs for Marta Kubisova, Hana Hegerova and Karel Gott.

Tony Blake Newsome - Died 4-19-2007 Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 1-12-1941 - Was a member of The King Bees (They did, "September Song" and "It's A Sin To Tell A Lie").

Andrew Hill - Died 4-20-2007 in Jersey City, NJ, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Jazz ) Born 6-30-1931 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Pianist and composer - Worked with Charlie Parker, Hank Mobley, Sam Rivers, Joe Chambers, Richard Davis, Eric Dolphy, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson, Freddie Hubbard, Elvin Jones, Woody Shaw, Tony Williams, John Gilmore, Miles Davis, Dinah Washington, Johnny Hartman and Dakota Staton.

Andrej Nepomnjacsij - Died 4-20-2007 ( Bard ) Born 2-16-1968.

Lobby Loyde (John Baslington Lyde) (aka Barry Lyde) - Died 4-21-2007 in Melbourne, Australia - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 1942 in Longreach, Queensland -  Guitarist, songwriter and producer - Was a member The Coloured Balls (They did, "Liberate Rock") -  Worked with The Wild Cherries (They did, "Krome Plated Yabby"), The Purple Hearts (They did, "Early In The Morning"), Rose Tattoo and  Billy Thorpe And The Aztecs - ARIA Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Howard Larman - Died 4-21-2007 - Co-founder of radio's, "Folk Scene" which hosted artists such as Ricky Skaggs, The Chieftains, The Blasters, Jennifer Warnes, Pete Seeger , Shawn Colvin, Richard Thompson, Silly Wizard, Iris Dement, Guy Clark, Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee, Dave Alvin, Vince Gill, Jim Lauderdale, Willie Nelson, Randy Newman, Tom Waits, Stan Rogers and Jackson Browne.

Buddy Brock (Clarence L. Brock Jr.) - Died 4-21-2007 in Washington, U.S. ( Big Band ) Born 9-27-1924 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Bandleader.

Terry Sprague - Died 4-22-2007 in Harrisburg, Ill., U.S. - Motorcycle accident ( Gospel ) He was 50 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Fortress Quartet.

Jim Allen (Clarence J. Allen) (aka Slim) - Died 4-22-2007 in King, WI, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 6-18-1919 in Oshkosh - Pianist - Was a member of The Fire House 4.

Larry Williams - The Panama City Chainsaw - Died 4-22-2007 - Cancer - Guitarist - Worked with Iko-Iko, James Harman, Bo Diddley and Jimmy Buffett.

Harry Weger - Died 4-23-2007 ( Country ) He was 80 years old - Singer - (He did, "The Ballad Of Jimmy Bryan" and "The Ragged Edge") - Led Harry Weger And The Hoosierland Hoedown - The Wabash Valley Musicians Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ron Johnson - Died 4-23-2007 in Lima, Ohio, U.S. - Motorcycle accident ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Salem's Wych (They did, "Time Is No More " and "Never Ending Battle").

Mo Carvalho  (Laura Lee Carvalho ) - Died 4-23 -2007 in Los Osos ( Jazz - Blues - Rock ) She was 52 years old - Singer and drummer - Was a member of The Mighty Croon Dogs.

Joao Paulo Agrela - Died 4-23-2007 - Was a member of Academico (They did, "Hully Gully do Montanhes" and "Milena (a da Praia)").

Jean-Paul Poulain (Jean Paul Poulin) - Died 4-24-2007 in Maine, U.S. - Shot in his apartment ( Cabaret ) He was 62 years old - Singer - (He did, "A Ceux Qui M'ont Offense" and "J'aimais").

Johnny Hodges - Died 4-24-2007 in Edina - Prostate cancer ( Jazz - R&B ) He was 59 years old - Singer - (He wrote, "I'm Riding On The Moon") - Was a member of Crossover, The Mixx, The Swiss Movement and The Sho' Nuff Band.

Matt Scales - Died 4-?-2007 - Cystic fibrosis ( Rock ) He was 27 years old - Singer - Worked with The Gaff (They did, "Hey Weirdo") and The Lullabys.

Pete Harris - Died 4-25-2007 - Brain cancer - Born 1947 - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Just Another Lousy Day In Paradise" and "Convertible Days")

Bobby "Boris" Pickett (Robert George Pickett) - The Guy Lombardo of Halloween - Died 4-25-2007 in West Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Leukemia ( Rock - Novelty ) Born 2-11-1938 - (He did, "Monster Mash" and "Monster's Holiday") - Led The Crypt-Kickers - Was a member of The Cordials - Worked with Leon Russell.

Debra Martinez (aka La Chicanita) - Died 4-25-2007 - Cancer ( Mariachi ) She was 48 years old - Singer - (She did, "Una Pobre Tambien (A Poor Girl, Too)").

Frank Strong (Frank Dufresne Strong) - Died 4-25-2007 ( Big Band ) Born 3-14-1929 in Managua, Nicaragua - Played trombone - Worked with Benny Goodman, Alvino Rey, Woody Herman and Gerald Wilson - Played for the films, The Benny Goodman Story and South Pacific.

Frank Purslow - Died 4-25-2007 in Weald ( Folk ) He was 81 years old - Played accordion - Was a member of The Bampton Morris 8 and The Bampton Barn Dance Band.

San Fadyl - Died 4-26-2007 in Zurich, Switzerland - Complications from severe asthma ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of The Ladybug Transistor.

Eff Jott Krueger (Frank Jurgen Kruger) - Died 4-26-2007 in Berlin - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 12-24-1948 in Berlin - Guitarist - Was a member of Ideal (They did, "deine blauen Augen" and "ich steh' auf Berlin").

Frank Krieger - Died 4-26-2007 - Born 12-24-1948 - Musician - Worked with Gerd Krawinkel.

Pvt. Nicholas Riehl (Nicholas Emerson Riehl) - Died 4-27-2007 in Fallujah, Iraq while serving as a soldier - He was 21 years old - Guitarist and singer - (He did, "Standing At The Black Gate") - Was a member of For This I Die.

Tommy Newsom (Thomas Penn Newsom) - Mr. Excitement - Died 4-28-2007 in Portsmouth, VA, U.S. - Complications of cancer ( Jazz ) Born 2-25-1929 in Portsmouth, VA, U.S. - Played saxophone and was a composer and arranger - (Wrote, "Kansas City Ballad" and "Titter Pipes") - Worked with Benny Goodman, Charlie Byrd, Vincent Lopez, The NBC-TV Staff Orchestra and The Tonight Show Band - Norfolk Legends Of Music Walk Of Fame Inductee.

Beth Ellsworth (Elizabeth Michele Ellsworth) - Died 4-28-2007 in Colorado Springs, Colo., U.S.
- Shot - She was 29 years old - Born in Chandler, Arizona, U.S. - Singer, songwriter, flutist, pianist and guitarist.

David Waterman - Died 4-28-2007 - Heart attack ( Folk ) Born 9-28-1942 in Des Moines, Iowa, U.S. - Musician - Was a member of The RF Trio.

Al Quaglieri Sr. - Died 4-29-2007 - He was 80 years old - Played trumpet and piano - Worked with The Bob Chester Band and The Tony Pastor Band which featured Rosemary Clooney - Father of musician and producer, Al Quaglieri Jr.

Alex Brown (Alexander Brown) (aka Bud) - Died 4-29-2007 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. ( Soul ) Born 6-3-1950 in Perdue Hill, Alabama, U.S. -  Singer - Worked with The Natural Blend, The Rhythm City Project  (RCP), Sudden Moves, Prime Source, Intimate D'Tales and The Persuaders.

Scott Lang - Died 4-29-2007 in Verdun, Montreal, Canada - Cirrhosis of the liver - Born 9-2-1952 in Montreal, Canada - Guitarist,  composer and arranger - Was a member of Frontrunner and Tex Lecor's  Band (They did, "Le Frigidaire") - Worked with his sister folk singer, Penny Lang and with Joni Mitchell, Jefferson Starship, James Taylor, Buddy Guy and Bonnie Raitt.

Matthew Fairclough (aka Steel) - Died 4-29-2007 - Hit by a car - He was 21 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Drownin' Trout and Youth Approval.

Gregory Lemarchal - Died 4-30-2007 - Lung disease - Born 5-13-1983 - Singer - (He did, "Ecris l'histoire").

Zola Taylor (Zola Mae Taylor) - Died 4-30-2007 in Riverside, CA, U.S. - Complications of pneumonia ( R&B ) Born 3-18-1938 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Make Love To Me") - Was a member of The Platters (They did, "Only You" and "The Great Pretender") - Worked with Shirley Gunter And The Queens - She claimed to have been married to singer Frankie Lymon at one time - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dr. Jockenstein (Rod King) (Roderick G. King) - Died 4-30-2007 - Illness - He was 55 years old - Born in East St. Louis, MO, U.S. - DJ - Hosted radio's, Slammin Jammin Oldies - He received his nickname from George Clinton - St. Louis Radio Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Sydney Rose - Died 4-30-2007 - Pancreatic cancer - He was 68 years old - He produced The Glad Rag Ball concerts with performances by The Who, The Hollies, The Rolling Stones, Manfred Mann and Donovan - Was an as executive producer for The Who rockumentary, "The Kids Are Alright" - Was an agent with Management Agency & Music (MAM) working on productions with Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Bob Hope, Liza Minnelli and Grace Kelly.

Bruce Malament - Died 4-?-2007 in Ventura CA, U.S. ( Rock ) Keyboardist - Worked with Terry Reid, David Pritchard, Bobby Caldwell and Kim Angelis.

Colin Winski - Died 4-?-2007 in Phoenix, AZ, U.S. ( Rockabilly ) Born 1957 in Hollywood, CA, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Led Colin Winski And His Helldorado Band and was a member of  Ray Campi's Rockabilly Rebels.

Daniel Newman - Died 4-?-2007 - Wegener's granulomatosis - He was 28 years old - Musician - Was a member of Funkin Bob Noxious.

Jimmy Henshaw (James Henshaw) - Died 5-1-2007 in Carlisle - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 10-20-1941 in Bothwell, Lanarkshire, Scotland - Guitarist - Was a member of The Ramrods and The VIPs  later renamed The Vipps (They did, "Winter Time" and "Straight Down To The Bottom") - Worked with Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Cher and Lulu.

Ben Squirrell - Died 5-1-2007 in Stretford, Manchester, England - Car accident - Born 8-17-1978 in Newcastle - Musician, composer and sound engineer - Worked for many TV programs.

Zan Gardner (Suzanne Gardner Lagerman) - Died 5-1-2007 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Car accident ( Blues - Jazz ) Born 5-2-1948 in Bryn Mawr, PA, U.S. - Singer - Worked with Dave Posmontier, John Swana, Chico Huff and Steve Holloway.

Tim Eyermann (Albert Timothy Eyermann) (aka the E Man)- Died 5-1-2007 in Miami, FL, U.S. - Complications from lung cancer ( Jazz ) He was 60 years old - Born in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Played saxophone, piccolo and bass flute and was a singer - Was a member of The El Reys, The Airmen Of Note, Three Mo' Tenors and East Coast Offering - Worked with Anita Baker, Maynard Ferguson, Count Basie, Larry Coryell, Julie Andrews, Dizzy Gillespie, The Spinners, James Moody and Tony Bennett.

Michael Robinson - Died 5-2-2007 - Respiratory complications ( Blues - R&B ) He was 50 years old - Guitarist - Worked with The Kinseys, Koko Taylor, Deniece Williams, Buddy Guy, The Staple Singers and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Akbar DePriest (Robert DePriest Brooks) - Died 5-2-2007 - Complications from liver cancer ( Jazz ) Born 5-6-1930 in  Imperial, CA, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Eddie Harris, John Coltrane, Big Maybelle, Jim Pepper, Mal Waldron, Dexter Gordon, Gene "Jug" Ammons, Rahsaan Roland Kirk,  Johnny Griffin and Don Cherry.

J. Robert Bradley (John Robert Lee Bradley) (aka Mr. Baptist) - Died  5-3-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Complications of diabetes  ( Gospel ) Born 10-5-1919 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Singer - Was a  member of The Good Will Singers.

Bobby Hodo (Bobby Lee Hodo) - Died 5-3-2007 - Congestive heart failure ( Gospel ) He was 70 years old - Singer - Led Bobby Hodo And The Sweet Singing Disciples - Was a member of The Gospel Incredibles (They did, "I Want To Be Loved" and "Rest Of The Weary").

Hunter (Wolfgang Jager) - Died 5-3-2007 in Hagen, Germany - Illness ( Punk ) Born 3-28-1953 in Herne, Germany - Bassist - Was a member of The Extrabreit.

Bob Borgstede (Robert A. Borgstede) ( Jazz ) Died 5-3-2007 - Complications from pancreatitis - Born 6-11-1949 in Kirksville, MO, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Nola's Waltz") - Worked with Wycliffe Gordon, Victor Mendoza, Chris Vadala, Jamey Aebersold and Dan Haerle.

Paul Brook - Died 5-3-2007 - Pancreatic Cancer ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 1955 - Drummer and programmer - Worked with Mummy Calls, Analog ("Custo's Last Stand"), Reluctant Stereotypes, Coldcut, Percy Sledge, The Marvelettes, Gary Moore, Dream Academy, Greg Lake, Bonnie Tyler and Pzazz - Co-wrote, "Beauty Has Her Way" for the film, The Lost Boys.

Terrence Moore (Terrence E. Moore) - Died 5-4-2007 in Lincoln, NB, U.S. - Intestinal cancer - Born 3-9-1949 in Smith Center, KS, U.S. - Co-founded  Dirt Cheap Records Music Store - Nebraska Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ninian Donald - Died 5-4-2007 in East London, England - Hit by a truck while cycling ( Rock ) He was 33 years old - Played drums, guitar, harmonica and keyboards and was an artist - Was a member of Lark (They did, "The Animal's Claw" and "Tardis").

Jeremias Nguenha - Died 5-4-2007 - Illness - Musician and singer - (He did, "Vadla voxi" and "La famba bicha").

Dan Hess - Died 5-4-2007 - Hodgkin's disease ( Ska ) He was 30 years old - Born in Washington, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Skanker Sores, The Ready Steady Go! and The Ratchet Boys (They did, "Before I Die").

Sam Moss - Died 5-5-2007 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - Suicide - He was 54 years old - Guitarist - Worked with Peter May And The Rough Band and The Sams.

Jimmy Duarte (James A. Duarte) - Died 5-5-2007 - Illness ( Blues - Rock - Jazz ) He was 70 years old - Born in Nantucket, MA, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - Led Jimmy D And The Acres, Jimmy D And The Islanders, The Jimmy Duarte Combo and The 30 Acres Combo.

Joe Butler (Joseph Butler) - Died 5-?-2007 - Pancreatic cancer ( Country ) Born 11-12-1939 in Speke Liverpool, England - DJ and guitarist - Was a member of The Hillsiders - Worked with The Country Three, Sonny Webb And The Country Four and Sonny Webb And The Cascades.

Alvin Batiste - Died 5-6-2007 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 11-7-1932 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Heart attack - Clarinetist, saxophonist, pianist, composer and educator - Was a member of The American Jazz Quintet, The Jazztronauts and The Clarinet Summit - Worked with Cannonball Adderley,  Ray Charles, Guitar Slim, Little Willie John, Billy Cobham, Dr. John and Ornette Coleman.

Big Joe Duskin (Joseph L. Duskin) - Died 5-6-2007 in Avondale, OH, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 2-10-1921 in Collegeville, Birmingham, Alabama, U.S. - Pianist - (He did, "Well, Well Baby" and "I Met A Girl Named Martha")  - Worked with Phillip Paul, Peter Frampton, Ed Conley and William Lee  Ellis.

Nukhet Ruacan - Died 5-6-2007 in Istanbul, Turkey - She had leukemia ( Jazz ) Born 1951 in Istanbul, Turkey - Singer - Worked with The Emin Findikoglu Orchestra and Tommy Dodd - Sister of Jazz artist, Neset Ruacan.

Carey Bell (Carey Bell Harrington) - Died 5-6-2007 Chicago, IL, U.S. - Heart failure ( Blues ) Born 11-14-1936 in Macon, Mississippi, U.S. - Played harmonica and bass - Worked with Lovie Lee, Muddy Waters, Honeyboy Edwards, Johnny Young, Eddie Taylor, Earl Hooker, Junior Wells, James Cotton Billy Branch, Big Walter and Willie Dixon - Father of guitarist and singer, Lurrie Bell.

Dorde Novkovic - Died 5-6-2007 in Zagreb, Croatia - Stroke ( Pop ) Born 9-2-1943 in Sabac or Sarajevo - Songwriter - (He wrote, "Vise se nece vratiti" and "Don't Ever Cry") - Was a founder of Pro Arte - Worked with Indexi - Collaborated with Gabi Novak, Miso Kovac, Neda Ukraden, Zdravko Colic, Dani Marsan, Dusko Lokin, Tereza Kesovija, Ivica Serfezi and Tomislav Ivcic - Father of rock singer, Boris Novkovic.

Michael Marques - Died 5-6-2007 - Assaulted after a performance - He was 49 years old - Musician.

Sgt. Sameer Rateb (Sameer A.M. Rateb) - Died 5-6-2007 - While serving in Bayji, Iraq ( Punk ) He was 22 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Two Steps Back (They did, "Think Of The Children").

Howard Bulson - Died 5-7-2007 in Seattle, WA, U.S. - Pancreatic cancer ( Standards ) Born 5-11-1934 in Mexico, MO, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Paul Jensen.

 Jon Chandler (Jonathan Chandler) - Died 5-7-2007 - Car accident ( Rock - Jazz - Funk ) He was 26 years old - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Mojo Fins (They did, "Piniata Face" and "Something Shy").

Rohan Chadwick - Died 5-7-2007 - Car accident - He was 27 years old - Singer, musician, sound engineer and songwriter - Was a member of The Apple Pips, Liquid Arcade and Neenor (They did, "Glow In The Dark" and "Lightcyle").

Andy Graney (Andrew Graney) (aka Pope Of Pop) - Died 5-7-2007 - Car accident ( Jazz - Funk ) He was 29 years old - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He wrote, "Mystery Of Poof" and "(It's Hard To) Get Creative") - Founder of Wonky Beak.

Rohan Chadwick - Died 5-7-2007 - Car accident ( Jazz - Funk ) He was 27 years old - Songwriter, singer and guitarist - (He did, "Unplug Yrself" and "And Juggernauts For All").

Adel Awad - Died 5-7-2007 - Cardiac arrest ( World ) Born in Cairo, Egypt - Percussionist, played riqq, duff, jembe, Afro-Latin bongos, darbuka and congas - Worked with Pepe Danza, Alpha Yaya Diallo, Oscar Nieto, The Roma Swing Ensemble, Celso Machado, Rosario Ancer, Tzimmes and Sal Ferreras.

Ron Jefferson (Roland Parris Jefferson) - Died 5-7-2007 in Yonkers, NY, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 2-13-1926 in New York City, NY, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with The Jazz Modes, Lester Young, Groove Holmes, Oscar Pettiford, Les McCann's trio, Coleman Hawkins, Freddie Redd, Joe Roland, Zoot Sims, The Joe Castro Trio, Tricky Lofton, Victor Feldman, Lou Rawls, Joe Pass and Randy Weston.

Jonny Z (aka Jon Zanin) (Jonathan Zanin) - Died 5-7-2007 - Fell from a bridge ( Rock ) Born 1980 - Drummer - Worked with XmarksthespotX, The Skawannabees, El-Aharairah, Churl, Tina Marie, Best Friend Suicide Pact, Tigershark, Youth Decay, Safety Hawk, Castle Danger, Useless, Tenric Protocol and The Funkabooties.

Danny Rodriguez - Died 5-7-2007 in Hernando ( Rock ) He was 56 years old - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Five Rubies and Wind Of Fate.

 Carol Johnson (Carolyn Johnson) - Died 5-7-2007 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 1945 - Singer - She was a
   member of The Masterettes who later became The Exciters (They did, "Tell Him" and the original
                               version of, "Do Wah Diddy Diddy").

David Gross (David Alan Gross) - Died 5-7-2007 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Saxophonist - Worked with his wife singer Nancy Monroe and with Lines Of Reason, Bob Moses, Michael Cochrane, Jim Pepper and Francesco D'Errico.

Rick Harper (Richard Franklin Harper) (aka Uncle Rick) - Died 5-7-2007 - Complications from a brain hemorrhage - Born 11-18-1946, in El Paso TX, U.S. - Was a road manager for Little Feat, The Factory, Seals & Crofts, The Fraternity Of Man, Steppenwolf, Tower Of Power, Canned Heat, Captain Beefheart, Ry Cooder, Michael Franks and Gato Barbieri - Son of singer and evangelist, Redd Harper.

George Werth (George Peter Werth) - Died 5-7-2007 in Fair Oaks, CA, U.S. - He was 88 years old - Played trumpet - Worked with David Rose ("The Stripper") - Played on thousands of movie soundtracks by Warner Brothers, Walt Disney and MGM.

Carson Whitsett (James Carson Whitsett) - Died 5-8-2007 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Brain cancer ( R&B ) Born 5-1-1945 in Jackson, Miss., U.S. - Keyboardist and songwriter - Worked with The Imperial Show Band, Eric  Mercury, Paul Simon, Z.Z. Hill, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Kathy Mattea and  a new lineup of The MGs (They did, "Sugar Cane") - Wrote and co-wrote  songs for Etta James, Johnnie Taylor, Irma Thomas, Joe Louis Walker,  Johnny Adams, Lorrie Morgan and John Anderson.

Jack Young (aka The Legendary Jack Young)- Died 5-8-2007 - hanged himself ( Rock - Punk - Folk - Jazz ) Born 5-8-1980 - Singer, guitarist and pianist and was a writer and poet using the pen name Janeck Zell - Worked with Inanimate Carbon Rod, Moist Chicken, The Bloodhound Gang, The Godly Spirits and The Zells.

Michael Edwicker - Died 5-9-2007 - House fire ( Rock ) He was 62 years old -  Musician and sound engineer - As a sound engineer he worked for Thin Lizzie, Barclay James Harvest, Joe Longthorn and 10CC.

Carla White (Clara Ruth White) - Died 5-9-2007 in New York, NY, U.S. - Breast cancer ( Jazz ) Born 9-15-1951 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "Topsy" and "Street Of Dreams") - Worked with Manny  Duran, Luis Zepeda, Tom Rainey and John Hart.

Aníbal Sampayo - Died 5-9-2007 Paysandu, Uruguay ( Folk ) Composer and singer - (He did, "Ky chororo" and "Cancion de Verano y Remo").

Kenn Kingsbury (Kenneth Earl Kingsbury Jr.) - Died 5-9-2007 in California, U.S. - He was 61 years old - Author, poet and producer - Author of, "Kingsbury's Who's Who In Country And Western Music".

Ian Adam - Died 5-10-2007 in London, England - Pneumonia - Born 4-12-1943 - Singer - Was a vocal coach for Sarah Brightman, Michael Crawford, Jeremy Irons, Anthony Andrews, Lulu, Jo Dixon, Sting and Boy George - Worked with Andrew Lloyd Webber, Cameron Mackintosh and Kenneth Branagh - Hosted TV's, I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing.

Bill Zaccagni (William Zaccagni) (aka Z) - Died 5-10-2007 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) He was 57 years old - Born in Port Richmond - Saxophonist, arranger and teacher - Worked with Bernadette Peters, Johnny Mathis, Burt Bacharach and Bobby Rydell.

John Eargle (John Morgan Eargle) - Died 5-10-2007 in Los Angeles  County, CA, U.S. - Born 1-6-1931 - Recording engineer - Worked with Joe  Williams, Red Holloway, Richard Rodney Bennett, Garrick Ohlsson, Ruth  Brown, Etta James, Carol Rosenberger, The Seattle Symphony, The  London Symphony, Bella Davidovitch, The Westminster Choir, Clark  Terry and Tommy Newsom - Worked for RCA Records, Mercury Records, JBL and The Altec Corporation - Authored, "The JBL Story: 60 Years Of  Audio Innovation" and "The Handbook Of Recording Engineering".

Jo Durden-Smith (John Anthony Durden-Smith) - Died 5-10-2007 - Stroke - Born 12-24-1941 in Pinner, Middlesex - Documentary film maker - He produced The Door's, "The Doors Are Open", The Rolling Stones', "The Stones In The Park", Boris Gribenshikov's, "The Long Way Home" and Johnny Cash's, "Johnny Cash In San Quentin".

Chief Stephen Osita Osadebe - The Consistent Highlife King and The Doctor of Hypertension - Died 5-11-2007 in Waterbury, Conn., U.S. - Lung failure ( Highlife ) Born 3-?-1934 or 1936 in Atani, Anambra State, Nigeria - Singer, songwriter and musician - (He did, "Adamma" and "Makojo") - Led The Nigerian Soundmakers International - Worked with Stephen Amechi.

Freda Adams ( Freda Louise Riffe) - Died 5-11-2007 - Uterine cancer ( Gospel ) Played piano and organ - Worked with her husband rockabilly and gospel artist, Billy Adams.

Riverside Rob Draganski - Died 5-11-2007 in Twin Lakes, WI, U.S. - Motorcycle accident ( Blues ) He was 22 years old - Guitarist and singer - Led Riverside Rob And The Blues Tones.

Ralph Sappington - Died 5-12-2007 - Stroke ( Jazz )  He was 55 years old - Trumpet player and composer - Worked with Michelle Shocked, The Righteous Brothers, The Temptations and The Duke Ellington Orchestra - Collaborated with A.J. Kalanick.

Doc Krawitz (Leonard Krawitz) - Died 5-12-2007 in West Brandywine - Heart failure ( Jazz - Classical ) He was 91 years old - Played clarinet - Worked with The Reading Terminal Jazz Band, The Philadelphia Doctors Symphony and The Lansdowne Symphony.

Humphrey Davis, Jr. (Humphrey Stewart Davis Jr.) - Died 5-12-2007 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Cardiac arrest ( Jazz ) Saxophonist - Born 11-14-1949 - Worked with Fats Domino, Dr. John, Aaron And Cyril  Neville, Irma Thomas, David Ruffin, Charmaine Neville and B. B. King.

Maestro Jose Benito Barros Palomino - Died 5-12-2007 in Santa Marta ( Folk - Bolero - Tango ) He was 92 years old - Born in El Banco - Composer (He wrote, "Momposina" and "Busco tu Recuerdo") - He wrote more than 800 songs.

Dr C K Revamma - Died 5-13-2007 - Illness ( Playback ) She was 75 years old - Musician and singer - (She did, "Sasidharan" and "Jeevithanauka") - Sang for 20 films.

Rod Poole (Roderick Poole) - Died 5-13-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Stabbed ( Experimental ) Born 1962 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Acoustic Guitar Trio and can be heard on the compilation 156 Strings ("Kalaidoscopic Sunday") - Worked with Nels Cline, Eugene Chadbourne, Derek Bailey, Mia Masaoka, Kraig Grady, Donald Miller, Pat Thomas, Tony Bevan and Joseph Hammer.

Nancy Rideout (Nancy Tannenbaum) - Died 5-13-2007 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Motorcycle accident ( Bluegrass-Rock ) She was 47 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Moonshine Willy (They did, "Way Out West" and "Roulette Wheel").

Joan MacKenzie (Seonag NicCoinnich) - Last of the island singers - Died 5-13-2007 in Edinburgh ( Gaelic Folk ) Born 9-2-1929 in Stornoway, Western Isles - Singer - Worked with The Edin Singers.

Matthew Quinn - Died 5-15-2007 in Providence, RI, U.S. - Fell down a flight of stairs ( Jazz - Pop ) He was 48 years old - Pianist - Worked with his brother, Mark Quinn and with Steve Rizzo, Jimmy Winters, Tish Adams, Richard Haddocks, Barb Schloff Arrieta, Jeff Fountain and Dick Lupino.

Ben Shepherd - Died 5-15-2007 ( Pop - Rock ) He was 29 years old - Bassist - Was a member of Lalia.

Wayne Burdette (Wayne Grant Burdette) - Died 5-15-2007 in Charleston, SC, U.S. ( Blues - Rock ). Born 4-8-1951 in Albuquerque, NM, U.S. - Played bass - Worked with The Ravens, Luther Houserocker Johnson, Chicago Bob Nelson, The Heart Fixers, Tinsley Ellis and Jimmy Thackery.

Keith Girdler - Died 5-15-2007 - Cancer ( Pop ) Singer - Was a member of Blueboy (They did, "Candy Bracelet" and "Popkiss"), Arabesque, Beaumont (They did, "Girls And Maths" and "Hey Barbara"), Lovejoy and The Snowdrops.

Topper Price (Terry O'Neil Price) - Died 5-16-2007 in Birmingham, AL, U.S. ( Blues - Rock ) Born in 3-?-1953 in Plateau, Mobile, AL, U.S. - Singer and harmonica player - Worked with Gregg Allman, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Delbert McClinton and The Subdudes - Recorded for Vent Records.

Bois Sec Ardoin (Alphonse Ardoin) - Died 5-16-2007 in Eunice, LA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Creole ) Born 11-16-1915 near Duralde in  Evangeline Parish, LA, U.S. - Played accordion and sang - Worked with  Canray Fontenot, Dewey Balfa and Dennis McGee.

Wallace Lewis (James Wallace Lewis) - Died 5-16-2007 Washington, GA, U.S. ( Bluegrass - Gospel ) Born 7-6-1928 outside of Lincolnton - Guitarist and and singer - Was a member of The Lewis Brothers and The Lewis Family - The Georgia Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Randall Everett - Died 5-16-2007 - Cancer ( Bluegrass ) Guitarist - He was 66 years old - Was a member of The Everett Brothers Band.

Paul Kafeero (Prince Paul Job Kafeero) - Died 5-16-2007 in Uganda - Malaria - He was 38 years old - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Kulabako Guitar Singers (They did, "Walumbe Zaaya" and "Omwana Muvubuka Munange").

Sam Honigberg - Died 5-17-2007 in New Jersey, U.S. - Natural causes - He was 95 years old - Born in the Ukraine - Worked for Desi Arnaz, Lucille Ball, Lawrence Welk, Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis, Liberace and Steve Allen - As a journalist he freelanced for Billboard and Motion Picture Herald.

Florez Sledge ( Florez Kathy Sledge) ( Florez Kathy Williams) - Died 5-17-2007 in Phoenix, Ariz., U.S. - Stroke - She was 79 years old - Born in Youngstown, Ohio, U.S. - Singer and dancer - Performed at Club Harlem - Managed her daughters' group, Sister Sledge.

Travis Huffstickler - Died 5-17-2007 in Polk County, NC, U.S. - Single car crash ( Metal ) Born 5-22-1984 - Singer - Worked with Chizel Face, Behind The Veil and Subcyde.

Yoyoy Villame (Roman Villame) - Died 5-18-2007 - Heart attack ( Novelty ) Born 1938 - Comedian and singer - (He did, "Magellan" and "Mag-Exercise Tayo") - Father of singer, Hannah Villame.

Fermin Arzu - Died 5-18-2007 in Longwood, Bronx, NY, U.S. - Shot by an off duty police officer - He was 41 years old - Born in Honduris - Musician - Was a member of The Rio Tinto Stars.

Maddalena Belfiore-Greco - The Accordion Diva - Died 5-18-2007 - Cancer - Born 5-27-1928 in Kearny - Played accordion and was a composer - She collaborated with accordionist Myron Floren for an instructional book, "The Myron Floren Method" - The first female president of The American Accordionists' Association.

Donald Scott (Francis Sydney Macdonald) - Died 5-18-2007 - Born 10-4-1919 in Ilford,
Essex - Singer and actor - Appeared in the London production of The Sound of Music for 2,000 performances - Hosted radio's, The Pleasure Of Your Company with The Scottish Variety Orchestra.

Jose Monica (aka MGM Zangado) (Jose Monica Monteiro Mendes Coimbra) - Died 5-19-2007 - Illness -  He was 36 years old - Born in the southern Benguela province - Singer and composer - (He wrote, "Quer Tatau" and "Zan-gado") - Wrote songs for The Irmaos Almeida Band - Worked with Tony Nguxi, Bonga, Irmaos Almeida, Gil Semedo, Paulo Flores, Tito Paris and Maya Cool.

Frankie Guida (Frank J. Guida) - Died 5-19-2007 in Virginia Beach, VA, U.S. - Born 5-26-1922 in Palermo, Sicily, Italy - (Co-wrote, "If You Wanna  Be Happy" and "New Orleans") - Credited with creation of the Norfolk  Sound - Launched the careers of Gary U.S. Bonds and Jimmy Soul - Owner  of Legrand Records.

Frank Werber - Died 5-19-2007 in Silver City, New Mexico, U.S. - Heart failure - Born 1929 in Cologne, Germany - Was the original manager for The Kingston Trio.

Donald Wescoat - Died 5-19-2007 in Sun Valley, Los Angeles County, CA, U.S. - Heart attack - Born 9-16-1945 in Riverside - Musical director, composer and pianist - Worked on the revue, "Some Like It Cole" and the musicial, "And What, Give Up Show Biz?".

Marv Rochetti - Died 5-19-2007 Petaluma - Born 1925 in Michigan, U.S. - Orchestra leader and trumpet player - Led The Continental Violins - Worked with The Royal Strings and Roy Rogers.

Herbie Lewis (Herbert Prince Lewis) - Died 5-19-2007 in Minneapolis, MN, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 2-17-1941 in Pasadena, CA, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with Tete Montoliu, Chico Freeman, Billy Higgins, Bobby  Hutcherson, McCoy Tyner, Freddie Hubbard, Stanley Turrentine, Harold Land, Jackie McLean, Les McCann, Cannonball Adderley, Dave Pike, Sam Rivers, Freddie Hubbard, Lennie McBrowne, Woody Shaw, Gary Bartz and Archie Shepp.

Ben Weisman (Benjamin Weisman (aka the mad professor) - Died  5-20-2007 Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications from Alzheimer's disease and stroke - Born 11-16-1921 in Providence, RI, U.S. - Pianist and songwriter - Wrote and co- wrote music for Barbra Streisand ("Love In The Afternoon"), Johnny Mathis ("When I Am with You"), Bobby Vee, The Beatles ("Lend Me Your Comb") and Elvis Presley ("Follow That Dream" and "Fame And Fortune").

Rick Cathaway - Died 5-20-2007 - Cancer - Born 11-2-1946 in Burbank, CA, U.S. - Guitarist and bassist - Worked with The Osmonds.

Kalil Madi - Died 5-20-2007 - Illness ( Jazz ) Born 12-13-1921 - Drummer - Worked with Eddie and Vickie Barnes.

Dermot O'Brien - Died 5-22-2007 in Clonmore, Ardee - Cancer - Sang and played accordion - (Wrote, Turfman From Ardee") - Led Dermot O'Brien And His Clubmen.

 Peerie Willie Johnson (William Henry Johnson) - Died 5-22-2007 in Lerwick, Shetland ( Jazz - Western Swing - Folk ) Born 12-10-1920 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Islesburgh Dance Band and The New Players Dance Band Worked with Willie Hunter, Violet Tulloch and Aly Bain.

Misty Bade (Janis Teru Sumida) - Died 5-22-2007 in Palm Springs, CA, U.S. - Natural causes ( Jazz ) Born 9-19-1941 in San Jose, CA, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (She did, "Solitary Moon" and "Guess Who I Saw Today?") - Worked with Bob Ramsdell and Andy Fraga.

David Potter - Died 5-22-2007 - Cancer - Born 1-7-1932 in Malden, MA, U.S. - Bassist - Worked with The Goofers, Sammy Davis Jr., Johnny Mathis, Paul Anka and The Denver Symphony.

Don Gensen - Died 5-22-2007 in Los Angeles Co., CA, U.S. - Born 6-20-1914 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Singer - Worked with The Henry Bussey Orchestra - Was an executive producer for TV's, The Doris Day Show.

Martin Kelly - Died 5-22-2007 - Car accident which also took the life of his girlfriend photographer, Leeanne Connor ( Metal ) He was 26 years old - Guitarist abd singer - Was a member of Breakpoint (They did, "Reminder").

Colonel Gene Wyatt - Died 5-23-2007 - Heart failure - He was 77 years old - Born in Converse - Guitarist and teacher - Led Hot Guitar and The Gene Wyatt Trio.

Miranda Gray-Taufa - Died 5-23-2007 ( Gospel ) She was 42 years old - Singer - (She did, "Ko Koe Te Ariki Nui" and "Life").

Charles Lee Moore - Died 5-23-2007 ( Gospel ) He was 71 years old - Singer, organist and composer - Founder of The Heavenly Ensemble (They did, "Things Are Going To Get Better" and "Live It In Your Life") - Husband of singer and pianist, Lavonia Moore.

JoAnne Riddle (JoAnne Melugin Neavill) - Died 5-23-2007 in Danville -  Born 1928 in Shawnee, Okla., U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Dub Johnson.

Bun Loeung - Died 5-24-2007 in St. Paul, Minnesota, U.S. - Complications from heart surgery ( Classical - Folk - Swing ) He was 78 years old - Played  Cambodian hammered dulcimer - Was a member of The New International Trio and Light From Heaven.

Ken Henson (Ken E. Henson) (aka Kenny Henson) - Died 5-24-2007 - Emphysema ( Rock ) Born 3-28-1947 in Durban - Guitarist - Was a member of The Leemen Limited, Freedom's Children (They did, "Journey For Lost Souls"), The Sounds, Abstract Truth and Finch & Henson - Worked with The Bats.

Buddy Childers (Marion E. Childers) - Died 5-25-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 2-12-1926 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Played trumpet - Worked with The Stan Kenton Orchestra, Les Brown, Tommy Dorsey, Woody Herman and Charlie Barnet.

Bobby Hood Jr - Died 5-25-2007 - Single car accident - He was 53 years old - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (Co-wrote, "Ground Zero Heroes" and "Sacred Ground") - Collaborated with Jenny Strickland-Russell and Jason Davis.

Charles Nelson Reilly - Died 5-25-2007 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. - Complications from pneumonia - Born 1-13-1931 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Actor - (Sang, "Just The Crust" and "Coffee Break") - Appeared in the musicals, Skyscraper, Hello, Dolly! and How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying and was a panelist on the TV game show, The Match Game.

Gaye Levine - Died 5-25-2007 in Sanibel Island - Ovarian and liver cancer ( Rock - Blues - Jazz - Classical ) Born 8-12-1952 in Daytona Beach, FL, U.S. - Played acoustic and electric cello and was a booking agent - Founding member of Asante.

Roy Richards (Leroy Richards) - Died 5-25-2007 in St Ann's Bay - Born 1941 - Played harmonica and drums and was a singer - Worked with Bryon Lee and Enid Cumberland.

Nobby Campman (Norbert Campman) - Died 5-25-2007 in Bruhl, Germany - Cardiac faillure following pulmonary embolism - Born 4-28-1959 in Cologne, Germany - Played guitar, bass, drums and mandolin - Was a member of Schaal Sick and Drei Sock - Worked with De Rauber (They did, "Denn wenn et Trommelche jeit" (When The Snare Drum Starts Marching) and "Die Rose (Wer hat mir die Rose auf den Hintern tatowiert)" (The Rose (Who Tattooed A Rose On My Butt?)).

Jim Alexander - Died 5-25-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Heart attack - He was 50 years old - Singer, actor and dancer - Appeared in the Broadway production of "Peter Pan", national tours of "Godspell" and a European tour of "Evita".

L. Vaidyanathan - Died 5-26-2007 - He was 65 years old - Violinist and composer - Worked with his violinist brothers, L. Shankar and L. Subramaniam - Wrote music for over 150 movies including, Ezhavathu Manithan and Marupakkam and for TV's, Malgudi Days.

Clark Harris - Died 5-26-2007 in Monroe County ( Rock - Country - Bluegrass ) He was 60 years old - Played guitar, piano and harmonica and was a singer - Worked with his ex-wife, Joan Ashbee.

George Greeley - Died 5-26-2007 in Sherman Oaks, CA, U.S. - Emphysema - Born 7-23-1917 in Westerly, RI, U.S. - Composer, pianist and arranger - Worked with The Tommy Dorsey Band and Frank Sinatra - He co-wrote music for the films, "The Eddy Duchin Story" and "Hellcats Of The Navy" and wrote music for TV's, "My Favorite Martian".

Izumi Sakai (Sachiko Kamachi) - Died 5-27-2007 in Tokyo, Japan - Brain contusion after falling from stairs in a hospital ( Pop ) Born 2-6-1967 in Kanagawa prefecture, Japan - Singer and songwriter - Was a member of Zard (They did, "Yureru Omoi" (Swinging Feeling) and "My Friend").

Paul Farris (Paul V. Farris) - Died 5-27-2007 in Massachusetts, U.S. - Car accident ( Rock ) He was 23 years old - Singer - Was a member of theMark(They did, "Sapphire" and "Revenge On The Radio").

Asquith Clarke - Died 5-27-2007 in Tunapuna - Shot, he was due to testify in a murder trial - He was 69 years old - Musician - Was a member of  The Trinidad Troubadours (They did, "Come Leh We Go").

 Gretchen Wyler (Gretchen Patricia Winneche) - Died 5-27-2007 in Camarillo, CA, U.S. - Born 2-16-1932 in Bartlesville, OK, U.S. - Singer, actress and dancer - (She did remakes of, "What Lola Wants" and "Find Me A Primitive Man") - Appeared in the Broadway musical, "Silk Stockings" - She was an animal rights activist and The Ark Trust, which presents annual awards for animal protection gave the first Gretchen Wyler Award to Paul McCartney.

Wayne Marth - Died 5-27-2007 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Trombonist, pianist and organist - He was 77 years old - Led The Wayne Marth Quartet - Was a member of Wayne, JR And The Feel Good Band - Worked with Sugar Daddy's Jazz Band.

 Pete Brandt (Peter Cameron Brandt) - Died 5-27-2007 - Born 5-28-1927 in Chicago, Ill., U.S. - Heart attack - Played banjo, harmonica and piano and was a singer - Was a member of The Windy City Jammers.

Laura Hopper (Laura Ellen Hopper) - Died 5-28-2007 - Complications of lung cancer - She was 57 years old - DJ and program director - Helped the careers of emerging country and folk singers - The radio station which she co-founded emphasized artists such as Robert Earl Keen, Todd Snider, John Prine, Jerry Jeff Walker, Peter Rowan and Iris DeMent.

Norman Kaye - Died 5-29-2007 in Sydney, Austrialia - Illness - He was 80 years old  - Actor, organist and composer - Collaborated with director, Paul Cox.

Hue Fields (Hue Willis Fields) - Died 5-29-2007 ( Bluegrass ) He was 76 years old - Multi instrumentalist - Was a member of The Lantana Drifters.

Andras Veszelinov - Died 5-29-2007 in Budapest, Hungary  ( Rock ) Born 7-8-1946 in Budapest, Hungary  - Drummer - Worked with Syrius (They did, "Crooked Man" and "Mint aprilis") and Apostol.

Sean Jenkins (Sean Frederick Jenkins) - Died 5-29-2007 in Marske by the Sea, North Yorkshire, UK - Illness ( Rock ) Born 5-10-1945 in Kidderminster, Worcestershire, UK - Played drums - Worked with Love Affair, City Lights, The Elastic Band, The Shakedown Sound and Henry Cow.

Lee Tisdale (Mott-ly) - Died 5-30-2007 in Kansas City, Kansas, U.S. ( Punk ) He was 30 years old - Artist and singer - Was a member of Mudhead.

Cacho Tirao (Oscar Emilio Tirao) - Died 5-31-2007 in Buenos Aires, Argentina - Pulmonary infection - Born 4-5-1941 in Berazategui, Buenos Aires - Guitarist and composer - (He did, "Teresa, mi renacer" and "Tercer tiempo") - Was a member of Quinteto Astor Piazzolla - Worked with Rodolfo Mederos, Osvaldo Tarantino, Dino Saluzzi and Josephine Baker.

Clifford Steele - Died 5-?-2007 - Complications of diabetes ( Spiritual ) He was 62 years old - Singer, pianist and organist - Founder of The Steelelights - Son of civil rights activist, Rev. C.K. Steele.

Cleve Williams - Died 5-?-2007 ( Jazz ) Trombonist and singer - Worked with The Original Cats and Dinah Washington.

 Grant Hamill - Died 6-?-2007 - Car accident ( Rock ) He was 36 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Total Havoc.

Lee Michael Owen - Died 6-?-2007 in Craig y Don, Llandudno - Accidental overdose of methadone - He was 21 years old  - Born in Germany  - Singer and guitarist.

Tony Thompson (Tony Ulysees Thompson) - Died 6-1-2007 in Waco, TX,  U.S. - Overdose of freon ( R&B ) Singer - Born 9-2-1975 in Waco, TX, U.S. - Was a member of  Hi-Five (They did, "I Like The Way (The Kissing Game)" and "I Can't  Wait Another Minute") - Worked with Bun-B ("Rock Ya Body") - Recorded  solo for Giant Records and Bad Boy Records.

Giuseppe Leopizzi - Died 6-1-2007 - Acute leukemia ( Folk ) Guitarist and composer - Founder of Aes Dana - Worked with Rosellina Guzzo.

Marianne Ruuth - Died 6-2-2007 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Illness - She was 76 years old - Born in Sweden - Writer - She published biographies for Sarah Vaughan, Stevie Wonder, Eddie Murphy, The Supremes, Bill Cosby and Nat King Cole.

Kentaro Haneda (aka Haneken) - Died 6-2-2007 - Hepatocellular carcinoma - Born 1-12-1949 in Tokyo, Japan - Pianist and composer - Wrote music for anime movies and for video games.

John Pike (John Ryan Pike) - Died 6-3-2007 in Fairhaven, MA, U.S. ( Rock ) He was 23 years old - Drummer - Was a member of Ra Ra Riot (They did, "Ghost Under Rocks" and "Each Year").

Herb Mazzini (Hubert Mazzini) - Died 6-3-2007 - Singer and actor - Performed in 13 Broadway musicals including, "Ben Franklin In Paris" and "Tovarich".

Juan Antonio "Arguru" Arguelles - Died 6-3-2007 - Car accident - Musician and music software programmer - He had a role in the creation of FL Studio 7, DirectWave and Deckadance.

Rik Gunnell (Richard Carl Percival Gunnell) - Died 6-3-2007 - Born 7-23-1931 in Hausbruch, Germany - Music business entrepreneur and promoter - Woked with Chris Farlowe, PJ Proby, John Mayall, Georgie Fame, Geno Washington and Zoot Money.

 Loga Arumugam (Loganathan Arumugam) - Died 6-4-2007 - Lung cancer ( Pop ) He was 54 years old - Played flute and sang - Was a member of The Alleycats (They did, "Sampaikan Salam" and "Sekuntum Mawar Merah").

Johnny Barnett Sr. - Died 6-4-2007 - Illness ( Country ) Born 4-19-1918 in Minnekah, Oklahoma, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Second Fiddle") - Worked with Billy Mize, Cliff Crofford, Gene Moles and Merle Haggard.

Freddie Scott (Freddie D. Scott) - Died 6-4-2007 in Jamaica, Queens,  NY, U.S. ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 4-24-1933 in Providence, RI, U.S. - Singer  and songwriter - (He did, "Hey, Girl", "Are You Lonely For Me Baby" and "What Do I See In The Girl") - Was a member of Sally Jones & The  Gospel Keyes and The Swanee Quintet Juniors (They did, "Far Away  Places").

Ray Erlenborn - Died 6-4-2007 in West Hills, CA, U.S. - Complications of a bacterial infection - He was 92 years old - Singer, actor and sound effects artist - Worked with with Hugo Hamlin's Proteges -  Sang in, "Harold Teen" for Warner Bros. and "Cowboy Medicine Show" which starred Roy Rogers - He did sound effects for TV's, "The Smothers Brothers Comedy Hour", "Sonny And Cher" and "The Carol Burnett Show.

Herb Draeger (Herbert F. Draeger Jr.) - Died 6-4-2007 - Blood infection ( Jazz ) He was 79 years old - Played trombone - Was a member of The Allen-Bradley Orchestra And Chorus - Worked with Herbie Stark, Gary Christensen's All-Star Superband and Bill Sargent's Airmen Of Swing.

Povel Ramel (Baron Povel Karl Henrik Ramel) - Died 6-5-2007 - Born 6-1-1922 in Ostermalm, Stockholm - Singer, pianist, songwriter and comedian - (He did, "Johansson's Boogie Woogie Waltz" and "Det skulle aldrig delfinerna gora" (That, The Dolphins Would Never Do)) - Wrote over 1,000 songs.

Jon DeRhodes (Jon M. DeRhodes) - Died 6-5-2007 in Kent - Heart attack ( Jazz ) He was 44 years old - Born in Canton - Played saxophone and keyboards - Worked with Hot Souse and The Wanda Hunt Band.

Short Shane (Shane Jackson) - Died 6-5-2007 in Newfoundland - Car accident ( Rap ) Born 12-25-1979 - (He did, "Incredible") - Was a member of Mad Craz, Ground Squad and 365-Ground Squad.

Matt Deveney (Gerard Matthew Deveney) - Died 6-5-2007 in Boston, MA, U.S. - Sarcoma of the digestive system ( Rock ) He was 35 years old - Singer and keyboardist - Was a member of Playin' Dead.

Kokila Devi Weeratunga - Died 6-5-2007 in Colombo - Illness - She was 95 years old - Singer - (She did, " Jaliya Krishna Jina" and "Mawpiya Adee") - Worked with H.W. Rupasinghe.

Van James (Ivan James Hunter) - Died 6-?-2007 - Prostate cancer - He was 79 years old - Born in Carlisle - Pianist - Toured with Bob Monkhouse, Ken Goodwin and Les Dawson.

Kim Tolliver (Dorothy Kim Tolliver) (aka Kimberly Briggs and Big Ella) - Died 6-6-2007 in Cleveland, OH, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 6-21-1937 in Lebanon, TN, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On" and "I'll Try to Do Better") - She had been married to producer and songwriter, Fred Briggs and to blues singer, Rex Robinson.

 Sophie Legg (Sophie Orchard) - Died 6-6-2007 in Bodmin, Cornwall ( Folk - Romany ) Born 4-20-1918 in Hatt, Cornwall - Singer - (She did, "Jim The Carter Lad" and "Catch Me If You Can").

Les Souci - Died 6-6-2007 in Washington, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Reggae ) - Played guitar, harmonica and piano - (He did, "All The People" and "I Thought Of Her").

Charles Cochran - Died 6-7-2007 - Car accident ( Country ) He was 71 years old - Born in Midway, Penn., U.S. - Pianist and arranger - Worked with Garth Brooks, John Prine, Guy Clark, Townes Van Zandt, Bobby Vinton and Don Williams - Played music for Miller and Budweiser beer commercials and for TV's, The Incredible Hulk - His songs were recorded by Ronnie Spector and Dr. Hook.

Jonathan Chibesa - Died 6-7-2007 in Chingola - Illness - Born 1976 in Chingola - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of The Glorious Band (They did, "Isambo Lyamfwa" and "Natubwelele").

Lee Nagrin - Died 6-8-2007 - Complications of colon cancer ( Opera  Pop Fusion ) She was 78 years old - Singer, choreographer and playwright - Produced, directed and performed in Off Broadway productions - Collaborated with composer Richard Isen - Appeared in the film, "The Blob".

Lynne Randell - Died 6-8-2007 in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia - Illness ( Pop ) Born 1949 in Liverpool, England - Singer - (She did, "Ciao Baby" and "Stranger In My Arms").

Nellie Lutcher (Nellie Rose Lutcher) - Died 6-8-2007 in Los Angeles,  CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 10-15-1912 in Lake Charles, LA, U.S. - Singer  and pianist - (She did, "He's A Real Gone Guy" and "Hurry On Down") -  Worked with Nat King Cole ("Can I Come In For A Second"), The  Imperial Orchestra, Ma Rainey and The Southern Rhythm Boys - Sister  of saxophonist, Joe Woodman Lutcher.

Tony Roman (Antoine d'Ambrosio) - Died 6-8-2007 in Montreal, Canada - Liver cancer complications ( Rock ) Born 8-1-1942 in Montreal, Canada - Musician, music producer and filmmaker - Led Tony And The Tip Signals and Tony Roman And His Dolphins.

Achim Anger - Died 6-8-2007 - He was 62 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Shanty Choir.

 Del Fisher ( Delano G. Fisher) - Died 6-8-2007 in Pierre - Born 3-24-1945 - Singer and radio host - Was a member of The Country Fish & Company.

Chito Gonzalez - Died 6-9-2007 ( Dance - Ballads - Rancheras ) Born 1932 in Chihuahua - Played violin, saxophone, clarinet, guitar and flute -  Led The Chito Gonzalez Orchestra.

Mike Pritchard - Died 6-9-2007 - Cancer - He was 67 years old - Played saxophone and guitar - (He wrote, "Just Another Cowboy" and "I Don't Smoke") - Worked with The Banshees and The VIPs.

George Rrurrambu (George Rrurrumbu Burarrawanga) - Died 6-10-2007 in Elcho Island - Bone cancer ( Rock ) He was 50 years old - Singer - Was a member of The Warumpi Band (They did, "Jailanguru Pakarnu"(Out Of Jail) and "Black Fella White Fella").

Tsar Teh-Yun (Cai Deyun) - Died 6-10-2007 - Born 1905 - Played the guqin - (She did, "Some Ways Of Touching The Ch'in").

Boule Noire (Georges Thurston) - Died 6-10-2007 - Colon cancer ( R&B - Disco ) Born 12-29-1951 in Bedford, Quebec, Canada - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Les Zinconnus - Worked with Claude Dubois, Nanette Workman, Francois Guy and Michel Pagliaro.

Eddie Wied (aka The Professor) (Edward Alvin Wied) - Died 6-10-2007 in Portland Oregon, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born in Spokane, Washingon, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Tex Beneke And The Modernaire, The Original Cats, Red Norvo, Art Van Damm, Anita O'Day, Richie Cole, Jack Shelton, Sammy Davis Jr. and Judy Garland.

Stack Bundles (Rayquan Elliott) - Died 6-11-2007 in Far Rockaway, Queens - Shot ( Rap ) Born about 1983 - Worked with Jim Jones and Joe Budden.

German Vega (aka Salinas) - Died 6-11-2007 in Tampa, FL, U.S. - He was 75 years old - Musician and singer - Was a member of Los Hispanos - Worked with The Four Amigos, Los Borincanos, Los Chicos de San Juan and Elvis Presley ("Fun In Acapulco").

Leo Renaud - Died 6-11-2007 ( Jazz ) He was 74 years old - Played trumpet and was a composer - Worked with Owen McPeek.

 Kevin Toole - Died 6-12-2007 - Brain cancer - He was 51 years old - Born in Wilkes-Barre, PA, U.S. - Played drums - Worked with The D.C. Connection and The Park Avenue - Owned The Drum Center Of Lexington where he also taught - Husband of singer, Candace Toole (Fox).

Tito Gomez (Luis Alberto Gomez) - Died 6-12-2007 in Cali, Colombia - Heart attack ( Salsa ) Born 4-9-1948 in Juana Díaz, Puerto Rico - Singer - (He did, "Dejala") - Worked with La Sonora Poncena, Ray Barretto and Grupo Niche.

Hugh Attwooll - Died 6-12-2007 - Cancer ( Rock ) He was 59 years old - Drummer - Worked with The End (They did, "I Can't Get Any Joy" and "Shades Of Orange") and The Stiff All Stars (They did, "Sound Of A Breaking Heart" and "Running Away") - Worked with Bill Wyman.

Jacek Skubikowski - Died 6-13-2007 - Throat cancer - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Born 1953.

Tommy Crank (aka The Ol' Mountain Preacher) - Died 6-13-2007 ( Gospel - Bluegrass ) He was 81 years old - Musician, producer and preacher - Worked with Ralph Stanley, Larry Sparks and Jimmy Skinner.

Kai Davidson - Died 6-14-2007 in Edinburgh ( Punk - Rock ) He was 44 years old - Played guitar and bass - Was a member of The Hormones, The Cateran and The Joyriders - Worked with Reasons For Emotion - Managed The Proclaimers.

Mark Freeland - Died 6-14-2007 - Throat cancer ( Prog - Punk ) Born 1957 - Guitarist - (He did, "I Just Wanna Get Drunk" and "Go Go Go") - Led Electroman (They did, "Let's Stay Up And Party Till Six In The Morning") - Was a member of Pegasus and The Fems (They did, "Go To A Party" and "Ionize") - Worked with Motoharu Sano.

Richard Bell - Died 6-15-2007 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Myeloma ( Rock ) Pianist, keyboardists - Born 3-5-1946 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - Worked with Ronnie Hawkins' Hawks, Janis Joplin's Full Tilt  Boogie Band, The Band (They did, "The Caves Of Jericho" and "High On  The Hog"), Paul Butterfield, John Sebastian, Bruce Cockburn, Bonnie Rait and Colin Linden.

Jocco Abendroth (Juergen Abendroth) - Died 6-15-2007 in Frankfurt - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-28-1953 - Singer, guitarist and composer - (He did, "Herzen muessen brennen").

Denny Daniels (Dennis Daniels) - Died 6-15-2007 in Naperville - Brain disease ( R&B - Neo-classical ) Born 1946 - Keyboardist - Was a member of Deluxury - Worked with Stevie Ray Vaughan, The Beach Boys, Bo Diddley, Buddy Rich, Jimmy Page, Robert Plant and Muddy Waters.

"Guitar" Billie Beatty (Arlington Billie Beatty) - Died 6-15-2007 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Heart attack ( Gospel ) Born 2-11-1934 in Mecklenburg County, NC, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with The Divine  Travelers, The Victory Stars and The Queens Of Faith.

Cliff Baxter - Died 6-?-2007 - He was 81 years old - Cancer - He was an excutive for EMI - Helped with the careers of Johnny Farnham, Russell Morris and Doug Parkinson.

Pattie Darcy-Jones (Patricia Darcy-Jones) - Died 6-16-2007 in Hopatcong, NJ, U.S. - Born 1953 - Singer - Worked with Cher, Darlene Love, Bette Midler, Joe Cocker and Robert Plant - Appeared in the revues, Smokey Joe's Cafe and Leader Of The Pack.

Dora Than-E (aka Beelat Pyan Than and Aunty Dora) - Died 6-17-2007 in Oxford, England - Born 1908 - Burmese singer.

Luman Bliss - Died 6-17-2007 in Alterra - He was 97 years old - Singer - Founder of The Interludes - Worked with The Midland Men Of Music - He was a president of The Association Of Male Choruses Of America.

Durval Ferreira - Died 6-17-2007 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ( Bossa Nova ) Born 1-26-1935 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - Guitarist, composer and producer - (He wrote, "Estamos Aí" and "Batida Diferente") - Worked with The Tamba Trio, Os Gatos, Cannonball Adderley and Sergio Mendes - Produced Nana Caymmi and Emilio Santiago.

Charles White - Died 6-18-2007 in Queens, NY, U.S. - Shot, he was a suspect in the slaying of rapper Stack Bundles ( Rap ) He was 20 years old.

Richard "Kush" Griffith - Died 6-18-2007 - Heart attack ( R&B - Funk - Blues ) Born 8-8-1948 in Louisville, KY, U.S. - Played trumpet - Worked with The Louisville Civic Symphony Orchestra, Johnny And The Soul Six, The Notorious Outsiders, James Brown, Bootsy's Rubber Band, The Brides Of Funkenstein, Maceo And All The King's Men, Parliament Funkadelic and The Horny Horns.

Bill Farr - Died 6-18-2007 - Leukemia - Guitarist - He was 70 years old - Co-founder of The Monterey Cowboy Poetry and Music Festival.

Pablo Estramín - Died 6-18-2007 - Cancer - Born 9-30-1959 in Montevideo - Singer, guitarist and composer.

Hank Medress (Henry B. Medress) - Died 6-18-2007 in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Doo-Wop ) Born 11-19-1938 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Tenor singer, songwriter and producer - Was a member of The Linc-Tones  (They did, "While I Dream" and "I Love My Baby") which became The Tokens (They did, "The Lion Sleeps Tonight" and "Tonight I Fell In  Love") - Produced The Happenings, Melissa Manchester, Frankie Valli,  The Chiffons ("He's So Fine"), Dawn ("Candida" and "Knock Three  Times") , Tony Orlando And Dawn ("Tie A Yellow Ribbon (On The Old Oak  Tree)") and Buster Poindexter ("Hot Hot Hot") - The Vocal Group Hall  Of Fame Inductee.

Bill Barber - Died 6-18-2007 in Bronxville, NY, U.S. - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 5-21-1920 in Hornell, NY, U.S. - Played tuba - Worked with The Kansas City Philharmonic, Miles Davis, Claude Thornhill, John Coltrane and Stan Getz.

El Fary (Jose Luis Cantero) - Died 6-19-2007 - Lung cancer - Born 8-20-1937 - Singer - (He did, "Torito Guapo" and "Apatrullando la ciudad" (Patrolling The City)).

Antonio Aguilar - Died 6-19-2007 in Mexico City, Mexico - Pneumonia ( Mariachi ) Born 5-17-1919 in Tayahua, Zacatecas, Mexico - Singer and actor - (He did, "Triste Recuerdo" and "Albur de Amor") - Husband of actress and singer, Flor Silvestre and father of singer, Pepe Aguilar.

Malaki Kanahele - Died 6-19-2007 ( Traditional Hawaiian ) He was 79 years old - Played violin and slack-key guitar and was a singer - (Co-wrote, "Ni'ihau") - Worked with his brother, Nahale Kanahele.

Johnny Average (Mick Hodgkinson) - Died 6-19-2007 in Kingston NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-17-1946 in Rainworth, Nottinghamshire, England - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and pianist - Led Johnny Average And The Falcons and The Johnny Average Band (They did, "Ch Ch Cherie" and "Gotta Go Home") - Worked with Ian Kimmet, Mick Ronson, Meatloaf, Brian Briggs, Billy J. Kramer, Jerry Dorsey, Terry Dactyl And The Dinosaurs and Brett Marvin & The Thunderbolts.

Tommy Eytle (Thomas Daniel Hicks Eytle) - Died 6-19-2007 in Reading ( Calypso ) Born 6-16-1926 in Georgetown, Guyana (at the time, British Guiana) - Singer, guitarist and actor - Led Tommy Eytle's Calypso Band (They did, "Narrative Calypso") - Acted as Jules Tavernier in TV's, "EastEnders".

Mamadou Konte - Died 6-20-2007 - He was 65 years old - Music producer - Founded The Africa Fete record label and The Africa Fete music festival - Helped launch the careers of Angelique Kidjo, Salif Keita, Papa Wemba, Simon Mahlatini and Youssou N'Dour.

Donna King Conkling (Donna Olivia Driggs) - Died 6-20-2007 in Plano, Texas, U.S. ( Swing ) Born 9-3-1918 in in Sanford, CO, U.S. - Singer - She was one of The King Sisters - Worked with Artie Shaw, Horace Heidt and Alvino Rey ("In The Mood" and "Nighty Night") - She was married to record executive, James Conkling.

Big Mel "Wash" Washington (Melatarrus Washington) - Died 6-20-2007 - Leukemia ( Jazz ) Born 1919 in Columbia, Miss., U.S. - Was a singer and played saxophone and clarinet - Worked with Count Basie, Quincy Jones and Cannonball Adderly.

Professor Roy Pritts - Died 6-20-2007 in Aurora, Colo., U.S. - He was 70 years old - Musician, composer, educator, writer and recording engineer - Wrote for Mix magazine, Pro Sound News, EQ magazine and Down Beat magazine.

Georg Danzer (Georg Franz Danzer) - Died 6-21-2007 in Pamhagen, Burgenland - Lung cancer - Born 10-7-1946 in Vienna - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (He did, "Jo Schau" and "Hupf' In Gatsch").

John Hensen (John Charles Hensen) - Died 6-21-2007 in the Township of Marion - Born 5-4-1948 in Fond du Lac - Organist - Was a member of The Esquire Trio.

PeeWee Lowery (Robert Lowery) - Died 6-21-2007 in Canada ( R&B ) Born 8-8-1940 in Columbus, OH, U.S. - Worked with The 4 Pharaohs (They did, "Pray For Me" and "The Move Around") and King Pharoah & The Egyptians (They did, "Give Me Your Love" and "By The Candlelite").

Warren T. Felber - Died 6-22-2007 - He was 52 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of The Invisible Mirror and Gulliver - Founded the booking agency, CPW Showtime.

Paul Shook (Paul R. Suchma) - Died 6-23-2007 ( Rock ) He was 51 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Norm Nardini And The Tigers (They did, "Reptile Rock" and "Girls All Around The World").

Bonnie Allen (Bonnie Linder) - Died 6-23-2007 in Santa Fe, N.M, U.S. - Illness ( Country ) Born 5-18-1925 - Singer - She had been married to singer and actor, Rex Allen Sr. - Mother of singer, Rex Allen Jr.

Natasja (Natasja Saad) (aka Little T) - Died 6-24-2007 in Hellshire, St. Catherine - Car accident ( Rap - Reggae - Soul ) Born 1974 in Copenhagen - Singer - (She did, "Cover Me" and "Summercute") - Was a member of No Name Requested and The Ragga Pack - Worked with Bikstok Rogsystem and Germaicans.

Charlie Mussen (Charles A. Mussen Jr.) - Died 6-24-2007 Amherst ( Jazz ) He was 73 years old - Born in Vallejo, CA, U.S. - Played banjo, guitar, ukulele, bass and trombone and sang - Worked with The Buffalo Banjo Band, The Queen City Stompers, The Mississippi Mudders, The Lock City Levee Loungers and The I Love Jazz Band.

Iain Smith (Thomas Iain Smith) - Died 6-24-2007 - Possible heart attack ( Rock ) Born 10-8-1980 in Cardiff, Wales - Singer, guitarist and keyboardist - Was a member of Chow Chow (They did, "Skeleton With Hair" and "Lost In The 3D'S").

John Mateo - Died 6-24-2007 in New York, U.S. - From injuries of a beating a month earlier that left him in a coma ( Latin Jazz ) He was 54 years old - Played trombone and bongos - Was a member of Con Todo Corazon.

Ed Kinser - Died 6-24-2007 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Shot himself ( Rock ) He was 28 years old - Guitarist - Worked with Lesbian Truck Payment Experience, Penny Royalty, Hussy, Skin Club and Deathrow Jethrow & The Satanic Mechanics.

 Michael Rosen - Died 6-24-2007 ( Rock - Brain cancer - He was 44 years old - Worked with Fragile X and Playn Jayn.

Amon Mvula - Died 6-?-2007 in South Africa - Pneumonia - He was 36 years old - Born in Zimbabwe - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Ndinoda Akanaka") - Worked with producer Zozo.

Mahasti (Khadijeh Dadehbala) - Died 6-25-2007 in Santa Rosa, CA, U.S. - Colon cancer ( Pop ) Born 1946 in Tehran, Iran - Singer - (She did, "Sepideh Dam") - Worked with Sadegh Nojooki, Homeyra and Shahram Solati - Sister of singer, Hayedeh.

Peggy J. Terranova Graff - Died 6-25-2007 in Cheektowaga - Illness ( Country ) Born 6-28-1932 in Frenchville, PA, U.S. - Guitarist, fiddler and yodeler - Co-founder of The Niagara Frontier Fiddle Club - Wife of fiddler, Robert Graff, she had also been married to singer, Edward William Ashby (Lonesome Eddie).

Jim Bell - Died 6-25-2007 - He was 64 years old - Pianist and songwriter - (He wrote, "Love Song To America" and "Aladdin, The Dancing Donkey").

Kelly Slack - Died 6-25-2007 ( Bluegrass ) He was 51 years old - Harmonica player, guitarist and singer - Worked with The Medicine River Boys, The Bennett Brothers and Matfield Cafe.

Bill Moss (William Alvin Moss Jr.) - Died 6-25-2007 in Detroit, MI,  U.S. - Emphysema ( Gospel ) Born 5-22-1931 in Selma, Ala., U.S. -  Singer - Led Bill Moss And The Celestials (They did, "Turn It Over To  Jesus" and "Everything Is Going To Be Alright") - Father of singer  and songwriters, J. Moss and Bill Moss Jr. - International Gospel  Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Rufus Rundlett (Rufus W. Rundlett) - Died 6-26-2007 in Ossipee, NH, U.S. - Born 3-19-1909 in Newburyport, MA, U.S. - Violinist, percussionist and singer - Worked with The Kingswood Club Orchestra, Oliver Shaddock and The Allen A Camp's Band.

Harry "Woo Woo" Stevens - Died 6-26-2007 - He was 98 years old - Sang and played banjo - Worked with George Burns and Elvis Presley.

TMT (Sangeeta Kalanidhi T.M. Thyagarajan) - Died 6-27-2007 - Illness - Born 5-?-1923 in Thanjavur - Musician and composer.

John Bunic - Died 6-27-2007 ( Swing ) He was 75 years old - Led The John Bunic Big Band and was a director of The Kenosha Pops Concert Band.

Steve Bagby (Stephen G. Bagby) - Died 6-27-2007 in Fort Lauderdale, FL, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) - Born 6-24-1941 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. -  Drummer - Recorded with Ira Sullivan, Jackie & Roy, Joe Diorio and Jaco  Pastorius - Worked with Wayne Shorter, Stan Getz, John Coltrane, Chet  Baker, Eddie Higgins and Sonny Stitt - Brother of singer and  composer, Benjamin Bagby - He had been married to singer, Terry Desario.

Themba Mpanza - Died 6-28-2007 in Mahubu Reserve in Gingindlovu - Shot during an attempted robbery at his home - Musician.

Peter Panka - Died 6-28-2007 in Hannover - Cancer ( Rock ) He was 59 years old - Drummer and singer - Was a member of Justice Of Peace and Jane (They did, "Beautiful Lady" and "Here We Are").

George McCorkle (George Freeman McCorkle) - Died 6-29-2007 in Lebanon, TN, U.S. - Complications from cancer ( Southern Rock ) Born  10-11-1946 in Spartanburg, SC, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and  songwriter - (He did, "The Journey Home" and "Land Of The Free ") -  Member of The Originals, The Rants, Pax Parachute, The Toy Factory and The Marshall Tucker Band (They did, "Fire On The Mountain" and "Last Of The Singing Cowboys").

Mary Jane Queen (Mary Jane Prince) - Died 6-29-2007 in Jackson County ( Gospel - Bluegrass ) She was 93 years old - Singer and banjo player.

Jerry Gill (aka Fellow) - Died 6-29-2007 in Marina, CA, U.S. - Illness - Born 6-9-1953 - Was a lighting and sound technician and a roadie, actor and director - Worked for The Pat Metheny Group.

Laura Brooke (Laura Buonpastore) - Died 6-30-2007 in Charlotte County - Car accident ( Folk - Blues - Alternative ) She was 14 years old - Singer and songwriter - Her album, "Right Place, Wrong Time" will be posthumously released.

Whitey Gleason (J.M. Gleason)- Died 6-30-2007 ( Gospel ) Born 5-18-1932 in Kingman, KS, U.S. - Songwriter and piano player - (He wrote, "His Grace Reaches Me" and "Walk, Talk And Sing") - Was a member of The Jubilee Quartet - Worked with The Blackwood Brothers Quartet, The Gospelaires and The Sooner State Quartet.

Pedro Ayala Jr. - Died 6-30-2007 - Heart attack ( Conjunto ) He was 62 years old - Played accordion - Was a member of Conjunta Hermanos Ayala (They did, "Ojitos De Triguena") - Worked with  Lydia Mendoza and Freddy Fender.

Will Schaefer (Willis H. Schaefer) - Died 6-30-2007 in Palm Desert, California, U.S. - Cancer - Born 11-23-1928 in Kenosha, Wisconsin, U.S. - He composed or conducted music for TV's, The Wonderful World Of Disney, I Dream Of Jeannie, Hogan's Heroes, The Flying Nun, The Phil Silvers Show and Buck Rogers In The 25th Century - Was an arranger for Buddy Rich and Count Basie.

 Bill Farrell ( William Angelo Fiorelli) - Died 6-30-2007 in Rancho Mirage, CA, U.S. ( Romantic Ballads ) He was 81 years old - Singer and pianist - (He did, "You've Changed").

Hunter Ward - Found dead 6-30-2007 - Possible overdose ( Punk ) He was 26 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of The Poor Dumb Bastards.

Ruthie Buford (aka Ruthie Jameson) (Mary Ruth Buford) - Died 6-30-2007 - Cancer - She was 47 years old - Born in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - (She wrote, "The Devil You Know") - Led Ruthie And The Originals.

Russell Taylor - Died 6-30-2007 - He was 54 years old - Singer and drummer - Was a member of Fingers and The Souled Out Band - Worked with Steve Allee, Cathy Morris, Duke Tumatoe and Mary Moss - Father of drummer, Michael Taylor.

Mark McQueen (Mark Joseph McQueen) - Died 6-30-2007 - Suicide ( Rock ) He was 27 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Japanese Cars.

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