The Dead Rock Stars Club - An extensive list of dead rock stars and people related to rock, when and how they died with links to sites
 about them.

A page to give credit and say thank you to those who have contributed to "The Dead Rock Stars Club"

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A Big Thanks To:

"Alex Boner" -A major contributor to the Club. Be sure to visit his entertaining and informative site "The British Beat Boom", a site devoted to early British rock groups.

"Chris" (The Steam Shovel) - Responsible for innumerable entries to the Club.

"David Kulczyk" - A nominator of many artists in the Club. He wrote Kulcyk's Korner for Maximum Ink Magazine.

"Ricky Cruz" - A regular contributor to the Club for some time.

"Charles Crossley, Jr."

"Tom Diehl"  A regular contributor to the Club. Visit Tom's site at My Letter To The Editor .

"Todd Baptista"   A writer of Rhythm & Blues books, you can visit his site Echoes of The R&B Era.

"John Holland"

"Don Mansfield"

"Richard Blanchard"

"Espen Faale"

"Denis Jolicoeur"


"Tom Cappels"

"Buddy McMillan"

"Ewart Shaw"

"Mike B."

"Mary G."

"Cheryl Rittenhouse"

"Michelle" - You can visit her site, The Gates of J-Rock

"Robert Pugsley"


"John Litt"

"Warrick L. Barrett"

"Rubin Booty" - Check out his site, Motorbooty.Com a Rock (and then some) WebZine.

"David Sarkies"

"Lois Seiringer"

"Bruce McArthur"

"Roger Judd"

"Rory Sumners"

"Richard Koloda"

"Stephen E. Washam"

"Kyle Ashley"


"Steve Andricks"  Bass, mellotron, synthesizer and drum player for Sodderpot

"Davina Ramshaw" Check out her son's band Charlie and the ConCarni Brothers

"M. Harshfield"

"Tiffany Haggerty"

 "The Dykstra's"

"Mary Gano"

"Ole Jon Tveito"

"Rochelle Perron"

"Mr. Black"

"Lynn Ciulla" - Singer and photographer - Worked with The Kenne Highland Klan -
                                Lynn passed away 4-20-2006 at 55 years old

"John Susan"

"Louisiana Dan"

"Diana Morris"  Visit her tribute to Rich Mullins

"Eric Hudson"

"David Hilltop3"

"Peter Reining"

"Vangie Richards"

"Steve Espinola"

"Jim Roy"

"Gary Daigle" Director of The Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame .

"Galen Abdur-Razzaq"

"Marty MJB"

"Darren Walters"

"Keith Webster"




"Angela Smiddy"

"Mike Taylor"

"Nevin D."

"Spencer Leigh"

"Jim Cox"


 "Bob Fretton"


"Bob Cara"

"Michelle Rien"


"Jim Pennington"

"Robert McEachern & Catherine Wheeler"


"Francis Leach"

"Anne Arky"

"Nelson Williams"

"Todd Sikkema"

"F.B. Esquire"

"Kenneth Hotaling"

"Mike Holeschek"

"John Fancher"

"Larz Roberts"

"Daniel R. Van Patten"

"David W. McFadden"


"Luis Miguel Sousa de Jesus"

"Mike Alawson"

"Paul Muggleston"

"Mark Mahlmeister"

"David Fox"

"Philip R. Hall"

"Bob Lee"

"Eric Vorpagel"





"Ileen Zovluck"

"Yukon Pat"

"Victoria Powell"

"Galen Abdur-Razzaq"

"Doc Crippen"    Folk Singer

"Jeffrey Schubert"

"Ron Del Ciello"

"Jennifer Amey"  Check out her fun site, "The fabulous homepage of Jennifer Amey"

"Dan Goss"

"Randy Black"

"Bob Cara"

"Chris Luurtsema"

"Martha Klassanos"

"Dan May"


"Kay Bauman"

"Lois E Ohlsen"

"John Merrill"


"R Poccia"

"Ken H"

"John, Tarrel"

"Jon Manum"

"The Barkers"


"Stuart Colman"

"Suzanne Goraj"


"Roger Button"

"John Clemente"     Author of the book, Girl Groups - Fabulous Females That Rocked The World.

"Roger Erdman"

"Russ Blatt"

"Dan Davidson"  a regular contributor to The Club who has helped add many, many artists.

"Bill Griggs" is the publisher of The Rockin' 50's magazine.

"Jim Dunn"

"Peter J. Gossett"

"John A Fraser"

"Alison Neil"

"Jon Kutner"  - Author of the Complete Book Of The British Charts/1000 UK Number One hits - Visit his site

"Steed Tarranto"

"Phil Elliott"

"Keith Trainor"


"Gordon Royle"

"Francis Kenny"


"Bill Hecker"

"Joel Platfoot"

"Dave Weil"

"Schaller Urban "

"Kevin Baltimore"

"Kathryn Lively"

"Tom Patrone"

"John Neill"


"Judil Mancini"

"Marko Babic"

"John Stone"

"Jack Parks"

"Don Hale"

"Albert C."

"J.S. Clayden"


"Pershing Wells"

"Alex McNeil "

"Bernd Lauster"

"Theo Bachteler"   of Jazz

"David Cole"


"Jerry Brown"

"Michael McLaughlin"

"Colin Rusch"


"John Clifford"


"Ruan Tecillo"

"Lynnie Steffen"

"Paul Wadey"

"Nick Fitzpatrick"

"John Woodsand"

"Scott Giles"

"Tara Mulvany"

"Jerry Brown"

"Vicki Sowry"

"Mr. Music"

"Larry Nuding"

"David Shrimpton"

"Todd W. Zimmerman"

"Paul Haney"

"Tim Rose"

"Hominus Letum"

"Barry Newman"

"Jonmark Pierce"

"Scott Watkins"      You can visit his site at

"Alan Mannings"

"Toby Walker"      Visit his site Soul Walking a great site all about soul music

"George Kwiatkowski"  George has helped with many Russian and European artists entries.

"Emanuele Tamagnini"  You can visit his sites at Nerds Attack! L' Underground di Musicaroma

"Hard Rock Hattie (Donna)"


"Joe Romersa"

"Jim Wallace"

"Cobas Srl"

"Colin Saunders"

"Tommy & Debbie Horton"    You can visit these country artists' site at The Hortons Show

"Freddy Thivel"

"Eric Milano"

"Jazg Friday"

"David Blakey"



"Angelo Angelini"


"Kris Becker"

"James Hofecker"

"Heather OBrien"

"Koen Renders"

"Goran Vuckovic"

"Wim Kerkhof"

"Sid Holmes"      Sid is a board member for The West Texas Music Hall Of Fame.

"Ernie Clark"

"Billy Sullivan"     Visit rock musician, Billy Sullivan's site.



"Rafael Coutinho"

"Albert Fontana"

"Deborah McGee Mifflin"

"Mike Kolesar"

"Vincent Cornicelli"

"John Bailey"

"Kathy C."


"Jeff Forti"

"Bob Moulton"

"Mark Skyer"

"Ted Grace"

"Anthony Arena"

"June Bird"

"Kjell Åberg"

"Bill Reed"

"Tim Napier"

"Paul Tout"

"Vasek Kozuk"      Vasek has helped with most of The Club's Czechoslovakia artists entries.

"Matt Endahl"

"David R. Hoffman"


"Bill Sargent"

"Karl Bruckmaier"   DJ and journalist - You can visit his site at Le Musterkoffer

"Barry Disbrow"

"Roger Rayner"

"Michael D. Bright"

"Anthe Rhodes"

"Phill Doran"

"Lorraine Olson"

"Willy Wilson"  of Magic Bag Publicity

"Alma Williams Freeman"  Asst. to the Curator - Hogan Jazz Archive

"Rob W."

"Jarmo Syrenius"


"Barbara Prather"

"Israel Ortega"

"Peter Holsapple"  Singer and songwriter - Visit his Blog, Does This Band Make Me Look Fat?

"Dr. Helmut Hefele"

"Jerry Clayworth"

"John Graham"      of Two Sheds Music record label - Promoting Atlanta and Athens rock bands.

"Bernd Matheja"            Music journalist.

"John McBrearty"

"Sauli "Sakke" Koivula"

"Neville Limpus"

"Rusty White"   an obit writer for Entertainment Insider.

"Bernd Hohlen"

"Mike Niblett"   Guitarist and backup singer for Aftershock.

"Philippe Schroeder"

"Dustin (Johnson) Kroeze"

"Jack Bone"

"John Sellards"

"Joe Pasko"


"David Dieterich"

"Karl-Heinz Bendix" a regular contributor

"Narelle Lowery"

"Ron Smith"

"Gunnar Wiskoff"

"cipper cipper" a regular contributor of many, many artists

"Tom Pokladowski"

"Gary Merrin"    is a Rock Photographer - You can visit his site to see samples of his work.

"Peter Richmond"

"Mick Power"


"Mark Walker"

"Mark Krueger"

"Christopher Palazzolo"

"Carole Button"

"Fred Clemens"

"David Cousins"

"Michael DeChristopher"

"Russtti Gaynor"

"Joanna Beaulieu"

"Steve Spon"      Guitarist for UK Decay .

"Mike Stroud"

"Graeme Smith"





"Elizabeth Lowe"



"John H W"

"Dave Schulps"

"Dave Darby"   you can visit Dave's photo site  with many pictures of antique automobiles and more

"Bill Janowski" a regular contributor

"Sandra Sallings"

"David Sprague"

"Daniel German"

"Sonny Hollingshead"

"Billy Sipes"

"Chris Warchol"

"Humberto Manduley"

"Jean Lançon"

"Jennifer Gennaro"

"Ron Hellard"

"Ricky Knighton"


"Brian Donegan"



"Brendan Pearse"

"Henk Brugge"

"Gary Storm"

"Tara Key"

"Al Fontana"

"Shamrah Frazier"

"Mark Hindle"

"Morris Fenton"

"Ken Rodenas"


"Darryl Howell"

"Matt T Heiner"

"Fred (Wade Wedge)"


"Laurie Stewart"

"Mike Holtzinger"

"Brenda Berube"

"Brian Kamp"


"Felipe Doffiny"   He has helped with the addition of most of the artist from Venezuela.

"Pat Baird"      She worked for BMI - Pat passed away 8-21-2006 at 59 years old

"RJ van der Woud"

"Gary Lowe"

"Larry Telford"      Record producer

"Rich Miller"

"Buddy McMillan"

"Don Scharfenorth"

"Alan Merrill"   you can visit this musician - co-writer of, "I Love Rock N Roll" at

"John Conquest"    you can visit his site 3rd Coast Music.

"Barbara Jones"

"Lindsey Hall"

"Gene Aguilera"

"Michael Penney"

"Patricia A. Doyle DVM, PhD"   You can visit her site, Emerging Disease Website

"Richard Martin"

"Michael "Mickey" Forney"    Pianist, worked with Denny Ezba

"Bill Offerman"

"Frank Cavezza"

"Sonija Dorrell"

"Aaron "Smokey" Arnold"

"Dylan Thomas"

"Xavi"       of Rora Records

"Randy Mason"     Drummer at The Grand Ole Opry

"Peter Stoker"

"DJ Mad Lad"   You can visit his site at

"Tom Aswell"

"Rachel Holder"

"Peter Elliott"

"Shamrah R. Frazier"

"Karon Conover"

"DZ Bennett"

"Chuck Rainville"

"Mark Ritucci"

"Luis Blanco"

"Steve Scanes"  Co-author of The Book, Top 40 Research - The 7th Edition,
                                which spans 50 years of Top 40 Charts in Australia

"Raven Slaughter"   Visit rocker Raven's site.

"Sandy Skrinjaric"

"Trevor Duplock"  Guitarist and singer - Worked with The Sapphires, The Giants and Shelley.

"K J Knight" Drummer and singer - Worked with Ted Nugent.

"Tedd Dolhon"  Drummer for Ozone.

"Alan Clayson"   of Clayson And The Argonauts

"Greg Clevenger"   of Wascal's Wecords & Stuff

"Joseph Kyle"    of Press Play and Record

"Eddy Smit"    of Rock of Ages

"Doc. Flowerdeal"  of Drummer Magazine

"Gary Johnston"  Associate Professor of Music - Northern Kentucky University

"Michael Bowlby"

"Winfred Tipton"  You can visit this singer's site at Tiptons Music File

"Larry Monroe"   Radio program host and DJ - You can visit his site here

"Mike Ward" of Cheap Thrills Theatre

"Marcus A. Woelfle"

"Aguijón Musical"

"Eric Segalstad"  Co-author of The 27s: The Greatest Myth of Rock & Roll

"Doug Foster"

" John Copper"

"Adam Gaiman"

"Trev Williams"

"Rob Heinbecker"

"José Antonio Orellán"

"Phast Phreddie Patterson" - DJ and leader of Phast Phreddie & Thee Precisions.

"Peter Lavinger" -  Owner of The World's Largest Autographed Drumstick Collection

"Harry Pellegrin" - Classical Guitarist and Instructor.

"Andreas Loos"

"John Harrelson"  - Guitarist - Check out his site at The Official John Harrelson Website.

"William Cran (aka RNRGUY)"    DJ for Online Hard Rock Radio Station - Live365 Internet Radio.

"Brian Elliott"

"Fred Hetzel"

"Ryan Gibbs"   You can visit Ryan's music and TV blog at An Indiepoint Is You.

"Lee Wilkinson"

"Sid Shusterman"     Folk and bluegrass musician.


"JoRokHed"   You can hear his songs at his myspace site.

"Ken Hunt"     You can vist Ken's and Petr Doruzka's, World Music site.

"Fantastic Jack Pentifallo"

"Franz Adamson"

"Claudio John Casa"

"Johnny Timewarp" DJ and host of Dark Side Of The Highway 3-6 AM EST Sunday mornings on WHUS 91.7 FM in Connecticut and at

"Don Allen"   Drummer and leader of the group, Spreadin' Rhythm Round who has worked with Jerry Lee Lewis, James  Burton and Linda Hopkins.

"Paul "The Cat" Johnston"  Radio presenter based in Fife, Scotland for "Where The Action Is" and "Planet Pop" - You can visit his site at Jocknroll Ain't Noise Pollution.

"Steven Wilber"

"Jeff "Blacky" Delmastro"  Singer, bassist and co-founder of Mournblade.

"Magic Michael"

"Arty Davies" from Artys Merseypedia a great site for Liverpool Bands of the 50s and 60s.

If anyone listed here has a web page and you would like a link or if you want your e-mail address linked to your name, just let me know. If you have contributed to The Club and you are not listed here, please let me know so that I can add you.


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