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The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Fuller Up, The Dead Musician Directory

A dead musician site, no longer updated.

The Death Of Rock : The Archive
A Well Done Dead Rock Star Site.

Steve's Dead Rock Stars
Another Well Done Dead Rock Star Site.

Are you curious when a blues artist was born or died? Then visit

Barbara's Obits & Memorials
Read and post obituaries for celebrities and partake in related (and sometimes not related) discussions.

Life in Legacy
A weekly obit site with pictures and a small bio.

A great site all about Soul Music

Doc Crippen Folk Singer Site

New Orleans Music News & Louisiana Music News

Garage Hangover
A great site about 60's garage bands

If ya like rock, ya gotta check out Bomp !

Featuring bands from the city of Brighton

All kinds of information about groups and albums

Oldies Music - Artist Web Sites

My Nephew's site
Backyard Wrestling & Rock N Roll

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