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1996 - 1997
 Welcome to The Dead Rock Stars Club. This site is  a list of dead rock stars, dead people associated with rock and dead people whose music helped influence and create rock (which I feel includes Jazz and Country artists), sorted by the date of their demise. This is a tribute to them.

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Adrian Vincent - Died 1996 ( Rock ) Was a member of Sweet September.

George Tindley - Died 1996 ( R&B ) Singer - (He did, "The Gypsy" and "Fairy Tales") - Was a member of The Royal Flames who became The Dreams (They did, "Darlene" and "A Letter To My Girl") and Kenny Esquire And The Starlites (They did, "They Call Me A Dreamer" and "Pretty Brown Eyes") - Worked with Steve Gibson's Red Caps and The Modern Red Caps.

Peppi - Died 1996 in Athens, Greece ( Rock ) Played saxophone - Was a member of The Skyrockets.

Bob Ketzer - Died 1996 - Throat cancer ( Rock ) Singer and peccusionist - Worked with Chester Card and The Dizzy Man's Band.

Steve Brett - Died 1996 - After a bicycling accident ( Rock ) Singer - Led Steve Brett And The Marvelles ("Dream Tonight") - Was a member of The Valients.

Wally Nightingale (Warwick Alan Nightingale) - The Pete Best of Punk Rock - Died 1996 - Complications of substance abuse ( Rock ) Born in London, England -  Guitarist - (Co-wrote, "Did You No Wrong") - Was a founder of The Strand, renamed The Swankers, a band that would go on to become The Sex Pistols.

Nora Lee King (Susan King) - Died 1996 or 1997 ( Jazz ) Singer and guitarist - Worked with her husband Lawrence Lucie in The Lucy Luciennaires.

Fern Jones - Died 1996 ( Gospel - Rockabilly ) Born 1923 in El Dorado, AR, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (She did, "I Was There When It Happened" and "You Ain't Got Nuthin") - Worked with Hank "Sugarfoot" Garland, Floyd Cramer, Joe Zinkan and Buddy Harman - Her songs have been covered by Johnny Cash, Jimmie Davis, The Blackwood Brothers and Jimmy Swaggart.

Roger Rogerson - Died 1996 - Drug overdose ( Punk ) Bassist - Was a member of The Circle Jerks.

Argon Amori - Died 1996 ( Metal ) Was a member of Profanatica.

Arn Fitter - Died 1996 in Tallinn ( Rock ) Singer and guitarist - Worked with The Fidelcetters, The Soviet Grounders, The Arn and ARMG.

Danny Wolfe - Died 1996 ( Rock ) He was about 60 years old - Singer, songwriter and pianist - (He did, "Once With You" and "Let's Flat Git It") - He wrote, Gene Vincent's, "Double Talkin' Baby", Huelyn Duvall's, "Pucker Paint", Pat Boone's, "Sugar Moon" and Tooter Boatman's, "The Will Of Love".

Seo Ji-won - Died 1996 - Suicide ( Pop ) Singer.

JD Stuart - Died 1996 - Car accident ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of 36 Crazyfists.

Gordon Friesen - Died 1996 ( Folk ) Born 1909 in Weatherford, Oklahoma, U.S. - He co-founded, with his wife Agnes Cunningham, the folk song journal Broadside, publishing more than 1,000 songs by artists such as Bob Dylan, Phil Ochs, Janis Ian, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Pete Seeger and Tom Paxton.

Eric Delaunay (Robert Eric Delaunay) - Died 1996 - Car accident ( Progressive Rock ) Born 1954 - Drummer, vibraphonist and singer - Worked with Asia Minor, Tiemko(They did,"Vodka Frappee" and "Hypercontraste") and  Deboco.

Vinnie Daze - Died 1996 ( Metal ) Drummer - Was a member of Demolition Hammer.

Gary Zekley - Died 1996 ( Rock ) (He did,"Yellow Balloon" and "Other Towns, Other Girls") He was a member of Yellow Balloon (They did,"Follow The Sunshine" and "How Can I Be Down") He wrote songs for Jan & Dean ("Like A Summer Rain") and The Grassroots ("I'd Wait A Million Years") He worked with Don Grady (aka Robbie Douglas).

Stark Whiteman - Died 1996 ( R&B ) Singer and bass player - Was a member of The Crowns and  The Jokers (They did,"Graduation Day") Louisiana Entertainment Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Howard Pope - Died 1996 ( Rock ) Was a member of Drastic Measures - Brother of Carole Pope of Rough Trade.

Frankie Fix - Died 1996 - Heroin OD ( Punk ) Was a member of Crime.

Eria Fachin - 1996 - Cancer ( Disco ) (She did,"Savin' Myself" and "You're So Sexy").

Melvin Franklin - Died 1996 - Shot durring a robbery ( R&B ) Was a member of Planet Patrol (They did,"Play At Your Own Risk")

J.J. Jones - Died 1996 - Brain hemorrhage ( Stage Manager ) Stage manager for Saxon - Sometimes called the 6th Saxon - Also managed Slade.

Romica Puceanu - Died 1996 in Bucharest - Car accident ( Cintec de pahar ) Born 1928 - Singer - She worked with The Brothers Gore Ensemble, Florea Cioaca and Bebe Serban.

Stevie Plunder (Anthony Hayes) - Died 1-?-1996 - Fell off a cliff in the Blue Mountains ( Rock ) Born 1963 - Was a member of The Whitlams (They did, "I Make Hamburgers").

Mr. Cee (aka Kyle) (Hubert Church III) - Died 1-1-1996 - Shot ( Rap ) Born 1974 - Was a member of The RBL Posse (Ruthless By Law) (They did, "Don't Give Me No Bammer").

Hamish Imlach - Died 1-1-1996 ( Folk ) Born 2-10-1940 in Calcutta - (He did, "Cod Liver Oil And The Orange Juice") - Was a member of The Emmettones (They did, "Bold Robert Emmett").

Danny White - Died 1-5-1996 in Capitol Heights, MD, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 7-6-1931 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Singer (He did,"Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye" and "Loan Me Your Handkerchief") Worked with Huey "Piano" Smith.

Chubby Wise (Robert Russell Dees) - Died 1-6-1996 - Heart failure ( Blue Grass - Folk ) Born 10-2-1915 in Lake City, FL, U.S. - Fiddler for Bill Monroe And The Blue Grass Boys, Hank Snow and Hank Williams - Worked with Clyde Moody ("Shenandoah Waltz").

Kim Kwang Suk (aka Kim Kwang Seok) - Died 1-6-1996 - Suicide ( Folk - Rock ) Born 1-22-1964 - Sang and played guitar and harmonica - He worked with Kim Min Gi and Dong Mool Won.

Cesar Del Avila (Cesar Arrechedera Amador) - Died 1-14-1996 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Folk ) Born 3-7-1915 in Caracas, Venezuela - Songwriter and guitarist  - Interpreter of Venezuelan folk music - Author of El Pavo Real.

Les Baxter (Leslie Baxter) - Died 1-15-1996 ( Orchestra Leader - Arranger ) Born 3-14-1922 in Detroit, MI or Mexia TX, U.S. (He had hits with,"The Poor People Of Paris" and "Unchained Melody") He was a singer for Mel Torme's Mel-Tones ("What Is This Thing Called Love") worked with Nat King Cole ("Mona Lisa") and was a musical director for the radio shows Halls Of Ivy and  Abbott & Costello - He composed over 100 film scores, mostly for horror movies, comedies and teenage musicals .

Hadr (Jiri Brabnik) - Died 1-15-1996 - Car crash ( Pub Rock ) Played drums for Tri Sestry (They did, "Lidojedi", "Zivot Je Takovej" and "Zelena").

Richard Kermode - Died 1-16-1996 in Denver, Colorado, U.S. - Cancer ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 10-5-1946 in Lovell, WY, U.S. - Keyboardist - Worked with Janis Joplin, Santana, Labelle, Michael Bloomfield, Malo and Luis Gasca.

Robert Covington - Died 1-17-1996 - Kidney failure and diabetes - Born 12-13-1941 - Drummer and singer.

Curtis Hairston (Curtis Kinnard Hairston) - Died 1-18-1996 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - Kidney failure ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 10-10-1961 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - Singer - (He did,"I Want You (All Tonight)" and "We All Are One") - Worked with Luther Vandross and Keith Byrd - He was a member of Jazz Transit.

Gerry Mulligan (Gerald Joseph Mulligan) - Died 1-20-1996 in Darien, CT, U.S. - Complications of a knee infection ( Jazz ) Born 4-6-1927 in  New York City, New York, U.S - Saxophonist - Was the leader of The Concert Jazz Band (They did, "Night At The Turntable" and "Walkin' Shoes") - Worked with Gene Krupa, Claude Thornhill,  Miles Davis and Chet Baker.

Buster Benton - Died 1-20-1996 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues - Soul ) Born 7-19-1932 in Texarkana, AR, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "Spider In My Stew" and "Money Is The Name Of The Game") - Was a member of Dixon's Blues All-Stars.

Frankie "Cannibal" Garcia (Francisco M. Garcia) - Died 1-21-1996 - Undisclosed long-term illness ( Rock ) Born 4-22-1946 - Was the lead singer for Cannibal And The Headhunters (They did, "Land Of A Thousand Dances").

Edem Ephraim - Died 1-21-1996 - Car crash ( Rock ) Was a member of The London Boys.

Dennis Fuller - Died 1-21-1996 - Car crash ( Rock ) Born 6-21-1960 - Was a member of The London Boys.

Shane Lassen (aka Dr. Luv) - Died 1-21-1996 - Car crash after falling asleep at the wheel ( Rock ) Keyboardist for The Electric Hellfire Club.

Jonathan Larson - Died 1-25-1996 in New York, NY, U.S. - Aortic aneursym ( Musicals ) Born 2-4-1960 in White Plains, NY, U.S. - (He wrote, "Destination: Sky" and "Take Me Or Leave Me") - He wrote the musical, "Rent".

John Mosley - Died 1-28-1996 - Recording expert and entrepreneur - Born 1914.

Bob Thiele - Died 1-30-1996 - Kidney failure - Born 7-27-1922 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Producer - (He wrote, "What A Wonderful World") - Was editor of Jazz Magazine and founded the Signature label - He produced or worked with Buddy Holly, Jackie Wilson, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, T-Bone Walker and many others - Was married to Teresa Brewer.

I. K. Dairo (Isaiah Kehinde Dairo) - Father of juju -  Died 2-7-1996 in Efon-Alaiye, near Akure, Nigeria ( Juju ) Born 1-6-1931 in Offa, Kwara State, Nigeria - Drummer, singer, accordionist, guitarist, composer and arranger - (He did, "Ka Sora" and "Mo Sorire") - Worked with The Morning Star Orchestra which became The Blue Spots and with The Rolling Dollars, Oladele Oro and Ojoge Daniel.

Mercer Ellington (Mercer Kennedy Ellington) - Died 2-8-1996 in Copenhagen - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 3-11-1919 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Played trumpet - (He wrote, "Pigeons And Peppers" and co-wrote, "Things Ain't What They Used To Be") - Worked with Della Reese, Carmen McRae, Dizzy Gillespie, Kenny Dorham, Chico Hamilton, Idrees Sulieman and Charles Mingus - Son of Duke Ellington.

Gerry Laborde - Died 2-9 or 11-1996 ( R&B ) Born 2-7-1943 - Bassist - Was a member of The Jokers - Louisiana Entertainment Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Barney Isaacs (Alvin Kalanikau Isaacs Jr.) - Died 2-12-1996 - Born 7-18-1926 in Honolulu, HI - Played steel guitar - Worked with The Royal Hawaiian Serenaders - Was a musical director for Waikiki Records - Son of composer and band leader, Alvin Kaleolani Isaacs, Sr. - Steel Guitar Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Wild Jimmy Spruill - Died 2-15-1996 - Heart attack ( Blues ) Born 6-9-1934 in Washington, NC, U.S. - Guitarist - (Played on Wilbur Harrison's, "Kansas City") - Worked with Elmore James, King Curtis and Tarheel Slim.

Brownie McGhee (Walter Brown McGhee) - Died 2-16-1996 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Stomach cancer ( Folk - Blues ) Born 11-30-1915 in Knoxville, Tenn., U.S. -  (He did, "Living With The Blues" and "Baseball Boogie") - Worked with Sonny Terry - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Gus Hardin (Carolyn Ann Blankenship) - Died 2-17-1996 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, U.S. ( Country ) Born 4-9-1945 - Singer - (She did, "All Tangled Up In Love" with Earl Thomas Conley and "After The Last Goodbye").

Toru Takemitsu - Died 2-20-1996 in Tokyo, Japan - Born 10-8-1930 in Tokyo, Japan - Composer - He wrote over a hundred film scores including the films, Ran, Double Suicide and Pitfall.

Hal Edstrom (Harold Edstrom) - Died 2-23-1996 in Winona, MN, U.S. ( Dance ) Born 2-12-1914 in Worthington, MN, U.S. - Was a member of The Hal Leonard Orchestra.

Ace Wallace (Herman Wallace)- Died 2-28-1996 in St. Louis, MO, U.S. - Complications of diabetes ( Blues ) Born 6-18-1925 in St. Louis, Mo, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Big George And The Houserockers and the leader of Ace Wallace And the Trumps - Worked with Ike And Tina Turner and Billy Gayles.

Wes Farrell (Wes Fogel) - Died 2-29-1996  - Cancer - Born 1940 - Producer and songwriter - (He wrote, "Hang On Sloopy") - Produced The Partridge Family, Beacon Street Union, Lulu and Lou Christie.

Dinho (Alecsander Alves) - Died 3-2-1996 near Sao Paulo - Jet crash into the Cantareira mountain range ( Rock ) Born 3-5-1971 in Irece, Bahia, Brazil - Singer - Was a member of Utopia and Mamonas Assassinas (They did, "1406" and "Vira-Vira").

Sam Reoli (Samuel Reoli) (Samuel Reis de Oliveira) - Died 3-2-1996 near Sao Paulo - Jet crash into the Cantareira mountain range ( Rock ) Born 3-11-1973 in Guarulhos, Brazil - Bassist - Was a member of Utopia and Mamonas Assassinas (They did, "Pelados em Santos" and "Chopis Centis").

Julio Rasec (Julio Cesar Barbosa) - Died 3-2-1996 near Sao Paulo - Jet crash into the Cantareira mountain range ( Rock ) Born 1-4-1968 in Guarulhos, Brazil - Keyboardist - Was a member of Utopia and Mamonas Assassinas (They did, "Jumento Celestino" and "Sabao Cra-Cra").

Sergio Reoli (Sergio Reis de Oliveira) - Died 3-2-1996 near Sao Paulo - Jet crash into the Cantareira mountain range ( Rock ) Born 9-30-1969 in Guarulhos, Brazil - Drummer - Was a member of Utopia and Mamonas Assassinas (They did, "Uma Arlinda Mulher" and "Cabeca de Bagre II").

Bento Hinoto (Alberto Hinoto) - Died 3-2-1996 near Sao Paulo - Jet crash into the Cantareira mountain range ( Rock ) Born 1-?-1970 in Guarulhos, Brazil - Guitarist - Was a member of Utopia and Mamonas Assassinas (They did, "Bois Don't Cry" and "Debil Metal").

Kyle Bailes - Died 3-3-1996 ( Country ) Born 5-7-1915 in Kanawha County, WV, U.S. - Was one of The Bailes Brothers (They did, "Dust On The Bible" and "The Drunkard's Grave").

Minnie Pearl (Sarah Ophelia Colley) - Died 3-4-1996 - Stroke ( Country & Western ) Born 10-25-1912 in Centerville, Tennessee, U.S. - (She did, "Giddyup Go - Answer").

Herb Hall - Died 3-5-1996 ( Jazz ) Born 3-28-1907 - Played reeds and clarinet - Worked with The Niles Jazz Band, Kid Augustin Victor's Band, Don Albert, Don Ewell and  Doc Cheatham - Son of a clarinetist Edward Hall and brother of Edmond Hall.

George Burns (Nathan Birnbaum) - Died 3-9-1996 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. - Born 1-20-1896 in New York, U.S. - Comedian and actor - (He did, "Young At Heart" and charted with, "Burns & Allen Dialog" and "I Wish I Was 18 Again") - He did a guest shot in the film Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Heart Club Band and acted with John Denver as God in the movie Oh, God - He was married to comedian, Gracie Allen.

Vinny Daze (Vincent Civitano) - Died 3-11-1996 ( Metal ) Drummer and singer - Was a member of Demolition Hammer (They did, "Crippling Velocity" and "Infectious Hospital Waste").

Joseph Pope (Joseph Lee Pope)- Died 3-16-1996 - Heart failure ( Rock ) Born 11-6-1933 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. - Was a member of The Tams (They did, "What Kind Of Fool (Do You Think I Am)" and "Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy").

Terry Stafford (Terry LaVerne Stafford) -  Died 3-17-1996  in Amarillo, Texas, U.S. - Liver failure ( Country - Rock - Pop ) Born 11-22-1941 in Hollis, OK, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "Suspicion" and "I'll Touch A Star").

Claus Scheibel - Died 3-19-1996 ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of The Teenmakers (They did, "Hvor er den sommer?" and "It's Not Fair").

Don Murray (Donald Raymond Murray)- Died 3-22-1996 - Complications from an undisclosed surgery ( Rock - Pop ) Born 11-8-1945 in Glendale, CA, U.S. - Drummer - Led Don Murray & The Crossfires - Was a member of The Turtles (They did, "Happy Together" and "Elenore").

Wild Bill Austin (Jesse Austin) - Died 3-22-1996 in Bridgeport, CT, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 9-25-1930 in Longwood, MS, U.S. - Played organ and sang - Led The Jesse Austin Band (They did, "Bridgeport" and "Steel Trap") - Was a member of The Five Sharps - Worked with Wynonie Harris and Percy Mayfield.

J. D. Miller (Jay D. Miller)- Died 3-23-1996 in Crowley, LA, U.S. - Complications from quadruple bypass surgery ( Record Exec ) Born 5-5-1922 - Producer, musician and songwriter - (He wrote, "It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels") - Discovered Slim Harpo, Lazy Lester, Lightnin' Slim and Henry Gray - The Jay D. Miller Award, given by The Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame is named after him - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Maggie Cavender (Mary Margaret Polk) - Died 3-24-1996 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Born 9-1-1918 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Founder and first executive director of The Nashville Songwriters Association - Administrator of Maypop Music/Alabama Band Music - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Howie Wyeth (Howard Pyle Wyeth) - Died 3-27-1996 - Heart attach ( Jazz - Soul - Rock - Folk - Country ) Born 4-22-1944 in Jersey City, New Jersey, U.S. - Drummer and keyboardist - Worked with James Moody, Robert Gordon, Don McLean, Link Wray, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Bob Dylan, Chris Spedding, Leslie West and many others.

Glenn "Blub" Rhees (Glenn Donald Rhees) - Died 3-29-1996 in Collinsville, OK, U.S. ( Country - Western Swing ) Born 7-23-1925 in Oilton, OK, U.S. - Played saxophone - Worked with Patti Page, Art Davis And The Rhythm Riders, The Rhythm Busters, The Southernairs, Johnnie Lee Wills ("Blub Twist" and "Slush") and Bob Wills And His Texas Playboys. - The Western Swing Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce - Died 3-31-1996 - Brain hemorrhage ( Rock ) Born 6-27-1958 - Was the lead singer and slide guitar player for The Gun Club (They did, "I Hear Your Heart Singing" and "Straits Of Love & Hate") .

Jermaine Stewart (William Jermaine Stewart) - Died 3-17-1997 - Liver cancer ( Pop - Funk - Rock ) Born 9-7-1957 in Columbus, Ohio, U.S. - (He did, "You Don't Have To Take Your Clothes Off" and "The Word Is Out") - Was a member of Shalamar - He worked with The Temptations and Culture Club ("Miss Me Blind").

Larry Arlotta - Died 4-?-1996 ( Jazz ) Born 1943 - Pianist - Led The Larry Arlotta Trio (They did, "Footprints" and "I Believe In You" - Worked with Ronnie Leigh.

Guitar Gabriel (Robert Lewis Jones) - Died 4-2-1996 in Winston-Salem, NC, U.S. - Natural causes ( Blues ) Born 10-12-1925 in Decatur, GA, U.S. - Singer and Guitarist - (He did, "Down On The Farm" and "Sweet Little Angel").

Jan Janowski (aka Janou) - Died 4-2-1996 ( Blues ) Born 12-12-1950 - Played harmonica and was a songwriter - Led The Janou Blues Band - Worked with The Riff Blues Band and Irek Dudek.

Booba Barnes (Roosevelt Melvin Barnes) (aka Little Wolf) - Died 4-2-1996 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Blues ) Born 9-25-1936 in Longwood, MS, U.S. - Sang and played harmonica and guitar - Led The Swinging Gold Coasters - Worked with Charlie Booker, Smokey Wilson, Bill Wallace and The Jones Brothers with his brother-in-law, Little Jerry Jones.

Larry LaPrise (Ronald Lawrence LaPrise) - Died 4-4-1996 in Boise Ada County, Idaho, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 11-11-1912 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Song writer and musician - He is credited with co-writing the song, "The Hokey Pokey" which is still disputed - Was a member of The Ram Trio.

Perry Moorer - Died 4-8-1996 - Cirrhosis of the liver ( R&B ) He was 47 years old - Played saxophone - Was a member of The Esquires (They did, "Get On Up" and "And Get Away").

Walter Hyatt - Died 4-11-1996 - Plane crash ( Western Swing - Folk - Rock ) Born 1950 in Spartanburg, South Carolina, U.S. - Was a member of Uncle Walt's Band, The Contenders and King Tears .

Gaylord Birch - Died  4-14-1996 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. ( Rock ) Born 3-10-1946 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with Herbie Hancock, The Pointer Sisters, The Grateful Dead and Santana.

Manny Greenhill (Manuel A. Greenhill) - Died 4-14-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Heart failure - Born 3-10-1916 in New York, NY, U.S. - Manager, promoter and producer - Worked with Joan Baez, Doc Watson, Taj Mahal, Flatt And Scruggs, Pete Seeger, Odetta, Theodore Bikel and The Weavers - Founder of Folklore Productions International.

Bernard Edwards - Died 4-18-1996 in Tokyo, Japan - Pneumonia ( Disco ) Born 10-31-1952 in Greenville, N.C., U.S. - Played bass and sang - Was a member of Chic (They did,"La Freak" and "Good Times") and Walter Murphy & The Big Apple Band ("A Fifth Of Beethoven") - Worked with Power Station ("Some Like It Hot"), Missing Persons, ABC and Rod Stewart.

Mike Leander (Michael Farr)- Died 4-18-1996 - Cancer  - Born 6-30-1941  in London, England - Arranger,  Producer and composer - Worked with Gary Glitter, The Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithfull, Andrew Loog Oldham, Joe Cocker,  Marianne Faithful, Billy Fury, Marc Bolan, Joe Cocker, The Small Faces, Van Morrison, Alan Price, Peter Frampton, Keith Richards, Paul Raven, Shirley Bassey, Lulu, Jimmy Page, Roy Orbison, Ben E. King, The Drifters, Gene Pitney and The Beatles - Wrote scores for the films, Privilege and Run A Crooked Mile.

Olu Holloway (John Benjamin Oludare Holloway) - Died 4-20-1996 in London, England ( Afrobeat ) Born 8-20-1939 in Lagos - Worked with Sam Akpabot.

George Lanius (George A. Lanius) - Died 4-21-1996 ( Doo Wop ) Born 9-4-1939 in Tennessee, U.S. - Singer - Was a member of The Spades and The Crescendos (They did, "Oh Julie" and "My Little Girl").

Rev. Oris Mays - Died 4-21-1996 in Memphis,TN, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 1935 in Lambert, MS, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (He did, "Nobody Can Turn Me Around" and "City Called Heaven") - Led Reverend Oris Mays & The Bostonians.

William A. "Kap'' Gleason - Died 4-26-1996 - Complications of a stroke (Proprietor) Ran Gleason's Musical Bar from 1942 to 1962 - Ella Fitzgerald, Sammy Davis Jr., Nat "King" Cole and others got their start there.

Beatmaster V (Victor Ray Wilson) - Died 4-30-1996 - Leukemia ( Metal ) Born 2-20-1959 - Drummer for Body Count (They did,"Street Lobotomy" and "Dead Man Walking).

Jerry Murad - Died 5-?-1996 ( Pop ) Born in Turkey - Harmonica player - He was the leader of Jerry Murad's Harmonicats (They did remakes of,"Peg O My Heart" and "Yesterday").

Jose Provetti (aka Cat) - Died 5-?-1996 ( Rock - Instrumental ) Guitarist -  Was a member of The Jet Black's who where originally named The Vampires.

Bill Byers (aka Billy Byers) (Born William Mitchell Byers) -  Died 5-1-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 5-1-1927 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Played trombone and was an arranger - Worked with Benny Goodman, Stan Kenton, Sarah Vaughan, Dinah Washington, Barbra Streisand, Al Jarreau, Lena Horne, Billy Holiday, Gene Krupa, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie, Woody Herman, Oliver Nelson, Jimmy Smith, Buddy Rich, Billy Eckstine, Quincy Jones, Charlie Barnet, Frank Sinatra, Sonny Rollins, Oscar Peterson, Thelonious Monk and Frank Zappa.

Patsy Montana (Ruby Blevins) - Died 5-3-1996 in San Jacinto, CA, U.S. ( Country Western ) Born 10-30-1914  in Beaudry, AR, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (She did, "I Want To Be A Cowboy's Sweetheart") - Worked with The Prairie Ramblers, Gene Autry, Red Foley, The Girls Of The Golden West and George Gobel - Said to be the first woman to sell one million records - National Cowgirl Museum And Hall Of Fame Inductee, Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Willis Conover - Died 5-17-1996 - Lung cancer ( Disc Jockey ) Born 10-18-1920 - Producer and broadcaster - He was a Jazz DJ for Voice Of America for over 40 years.

Kevin Gilbert (Kevin Mathew Gilbert)- Died 5-17-1996 - Accidental asphyxiation( Rock ) Born 11-20-1966 - (He did, "Joytown" and "Tea for One", wrote Sheryl Crow's,"All I Want To Do" and "Leaving Las Vegas") - Was a member of Giraffe (They did, "Last Plane Out") and Toy Matinee.

Johnny Guitar Watson (John Watson) (aka Young John Watson) - Died 5-17-1996 in Yokohama, Japan - Heart attack ( Blues - Soul ) Born 2-3-1935 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and pianist - (He did, "A Real Mother For Ya" and "Superman Lover") - Worked with Chuck Higgins (They did, "Motorhead Baby"), Albert Collins and Johnny Copeland - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Nikolaus Utermohlen - Died 5-17-1996 in Berlin ( Rock ) Born 6-10-1958 in Wurzburg - Played bass guitar and clarinet - Worked with Die Todliche Doris.

Brad Nowell (Bradley James Nowell) - Died 5-25-1996 in San Francisco, CA, U.S. - Heroin overdose ( Ska - Punk ) Born 2-22-1968 in Long Beach, CA, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Was a member of Sublime (They did, "What I Got" and "Santeria").

Chris Quillen - Died 5-26-1996 - Car crash ( Rock ) Born 10-25-1969 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Fiddleworms - Worked with Stained Mecca and Adam's House Cat - The Drive-By Truckers did, "Plastic Flowers On The Highway" for Chris.

Ivan Sutton - Died 5-27-1996 ( Concert Promoter ) Born 1914 .

Pud Brown (Albert Francis Brown) - Died 5-27-1996 in Algiers, LA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Born 1917 - Clarinetist and saxophonist - Worked with Louis Armstrong, Lawrence Welk, Les Brown and Coleman Hawkins.

Jimmy Rowles (James George Rowles) - Died 5-28-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Cardiac arrest ( Jazz ) Born 8-19-1918 in Spokane, WA, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Tommy Dorsey, Stan Getz, Peggy Lee, Les Brown, Slim Gaillard, Lester Young and Benny Goodman - Father of flugelhornist, Stacy Rowles.

John Kahn - Died 5-30-1996 in Mill Valley, CA, U.S. - Drug overdose ( Rock - Bluegrass ) Born 6-13-1947 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Bassist - Was a member of The Jerry Garcia Band, Old And In The Way and Reconstruction  - Worked with Legion Of Mary, Elvin Bishop, The Grateful Dead, John Lee Hooker, Michael Bloomfield, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, Maria Muldaur and Al Kooper.

Bob Stroup - Died 5-30-1996 ( Jazz ) Born 1938 - Trombonist - Worked with Woody Herman.

Alo Mattiisen - Died 5-30-1996 ( Progressive Rock - Classical ) Born 4-22-1961 in Jogeva - Keyboardist and composer -  Was a member of In Spe (They did, "Typewriter Concerto In D" and "Rohelised Munad").

Elsbeary Hobbs - Died 5-31-1996 - Throat and lung cancer ( R&B ) Born Born 8-4-1936 in New York, NY, U.S. - Worked with The Drifters, Ben E. King, The Psychedelic Steppenwolves and Big Charlie Thomas.

Timothy Leary - Died 5-31-1996 - Inoperable prostate cancer ( Rock - Spoken Word ) Born 10-22-1920 - Aside from the spoken word albums he released, he also sang on John Lennon's "Give Peace A Chance".

Don Grolnick - Died 6-1-1996 - Non-Hodgkins lymphoma ( Rock - Jazz ) Born 9-23-1947 in New York, NY, U.S. (He did, "One Bird, One Stone" and "Blues for Pop") Was a member of Dreams, The Brecker Brothers and Steps Ahead - Worked with James Taylor, Ten Wheel Drive, Ten Thousand Maniacs, Linda Ronstadt, Steely Dan and many others.

Alan Blakely- Died 6-1-1996 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-1-1942 in Bromley, Kent, England - Was the rhythm guitar player for  The Tremeloes .

Peg LaCentra - Died 6-1-1996 - Heart attack - She sang with Artie Shaw.

Ivan Elias - Died 6-4-1996 ( Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of Scandal (They did, "Goodbye To You") - Worked with The Ivory Tower Project.

Kenny Hillery - Died 6-5-1996 - Suicide ( Metal ) Bassist - Worked with Quiet Riot (They did, "Rude, Crude Mood" and "Psycho City").

William A. Palmer - Died 6-6-1996 ( Inventor ) Born 1911 - He invented the magnetic tape recorder. Music was cut direct to record before his invention.

Sims Ellison (Sims Edgar Ellison) - Died 6-6-1995 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 3-10-1967 - Was a guitarist and vocalist for Pariah (They did,"Powerless" and "Nobody Listens").

Courtney Johnson - Died 6-7-1996 - Lung cancer ( Bluegrass ) Born 12-20-1939 in Barren County, Ky., U.S. - Played guitar and banjo - Was a member of Poor Richard's Almanac, Bluegrass Alliance and New Grass Revival - Worked with Leon Russell.

Wendy Bagwell - Died 6-13-1996 - After surgery for a brain aneurysm ( Gospel ) Born 1918 - Was the lead singer for Bagwell The Sunliters - Southern Gospel Music Guild's Hall of Fame inductee.

Matthew Fletcher - Died 6-14-1996 - Suicide ( Rock ) Born 11-5-1970 - Drummer - Was a member of Talulah Gosh (They did, "Test Card Girl" and "Steaming Train") and Heavenly (They did, "P.U.N.K. Girl" and "Dig Your Own Grave") - Brother of guitarist and singer, Amelia Fletcher of the two bands listed above.

Thomas Edward Montgomery  - Died 6-14-1996 - Born 1922 - Drummer.

Ella Fitzgerald (Ella Jane Fitzgerald) (aka Lady Ella) The First Lady of Song - Died 6-15-1996 in Beverly Hills, CA, U.S. ( Jazz ) Born 4-25-1917 in Newport News, VA, U.S. - Singer - (She sang, "A-Tisket, A-Tasket" and "Undecided") - She worked with Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Benny Goodman and others - She had been married to bass player, Ray Brown.

Luke Walter Jr. (Luk Renneboog) - Died 6-18-1996 in New York, NY, U.S. - Leukeamia ( Blues ) Born 11-22-1947 in Antwerp, Belgium - Singer - He was a member of Blue Blot (They did, "Where Do We Go From Here' and 'Hold The Line") - Worked with Tony Joe White.

Jim Ellison - Died 6-20-1996 - Suffocated himself in his garage with carbon monoxide fumes from his moped ( Rock - Pop ) Born 4-18-1966 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Was a vocalist and guitarist for Green and Material Issue .

T-Roy Ross (Arthur Ross) - Died 6-22-1996 - Murdered by suffocation - Born 1949 - Was a songwriter for Marvin Gaye, The Miracles, Madonna and others - Brother of singer, Diana Ross.

John Novarese (Angelo John Novarese) - Died 6-23-1996 in Memphis,TN, U.S. - Born 11-13-1923 - Co-founded Hi-label recording Bill Black, O.V. Wright, Don Bryant, George Jackson, Syl Johnson, Bobby McClure, Ann Peebles, Willie Clayton, Al Green, Ace Cannon and Bobby Bland.

Damian (Bruce Edward Broadus) - Died 6-27-1996 - Colon cancer ( R&B - Hip Hop ) Born 9-13-1966 in Marshall, Michigan, U.S. - (He did, "Guess You Didn't Know") and was 1/2 of Damian Dame (They did, "Right Down To It" and "Gotta Learn My Rhythem").

Willie Metts - Died 7-1-1996 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Singer - He was a member of Raintree County, Dizzy Rambler and The Canadian Rogues.

Jorma Kalenius (Jorma Valdemar Kalenius) - Died 7-5-1996 ( Rock ) Born 3-10-1941 - Singer - Led Jorma Kalenius & His Rock Devils.

Luis Alfonso Larrain - The Dancing Music's Magician - Died 7-6-1996 in Caracas, Venezuela - ( Tropical - Jazz ) Born 7-22-1911 in La Victoria, Venezuela - Composer, arranger and director - Led his his own orchestra and was the founder of The Society Of Authors And Songwriters from Venezuela (SACVEN).

J.W. Alexander (James Woodie Alexander) - Died 7-8-1996 in West Hollywood, CA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 1-21-1916 in Hamilton, MS, U.S. - Singer, producer and manager - Was a member of The Pilgrim Travelers (They did, "Jesus Hits Like The Atom Bomb" and "Mother Bowed") and The Travelers - Co-founded SAR Records with Sam Cooke.

Sergei Kuryokhin (aka Sergey Kuryokhin and Sergey Kuriokhin)- Died 7-9-1996 - Cancer ( Avant-garde - Jazz - Rock ) Born 6-16-1954 in Murmansk - Pianist - Was a member of Aquarium and Pop Mechanic.

Jonathan Melvoin (Jonathan David Melvoin)- Died 7-11-1996 - Heroin overdose ( Rock ) Born 12-6-1961 in Los Angeles, Calif., U.S. - Was a keyboardist for The Dickies and The Smashing Pumpkins .

Lou Gottlieb - Died 7-11-1996  - Internal bleeding - Born 1924 - Was one third of the Limeliters.

John Panozzo (aka Babe)- Died 7-16-1996 - Gastrointestinal hemorrhage ( Rock ) Born 9-20-1947 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - Was a drummer for Styx (They did,"Come Sail Away" and "Lady") .

Keith Whittaker - Died 7-16-1996 - Cancer ( Punk Rock ) Born 1952 near Manchester, England - Singer - (He did, "Drink To Me" and "I'd Kiss You Honey") - Was a member of The Demics (They did, "New York City") - Worked with Chris Spedding.

Grey Ghost (Roosevelt Thomas Williams) - Died 7-17-1996 ( Blues ) Born 1904 - (He did,"Hitler Blues").

Chas Chandler (Bryan James Chandler) - Died 7-17-1996 in Newcastle, England - Aortic aneurysm ( Rock ) Born 12-18-1938 in Heaton, England - Managed Jimi Hendrix - Was the bassist for The Alan Price Trio and The Animals - The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Amancio D'Silva - Died 7-17-1996 - After a series of strokes ( Jazz ) Born 3-19-1936 in Bombay, India - Guitarist - Worked with Cosmic Eye, Guy Warren, Joe Harriott, Lynn Dobson, Clem Alford and Stan Tracey.

Marcel Dadi - Died 7-17-1996 - His plane crashed in the waters just outside of New York ( Country ) Born 8-20-1951 - Guitarist - Worked with Joseph Illouz, Andre Assouline and Maurice Levy - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Tim Whittaker (Timothy John Whittaker) - Died 7-20-1996 in Liverpool, Merseyside (Previously Lancashire), UK - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 8-10-1952 in Clitheroe, Lancashire, UK - Drummer - Was a member of Deaf School (They did, "All Queued Up" and "Working Girls").

Tamara Danz - Died 7-22-1996 - Breast cancer ( Rock ) Singer and songwriter - Born 12-14-1952 Breitungen, Werra - She was a member of Die Cropies, Oktoberklub, The Horst Kruger Band, Gitarreros and Familie Silly who changed their name to Silly (They did, "Psycho" and "Berliner Fruhling") - Worked with Mike Kilian.

Rob Collins (Robert Collins) - Died 7-22-1996 - Car crash ( Rock ) Born 2-23-1963 in Sedgeley - Played organ for The Charlatans ( They did, "You're Not Very Well" and "Then").

Evelyn Danzig (Evelyn Levine) - Died 7-26-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 1-16-1902 in Waco, TX, U.S. - Songwriter - (She co-wrote, "Scarlet Ribbons" and "Rippling Stream") - Her songs have been recorded by The Kingston Trio, Perry Como, Joan Baez, Harry Belafonte, Doris Day, Cliff Richard, Duane Eddy and Sinead O'Connor.

Jason Thirsk (Jason Matthew Thirsk) - Died 7-28-1996 - Shot himself ( Punk ) Born 12-25-1967 - Was a bassist for Pennywise (They did, "Bro Hymn") .

Marguerite Ganser Droste - Died 7-28-1996 - Breast cancer ( Rock ) Born 2-4-1948 - Singer - Was a member of The Shangri-Las (They recorded, "Remember (Walking In The Sand)" and "The Leader Of The Pack")

Seagram (Seagram Miller) - Died 7-31-1996 - Shot ( Rap ) Born 1970 (He did, "If The World Was Mine" and "One 2 The Two").

Paul Crawford - Died 7-31-1996 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1925 - Was a leader of The Crawford-Ferguson Night Owls.

Bill Buchanan - Died 8-1-1996 - Cancer  Born 4-30-1930 - Producer and songwriter - Worked with Dickie Goodman, who as a team, invented the "break-in" novelty record and he also worked with Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Leather Nun and Fields Of The Nephilim.

Jose Quintero (aka The Black Jose) - Died 8-2-1996 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Tropical - Jazz - Folk ) - Born 7-5-1926 in Caracas, Venezuela - Double bassist, pianist, composer, tresista, guitarist and singer - Worked with La Sonora Caracas, Manuel Desman, Jacobo Espinoza, Vicente Flores, Rafael Minaya, Leonardo Pedroza, Cesar Viera, Billo's Caracas Boys, Filarmónica Music, Leonard's Melody, Tom-Tom Boys (Estrellas de Color), Chelique Sarabia, Mario Suarez and Juan Vicente Torrealba (He did "Las Muchachas Caraqueñas") - Father of the musicians Frank, Leo and Maricruz Quintero.

Luciano Tajoli - Died 8-3-1996 in Merate, Lecco, Italy - Born 4-17-1920 in Milan, Italy - Singer and actor - (He did "Al di là'" and "Ad un palmo dal cielo") - He worked with Betty Curtis, Mal and Milva.

Jana Robbova - Died 8-4-1996 in Prague, Czech Republic - Throat cancer ( Pop ) Born 4-4-1951 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Singer (She did, "Kabaret", "Kdo Vi" and "Krasny Den").

Ossie Clark (Raymond Clark) - Died  8-6-1996 in London, England - Stabbed by his former lover - Born 6-9-1942 in Warrington, Lancashire, England - Designed clothes for Mick Jagger, Marianne Faithful, Yoko Ono, The Beatles, Twiggy, Liza Minnelli and others.

Tommy Charles - Died 8-8-1996 ( Pop ) Born 11-29-1929 in Chattanooga, TN, U.S. -  Singer (He had  hits with, "Our Love Affair" and "After School").

Mel Taylor - Died 8-11-1996 - Lung cancer ( Rock ) Born 9-24-1933 in New York, NY, U.S. - Was a drummer for The Ventures (They did, "Walk, Don't Run" and "Hawaii Five-O").

Denis "Vij" Matora - Died 8-11-1996 - Drowned ( Rock ) Born 3-5-1976 - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Worked with Koridor.

Miki Volek (Michael Volek) The King of Czechoslovak Rock'n'Roll - Died 8-14-1996 in Prague, Czech Republic - Probably cirrhosis of the liver ( Rock n Roll ) Born 5-21-1943 in Prague, Czechoslovakia (at the time Bohemia-Moravian Protectorat) - Singer for The Crazy Boys (They did, "Hey Bop-A-Re-Bop") and for Olympic (They did, "Cindarella" and "Skinny Minnie") He left them when they changed their rock and roll style to the Mersey Sound - He disliked the Beatles, "because they stole my bread".

Joe Seneca (Joseph McGee) - Died 8-15-1996 - Coronary arrest ( Rock ) Born 1-14-1919  (Wrote and sang "Break It To Me Gently" with Diane Mapert and did,"Talk To Me").

Miles Goodman - Died 8-16-1996 - Heart attack ( Producer - Composer ) Born 1949 (Scored the music for "La Bamba", "Little Shop of Horrors",  "What About Bob?" and Footloose")

Ray Brown - Died 8-17-1996 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Was the lead singer for Ray Brown And The Whispers (They did,"20 Miles" and "Pride").

Steve Marsh - Died 8-19-1996 - Liver cancer ( Gospel - Rock ) Drummer for Elim Hall and One Hundred Days.

Rio Reiser - Died 8-20-1996 ( Rock ) Born 1-9-1950 - Guitarist - Was a member of Ton Steine Scherben.

Alyce King (Alyce King Clarke) - Died 8-21-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Chronic bronchial asthma ( Big Band ) Born 8-14-1915 in Payson, UT, U.S. - Singer - Was one of The King Sisters (They sang, "I'll Get By" and "In The Mood).

Nicodemus (Cecil Wellington) - Died 8-26-1996 - Complications of diabetes ( Reggae ) Born 6-27-1957 - Singer and DJ.

Vasily "Gonzales" Derkach - Died 9-?-1996 - Throat cancer ( Rockabilly ) Saxophonist - Was a member of Mister Twister.

Sean Sumner (aka Hans Orifice - Hans Sphincter) - Died 9-?-1996 - Suicide ( Shock Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of Death Piggy and GWAR.

Bill Monroe (William Smith Monroe) - The Father Of Bluegrass Music - Died 9-9-1996 in Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. ( Blue Grass ) Born 9-13-1911 in Rosine, Kentucky, U.S. - Played guitar and mandolin and was a singer and songwriter - (He did,"Blue Moon Of Kentucky") - Was one of The Monroe Brothers (They did, "What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul?") and led Bill Monroe And His Blue Grass Boys - Worked with Earl Scruggs and Lester Flatt - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee, Country Music Hall of Fame Inductee, Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee and International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee.

Ray Coleman -  Died 9-10-1996 - Cancerous kidney ( Biographer ) Born 6-15-1937 in Leicester, northern England - Wrote for Melody Maker - Wrote biographies for John Lennon, Brian Epstein, Paul McCartney, Bill Wyman and others.

Lee Baker - Died 9-10-1996 - He was shot along with his aunt and the house was burned ( Blues Rock ) He was the leader of Moloch - Worked with Mudboy & The Neutrons, Mississippi Fred McDowell, Sleepy John Estes, Gus Cannon, Bukka White, Charlie Rich, Furry Lewis and Lee Baker And The Agitators.

Tupac (2pac ) Shakur (Tupac Amaru Shakur) (aka Makaveli) - Died 9-13-1996 - Drive-by shooting ( Rap ) Born 6-16-1971 in New York, NY, U.S. (He did, "Dear Mama" and "California Love") - Was a member of Digital Underground.

Silas Roy Crain - Died 9-13-1996 in Vallejo, CA, U.S. ( Gospel ) Born 6-7-1911 in San Augustine, TX, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - Worked with Sam Cooke and The Soul Stirrers.

Jessie Hill - Died 9-17-1996 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 12-9-1932 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Singer and drummer - (He did, "Ooh Poo Pah Doo").

Bruce Hamblin (aka Ramblin' Hamblin) - Died 9-18-1996 ( Rockabilly - Blues ) Born 1950 - Was a bass player for The Varmits and Trio Grande with Mario Moreno.

Claude - Died 9-22-1996 ( Rock ) Singer - Was a member of The Lucky Monkeys who changed their name to Smack (They did, "Rattlesnake Bite" and "Good Morning Headache").

Bob Gibson - Died 9-28-1996 - Supranuclear palsy, a degenerative brain disease ( Folk ) Born 11-16-1931 in Brooklyn, NY, U.S. - Played banjo and guitar - (He did, "Makin' a Mess of Commercial Success" and "Still Gonna Die") - Worked with Tom Paxton, Phil Ochs, Hamilton Camp, Sneaky Pete Kleinow, The Flying Burrito Brothers and Shel Silverstein.

Dave Early - Died 10-?-1996 in Ireland - Car accident ( Rock - Folk ) Born in Lewisham - He was 39 years old - Drummer - Worked with Sade, Van Morrison and Mary Black.

Jerry Rivers - Died 10-4-1996 - Cancer ( Folk - Country ) Born 8-25-1928 - Fiddler for Hank Williams Sr. And His Drifting Cowboys Band (They did, "I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry" and "Hey Good Lookin'").

Chris Milne (aka K-Ray) - Died 10-5-1996 - Guitarist - Worked with The Nomads and The Bad Luck & Trouble Blues Band.

Ted Daffan (Theron Eugene Daffan) - Died 10-6-1996 in Houston, TX, U.S. ( Country ) Born 9-21-1912 in Beauregarde Parish, Louisiana, U.S. - Guitarist - (He wrote, "Truck Driver's Blues" and "Born To Lose") - He was the leader of Ted Daffan And The Texans - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ronnie Garvin - Died 10-7-1996 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Born 8-18-1959 in Charleston, SC, U.S. - Was a guitar player for Stranger (They did, "Swamp Woman" and "Wrong Side Of The Tracks").

Colleen Peterson - Died 10-9-1996 - Cancer ( Folk - Country ) Born 11-14-1950 in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada - Singer and songwriter - (She did, "No Pain, No Gain" and "Too Short A Ride") - Was a member of Three's A Crowd, Takin' Care Of Business and Quartett (They did, "It Never Rains On Me" and "Lost Between Barren Shores") - She wrote songs for Anne Murray and Roger Miller - Worked with Bruce Cockburn, The Charlie Daniels Band, Sylvia Tyson and Waylon Jennings.

Brad Robinson (Bradford Leigh Robinson) - Died 10-13-1996 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 1958 - Was a guitarist for Australian Crawl (They recorded, "Restless" and "Live Now - Pay Later") - Also was a manager and TV presenter.

Chris Acland (Christopher John Dyke Acland)- Died 10-17-1996 - Hung himself ( Rock ) Born 9-7-1966 in Lancaster, England - Was the drummer for Panik, Infection and  Lush (They did, "Sweetness And Light" and "For Love").

Inocente Palacios - Died 10-19-1996 in Caracas, Venezuela - Born 03-13-1908 in Caracas, Venezuela - Director of Festivals of Music, musical professor, essayist and Doctor in political and social sciences  - Creator and organizer of The Festivals Of Music of Caracas - Creator, director and professor of the School of Arts of the Central University of Venezuela (UCV).

Robert Racic - Died 10-25-1996 in Sydney, Australia - Progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy - Born 1-8-1964 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia - Producer, DJ and arranger - He remixed The Severed Heads songs, "The Tingler" and "Pilot In Hell" - Worked with Itch-E And Scratch-E, New Order, Eurogliders, A Certain Ratio and Single Gun Theory.

Roman Generalov - Died 10-26-1996- Stabbed while working at a gas station ( Rock )  Born 9-24-1968 - Was a member of  Ordovic.

William "W.C." Clarke - Died 11-2-1996 - During an operation for a bleeding ulcer ( Blues ) Born 3-29-1951 in Inglewood, CA., U.S. - Harmonica player - (He did, "Must Be Jelly" and "Gambling for my Bread") - Worked with  George "Harmonica" Smith.

Eva Cassidy (Eva Marie Cassidy) - Died 11-2-1996 in Bowie, Maryland, U.S. - Melanoma ( Pop ) Born 2-2-1963 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (She did, "Songbird" and a remake of, "Over The Rainbow") - Was a member of Easy Street and Stonehenge - Worked with Characters Without Names, E-40, Experience Unlimited and Chuck Brown - Washington Area Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

William Clarke - Died 11-3-1996  (Blues ) Born 3-29-1951 in Inglewood, CC, U.S. - Sang and played harmonica - (He did, "Blowin' Like Hell" and "Sweet Angel's Gone") - Led The William Clarke band - Worked with George "Harmonica" Smith.

Eddie Harris - Died 11-5-1996 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Bone cancer and kidney disease ( Jazz - Rock - Pop ) Born 10-20-1934 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Saxophonist - (He did, "Freedom Jazz Dance") - Worked with Stevie Winwood and Jeff Beck - Wrote music for TV's, The Bill Cosby Show - Invented the saxobone.

Alan K (Alan Kalicki) (aka Rocky Starr) - Died 11-9-1996 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Punk ) Born 3-11-1955 in Buffalo, NY, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Grim Reaper, Aunt Helen ("Big Money"), The Toys ("Livin' Fast") who became The New Toys ("Wrong Side Of You"), Lone Cowboys (They did a remake of, "You Light Up My Life") and The Road Vultures ("Fire It Up").

Rudolf Sosna - Died 11-10-1996 ( Prog Rock ) Born 1946 - Played guitar - Worked with Faust (They did, "Why Don't You Eat Carrots" and "Meadow Meal").

Jo Baker - Died 11-11-1996 in Oakland, CA, U.S. - Liver disease ( Rock ) Born 1948 - Percussionist and vocalist - She worked with Elvin Bishop ("Do Nobody Wrong" and "Juke Point Jump"), Eddie Money, Stoneground (They did, "Prove It") and Quicksilver Messenger Service.

Don Stover - Died 11-11-1996 ( Bluegrass ) Born 3-6-1928 in White Oak, WV, U.S. - Played banjo and was a songwriter - (He wrote, "Things In Life") - Worked with The Blue Grass Boys and The Lilly Brothers - International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee.

Yafeu Fula (aka Killa Kadafi, Yak, Yaki Kadafi and Young Hollywood) (Yafeu Akiyele Fula) - Died 11-11-1996 in East Orange, NJ, U.S. - Shot in the head ( Rap ) Born 10-9-1977 in Irvington, NJ, U.S. - Was a member of Tupac Shakur backup band, Outlaw Immortalz.

Bill Doggett (William Ballard Doggett) - Died 11-13-1996 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( R&B - Blues - Jazz ) Born 2-16-1916 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Pianist and organist - (He did, "Honkey Tonk" and "Hippy Dippy") - Worked with The Ink Spots, Louis Jordan's Tympany Five, Johnny Otis, Wynonie Harris and Ella Fitzgerald.

Bill Vernon - Died 11-20-1996 in Rocky Mount, VA, U.S. - Heart attack ( Bluegrass ) Born 7-4-1937 in New York, NY, U.S. - Radio broadcaster and historian - Wrote for Pickin', Muleskinner News and Bluegrass Unlimited - International Bluegrass Music Hall Of Honor Inductee.

Art Porter Jr. - Died 11-23-1996 in Thailand - Drowned in a boating accident ( Jazz ) Born 1961 - Played saxophone - (He did, "Pocket City" and "Inside Myself") - Worked with Ramsey Lewis, Jeff Lorber and his father, Art Porter Sr.

Ken Lane (Kermit Lane) - Died 11-23-1996 - Emphysema - Born 12-20-1912 - Pianist - (Co-wrote, "Everybody Loves Somebody") - Arranged music for movies and TV - Worked with Dean Martin - Father of singer, Robin Lane.

Dina Fasano (Secondina Fasano) - Died 11-24-1996 - Born 9-21-1924 in Turin, Italy - Singer - She was half of Duo Fasano with her twin sister, Delfina (They did, "Casetta in Canada" and "E la barca torno sola") - Worked with Gino Latilla.

Tiny Tim ( Herbert Khaury ) - Died 11-30-1996 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 4-12-1933 in New York, NY, U.S. - Played the ukulele and sang(He did, "Tiptoe Through The Tulips", "This Is All I Ask" and a duet with himself on, "I Got You Babe").

Irving Gordon - Died 12-1-1996 - Cancer ( Songwriter ) Born 1-28-1915 - (He wrote, "Unforgettable" and "Me, Myself and I").

Boni Boyer (Bonita Louisa Boyer) - Died 12-4-1996 in Australia - Brain aneurysm ( R&B ) Born 7-28-1958 in Washington, DC, U.S. - Singer and musician - Worked with Lionel Ritchie, Digital Underground, Tony! Toni! Tone'!, Con Funk Shun and  Prince.

Montana Slim (Wilf Carter) (Wilfred Arthur Charles Carter) - Died 12-5-1996 in Scottsdale, AZ, U.S. - Stomach tumor ( Country ) Born 12-18-1904 in Port Hilford, Nova Scotia - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and yodeller - (He did, "My Swiss Moonlight Lullaby" and "Pete Knight, The King Of The Cowboys") - Canadian Music Hall Of Fame Inductee, Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee and Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Peter Hall - Died 12-5-1996 ( Folk ) Played guitar, harmonica, mandolin, penny  whistle and was a singer (He did,"Song In The Woods" and "Sam's Rhyme Of The Troll")  Worked with Tom Speirs and Arthur Watson.

Doug Fulton (Douglas J. Fulton) - Died 12-5-1996 - Illness - Born 4-5-1928 in Illinois, U.S. - Photographer - His photographs of blues artists appeared on album covers and in newspapers and calendars - Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Patty Donahue (Patricia J. Donahue) (aka Patty Darling) - Died 12-6-1996 - Lung cancer ( New Wave ) Born 3-29-1956 - Was the singer for The Waitresses (They recorded, "I Know What Boys Like", "Christmas Wrapping" and the theme music for the TV show "Square Pegs").

Ben Hewitt - Died 12-8-1996 in Maryland, U.S. ( Country - Rockabilly ) Born 9-11-1935 on the Tuscarora Indian Reservation in New York, U.S. - Guitarist - (He did, "I Ain't Givin' Up Nothin' (If I Can't Have Something From You)" and "Border City Call Girl").

John Duffey - Died 12-10-1996 - Heart attack ( Bluegrass ) Born 1934 - Was the leader of The Seldom Scene.

Jacob Johnson - Died 12-10-1996 ( Jazz ) Born 1978 - He played trumpet for The Hot 8 Brass Band.

Faron Young - The Hillbilly Heartthrob - The Singing Sheriff - Died 12-10-1996 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Shot himself because he had a debilitating emphysema ( Honky Tonk - Countrypolitan ) Born 2-25-1932 in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (Recorded, "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young" and "Alone With You") - Country Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Clarence Wijewardane - Died 12-13-1996 in Sri Lanka - Cirrhosis ( Pop ) Born 8-3-1943 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Moonstones (They did, "Mango Nenda" and "Ruwan Puraya"), The Golden Chimes (They did, "Kimade Nawe" and "Mage pelpathe") and The Super Golden Chimes.

Dawn Crosby - Died 12-15-1996 - Liver cancer ( Metal ) Born 4-5-1963 in Maryland - Singer - Was a member of Allies, First Attack, Fear Of God (They did, "Red to Grey" and "Diseased") and Detente (They did, "Shattered Illusions" and "Vultures In The Sky").

Eadie Del Rubio (Eadie Boyd)- Died 12-16-1996 - Cancer ( Pop - Rock - Country - Hawaiian - Calypso ) She was one of  The Del Rubio Triplets later called 3 Gals, 3 Guitars, 1 Birthday and 3 Gals, 3 Guitars (They did remakes of, "Whip It" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking") - The sisters had appeared on the TV shows Ellen, The Golden Girls, Full House, Married ... With Children and Pee-Wee's Playhouse.

Irving Caesar - Died 12-17-1996 ( Pop ) Born 7-4-1895 in New York - (He wrote,"Just A Gigolo" and "Swanee").

Ruby Murray - Died 12-17-1996 - Liver cancer ( Pop ) Born 3-29-1935 in Belfast, Ireland - Singer - (She did, "Heartbeat" and "Softly, Softly") - She is listed in The Guinness Book Of World Records for having 5 hits in the Top Twenty in the same week.

Johnny Sandon (William Beck) - Died 12-23-1996 ( Rock ) Born 1941 in Liverpool, Lancashire, England - Singer - Worked with The Searchers and The Remo Four.

Ronnie Scott (Ronald Schatt) - Died 12-24-1996 ( Jazz ) Saxophonist - Founder of Ronnie Scott's Jazz Club - Son of saxophonist, Joseph Schatt (aka Jock Scott).

Hot Rod Hulbert Jr. (Maurice Hulbert Jr.) - Died 12-24-1996 in Towson, MD, U.S. - Throat cancer - Born 7-30-1916 in Helena, AR, U.S. - DJ - Hosted Radio's, The Sepia Swing Club, The Delta Melodies and Moods By Maurice - Black Radio Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Joe Valino - Died 12-26-1996 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 3-9-1929 - Singer - (He did, "Garden Of Eden").

Johnny Heartsman - Died 12-27-1996 in Sacramento, CA, U.S. - Stroke ( Modern Electric Blues ) Born 2-9-1937 in San Fernando, CA, U.S. - Played guitar, organ and flute and sang - (He did, "Paint My Mailbox Blue" and "Heartburn") - Worked with Jimmy McCracklin, Jimmy Wilson, Johnny Fuller, Al King, Tiny Powel and Joe Simon.


Gogo Lantroz - Died 1997 - Murdered ( Rock ) Drummer - Was a member of That Handsome Devil.

Bill Velline - Died 1997 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Shadows - Brother of singer, Bobby Vee - Mid-America Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Evelyn Aron (Evelyn Marks) - Died 1997 in Boulder, CO, U.S. - Born 12-19-1919 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Co-Founder of The Aristocrat Records Label which released recordings by The Five Blazes, Andrew Tibbs, Muddy Waters, George Davis, Clarence Samuels, Sunnyland Slim, Benny Kelly, Jump Jackson and Sherman Hayes.

Jack Taylor (Richard Violet) - Died 1997 - Drug overdose ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with The Gibson Bros., Monster Truck Five and '68 Comeback (They did, "Peepin' & Hidin'" and "Do The Rub").

Mick Cook (aka Cookie) - Died 1997 ( Rock ) Drummer - Worked with The Mike Khan Band, Home, Al Stewart, The Groundhogs, Tony McPhee and Reporter.

Steve Fellingham - Died 1997 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Played organ and sang - Was a member of The Colour of Tyme.

Elly Otieno Okatch Biggy - Died 1997 ( Benga ) (He did, "Okatch Pod Angima" and "Nyathi Nyakach") - Founder of Heka Heka.

Peet Coombes - Died 1997 - Sclerosis of the liver ( New Wave ) He was 45 years old - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Catch with Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart (They did, "Borderline" and "Black Blood") and The Tourists (They did, "Blind Among The Flowers" and a remake of "I Only Want To Be With You").

Zoran Zaric - Died 1997 ( Punk ) Was a member of Atheist Rap.

Mel Fuhrman - Died 1997 ( Executive Producer) Worked with Duke Ellington.

John Steele (John Thomas Steele) (aka Scooter) - Died 1997 ( Doo Wop ) Singer - Was a member of The Dovers who changed their name to The Five Willows (They did, "My Dear Dearest Darling") and then to The Willows (They did, "Church Bells May Ring" and "Dolores").

George Ramogi - Died 1997 ( Benga ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Luo Sweet Band and The  Continental Kilo Dumbe Dumbe Jazz Band.

Denver "Denny" Zatyka - Died 1997 ( Rock ) Was a member of The Triumphs (They did, "I Know It's Wrong" and "Garner St. Park") - Worked with B.J. Thomas.

Bill Smitka - Died 1997 ( Rock ) Born 1995 - Guitarist - Was a member of The Layabouts (They did,"Talk To The Lawyer") Worked with The Buzzards.

Cavke (Goran Cavajda) - Died 1997 in Australia ( Rock - Punk ) Drummer - Was a member of Elektricni Orgazam (They did, "Konobar" and "Dokolica").

Paul Minns - Died 1997 ( Psychedelic ) Played oboe and recorder - Was a member of Third Ear Band.

Jim Ferguson - Died 1997 ( Folk ) Born 1939? - Singer - Was a member of The Irish Rovers (They did, "The Unicorn" and "Wasn't That A Party").

Johnny Mince (John Henry Mussenger) - Died 1997 ( Jazz ) Born 7-8-1912 in Chicago Heights, IL, U.S. - Clarinetist - Worked with The Joe Haymes Orchestra, Ray Noble, Bob Crosby, Tommy Dorsey and The Great Eight.

Oswald Scheid - Died 1997 - Motorcycle accident ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Sextrash.

Tommy Turrentine (Thomas Walter Turrentine, Jr.) - Died 1997 ( Jazz - Bop ) Born 4-12-1928 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. (He did, "Two, Three, One, Oh!" and "Time's Up") Worked with Billy Eckstine, Dizzy Gillespie, Count Basie and his brother Stanley Turrentine.

Kieran White - Died 1997 - Cancer ( Progressive Rock ) Guitarist , vocalist and harmonica player for Steamhammer - Worked with Freddie King.

Cernunnos - Died 1997 - Hanged himself ( Metal ) Drummer for Enthroned .

Tom Rojack - Died 1997 - Swelling of the brain after falling down stairs ( Shock Rock ) Worked with Civil Disobediance and Decrepit.

Carl Hogan - Died - 1997 ( R&B ) Was a singer for The Valentines (They did, "Don't Say Goodnight").

Graham Maitland - Died 1997 ( Rock ) Was a keyboardist and vocalist for Glencoe (They did, "Sinking Down A Well" and "Telephonia") - Worked with Splinter, Wishbone Ash, Bryn Haworth, Scots of St. James, Hopscotch and The  Fleur de Lys.

Ivan Graziani - Died 1-1-1997 in Novafeltria, near Pesaro, Italy ( Rock - Pop ) Born 10-6-1945 in Teramo, Italy - (He did, "Psychedelico" and "Guaglio Guaglio").

Hagood Hardy - Died 1-1-1997 - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 1937 in Indiana, U.S. - (He did, "The Homecoming" and "Jennifer's Song") - Was a member of The Montage.

Townes Van Zandt - Died 1-1-1997 in Smyrna, TN, U.S. - Heart attack ( Folk - Country - Blues - Rock ) Born 3-7-1944 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "For The Sake Of The Song" and the original,"Pancho And Lefty").

Cal Valentine - Died 1-1-1997 in Oakland, CA, U.S. ( Blues - R&B - Soul ) ) Born 5-28-1937 in Dallas, TX, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "Boogie Twist" and "Campin' Out") - Led Valentine And The Right Kind.

Randy California ( Randy Graig Wolfe ) - Died 1-2-1997 in Molokai, Hawaii, U.S. - Drowned while rescuing his twelve year old son, his body was never found ( Rock ) Born 2-20-1951 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Singer, guitarist and songwriter - Worked with Jimmi Hendrix's band, Jimmy James & The Blue Flames - Was a member of Spirit (They did, "I Got A Line On You" and "Mr. Skin") - Stepson of drummer Ed Cassidy who also was a member of Spirit.

Burton Lane (Burton Levy) - Died 1-5-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Musicals ) Born 2-2-1912 in New York, NY, U.S. - Composer and lyricist - Composed music for the musicals, On a Clear Day You Can See Forever and Finian's Rainbow and also for the film, Babes On Broadway - Was a president of The American Guild Of Authors And Composers - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Mike Mann - Died 1-6-1997 - Cancer ( Rock ) Keyboardist - Was a member of Love Affair.

Kenny Pickett (Kenneth George Pickett) (aka Kenny Lee) - Died 1-10-1997 on stage in Mortlake, South London, England - The cause of death remains unknown ( Rock ) Born 9-3-1940 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England - Singer - Was a member of The Mark Four (They did, "Hurt Me If You Will" and "Work All Day (Sleep All Night)"), The Kennedy Express (They did, "Is There Life On Earth?") and Creation (They did, "Making Time" and "Painter Man").

Cavan O'Connor (aka Terence O'Neil, Cliff Conelly and many others) - Died 1-11-1997 ( Opera - Pop - Dance ) Born 7-1-1899 - Singer - (He did, "I'm Only A Strolling Vagabond").

Keith Diamond - Died 1-18-1997 - Heart attack ( Producer - Songwriter ) Born 1951 in Trinidad (Co-Wrote, "Caribbean Queen" for Billy Ocean also co-wrote songs for Mick Jagger, Donna Summer and more).

Adriana Caselotti - Died 1-19-1997 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 1917 (She sang,"Some Day My Prince Will Come" as Snow White in the Disney movie).

Irwin Levine (Irwin Jesse Levine) - Died 1-21-1997 in Livingston, NJ, U.S. - Heart or kidney failure - Born 3-23-1938 - Songwriter - (Co-Wrote, "This Diamond Ring", "Tie A Yellow Ribbon", "I Can't Quit Her" and "Knock Three Times")

Colonel Tom Parker (Andreas Cornelis van Kuijk) - Died 1-21-1997 - Stroke ( Manager ) Born 6-26-1909 - He managed Elvis Presley .

Ron Holden (Rolan Holden) - Died 1-22-1997 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 8-7-1939 in Seattle, WA, U.S. ( He recorded, "Love You So").

Billy MacKenzie (William MacArthur Mackenzie)- Died 1-22-1997 - Suicide due to depression over his mother's death, drug overdose ( Rock ) Born 3-27-1957 in Dundee - Was a member of  The Associates (They did,"Party Fears Two" and "Club Country") and worked with Yello (He co-wrote,"The Rhythm Divine" with them).

Wally Whyton - Died 1-22-1997 - Lung cancer ( Skiffle ) Born 9-23-1929 - Was a member of The Vipers (They recorded,"Don't You Rock Me Daddy-O" and  "Cumberland Gap").

Cornelio Reyna - Died 1-22-1997 - Stomach ulcer ( Norteno - Mariachi ) Born 9-15-1940 - Sang and played bajo sexto - Was half of the duo, Los Relampagos del Norte (They did, "Ya no Llores") - He was married to singer, Mercedes Castro.

Audie Pitre - Died 1-23-1997 - Car crash caused by a drunk driver  ( Death Metal ) Was the bassist for  Acid Bath  (They did,"Bleed Me An Ocean" and "New Death Sensation").

Richard Berry - Died 1-23-1997 Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Aneurysm ( Blues - R&B ) Born 4-11-1935 in Extension, LA, U.S. - (Wrote, "Louie Louie") - He was a singer with The Flairs and The Robins ("Riot In Cell Block #9") - Worked with Rick Rillera & The Rhythm Rockers, The Dreamers, Etta James ("The Wallflower" also known as "Roll With Me, Henry") and The Flamingos.

    Frank Schiavulli (aka The Floor Show) - Died 1-23-1997 - Drummer - Worked with The Satellites, The Motorcity Shakers and Tacklebox.

Jack Halloran - Died 1-24-1997 - Stroke ( Pop ) Born 1-10-1916 in Rock Rapids IA, U.S. (He charted with,"Little Drummer Boy") Was a background vocalist for Ray Charles, Pat Boone, Bing Crosby, Mahalia Jackson and Frank Sinatra.

Exuma (Tony McKay) (McFarlane Anthony McKay) - Died 1-25-1997 in Nassau in the Bahamas - Born 194? on Cat Island in the Bahamas - Singer, songwriter, guitarist and artist - (He did, "Exuma, The Obeah Man" and "A Place Called Earth") - Led Tony McKay And The Islanders and The Junk Band.

Gerald Marks - Died 1-27-1997  in Manhattan, NY, U.S. - Born 10-13-1900 in Saginaw, Mich., U.S. - Jazz and tin pan alley composer - (He co-wrote,"All Of Me" and "Is It True What They Say About Dixie").

Johnny Klein (John A. Klein Jr.) - Died 1-31-1997 in Torrance, CA, U.S. -  Illness - Born 6-4-1918 in Strasburg, ND, U.S. - Drummer - Worked with The Lawrence Welk orchestra and The Journeymen.

Chico Science (Francisco de Assis Franca) - Died 2-2-1997 - His car crashed into a utility pole ( Mangue Beat - Rock ) Born 1967 - Was a member of Zumbi Nation (They did, "Da Lama ao Caos" (From the Mud to Chaos) and "Afrociberdelia").

Andrew Mason - Died 2-3-1997 - Shot ( Christian Rock ) Drummer.

Big Mojo Elem (Robert Elem) - Died 2-5-1997 ( Blues ) Born  1-22-1928 in Itta Bena, MS, U.S. - Singer, bassist and guitarist - Worked with Earl Payton, Magic Sam, Otis Rush, Junior Wells, Jimmy Dawkins, Shakey Jake Harris, Luther Allison and Freddie King.

Brian Connolly (Brian McManus) - Died 2-9-1997 - Kidney and liver failure ( Glam Rock ) Born 10-5-1949  in Hamilton, Scotland - Was a vocalist for The Sweetshop later renamed, Sweet (They recorded, "Fox On The Run" and "Little Willy").

Jack Owens (L. F. Nelson) - Died 2-9-1997 in Yazoo City, Mississippi, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 11-17-1904 in Bentonia, MS, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - Worked with Bud Spires.

Kenny Brimson - Died 2-12-1997 - Mouth cancer ( Rock ) Musician - Worked with The Locomotives and Backtracks.

Michael Tachie-Menson - 2-13-1997 - Murdered, burned to death in a racist attack ( Rap ) Born 1967 - Was a member of  Rebel MC And Double Trouble (They did,"Just Keep Rockin'" and "Street Tough").

Ed Frank (Edward Frank) - Died 2-13-1997 ( R&B - Jazz ) Born 6-14-1932 in New Orleans, U.S. - Pianist - Worked with Lloyd Price, Little Richard, Dr. John, Fats Domino and Shirley & Lee.

Vernon Gardner - Died 2-14-1997 ( R&B ) Born 12-26-1911 in VA, U.S. - Was a member of The Deep River Boys.

Charles Moffett - Died 2-14-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. - Cancer ( Jazz ) Born 9-11-1929 in Fort Worth, TX, U.S. - Played drums and trumpet - Led The Moffettettes - Worked with Jimmy Witherspoon, Ornette Coleman and Little Richard.

Tiger Haynes - Died 2-15-1997 - Heart attack ( Showtunes ) Born 12-13-1907 - Singer and guitarist - Performed in The Wiz (The Tin Man), Taking My Turn and "Finian's Rainbow".

Miss Cynderella (Cynthia Wells) (Cynthia Cale-Binion) - Died 2-19-1997 in Palm Desert, CA, U.S. ( Rock ) Singer - She was a member of The GTOs (They did, "I'm In Love With The Ooo-Ooo Man" and "The Eureka Springs Garbage Lady") - Worked with Frank Zappa and Jeff Beck - At one time married to singer and musician, John Cale.

Zachary Breaux - Died 2-20-1997 - Drowned while trying to save a drowning woman ( Contemporary Jazz ) Born 1961 - Guitarist.

Tony Williams (Anthony Tillmon Williams) - Died 2-23-1997 in Daly City, CA, U.S. - Heart attack after gall bladder surgery ( Jazz - Rock) Born 12-12-1945 in Chicago, Ill, U.S. - Drummer - (He did, "Red Alert" and  "Clap City") - Leader of The Tony Williams Lifetime Band and worked with Miles Davis and Herbie Hancock.

Christopher Burmeister - Died 2-23-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. - He was shot on the Empire State Building's observation deck ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of The Bushpilots.

Bill "Hoss" Allen (William Trousdale Allen III) (aka The Hossman) - Died 2-25-1997 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Aneurysm - Born 12-3-1922 in Gallatin, TN, U.S. - D.J. - Hosted TV's, The!!!Beat - He helped bring R&B music to white audiences - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ben Raleigh - Died 2-26-1997 - Set his robe on fire while cooking ( Pop Songwriter ) Born 6-16-1913 - (Wrote, "Tell Laura I Love Her" and "Scooby Doo Where Are You").

Anatoly Krupnov - Died 2-27-1997 - Heart failure ( Metal ) Bassist and singer - Was a member of Black Obelisk.

Raymond Edwards - Died 3-4-1997 - Prostate cancer ( Doo-Wop ) Born 9-13-1924 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Was a bass singer for The Silhouettes (They did, "Get A Job").

Ralph Bass (Ralph Basso) - Died 3-5-1997 - Heart attack on a plane en route to Nassau, Bahamas - Born 5-1-1911 in The Bronx, NY, U.S.- Producer - Worked at Black & White, Savoy, King, Chess, and Federal record labels - Discovered and produced James Brown - Worked with Howlin' Wolf, Muddy Waters, Otis Spann, Etta James and John Lee Hooker - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee and Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Martin Kippenberger - Died 3-7-1997 in Vienna - Cancer ( Punk ) Born 1953 in Dortmund - Artist - (He did, "Luxus") - Founded The Grugas - Worked with Christine Hahn and Eric Mitchell.

Bobby Chouinard (Robert Gerard) - Died 3-8-1997 - Heart attack ( Rock ) Born 6-23-1953 - Drummer - Played for Billy Squire, Robert Gordon, Chris Spedding,Cher, and Ted Nugent among others.

Notorious B.I.G. (Christopher Wallace) - Died 3-9-1997 - Drive-by shooting ( Rap ) - Born 1972.

Lady Linda (Linda Lacen) - Died 3-11-1997 ( Jazz - Gospel ) Singer - Worked with her husband tuba player, Anthony "Tuba Fats" Lacen.

Clarence Green - Died 3-13-1997 in Houston, TX. U.S. ( Electric Texas Blues ) Born 6-17-1937 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - (He did, "Walking The Baby" and "Red Light") - Worked with Junior Parker, Fats Domino, Johnny Nash and Bobby Bland.

Ronnie Barron - Died 3-21-1997 ( R&B ) Born 1943 - Keyboardist (He did,"Doing Something Wrong" and "Singing In My Soul") Worked with Dr. John, John Mayall, Sonny & Cher, Eric Burdon, Louis Prima, Canned Heat, The Paul Butterfield Blues Band, B.B. King and Kim Carnes.

Harold Melvin - Died 3-24-1997 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - In his sleep ( Soul - Doo-Wop ) Born 6-25-1939 in Philadelphia, PA, U.S. - Was the leader of Harold Melvin And The Bluenotes (They did, "If You Don't Know Me By Now" and "The Love I Lost (Part 1)").

Kenny Moore (Kenneth M. Moore) - Died 3-24-1997 -  Apoplexy ( Rock - Soul ) Born 1952 - Piano player - Played for Tina Turner, Aretha Franklinand Billy Preston.

Johnny Farque - Died 4-?-1997 - During a performance ( Cajun ) Born 1920 - Guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Hackberry Ramblers (They did, "Dancing With A Broken Heart" and "Cajun Boogie").

Mike Raven (Austin Churton Fairman) - Died 4-4-1997 - Born 11-15-1924 in London, England - Influential blues D.J. on Radio Caroline an English pirate station who later worked for Radio 1 - Acted in the movie, Lust For A Vampire.

Allen Ginsberg - (Irwin Ginsberg) Died 4-5-1997 in New York, U.S. - Liver cancer - Born 6-3-1926 in Newark, New Jersey, U.S. - Poet - Worked with The Fugs.

Albert Gregory "Yella" Thomas - Died 4-5-1997 ( Rap ) Born 1974 - Was a member of UNLV (They did, "Chill And Hussle" and "Low Down And Dirty").

Chris Collins (Christopher Graeme Collins) - Died 4-5-1997 in Atlanta, GA, U.S. - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 6-21-1968 - Bassist - Was a member of The Toenut (They did, "Mouthful Of Pennies")

Laura Nyro (Laura Nigro) - Died 4-8-1997 in Danbury, CT, U.S. - Ovarian cancer ( Rock )  Born 10-18-1947 in the Bronx, NY, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (Wrote, "Eli's Coming" and "And When I Die") - Her songs have been recorded by Chet Atkins, Frank Sinatra, Linda Ronstadt, George Duke, Maynard Ferguson, Thelma Houston, Patti Larkin, The Roches, Peter, Paul And Mary, Carmen McCrae, Suzanne Vega, Phoebe Snow, Roseane Cash, Blood, Sweat And Tears, The Fifth Dimension and Three Dog Night -  Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Mae Boren Axton - Queen Mother of Nashville - Died 4-9-1997 in Hendersonville, Tennessee, U.S. - Drowned in a hot tub ( Country ) Born 9-14-1914 in Bardwell, Texas, U.S. - (She co-wrote, "Heart Break Hotel") - Mother of singer, Hoyt Axton - Oklahoma Music Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Yank Rachell (James Rachell) - Died 4-9-1997 ( Blues ) Born 3-16-1910 in Brownsville, TN, U.S. - Played the mandolin - (He wrote,"She Caught the Katy") Recorded with Sonny Boy Williamson, Peetie Wheatstraw and Elijah Jones

LaVern Baker (Delores Williams) (aka Little Miss Sharecropper and Bea Baker) - Died 4-10-1997 in New York, U.S. - Complications of diabetes ( R&B - Blues ) Born 11-11-1929 in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. - Singer - (She did, "I Cried A Tear" and "Tweedle-Dee") - Worked with Todd Rhodes and His Orchestra - Niece of singer, Memphis Minnie -  Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Rajko Kojic - Died 4-11-1997 ( Rock ) Born 4-12-1956 - Guitarist - Worked with Riblja Corba.

Jimmy Hughes - Died 4-15-1997 - Cancer ( R&B - Gospel ) Born 4-25-1935 in  Florence AL, U.S. - Singer (He had hits with "Steal Away" and "Neighbor, Neighbor").

Jr. Medlow - Died 4-17-1997 - Cancer ( Blues ) Born 1952 - Singer.

Jay Hening - Died 4-18-1997 - Shot himself ( Rock ) Guitarist - Was a member of Demolition 23 and Star Star.

Timory Hyde - Died 4-18-1997 in Providence, RI, U.S. - Fell from a window ( Rock ) Born 4-18-1975 - She sang and played guitar, piano, flute and didgeridoo - Worked with Damian Kulash ("Last December" and "Letterbox").

El Duce (Eldon Hoke) - Died 4-19-1997 - Hit by train while intoxicated ( Punk ) Born 3-24-1958 - Was a singer and drummer for The Mentors.

Dan Vandenplas (aka Cernunnos) - Died 4-19-1997 - Hanged himself ( Metal ) Born 5-3-1971 - Drummer - Was a member of Enthroned.

Pat Paulsen  (Patrick L. Paulsen) - Died 4-25-1997 in Mexico - Pneumonia and kidney failure ( Comedian - Presidential Candidate ) Born 7-6-1927 in South Bend, Washington, U.S. - He wrote songs for The Smothers Brothers including, "I Fell In A Vat Of Chocolate" - Was a member of The Fathers (They did,"You Can't Put Us Down" and "They Say We're Not Groovy").

Ernest Stewart - Died 4-26-1997 - Asthma attack ( Disco ) Born 4-10-1950 - Keyboardist - Was a member of K.C. & the Sunshine Band.

Gene Ames (Gene Urick) - Died 4-26-1997 in Scottsdale, AZ, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 2-13-1923 in Malden, MA, U.S. - Singer - He was one of The Amory Brothers who became The Ames Brothers (They did, "Rag Mop" and "The Naughty Lady Of Shady Lane") - Vocal Group Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Keith Ferguson - Died 4-29-1997 in Austin, TX, U.S. - Liver failure ( Blues ) Born 7-23-1946 in Houston, TX, U.S. - Bassist - Was a member of The Fabulous Thunderbirds.

Larry Wilkins - Died 5-6-1997 ( Rock ) Guitarist - Worked with Eric Burdon and Aynsley Dunbar.

Tim Guarisco - Died 5-8-1997 - Cancer ( Funk ) Born 1969 in Morgan City, Louisiana, U.S. - Guitarist - Was a member of Smilin' Myron (They did,"Apple Juice" and "Tuna Ritz").

Joe Kolsky  (Joseph L. Kolksy) - Died 5-8-1997 in Pompano Beach, FL, U.S. - Born 3-20-1920 in Lodz, Poland - Record executive - Co-founder of Diamond Records which recorded artists, Ronnie Dove, Johnny Thunder, Ruby Winters and Gary Criss - Worked with 2 Live Crew.

Ernie Fields - Died 5-11-1997 ( Pop ) Born 8-26-1905 in Nacogdoches TX, U.S. - Trombonist and pianist (Had hits with remakes of ,"In the Mood" and "The Charleston").

Louis Barbarin - Died 5-12-1997 ( Jazz ) Born 1902 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Drummer - Was a member of The Preservation Hall Band and the reformed Onward Brass Band - Worked with Earl Hines, Sylvester and Jim Robinson - Brother of drummer Paul Barbarinson and son of brass player Isadore Barbarin.

Mel Bay - Died 5-14-1997 - Founder and president of Mel Bay Publications Inc. - Born 1913 - Guitarist -  He wrote the guitar instruction books used by thousands of guitar students over several generations.

Thelma Carpenter - Died 5-15-1997 - Heart attack ( Jazz ) Worked with Count Basie and Teddy Wilson - Played the good witch of the north in The Wiz.

Horst Lippmann - Died 5-18-1997 in Dreich, Germany - Born 3-17-1927 in Eisenach, Germany Promoter and drummer - Helped create The American Folk Blues Festival which toured London, Paris and Hamburg with artists Big Mama Thornton, Muddy Waters, Howlin' Wolf, Willie Dixon, T-Bone Walker, Lightnin' Hopkins and many others.

Nolan Woody Washington - Died 5-19-1997 ( Gospel ) Born 1932 - Was a singer for The Zion Harmonizers - Worked with Lou Rawls and Sam Cooke.

Brad Stoll - Died 5-21-1997 - Cancer - Was a member of Citykids.

Lloyd Nolan - Died 5-21-1997 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( R&B ) Born 2-15-1939 in Batesfield, MS, U.S. - Singer and guitarist - (He did, "What's Happening In Here" and "I Don't Know About You") - Was a member of The Inspirations.

Fiorenzo Carpi - Died 5-21-1997 in Rome, Italy - Born 10-19-1918 in Milan, Italy - Pianist and composer -  He wrote music for theatre, movies and TV shows.

Tim Taylor - Died 5-23 1997 - Car accident ( Rock ) Born 1969 - Singer, guitarist and synthesizer player - Was a member of Brainiac (They did, "Super Duper Seven" and "Hot Metal Dobermans").

Lovie Lee (Eddie Lee Watson) - Died 5-23-1997 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born on 3-17-1923 in Chattanooga, TN, U.S. - Pianist and singer - (He did, "Whoopin' Thighs" and "Stick Candy") - Worked with Muddy Waters.

Johnny York (John A. Greco) (aka Johnny Jack) - Died 5-23-1997 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Cancer ( R&B ) He was 57 years old - Singer, writer and producer - (As Johnny Jack he did, "Smack Madam (Get It All)" and "The Beggar That Became King" and as Johnny York he did, "True Lovers").

Crazy Larry Hawke - Died 5-24-1997 - Smoke inhalation ( Metal ) Drummer - Worked with Hateplow (They did, "Everybody Dies" and "In The Ditch") and Malevolent Creation (They did, "Genetic Affliction").

Willie Woods - Died 5-27-1997 - Lung cancer ( Soul ) Born 9-5-1936 - Was a guitarist for Junior Walker's Allstars.

Jeff Buckley (Jeffrey Scott Buckley) (aka Scottie Moorhead) - Died 5-29-1997 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Drowned in the Wolf River, a tributary of the Mississippi River ( Folk Rock ) Born 11-17-1966 in Orange County, CA, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - (He recorded, "Everybody Here Wants You" and "Last Goodbye") - Worked with Mind Science Of The Mind, Gods And Monsters and Shinehead - Son of the late folk rock artist Tim Buckley.

West Arkeen (Aaron West Arkeen) - Died 5-30-1997 - Overdose on prescription drugs ( Rock ) Born 6-18-1960 in Nevilly-Sur-Seine, France - Played guitar and sang for Outpatience(They recoded, "Purchase My Freedom") - Song writer for Guns N' Roses, Brother Cane, Asphalt Ballet and Phantom Blue .

Chris Gustafson - Died 5-31-1997 - Cancer ( Funk - Rock ) Bassist - Was a member of False Face Society (They did,"That One Song" and "Game Face On").

Adophus Anthony "Doc" Cheatham - Died 6-2-1997 ( Jazz ) Born 6-13-1905 in Nashville, TN, U.S. - Played trumpet - Worked with Ma Rainey, Bessie Smith, Clara Smith, Benny Goodman, Teddy Wilson, Chick Webb and Sammy Price.

Ronnie Lane (Ronald Frederick Lane) (aka Plonk) - Died 6-4-1997 in Trinidad, Colorado, U.S. - Multiple sclerosis ( Rock ) Born 4-1-1946 in Plaistow, London, England - Singer, songwriter and bass player - Was a member of The Small Faces (They did,"Itchycoo Park"), The Faces (They did,"Love Lives Here" and "Stay With Me") and Slim Chance (They did,"How Come" and "The Poacher") - Worked with Pete Townshend and Eric Clapton.

Johnny "Hammond" Smith (aka Johnny Hammond) (John Robert Smith) - Died 6-4-1997 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Jazz - Funk ) Born 12-16-1933 in Louisville, KY, U.S. - Played organ and piano - (He did, "Shifting Gears") - Worked with Etta Jones, Nancy Wilson (He wrote her, "Quiet Fire"), The Mizell Brothers and Houston Person.

Fred Kemp - Died 6-6-1997 ( R&B ) Born 1942 -  Saxophone player - Worked with Fats Domino, Champion Jack Dupree, Bo Dollis & Wild Magnolias and Dr. John.

Fred Duval (aka Death) - Died 6-6-1997 - Skin cancer ( Metal ) He was 29 years old - Guitarist - Was a member of Massacra (They did,"Sentenced For Life" and "The Day Of Massacra").

Arthur Prysock - Died 6-7-1997 in Hamilton, Bermuda - Aneurysm ( R&B - Jazz - Blues ) Born 1-2-1929 in Spartanburg, SC, U.S. - Singer - (He did, "All My Lovin' Was in Vain" and "I Didn't Sleep A Wink Last Night") - Worked with Buddy Johnson ("Jet My Love") and Count Basie - He can be heard singing on the jingle, "Tonight, Let It Be Lowenbrau" - Brother of sax player, Red Prysock.

Carolina Cotton (Helen Hagstom) - The Yodeling Blonde Bombshell and Queen of the Range - Died on 6-10-1997 in Bakersfield, CA, U.S. ( Western Swing ) Born 10-20-1925 in Cash, AR, U.S. - Yodeler and singer - (She did, "3 Miles South Of Cash In Arkansas" and "I Betcha I Getcha") - Worked with Spade Cooley - Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bulat Okudjava ( Boulat Shalvovich Okoudjava) - Died 6-12-1997 ( Folk ) Born 5-9-1924 in Moscow, Russia - Singer, guitarist and poet (He composed,"Belorussian Train Station" and "The White Sun Of The Desert").

John Wolters (John Christian Wolters) - Died 6-16-1997 - Liver cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-28-1945 - Drummer - Worked with Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show (They did, "I Got Stoned And I Missed It " and "Sylvia's Mother").

Bobby Helms (Robert Lee Helms) - Died 6-19-1997 - Ill health due to emphysema and asthma ( Rock - Country - Singer - Songwriter ) Born 8-15-1933 in Bloomington, Indiana, U.S. (Wrote,"Jingle Bell Rock" and "My Special Angel") Was one of The Helms Brothers .

Lawrence Payton - Died 6-20-1997 in Southfield, Michigan, U.S. - Liver cancer ( Soul ) Born 3-2-1938 in Detroit, MI, U.S. - Singer and arranger for The Four Tops (They did,"I Can't Help Myself (Sugarpie, Honeybunch") and "Baby I Need Your Loving") - Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee .

Prince Nico Mbarga - Died 6-24-1997 - Motorcycle accident ( Highlife ) Born 1-1-1950 in Abakaliki, Nigeria - Played xylophone, drums and guitar - Was a member of Rocafil Jazz (They did, "I No Go Marry My Papa" and "Sweet Mother") - Worked with The Melody Orchestra, Louisiana Tilda and The Ivory Coasters.

Louis McCall - Died 6-25-1997 near Stone Mountain - Shot by a burglar in his home ( Funk ) Born 1952 - Drummer - Was a member of Project Soul and Con Funk Shun (They did, "Ffun, Ffun, Ffun" and "Shake And Dance With Me").

Israel Kamakawiwo'ole (aka Iz ) - Died 6-26-1997 - Respiratory failure ( Hawaiian ) Born 5-20-1959 - Singer - He was a member of The Makaha Sons of Ni'ihau.

Mrs. Miller (Elva Miller) (Elva Ruby Connes) - Died 6-28-1997 in Vista, California, U.S. ( Novelty ) Born 10-5-1907 in Joplin, Missouri, U.S. - Singer - (She did remakes of, "Downtown" and "Let's Hang On").

Lil' Millet (McKinley Millet) - Died 6-29-1997 - Born 10-25-1935 in New Orleans, LA, U.S. - Played piano and bass - (Wrote Little Richard's, "All Around The World") - Led Lil' Millet & The Creoles (They did, "Rich Woman" and "Hopeless Love") - Worked with The Hawkettes.

Robert Mitchum - Died 7-1-1997 ( Actor - Pop Singer ) Born 8-6-1917 in Bridgeport CT, U.S. (He had hits with,"The Ballad Of Thunder Road"and "Little Old Wine Drinker Me").

Johnny "Clyde" Copeland - The Texas Twister - Died 7-3-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. - Died from complication during heart surgery for a heart transplanted six months earlier ( R&B ) Born 3-27-1937 in Haynesville, LA, U.S. - Was a member of The Dukes Of Rhythm.

Wanda Day - Died 7-10-1997 ( Punk - Ska ) Drummer - Worked with 004, 4 Non Blondes, The Lesbian Snake Charmers, Malibu Barbi and Bad Dog Play Dead.

Howard Pickup (Howard Boak) - Died 7-11-1997 in London, England - Brain tumor ( Punk Rock ) Born 1950 - Guitarist  - Was a member of The Adverts (They did, "One Chord Wonders" and "Quick Step").

Hi-Pockets Busse (aka Hi Busse) (Enright August Busse) - Died 7-13-1997 ( Country Western ) Born 8-6-1914 in Warroad, MN, U.S. - Accordionist - Led Hi Busse And The Frontiersmen (Hey did, "Along The Navajo Trail" and "Don't Fence Me In") - Worked with The Riders Of The Purple Sage, The Texas Ramblers and The Saddletramps - Western Music Association Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ary Groenhuijzen - Died 7-15-1997 ( Rock ) Born 1946 - Keyboardist - Was a member of The Teddy Bears.

Peter Cowap - Died 7-16-1997 - Pneumonia ( Rock ) Born 6-29-1944 in Middleton, Manchester, England - Guitarist - Was a member of The Moonrakers, Deke Bonner & The Tremors, The Country Gentlemen (They did a remake of "Greensleeves") and Little Frankie With The Country Gentlemen (They did,"The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget" and "Make-A-Love") He worked with Jimmy Justice ("When My Little Girl Is Smiling").

Alex Montalvo (aka Gentleman Dread) - Died 7-19-1997 - While jet skiing ( Ska ) Born 1968 - Singer for The Defactos.

Bob Gaddy - Died 7-24-1997 in The Bronx, NY, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 2-4-1924 in Vivian, WV, U.S. - Singer and pianist -  (He did, "Operator" and "Rip And Run") - Led Bob Gaddy & His Alley Cats - Worked with Larry Dale, Jimmy "Wildman" Spruill, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

Duke Draper (Jimmy Staggers) - Died 7-26-1997 - Hit by a car ( Blues - Gospel ) Born 4-18-1918 in Okmulgee, Oklahoma, U.S. - Singer and drummer - (He did, "The Goose") - Worked with The The Rocky Mountain Boys and The Tads (They did, "The Pink Panther") - Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Luchus "Big Daddy" Brown - Died 8-?-1997 - Kidney failure. ( Blues ) Born 1953 - Singer - Often teamed up with Baton Rouge guitarist "Big" Bo Melvin - Louisiana Blues Hall of Fame member.

Fela Ransome Anikulapo Kuti - Died 8-2-1997 - Aids ( Afro Beat ) Born 1938 - Was the leader of Koola Lobitos, Nigeria 70, Africa 70, and Egypt 80.

Louise King - Died 8-4-1997 in Sandy, UT, U.S. ( Pop - Swing ) Born 12-21-1913 in Payson, UT, U.S. - Singer - Was one of The King Sisters (They did, "I Understand" and "I'll Get By") - Wife of guitarist, Alvino Rey.

The Real Don Steele - Died 8-5-1997 - Lung cancer ( Disk Jockey ) Born 1936 - Was an original "Boss Jock" being one of the first to use the pop format on FM radio in the early sixties.

William Seward Burroughs - Died 8-2-1997 - Heart attack ( Writer ) Born 2-5-1914 in St. Louis, Missouri, U.S. (Recorded an album,"The Priest They Called Him" with Kurt Cobain playing guitar while Burroughs spoke) Soft Machine and Steely Dan took their names from Burroughs' writtings.

Conlon Nancarrow - Died 8-10-1997 ( Jazz ) Born 1913 - Trumpeter - Was a composer for mechanical player pianos.

James Jackson Jr. - Died 8-10-1997 - Arterial sclerosis ( Jazz ) Born 1932 - Played bassoon, flute and a large drum that he had made from a tree trunk - He was a member of The Sun Ra Arkestra.

RayBeez (Ray Barbieri) - Died 8-11-1997 - Pneumonia ( Hardcore ) Born 11-27-1961 - Was a member of Warzone (They did,"Crazy But Not Insane" and "Rebels Till We Die") .

Luther Allison - Died 8-12-1997 in Madison, WI, U.S. - Lung cancer ( Blues ) Born 8-17-1939 in Mayflower, Arkansas, U.S. - Guitarist and singer - (He did, "Reckless" and "Blue Streak") - Was a member of The Rolling Stones ( not the English group) and The Four Jivers - Worked with Magic Sam, Otis Rush and Freddie King - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Dick Marx - Died 8-12-1997 - Car crash ( Jazz ) Born 1924 - Pianist (Wrote the commercial jingles, "My Dog Is Bigger Than Your Dog" and "Double Your Pleasure, Double Your Fun") Was the Leader of Dick Marx And Associates - Also recorded with Joe Cocker.

Legh Knowles - Died 8-15-1997 ( Big Band ) Born 1919 - Played trumpet with Glenn Miller.

Ray Heatherton - Died 8-15-1997 ( Big Band ) Born 1909 - Was a member of Paul Whiteman's Orchestra - Father of dancer Joey Heatherton.

Ray Hyman - Died 8-15-1997 ( Dance - Symphony ) Born 1911 - Saxophonist - Designed the Sax-Pak and a shoulder strap for the saxophone .

Curly Ray Cline - Died 8-19-1997 (Country ) Born 1-10-1923 - Was a fiddler for The the Lonesome Pine Fiddlers.

Petr Novak - Died 8-19-1997 - Heart failure in his sleep ( Pop - Rock ) Born 9-6-1945 in Prague, Czechoslovakia - Singer, composer and guitarist for Flamengo (They did, "Povidej" and "Ja Budu Chodit Po Spickach") and George & Beatovens (They did, "Nahrobni Kamen" and "Klaunova Zpoved") Worked with  lyricist Ivo Plicka - Influenced by The Beatles.

Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Died 8-16-1997 - Heart attack ( World - Ambient - Qawwali - Pop ) Born 10-13-1948 - Worked with Peter Gabriel and Edie Vedder.

Eleanor O. Guest - Died 8-23-1997 - Heart failure ( Soul ) Born 1940 - Was a member of Gladys Knight And The Pips before they made it big (They recorded, "Whistle My Love").

Tete Montoliu (Vicente Montoliu Massana) - Died 8-24-1997 -  Lung cancer  ( Jazz ) Born 1933 - Pianist - Worked with Thelonius Monk, Lionel Hampton, Dexter Gordon and others.

Manolo Monterrey (Manuel Dagoberto Alemán Monterrey) - Died 8-25-1997 in Caracas, Venezuela ( Tropical ) Born 3-10-1917 in Santa Clara Las Villas, Cuba - Singer - Worked with The Guarecitas y sus Rancheros, L.A. Larrain's Orq. , Billo's Caracas Boys, Rafael Minaya, Los Peniques, Chucho Sanoja and Los Melodicos - Founded Orq. Los Armonicos.

Sotiria Bellou - Died 8-27-1997 - Cancer ( Rembetiko - Greek Folk - Blues ) Born 1922.

Jindra Kvita - Died 8-27-1997 ( Metal ) Born 2-27-1960 - Guitarist  - Worked with Citron.

Orville Brooks - Died 8-30-1997 ( Doo-Wop - R&B - Gospel ) Born 1-27-1919 in Fruitland, Maryland, U.S. - Was a member of The Jubalaires, The Fruitland Harmonizers, Bill Langford's Southern Sons, The Golden Gate Quartet and a reformed Larks.

Manuel Steven Hirsch - Died 8-31-1997 - Was a member of The Blue Angels.

Al "Jazzbo" Collins - Died 9-?-1997 ( DJ ) Was  one of the top jazz announcers in the U.S. - He broadcast from "Purple Grotto" , supposedly three stories under the studio.

Charles "Alto" Taylor (Charles Dia' Taylor) - Died 9-1-1997 - Asthma ( Jazz ) Born 3-10-1975 - Saxophonist - Was a member of The Lil' Rascals Brass Band .

Tony Defontes - Died 9-3-1997 - Heroin overdose ( Jazz - Rock ) Born 12-2-1956 - Bassist - Worked with Deanna Bogart, Charlie Crane, Mambo Combo, Gypsy Dawg, The Patti Sullivan Group and Cowboy Jazz.

Roy Husky  Jr. - Died 9-6-1997 - Cancer ( Country ) Born 1956 - Upright bassists - Worked with Chet Atkins, Garth Brooks, Johnny Cash, Vince Gill, George Jones and Ringo Starr.

Maxim Adrianov (aka Agyl) - Died 9-6-1997 ( Metal ) Singer - Was a member of Scald.

Derek Taylor (Derek Wyn Taylor) - Died 9-7-1997 - Throat cancer - Born 5-7-1932 in Cheshire in northeastern England - Press officer-publicist  for The Beatles, The Byrds, The Beach Boys, Paul Revere And The Raiders, Captain Beefheart and Phil Ochs.

Stig Anderson (Stikkan Anderson) - Died 9-12-1997 - Heart attack ( Producer ) Born 1-25-1931 - Produced Abba's. "Waterloo" and "Dancing Queen".

Georges Guetary (aka King Georges)- Died 9-13-1997 - Heart attack ( Pop Crooner ) Born 1915 (He did,"Chic A Chiquitu" and "Caballero").

Auguste A. "Dimes" DuPont III - Died 9-14-1997 ( R&B ) Born 1929 - Saxophonist -  Was a member of Edgar Blanchard And The Gondoliers - Worked with Big Joe Turner and Ray Charles.

Frank LoRusso (aka Yum Yum) - Died 9-15-1997 ( Rock ) Drummer -  Was a member of Influence and Damage.

Jimmy Witherspoon (James Witherspoon) - Died 9-18-1997 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Throat cancer ( Blues- R&B - Jazz ) Born 8-8-1920 in Gurdon, AR, U.S. - (He did, "Blues Around The Clock" and "Some Of My Best Friends Are The Blues") - Worked with T-Bone Walker, Clifford Scott, Ben Webster and Groove Holmes - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Rich Mullins - Died 9-19-1997 in Illinois, U.S. - Car crash ( Contemporary Christian ) Born 10-21-1955 in Richmond, Indiana, U.S. - Singer and pianist - (Wrote, "Sing Your Praise To The Lord" which Amy Grant covered and "Our God Is An Awesome God") - Worked with Zion, The New Creations Choir and A Ragamuffin Band.

Buddy Stewart (Julius Stewart) - Died 9-19-1997 in Baton Rouge, LA, U.S. ( Blues )  Was the leader of Buddy Stewart & The Top Notchers (They did, "If I Ever") - Worked with The Claiborne Williams Orchestra - Louisiana Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Bob Hudson - Died 9-20-1997 ( DJ ) Born 1931 - He recorded with Ron Landry as Hudson & Landry (They did, "Ajax Liquor Store" and "Ajax Airlines").

Nickolas John Steel Traina - Died 9-21-1997 - Suicide, drugs ( Rock ) Born 5-1-1978 - Was the singer for Link 80 and Knowledge (They did, "Stomp Out" and "Unity") Son of  romance author Danielle Steel.

Cookie Thierry (Huey Thierry) - Died 9-23-1997 ( Swamp Pop ) Born 1936 in Roanoke, Louisiana, U.S. - Saxophonist and singer for The Boogie Ramblers (They did, "Cindy Lou" and "Such As Love") and Cookie & The Cupcakes (They did, "Mathilda" and "Charged With Cheating").

Larry Hall - Died 9-24-1997 - Cancer ( Pop ) Born 6-30-1940 in Hamlett OH, U.S. - Singer (He charted with,"Sandy").

Roman Martinez Jr. - Died 10-?-1997 - Cerebral palsy ( Tejano - Conjunto ) He was 45 years old - Percussions and sound engineer - Was a member of The Hometown Boys.

Jerry Ahlberg - Died 10-?-1997 ( Rock ) Played bass - Was a member of The Seeds (not the Sky Saxon's Seeds) who changed their name to The Ceeds then to Maibe Handle and then to The Broadway Muse And Shell Band.

Claude Garner (Claude P. Garner) - Died 10-1-1997 in Searcy, AR, U.S. ( Country ) Born 9-22-1909 in Jackson County, Grand Glaize, AR, U.S. - Played harmonica - (He did, "The Passenger Train") - He appeared at The Grand Ole Opry.

John Ashley (John Atchley) - Died 10-3-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Rockabilly ) Born 12-25-1934 in Kansas City, Mo., U.S. - (He did, "Born To Rock" and "The Cry Of The Wild Goose") - Worked with Billy Vaughn, Milton Rogers and George Motola - He was an actor in High School Caeser and beach party movies - He was married for a while to actress, Deborah Walley.

Millard Lampell (aka H. Partnow) - Died 10-3-1997 - Lung cancer ( Folk ) Born 1-23-1919 in in Paterson, New Jersey, U.S. - Singer and songwriter - (Co-wrote, "The Lonesome Train") - Was a member of The Almanac Singers along with Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Lee Hays (They did, "Talking Union" and " Plow Under") - He also was a scriptwriter for movies and TV.

Arthur Tracy (Abba Avrom Tracovutsky) (aka The Street Singer) - Died 10-5-1997 in New York, NY, U.S. ( Pop ) Born 6-25-1899 in in Kamenetz-Podolsk, Russia (now Moldova) - Singer - (He did, "Marta, Rambling Rose Of The Wildwood" and "Pennies From Heaven").

Groovey Joe Poovey (Arnold Joseph Poovey) - Died 10-6-1997 - Heart attack ( Rockabilly - Country ) Born 1940 in Dallas, Texas, U.S. - (He did, "Ten Long Fingers" and "Nursery Rock") - Was the leader of The Hillbilly Boys.

Johnny Darrell (Eddie Ray White) - Died 10-7-1997 ( Country ) Born 7-23-1940 in Cleburne County, AL, U.S. (He did, "As Long As The Wind Blows" and "The Son Of Hickory Holler's Tramp").

Jo Bruce (Jonas Asher Bruce) - Died 10-8-1997 - Asthma ( Rock - Blues )  Born 2-8-1969 - Was a member of The Afro Celt Sound System - Worked with Peter Gabriel, Michael Brook and  Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan - Son of Jack Bruce.

Brown Meggs - Died 10-8-1997 - Brain hemorrhage - Born 1931 - Record Executive - Signed The Beatles to Capitol Records.

John Denver ( Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. ) - Died 10-12-1997 in Pacific Grove, CA, U.S. - Small plane crash ( Folk - Pop ) Born 12-31-1943 in Roswell, New Mexiico, U.S. - Guitarist, singer, songwriter and actor - (He did, "Rocky Mountain High" and "Take Me Home, Country Roads") - Was a member of The Mitchell Trio later renamed Denver, Boise And Johnson - He wrote Peter, Paul And Mary's, "Leaving On A Jet Plane" - He acted in the movie, "Oh God!" - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

John Christian Stewart (aka Rockin' Johnny) - Died 10-14-1997 - Passed out and struck a chair ( Rock ) Born 1960 - Guitarist - He was a member, along with his brothers Ned Stewart and Don David, of The Northeast Band who later became The Prairie Dogs.

Jimmy Walker - Died 10-16-1997 in Chicago, IL, U.S. ( Blues ) Born 3-8-1905 in Memphis, TN, U.S. - Singer and pianist - Worked with with Erwin Helfer ("Rough And Ready" and "Fringe Benefit") and The Sons Of The Blues.

Glen Buxton (aka The Blonde Bomber)- Died 10-19-1997 in Clarion, IA, U.S. - Heart failure during pneumonia ( Rock ) Born 11-10-1947 in Akron, Ohio, U.S. - Guitarist - Worked with The Earwigs, The Spiders (They did, "Why Don't You Love Me"), The Nazz (not Todd Rundgren's Nazz), Alice Cooper (The group) (They did, "School's Out" and "I'm Eighteen") and Virgin.

Henry  Vestine (aka The Sunflower) - Died 10-20-1997 in Paris, France - Respiratory failure ( Rock ) Born 12-25-1944 in Washington, D.C., U.S. - Was a guitarist for The Mothers Of Invention, Canned Heat (They did, "On The Road Again" and "Amphetamine Annie") and The Vipers.

Big Nick Nicholas (George Walker Nicholas) - Died 10-21-1997 - Heart failure ( Jazz ) Born 1922 in Lansing, Mich., U.S. - Saxophonist - Worked with Earl Hines, Dizzy Gillespie and Lucky Millinder.

Gilbert Teagarden (Gilbert D. Teagarden) - Died 10-21-1997 - Born 2-12-1928 - Musician - Son of Jack Teagarden Sr.

Willie James - Died 10-24-1997 - Athsma attack ( Blues ) He was the leader of The Maxwell Street Blues Band.

John Dougherty - Died 10-31-1997 - Heroin overdose ( Punk ) Born 4-20-1961 in Oakland CA, U.S. - Was a member of Flipper .

Ingvar Johansson - Died 11-?-1997 ( Jazz ) Born 1930 - Was a pianist and then a trombonist after losing his right hand - Worked with Sonny Rollins, Stan Getz and Dexter Gordon.

Ralph Middlebrooks (aka Pee Wee) - Died - 11-?-1997 ( Soul - Funk ) Was a member of The Ohio Players - (They recorded, "Skin Tight" and "Jive Turkey").

Jitterbug Webb (Willie Webb) - Died 11-1-1997 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Cancer ( Blues - R&B ) Born 9-28-1941 in San Antonio, TX, U.S. - Singer, songwriter and guitarist - Was a member of The Five Stars, Ricky Aguary And The Keys and The Supercrew - Worked with Charlie And The Jives, Cora Woods, Freddy Fender, Doug Sahm, Ike And Tina Turner, Lowell Fulson, Charles May, Charles Brown, Rocky Morales, Johnny Otis, Charlie Alvarado and The Monkees.

Epic Soundtracks (Kevin Paul Godfrey) - Died 11-6-1997 - Suicide, overdose ( Rock - Punk ) Born 3-23-1959 in Croydon, Surrey - (He did, "Big Apple Graveyard" and "She Sleeps Alone") - Was a member of Swell Maps (They did, "Read About Seymour" and "Dresden Style"), Crime, City Solution and These Immortal Souls - Brother of the late Nikki Sudden (Nicholas Godfrey) .

Dr. Tommy Comeaux - Died 11-8-1997 - Hit by a car while riding a bike ( Cajun ) Born 2-15-1952 - Played Mandolin and guitar - Was a member of Beausoleil ("Chere Petite Blond"), Coteau ("Zydeco Gris-Gris"), The Clickin' Chickens, The Basin Brothers ("The Little One Or The Big One") and Native Son - He was a real doctor, a pathologist.

Saul Chaplin (Saul Kaplan) - Died 11-8-1997 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Injuries due to a fall ( Musicals ) Born 2-19-1912 in Brooklyn, New York, NY, U.S. - Composer, arranger and producer - (Composed the scores for, "The "West Side Story" and "Seven Brides For Seven Brothers") - Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Tommy Tedesco - Died 11-10-1997 - Lung cancer ( Rock - TV & Movie theme songs ) Born 7-30-1930 (He did, "Room 2000" and "D's Doze And Dem") - Was a guitar session man - Played for The Beach Boys, Frank Zappa, The Fifth Dimension, The Supremes, Cher, Barbra Streisand and Phil Spector among others - Played on The Greene Acres, Batman and Bonanza theme songs and more.

Billy Leach (William Leech) - Died 11-11-1997 ( Novelty ) Born 1-9-1911 in Pittsburgh, PA, U.S. - Singer - (He had a hit with, "Song Of The Barefoot Mailman").

Rainer Ptacek - Died 11-12-1997 in Tucson, AZ, U.S. - Brain tumor ( Folk - Blues ) Born 6-7-1951 in East Berlin, East Germany - Slide guitarist and singer - Was a member of The Rainer & Das Combo, recorded with Giant Sand (They did, "Swamp Thing " and "Elevator Music") and worked with Robert Plant - Arizona Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Chang Yu-Sheng - Died 11-12-1997 -  Complications from a lung infection Singer, songwriter and producer - (He did, "My Future Is Not A Dream").

Onzy D. Matthews - Died 11-15-1997 ( Swing - Jazz ) Born 1930 - Worked with Lou Rawls, Ray Charles, Lionel Hampton and Herb Alpert.

Heston Houston - Died 11-19-1997 - Colon cancer - Editor in chief of Billboard Music Group's four Airplay Monitor Publications - Born 1968 .

Robert Palmer (Robert Franklin Palmer Jr.) - Died 11-20-1997 in New York, U.S. - Complications from liver disease, was awaiting a possible transplant ( Blues - Rock - Jazz ) Born 6-19-1945 in Little Rock, AR, U.S. - Author, writer, critic, producer, clarinetist and saxophonist - Worked with The Insect Trust - Was a music critic at The New York Times, a contributing editor at Rolling Stone and a columnist for Live! Magazine - Wrote the books "Deep Blues" and "Rock & Roll: An Unruly History" - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Michael Hutchence - Died 11-22-1997 - Hung himself ( New Wave ) Born 1-22-1960 - Was the lead singer for Inxs (They did,"What You Need" and "New Sensation").

Harry Goodman - Died 10-22-1997 - Complications from a stroke ( Swing ) Born 6-21-1906 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Sideman for, and brother of Benny Goodman.

Aileene Hanks (Anna Aileene Hanks Williams) - Died 11-24-1997 ( Gospel ) Born 1933 (She did,"Empty Hands" and "In My Father's House Are Many Mansions" ).

Fenton Robinson - The mellow blues genius - Died 11-25-1997 - Complications from brain cancer ( Electric Blues ) Born 9-23-1935 in Minter City, MS, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and composer (He did,"Somebody (Loan Me A Dime)" and "Tell Me What's The Reason") He was a member of The Dukes (They did,"Tennessee Woman") Worked with Junior Wells and Otis Rush.

Kathy Acker - Died 11-30-1997 - Breast cancer ( Rock ) Born 1944 - Collaborated with The Mekons .

Michael Hedges - Died 12-1-1997 in Medocino, California, U.S. - His car went over an embankment  ( New Edge - Acoustic Rock ) Born 12-31-1953  in Sacramento, CA, U.S. (He did,"Menage a Trois" and "Ragamuffin") Worked with Crosby, Stills And Nash and Dweezil Zappa.

Stephane Grappelli - Died 12-1-1997 in Paris, France - Complications after a hernia operation ( Jazz ) Born 1-25-1908 in Paris, France - Violinist - Was a member of The Hot Club Quintet - Worked with Oscar Peterson, Joe Pass, Michel Legrand, Louis Bellson, McCoy Tyner, Quincy Jones, Earl Hines, Larry Coryell, Bill Coleman, Hank Jones and Gary Burton.

William Smith - Died 12-1-1997 - Heart attack ( Pop ) Born 1944 - Was the lead singer for the Canadian group Motherlode (They did,"When I Die" and "Dear Old Daddy Bill").

Phil Medley - Died 12-3-1997 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 4-9-1916 - Composer - (He Co-wrote, "Ain't That Better Baby " and "Twist and Shout").

Glenn Morrow - Died 12-5-1997 - Lymphoma ( Rock ) Born 1-30-1946 in Toronto, Canada - Keyboardist - Worked with The Bluenotes, T.K's., Tarot, Chester (They did, "Make My Life A Little Bit Brighter" and "Just Be Yourself"), David Hasselhoff and Chris DeBurgh - Was a music director for Peter Hofmann.

Jake Carey (Jacob Carey)- Died 12-10-1997 - Heart attack ( Doo-Wop ) Born 9-9-1926 in Pulaski, VA, U.S. - Was a singer for The Flamingos (They sang, "If I Can't Have You" and "That's My Desire") - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Simon Jeffes (Simon Harry Piers Jeffes) - Died 12-10-1997 in Taunton Somerset, England - Brain tumor ( Experimemtal ) Born 2-19-1949 in Crawley, Sussex, England - Musician and composer - Founded The Penguin Cafe Orchestra (They did, "Milk" and "The Sound Of Someone You Love Who's Going Away And It Doesn't Matter") - Worked with Sid Vicious ("My Way"), 101ers, Adam And The Ants, Joe Strummer and Brian Eno.

Stubby Kaye - Died 12-14-1997 - Cancer - Sang with Nat King Cole in the movie, "Cat Ballou".

Kurt Winter - Died 12-15-1997 - Liver failure ( Rock ) Born 4-2-1946 - Was a guitarist for Guess Who (They did,"Hand Me Down World " and "Share The Land").

David Weinstein - Died 12-15-1997 ( Jazz ) Born 1910 - Played saxophone - Was a member of The Dawnbusters Band.

Nicolette Larson - Died 12-16-97 in Los Angeles, California, U.S. - Cerebral Edema ( Pop - Rock ) Born 7-17-1952 in  Helena, Montana, U.S. - Singer -  (She did, "Lotta Love" and "Fool Me Again") - She worked with Hoyt Axton, Commander Cody And His Lost Planet Airmen , Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, Van Halen, Neil Young and Michael McDonald.

Masaru Ibuka - Died 12-19-1997 - Heart failure - Co-founder of the Sony Corporation which produced Japan's first transistor radio and bought CBS Records .

Jimmy Rogers ( James A. Lane ) - Died 12-19-1997 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Colon cancer ( R&B ) Born 6-3-1924 in Ruleville, MS, U.S. - Guitarist, singer and harmonica player - (He did, "Goin' Away Baby" and "Blues Leave Me Alone") - Was a member of The Headhunters - Worked with Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, Sunnyland Slim and Big Bill Broonzy - Blues Foundation's Blues Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Amie Comeaux - Died 12-21-1997 in Brusly, LA, U.S. - Car crash ( Country ) Born 12-4-1976 in Brusly, LA, U.S.- Singer - (She did,"Oh No, Not Love Again" and "I Want The First To Last").

Johnny Coles - Died 12-21-1997 - Cancer ( Jazz - R&B ) Born 7-3-1926 in Trenton, NJ, U.S. - Worked with Duke Ellington, Eddie "Cleanhead" Vinson, Count Basie, Ray Charles and Herbie Hancock.

Jackie Landry - Died 12-23-1997 - Cancer ( Rock ) Born 5-22-1941 - She was a singer for Chantels (They did,"I Love You So" and "Maybe").

The Rev. Thomas Taylor - Died 12-25-1997 ( Gospel ) Born 1935 - Was a singer for The Crescent City Gospel singers.

Kent Robbins (Kent Marshall Robbins) - Died 12-27-1997 in Clanton, AL, U.S. - Car accident ( Country ) Born 4-23-1947 in Mayfield, KY, U.S. - Songwriter - (Wrote The Judds', "Love is Alive" and Brooks & Dunn's, "When Love Dies It Don't Rest In Peace") - Nashville Songwriters Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Ewart Abner (aka Ab) (Edward Gladstone Abner Jr.) - Died 12-27-1997 in Los Angeles, CA, U.S. - Complications from pneumonia - Born 5-11-1923 in Chicago, IL, U.S. - Record executive - Worked at Chance Records, Jobete Music Company, Stone Diamond Music Corporation and Vee Jay Records releasing the first Beatles record in America - Was a president for Motown Records - Worked with Stevie Wonder, The Four Seasons, The Impressions, Jimmy Reed, The Jackson 5, Marvin Gaye, The Supremes, The Temptations, Smokey Robinson And The Miracles and The Four Tops - Helped found The Black Music Association - Music And Entertainment Hall of Fame Inductee.

Floyd Cramer Jr. - Died 12-31-1997 - Lung cancer ( Country ) Born 10-27-1933 in Shreveport, Louisiana, U.S. - Pianist (He did,"Last Date" and "San Antonio Rose") Worked with Elvis Presley, Jim Reeves, Faron Young and Boots Randolph - Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductee.

Grellmund - Died 12-31-1997 - Suicide ( Metal ) Guitarist - Worked with Ulver.

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